Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moonlight Serenade

Happy 50th to the Smurfs

Who knew the Smurfs have been around for so long? Or that anyone would really care? We can't let such a momentous occasion pass without our favorite bit of Smurf philosophy. From Donnie Darko:

Moonlight Mile is one of my favorite Jake films. I curse myself for not paying more attention at the time. Not only because they filmed outside of Boston and I missed the opportunity to see Jake up close and personal. (Felicia was even closer!)

I wish I'd been aware of the movie so I could have heard and read what Jake's costars had to say about him. We know from the commentary that Jake and Dustin got along famously. I found an old Charlie Rose show in which Susan talks a little about Jake. Well, gushes is more like it. It's just a few minutes, but she obviously thinks very highly of Jake Gyllenhaal!

(The Jake mention comes about halfway through, after she corrects Charlie on the pronunciation of Gyllenhaal!)

BTW, they have an extensive video backlog on the Charlie Rose site. So if you never saw Ang and Heath discussing BBM, you can watch it on the site. Oh how I wish Jake had been in on that interview.

IHJ put up some Moonlight Mile stills the other day, and that's what got me on the MM kick. Despite all the brown, Jake looks gorgeous.

Jake walking a route very familiar to one Fluorescent Lamp!

Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed Jake and Ellen Pompeo together.

IHJ posted some more pics of Jake from yesterday, basically the same but from a different angle. I like the composition of this one. Typical California: Gorgeous movie star, palm trees and paparazzi.

And in the reflection, the one pap looks like a monster or someone in a HazMat suit!


agent_krycek said...

I adore Susan Sarandon even more now, love that woman, thank you for the interview. Sadly can't say the same of Ellen Pumpernickel (or whatever her name is) for some reason she drives me insane and is the one reason I tend to skip through certain scenes in MM, and never got through more then 15 minutes of the first episode of Grey's.

Re the medical centre visit, I'm going with the 'medical required by insurance before starting filming' theory.

Also, opened my paper this morning and came upon a lovely photo of Jake, together with the accompanying article about, accordingly to a highly accurate survey, he ticks most of the boxes for an ideal man for women in the UK :D

chica said...

Always loved MM and I adore Sarandon!

I agre with your theory agent krycek about his visit to the medical building.

I wonder if he is done filming since he is still wearing a beard or maybe he just like the look, I know I do!

annie said...

Moonlight Mile is a little gem of a movie. Jake stole my heart in that one. Had never heard of him before. Here are some more interesting links on MM.

P.S. And Agent Krycek, sorry to have to disagree with you on this one. I thought Jake and Ellen had great chemistry in this film and the scene where he goes to her at night, together with the haunting music, awwww..!

agent_krycek said...

P.S. And Agent Krycek, sorry to have to disagree with you on this one. I thought Jake and Ellen had great chemistry in this film and the scene where he goes to her at night, together with the haunting music, awwww..!

It's completely irrational, based on nothing I can actually pinpoint (for some bizzare reason, the band Franz Ferdinand, yes all of them, have exactly the same effect on me). Now the scenes with Susan Sarandon and Dustin Hoffman, they were magic, full of chemistry IMHO.

smile said...

IMDB has Reese in their daily gossip, she had an eye-blister and filming had to be stopped for a few hours. Now I guess she had medical treatment, right? So maybe Reese was the patient not Jake?
Could be, couldn´t it?

Am quite sick these days bad sinusitis, hope you guys are alright. Still love this blog.

annie said...

Agent Krycek, I'm sure we can all agree to disagree sometimes..! And oh my, I have never, ever heard of Franz Ferdinand; perhaps a good thing then?! (Sorry for all the posts UV, but I seem to remember you saying something about encouraging us to talk between ourselves while you are asleep..!).

FluorescentLamp said...

UV said...I like the composition of this one. Typical California: Gorgeous movie star, palm trees and paparazzi.

You know, I was wondering how he was able to get a parking spot on the street. Now I see. From the new angle pap pics, the lighting, the sun, the haze, it looks like it's about 8.00 in the morning.

Sheba Baby said...

There are 2 Jake movies that I have never seen:MM and Bubble boy.
This post has made me want to check out MM, thanks for the post and the links annie!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for this, UV! Susan Sarandon is one of my most favorite people! I remember a few pictures of Jake with her boys. I think it was from the day she got her "star" on the H'wood Walk of Fame or something, Jake was there, helping one of the boys with his shirt...the look on Jake's face was just priceless. He really loves being with kids.

The only thing about MM that irked me was Jake's hair. Didn't mind it for DD, but in MM it bothered me. I thought he and Ellen Pompeo worked well together. I like Ellen. She has a definitely "style" about her acting that might not suit everyone, and I think she is very pretty in an unconventional way.

Jake going to a medical bldg in AM could definitely be for insurance, but I think not this time. (Hasn't the WGA strike delayed the two projects pending?)

Maybe he has to go to a dermatologist periodically for something...beards irritate sometimes...or maybe Reese's eye infection is the contageous kind. Being around little kids, you also get to be around all sorts of strange and wonderful things! LOL!

BTW: one of my "predictions" from a previous post for the gossip rags is apparently covered in OK magazine. The one where Ryan is upset with Jake about the kids LOLOL!!!! (I'm being facetious here.)

sass said...

Afternoon UV and everyone,
We have a treasure trove of articles and videos and sites to rummage though today. I've not seem more than 10 minutes of the Charlie Rose BBM interview...I will have to watch it later today.

Susan Sarandon is one of my favorite actresses too . I loved it when she corrected Jake's last name pronunciation. U go girl.:) When I saw MM years ago I didn't know it was autobiographical and that Jake was playing the sweet gentle sad director. Jake's courtroom scene had me crying forever; it still does. And I don't mind Ellen Pumpernickel,:lol:lol but that play on her name made me LMAO:)

And a Happy 50th birthday Smurfs from me too. That is one of my favorite DD segments. Jake's acting at his best and he was just a youngster.

Jake is the ideal man anywhere:)

UltraViolet said...

Totally on board with the Susan Sarandon love. She looks great in this interview, I think. And she's very funny and real. I especially like how she starts talking about Dustin H, but can't stop herself from gushing over Jake.

Sheba, you definitely have to check out MM. It really is a gem. I still haven't seen Bubble Boy either. I am holding off, since it's the last Jake movie I haven't seen. I like knowing there's new/old Jake out there :)

Thanks for those links, annie. I'll check them out. I really like reading more on MM.

And eek! Poor Reese. The words "eye" and "blister" should never be together!

UltraViolet said...

Yes, Sass, indeed. Jake IS a man for all seasons :)

Anonymous said...

Another great post, thank you UV, loved the videos and it's nice to see new pictures of Jake we don't see enough just lately.

Anonymous said...

YAY IMDB have changed the date of Brothers release to 4th Dec 2008, new it must have been wrong.

jp said...

Told you guys it would be released in 2008.

sass said...

YEAH!! TY anon and good for you and us jp.

So, Jake and Reese will have dueling movies next December. Should be fun for us all round.
I've always read everything posted on IMDB with a jaundiced that what I mean...anyway, I subscribe to IMDB Pro, off and on, and it's not always a better source,
However, IMDB pro did tell me that Reese and Vince are producing Four Christmases, along with two or three people, so I didn't put much credence in the Reese is fighting with Vince news.

Thanks for this really good news.

Looks like Jake misses Reese in his yesterday snaps, or am I reading too much into a few pictures. I hate to do that... read real emotions into a few fotos.
If I were famous, any pap taking pics of me this evening, would make the world think I was either dying, in pain, or pissed off; I am as happy as a clam.
TY again, I dearly love this good news about Brothers.

Jake has been making fine movies most of his life and I expect at least one or two movies a year...hear that Jake.

I can't wait for his next two features especially the space movie. And I can't wait to see his portrayal of Joe Namath, especially since Joe handpicked Jake to star in his biopic. They're both scrumptious men, charismatic, metro-sexual to the max, and hella sexy. I hope they include Joe Namath's stocking commercial, it was the highlight of my day, and Jake has the most sexy legs in Hollywood:)

suvee said...

I'm still laughing from the previous post.... the idea of 4 year old Deacon repeating Jake's recycling mantra. Yeah, that's what every 4 year old I've ever known really cares about!

Thanks for the Susan S. clip, UV..... she's such a cool and talented person, and always interesting! I noticed she referred to Jake as "brave". It's telling how often that word is used to describe him....

sass said...

If that's a true quote it's funny. I do know children that age learn the important stuff you teach them really well. They are proud to let you know just how smart they are; all this pleasing of mom and dad will of course disappear when they turn thirteen. :lol:Lol


I can't stop thinking about Brad Renfro. I'm sorry please forgive, but I didn't realize how many of his movies and fine performances I'd seen. The Client, Tom and Huck, Sleepers, Apt Pupil, Bully, a really frightening movie by who else...Larry Clark...and on and on ending with one I haven't seen yet which is in post production...The Informers...sad times all round.

Brad Renfro's last movie in post production

bobbyanna said...

Oops!!Just checked the previous post. Sorry. Had no idea you'd already discussed the Jake/Ryan/kids stuff.FL you are priceless.LOL!

I'm a divorced mother with two grown up kids and my ex has been married for nearly 20 years.My kids come back from a visit to dad's and talk about his wife said this, or she did that, or they received a gift from her, etc. and until recently, it still bothered me!

Of course, the downside, and Ryan is really dumb if he doesn't realize it, is that if you discourage chatter or create tension and unease in anyway, the kids will clam up. And they WON'T tell you stuff. I hate the notion of cutting off good info sources.

And honestly. I am certain Ava is coming home making comments about what Abbie said, or did, or what Abbie likes. Both Jake and Reese will have to be very strong and very secure. Bcz the other thing that will definitely happen is that those kids will say things to Jake/Abbie about what a great dad/mom they have.

sass said...

Zodiac shown for WG at USC by its writer and alumnus James Vanderbilt.


TY Sarah, for allowing me to play in your blog...I'm such a Jack.

You know bobbyanna that stuff always bothered me, even though I'd die before I went back in that marriage. Who knew? One Sunday night my son came home from his dad's and asked me why I couldn't be a chick...:lol:lol.. "like mom can't you wear a bikini?"
I wanted to KILL! I say Ryan chill... if it's's part and parcel part of being a parent/step-parent.
You're right about keeping the lines of communication open. How else will you find out how the little darlings are getting on during their weekends with good ole dad. *grin*

sass said...

Am quite sick these days bad sinusitis, hope you guys are alright. Still love this blog.

I hope you're getting treated and feeling better tonight:)

jp said...

Hey, have you guys heard anything about Jake playing the lead in David Fincher's next film, "Torso?"

Fincher has recently been talking it up. Originally he was attached to several different projects. One included a film adaptation to an Arthur C. Clarke (2001: A Space Odyssey) book. But most of his projects are stuck in development hell. With the writers strike and all the other problems going on, they look to stay there. (Fincher is notorious for being attached to a project until he isn't, if you know what I mean).

Then there is "Torso."

The script to this adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis graphic novel has apparently been complete since October. Jake was originally attached to this project. But I hear that Fincher has also been talking to Matt Damon to star. But Damon literally has four projects lined up already and may not be able to do it, and the project was recently given a green light by Paramount.

Since Fincher is apparently almost done post-production on his next project, "The Curious Life of Benjamin Bottoms" with Brad Pitt, it sounds like "Torso" will be his next project. Or maybe i'm just reading too much into all of this.

Do any of you have any information on this that I don't have?

agent_krycek said...

The Torso rumours been floating around for a while, first came up during the 'tattoo or not tattoo' incident that sent the Gyllenhaalic universe into complete meltdown :D

Not entirely sure why Jake'd write Torso down his arm, (I mean, I did write Jason S down my arm once, but he was my first boyfriend, and I was about 13 at the time, so it's allowed) but it was about the same time this film and Fincher started being talked about. I'd love him to work with Fincher again

Anonymous said...

Right now everything depends on the writers strike and if it gets settled soon. Movies being filmed currently are all scripts that were finished and could goto the filming process, they were all rushed ahead of unfinished scritpts. Now that nothing has been settled studios cannot go with planned films such as the Joe Namath project or the Moon film because there is not a completed script to work off. So what they will do is look at scripts that have been completed some time ago and not greenlighted by studios because other projects were favored over them. Actors will free up right now because come Feb most will be done shooting their current projects.

That's why you will hear rumors about the movie Torso or even the rumored movie Valentine's day, because both are finish scripts which have been out there for sometime.

Reese's Four Christmases will most likely be released on Thanksgiviing. That's usually what they do with Christmas movies.

sass said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sass said...

I forgot to post part of the bad.

Morning babblers,
I'm doing a drive by for now.
We have to wait for our next Jake film until November-December 2008:(...arrgh.

Fincher on Torso...I saved this article on delicious...Fincher mentions Matt in other articles I've saved, but I'll have to find them for my meessy delici:)

Fincher discusses Torso and Zodiac and Rendezvous with Rama and Alien 3 and BB

MTV: We were talking about your reluctance to do another so-called serial-killer movie with "Zodiac," but now you're reportedly attached to a graphic-novel adaptation called "Torso

David Fincher: That movie is so not a serial-killer movie. It's about the deconstruction of the myth of [Untouchables leader] Eliot Ness. It has way more to do with "Citizen Kane" than it has to do with "Seven." Ehren Kruger wrote a script that's pretty great. We were speaking with Matt Damon about it.

MTV: How about "Rendezvous With Rama"? That's a legendary sci-fi property you've wanted to do for a while.

Fincher: I'm waiting to get a script. It's my understanding that [producer] Lori [McReary] and Morgan [Freeman] have a script, and when they're happy with it, they'll send it to me. It's a project I've always loved. It's probably technologically within striking distance right now. That was always the thing: You couldn't afford to build these things as sets. It's just too huge.

January 18, 2008 10:21 AM

jp said...

Well my point is that "Torso" seems further along than "Rama."

Given that he's nearly completed his newest film, it seems as if he will be looking for a new film to make. Since "Torso" seems to be the only one with a finished script (also given that the writers strike has slowed everything down), it only makes sense that this would be his next project. Since Jake was once attached to the project, and since Matt Damon has several projects lined up already (not to mention that he used Matt's name in the past tense in that interview), I think there is a good chance that the two could be working together again.

Narcissa said...

Here is Fincher's filmography from Be warned: they shove everything including the kitchen sink on there, including projects long abandoned. But Torso is on.

shondra said...

Jake has had so many rumored projects over the last year it's hard to keep up.

Anon@8:32AM: I also will add Nailed to the list of rumored films that he seems no longer attached to. Agree that the Namath Bio and the Moon film, both are in limbo due to the strike.

The rumored Valentine movie was probably offered to them because it's a finished script and agents are scrambling to get their clients signed on to new projects.

And speaking of rumored projects, has anyone heard any word on that play that he was supposed to do, Farragut North? I know someone that is involved in the Theater and they heard that Mike Nichols is no longer attached to this play.

She also heard that it may just go straight to the screen with Clooney and Leo.

Thanks for the link to the Fincher interview sass!!

Love the MM post, it's one of my favorite Jake movies.

Thanks for the IMDB update JP on Brothers, knew that the 2009 release date was wrong!

smurfette said...

Thanks for the smurfy link UV, here is another one!!!:

PS:I love Jake, he is so smurfy and cute!!

Anonymous said...

Hey smurfette did you used to post on JW, if it is you, haven't heard from you for a long time.

josie said...

No, I used to lurk/visit JW (Damn I miss that place) but when I did post, it was usally anon. or I would use something silly like Attics' flea collar, LOL!

I just discovered this blog which i'm loving btw and saw the link.mention of the Smurfs and since smurfette was the only girl smurf I just took her name!

Maybe i should use another name if I want to comment here so I won't cause any confusion.

I can always use another female cartoon character like Josie from Josie and the Pussy cats!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Sorry about that. I love this place as well, use what ever name you like. Perhaps I should think of one for myself.

sass said...

Listen jp AKA 'my point is'

I was just posting information, in response to your question out of courtesy, and because Fincher, has mentioned Matt Damon, as a potential star of Torso, more than once. I considered my post an answer to you question; yes, Torso might be next but who knows.

I also added other information from his interview; and, why not?

However, from now I will refrain from that courtesy when you ask any questions, because I definitely need to avoid your brusque responses,

And so it goes Detective Lieutenant

gabbana said...

Excellent news about the "Brothers" release date. Now I am hoping for some critics love like ZODIAC got.....

Jake himself has only confirmed the "Moon project" - lets hope the strike will be over soon, until that we can only wait - Jake has been associated with so many projects....

Again ZODIAC is getting some love:
2007 Award Nominations


* ATONEMENT, music by Dario Marianelli
* THE GOLDEN COMPASS, music by Alexandre Desplat
* LUST, CAUTION, music by Alexandre Desplat
* RATATOUILLE, music by Michael Giacchino
* ZODIAC, music by David Shire



* EL ORFANATO (THE ORPHANAGE), music by Fernando Velázquez
* FLOOD, music by Debbie Wiseman
* I KNOW WHO KILLED ME, music by Joel McNeely
* SLEUTH, music by Patrick Doyle
* ZODIAC, music by David Shire

jp said...

Jesus, here we go again.

I just can't believe how things I write here get so misconstrued. But...


My brutesque answers?

What are exactly are you talking about?

I appreciated your response. I'm not sure how anything I wrote was brutesque at all. It definitely wasn't intended to be.

I'd appreciate you explaining to me what I wrote which you found so offensive. Because it DEFINITELY wasn't intended to be. I'm actually surprised that you took offense at all to a post which was perfectly benign.

I had already read that article and it was the reason I posted my original query. I was just using logic to deduce that MAYBE Fincher and Jake would be working together again soon, given the facts that I had provided. I don't know one way or another if they will work together again. I was just making a guess and asking.

It was just an observation.

I never intended to start a debate, much less an argument about it.

bobbyanna said...

OK. This is totally OT, but not. Today, I went looking thru the soundtracks at my favorite book store and found ONE CD of Rendition. So I snatched it and put it on "hold" for ME. I am So happy that we have the director's cut of Zodiac, but just hink, in exactly one month, that's four weeks from now, we will have Jake's outstanding hotness(oops!) ..."performance" is the word I was searching for... in Rendition. Actually, when you think about it, the soundtracks from Rendition, DD, Zodiac, BBM and Jarhead, are pretty outstanding. I really like all of them. The one thing I objected to with Jarhead, is that Kanye's "Jesus Walk" isn't on the movie soundtrack, so I had to buy Kanye's CD separately to listen to it.

I'm sure both Reese and Jake have been invited to present at various awards events. Separately. Hope we get to see them. Especially at the pre-shows where all those gossip people will definitely ask both of them "wassup?" Or not. Bcz one of them will definitely duck in without being interviewed. Or not.

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm anon 8:32 and I post often often on this board. I just wanted to say that I love the tone and the way in which all those who blog treat eachother.

I thing everyone who blogs on this board only has positive intentions and if it appears that isn't the case I'm sure it's not meant to be that way.

This appears to be a happy and positive place for Jake's fans and those that support his career and I'm thankful for the people who take the time and effort to make it happen.

suvee said...

"I'm sure both Reese and Jake have been invited to present at various awards events. Separately. Hope we get to see them."

I hope so too, bobbyanna. I've been checking the SAG Award thread on the LA Times Gold Derby Forum.... they are really good about posting the latest list of presenters for the various award shows. So far, no Jake or Reese. ( Kate Hudson and Matthew Mc. apparently are the token "cute couple" that will be presenting. )

jp said...

The funniest thing I have read in a while. Rolling Stone magazine was speculating who would play various important roles in the upcoming Kurt Cobain bio-pic based on the book, "Heavier Than Heaven."

They have Jake Gyllenhaal playing Guns n Roses singer Axl Rose...

Here's the quote:

"The key scene in any Cobain-related movie would have to be the confrontation between Kurt and Axl at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards. Who better to play Mr. Brownstone than Jake?"

Somehow, I don't see it happening. But it's funny nonetheless.

Here's the link (but there's nothing more to it than what I posted):

jp said...

Some of the link got cut off...

After index.php/ (it's) 2008/01/14/casting-the-kurt...

UltraViolet said...

Man, I watched that Roger Federer match and now I'm too keyed up to sleep. Just a few points:

Welcome, Josie and all the shy anons.

About Torso - Jake was never "attached" to the film. Because of the tattoo, the rumor was started. But there's never been any credible report that he will be in it or is considering it.

According to this interviewer, Fincher says Jake hasn't been considered.

That said, what the heck was the tattoo for?!

Not much news on the Jake front. I'd love to see some Jake and/or Jake/Reese pics this weekend! I don't want to have to resort to the tabs again.

I'll leave you with this not timely, but unverified tidbit. It made me laugh:

Where Witherspoon goes, Jake will follow — maybe: I just read your article mentioning Jake Gyllenhaal. As someone who grew up in Cleveland and now resides in New Mexico, I need to tell you that Amy Porach (of Cleveland) just called me and said that Jake was checkin' her out on the set of Brothers.

She is doing a scene with Jake, and she has the Reese look, so maybe he just likes blondes who look a little like Reese. However, maybe the Hollywood hype is at work because of the movie Reese and he did in South Africa, and they are really not together, as the publicity wants us to think. Otherwise, why would he be checking out Amy?

Umm, since when do men in relationships not look at other women?! And how sweet that the person totally believes her friend is not making it up/exaggerating for publicity.

People are funny.

Speaking of which - play nice, kids :)

Okay, time for bed. See you later on.

Anonymous said...

Jake has a way of looking at people that might make one think he is "checking them out." Maybe she had lettuce on her teeth.
Or a bugger.

jp said...

It's too bad about Torso, if true. It does appear to be Fincher's next film and looks like it will be real good.

As for that comment, I think it's funny. Girls are very vain sometimes aren't they? They think that all men are coming on to them.

Imagine how arrogant that friend of hers must be. Jake Gyllenhaal: movie star, millionaire, boyfriend of Reese Witherspoon, is nice to her and she's like, "yep, he wants me." lol.

That's too much.

Narcissa said...

Rama is on Fincher's IMDB page, while Torso is not, while they are both on his page.......

He has made three films now with Brad Pitt. This seems to be the pattern more and more, with directors working with the same people (Nolan with Bale; Scorsese with DiCaprio).

Some new, though not very interesting , pics of Reese (scroll to the bottom of the page). She's still working on 4 Christmasses:

Anonymous said...

Thank God for this place.

sass said...

Morning from NYC this cold Sunday morning... 26.7 degrees...while I wait impatiently for my NY Giants to slay the Green Bay Packers!

Morning again Sarah, OK, I'm playing good today, which means I am sharing these hot Rendition snaps to try and make up for rant.

I am really sorry jp and my fellow babblers for being such a total pain in the ??? the other day.

So here's a little something something that fell into my gmail this morning.

Jake Gyllenhaal shirtless thumbnalil gallery from Rendition. TY Superherofan. Embiggen all twice, and drool properly all boys and girls who stop by.

Jake shirtless from Rendition DAYUM!

Embioggen all thumbnails...check out those FINE Intercostal muscles:)
Enjoy amongst yourselves.

annie said...

I think Sass is trying to give people a heartattack this Sunday morning..!

jp said...

It's okay Sass.

I'm sorry if you misunderstood my comment. I honestly meant no malice.

You were right anyway, Fincher seems to have Matt Damon in mind for the part.

But i'm hoping he reconsiders Jake for the role if Matt Damon is too busy with other projects. It sounds like another cool David Fincher type pic. Since we all liked Zodiac so much, it seems that the two pairing up again would produce favorable results.

Interesting fact I uncovered when looking for information on the "Torso" film. Did you know that Eliot Ness was in his 20s when he took down Al Capone?

I feel like such a slacker all of a sudden.

chica said...

Yes annie I think that sass is trying to give us a heart attack this morning, thanks for the link!

Looking forwad to the Giants/Packers game today, GO GIANTS!!

And I agree UV, if that desciption of Jake on the set of Brothers is true, it's quite natural to checkout other girls, he is dating Reese but he isn't blind to other cute girls I would think!

shondra said...

OT: Excelent review of the Zodiac DVD from Slate:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those Sass - I just HAD to check out those Jarhead ones too - phew they're hot ;)

Anonymous said...

An extra posted a picure of himself from the set of Brothers in full Taliban cloths. No mention of Jake, Tobey or Nantlie being on set:

FluorescentLamp said...

sass, chica, hope you don't mind - just want to sneak this in while I can...


Okay, back to ogling over Rendition Jake. :-)

toni27 said...

I was looking at a picture of Reese and Jake at some award show in 2005. They were enjoying each other company. It got me thinking, do you think they were having an affair? Maybe Reese and Ryan marriage had been over for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anything was going on then, but I do think they have been together much longer then people think. I just found the x17 video from April (the one where it says it's not Reese, but it is definetly her) and even then it seemed they where had been together for a while.

Anonymous said...

For all that may have been curious about Jake, Natalie and Toby and filming in NM of Brothers, they should all be on set by tomorrow, filming will continue until the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, 6:09 PM. Am curious how you found that info out? Hope it is true!

Anonymous said...

My brother goes to the Univ. and his GF got a part as an extra so he got the info from her. Jake and Tobey are probably in NM now, Natalie tomorrow.

lawgoddess said...

Anon, do you have a link to this? I'd like to see it?

'I just found the x17 video from April (the one where it says it's not Reese, but it is definetly her) and even then it seemed they where had been together for a while."

Thanks, B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anon 8:22!

Anon 8:11

suvee said...

thanks anon, for the "Brothers" filming update... it was much appreciated.

and sass.... what can I say about those Jake/Douglas pics? Well, I can say "thank you!" for giving me a much needed "Rendition" fix to get me by 'til the DVD release. Not for the first time do I think to myself, "Jeez, Gavin...... would it have killed you to make that scene about 5 or 6 minutes longer?" : )

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
First time poster, just noticed new pics of jake and reese after breakfast on Sunday morning on Just Jared.


suvee said...

Hi, anon 10:13.... what a great first post here.
Thanks for the very welcome Jake & Reese sighting!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks to all the anon goodies! I'm still tense from the Patriots game. So the pics put a smile on my face :)

New post with some of them.