Friday, June 27, 2008

Jake in black and white. In black and white.

Jake sure looks good in technicolor, doesn't he? But you know what else Jake looks good in? Black and white.

What is it about black and white photography that captivates us? How can it communicate so much with so little? Absent (techni)color, photographers shooting in black and white have to impact for other reasons and be sure the elements are strong - such as the design, shadow, pattern, light, interpretation, perspective and angles. Of course, having a subject like Jake Gyllenhaal to photograph can only enhance the process.

By removing color from a composition we are left with fewer details to consider, so our attention must focus on the other aspects of the shot: a slanted sidewalk, patterns of a rug, sconces on a wall, the pattern of a shirt.

The late theorist, novelist and filmmaker, Susan Sontag said, "photography teaches us how to look at the world, those photographs of heroes and celebrities gradually motivate us to associate black and white photography with heroes and authority, and color photography with celebrities and transitoriness. Thus, black and white photography conveys a great man’s character better than ephemeral color photography."

Black and white photography conveys a great man's character better than ephemeral color photography. A wonderful quote.

While preparing this post I thought about one of the most acclaimed photographers of this medium, Ansel Adams, and wondered what he had to say about his craft. I admit I didn't get very far once I happened upon this photograph entitled Dogwood Blossoms

and thought how familiar it looked. The only thing missing from that Ansel Adams photograph was Jake's portrait in the middle of it. So flash forward 45 years or so. . .

I leave you with my favorite black and white of Jake, bar none.

Photos courtesy of IHJ and the Ansel Adams Gallery


UltraViolet said...

Great post, FL. I love the Susan Sontag line. Jake really does make a wonderful subject, in B&W or color. The B&W definitely makes for iconic images.

I love the one where he is sitting/squatting down and looking down. And the lying in the street photo is one of my all-time favorites.

The Ansel Adams find was incredible. The kind of thing Jake himself would get a kick out of.

I'd love to see some Jake portraits out in the west or in iconic Ansel Adams-ish landscapes.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful FL thank you.
BTW do you think this is true.
Jake sighting?

FluorescentLamp said...

I love the one where he is sitting/squatting down and looking down.

For the past year or more that has been my desktop wallpaper at home. So I think that's probably my second fave Jake pic. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, one of my favorite photographers ever, and these b&w pics of Jake are incredible. :)

UltraViolet said...

Anon1, that sighting could very well be true. None of us has any idea where Jake is at the moment. He (and Reese) have done a great job lying low.

Narcissa said...

Babblers! We are slacking! Nearly missed a mag appearance by Jacob.

The “eco chic” June edition of Marie Claire has an article on “A list activists: the Hollywood stars turned eco campaigners”. Leonardo, Julie Roberts, various others and – yep - our boy. They use a recycled (!) pic of Jake – one of the ones rowing a boat (UV has posted from the series). The blurb isn’t long:

“I’m political and I make choices in my movies that I think are political,” says Jake Gyllenhaal. Having grown up in a campaigning household, the actor is heavily involved with the American Civil Liberties Union and the Democratic Party, but it was shooting the 2004 eco-thriller TDAT that spurred his interest in environmental issues. After filming, he flew to the Arctic to promote awareness for climate change and became a supporter of both the Future Forests programme and Global Green. “Global warming is an abstract concept to most people; we know it’s happening but we can’t really visualise its effects. Unfortunately, the Inuit people put a human face on global warming. They are literally melting away. They are the canary in the coal mine.”

Jake’s pic is also reused (!) on the contents page to flag up the article.

Fancy TDAT being an “eco-thriller”! I thought it was just a dumb disaster flick!

Monica said...

Hello, babblers!

My favorite photos are those of black and white. They seem like they are more real!
Thank you for photos. Especially the first.

chica said...

Wow, what a great post FL! I love b&w pictures, and Jake does make a incredible subject. I'm a big fan of Ansel Adams as well.

That sighting may be true, reading the encounter over on IHJ, he was traveling light, so it sounded like maybe the trip was short.

Monica said...

Have you ever seen this interview from Jake to 10 years old?

Mini Jake

It was a girl of the forum who posted!

Erin said...

I'm confused?
Jake is in London, LA, New York?

UltraViolet said...

No one knows where Jake is, Erin. Except, one presumes, Jake himself.

And Monica, you've posted one of FL's favorites! Young Jake is too adorable.

josie said...

Ohhhh, what beautiful pictures you chose FL! Jake in color and b&w , i'll take both, breathtaking.

I love that clip monica, thanks for posting what a cutie!

Thanks for posting that article narcissa, TDAT a eco-thriller, LOL!! I always thought it was a dumb popcorn flick!

I remember in '06 I think there were various defamer/gawker/blogger sighting os Jake that had him in one place or sometimes the same place at the same time! I always thought that it was mistaken identity.

An example: a sighting of Jake and Lance at a Rolling stone concert in Variety and then a sighting of him in NY with his Mom on the same day, go figure?

I assumed the UK trip was going to be short, just costume fittings and such through the weekend and Jake and Reese were spotted in london on Sunday, but other than that who knows, where are they????

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I missed Narcissa's post. I like TDAT! I'll stick up for it as an eco-thriller! Okay, a pretty dumb eco-thriller but still.

The entire tidbit on Jake is an example of recycling. I wish they'd gone to him for something new, especially a picture. But it is still nice to see Jake featured like this.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up regarding the looming actors strike: The contract expires on Monday, a lot of productions (film) are going to shut down if a deal isn't in place.
It's already affected The Davinci Code 2.

Transformers 2 got a waiver to continue, it's been filming for about a month. I don't know the status of Pop, since it's just in pre-production, unless they are actually filming at the studio in the UK or maybe they started in Morocco ahead of time? I have no idea, and I don' know if Pop would qualify for a waiver.

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks, Monica, for Mini Jake. I love, love, LOVE watching that clip. Never get tired of it. He was too precious for words. All too often adorable child actors grow up to be not too adorable adults. No such problem with Jake. :-)

bobbyanna said...

Beautiful, beautiful post, FL. That last is my all time favorite B&W, too. There is something "Old Hollywood" about the look and the pose. Tyrone Power, young Al Pacino. Lots going on.

suvee said...

Many heartfelt thanks to FL for this post! IMO, there's nothing better than b/w photography..... it is so pure and illuminating, the distraction of color is absent, and we are left with the essence of the subject.

I was thrilled to see one of my all time favorite b/w Jake pics here.... it's the 3rd one. I adore this pic..... even though his incredible face is not the focus. I am charmed and more than just a little turned on by his cool, sexily nonchalant body language. It's like he is channeling Steve hot! :)

FluorescentLamp said...

It makes me happy that I unwittingly selected other people's fave B&Ws as well.

Glad you liked the post.

sass said...

Wow, back from having a blast watching Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy kick butt--action freak here--and I open my computer to this wonderful post. TY:)
Yeah bobbyanna, I enjoyed Clinton and Obama making the unity effort and I think the Democratic Party just might make it...I hope:)

One of my favorite B&W photos of Jake is the crouching one. I love. love. love it...I just made it my background again replacing a Jake/Reese snap.
I just turned my telly on and BBM is on Bravo and the second showing just started. It still breaks me up and always will. Even with all the substitutions for various four letter words, and leaving all the intimate love scenes kisses and sex scenes out it's a masterpiece to me.

Hey there some of you newer babblers who don't know me very well, please rest assured any magazine articles/pictures I post about our favorite couple are done all ways tongue in cheek and for pure fun. I take absolutely none of it seriously. Anyway, from the necklaces worn by Reese last April, first noted and written about by bloggers known to us all, to the present day, we get all salient news from amongst ourselves and not from US, People or Hello.

Jake's necklace reportedly given him by sister Maggie

Reese's either been give a copy of it or she's got IT .:lol:lol, enjoy:)

Damn, our two men are gorgeous on Bravo tonight. How lucky we are to have had Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal portray Ennis and Jack. These two men created these totally original characterizations based on a story and script; I marvel at and bow to their creative genius.
I am also happy TDK trailers aren't shying away from showing Heath's Joker.
I'm missing him a lot tonight...
love to all,

Anonymous said...

I wondered if that sighting was wrong, it seems J&R were at the Nelson Mandela concert last night.

"Other guests included Forest Whittaker, Boris Becker, Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon, the Sugababes, Oprah Winfrey and Kate Middleton."

Guests at Nelson Mandela Concert

agent_krycek said...

I'm not sure what it is about black and white photos, but the only picture of me I've ever liked was taken by an ex, who was into photograpy, in black and white. Jake just looks divine in all of them.

J & R may well not be in London right now, but as I mentioned going to NH today, and the OH has never been but always wanted to, I'll be heading out shortly - will report back with my (non) sightings.

Completely dreading/looking forward to Batman. Heath is going to be awesome, so I'll probably end up loving it whilst sobbing my eyes out during it. I think over in the UK we've got it opening a week after the US.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I will try to link again.

Guests at Nelson Mandela Concert

Anonymous said...

Good luck AK, they may very well be in London.

sheba baby said...

The fifth picture is my favorite, what beautiful pictures and what a great post, thanks FL.

I was wondering if they would be attending Mandela's birthday party!

Yeah, I remember the neckalace/pendent from last year sass! I don't think she has been spotted wearing it since.

Anonymous said...

They're here. Good luck, agent krycek, you'll find them!

shondra said...

The lying down in the street is one of my favorites too, what a beautiful sight to wake up to, thanks for the beautiful post/pictures. I love Ansel Adams too!

I was confused with the Mandela celebrations, but then I realized that there was an event on Wednesday and the concert was last night. Finally a sighting there, good luck agent k!

I watched BBM last night as well on tv sas, still very powerful edited.

Lemon said...

I'm normally a big fan of B&W photos and I take a lot myself. However, I don't like B&W photos of Jake (or Reese for that matter). They're most stunning features are the eyes and frankly that requires colour photography. Other than that, I don't like some of these photos simply because they seem so...forced (I find it so unnatural when someone poses). The 5th, 10th and final ones are fantastic though. And Jake is a great subject =]

Anonymous said...

Pics from Getty of he Mandela Concert, mostly of he performers though:

Anonymous said...

I just heard on the news (TV, no link) that Jake and Reese were at that Nelson Mandela concert together last night.

I wonder if they met Bill Clinton.

extra said...

Bil Clinton wasn't at the concert last night, he was at the dinner for Mandela on Wednesday.

Did you hear this on TV over in the UK? I would ove to sse some pics!

Love this post FL, Jake in b&w is gorgeous!

Bette said...

I love all the black and white photos, in fact a few of my favorites were posted, but I'm a fan of this one right here.

Still no Jake and Reese pics? Is this going to turn out to be like Tom and Katie's party? No actual proof they attended.

sallykirkland said...

Bet they did go to the concert. It's something they might do, especially since it was to honor Nelson Mandela, and support the 46664 Project's work with AIDS. I don't think they're hiding,just very low key.

As someone said earlier, there are tons of celebrities in London and lots of big events taking place. Since hoards of paparazzi gather outside many of the high end hotels, it is probable Reese and Jake really did rent a flat.

I think photographs would be a lot more likely if they were in the thick of things. Maybe we will get some pictures during the week. I'll bet they will probably take in Wimbledon.

You've really outdone yourselves with these black and white photos. They are stunning. But then, consider their subject.

extra said...

From Parade Magazine, Q&A:

Q: Is it true the Jake Gyllenhaal will star in a biopic about New York Jets great Joe Namath?

A: Yes. Jake- who says he's often told he resembles the lengendary playboy-quarterback- is looking forward to playing "Broadway Joe." But the red-hot star has a busy dance card, and it could be a while before he slips on Joe's famous NO. 12 Jets jersey. Jake will soon start shooting Prince of Persia and has two other movies that already wrapped. Nailed, a political satire with Jessica Biel, and Brothers, involving the Afghan war, with Tobey Maguire.

UltraViolet said...

Another report of the dashing duo in London:

and i went to the big market today and saw Reese witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhol, or however you spell it!!!

That's a new and unpleasant-looking misspelling of the G-name.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh hello Notting Hill.

I guess she couldn't spell "Portobello Road" and had to settle for "the big market."

Agent_K, I hope you had a wonderful day at the big market.

get real said...

Hey all

OMG all these beautiful B&W pics of Jake are seriously swoon worthy. Some of my all time faves. He is so beautiful...sigh. Thanks for all the pretty! :D

More sightings of Jake and Reese in London?!?! But then there were the other sightings too? The London ones seem more legit. Hope the UK Babblers will keep an eye out!

agent_krycek said...

Agent_K, I hope you had a wonderful day at the big market.

I did thank you, saw no one (apart from a man who not only possessed the worst haircut I've ever seen, but also the funniest beard), but am now the proud owner of what is officially the world's cutest jacket and Notting Hill has moved up in to third place on my list of places I'd really like to live (if I had millions to spend - just behind St Albans and Little Venice.)

If they are in London it was a glorious day to be here, hot, sunny and just beautiful, reminded me why I like living here.

A total failure in the stalking business yesterday, but my new jacket is all types of awesome :D

agent_krycek said...

Completely OT, but all types of awesome also describes last night's Doctor Who - flaming heck, was not expecting that!

Anonymous said...

John Mayer and Sheryl Crowe performed in concert Saturday night in London.

bobbyanna said...

Hey, Agent K!!!! At least it sounds like you really enjoyed yourself!!!

It occurred to me, that maybe we need to think about yoga or exercise places. Including, not just gyms or studios, but places to run?

And we know they love to go out for pastries and breakfast, coffee, etc. so there's that. Good restaurants that serve organic, or really good, healthy food? They also seem to like Italian and Indian food. Doubt they'd be doing Moroccan food right about now.;)

I just realized that we haven't seen Jake since those studio pictures on June 14th! (I keep thinking about "Braveheart." Then I wake up!)
There hasn't been any sighting of Ryan or the kids for a while either. Hmmmm.

I'm going to prepare a very unhealthy breakfast, then go for a very long bike ride to compensate!
New reports are that you should eat before exercise so you don't get too hungry.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Sounds like the perfect place for them:


Portebello Road is the commercial road in the heart of Nottinghill. Here you will find galleries, antique stores and vendors lining the streets.

As seen in the movie, this road has private gardens intersecting with noisy avenues but it also houses large West Indian and Moroccan communities. A world famous market offers a selection of antiques, from serious pieces of jewelry to cigarette cards. In addition, there is fruit and vegetables, organic food and second hand clothing.

What incredible and beautiful pictures you posted FL, Jake is a wonderful subject for b/w pics.

agent_krycek said...

from serious pieces of jewelry to cigarette cards.

And indeed gas masks, which I had a very difficult time persuading my insane OH out of buying. Did I tell you how awesome my new jacket is :D

Notting Hill is lovely, some really gorgeous Georgian and Edwardian building - quite a few gated cul de sacs as well.

chica said...

Hey! That myspace spotting of Jake and Reese belongs to country singer Jesse James! My knowledge of Country singers isn't that great, but even i have heard of her! Sounds like she is there to record and it sounds like Jake and Reese are settling in.

Anonymous said...

I hope J&R don't read some of the negative Internet comments about them. Whatever people think, if they are or are not together, for him to read comments dissing someone he cares about must hurt and anger him, it certainly would me. I wouldn't care what was said about me, but I would about my partner. Personally, I don't want to hurt or be cruel to someone I admire.

Anonymous said...

According to justjared, Ryan and Abbie were pictured at someone's backyard BBQ on Saturday, but no children.

Anonymous said...

They could have dropped the kids off with the nanny or they could be with J&R in the UK although the sighting mentions only J&R In Notting Hill.

josie said...

I think the nanny brought the kids over to the UK and is probably with them (Jake/Reese/Kids) in the UK right now. This was all planned out ahead of time IMO. They were trying to figure a way to spend some time together and have a vacation as well while he is filming and this was it. Of course if pics show up of Ryan and the kids then this theory will be blown out the water,LOL!!

I read that Ryan ha a falt in London, so if they will be staying there from now until Aug., he can just fly over for visits.

Anonymous said...

Don't the kids ever spend time visiting the grandparents? I thought I once read that the kids go to Tennessee for a couple of weeks in the summer to see Reese's parents. Not sure, tho.

Very possible they are in London,and the singer only noticed Reese and Jake not realizing the kids were there with the nanny.

Reese sure loves being with her man! I think these two will be married and even making babies before anyone expects!

Anonymous said...

Just don't make too many; the world is overpopulated enough as it is. It's irresponsible to have to many. ;)

extra said...

get real, the other sighting was the Mandela concert on Friday.

I listened to some of the music on Jeese James myspace and I really liked it, here's hoping she keeps her eyes peeled for them if they are still around.

Anonymous said...

"Reese sure loves being with her man! I think these two will be married and even making babies before anyone expects!"


The kids are most likely with the nanny.

Anonymous said...

It's probably a little weird for the children that mom and dad already have new partners. Of course Reese and Ryan want to spend as much time as possible with their respective partners being freshly in love and such. I hope the kids got used to it and are fine with it.

sheba baby said...

Could it be that a rag,in this case Hello magzine was right? They from all reports are in the UK and from the sighting, Notting Hill. The kids were not seen with them but they may be with a nanny as some have suggested.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the SAG strike, the contract expires. It will be interesting to see how films that are in the middle of filming and films that are in pre-production are effected.

tweetie bird said...

Reese sure loves being with her man! I think these two will be married and even making babies before anyone expects!"


I totally ITA, totally! And just think, Abby and Ryan can fill up their new mansion makin' babies too, and it'll just be one big happy extended family! Squeee! ;)

sqeeee!! said...

New mansion bought with Reese's $$$$$$.

Anonymous said...

Thems the breaks, I guess. I lost my grand piano in the divorce, something I've never gotten over. Let's not jump the gun yet. ;)

UltraViolet said...

Enough with the kid talk, folks. This is not a blog about Reese and Ryan's kids. We don't need to speculate on their happiness or whereabouts or try to track them. Wherever they are and whomever with, I'm sure they are well cared for.

Anonymous said...


sag actor said...

Update from Finke regarding the strike:

Los Angeles, June 29, 2008 – Screen Actors Guild released the following statement from SAG National President Alan Rosenberg: “We have taken no steps to initiate a strike authorization vote by the members of Screen Actors Guild. Any talk about a strike or a management lockout at this point is simply a distraction. The Screen Actors Guild national negotiating committee is coming to the bargaining table every day in good faith to negotiate a fair contract for actors.”

extra said...

Early positive buzz for Brothers:

Brothers - Directed By Jim Sheridan (In America, In the Name of the Father)
Starring: Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire

Mr. Sheridan's latest may prove yet another formidable film. Test screenings have already been raising brows and has begun to receive a tremendous amount of buzz. Brothers tells the tale of a man who consoles his older brother's wife after he has gone missing in Afghanistan. The stellar cast already makes this a shoe in, but will it be enough?

Anonymous said...

Thanks extra, I just wish someone would post some sort of test screening review.

bobbyanna said...

Hi, all! I was just looking through justjared, and there were pictures of Michelle Williams and Leo shooting their movie, Shutter Island, yesterday. Sir Ben Kingsley was on set with them. He's in the movie, too.

Congrats to Spain!!!

I'm not surprised at the positive buzz for Brothers. IMHO, James Sheridan is just a fantastic director, and he put together an amazing cast.

shondra said...

Not surprised about the buzz on Brothers either, I can't wait for this film!

Re: J&R in the UK: They are there for a little R&R since Pop is in pre-production, not filming. He may have been in some meetings/costume fittings for the 1st few days but once Reese arrived it was vacation time IMO.

He needs it, I figured he will need about a month of rest before Pop starts filming in Morocco in July, I think he plans to make the UK his home base this summer while filming because it's easier to fly back and forth from the UK to Morocco than L.A.

I read that Ryan has a flat in London and he spent time there last summer, so if Notting Hill rumors are true than the Hello story was possibly true.

agent_krycek said...

It might well just be a bit of R&R for them right now, they may not even still be in England - this weekend they probably got lucky as most of the press seemed to be up at Glastonbury watching Amy Winehouse try and beat up the audience.

If they are still here and on vacation a little trip to Wimbledon can be highly recommended :D

gabbana said...

Congrats to Spain - a worthy winner team!

I am relieved reading that "Brothers" is getting a bit buzz......

From an IMDB user:

"I just saw the movie and his (Jakes) role was pretty important. I guess the older brother and the wife have the two biggest roles, which are about equal, and Jake's role is only a tiny bit smaller"

Obviously Jake and Reese are enjoying some holidays without being harrassed by the paps, like last year when they spend some days in Paris.

agent_krycek said...

Oh yes, forgot - Congratulations Spain, magnificent victory, well deserved, fab match last night - Spain showed how 'The Beautiful Game' should be played :D

Anonymous said...

I think we will definitely see them at Wimbledon at some point. I'm not so sure if Jake is actually resting. The "green screen" shooting was supposed to be done in London, and that's what he might be doing, along with fittings, and all the rest.

I've read that it can be a particularly difficult aspect for actors when they have to do that green screen filming, and they must concentrate fiercely for it, too. I'd imagine it is both physically arduous and mentally challenging.

I think Jake's PoP character will be a very powerful character. It will probably stun audiences. His physical aspects will be extremely riveting.

bobbyanna said...

"His physical aspects will be extremely riveting."

Uh...yeah. ;)

Anonymous said...

The buzz is building for the TDK:

I plan on seeing it the day it opens. I saw several people around town wearing t-shirts with the Joker/Heath image on them.

extra said...

Thanks for the link anon.
Here are some video clips from the TDK:

sass said...

Two comments for my fellow sales for TDK going fast, I think here in NYC, 0300 showtime added...and it's all good.

Following post from ONTD: Gemma Arterton, the new gggorgeous Bond Girl will soon appear with Jake in POP.

Daniel Craig makes out with Jake's POP's Miss Gemma Arterton

UltraViolet said...

Thats a cool shot, Sass. Dare we hope for a similarly sexy one from PoP?

Just watching the Wimbledon results - are you rooting for Murray now that Roddick's out, Agent K? I'm a Federer girl through and through.

A little bit of PoP news from this unlikely source - a wedding report:

And just in case anybody was wondering about the rush, Pope's been booked for a significant part as both actor and stuntman in the upcoming "Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time," with Jake Gyllenhaal, with production starting in Morocco on Tuesday and not wrapping till the fall.

get real said...

Thanks for the excellent news on the buzz of Brothers. What makes it sound good is that the test screenings are doing well.

So PoP may be heading to Morocco already? Jake and Reese really have been keeping quiet. Good for them although knowing where they were would be nice. :)

I already got my tix for TDK. The news on it is amazing and Heath getting the raves and Oscar buzz. It will be hard to watch him but also mesmerizing if the clips I have seen indicate. He really is brilliant as the Joker.

Still loving these b&w's...sigh...swoon...

Erin said...

Hey all!!!!!whats new

If Morocco starts tomorrow, I wonder if Reese is going to.
Maybe Reese and Jake already in Morocco

chica said...

I got my tickets for TDK too, get real. The buzz has been amazing I can't wait.

Thanks for the link sass, Gemma is gorgeous! If that site is right UV, then filming in Morocco was bumped up!Thanks for the link.

Monica said...

Hello, babblers!

A congratulations to the Spanish victory in the Euro!

In my Wimbledon crowd is with the talented and beautiful Rafael Nadal!

Yesterday I started to play the POP-Sands of Time and I can say that the game is very good. I hope that the film is the same way or even better!

I am so happy to see that are beginning to appear on news Brothers. And with praise, which is great!

Another thing I have left is happy to praise the film Batman TDK and Heath Ledger. He deserves!
Interview with Maggie:

Maggie Gyllenhaal

FluorescentLamp said...

UltraViolet said...

Thats a cool shot, Sass. Dare we hope for a similarly sexy one from PoP?

Oh yeah, I'd love to see that, too. Except reverse it please.

paula said...

That picture of Daniel Craig and Gemma is smoking hot sass!!!

extra said...

If this comment is true, then the kids are in Notting Hill with Jake and Reese:

She came to dine at the Ledbury restaurant in Notting Hill with Jake Gyllenhaal and her two children on Sunday! Along with another family, probably her agent or something. She looks B-E-A-UTIFUL! Really natural.
Couldn't beleive to see them like that!

- Sheroz, London

Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UltraViolet said...

Ooh, great find, extra - thanks. I can't believe they've eluded any and all paps. Good for them.

She said grumbling.

FluorescentLamp said...

Here's the link -


It's the first comment that mentions Jake, Reese and children at the restaurant.

suvee said...

Finally...... a J & R sighting. Extra, thank you so much for finding this!

I'm amazed they have been able to "disappear" in London so easily...... wouldn't have thought it possible once word got out they were likely in NH.

Erin said...

Ryan and Abbie shopping

someone help me with the link

thanks :)

FluorescentLamp said...

Erin, if people really want to check out Ryan and Abbie, they can either go to X17 themselves or you will have to learn how to hyperlink yourself.

IOW, I'm not going out of my way to make a link for two people who don't have anything to do with this blog.

Anonymous said...

That restaurant looks very posh!
Real linens.

agent_krycek said...

So they do seem to be here, fabulous, hope they're enjoying the beautiful weather *ignores the fact it's going to pour down tomorrow*

And has a half Scottish Brit, can I just yell *GO MURRAY* Still in a complete stake of shock over what happened last night :D

Anonymous said...

This site is called gyllenbabble but lately its been feeling more like ryanbabble. Why is there so much talk about this guy. Aren't most topics in this community supposed to be things that directly relate back to jake. You know ryan does have sites dedicated to him if I wanted to look up what he was doing or where he is going with his girlfriend I could easily look it up somewhere else. When he's with the kids I can kind of understand all the chatter here, but when he's alone and doing his own thing why do we need to focus on it. I come here so that I can get away from the haters and from hearing about ryan. I don't think that there has been a thread yet that dosen't mention him and I find that kind of strange since nobody on here ever brings up jakes old girlfriends. Most of them are famous and still around and yet not a single word about them no kirsten, natalie or even selma. I wanna know what the three of them are doing where there at what movies they are making. Seems like its a bit of a double standard if you ask me. And what about jakes own sister there is very little mention of her, with TDK coming out there seems to be slightly more chatter but still. I guess I'll just have to learn to skip all the post that deal with ryan problem is thats almost every other post. Better yet maybe I'll just stick to the front page and focus on all the lovely pictures of jake.
Color me confused

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll just have to learn to skip all the post that deal with ryan problem is thats almost every other post.

Thats what I do anon.

extra said...

Thanks for linking FL! Yes the whole family is there, and I'm glad they seem to avoiding the paps over there.

sass said...

Morning babblers,
Insomnia rocks:lol NOT!
But it is Wonderful to know that our Jake is having fun in London with Reese and the foodie and will link the restaurant here for us.

Jake Reese and the kiddos dined here...The UK Rocks

agent_krycek said...

Didn't click at the time, but me and the OH have eaten there - it's gorgeous, really nice food and if it was a bit more gettable to for us (would take more then an hour by public transport) we'd have eaten there loads more - excellent restaurant

enigma said...

"Why is there so much talk about this guy."

I don't know either. I have to say I could do without the Ryan/Abbie updates too.

I'm glad Reese/Jake have gotten so much peace lately. I hope they're enjoying their time in England.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad they were able to get the kids out and on vacation with no drama at the airport! That last time had to really upset those kids, when they returned from Mexico and were swarmed walking thru LAX! Hope they are having a very fun experience in London. Sounds like they're among friends. Doesn't Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes stay there? Maybe they are together?

agent_krycek said...

All ready for my weekly National Enquirer update - get those lorry loads of salt ready.

Apparently, Reese is currently searching for the ideal wedding location, and has been spotted at the Hotel Bel-Air twice, once (I presume very loudly) enquiring about getting married by Swan Lake - the next looking at colour swatches (presumably in the middle of the lobby ;) )

shondra said...

Swan Lake? The wedding resort in Indiana?? I wonder where they saw her at the Hotel Bel Air, could it be those pap pics a few weeks back, LOL!!!

I bet the person that wrote that got married by Swan Lake!

Good to see that they are enjoyng some R&R in peace.

agent_krycek said...

Mind you, if it was true I bet they won't be getting married there now :D

*Emails J&R a list of suitable venues in the UK - all strangely close to where I live ;-) *

bobbyanna said...

I picture a Vineyard wedding. Or a wedding at the ranch in Ojai. Something private, personal and romantic. And very much a family oriented affair. They might sit for formal portraits like any traditional couple, but there won't be a candid photospread in a magazine from the wedding, itself. That's my speculation, anyway. when they have so many choices, I can't imagine why they'd pick some hotel in LA!

Narcissa said...

Reese loudly talking about weddings in the Bel-Air Hotel sounds as likely a sighting as the one of Jake in Manhattan a few days ago. Rub - bish.

They have totally got their security sorted out after the LAX uproar. I am so glad!

Who is the "Selma" Jake is mentioned as having dated?

xxMariexx said...

Narcissa, Jake supposedly dated Selma Blair. I know that they are friends, but I'm not sure if they did date or not. It’s a mystery. Selma is also a dear friend of Reese's, and they were in Cruel Intentions and Legally Blonde together. J &R seem to have a lot of the same friends/ are in the same social circles.

Anonymous said...

He also dated singer Jenny Lewis before Kristen. Not sure about Selma but he did date Natalie, no not in '06 but before Jenny Lewis, must have been around the time he was at Columbia. And if you believe the gossip Chelsea Clinton for a bit and model Jamie King for a bit as well.

I have no interest in anything related to Ryan here, he has his own sites. Reese is part of Jake's life, so yeah there is interest, but if someone posted anything about the above women I would object as well.

Yeah, they got smart after that Mexico/LAX incident. Anybody here familiar with Notting Hill? Are they able to go about w/o being detected by the paps??

Monica said...

This interview is true?

Jake interviewing Selma Blair:

Selma by Jake

UltraViolet said...

Just a note: It's great for everyone to proclaim what they are or are not interested in hearing about, but you have to go with the flow a little. Especially in Jake-news droughts, topics might travel a little off point.

To the wordy anon with the Ryan objections, if you'd bothered to read FL's post just two before yours, you'd have seen that she made the same point as you, except she did it in two sentences instead of 100.

Oh, wait, I shouldn't exaggerate. Should I?

Next time you decide to enlighten us with your wish list/critique of the blog, why don't you try signing in with a name. You might not have learned this growing up in AnonTown, but it's considered impolite to drop by unannounced, bringing nothing but criticism of your hosts and fellow guests.

As you mentioned, there ARE other sites out there. I have a few suggestions on where you could go, but I don't want to be rude.

xxMariexx said...

He denied dating Natalie Portman though, but I’ve always thought they looked like they could be dating, so who knows? Never heard the Jamie King rumor, but he definitely did date Jenny and of course Kristin. And I think it’s really cool that he’s friends with Chelsea, and may have dated her. I like that he’d rather date intelligent women than bimbos. I remember reading something about Jake being drunk and supposedly telling everyone he slept with Chelsea, but that doesn’t really sound like Jake to me.

And Monica, I’m pretty sure the interview is real. It’s pretty funny actually. They seem to get along great.

Anonymous said...

Oh please - if true, the Vineyard or the ranch in Ojai would be gorgeous for a wedding.

UltraViolet said...

Welcome, xxMariexx. Nice to see you here :)

I agree that the story with drunk!Jake bragging about Chelsea is probably not true. I also agree that it's great that he prefers women of substance.

Emails J&R a list of suitable venues in the UK - all strangely close to where I live

Odd, that, Agent K! Just a pure coincidence, I'm sure ;)

Anonymous said...

He denied dating Natalie in '06 but if the interviewer knew that they dated around '99, they would have bought it up. Nat and Jake were barely on the radar then. Their familes sorta tried to get them together, she was a bit too serious for Jacob, she was determined to finish Harvard and did and Jake and Columbia, well we all know about that!

Interesting that Jenny Lewis was about 5 years older than Jake, just like Reese.

UltraViolet said...

Selma Blair was also in Highway with Jake. Piiilot!!

And that is a fun interview with them.

agent_krycek said...

Odd, that, Agent K! Just a pure coincidence, I'm sure ;)

Sheer and utter ;-)

Re: Notting Hill - they should be able to wander about pretty undisturbed, quite a lot of celebs live in the area and although you'll get the odd picture popping up in the press it's not a pap stakeout spot - that's more going to be outside somewhere like The Ivy. Especially as they are flying so well under the radar, it's people like Amy Winehouse who have them camped on their doorstep all the time.

bobbyanna said...

I remember reading about young Jake and Anna Pacquin and Jake and Jenna Malone,too. Then briefly,there was Jake with Mia Maestro just before Reese. Mia was close to Salma Hayek and they hung out in the same social group, back when Penelope Cruz was seeing Orlando Bloom. I think single Jake was really a very busy guy!;)

Yes, Anon, I think 1999 is a good guess for Jake and Natalie.
There's a set of paparazzi pictures of younger Jake and Natalie, looking like they were having a spat, both looking unhappy and he was hailing a cab in NYC. I'd guess this was around the tme they were abut 19-20.

Anonymous said...

I've seen pictures of young Natalie with Maggie, Jake's sister, too. I think Natalie is "family" more then anything else.
Reese is no stranger to England. Didn't she do a film with Colin Firth and Rupert Everett a while ago? The Importance of Being Ernest? I'mremembering Vanity Fair with James (sigh) Purefoy and Gabriel Byrne. I really liked Vanity Fair and was disappointed it didn't get well reviewed.

Anonymous said...

This site says that Jake will be attending the NY premeire of the TDK on July 14 in NY as a guest of Maggie:

Don't know if it's true becasue of the ? of when Pop is exactly going to start filming in Morocco but you would think that Maggie would bring Peter as her guest.

I don't know, the press will be asking for him to comment about Heath and i'm don't know if he's ready or if that's the appropriate venue.

Erin said...

Report was Morocco filming started this week
I wonder if Reese went with him

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope it's true that he's going to attend the TDK premiere. He doesn't have to speak to the press if he doesn't want to, nor make a statement at all. Just his being there speaks volumes. The press can be told that he won't be commenting, unless he wants to. :)

sallykirkland said...

I'm certain there will be some kind of hoopla for TDK in the UK as well. Somehow, I will be extremely surprised if Jake and Reese are there, either way. Doubtful, IMHO.

I'd bet Jake is grateful to have PoP to concentrate on right now. I love that Reese and the children are with him to support him.

I watched Maggie talk in a video clip, about Heath and the movie, with obvious difficulty. I think both Gyllenhaals were very close to Heath and this is a very hard time.

It is heartbreaking to lose a close friend so unexpectedly,such a gifted artist, with so much to look forward to. The saddest thing is that Heath cannot be here to appreciate how well received his work is.

I think, for once, Heath would have been happy, enjoying all this,instead of being nervous, bcz he seemed to enjoy creating the Joker so much.

Kevin Smith has said this Batman TDK, is an epic in every sense of the word, a Godfather II in its genre. So is it even conceivable Heath can look to possibly emulate two Brits? Peter Finch and Sir Anthony Hopkins?

Finch won an Oscar posthumously, for his role as Howard Beal in Network, and Sir Anthony won for playing the monstrous Hannibal Lecter.

gabbana said...

Jake at TDK premiere

OK. I tried the direct link for the first time. Hope it works.

It would be great seeing Jake there - perhaps with Reese, Maggie & Peter, but I am not sure about his PoP schedules.

sass said...

Afternoon babblers, It worked gabanna...TY:)

If Jake would attend the premier of TDK it would be splendid but I have my doubts...we'll see.

I don't understand why we can't drift along and discuss all things Jake cheers me up and it's causing no harm to anyone.

I googled David Pope again for a pic and found one with his new wife Joy Bryant. He is a stuntman and should have mucho fun on POP's set.

He looks a bit thin to be a stuntman for Jake, you think?

David Pope stuntman off to Morocco for POP

bobbyanna said...

I'd love to see Jake there to support Maggie, but I don't really expect it at all. I would love to see all of Heath's friends there, like Orlando, Joaquin Phoenix, Ben Harper and Laura Dern, Martin Henderson, Cate B. and Todd Haynes, Naomi Watts and Liev, Mark Addy, Rufus Sewell, Ellen and Portia,and tons more I don't even pretend to know about, but it isn't likely.

Altho, I think the one that would really move me most, would be if Ang Lee just showed up as someone's guest. That would be very sweet. This should be a time of celebration and great excitement. I can watch the trailers, no problem. It's the interviews with cast that are real hard. I keep waiting for Heath's interviews, how he would have enjoyed hanging out with Christian and Maggie and Michael Caine and the rest of the cast! It's a really fine cast. Good people. This just feels wrong. As if the universe were all out of sync.
Sorry. I'm having some "moments" the closer we get.

gabbana said...

Thanks, Sass, so many interesting, talented people working on PoP...and I am sure Jake will convince all doubters...

We all talked about Jake on broadway, now Peter is the one...

Peter on broadway

chica said...

I would love if Jake attended the premiere of TDK with Maggie. He could always avoid the Red carpet and still be there for support.

Peter on B'way, YAY!!!!He did a play off-broadway last year.

Narcissa said...

FWIW, I hope he doesn't go. It's nothing to do with him and the shadow of TomKat hijacking the BB premiere still looms over the franchise. I hope the premiere is dignified and seemly, which I'm sure it will be.

Neither Jake nor Maggie are at the stages of their careers where they need family support.

brothers spy said...

Good to be back after a nice long weekend. I hope I didn't miss very much.

I completely agree with narcissa. Jake would be a distraction at the TDK premiere and definitely shouldn't go.

I already get the whiff of people using Heath's death to gather publicity for the film. Tell me honestly, if Heath hadn't died would there still be as much emphasis on The Joker as there would have been if he were still alive? Would there be any hint of Oscar talk?

I'm not ready to call it exploitation yet, but it's coming close.

As for Jake, I seriously doubt he'll go either way. I'm pretty sure he'll be filming then.

Anonymous said...

I think Heath is going to be so good that even if the Pope showed up, it wouldn't take the focus off Heath's performance. I think it is very appropriate and desirable for Jake to go, to pay tribute.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

In my opinion the reference to the Oscar is not connected to his death, but for what he did in the movie.

The journalists who have spoken this is not the celebrity gossip. They are those who believe in cinema.

It would be inevitable talk of the film without touching on behalf of Heath.

But you must have a limit on it.

I also think that Jake will not the premiere. Neither I want him go.
But I want to know any sighting of him in a cinema watching TDK.

get real said...

I doubt Jake will go but even if he did he could go to the screening and avoid the red carpet. Maggie did that for the Palm Springs award show that Jake got an award at. They should still be able to go and support each other if they want, while being low key. No one considered Maggie a distraction during all the BBM stuff. If Maggie got nominated for an Oscar should Jake not go?

Either way I don't think it would take away from Heath's work in the film or the premiere. That being said, I don't think he will be going.

UltraViolet said...

Another account of Jake and Reese at Portobello on Saturday:

Guess who i saw on saturday at portobello?




J (sister's friend) and i were sitting and waiting for her to emerge from the loo when i saw two VERY familiar faces walk past the cafe we were in - giveaway: jake's hoodie + aviators and reese's black hat + short crop. i had just seen a picture of her wearing the same black hat over her newly cropped do a few days ago on, which was a crucial factor in their identification. i couldn't even speak. i just grabbed J's arm and started jumping up and down excitedly, wildly pointing at the window. okay i think i might have yelled, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I JUST SAW!?!!??" again and again, while J stared at me wordlessly. there were other people inside the cafe at this time, and i am without doubt that they thought i was insane.

She goes on to describe her failed attempt to take a picture.

Monica said...

Jake & Reese in Portobello?

Portobello sighting

Monica said...

Sorry, UV!!

delete my post!

get real said...

Another London sighting!!!! I can't believe there has not been one pap shot! Wish this girl had gotten some good pics! ;p Thanks for the link, UV and Monica.

FluorescentLamp said...

The HOODIE!!!!

Oh yeah, there's some funky stuff going on under there. Oh yeah.

get real said...

LOL, FL. Probably some very funky hair goin' on under that hoodie! ;)

FluorescentLamp said...

Okay theory time.

Either he really and truly hates how he looks with long hair, i.e., extensions, or

Disney and Bruckheimer want him to keep his Dastan look hidden until the obligatory on-set photos get leaked. No sense in letting out the big reveal if he's not started shooting yet.

suvee said...

Okay, all these Jake w/ hoodie sightings are NOT calming my fears about his PoP hair. Is he hiding it to keep Dastan's look "secret"..... or is he hiding under the hoodie 'cause his hair style is awful and embarrassing? I need to be reassured..... I want to see a no hoodie Jake pic asap! :)

Agent K, I look forward to your National Enquirer updates...... always entertaining!

My money is still on MV for the wedding, with the Ojai ranch a close second. I just think the privacy of MV could be the deciding factor..... unless of course, they want a winter wedding. I'm assuming MV in the winter might not be an ideal wedding destination. FL would know, I bet.

FluorescentLamp said...

Brrr, Martha's Vineyard in the winter...brrr.

However, Ojai in the winter - or the fall even - sounds lovely. Right in front of one of the two massive fireplaces. Then repair outside to the grounds for the party. :-)

UltraViolet said...

Martha's Vineyard in the fall would be nice, though. Really beautiful.

We need to know what the hoodie/hair situation was at Ledbury. I can't imagine him keeping the hoodie up all through the meal.

As always, we need more details!

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh, you know, suvee, this place works, too! ;-)

I'm not picky.

suvee said...

Great minds think alike, FL :)

More than once this past week, I have wondered if J & R would be tempted to marry while in England (where, apparently, no paps can find them!). St. Peter's Church would do nicely, IMO.

bobbyanna said...

"Either he really and truly hates how he looks with long hair i.e., extensions, or Disney and Bruckheimer want him to keep his Dastan look hidden..."

I think it might be the former rather then the latter, FL. I would love to know if he ate dinner with his hoodie on! ;)

Anonymous said...

Isn't St. Peter's a Catholic church? Where Reese is a divorcee, she wouldn't be able to get married there, unless they bought a member of the clergy off and got an annulment.

UltraViolet said...

Why so serious, anon? I'm pretty sure this speculation is merely for fun, not for actual wedding planning purposes.

Unless Jake wants to give us a call...

sheba baby said...

Another sighting and she was so close to getting a picture!

I think it's the 2nd FL, Disney wants his "look" kept under wraps.

I'll go for a Ojai wedding!

Bette said...

I agree with Sheba on this one. I'm going with an Ojai wedding for 200, and keeping his hair under wraps until he is actually on set.

enigma said...

Another link, Jenny Lewis was in Pleasantville with Reese.

agent_krycek said...

More than once this past week, I have wondered if J & R would be tempted to marry while in England (where, apparently, no paps can find them!). St. Peter's Church would do nicely, IMO.

But White Hart Lane, the home of the mighty Tottenham Hotspurs would be even better :D ,or indeed where, for some bizzare reason my Mum and Dad married, one of the top places to marry for celebs in the 1950s, if they couldn't get a cathedral they got married here (sorry, have no idea how to do links but hopefully this one isn't too long) ) My Ma and Pa have the best wedding photos.

It's a complete sod that I was in Portobello Road the same day as J&R and completely missed them, but I cheer myself up by asking did Reese manage to buy as awesome a jacket as I did :p


Lemon said...

*sigh* my internet crapped out last night in the middle of my posting. So I'll try again

Oh by the way, I watched a bit of City Slickers on the tele last night and who should I see but a wee Jake. I had an "aww" moment, I'll admit.

Anyway, I reckon Jake's absence from the media ties in with his unwillingness to take of a hoodie. He's probably in hiding to keep his new look under-wraps at the order of Disney. I can't imagine it would look bad, I mean this is Disney's next big movie.

Out of curiosity of the wedding talk, how long have Jake and Reese been dating now? (The thought of Mrs. Gyllenhaal/Mr. Reese is just so adorable)

Bette said...

Let's see rumors surfaced March of last year, but if you believe the gossip rags, he became interested in her, started courting her around December of 2006. So conservatively, about 15 months? But some believe they may have been dating in late December which would make it nearly 18 months together. I tend to believe there was a happy medium, some time off between his filming of Rendition. Enough time to hop on a flight home to ask her on a proper first date somewhere in between December and March.

agent_krycek said...

Okay, if we're going non Catholic, I can highly recommend Enfield Town Registry office, if you can overlook the busy high street with crowds, the smell of fish from the fishmongers just down the road, the bus garage and pub directly opposite, it does have a lovely carriage driveway and a nice bit of green outside with a stream and rather lovely tree for photographs (plus is fairly close to me - obviously :P )

I'm dying to see the Dastan hair now, although I am having slightly unsettling thought about Jake sporting a ponytail :0

sallykirkland said...

Altho I absolutely hate the thought of not seeing Jake for weeks, I can understand that he might want to "disappear" into his character, quite literally.

I have always had a notion about Jake being a very contemporary actor. I couldn't really see him in films as a character going beyond, say, the 19th century.
The period when stories like Age of Innocence and The Heiress took place.

I think, in order to change that perception and not see him as "Jake" he'd almost have to separate, in a more immediate and deliberate way, who he is in real life, from this character, Dastan.
He is getting very deeply into the character, is my surmise.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I agree sally, and the fact that a lot of fanboys rushed out and did up a mock Pop poster right after it was announced shows that Disney would like to keep things under wraps, at least until filming actually starts.

PS: I have a feeling that a blogger will get a snap of those two before the paps due, and i think thats one of the reasons he/they decided to stay in the UK during filming there and Morocco.

Erin said...

I kind of thought, He and Reese/the kids were spending some private bonding time in London.
Just taking some low-key time for themselves

Anonymous said...

Portabello Road, the market, Sunday visit to a fine restaurant, I cannot believe people have no camera phones. Are people crazy?
I certainly hope they don't think they can hide Jake until September or something! That would be impossible...wouldn't it?

josie said...

I have a feeling their undercover time in Notting Hill will be uncovered soon enough, especially now that it seems that the Hello story was right and they will be in the area for few months at least unles things chnage plus the kids appear to be with them.

I assume the nanny has flown over a well so that they can go out w/o trying to find a babysitter.

PS: The description of him in a hoodie, bloggers are giving away his disguise! He may have to resort to wearing a Groucho Marx nose/glasses!

smile said...

Guess they will be seen next visiting London zoo, which has quite some reputation, if the kids are with them.

This is the best time in Central Europe to do some sight-seeing, shopping, relaxing and what not.

Wanted to say that since I had a bit of time, I did some surfing the net and GyllenBabble has acquired some reputation.
Beloved with the fans, and hated by others ;).

Hope you all have a swell day!

OT: Hope you are well Sass, and everything works out.

And Bobbyanna, I can relate with everything, and I mean everything you ever said and felt about Heath.
I just honestly never found the right words and I won´t start trying to now.

FluorescentLamp said...

smile said. . . I did some surfing the net and GyllenBabble has acquired some reputation.
Beloved with the fans, and hated by others ;).

w00t! Go us! Thanks for that, smile. :-)

Erin said...

Quote Of The Date: Jake Gyllenhaal Remembers Kissing Heath Ledger

“What made me most courageous was that I realized I had to try to let go of that stereotype I had in my mind, that bit of homophobia, and try for a second to be vulnerable and sensitive. It was f**kin’ hard, man. I succeeded only for milliseconds.”—Jake Gyllenhaal on his love scenes with Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain

UltraViolet said...

New post.