Sunday, January 6, 2008


Some new pictures of Jake, with Brothers costar Tobey Maguire in Brentwood.

Aww, look at Jake looking at the kidlet!

Just a thought, but perhaps the reason Brothers is scheduled for a 2009 release is the glacial pace at which they seem to be filming. They haven't exactly had a rigorous schedule!

In other randomness, the New York Daily News deemed Jake and Reese:

Hot: Togetherness. Jake Gyllenhaal takes Reese Witherspoon and her kids for a stroll.

I wonder why this story has been presented everywhere as Jake's taking Reese and the kids on a hike? Maybe it was her idea!

Since we got only a solo sighting of Jake this weekend, check out these old but new-to-me encounters. From November:

Spotted brunching together at the table next to me this morning at La Note in Berkeley: Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon. They shared a Sunday New York Times as they waited for Berkeley's best breakfast to arrive. ...

Pre-romance, from the 2005 Vanity Fair Oscar party:

Here and there a drone wandered, an unknown face. But for the most part it was a living menagerie of the pages of a glossy magazine. Jake Gyllenhaal, his head shaven, whispered in the ear of Reese Witherspoon, her hair a stripy vanilla-chocolate color.

Of course, as the story notes, Jake left with Kirsten. But maybe there was a hint of a spark? It's a nice image either way :)

I like the mutual touches in this pic. And even though they were allegedly broken up at this point, can you blame Kirsten for wanting to get her hands on Jarhead Jake?

Adding this picture of Maggie and Sidney Lumet from the party. Note Jake in the background:

(Photos courtesy of Flynet Online, Page Six, IHJ and Vanity Fair.)


Anonymous said...

Some more great tidbits UV, thank you. I read a post on imdb that said all these blogger sightings are planted there by PR so that fans can coo over them. Can you imagine PR getting in touch with a hairdresser, a dog walker etc, saying "please put in that you saw J & R here, there and everywhere so the fans can coo". LOLOL

agent_krycek said...

That's hilarious Anon 6:36am - the most ridiculous explanation yet :D And why on earth would these bloggers comply, they've no connection to J&R, wouldn't, at least one of them, been far more likely to say 'You'll never guess who's contacted me asking me to say I've seen J&R together'

They don't appear to be killing themselves to get Brothers made do they - maybe some rewrites were needed so it's being held up by the strike ???

Ruby Maguire is a little cutie.

sheba baby said...

I bow down to UV for her skills in finding these tidbits, thanks!!

The tidbit from the Vanity fair party in 05, very interesting, hmmmm.

Tobey's daughter is a cutie.

When are they going to resume filming Brothers is the real mystery, they sure seem to have a lot of time off!

Reese went back to work on 1/3 according to some posters on imdb,filming in SF finished in December. They were suppposed to be filming in Long Beach on 1/3 and 1/4 (Thursday and Friday).

We know that Reese had the kids last weekend, so i assume that Ryan maybe had them this weekend and her filming most likely extended to the weekend?

The pics on flynet says that they took the pics on Sunday in Brentwood, and we all know that Reese lives there. It also looks like Jake ran into Tobey and Co. on his way out, so with my little Nancy Drew skills IMO he was at Reese's while she was at work and he went out for a bite to eat.

I know I need to get a life, LOL!!

bobbyanna said...

Clearly, Ruby Maguire finds Jake very attractive!
Again, I am wondering. Is there even the remotest possibility that while they are definitely using New Mexico for Afghanistan, and for some of the other scenes such as the church,and they are using the exteriors, etc., is there even the remotest possibility they might be shooting interior scenes of Jake and Natalie in LA? I thought I read somewhere that Sheridan hoped to be finished shooting by the end of January.

UV you are second to no one when it comes to finding things. Brilliant, even.

sass said...

Fantastic post UV!
How ever do you find these delicious tidbits? I second bobbyanna, let's call you brilliant and be done with it. Your latest blog sighting is hilarious, and it adds one more restaurant to my Jake foodie diary. Yelp, here I come:)

Maybe Jake has had a bit of a crush on Reese in 05. hmmmm.

Kirsten and Reese both love to touch his hotness, who wouldn't:) He sure has grownup fine.

Anon, your post is hilarious.

It looks like Jake and Tobey Daughter's liked each other a lot.
Who doesn't Jake know in Hollywood? Being able to stop and casually chat with the head of Universal Studio's President, who is also Tobey's father-in-law ...well damn, I like that.:)

I'll come back later and stay a while.

gr77 said...

Jake looking at Toby's daughter and smiling is just too adorable!!

smile said...

Hi babblers, hope you have a perfect day.

Now I don´t know how you could blame innocent PR for this, while it is cristal clear that UV has nothing other to do but to contact and make up blogs to post this wonderful, perfect, unbelievable tidbits :) lol!
No, wrong, in fact UV and FL ARE PR in disguise, right! ;)))

Kidding aside: Kudos UV, I don´t know how you do it- perfect post, perfect tidbits!

jp said...

Reese had the weekend off...

On imdb someone wrote, "they are done in Long Beach (where they apparently filmed 'office party' scenes on January 3rd and 4th --- Thursday and Friday) they're filming in "Hawthorne" on Monday."

So she's not filming this weekend. She resumes filming today --- Monday --- in "Hawthorne" where ever that is.

If Jake was in Brentwood, chances are he was with Reese. Maybe he was just picking up lunch. They are known for doing that.

It's possible that either Ryan had the kids this weekend and the two were alone at her place, or that he has already left for England to begin working on his new movie.

He was suppose to start filming that in January in England and Germany.

But who knows...

I'm beginning to think that some of the scenes for "Brothers" are being filmed in LA. Time is money after all, and this is not a big budget film.

shondra said...

I'm wondering too if the rest of Brothers is being filmed in LA. I remember some LAX airport pictures of Natalie last week (I think arriving at LAX).

I thought at 1st that Jake was having lunch or whatever with Tobey and family but it looks like he was driving by and saw them and stopped to say hi.

And Ruby a cutie!!

sass said...

In for just a sec...I forgot to thank you for my a new word: Randomosity.
It fits and I love it.:)

sass said...

One more drive by after my drive-by.
Everyone is beaming at the pretty baby and Tobey has that sleepy tired dad look.

Jake Tobey and Tobey's family.

The happy family

Is filming finished in NM?

jp said...

It could be that they shot all the exterior shots/scenes in NM and are now filming the interior scenes in some studio in LA. Honestly, at this point this seems likely. It doesn't make sense that they'd get an extra week off. It may also explain the Natalie photos from last week at LAX (she and her family live in NYC), and the initial report that they would begin filming again on December 26.

After all, that isn't really that unusual. The same thing happened with There Will Be Blood (oh here's jp talking about There Will Be Blood again, I wish he'd stick to sightings and Ted Casablanca). They filmed for two months in Marfa, Texas and then moved production to LA for the final month.

It happens all the time.

bobbyanna said...

Got a Google alert that Maggie G was a presenter for the NYC Film Critics Circle Awards last night, and while presenting to Robert Elswit (sp?)she confirmed that her family had been friends with him ever since she was a little girl. Then she related a story her mother told her. It seems he hid himself in a closet so he could take pictures of the delivery of baby Jake...described in the blog as Jake's first nude pictures! LOL!!

get real said...

Okay love this place! Never ceases to amaze me how you find these gems. Past sighting of Reese and Jake having a moment back in the day is very cool! Seeing Maggie and SL, with Jake in the background at that same VF party and the SF sighting all are awesomeness!! And the totally adorable pics of Jake and Tobey with Jake smiling at little Ruby is just aww-worthy. :)

I also wonder if they have moved Brothers filming to LA. Seems Jake, Tobey and Natalie are all in town and not in NM. I really doubt this will come out in 2009. Even if they finish filming late like into February, they still have plenty of time to edit and get it ready by fall 2008. IMDb is known to not update info and to post incorrect info. We will have to wait and see.

Bobbyanna, I saw pics at Getty Images of Maggie, Peter and one of Robert Elswit. So nice that she presented to him! And the story she told, omg Jake's first nude pictures, LOLOLOL!!!! You you have a link to that?

chica said...

I can't believe all the tidbits UV manages to find, thanks so much and I love this blog!!

The Vanity party sighting is interesting, I know Reese said that she knew Jake for a few years through friends during the Rendition Junket but it's great thast we are hearing/seeing it!

I also think that Brothers may be filming in L.A. now, too much time off from filming in NM.

And the pics of Ruby, Tobey and Jake are adorable!!

get real said...

Nevermind Bobbyanna, I think I found the article HERE.

Maggie Gyllenhaal presented a cinematography award to There Will Be Blood's Robert Elswit, who she said is an old family friend. “I’ve known Robert Elswit since I was a little girl”, Gyllenhaal told the crowd at Spotlight Live. “My mom reminded me last night that he snuck into the delivery room and hid in a closet to take pictures of my brother being born.” So those would be the first naked photos of Jake Gyllenhaal.

That really makes me think RE is one of Jake's godfathers. I mean he was there when Jake was born. That is a really special thing whether he is an official or unofficial godfather I would be honored if he was taking my first pics!

sass said...

More wonderful news! A pic of Robert Elswit below. Love Maggie spilling the beans on poor ole Jake. Sweet:)

Robert Elswit

sass said...

Evening again Babblers,

Star Magazine, *sass runs and hides* like, realizes they gets my and other peep's attention, when they publish Jake/ Reese information.
Below photo link.
I know all babblers will indulge this unverified information about our favorite couple.

1/14/08 issue

Jake Reese unverified 411

Below really cute pics from their before they had stylist feature?.?

Jake and Reese both taken at 18 years old
xoxoxo to all babblers,

bobbyanna said...

Wow! Thanks Sass!!! Great stuff!
Love the "All I want is you!" report. Find it very believable.
Just from observing her, I think she feels the same way. The pictures of the two of them at 18 were fun.

Speaking only for myself, I have to say that often, my wardrobe choices, my "look," reflected what I was feeling and how I thought of myself at certain points in my life. The "sexy" vibe has to come from within.

When you feel sexy, when you feel alive, and loved, and confident, you will radiate it and it will reflect in how you look and how you walk, etc.

So if Reese was glowing and had some "pep in her step" at last year's Golden Globes and Oscars, I'd bet Jake put it there...the guy she was meeting in NYC a few days after the Oscar broadcast.

I like to think they were "chatting" back and forth during the event. He told Diane Sawyer he watched the Oscars, so I'd like to think they were in touch and sharing some fun observations. (Remember the crack he made about Gwyneth's hair,when he tilted his head? LOL!!...)

suvee said...

Another great post, UV.... thanks! "Randomosity" is such a Woody Allen word to me (that's a compliment!).

All these little tidbits about J & R from the past are so intriguing.....really makes me wonder exactly when the first "spark" happened. I agree with bobbyanna about Reese's sexy "new look"..... tells me she had a man in her life.... and it wasn't Ryan. : )

suvee said...

sorry for this totally OT post..... but for those who are interested, Stephen Gyllenhaal wrote a very interesting piece for today's Huffington Post about, well...... a CIA whistle blower, Al Gore and various other musings about terrorism, Iran and the Bushies. His writing kind of reminded me of how Jake talks sometimes....

UltraViolet said...

I want to comment on all the wonderful posts, but I can't stop grinning and rereading the Star Magazine blurb. Thanks so much for posting that, Sass!

Now I must go play "All I Want Is You," one of my favorite U2 songs...

shondra said...

Just a reminder: The Zodiac director's cut DVD comes out today!

agent_krycek said...

That Star magazine bit made me squee quite loudly in the office.

You can imagine the telephone call from Jake this morning 'Maggie, did you have to go and tell that story'

I love all these titbits of sightings etc, must write to J&Rs PR people and thank them for giving me so much to coo over ;-)

Monica said...

Reese's oscar 2007

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love how PR can be so clueless and clever at the same time, imagine taking time to plant sightings in Random blogs and then setting up photo ops where they are dessed in jeans, Reese w/o make up and don't forget looking annoyed at the paps when they invade their privacy. What happened to the good old days of PR when they would just show up at events, parties, etc all gussied up and smiling, LOL!!

Thanks for this blog and all the sightings, they made me a believer way before the tabloids!

Monica said...
Reese Witherspoon Golden Globe 2007
Reese red carpet Oscar 2007
Reese red carét sag awards

sass said...

Morning babblers:)
Before I pickup my copy of Zodiac, I thought I'd post this Variety article; our favorite director/auteur is mentioned;) If this has been posted here, please feel free to remove it.

Not all auteurs are authors

I can't leave yet. Maintenance is trying to repair my door lock and I have to stop and view the posted Youtubes:)

sass said...

I have one more bit of unverified news to chat about while I'm waiting for my repair person.
Page 6 reported yesterday--I threw it out this morning--that Tobey and Jake were fighting over what to give the crew of Brothers???

The reporter who wrote this has no clue about wrap gifts.

They reported Tobey gave everyone ipod 4 or 5 GB Nanos and Jake gave them all gifts certificates to an exclusive restaurant, so maybe their part of the shoot is over???

agent_krycek said...

sass - that was in National Enquirer as well. I must say it looks very accurate considering how 'daggers drawn' Jake and Tobey look in those photos *rolls eyes*

Hmmm, I would think, if shooting is still scheduled for the rest of the month they would still have stuff to do, I don't want to give away any spoilers whatsoever, but going by the castlist and character names on imdb and the little titbits about a man in his boxers etc, they do seem to be following pretty much the original
script, so I would think there's a bit more to come if they haven't already wrapped.

Anonymous said...

I think if they had finished filming Jake would have shaved by now. (Hopefully soon).

chica said...

As if I needed anymore proof as to what great mom I think Reese is:

Instead of throwing her children right in front of the paparazzi’s view, Reese Witherspoon chooses to shield them from the public eye as often as she can. While Ava and Deacon visit mommy on the set of her new movie Four Christmases, Reese sends them in ahead of her. That way they can get transported in unnoticed. Smart lady.

“Reese [Witherspoon] sends Ava and Deacon to the set well in advance,” says our source on “Four Christmases,” her new film with Vince Vaughn. “She knows that she is a draw for the paparazzi, so once the kids are safely in her trailer, Reese drives in with the photogs en masse behind her. She’s a great mom with them on set.”

UltraViolet said...

Hmm, the story about crew gifts makes it seem like the NM part of filming is done, at least for Jake and Tobey.

But a) it's the Enquirer and 2) didn't we read about a hundred news reports saying they were in NM until the end of January?

Hollywood is a confusing place!

Which is why it's great that Reese takes such care with her children, as that report noted. I can't imagine how weird it is for kids to have to deal with photographers constantly trying to get at them.

Also, in between planting fake sightings of Jake and Reese and then cooing over them, I forgot to chuckle over the Jake and Reese At 18 photos. Reese certainly own that battle!

Finally, Cinematical seems to have been alerted to the casting of Ray Prewitt. Must be a slow news day!

I do wish Ray would give us some more insight into what, if anything, is happening on-set.

Monica said...

Jake and Naomi

Anonymous said...

Jake with his mother.

God I hate that site.

Anonymous said...

Sorry monica we posted at the same time.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the picture tip, anon and Monica. (And Monica for the youtube links.)

Hopefully we'll see pics someplace besides Perez and we can get one without the "creative" writing.

UltraViolet said...

One last comment - glad everyone liked my made-up word. I love word plays and making up new words. So I'm happy you're all willing to indulge me.

Plus, "randomosity" was close to "animosity," which is what I was feeling toward certain sectors on the interwebs the other day. So it was fun to turn it around a bit.