Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Godfather?

Since his name keeps popping up in Jakeland, we have a Robert Elswit-themed post today. On Sunday night, Jake's godfather won the NY Film Critic's 2007 cinematography prize for There Will Be Blood. Maggie presented the award:

“I’ve known Robert Elswit since I was a little girl”, Gyllenhaal told the crowd at Spotlight Live. “My mom reminded me last night that he snuck into the delivery room and hid in a closet to take pictures of my brother being born.” So those would be the first naked photos of Jake Gyllenhaal.

Thus leading Gyllenhaalics everywhere to exclaim, "Where are the other nude photos then?"

Apparently, Jake approved of the photos, because in 2006, he accepted an award for Elswit from the LA Film Critics Association for "Good Night, And Good Luck."

Elswit appears to be the Gyllenhaal photographer of family record - he took this photo of Jake and Stephen looking at the first galleys for Claptrap, Stephen's first book of poetry.

Both Jake and Robert Elswit were nominated for Academy Awards in the same year, which is a pretty cool twist of fate. And it looks like they got to stand next to each other in the Oscar 2005 class picture*:

I can't imagine how proud I would be if someday I were nominated for an award at the same time as one of my godchildren.

A reminder that the director's cut of Zodiac was released today. Looking forward to watching the movie again and especially to the Jake/RDJ commentary. Of course, the amazing Stephanie at IHJ has already capped at least one of the features.

Nice angle!

(Photos courtesy of Jakewatch, CantaraBooks, WireImage and IHJ)

*Elswit is on Jake's left.


UV posting as Lawgoddess said...

Sorry, LG, I had to delete the post and repost, and your comment was deleted. But I saved it first:

Back to yesterday's post, I spend a lot of time cooing over Jake and Reese.:)

Love the " you" remark from The Star. I'll pretend it's true even if it's not.

I held out for the deluxe edition of Zodiac, so I'll be buying that this week.

One thing I really like about Jake is he is solidly grounded with family and friends. I always liked the fact that he stuck by Austin and Chris when it would have been less hassle to not go out in public with them, in light of internet gossip.

Jake knows who he is, and that makes him even more compelling. B.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I forgot to say that ITA, Barbara. That Star blurb really made me smile. And I am choosing to believe that one :)

I remember an interview where Jake said something about friendship, and how he valued his friends and was determined not to neglect them. It seemed as if he might have done that at some point, as we all do.

But as you say, Jake does know who he is and who his friends are, and he seems very loyal.

get real said...

UV, thank you for this post! I did not know Jake and Elswit where next to each other at the Oscars lunchean. How awesome! And I do love the story Maggie told about the baby!Jake pictures. Yes, that is the wonderful picture of Jake and Stephen that is so beautiful. Jake is very lucky to have such creative people in his life. I am sure he is greatful for their influence. And who could be better than a great cinematographer taking pictures of your important moments.

Btw, Elswit is on Jake's right in the Oscar photo, not on his left. :) You can compare Elswit's pic from Getty Images from the event Maggie presented him in NYC.

I smiled at the Star J/R story too true or not!

Got the Zodiac DVD...woohoo!! Will be watching it very soon.

There is a new pic of Jake and him mom unfortunately it comes from Perez but I am sure IHJ will have the set up. Jake and Naomi at Joan's On Third.

sass said...

Hi again UV,
Fun post. I didn't know Jake's godfather was next to him in the Oscar luncheon photo graph.
TY again:)

How fantastic and fun it must be, to stand next to a family member, who has also been chosen for a prestigious award. It wonderful for both of them and for all Gyllenhaalics.

I like that Jake chose to keep his friends, especially his male friends close, even though some of his friends, might have wanted to leave the building, what with innuendo, rumor, and lies printed about which one of his best friends might be his lover.

I like that he chose to live his life, as he always has, with his supportive family and friends, until the love bug struck, perhaps in 2006, and then he chose to act responsibly and not pursue his new love. until the relationship could be legally and properly attended to, perhaps by late 2007. *grin*

Jake, continues to live a full, active, caring, responsible life.

Yes, he's a mensch:)

get real said...

Wonderfully said, Sass! I agree. :)

UltraViolet said...

Hey sass - it's due to you that I wondered if we could spot Elswit. You posted his photo the other day so I had something to compare.

Get real, I know my brain is getting old, but Elswit is on Jake's left and the viewer's right, no?

Am I losing it? :)

get real said...

No, UV you are not losing it, I am, lol. Yes he is on Jake's left but from our view he is on Jake's right. So you are correct and I should have used my brain. Plus, RE is next to another one of my fave actors, Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

sass said...

I know we're all about Zodiac cause we love Jake, but I'm listening to the soundtrack from There Will Be Blood and loving every note of every song. And since Jake is related by GF to TWBB, it's not a stretch to include it...

It's one of the most original Soundtrack's I've ever heard . I had to have it after I saw the movie. Imagine asking Jake's Godfather questions how he shot TWBB. *ded*

Damn, Listen up AMPAS, more Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead please or Gustavo Santaolalla; lets leave the violins alone for a while please.

Daniel Day Lewis was wonderful on the Critics Choice Awards last night.
I hate to complain, but now that the maintenance people are finished with my apt door and heater I can go get my Zodiac DVD!

suvee said...

Love that photo of Jake and Stephen. Thanks, UV! I think it was Stephen's publisher that said about jake, "He is his father's son." That picture brings that to mind.

The Star story was so sweet..... but I am totally confused. When was Reese in NM? We know Jake was with her in SF around 12/6-8. So, did she make a quick trip to NM before his bd? Inquiring minds want to know. : )

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh! In case anyone is interested I found the complete Naomi LA Times interview I referred to in my 12/27/07 post (of which I could only find an abstract online) while clicking around the CantaraBooks website.

Now That The Kids Are Grown

Things I've read about the senior Gyllenhaals on various sites through the months seem to make a lot more sense since I've read this complete interview.

A good read.

bobbyanna said...

Great post, UV! Looking at the "class picture" brought back lots of memories. And I found Reese in the lower right hand (left hand?)section. Almost unrecognizeable with her hair pulled back, looking kind of pale.

Thanks, get real, for the picture of Jake and Naomi from perezhilton. While I find perez sort of disgusting (!) I have to give him props for being the first to break the Jake/Reese dating news lonnnnng ago! People dismissed it and it just sat there for weeks and then, "boom!" Naomi looks good. Looks like she's lost more weight and her hair is a bit longer.

Felicia, thanks SO much for the profile/interview of Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal. I adore this woman! She is my role model. LOL!!

I hope someday she will decide to write a story about her life experiences.I think she has some fascinating stories to tell. I was intrigued by what she left out of the interview as much as for what was in it.

When I saw Bee Season, I couldn't help but wonder if Naomi saw a little bit of Jake in the character of the son in that family.

I love stopping by here! Sass, you rock!BTW, the same STAR magazine that had the "You!" blurb about J&R, also had a blurb about the problems and rivalry and troubles of Jake and Toby not getting along on the set of Brothers. How competitive they are, buying gifts for the cast and crew of the movie...hilarious crap!

JP said...

Hey I wanted to bring up something that was being talked about on the last thread. I want to address the issue of whether filming for Brothers has wrapped in New Mexico.

I was re-reading an old article announcing the filming of Brothers in New Mexico (dated from back in November) and it stated that the film would shoot in: Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Las Vegas (NM), Abiquiu and Glorietta. Well it occurs to me that they have already filmed in ALL of these cities.

Second, that article coming from the National Enquirer makes it seem as if they were done filming in New Mexico since they mention both Jake and Tobey buying presents for the crew. I know it's the National Enquirer, but if you add the fact that 1) they have already filmed in all of cities in NM designated for filming; 2) the fact that Tobey and Jake ARE BOTH still in LA; 3) that Natalie was seen at LAX on December 26th or 27th when she and her family live in NYC; 4) earlier reports that filming would resume on December 26th; 5) this report by the National Enquirer attributing parting gifts for the crew from Jake and Tobey...

I think it points to them having left New Mexico and finishing the film in Los Angeles.

What do you guys think?

suvee said...

thanks, FL, for finding and posting the complete Naomi interview. I enjoyed it so much, and really appreciate you sharing it with us!

sass said...

Hi FL and UV,
The Cantara interviews are frighteningly--to me--revealing, thoughtful and totally honest. Thanks for sharing them with us.

I think wrap gifts were exchanged. Therefore, if true, Brothers should go into post production in two to three weeks. What I want to know is will that phase take an entire year? I sure hope not!

I'm not happy. arrgh!
MY Best Buy, didn't have one copy of Zodiac. None. NO NOT ONE!
The DVD was stocked in HD DVD only, and not many copies in that format. No copies were available in regular format.

The clerks had no idea the movie was out today, they didn't know when they would get copies in, nor did they know what the movie was about or why they didn't have it in stock.
I could spit nails.

Is David Fincher being snubbed by his peers?
see below for Directors Guild Nominations.

Director's Guild announces picks for feature film director

UltraViolet said...

Sass, you amaze me. You're always listening to or reading something new, and you've seen all the hot movies. I congratulated myself the other day for reading the Globe AND the NYTimes in the same day.

Get real, glad to know that we're both on the same side now ;)

The Star story was so sweet..... but I am totally confused. When was Reese in NM?

Suvee, there was an unconfirmed sighting of Reese on the Brothers set on Jake's birthday. So she seems to have gone in and out unnoticed. Except by Jake, of course.

FYI - Reese won the People's Choice for Favorite Female Movie Star.

If there had been a real ceremony, I wonder if Jake would have accompanied her??

UltraViolet said...

FL, that Naomi article/interview was a great read. I have to reread it again to absorb it all. She was pretty honest about some things, which of course made me want to know more. Must remember that whole privacy thing!

And Bobbyanna, ITA - I'd love to read Naomi's autobiography. I should rent Bee Season. Did you enjoy it?

And JP, I agree that filming must have relocated to Los Angeles. I'm not sure why, since they were supposed to be in NM until the end of the month. I guess well see.

agent_krycek said...

Lovely post yet again, I shall have to return to read the Naomi piece when big boss man is out.

With regards to filming of Brothers - having seen the original, the Ray Prewit story about him being in his boxers (hopefully this isn't considered a spoiler, but if it is stop reading now!) is definately an interior shot, so I think that actual filming might be done, and it's just post-production stuff being done.

Zodiac, hopefully on Saturday, my OH was a good boy over Christmas and provided the necessary vouchers to purchase :D

It's very wrong of me, but I'm slightly annoyed at the WGA as they've denied me a potential R&J red carpet experience at the Globes - I am suitably ashamed, honest.

Memo to J&Rs PR people, some new photos to coo over would be nice ;)

Anonymous said...

Great post yet again GB, loved reading it and all the comments, sass you always make such good sense (if you know what I mean), and AK don't be ashamed I would have loved to see them on the red carpet and some new pictures to coo over would be nice.

bobbyanna said...

I have no reason to say other than how the two of them have conducted their relationship so far. But I am not expecting them to parade down any red carpets any time soon. I think they are determined to have their personal lives remain private for a while longer.

If Reese...or Jake get nominated for an important award, then I think it will be different. And Oscar, a Golden Globe, BAFTA, SAG, those might be such a special occasion they might do it. But if one or both of them are just presenters, I don't think so. I think it will be more like it was at TIFF or in Rome. Of course, I am waiting for the next Vanity Fair party. No need to whisper in corners!LOL!!!! We might see them walk in there together and stop for pictures. I just think they are doing everything they can to maintain a separation between public duties and private life.

Borders didn't even know Zodiac DC was released!!!! Here, they are selling it a Best Buy, but there is no special display or any promotion.

chica said...

Thanks for the link to Naomi interview, i'm off to read it now. I will be back later, i have so much more to comment on!

agent_krycek said...

You're probably right bobbyanna, however that won't stop me lurking round the Penelope premier in London (presuming we get one) camera in hand ;)

Very interesting interview with Naomi, thanks for posting.

JP said...

I don't think they have finished filming Brothers yet. They've only been filming for five weeks. They also filmed the "bar scene" in NM, both outside and inside.

Maybe they scheduled two or three weeks of "interior shots" (not all of them, but some) in LA and are just finishing it all now. We don't know, but the fact that a) Jake still has his beard; and b) Natalie was in LA over the holidays, when she and her family live on the opposite side of the country suggests that they are not yet done, but filming in LA.

P.S. I'm so glad that PTA got nominated for Best Director and Reese won the Peoples Choice Award.

sheba baby said...

Congratulations to reese for winning the Peoples choice award!!

The strike is definately affecting the upcoming awards. Thanks for all the info on Jake's Godfather, plan on seeing There will be blood this Friday.

And thanks for the link to Naomi's interview what a great read. And btw, she looks fantastic in that new pic with Jake!

UltraViolet said...

According to reports from New Zealand, Jake proposed to Reese on Christmas Eve, with a four-carat, princess-cut diamond.

But, what's this? Could the hunky star of Bubbleboy be rushing down the isle in order to put the kibosh on the ex as soon as possible? NI says that Jake is scared that Ryan Phillippe will come back into Reese's life and steal her away from the Gyllenspoon house.

"Jake loves kids and would like to start a new life with Reese and have more children. He wants to move things along because he's fearful that Ryan will try and insinuate himself back into Reese's life," a source tells the magazine.

They then go on to make a joke about Jake having Heath to fall back on if it doesn't work out.

No idea if any of this is true. But the ring sounds lovely!

Narcissa said...

Reese's popularity is proof that stars don't have to turn themselves into skanky tabloid fodder in order to keep the public's attention.

sass said...

Afternoon everyone,
A 'pox' on Borders and Best Buy.

My son is checking for me today. UV, I'm on disability with time to burn when I'm up to it:)
I don't want to ruin my latest remission. My boy took pity on me after he heard me wail and whine last night, and has just gone off to Virign on 14th street and maybe other stores.

Jake's mom looks great. I understand your feelings about Perez. I have those same feelings, but he's often at least 40% right on when he posts Jake gossip, and he's verifiable through other sources.

Both Perez and one other gossip site, TMZ maybe, I can't remember, reported Jake and Reese tooling down the Freeway last March/April, while another washed up gossip hack continued to perpetuate his two year old unproven fantasy to Jaustin true believers. *snort*

True Beliver syndrome :):)

sass said...

Hey UV:)
I just read your posted wonderful unverifiable gossip. Ain't that what we're all about here? :lol
I love the cut of the diamond and the reported size. Be back soon.

lawgoddess said...

Let's see, Ryan or jake? Let me thnk about it for half a millisecond.

I choose Jake.

And if Reese is half as smart as I think she is, she would too. I think the stuff about Ryan coming back in her life is sheer fantasy.

I thought it was odd when she won the Oscar and Ryan didn't seem pleased for her. She could do better, and apparently she has. :)

Anonymous said...

So what do you think??.


Anonymous said...

Anon 2:54 here, Sorry I forgot to ask if WENN and Hollywood.com are gossip sites.

Narcissa said...

"I have those same feelings, but he's often at least 40% right on when he posts Jake gossip.. "

Welll that's probably 39% more than many others.

"Both Perez and one other gossip site, TMZ maybe, I can't remember, reported Jake and Reese tooling down the Freeway last March/April..."

That may have been Lainey. She's very good on some celebs. Unfortunately she is usually right about Heath. :(

P.S. I think Hollywood.com is an industry site.

UltraViolet said...

Let's see, Ryan or jake? Let me think about it for half a millisecond.

Hee - I don't even need that long, B! Even if Jake and Reese break up, I can't imagine Reese's ever going back to Ryan.

As for hollywood.com, they aren't a reliable source. It's pure gossip, albeit gossip that is spreading pretty fast! It will be interesting to see if either Jake's or Reese's reps comment.

suvee said...

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I would love for these 4 carat engagement ring & Rome proposal accounts to be true. Half of my brain is saying, "You nitwit.... this is totally unverified gossip!" The other half is saying, "Who cares? There's a chance it's true!"

"Let's see, Ryan or jake? Let me thnk about it for half a millisecond." Yeah, there's a tough decision! : )

Even if the ring story is bogus, thanks, UV, for passing it along. You are the undisputed champ at digging up Jake news!

UltraViolet said...

It's hard not to let your imagination run wild with all these stories :)

But we know how reliable these sites are. For example, now the scoop is that it was Vince Vaughn who didn't want to film a love scene for Four Christmases. I never believed the initial reports, so who knows if this is true?

jp said...

That Hollywood.com story screams BULLSHIT! Sorry...lol, but it does. Whenever a tabloid story rehashes a two-month old story (that was itself probably nonsense) then you pretty much know it's fake.

It's because of that diamond ring she was wearing. After all, we all speculated that it might be an engagement ring as well. But the thing about tabloids is that there is apparently a fine line between speculation and the "facts" that they print.

But I guess that'll be the new rumor: Reese and Jake getting married. I guess the obligatory Jake getting it on with Natalie Portman story never happened. But whatever, it's all in fun anyway.

Anonymous said...

From Vince directly in this weeks Parade


what he said about Reese.
"Now you're doing a film with Reese Witherspoon, and there's been a lot of tabloid gossip that you guys have been mad at each other.?"
"I think there were stories that we were clashing on the set. That couldn't be further from the truth. I adore her. She's not only a great actress, she's very funny. We've been having a really good time. You predicted that the press would say that we were dating, but they went the other way and said we're fighting. The two of us get along great."

Both Reese & Vince are producers on this movie, He thru his Wild West production and she via Type A production.

chica said...

Thanks forthe link to the Vaughn interview anon. I knew that stuff was BS as is the Jake/Tobey "feud".

JP: I agrre that the new story floating around was probably because she was spotted wearing what looked like an engagement ring around the holidays.

The Naomi interview was fascinating, and she looks great in the new pic with Jake!

Thanks for all the info on Jake's Godfather, i plan on seeing There will be blodd on Friday.

PS: The pic withJake carrying that bag from Joan reminds me of the pic of Reese carrying a bag from Joan's at LAX to NY pics in October!

bobbyanna said...

Rumors about the possibility of Ryan coming back into Reese's life are just SO ridiculous. Totally implausible. It reminds me of the tabloids' determination to keep roiling the waters about Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt and Angie. I guess they throw enough crap on the walls and then wait to see what sticks. LOL! If Jake ever did propose, I'm pretty sure it would have nothing at all to do with Ryan and being so insecure he's actually worried about Ryan. That would be an assinine way to maintain a relationship. I think both Jake and Reese are so mature and so classy,the tabloids will never really figure them out!LOL!

bobbyanna said...

Hate to double post, but I just got a half dozen Google alerts about Jake proposing to Reese LOL! Even the San Francisco Chronicle. I think it's a situation where there really is no new news about them, thus speculation begins anew. Won't be long we'll hear: They broke up once and for all foever! Jake is jealous of the kids' relationship with their dad. Ryan is jealous of the kids' relationship with Jake. Reese hates Abbie being aroung her kids. Ryan hates Jake being aruond his kids. The kids hate Jake/Abbie. Reese and Jake argue over disciplining the kids. Ryan and Abbie argue over disciplining the kids. Abbie is jealous of Ava. Ava hates Abbie/Jake. Deacon cries all night for his dad. Reese wants Ryan back. Ryan wants Reese back. Abbie is attracted to Jake.OR: Natalie Portman is ready to start a family...and she wants to have Jake's baby! Gosh. What did I leave out? LOLOL!!!!

jp said...

Don't forget the ever popular: Jake, Reese, alien threesome.

Anonymous said...

I think there may be something to the getting married story. The reason I say this is because of the recent photos and trips with Reese's children. This is a duo who went to extreme efforts not to be photograhed stepping out in public until her divorce was final and Renditon promotion was over.
They have also gone to extremes not to be seen out in public with the kids together, until the past month or so. In MV they attended a fair apart and kept things private. While trick or treating you could not see Jake's face and they split up when they saw the photogs. Now they are being seen and photographed with the kids together.
Jake & Reese are photographed as a couple in Rome, what changed, her status, she was legally divorced.

Jake & Reese travel and step out with the kids. What changed? Perhaps the status of the relationship.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis, Anon. But it might also be just the fact that first Ryan was seen with Abbie...and the kids. Then Jake and Reese were seen with the kids. I actually think Ryan and Reese are coordinating this to minimize lies and rumors in the tabloid press.
Neither one wants their parents and families or the two kids to have to put up with public nastiness.

sass said...

Hey bobbyanna and jp...love the scenarios...wonder which will show up on "E" channel or Page 6 next.

PS: The pic with Jake carrying that bag from Joan reminds me of a pic I saved of Reese carrying a bag from Joan's at LAX to NY pics in October!

You know I wondered why Reese had a bag from Joan's when I saw the pics last October, but since I'm not the nosy type, well.;)
Now we know she was taking her sweetie some goodies from one of his favorite places, and we all know he much loves good food.
Reese must've been been taking good care of our boy for a while now.

see below
Reese taking a Joan's on 3rd goodies bag to Jake:)
Research is such hard work:lol:lol

Reese taking Jake some goodies from his favorite place...Joan's On Third

one more

Taking his favorite goodies to him...good on ya Reese

sass said...

Just having fun...Joan's must be a great noshing place:)

Joan's On Third

mini-rant...I'm such a Jack.

I am glad we Gyllenspooners never make up nasty, disgusting, disrespectful, nicknames for Jake and Austin.
OMGo has made up two nasty nicknames for Jake and Reese. But Why? Does it make them feel better to call Jake and Reese horrid names...those two people have done nothing to any of the posters of that blog.

I am glad we never talk or post about Austin in a disparaging manner, nor about any of Jake's friends and family; we care about him too much.

We have no need to pour venom and vitriol on Austin; he is not a source of irritation to Gyllenhaalics. He is not threat to Reese and Jake's relationship. Austin does not vex us. The Others vex us by calling Jake and Reese names, talking about Reese's work ethic, how she chooses to manage and rear her children and by wishing them ill will, as if Karma doesn't exist.

Austin has done nothing to merit anything from Gyllenspooners, but admiration, respect and good luck with his burgeoning career.
end of mini-rant:)
nite nite

Anonymous said...

sass I have found that it is best to avoid these sites, I won't even go to another Jake site because certain TTers regularly (sp?) post there and there is a link to OMG (silly I know).

agent_krycek said...

I want to believe the engagement story, but I'm still thinking maybe not just yet, but as we still don't really know when they got together it's difficult to judge, I mean, it could be round about a year, we don't, and are never likely, to know.

If anyone gets a heads up on if there's going to be a Penelope premier in London in the next few weeks, please let me know, I'll put on my Gyllenbabble Agent's hat and head straight down, camera in hand, just in case!

gabbana said...

Those tabloid stories always make me laugh. One paper or gossip blog posts something and soon it is spread all over the net. Does anyone remember the story that Heath was seen at a registration office and he and Michelle will marry?? Two months after this "news" they split.....The only thing I am missing at the moment is a "Jake & Tobey fighting over Natalie" story..:-))

I hope that Jake and Reese will be able to build a relationship (married or not) that will last longer than the the usual Hollywood romance.

"ZODIAC" is one of the best films from last year (I have not seen "There will be blood" and "NCFOM" yet) and I enjoy reading the comments and looking at the pictures from the specials. I own the original version in a steel book, but no information so far when the DC will be released here in Germany. :-((

It certainly looks like the "Brothers" shootings are done in NM and will be finished in LA. And then the waiting will begin - hopefully we will get an OFFICIAL release date soon.

Anonymous said...

If Jake really did "propose" in Rome, I'd bet her answer must have been a little bit more than a "not yet..." bcz they were obviously very close in Rome, and, if the gossip about the flight home is even half true, they had a very "loving" flight home, tender kisses at the airport, and have been together more often than not ever since.

UltraViolet said...

I'm resisting the urge to delete your comment, anon. I really don't want to get into name-calling or inane nicknames here. The whole point of Sass's post is that we don't need to do that kind of thing.

As for the engagement - again, who knows if any or most or all of the story is true. But it's fun to see it popping up everywhere.

sass said...

sass I have found that it is best to avoid these sites, I won't even go to another Jake site because certain TTers regularly (sp?) post there and there is a link to OMG (silly I know).

Thanks anon, You are so right. I was directed by a friend?? to WFT. I discovered to my great sadness and dismay the OMGo site via links on another blog.
You have a point about curtailing visits to places that include that blog link, and I'll consider it. I liken myself to an addict, who should avoid that substance/area/site, because I almost always drift over to OMGo after I visit the other site.
Again, thank you so much:)

smile said...

Hello guys!
I would delete that A... comment too.
No reason to not do it. It´s not funny and I don´t think anyone of the regulars here do.
And I do say that as someone who has no affection whatsoever for A.N.
It´s getting on their level, which is precisely where we don´t want to be.

I really enjoyed the rags spinning, so funny and so sweet.
I do not think that they are engaged and I do not think they will marry anytime soon.
What I would like to see is Reese and Jake with his family and her kids on some sort of celebration thing. ;)
Probabyl too much to ask.
Hope your RL was not as demanding as mine.

bobbyanna said...

Hey, smile!!! Seeing the engagement rumors floating around everywhere is fun, I agree with UV, but I also think they aren't engaged ...yet. I think Reese is taking things slow, especially for the sake of her kids. And really? As great as Jake might be with kids, as determined as he might be to step up and be there for them, being married to a woman with young children, and the everyday demands of such a life is something that will take a very major adjustment. Best to "ease" into it, I would think. I believe Jake and Reese will do the right thing by the two munchkins...and they will do right by each other. I think Reese is a very lucky young woman, bcz Jake strikes me as a really giving, unselfish person. And he's hot. (I am also hoping, in a major way, for some little Gyllenbabies!)

gabbana said...

Great news!!!!

ZODIAC is nominated by the WGA for "Best Adapted Screenplay"!!!


smile said...

Hi Bobbyanna!
Gyllenbabys! They will come I´m sure, Could take a while, but they will. They will be gorgeous!

shondra said...

I'm loving all the engagement gossip, don't believe it but it's fun too read anyway!!

PS: Yay!! For the WGA nomination for Zodiac!!!

UltraViolet said...

Play nice, kids. Let's celebrate a nomination for Zodiac, finally!

Thanks for bringing the good news, gabbana.

UltraViolet said...

Found a little more "information". From the Enquirer:

Jake Gyllenhaal and his recently divorced love Reese Witherspoon are engaged, according to recent reports. “I’m in love with Jake, and I’m going to marry him,” the Oscar-winner’s been dishing to her girls.

Snitches at The National Enquirer claim Reese suggested to Jake that they “Plan a summer wedding,” finally accepting The Brokeback Mountain star’s October wedding propsal.

“When Jake first proposed in Rome, he knew Reese needed time, and didn’t really expect her to say “yes” right away. He just wanted her to know that he was serious about their relationship-serious enough to make her his wife,” says and Enquirer mole.

sass said...

I came by to celebrate the WGA's nomination. GO ZODIAC!! Off to Border's to get my copy...finally:(
I like variety's graphics, so here goes.

WGA announces film nominations

sass said...

Before I go UV, your information rocks! Unverified is the key to this love affair. They never confirm a thing, which makes it so much fun, when we get pics of them out and about:)

Narcissa said...

Sadly, I think I'm going to have to add Lashers to my list of "don't go there" sites. :( They must, presumably, get something out of their negative comments and their more-than-negative tone.... whatever.

Here are some new pics of Reese on set. Nothing special, but she looks relaxed and happy. Aclasscelebs gets new pics very quickly, I have noticed.


Anonymous said...

Reese pics are old, from 1/3/08. Check your dates.

sheba baby said...

Cranky anon: scroll down to the pics dated 1/10/09 from the set.

Narcissa said...

"Reese pics are old, from 1/3/08. Check your dates."

Actually they're just a few hours "old".

PTA said...

PTA got nominated for another award! As if there was any doubt. I think PTA will get a couple of Oscar nods this year, too.

gyllenspooner/oscar watcher said...

What's PTA???

FluorescentLamp said...

PTA = Paul Thomas Anderson, writer, director, producer of There Will Be Blood.

gyllenspooner/oscar watcher said...

Duh?? Thanks FL and yes I agree, There will be blood will get several nods including best picture IMO.

And thanks Sass for finding the pictures of Reese and the Joan's bag, she knows what her man likes!!

The engagement sory sounds totally bogus but you never know!

sass said...

I finally got my Zodiac DVD. The studios didn't send out very many.??
I went right over to aclasscelebs and found a really big pic of Jake:):)
Jake's jeans make me twitterpate.. I would twitter about how I feel, but I don't know many people to twitter with:lol:)

embiggen please and enjoy:)

agent_krycek said...

sass, those jeans should be bronzed and promptly mounted on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square for everyone to enjoy :D

Hopefully should get Zodiac tommorrow, the OH is out with the lad in the evening so I'm planning a Jake, wine and pizza evening.

sheba baby said...

Don't know if this is true or not:


FluorescentLamp said...

sheba baby, not sure which story you were trying to link - I think maybe the one about them being in talks to star in a film together?

Valentine's Day Movie

Hmmm, I dunno about this one. I think I like the description of the other movie she's supposed to star in better - Nice. We'll see.

Thanks for bringing that over, after all we are the blog claiming Timely, Topical and Totally Unverified info about Jake. *wink*

Agent_Krycek, I'm still sniggering about the empty plinth in Trafalgar Sq. -- George IV, Henry Havelock, Sir Charles James Napier, Jake Gyllenhaal's bronzed jeans. Hee.

shondra said...

Thanks for the link FL!
I checked IMDB and there is a movie tirled Valentines Day scheduled for a 2008 release with no cast but the plot sounds the same. This is not being picked as per usual and as we have become used to, Jake has a lot of projects that just seem to dissapear : the play, Nailed, etc.

I assume he is still going to do the Moon Project and the Namath bio once the strike is settled and a script is written.

I believe they are looking for a project to do together and maybe this movie was one that they were approached about, who knows.

Anonymous said...

Jake and Reese voted the coolest new couple:


Anonymous said...

As much as a film w/ Jake and Reese would be fun, I don't think it's a good idea at this time IMO. They should keep their connection private for now, and even down the road. It seems to me that Naomi's comments in her interview regarding what transpired between her husband and herself when they worked together on "Losing Isiah" would be a warning signal to Jake. I think it's enough that they are in love with each other in their personal lives, why drag work into it now?

gyllenspooner/oscar watcher said...

Universal drops Reese's A type production company and it's picked up by New Line Cinema

Studios end first-look relationships
Strike means opportunity to drop costly deals

With studios starting to drop the ax on staffers in order to cut costs during the strike, development deals with producers may not be far behind.
Paramount, Universal and Fox have ended first-look deals with Reese Witherspoon; Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen; Lynda Obst and Marc Rosen; Betty Thomas; Craig Brewer; George Tillman and Bob Teitel; and Roy Lee and Doug Davison.

Terms of most of the deals had run out in recent weeks, allowing the studios to extricate themselves from expensive relationships as they look for ways to trim costs. Although many of the studios involved said the strike played little to no role in the decision, the timing with the writers strike proved convenient.

Witherspoon's Type A banner, however, was immediately scooped up by a rival studio. The actress-producer inked a first-look deal with New Line.

"When I heard that her company was available, that's a home run for us," New Line prexy Toby Emmerich said from the set of the studio's "Four Christmases," which Witherspoon is producing and toplining. "One of the lessons of 2007 was that for certain kinds of movies, really big movie stars are worth their weight and then some."

None of the deals listed above were likely ended by invoking the force majeure clause enabling studios to cut pacts six weeks into a strike.

Still, cutbacks were announced at Warner Bros. this week. Studio said it planned to notify 1,000 staffers that pinkslips may be coming. In addition, Walden Media's creative unit is all but shuttered until the company's ranks are revamped.

The expiration of the deals isn't necessarily bad news for the producers.

For example, Jinks and Cohen, who had a deal at Par, will now rely on their two-year first-look TV pact with Warner Bros. TV on the Burbank studio lot, which is covering the shingle's overhead. The duo are producing ABC's "Pushing Daisies" as part of that deal.

On the film front, they're also producing a Harvey Milk biopic that Gus Van Sant is helming at Focus Features, with Sean Penn and Emile Hirsch attached to star. Duo had opted not to seek out a new studio deal until after the strike.

Obst and Rosen also have a TV deal to fall back on at CBS Par Network TV, but as is the case with most nonwriting producers, that pact was suspended after the strike began.

Of those affected, three were based at Par: Jinks/Cohen Co., Rosen-Obst Prods. and Brewer. U had deals with Witherspoon's Type A Films banner and Lee and Davison's Vertigo Entertainment. Tillman and Teitel's State Street deal expired Dec. 31 at Fox. The pair still has several projects in development with the studio, including a Notorious B.I.G. biopic at Fox Searchlight. Thomas' Dominant Films shingle also was housed at Fox. She will continue to collaborate with the studio on such projects as "Valley of the Dolls: The Relapse."


JP said...

Wow more than 2/3rds of those voted in that Hello poll, voted for them.

That corresponds with similar polls in America (that poll is from Britain) where they win those type of polls with 60 to 70% of the vote.


It seems the haters are in the minority, and a small one at that.

On to other news, I really hope Reese and Jake don't do that film together. Maybe they were just asked and haven't turned it down yet. But I think that would be a terrible idea. A terrible idea of epic proportions.

Also, i'm glad that Reese's company is now situated with New Line...she seems to be a better fit with them.

jp said...

That film, "Valentine's Day," is being directed by uber director (of romantic comedies) Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman), and is being released by New Line Cinema...so maybe there's truth to the story.

Also, the film seems more like an ensemble type picture if you read the synopsis (kind of like "He's Not Really that Into You," which stars Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johanson, Drew Barrymore, etc.)

Garry Marshall is really close to the Gyllenhaal's and Reese's company, as we have already established, is at New Line. So maybe there is truth to this story.

Anonymous said...

Reese and Jake TOTALLY have to make the Valentine movie. They have been so private up to now that they deserve a little fun. I hate that the haters say they just upstaged their romance for Rendition. Like whatever. If anything they held it off. It also ticked me off that there were haters on certain other blogs saying that pics in SF were set up just 'cause it it looked like it was a wide-angle lens. And so what anyway? They're in luv and they get to show it! I think they've shown a LOT of restraint in the past and now they don't have to be discreet or hide their love anymore. Isn't that what the Ted-a-loonies always say, don't hide your love? Well, Gyllenspoon, you can have the love that dare scream its name now, 'cause we at Gyllenbabble are listening! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Could be a Jake sighting,


Monica said...

Reese in Santa Monica

Narcissa said...

As regards Gerry Marshall, his successes lie well in the past. He's in his 70's and his last was the Lohan vehicle "Georgia Rules".

I remain unconvinced. We'll see.

sass said...

Evening all,
Considering Zodiac's superb editing job-- scenes with 30 plus takes or more being assembled for God's sake--here are the ACE nominees and still no Zodiac.

Who in the world did Fincher piss off; or is my paranoia speaking.


jp said...

There Will Be Blood got another one...

So that's what? The WGA, DGA, now the Eddie (I find that funny) for editing. Daniel Day-Lewis has won 12 precursors already. Robert Elswit is getting a lot of attention and several nominations.

Is there any doubt that this film will get SEVERAL nominations.

I'm sorry to keep harping on this, but i'm a huge PTA fan and I feel he certainly deserves it. Given the Jake Gyllenhaal connection with Robert Elswit, and the several people who have posted that they are fans, I feel confident posting this stuff here.

I hope TWBB and Zodiac gets some nominations from BAFTA. Those will be made public next Wednesday.

sass said...

TWBB is a tremendous film. I wish I could see it again...maybe I will;)

It looks like Oscar preparations are moving right along. Maybe they know something we don't...ihopeihope:)

Oscar Press releases

sass said...

Evening again,

I hope you're feeling OK UV:)

If a Jake/Reese romantic comedy is as much fun to watch as the Brad/Angelina comedy, Mr and Mrs Smith, or one of my favorite beloved Spencer/Kate comedies--yes lovers and partners can pull it off, if they are good enough actors and these two are top of the heap--I'll be first in my neighborhood to buy tickets.

It's just a bit more scary for couples to take on a project together since Gigli, but Ben and JLo aren't Bafta winning Jake and Oscar winning Reese, so let's see what they come up with.

Jake and Reese are also two of the most popular actors working today, unlike Bennifer, and that may work in their favor if they decide to do a movie hookup.

Below see more evidence of Jake and Reese's popularity brought down for fun:)

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon were chosen as the year's coolest new couple by just over two thirds of voters

UltraViolet said...

Hi kids! Sorry I've been away. Don't know what to make of the Valentine's Day movie. I wouldn't mind seeing Jake (with or without Reese) in a good romantic comedy. But like felicia, I'd prefer a comedy with an edge.

Overall, I think it's too soon for them to do a movie together. And the Garry Marshall factor is worrisome.

Also, we need a new J/R picture.