Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gyllenhaal Video Vault

Since Jake Gyllenhaal has apparently gone into the Gray Hoodie Gyllenhair Protection Program, we're reaching back into the archives for some new old Jake Gyllenhaal news. I discovered this interview with Jake, from Brokeback Mountain promo time, circa end of summer, 2005. It's nice to see an extended interview.

The interviewer asks Jake about his time in London. He doesn't expound on it too much. But on his next promotional circuit, he'll have more material for that topic!

I particularly like the glimpse we get of final-touching Jake ;)

Two other very brief videos from the ITN vault. One is from the Oscar luncheon in 2006. Heady days.

The next is of Jake in Cannes - very quick but footage I hadn't seen before.

Jake was at Cannes for Zodiac. His pal Robert Downey, Jr., was not able to attend. But he and Jake did get together for the DVD commentary. Commentary that is really fun, except for the fact that they aren't given reign to do the whole movie. Instead the most pompous crime writer ever is joined by the Zodiac writer and producer for the Most Annoying Commentary Ever.

Okay, maybe it's not the most annoying, but when I listened, all I wanted was for them to shut up and let Jake and RDJ take the floor. Some kind soul has compiled the Jake and Robert segments, so you don't have to FF the other guys. It's only seven minutes, but it's a blast.


UltraViolet said...

Though I think their statment is disingenuous, at least they will correct the problem: Bravo responds to critics:

..."This was an unfortunate mistake. While editing the film for cable broadcast, the kissing scene in question was removed. The scene will appear in all future airings of Brokeback Mountain on Bravo, as it should have been included in its cable premiere." ...

FluorescentLamp said...

FANTASTIC! Thank you for putting up these vids. Especially the Zodiac commentary since I've never listened to it. That was a lot of fun!

Bravo...pfft. Thought they could slip that through and nobody would notice? Fools.

Anonymous said...

Good news, there is somethin' we can do about it down here after all! ;)

Without SNIT, the relationship seemed more platonic and that was not the point of BBM. Thanks for posting that this will be corrected. :)

bobbyanna said...

"Gyllenhair Protection Program" Excellent!

Thanks for the videos, UV! Sweet. The compilation of Zodiac comments are fun. I got the sense that Robert is genuinely fond of Jake. Why do I think Jake looks all sexy and hot in that first one in London?Is it bcz maybe he is tired and seems very laid back? It's not his words, its his expressions, gestures, etc. Goodness.

Didn't watch Bravo. Hate it when something fine is cut up for advertisements. When I discovered they also did an "edit" as well, I was incensed! The little slugs. Disingenuous? You're being kind, UV.

Anonymous said...

I like the "Gyllenhair Protection Program" too. Can't wait to see the hair when they're ready!

Yes, the ads were very annoying as well - but I wanted to see just exactly how it would be presented. It's still powerful, but the editing does make the relationship appear more platonic.

UltraViolet said...

Ha - I'm not usually accused of being kind, Bobbyanna :)

I agree that Jake is very appealing in the London interview. He appears a little tired, very laid-back. And it's nice to see an interview longer than the usual two minutes. Plus, you have to love the GyllenGiggles.

I just adore Jake and RDJ together. I really hope they get to do another movie together! And someday, I'd love to hear their full Zodiac commentary, without the jackasses interrupting.

UltraViolet said...

I don't think the cuts made the relationship seem platonic, anon. But it did make it seem less like love. There's just no reason for them to have cut that kiss.

Of course, I wonder if they will cut it after the kiss and not show Ennis lying on Jack and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

But it did make it seem less like love.

You're right, UV, that's what I was trying to get at. ;) I'm glad Bravo listened to the complaints.

Paula said...

Thanks for posting the videos UV! Loved the Jake/RDJ commentary on Zodiac. I cringed when I heard that they were going to air the edited version of BBM on Bravo and I was right.

Glad they acknowledged the complaints.

Anonymous said...

No Jake but pics of Reese in London Here

FluorescentLamp said...

Bless. You can take the boy out of Notting Hill but you can't take the girl out. It's nice to see his love of the CZ has rubbed off on her. ;-)

chica said...

Thanks anon! The hooded Jake should be up next, LOL!! Out shopping, bet Jake is at the studio. Could do w/o the snarky remarks from the blog, she's on vacation!

Thanks for posting these videos, I loved Zodiac. When I heard about Bravo airing BBM , I thought well at least it will reach an audience that hasn't seen it and it was still powerful, edited and all. I'm glad to hear that they will be adding the edited kiss back in future broadcasts.

Anonymous said...

What is CZ please?.

FluorescentLamp said...

CZ = Comfort Zone(tm)(ultraviolet) - being that immediate area in which the subject (Jake Gyllenhaal)finds himself circling, traversing, criss-crossing, but never straying more than 6-10 blocks. See: NY, West Village.

shondra said...

Ahh, they are starting to emerge!! Mr. G is at Shepperton studio I presume. Interesting that that blog states as fact that she is "living in Notting Hill whilst Jake is filming a movie", a fact or just repeating the Hello story? It sure doesn't sound or look like a short visit to me especially if the kids are there.

I agree, Jake and his hoodie can't hide out there or the studio forever!

Thanks for posting the vids, the AA lunchoen one brought back such memories.

UltraViolet said...

Hee. Thanks for the TM, FL, but I think GMTA on that subject!

Maybe when Jake is gone, Reese will wander out of the designated area!

That website with the Reese pics is a POS. But I'm glad for some pictures. Now Jake should be next!

I'm acronymed out. Guess I'll just watch the videos again. I agree, Shondra, that the luncheon one brings back good memories.

Bette said...

Finally we get pics of Reese! It feels good to see at least one of them, so now we know she really is in London. We could have assumed, and from a few blog sightings, yes, but we didn't have any solid proof. Now we do.

sass said...

Goodness, Bravo giving in to complaints and putting back the scenes they deleted from BBM is wonderful!
TY for the videos. I'll will come back later and watch all of them.
You think Reese and Jake are married? I can't imagine why I think this;) but they are behaving just a little like married folks recently. If they are not married then they are definitely 100%cohabitants.

UltraViolet said...

If you don't want to go to that awful Mr Pap blog, here's a nicer pic of Reese from today.

Also, can we talk about the Zodiac commentary? It really makes me laugh when Jake groans, "Oh, we shot this three times!" And when he mock-sniffles and says "Thank you - I thought I was extraordinary also."

They just riff so well off each other.

get real said...

Ohh, finally pics of Reese in London!! Now all we need is Jake!!!!

However, Jake has gotten more adventurous in his travels in NYC! ;) See pics of him and Chris in Central Park, him and Reese eating at Prune in the East Village, they stayed at an uptown hotel, with Maggie and Ramona in Brooklyn, etc., etc. But I do like that he (and they) has a comfort zone. :D

Off to watch the fantastic videos you have posted!

get real said...

Thanks for the new pic, UV! Reese looks cute. :)

OMG, I absolutely love the Zodiac commentary with Jake and RDJ. Screw the obnoxious other guys, it's all about the brilliant chemistry of Jake and Robert playing off each other. So glad to have their parts in one video!

bobbyanna said...

sass!!! Girrrl! Are you psychic or are we channeling each other! I was thinking about this earlier today. First you have the rags saying sixteen different ways, that Reese would never, ever consider living with Jake before marriage because it would be wrong for the kids, etc.

Then we have the stealthy (I love that word!)escape to London. First Jake. Then Reese. And suddenly the kids pop up and they are all living happily together in Notting Hill where they will stay for several m.o.n.t.h.s. Finally, the stories in the American rags that Jake has moved into Reese's house.

They are: living together. Shacked up. His shoes under her bed, etc.
Now he is referred to as her "partner." IDK, but IMHO, it wouldn't surprise me if they were married.

I noticed she is wearing no ring while shopping. Rats. I guess she and Jake figured out that we were very good at "reading" jewelry. I think this weekend, we should deploy major forces to the area for recon...Agent K?

UltraViolet said...

Screw the obnoxious other guys, it's all about the brilliant chemistry of Jake and Robert playing off each other.

Exactly! Those idiots add nothing to the understanding of the movie.

So glad to have their parts in one video!

Yes - bless the youtuber who did this. It's sad when you see that the total Jake/RDJ time is only a little over seven minutes. And I think they got everything. It's been a while since I watched it.

Has anyone watched the Fincher commentary? He reveals that Jake came up with one of the movie's best lines? In the scene where he first goes to the police HQ in Vallejo, I think. And Sgt. Mulanax is warning him before letting him go through the old files and asks "Do you smoke?"

Apparently Jake told Fincher - wait - I have the perfect line for that, and he delivers that classic deadpan: "Once. In high school."

Fincher said he wanted to make sure too credit Jake, because "a lot of people tell me I don't give him credit for the movie." Yeah! Big meanie.

get real said...

LOL, love that Jake came up with that line, UV! I haven't watched Fincher's commentary yet but he should give Jake some more praise!

Actually there are two parts of Jake and RDJ that the YouTuber didn't get. One in which RDJ talks about how they love Mark Ruffalo and during the scene when Jake is in the basement scene and Jake says he has known the actor for a long time (sorry I forgot the actors name, but he is also a comedian) and that he used to see him perform in LA and the they forgot the part when Jake talks about driving the stick shift car which is part of the basement scene.

As you can see I have watched their commentary a couple of times, lol. ;p

xxMariexx said...

Good for Bravo! The SNIT editing was ridiculous, imo. Glad they're going to fix it!

Reese looks cute. Love her hat. She seems to be wearing hats a lot lately, which she used to not do. And I don't think J and R are married, because if they were, the press would be all over it. They're too big of celebrities for a wedding to go unnoticed, so I would say yes to living together, no to marriage.

brothers spy said...

There's a story on the imdb news section (I think the story is originally from OK) that states that Jake will accompany sister Maggie to one of the TDK premieres. The story seemed to suggest that he will probably be her date to the LA premiere and Peter will accompany her in NYC.

I don't know if it's true or not, but that's what it says.

BTW, I hope you're feeling better this week Sass.

get real said...

Thanks for the info, Brothers Spy, I just read that IMDb news report. Seems a rehash of the OK! story (it quotes them) so it seems pretty questionable. Especially since it mentions Heath's family attending and we already know that was denied or not confirmed. Guess we just have to wait and see.

(((Sass))) hope things are going okay for you.

bobbyanna said...

Except it seems Jake will not be in LA, but he will be either in London or Morocco. I hope people (in the larger world) will not be nasty about whether he goes or not.
I want Jake to do what ever Jake feels he should do. Period.

Seems Michelle Williams had her publicist issue a pretty unequivocal statement to the effect this isn't her movie, she never planned to attend, etc.

The tribute to Heath is written in the film's credits. Some people, apparently, were confused by the nature of the "tribute."

Erin said...

Actor JAKE GYLLENHAAL will join his sister MAGGIE at one of THE DARK KNIGHT premieres in a bid to pay tribute to his BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN co-star and friend HEATH LEDGER.
Jake Gyllenhaal, the godfather of Ledger's two-year-old daughter with Michelle Williams, is planning to attend one of the upcoming U.S. premieres.
He'll support his sister Maggie, who worked with tragic Ledger on the new Batman film.
A source tells OK! magazine, "Jake is debating coming to the New York city premiere or waiting to be Maggie's date at an L.A. (Los Angeles) screening.
"He wants this to be something positive that will celebrate the role of a lifetime and a performance of which Heath was so proud."
Ledger's parents and sister are also expected to jet to New York from their home in Perth, Australia, to attend the New York premiere on 14 July (08).
Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment in January (08).

07/02/2008 10:10:46 PM

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful - it means a lot. :')

get real said...

Again, I would not count on Jake to be there....jmo.

I am with you Bobbyanna, I don't like articles like that because it sets it up that if he doesn't show he doesn't care which I think is bs.

brothers spy said...

I just want to state that I don't think Jake is going either.

I hate how outsiders always seem to project their own personal feelings onto Jake and Michelle regarding Heath.

Let them be in peace. Why should they have to jump through hoops to appease people who didn't even know Heath.

Anonymous said...

But we do know Heath, in a fashion. We don't know him intimately like his family and close friends, but please don't negate and trivialize how important he was and still is to his fans Jake will do whatever he feels is right, and we don't need an edict from BrothersSpy as to how we should feel about such a huge loss. He meant a lot to his fans too.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, get real. I do feel that it is a kind of set up. And how unreasonable would it be for people to get all upset and disappointed when they know nothing. I guess some people are already judging Michelle, too. It serves no purpose at all, bcz as you say, it's of my favorite acronyms;)

Look. I would be very moved if Jake were able to go. I will not be disappointed or upset at all, if he isn't able.

And really, it is sad that in some places, on some websites, the discussion has degenerated into, "is Jake coming?" This is Heath's LAST full role in a feature film. This is it. The attention should be on him. It is his moment. This is about Heath. Period.

He can't speak for himself. The other actors who worked with him, have very generously spoken for him. I've been very touched by Maggie, Chris Nolan, Christian Bale.

It is really something that they have almost made their own participation incidental to working with Heath. That is very moving to me. It speaks volumes about the kind of person we've lost. That he was so respected and so loved.

Anonymous said...

Here's a novel idea - if it ain't true, don't publish it? These magazines can't have it both ways -whip fans up into a frenzy about a story, and then complain when the inevitable happens and fans respond either negatively or positively. I guess none of what we read is true then. Don't blame the fans, it really is asking too much of them. And don't treat them like something on the bottom of your shoe, we are the ones who buy the tickets.

extra said...

I agree with you get real, bobbyanna and brothers spy, I really don't have anything else to add except I wish the rags would stop already. It may just set up a situation where some fans wil be dissapointed.

brothers spy said...

I never once said that people couldn't, or shouldn't, be fans of Heath.

I only mentioned how unreasonable it is to project whatever feelings you may have for Heath onto other people (like Jake and Michelle) especially since you are not privy to the dynamics of their relationships at the time of Heath's death.

Then you have those who force them to live up to some weird standard that would be impossible for anyone to live up to. To essentially take on a burden that they may not be willing to take.

I say let them be. Let them carry on their lives in peace. They don't owe anyone anything. Whatever feelings they may have had (or still have) for Heath are obviously personal in nature.

When or if they are ready to talk about Heath they will do so. If Jake doesn't feel that he wants to talk about it, wishing instead to keep the matter private, and not draw attention to it. I totally respect that decision. After all, is it Jake's job to make you feel better about everything? It was his friend who died after all, not yours. No one is in any position to establish any sort of arbitrary test or hoop for them to jump through.

That's not an edict. It's an opinion.

get real said...

Totally agree with you Bobbyanna, extra and Brothers Spy.

bobbyanna said...

Beautifully said, brothers spy. Amen.

suvee said...

Thank you, brother's spy, for your eloquent comment...... it was a pleasure to read. Probably because I agree with every word! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for those great videos! I hadn't seen them either and I really enjoyed, especially the commentary video for Zodiac and the London TV Interview.

You rock.

agent_krycek said...

With regards the horrible Mr Papparatzi blog - in the UK's defence, he's actually Australian, so we didn't spawn him, very annoying failed celeb called Darren Lyons who look like this (if someone will tell me I'll learn how to do links - sorry ) and yet has the cheek to have a go at a very lovely, natural looking Reese.

Vicky said...

Hi AK, FL put a link a few posts back on how to do links. It is Here

I am getting a pretty good at this LOL.

FluorescentLamp said...

What happens to unpopular, picked on, unattractive little boys? They grow up to be gossip columnists and/or Mr. Paparazzi.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh FL!

agent_krycek said...

He really is quite repulsive, desperately trying to become a Zeleb in the Perez Hilton mould. His hair actually looks at it's best there, seen it worse :0

Hope Reese is still having a lovely, quiet, undisturbed time here - as her and Jake do seem to fly under the radar quite well, and seem to be avoiding the normal celeb hangouts. I wonder if she's recently taken to wearing hats in solidarity with the Gyllenhair Protection Programme's Grey Hoodie :D (That was genius BTW)

Narcissa said...

What is it about Jake that attracts the Dark Side Of Fandom? Just as Heath's memorials and funeral became, on some websites, All About Jake, the same is happening with the TDK premieres. It's not up to Jake to do or say... whatever.... so that some fans can feel reassurance, or whatever the hell.

In other words: what brother spy said.

sheba baby said...

I have never seen the first video UV, thanks for posting it! LOL, the other are annoying on the Zodiac commentary, not enough Jake and RDJ IMO.

Hats & hoodies, yeah I agree agent k!

Brothers spy, bobbyanna, extra, get real all express what I feel on the subject of Jake and TDK.

sass said...

Morning UV, FL and babblers,

TY again for this fantastic post:)
Jake's first interview was relaxed, informative, thoughtful and HOT HOT HOT! :lol:lol That's my review and I'm sticking to it:)

I'm sorry I missed the Jake/Robert Video. I enjoyed the other videos, never having seen them until this morning, but Jake and Robert's video has been removed:(
Hopefully I'll be able to watch it later.
One of the reasons I bought the second Zodiac DVD, was to hear RDJ and Jake in commentary, not the delightful Fincher.
I still have mixed feelings about Fincher becoming distracted during the film's promo and not giving Jake more credit for the film, because of a supposed comment made by Jake in an interview.

Fincher played the victim with balls big time, when he responded to Jake's comment in an interview with a columnist who was obviously not a Jake-fan. That was so NOT fair to Jake or the movie, but I blame Fincher not that columnist. He should have risen above the comment and given Jake his due.

I have read some of the comments about who--Jake or Michelle--will attend the premiere of TDK, and I'm oh so glad I restrict myself to two Jake blog sites and one fan site.
Jake has some fans who seem overly possessive to the point of obsession, and will stop at nothing to negatively critique his every move. With that in mind, I hope he takes all precautions for his and his family's safety as he becomes more famous worldwide. Maybe he will purchase an island a la Johnny Depp.
TY for best wishes everyone:)
Love and hugs to my babbler mates:) Have a Wonderful 4th of July!

agent_krycek said...

Brothers spy, bobbyanna, extra, get real all express what I feel on the subject of Jake and TDK.

Ditto from me as well.

And the rather more lighthearted subject of the grey hoodie - if Jake is walking around wearing it I've no idea how I missed him on Saturday (presuming we were there at the same time) it was flaming hot as hell and anyone wandering around in a hoodie with hood up would have looked, quite frankly, bizzare.

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm sorry I missed the Jake/Robert Video. I enjoyed the other videos, never having seen them until this morning, but Jake and Robert's video has been removed:(

Sass, it's still there. On the front page of the blog. Alternatively, if you still don't see it, here's the direct link to the YouTube page.

Anonymous said...

Pics of Jake on set Here again

Looks like he has grown a beard again.

Anonymous said...

And his hair is getting very long.

Xenia said...

The first video is a treat UV, sleepy-eyed softly-speaking Jake is soo sexy...:)
And the Grey Hoodie Gyllenhair Protection Programme, LOL!:D

I only mentioned how unreasonable it is to project whatever feelings you may have for Heath onto other people (like Jake and Michelle) especially since you are not privy to the dynamics of their relationships at the time of Heath's death.

I agree Brother Spy,on the subject of TDK premiere, Jake is OFF.TOPIC.

agent_krycek said...

Is that a ponytail I can spy :O (and I don't mean on the horse)

Anonymous said...

I think he looks good with the long hair, although you can't see much of it under his helmet.

Also, I don't know if you noticed, but the chest hair is gone as well. Ouch.

agent_krycek said...

There does seem to have been waxing - but the possible ponytail is causing me to twitch mightily at the moment

Anonymous said...

Twitch in a good way or in a bad way? lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh.My.God. Jake looks every bit as gorgeous as I imagined - on horseback, bearded, long hair the perfect length, hunky body - and just that air of confidence. That pic astride a horse is hot - just project a little and imagine how he'll look when PoP is finished. Just Magnificent.

xxMariexx said...

*sniff sniff* I'm going to miss his sexy chest hair. *prays that it'll grow back after film* Haha. Woah, look at those arms *drools* Reese is one lucky gal.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping they'd try ponytail length, just to see how it would look - and the wind in the horse's mane really completes it. To me, it's anachronistic to have short hair on a 6th century Prince. Granted, these pics are kinda unfinished looking now, but just imagine a bit how it will look. He looks fabulous. The legs astride the horse . . . sigh

agent_krycek said...

Just generally twitching at the moment - really object to most men with ponytails - just don't do them as rule, but I rather like the thought of cinema screen sized Jake with flowing locks galloping on a lovely white horse - so it's a mixture of good and bad twitching

*Goes for lie down in darkened room*

Monica said...

Thank you, anon!
He is incredible!

I need some air!

Anonymous said...

Awww . . . the chest hair is gone? I hope they kept some. His chest and arms look pretty well developed - he's going to look amazing, the stuff of dreams. This is so exciting, seeing how its progressing! Thanks! :)

chica said...

Those arms and chest, sigh!!!!

Thanks, what a way to start off this weekend!!

PS: Lucky Reese!

FluorescentLamp said...

I can still see a bit of chest hair on my monitor, right down by the V in his shirt. Looks like it's been trimmed down rather than totally waxed off. Baby steps, Jake, baby steps.

So that's what hair extensions in Jake's hair looks like. Not bad. But then I'm a sucker for men with long hair.

Anonymous said...

^^Me too, I see some and veins in biceps, and handling of reins. Gorgeous! :)

Anonymous said...

I gotta stop commenting, but the pic after Gemma's and the other one of him looking off to the side, are beautiful. I guess you could say I'm impressed! :)

Anonymous said...

BrothersSpy, that was a nice post of yours, I'm sorry I jumped at your prior one. It's a very happy/sad time now that TDK is coming out, its making people emotional I think. We do need to give them some space. :)

UltraViolet said...

Jake! So nice to see him again. Love the arms, the things, the smile, the gallop. He looks like he's having a blast.

UltraViolet said...

Oops - thighs. Not that his "things" aren't splendid, as well!

josie said...

Yess!!! He looks incredible and I can get used to the hair.

I don't think that's on set though, it looks more like a riding academy.

Looking forward to some J&R pics this weekend, please????

Anonymous said...

Brothers spy, in a previous post you said that there probably wouldn't be Oscar talk regarding Heath if he wasn't dead, but there was even before he died. That being said even if he keeps on getting good reviews, I doubt he'll be nominated for a role based on a comic book character, unfortunately.

The new pictures of Jake are yummy!


agent_krycek said...

His things are all indeed splendid :D

As I haven't spotted a scrunchy I've decided it's not a pony tail, just long hair tucked back. *Feels better*

Must say, Gemma is so pretty, and those horses, well if I can't have Jake, can I have one of those (and an orangutang, always wanted one of those, plus a pot bellied pig - thank you) *the heat may be getting to me*

Anonymous said...

It does look like riding academy *sigh*. Fun! Hair not "scrunchy" length. I like that description. ;)

UltraViolet said...

I gotta stop commenting ...

No need for that! I have a feeling these pics will have us commenting all day :)

extra said...

More pics up on IHJ and one w/o the helmet!:

Anonymous said...

Hey whats happened to the new post??.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks anon 12:12 PM - I really thought I'd imagined the new post of a moment ???

UltraViolet said...

Just putting the untagged p[ics in - go. See. Drool. :)