Wednesday, July 16, 2008


ETA: IHJ got the full set of the Luxembourg Garden pictures. Some of these are priceless. Thanks, Stephanie!

Le Scruff!

"How you doin?"

"Is that a hand in my pocket or is she just happy to see me?"

Not much happening on the Paris front today. It seems as if the idyll is indeed over, and Jake Gyllenhaal has left the City of Light for the Red City. But there were some fun shots of Jake that we didn't get to use in the avalanche of pictures, so the travelogue rolls on.

Some captions, for your amusement, j'espere.

"I didn't mean to order the frog's legs! Please, no!"

"Oh, that's how you say 'Don't touch the toad!' en français!"

"I'm not scared!"

Seriously, what is going on in those photos? At first, Jake seems very worried, but then he's downright jaunty! (One can only use 'jaunty' if there's a hat involved.)

"Hmm - I wonder if Sass would like a present from Harry's?"

"Damn, what is her e-mail address again?"

"Merde! This map is too small. I'll never find Avenue Montaigne!"

"That 'Kick me!' trick is always funny!"

"Never fails!" ***

"Just act innocent - they'll never know it was you."

"I crack myself up."

Okay, I was running out of ideas by the end there. But Jake is so expressive, and these Paris pictures so much fun, I couldn't resist.

Maybe the end of the Paris series?

*** The real caption for this should be, "Can I be any more beautiful?!" Look at that smile. It's such a shame Jake is so unhappy these days, isn't it?!

(Photos courtesy of IHJ and flickr.)


suvee said...

Oh how I hate to say goodbye to Paris summer 2008...... it's been incredible! We have been so spoiled...... it will make the upcoming drought that much worse. :(

LOL at the lady behind Jake in the Chez Janou pics...... her expression is priceless! Wonder if she knows who he is?

Bette said...

Don't worry UV I love the captions! All of them, even at the end.

This upcoming drought is going to suck so bad.

bobbyanna said...

Suvee! Are you talking about the "older woman" with the wistful look in her eyes and the stripey top? ;)

Thanks for this captioned post, UV! I couldn't get over the look on the face of one of the men at the table, who was not at all amused by his waitress being attentive to Jake.;)

My very most favorite has to be Jake standing in the shadows at the hotel in the shot after Reese leaves. That rakish smile. I mean!
The next one made me laugh out loud. So obvious. Like, "No. I'm not with her!"

These are great!

BTW: Thank you sass for the picture of the red dress from the Rome Film Festival. Stunning.

Enigma,that Ungaro for Avon picture is gorgeous. Miss Legally Blonde is definitely changing her a good way. I love the colors and the skyline. Maybe she did a bit of work for Avon while in Paris?

Bette said...

Steph just posted the full HQ set of the trip in Paris where they are in the park and Jake lifts Ava up. So adorable. We even get the scruffy pic in HQ!

UltraViolet said...

Hi Bette - I was putting them up as you were posting :) Couldn't come up with captions, but I don't think anyone will care.

And yes! The full scruffy picture. I'm so happy.

UltraViolet said...

Suvee, it's embarrassing, but I think I'm going to miss Paris more than they will!

I don't want to think about the drought.

Bobbyanna, I just adore that picture. Rakish smile, so true. And it's always fun to see the people in the background of pics. LOL at the angry customer! Come on, man - it's Jake Gyllenhaal. Your waitress does not care about you any longer!

And Bette, thanks for enjoying the captions. Or saying you did :)

brothers spy said...

It's possible that Jake may meet them in Paris this upcoming weekend.

We don't know that they're leaving Paris all together. She had to work today, but she could take the kids to Euro Disney and when Jake is finished with rehearsing this week, he may meet up with them again.

Then voila, more good times.

bobbyanna said...

Gosh, brothers spy, I hope you're right. UV, these additions are out of this world!!! I love every single one. This has been SO much better then Mexico. I really got the whole Paris vibe, too. Their entire time in London, Paris, IDK. Maybe it's just seeing them together...all of them, and it looks SO cool. They just make be feel good.

(Yeah. Maybe MV in the fall. The tents, the flowers, the whole thing;))

UltraViolet said...

You're just appeasing me now, Bobbyanna!

But I'm loving their great European adventure. I hope the African portion of the journey yields some snaps, too. Who knows?

And brothers spy, I'd love a return trip, but I'll pass on EuroDisney. Though one assumes Ava and Deacon would have a different opinion!

suvee said...

What a wonderful surprise....... Paris isn't over yet!

I just love all these photos....... but I am especially fond of the first one (Ava learns texting from the Master) and the last one (for obvious reasons).

Bobbyanna, I was so tickled by the lady in the stripe shirt, I totally overlooked the very unhappy guy at the table. Fun to see the effect Jake has on an innocent little French bistro!

Thank you UV for this perfect farewell to Paris post. Thanks to the amazing Stephanie, too!

UltraViolet said...

Heads-up that Maggie is on Letterman tonight.

lawgoddess said...

This has been so much fun. "We'll always have Paris."

A perfect, fun week. thanks for enhancing it for us, UV.

This is a man in love, bless his heart.:)

bobbyanna said...

Appeasement? Mais non!

I do love that hand finding that pocket. Bet he does too.

Erin said...

I can't find the picture right now, either from Rome or Napa, where she had her hands in his pocket.

She has her hand in his back pocket, must be a thing she does feeling on his booty :P and who wouldn't feel on his fine booty!
If I find the picture I will share the link

sass said...

This is the best-est time of my entire life right now...Jake/Reese/family Paris London pic overload really rocks.

UV, I absolutely love your captions; don't tempt me with Harry, cause I'd love to own whatever I could from that fantastic store.

David Letterman must be the Gyllenhaal's favorite Late night host; Maggie is on tonight!
The channel 2 news persons announced Maggies name with great excitement as they were signing off; Maggie is a hometown girl, not often seen in a huge movie like TDK. She is such a lady and it comes across big time.

bobbyanna, I loved Jake's rakish pic too. He looked so happy and so very devilish playing with paps along with Reese
"A" lister's ought to have some fun with those annoying paps with each other; but wait, they prolly called the paps up and told them to tail them, the kiddos and their BG around Paris... Oh, and yes, they both are OH SO miserable together; :lol:lol
OK I bad.

I took a bus ride home tonight, after I picked up the US Magazine, the weather is so great. The magazine is all over town everywhere.
Me thinks the new "It" couple(Jake and Reese) must sell a lot of covers...cause this issue contains a huge is a huge article.

Maggie is now on David Letterman.
Maggie broke her toe and is telling Dave it had to be her nerves that made this happen.
She said Peter was very impressed with how bad the break was. He's a soccer player and was really impressed...I didn't catch the some of the conversation.
She has on gggorgeous heels...just for Dave. She refused Percocet though pressed by the nurse. Maggie is as charming as her brother. She and Peter check each other for ticks each night..charming.

Links to US Mag below 7/16/08

Jake Reese US Cover

Jake Reese 1

Jake Reese2

Jake Reese3

Jake Reese 4

Jake Reese 5

Jake Reese 6

Jakek Reese 7

UltraViolet said...

Yup, Erin, that was one of the best pctures from Rome. I think Reese has a pocket preference!

And whoa, Sass. You are good! I didn't expect the scans tonight. Woo hoo.

You really do deserve a little something from Harry's!

So according to Us, they did stay at the Bristol. I'm all confused. What was with all the shots at the Plaza Athenee? In any case, I loved all the little details from the hotel - the breakfasts, the swimming. But couldn't someone have stolen a quick shot poolside? ;)

Thank you so much for scanning the article, sass!!

sass said...

You're totally welcome UV:)
nite nite

smile said...

TY Sass! You´re the best!
Keep fingers crossed for you! Everything will be ok!

Great post, btw.

Narcissa said...

{{{hugs}}} to sass. And thanks for the scans.

Love the gorgeous smile in the hotel background one in particular.

Am I the only one not impressed with the Testino shoot? Reese's make-up in the b&w dress shots looks very harsh and her hair is too severe. She has great shoulders though and suits that sort of neckline.

Vicky said...

Great post UV, loved the bit at the end, Sass thank you so much for the scans and my thoughts are with you.

chica said...

Love al the new editions to the Paris picture collection, how adorable are they???

We are so spoiled, but i'm so loving this! Thanks for the scans sass and my thoughts are with you.

Letterman loves Maggie, she is a charmer just ike her brother.

chica said...

PS: Love the captions!!

bobbyanna said...

I've just returned from Morocco.
Can someone please tell all crew members and contractors and vendors that they must use cellphone cameras???

The city of Ouarzazate is like, on the brink of the Sahara. This is where "Gladiator" was shot, in part. It has three four star hotels. The tempratures are 104 with a lows in the mid-70's.

It's "remote" to say the least, and apparently a popular location for movies. But I seriously doubt there are any paparrazzi in the neighborhood. You never know...

I think a person flies into Marrakech and the connects to a smaller airport in Ouarzazate. So, once Jake really starts working on this film, the possibilities of seeing pictures are very slim. Talk about getting into character!

The scans from the magazine are great, sass!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers sweetie!

I think Reese is probably going to spend the month of August in Northern Africa. If I were Reese I certainly would!;)

UltraViolet said...

Narcissa, Reese's hair did look severe, but you know those high fashion shoots. Everything is exaggerated. Since these were candid/pap shots, I assume the real deal will look even better.

Glad folks are enjoying the captions :)

UltraViolet said...

Hi Bobbyanna - missed your comment. We did get one shot of Jake shooting during Rendition, and I remember seeing pap pics of Leonardo DiCaprio when he was shooting in Morocco. But yeah, it's not pap central!

I'll be curious to see what we get, if anything.

Monica said...

Hello, babblers!

Thank you, UV and Steph!
Uv, the captions are great!

Thank you for scans, Sass! You are an incredible person!

Erin, the photo you mentioned is here:


sass said...

Morning babblers,

I love waking up to HD snaps of Jardin with Jake and Reese.

The shoot in the red dress is hot. Are the pics from the Vogue shoot?

After all the 'Barack' isn't raising that much money anymore, Obama raised 52 million dollars in June. Whew, I was listening to MSM and nearly worried myself to frazzle.:)

sallykirkland said...

I just hope Jake takes care out there. He has a very physically demanding role. Probably the most demanding he's ever done!

I hope they are exceptionally carefully of their equipment and everything involved. I say that as much for aspects of the London shoot as for Morocco.

The thing about the Moroccan shoot that concerns me is, when shooting in remote areas, often you can't get the kind of medical attention you need in a timely fashion...IF you should need it.

Maybe with fewer distractions, they will go quickly and Jake will not have to be there too long. But I think at the very least three or four weeks? I know. I'm being a mother hen. ;)

Wonderful magazine scans. I never buy them! But then, thanks to you, I never need to!

sheba baby said...

Thanks so much for the US scans sass, i'm sending positive and good vibes your way.

Reese looks amazing!!

Thanks for the rundown on Maggie on Letterman, I missed it.

We have been so spoiled over the last week, I wonder if there was any truth to that UK story last week that Reese was planning to go to Morocco as well??

get real said...

Loving all the addition Paris pics! The newest are especially nice, Jake and Ava looking at his phone, Reese with hand in Jake's pocket. Would love to be doing that! ;p

Thanks so much for the US Weekly scans Sass. And I am sending you lots of (((Sass))). Please know my thoughts are with you.

Thanks all for the Maggie stuff. She has been looking great on all the shows, premiere, etc.

get real said...

Meant to add that Reese looked lovely in the dresses for the MT Paris photo shoot. Can't wait to see those.

Anonymous said...

In the photo shoot, where Reese is wearing the black and white bustier, she's wearing either jeans or pants. I thought at first it was a gown, but it isn't.

shondra said...

Thanks so much for the extra goodies! They looked like they had so much fun. Thanks for the scans sass, ot was a fun read and a big hug to you, thinking of you.

I caught Maggie on Letterman, what a doll and she looked fabulous. I can't wait to see the TDK the reviews are incredible as are the reviews of Heath's performance. I still can't believe he's gone.

Reese looks great in the photo shoot and the Avon Ad as well. I thought I read that she helped create that frangrance but I may be wrong.

Loving all the captions, LOL!!!

Erin said...

I wonder where Reese is going to now this week??

The kids dad was on People, out with his friend this week, so I guess he doesn't have them yet.

If Reese does Vogue magazine, I would buy that issue
I am making a Reese scrapbook, I will share with everyone when I am done

Lemon said...

I love the Luxembourg photos! Looks like the kids did hire out boats to push around the pond =]

Thanks for the scans sass! It’s nice to see Jake getting on so well with the wee ones.

Oh! And Jake does have a very nice bum, so I can't say I blame Reese ;)

extra said...

Since the Aug. issue of Vogue is out and i assume that the Sept. isuue is already done, i bet this is for the Oct. issue, 1 month before Four Christmases comes out.

She looks fab by the way and Jake looks really sexy. Looks like everyone had a great vacation, thanks for the scans sass!

josie said...

Loving all the updates and pictures everyone, thanks for the scans sass. They make such a sweet little family
and they all look so happy.

I'm plannimg on seeing TDK on Saturday and I know several posters plan on seeing it this weekend as well. I would love tohear everyon's reviews of the movie after you see it, maybe we could use the Jake spoilers blog?

bobbyanna said...

I just picked up a ticket for 11 A.M.tomorrow. Late afternoon and evening performances, including tonight at midnight, are going fast. The young man at the box office said things were slower at 11 A.M.

I barely controlled myself when he handed me my ticket, walked away pretending something was in my eye. If I'm like this just buying a ticket, how in the world will I get thru the movie. It just sneaks up at odd moments and really hits hard.

I hope a lot of people go opening weekend. I want this to break every record out there, Spiderman, LOTR, all of them.

FluorescentLamp said...

Sure thing, Josie. I made a new TDK post on Jake Spoilers for anyone who wants to discuss it.

brothers spy said...


I have a gut feeling that very few records will stand after this weekend.

This film is being shown in a record number of theaters, not even including the IMAX theaters. They are literally showing it around the clock all weekend. This means that there will be a record number of actual viewing opportunities for people.

Add to this the fact that it has already secured a record for pre-orders.

Together all this means that this film will do very, very well. You need not worry.

Honestly, I would recommend that everyone interested in seeing this movie this weekend do as bobbyanna did and get an advanced ticket. It most likely will be sold out by the time of the actual viewing time.

sass said...

My son and friends called me at 9PM to tell me the line had formed on 42nd Street...good theaters good sound there...for the midnight show. OMG!
All shows are sold out, even the 6AM show, until God knows when. IMAX has been sold out since the first of the month.
I'm going 8:30PM Saturday night early by 2-3 hours judging by the line report from my son tonight...with my get a really good seat. I am so excited.
TY for opening TDK on spoilers so I can post my experience... movie. crowds. etc.