Tuesday, January 22, 2008

April 4, 1979 - January 22, 2008


Like a lot of us, I first became aware of Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You.

And I fell in love with him.

Heath on the set of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in London on Saturday.

I'm at a loss for words right now.



bobbyanna said...

Thanks for this FL. I remember when my daughter insisted we see Ten Things "because it was Shakespeare." I fell in love the moment I saw Patrick Verona. And he never disappointed me. It was because of Heath that I saw Brokeback Mountain...and found Jake. This is so sad.I have no words.

get real said...

Oh, Heath. You will be very missed. :(

Thank you for posting this, FL

suvee said...

I am in shock...... my brain just cannot process this horrible news.
I am heartbroken...... for Matilda, for Heath's family and friends, for all who loved him. I am heartbroken that this amazing person is gone too soon.

May his soul rest in peace.....

shondra said...

I am devastated. I just can't process this news right now.

My heart goes out to his family and sweet Matilda.

UltraViolet said...

FL, thank you so much for this post. As you know and as you were, I was shocked and devastated when I heard the news. I tried getting into blogger and couldn't. So I had the train ride home to listen to the BBM soundtrack and think of Heath.

I still can't wrap my mind around it. It's so wrong.

I hope he is at peace now.

bobbyanna said...

I'm afraid to turn on my TV. I cannot bear to see the footage of them taking him away. This just isn't sinking in for me. My sweet angel. The news is saying Michelle is en route to NYC and she is devastated by the news. I am glad I have somewhere to come and grieve. My heart is truly aching.

FluorescentLamp said...

I just added a YouTube vid on the front page of the blog. It makes me smile...and cry...and smile.

Heath. :***-(

bobbyanna said...

One thing is sure. I will absolutely NOT being going to X17 or those kinds of sites for any news. JustJared seems to be the only internet gossip blog with any credibility and he has done a very good, decent job covering this horrible news.

I will stick to the reputable news outlets, like CNN. The rest are filled with despicable speculation. I am not having that. I can't handle this very well at all.

Suffice to say.Heath spent A LOT of time in NYC alone with his daughter. He took her everywhere, and she was part of his life. If Heath weren't "reliable" I am certain that would not have been the case.

Heath had so many friends.He directed music videos for his good friend, Ben Harper and some other groups. In fact, he looked forward to directing movies! He had so much talent, was a gifted photographer, too. I know he was friends with Joaquim Phoenix, Russell Crowe, Martin Henderson, Christian Bale, Geoffrey Rush, Cate Blanchett, and a lot of people who just thought the world of him. I remember recently how Michael Caine was so effusive in his tribute to Heath's performance in TDK. This is incomprehensible to me. Unreal.

bobbyanna said...

FL, thanks for the Ten Things video. It is very sweet. I had looked forward to the possibility of Heath doing some singing again in one of his future performances. He sang a tiny bit in Knight's Tale, and he did have a voice.

lawgoddess said...

Oh guys, this is so awful. I'm just crushed, and sad, and angry. Poor Matilda. It really is a situation where words fail.

chica said...

Thanks for this post, I can't watch TV at this point and i'm staying away from the online sites.

I am still in shock, my heart goes out to his family and his sweet daughter Matilda.

I will miss you Heath, rest in peace.

suvee said...

As I was watching CNN's coverage of Heath's death (which was basically respectful), I thought how much he would have hated this invasion of his privacy (even the dead are entitled to privacy, I believe). And that made me even sadder, if possible.

UltraViolet said...

I have nothing profound to add. I have a work meeting, offsite, for most of the day tomorrow. So I won't be checking in until tomorrow afternoon or evening, probably.

I wonder if I'll even be able to pay attention to all the blather tomorrow. I'll be thinking of all you and everyone in the BBM community. We've had our share of travails, but this puts all of that into perspective.

Take care, everyone!

bobbyanna said...

suvee, I think I might try to watch a bit of Larry King at midnight when it repeats.

I'm so conflicted. A part of me wants to just hang around here and and deal with private grieving, not watching anything on TV. Yet another part of me needs to deal with that public reality.

One thing I've discovered. All these various people, like Peter Travers from Rolling Stone, and others are paying such beautiful tributes to Heath. That is really a comfort. I hope he is hearing it!

Somehow, I think Heath is kind of pissed off at all the fuss...and I don't think for one moment he was ready to leave. He's probably pissed off about that, too.

I feel kind like I'm bouncing off walls here.I cry a bit, the I read, etc. I feel so empty.. All the wonderful performances we will never see. Watching him mature and enjoy his daughter growing up.

hearing the words on TV, his picture plastered everywhere. The dates. 1979 -2008. It is just all wrong. All wrong.

suvee said...

"Somehow, I think Heath is kind of pissed off at all the fuss...and I don't think for one moment he was ready to leave. He's probably pissed off about that, too."

Oh, bobbyanna, your description of a pissed off Heath actually brought a (small) smile to my face.

God, I can't believe he is really gone.

FluorescentLamp said...

Before I go off to bed I thought I'd share what really made me a Heath fan lo those many...7, 8, years ago.

He used to date older women exclusively. Yep, that's what drew me to him. First, Lisa Zane who was about 15 years older, then Heather Graham who was 11 years older, then Naomi who was 10 years older. Yes, I thought to myself, I shall be a fan of this pretty boy from Oz with the penchant for older women (because I'm easy to please like that). And I will follow his career forever. I never thought that forever would be . . .

MAN. None of this makes one bit of sense to me. Nothing.


sass said...

Thanks UV and Fl for this refuge. I miss Heath so much. Nothing I say can articulate how much I loved him.


Anonymous said...

I am just so shocked and saddened by the news. I feel for is family and friends.

agent_krycek said...

11pm last night I was as happy as could be with my football team recording a fab victory, 5 minutes later, after switching on the news I was completely devestated. Got no sleep last night, still can't quite believe it, switched tv channels thinking/praying they'd got it wrong. At the moment I'm sad and really, really angry at him (which is wrong, I know, but it's how I feel), beautiful little Matilda has lost her daddy, it's just so wrong, so very, very wrong.

Like many other, 10 Things was my introduction to Heath, fell in love with his amazing grin. Bugger it, can't really articulate right now, just very, very sad, it's so wrong.

RIP Heath, you beautiful man.

annie said...

My heart goes out to all those who knew him personally; his family in Australia, little Matilda, Michelle. And Jake.
Hugs to all of you who are devastated by this news.
Another one, forever young.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. just don't know what else to say.


Anonymous said...

Sick bastards. What are they going to do? Fly to Australia?

RIP Heath, you are with the angels now.

jp said...

To change the subject a little, for those of you interested, someone on imdb claims to have witnessed them filming a scene in Glorietta, NM yesterday. I believe, if i'm not mistaken, Glorietta was the location they shot at right after they shot the funeral --- but I may be mistaken.

Anyway the scene involved Natalie and Tobey and Jake was not there. They are suppose to continue filming there today. No word on whether Jake will be present.

bobbyanna said...

Can some one tell me. Why is it, we are continually being asked to accept the un acceptable? Who do we talk to about that.

Today is not a better day.Today is even harder. Yesterday was unreal. Today is too real.

get real said...

Hey all,

Still can't get over that it is real and that Heath is gone. Could not sleep last night. Continue to watch all the tributes coming in, from family, peers, friends, etc. Heath was much admired, respected and loved.

Thanks for the info, JP. I hope Jake has support around him right now.

(((Hugs))) all.

sheba baby said...

Thanks for this post FL. I'm still in shock from yesterday, I can't believe he is gone.

I first discovered Heath when I saw A Knights Tale and fell in love.

My prayers goes out to his grieving family and beautiful daughter.

I will miss him dearly.

sad said...

Heath's death inconclusive:


jp said...

If the initial autopsy came back "inconclusive" than it pretty much rules out a suicide doesn't it?

I assume that they pumped his stomach looking to see if it was full of pills. They probably determined that it wasn't and this is why the investigation is moving away from suicide.

Now they have to do a toxicology to determine what exactly was in his system.

I have my own theory. I think he may have died of a heart attack. I've personally known three different people who have had heart attacks at a young age (they were 29, 30, 36). If he was ill, and early reports state that he had pnemonia. Also he was taking both anti-anxiety pills and sleeping pills for his chronic insomnia. It's a pretty safe bet that he wasn't in the best shape. He was also a drinker and a smoker. Add to this the fact that he was probably jet lagged from flying in from London, and I think that it's possible that his boby couldn't take the stress it was under.

l said...

I am so sad about Heath, crying off and on, but I sure wish there was some way of being reassured that Jake is okay, or as okay as he can be in the circumstances.
A statement from Jake would make me feel better. But of course, he needs to do what is best for him. Maybe he isn't ready, or maybe he thinks it would deflect attention from Heath's family and their needs. Hard to say. B.

Barbara said...

L is me, lawgoddess, I can't seem to get the hang of the " nickname" thing.

Anonymous said...

If the initial autopsy came back "inconclusive" than it pretty much rules out a suicide doesn't it?

No, it doesn't rule out anything. Overdose autopsies can come back inconclusive. He could have died of an overdose of something other than pills. They will do a tox screen and the results will be back in 6 weeks. And now the police are reporting that illegal drugs, in addition to the pills, have been found in Heath's apt. I highly doubt this guy died peacefully of a heart attack.

FluorescentLamp said...

I'd like to leave the speculation of exactly how Heath died out of these posts if you don't mind. He's gone. It's unfathomable. It's beyond belief. In several weeks time we'll learn more. But until then please let's keep the rumor-milling at bay.

Thanks for your understanding.

chica said...

I want to stop by his Apt. and leave some flowers, but I don't know if I can do it today, i'm still in shock and numb.

I think I may do it tomorrow.

chica said...

An Actor Whose Work Will Outlast the Frenzy
Ruth Fremson/The New York Times
A makeshift memorial to the actor Heath Ledger outside his apartment building on Broome Street in SoHo. More Photos >

Sign In to E-Mail or Save This Print Share

From Today's NY Times
An Actor Whose Work Will Outlast the Frenzy

By A.O. Scott

The defining performance of Heath Ledger’s tragically foreshortened career — more or less equivalent to what Jim Stark in “Rebel Without a Cause” was for James Dean — will surely be the role of Ennis Del Mar in “Brokeback Mountain.”


bobbyanna said...

Thanks FL. And also,please spare me not only the speculation, but the gory details. Heath and dead are two words irreconcilable to me. I haven't yet gotten my head around them.

I said this on another blog I visit, I'll say it here.Whatever happened, and however it happened, it was a horrible mistake. An accident. It wasn't MEANT to happen.

Nothing in this world can alter the fact that he was a dear soul, a brilliant artist, a kind, gentle person of uncommon gifts.

In the USA, unfortunately, you cannot "libel" the dead. They are pretty much fair game. So, in the coming weeks and months, Heath will become a poster boy for all kinds of despicable speculation. It will wound his parents and his sisters deeply. It will attempt to leave a tarnished legacy for his daughter. Much of it will result in an attempt albeit inadvertently, to overshadow the beautiful person he truly was. I won't be reading that stuff or be listening to it.

I know all I need to know about Heath Ledger. And I am filled with the most profound sense of loss because of it.

All the things I looked forward to for him are over. The movies he will never make, the daughter he will never see grow up. The love and respect thousands of people felt for him, but most especially his peers in the film community.

No point now in the "casting" games I used to play, wishing Heath would do this or that type of film. Wondering if he would he ever sing again in a movie. Would he get his Oscar or his BAFTA.

I am glad he had a chance to spend a private, meaningful Christmas holiday with his family and friends in Australia. It is a comfort to me.

I am also very glad he spent so much time with his Matilda. That is a comfort to me. All the accolades, and the affection people are expressing are a comfort to me. And this blog, right this minute is a comfort to me. So thank you for that. I appreciate very much you intention of keeping this a safe haven for us to grieve.

I was only able to work for four hours today.I guess I should have kept things "in perspective," and tried to tough it out, But I couldn't.

extra said...

Production of Heat's new film shut down:


RIP sweet Heath, my heart is breaking.

sass said...

Going downtown tonight or tomorrow and leave flowers for my self and for us if that's OK. I will let you know...

FluorescentLamp said...

This is such a sad, sad afternoon for me. The "stunned" effect is wearing off. The reality is setting in. And the more things I read, fan tributes, critics' accolades, overhearing people talking about Heath in the elevator - it's breaking my heart into pieces and causing me to reach for the tissues frequently.

Thanks, sass, in advance...if you go.

gabbana said...

Sass, that would be wonderful if you could leave some flowers.

I am amazed at how terribly shocked and sad I am.

Now Jack & Ennis will live forever on the mountain...

Narcissa said...

What his family must be feeling - the loss they will feel forever - dreadfully sad.

Anonymous said...

Just found this article that says Jake is on his way to NY. Don't know if it's true or not.


I just can't stop thinking about Heath.

suvee said...

sass and chica.... I like the idea of leaving flowers for Heath..... thank you.

Today was worse than yesterday in a way.... the reality of it is slowly sinking in, but I still can't totally believe he is gone. And also, today I found my thoughts drifting to Jake, knowing he must be in so much pain now. Too much sadness all around.

I just saw this..... could be total bs, but thought I'd pass it along.


bobbyanna said...

Thanks and hugs ((((Sass and chica)))))I hope anyone who can, will bring flowers. I would like to see the whole of Broome Street filled with tributes to Heath.

suvee, I saw that TMZ thing on "Where's Jake" and was proud of the many commenters who jumped on TMZ and said "back off!"

I've read in different places that Heath is at Campbell's Funeral Home in NYC preparing for his trip home to Perth. Also read that sometime next week his dad would come to LA for a memorial service.

TMZ is basically saying Brothers continues to shoot, Jake is upset at the loss of his friend, and the producers have hired extra security to keep paps and prying reporters away. Whatever he's doing, it will probably be very private and personal. This has to have Jake's heart torn in pieces.
I wouldn't be surprised if Maggie tries to help out wherever she can as well.

Anonymous said...

Someone said on another board that Michelle's plane had landed at NEwark airport and her mother and best friend were already at the Brooklyn house.

sass said...

HI Babblers,
Please excuse my long post...
I want to comment but not to upset my mates. I am rn off on disability and couldn't help looking this list up and sharing the info. UV and FL if need be please remove.

NYPD sources tell TMZ that nearly full pill bottles containing the anti-anxiety medications Alprazolam (Xanax), Diazepam (Valium) and Lorazepam (Ativan) were found in the apartment. The sleeping medication Zoplicone (Lunesta) and the sedative Temazepam (Restoril) -- which is used by people with "debilitating insomnia" -- were also found.

All of the drugs were prescribed to Ledger.

If anyone is taking these drugs in combination with anything please check with your docs again.

I have had to remove some sleep medications, Ambien and other meds from my arsenal, prescribed by my rheumy and neuro docs...and I am a RN...just think about poor Heath, trying desperately to sleep.
How could any doc prescribe him so many Benzodiazepines?

If this list of drugs supposedly prescribed to Heath is 1/4 true ,
I am speechless, horrified and angry!

Prescribed drugs by docs to Heath

Temazepam for severe insomnia

It's obvious to me that no one told Heath just how dangerous it would be to take more than one Ambien at a time.(See NY Times article) Or maybe they told him to take another one not knowing his physical makeup and tolerance, or how his body would respond if in fact he had the cold as was reported by Christopher Plummer and took cold medications too.

below quote from article.
There may be other drugs not listed that can affect temazepam. Tell your doctor about all the prescription and over-the-counter medications you use. This includes vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and drugs prescribed by other doctors. Do not start using a new medication without telling your doctor.

Medscape I think you need register so I posted it here in quotes.

Medscape Alerts
FDA Strengthens Warnings on Sleep Drugs

Yael Waknine
Information from Industry
RozeremTM (ramelteon) 8-mg tablets

View indications, efficacy data, safety data, and full
Prescribing Information

"March 15, 2007 — Manufacturers of 13 sedative-hypnotic drugs have been asked to strengthen safety label warnings regarding adverse events associated with their use, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced yesterday. The drugs are used in the treatment of insomnia.

The request, issued in December 2006, addresses the risk for engaging in activities while somnolent with no memory of having taken a pill, according to an alert sent Wednesday from MedWatch, the FDA's safety information and adverse event reporting program. Requested label changes also emphasize the risks for anaphylaxis and angioedema, which can occur the first time the drug is taken.

The FDA notes that sleep behaviors while taking these drugs can be complex and may include sleep-driving, making phone calls, and preparing/eating meals. Because of potential variations in risk levels, makers have also been advised to conduct clinical investigations to assess event incidence rates for each individual product.

Along with these label changes, the FDA also asked manufacturers to develop patient medication guides for distribution with each prescription. These easy-to-read pamphlets are intended to inform patients of the risks associated with therapy and that appropriate precautions that should be taken, such as avoiding alcohol and contacting their physician before discontinuing therapy.

Affected products include zolpidem tartrate tablets and extended-release tablets (Ambien and Ambien CR, Sanofi-Aventis); butisol sodium (Medpointe Pharm HLC); pentobarbital/carbromal (Carbitral, Parke-Davis); flurazepam HCl capsules (Dalmane, Valeant Pharm); quazepam tablets (Doral, Questcor Pharms); and triazolam tablets (Halcion, Pfizer).

Also included are eszopiclone tablets (Lunesta, Sepracor); ethchlorvynol capsules (Placidyl, Abbott); estazolam (Prosom, Abbott); temazepam capsules (Restoril, Tyco Healthcare); ramelteon tablets (Rozerem, Takeda); seconal sodium capsules (Ranbaxy); and zaleplon capsules (Sonata, King Pharmaceuticals).

Adverse events potentially related to use of these sedative-hypnotic products should be reported to the manufacturer and to the FDA's MedWatch reporting program by phone at 1-800-FDA-1088, by fax at 1-800-FDA-0178, online at http://www.fda.gov/medwatch, or by mail to 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787.

Related Links
Resource Centers
Insomnia and Sleep Health Resource Center"

suvee said...

bobbyanna, based on your post, I went back to TMZ to read the comments. ( I'm just so in the habit now of not reading comments on most other sites because of the hate and general nastiness, I never would have bothered with the TMZ post comments.)

So many of the comments were pleas to leave Jake alone and let him grieve in peace. It restored my faith in people.....

sass said...

Hi again everyone.
I'll be going down to Soho in am. I am so obtuse...Would any New Yorker from here like to meet down there tomorrow? If so maybe we could meet near mid-day to early afternoon.

There are still barriers up but we can leave flowers together. I can't seem to get there today. It would be nice to see a friendly face. I'll be back to check.
If not, I will still go and think about you and Heath and beautiful Matilda and poor Michelle.

I find my self tearing up today at the drop of a hat...I miss him so much..my family misses him... we are so sad and so upset...
hugs and love and kisses..

sass said...

Sharing article can't sleep:)
Director Shekhar Kapur promised to wake Heath Ledger

"AN acclaimed Indian film director has recounted how he spoke to Heath Ledger on the eve of the Australian actor's untimely death and promised to phone him back the next morning.

Shekhar Kapur, who directed Ledger in 2002 movie The Four Feathers, reportedly phoned the 28-year-old star on Monday after arriving in New York from London.

"I last spoke to him on the night before he died,'' Kapur told London's Evening Standard.

"He said he could not see me that night but really wanted to meet me the next day. He made me promise that I would call him in the morning and wake him up.

"I tried. Little did I know that his soul had already left his body." (cont)

agent_krycek said...

Sass, thanks for the thoughts about the flowers, I'd be proud to have them laid in my name as well, if I was in NYC I'd join you.

It's still making no sense this morning, and I doubt it ever will, but Heath left this world two beautiful, untouchable legacies, his gorgeous little girl, and the beauty of his work.

I can count on the fingers of one hand when the passing of someone in the public eye has effected me so deeply, because the beauty and strength of their work has had a major impact on my life - I just never thought Heath would be one of those people.

Anonymous said...

While Jake was doing press for Zodiac and Rendition he used the same security man, he was with him for his recent trip to London & Rome.
Well I was just watching my morning news show and they was a video of Michelle & Matilda arriving at their home in Brooklyn.
I was not surprised to see that the man who was standing front and center to protect them from the cameras and make their way into the home was in fact Jake's usual security man.

sass said...

Morning UV and fl,

Fox's John Gibson mocks Heath Ledger's death and Brokeback Mountain.

UV and FL, here are some Fox e-mail addresses from above site. If there are other e-mail addresses, please let us know, so we can let them know how we feel as well.

sass said...

I forgot to include these two FOX News addresses from After Elton. The second address is probably not worth the time it would take to type the letter but I sent one there anyway.



sass said...

Heath and Matilda Leave Footprints in Brooklyn

chica said...

The earliest I can get down to SOHO is around 4:30 today. I now that it's on Broome St, but if you see this can you post the address?

I thought I had it but there has been so much news that I can't remember.

Thanks for the Fox link, Gibson is an asshole, I will check back later.

FluorescentLamp said...

chica, 421 Broome Street, between Crosby and Lafayette.

Hope you get there.

get real said...

I am trying to get down to Broome St. today but I am not 100% sure I can. I do want to pay my respects though.

I am thinking of Jake mourning on the set of Brothers. I hope they leave him alone. Pictures of Michelle and Matilda have been going around. I just want these vultures to leave them all alone. I don't expect Jake or Michelle or anyone to make any statements in their grief. If they do, like Ang Lee, then I appreciate that but they should be able to grieve on their own terms.

get real said...

Okay I checked out TMZ. I know I shouldn't waste my time but I did. While most of the comments are respectful, asking for Jake's privacy, there are a couple that are vile. Accusing Jake of not being a friend to Heath, only thinking of himself, hiding his gayness, etc, etc. Makes my blood boil. Ugh.. Just leave the man alone!

Anonymous said...

get real I just read those comments as well and they made me feel sick. Whatever has Jake done to incite such vile comments from people. I really hope he is left alone for a while.

agent_krycek said...

I really hope Jake gets left in peace, along with the rest of those who loved Heath so much.

It's awful to think just a couple of days ago we were all happily cooing away over the latest Reese/Jake photos, right now I don't even want to think about the next set of Jake ones we're likely to see - much as we want and wish it, paps will try and get their 'money' shot of him, and that thought is really upsetting right now, no way should Michelle, Jake or anyone have to put up with that intrusion. Especially Matilda, who's so little, but will know something is wrong, she won't understand, but she'll know Mummy's sad, she suddenly got strangers flashing lights at her, she must be so confused right now - the thought of the paps adding to her confusion and upset is just too much to bear right now.

bobbyanna said...

get real, you're right, some of the comments are vile. I was just glad I'd seen earlier, that there were many that really took TMZ to task as well. The anonymity of the internet seems to bring out the worst side of some very sick twisted people. That's why "safe havens" like this site are so precious at times like this.

I agree, Agent K. Matilda knows something is very wrong right now. I hope they can keep her in a safe, private place as much as possible.

Apparently, TMZ now as live streaming video outside the funeral home. I wish someone would call the police. They are loitering and disrupting things. Isn't that against the law?

Apparently,there are rumors of a viewing this afternoon. These people are despicable. I know nothing about these things, but from my own personal experience, once final preparations are completed, close family members are asked to "view" their loved one, to assure that everything is as they would want it. In my own experience, that doesn't necessarily mean other people would be there at all. There was an indication Heath's funeral would be in Perth, so I don't know. I sincerely hope and pray that we don't see any pictures of Heath. I just could not bear that. No. I just couldn't. It make me sick to my stomach.

I hope they just take him to Perth and have a lovely, uplifting ceremony for him. Has there been any formal announcement about services or arrangements? I'd imagine they are attempting to keep everything under wraps. I fully support that.

If I could be in SoHo with you today sass, I would be. I know exactly where that building is. Never realized there were lofts in it.

chica said...

Thanks for the address FL. I will be stopping by after work today.

I have avoided sites like TMZ during this time.

Anonymous said...

"Apparently, TMZ now as live streaming video outside the funeral home. I wish someone would call the police. They are loitering and disrupting things. Isn't that against the law?"

It seems to have been taken down now thank goodness.

bobbyanna said...

Good idea, chica. I will do likewise.

jp said...

I wouldn't worry too much about vile comments on TMZ. There was literally only one poster (he posted three or four times). All the others were very respectful towards Jake.

Although I found one comment interesting. It read that Jake was in Ojai, CA (which apparently is 80 miles north of LA) on Monday with Reese Witherspoon.


Anonymous said...

There is a blogger on IMDB who got to see Tobey & Natalie filming, she also met the director. She said this happened on Tuesday, so odds are that Jake was not filming Monday & Tuesday. The person said it was location filming and they were no longer there on Wed.

Ojai might be on of the locations that Reese was filming four Christmases.

jp said...

It could be anon...

But it could also have been a romantic getaway, since the small town is known for that sort of thing as well as privacy. We know that Ryan had the kids this past weekend...


Kate Walsh got married there.

bobbyanna said...

There is some speculation that Heath's family is coming into NYC on Friday. If true they would have already left Australia.

Some reports that there will be a memorial service in LA as well as one on NYC before they take him back to Perth.

I don't know if any of it is true. But I hope he gets royal treatment. He deserves every single accolade and tribute there is! The number of people affected by this tragedy is really very comforting to me.

He's probably SO embarrassed at all the fuss...and secretly very pleased to know how many people he truly touched. A graceful, beautiful man.

bobbyanna said...

Correction. Info comes from USA Today.


get real said...

I am just watching Oprah and Daniel Day Lewis just mentioned Heath and brought tears to my eyes. He just said that he didn't know Heath but he appreciated his work and feels for his family and friends and hopes they will be left to grieve in the way they wish and with privacy. :'(


Good news - Jake was happily canoodling with Reese after the news last night. I'm glad he's not too upset. It must be hard for him at the moment. But he sounds happy. :)

Anonymous said...



Btw, I didn't mean to suggets that Jake wasn't upset; I am sure he is devastated poor thing. I just think it is good that he is around friends and not having to work in NM.

UltraViolet said...

I was about to delete your comment, i<3 you jake, so thanks for the clarification. The idea that Jake's smiling means he is insensitive or somehow unaffected is absurd.

Also, thanks to get real for the DDL/Oprah info. TMZ has a clip of it.

Anonymous said...

The blogger has re-written her blog and said it was 10a.m. today that she saw Jake and Reese.


Anonymous said...

isn't it a bit weird that Jake would be walking around all happy and smiling after what has just occurred. I'm just surprised that he's got over this so quickly. Just doesn't seem right to me.

Narcissa said...

Nor to me. Other reports have Jake still filming in NM and the studio having upped security to keep the paps away from him.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks so much for the clip from Oprah, UV. DDL was very clearly upset, to the point of fighting tears. I think they would have liked each other.

jp said...

I'm guessing that Jake is finished with Brothers.

That's a weird one to figure out. But i'm guessing he was in NM a couple of weeks ago when there were no sightings of him for a week or so.

Now he's popping up everywhere.

But it's possible that the person is mistaken and didn't see them or is lying.

Or maybe Reese is trying to cheer him up or keep him preoccupied.

Anonymous said...

I think the blogger is lying. The picture used is one from a set taken a while ago, which we have seen.

suvee said...

Haven't had a chance to read all of today's posts..... after tonight's chores, I'll catch up.
But I did want to share this from today's L.A.Times. Not because I think this journalist has any special inside knowledge, but simply because it's a sweet, comforting aknowledgement of the Gyllenhaal/Ledger bond.


get real said...

I don't believe that bloggers account. She posts this story but adds an old picture of them from the same place. I wonder if she is just trying to get hits or something? Even if Jake is back in LA and they did go out I just don't see how he wouldn't be seen by paps. Even before they went to the restaurant. Sounds very fishy to me.

UV, glad you got to see the DDL Oprah clip.

FluorescentLamp said...

If you read that blogger's account again you'll see an addendum at the bottom, which has been there for quite some time now that says:

Oh I just found this photo- and she looked EXACTLY like this- same clothes

She's not saying this picture was from today, just that what Reese was wearing was the same outfit from that earlier X17 pap pic.

I don't see why should make all this up. Do you?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Jake would do any of that (be with Reese right now laughing etc.). I think it is disrespectful to him to suggest that he is doing so, FluorescentLamp. You are being unfair to Jake. I think he is in New Mexico.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh stop right there, anon.

Nobody is being unfair.

My question was simply why would this blogger lie about seeing Jake and Reese.

I'm puzzled by the reactions I'm seeing here. Is Jake not allowed to smile at dogs?

UltraViolet said...

I just got in and have to say that I have no idea why anyone is saying Jake has "got over this" already. The blogger did not say that Jake was skipping along. Simply that he was smiling.

I know that I have smiled and laughed many times since hearing the news. Clearly, Heath was not my personal friend. But I can tell you that when my best friend died three years ago, there were many times in the immediate aftermath that I laughed and smiled and lived my life. And if anyone had suggested that I was "over it," they would have been completely off base.

Jake is not living his life for any of us. He has to live it for himself. I, for one, trust that he is doing what he has to for himself, for his loved ones and for Heath.

get real said...

FL, yes the blogger could be telling the truth, but I just found it fishy because of the privacy Jake seemed to want and that he was sighted yesterday in NM. And I just saw the comment about Reese looking similar to what she was wearing in that old picture. Guess we will have to wait and see.

UltraViolet said...

Okay, this is a very delicate line to toe. I want people to be able to express their feelings. But we are not going to put up with people bashing Jake for not mourning Heath properly.

We have no idea what Jake has done in these last few awful days. We don't know how he feels or if he's cried or if he's in shock or or if he woke up this morning and thought, "Heath would want me to enjoy this beautiful day."

We don't know if the blogger is telling the truth, though it seems an odd story to invent.

What we do know is that NOTHING the blogger described is in any way disrespectful to Heath or his memory.

And this will not be a venue for people to insinuate otherwise.

UltraViolet said...

BTW, get real, that was not in respose to you. It was to an anonymous comment that I deleted.

I understand your skepticism about the blogger.

sheba baby said...

Isn't it quite possible that both are correct?

According to TMZ, Jake was on set yesterday, this blogger spotted him and Reese this morning in LA.

It's an 1 hour flight from NM to LA, it's quite possible that he finished filming yesterday and maybe he wasn't needed o set Thursday and decided to fly to LA

I don't know why the blogger make something like that up,for what purpose?

People mourn in their own way, if true it doesn't mean he isn't mourning his friend, amybe he just wanted to be with her at this time we don't know.

Also, Jake seems to have spent a lot more time in LA than NM during filming based on pics and sightings so anything is possible.

get real said...

I understand UV and appreciate your comments. Everyone does grieve in their own way and no they don't have to be crying the whole time. My best friend died six years ago on the same day as Heath. So you can imagine how heartbreaking the other day was. But in between crying and anguish, we also told special and funny stories of her to keep up our spirits as best we could. It is possible this is true, as Sheba Baby said. He could have flown back and been out today. Guess we will have to wait and see.

sass said...

Evening UV Fl and fellow New Yorker's,
I just got in from Broome street. I was up late angry with Dr Maden, who had so much to say about Heath's drug OD??? and other crazies so I burned my candle totally out.:)
I left a bouquet of flowers outside Heath's apt., with a card attached from us and from WDW.

The crowed was small, which might have been why I was grabbed by a reporter with a mike and camera who wanted to chat about Heath.
I was not going to chat at all...my teeth suck and it's hella cold tonight...but what the hey. He was a big fan and very sweet. I told him about the blogs, Gyllenbabble, WDW, and DCF and how much we love Heath and miss him.
After I tore myself away I bought some really great local Long Island wine, from the buy local, drink local. eat local store.:lol

I read the NY Post and Daily News on the train uptown and it's wasn't awful. NYC loved Heath, I always knew that...we were star stuck when he moved here... though we would never bother him...and it shows...two days on the front of one of our local tabs, the NY POST with not too much fuked up writing and coverage.

Heath Coverage

Peyser's column

Cindy on Heath as she met him

More Heath NYDaily News

back soon...

bobbyanna said...

Dear Sass!!!I wish I could have been with you! Just thinking. This weekend we will have the SAG Awards broadcast. I was remembering Jake and Heath and their hilarious BBM intro.Watching it makes me smile. Knowing Heath is gone breaks my heart. I'm going to bed now. Must go to work tomorrow. Today was a day off, thank goodness. In no shape for work. So many things to do and instead, I spent most of the day here at my computer. Tomorrow I have to move forward. I have to.

Anonymous said...

"I'm puzzled by the reactions I'm seeing here. Is Jake not allowed to smile at dogs?"

I agree with you FL, and why would it be disrespectful for Jake to be out, people cannot shut themselves away because a good friend died. Perhaps Reese is trying to distract him which is always good. Sorry I cannot see what the problem is. I think that everybody mourns differently, NOBODY should judge Jake.

agent_krycek said...

Firstly, thank you Sass, much appreciated, thank you so much.

Secondly, if that blogger sighting is correct, I'm bloody glad Jake was smiling, has Reese and is finding happiness in his sadness. If the sighting is real, he's with the woman he loves, and probably appreciates her all the more right now - it's been one of my very many random thoughts over the last few days that I'm so happy that Jake has Reese in his life right now.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you 100% Agent_K, also wish people would read the blog properly before commenting.

sass said...

I can't sleep, but some good has come of it.
Glaad mail fell into my mailbox just now, with more e-mail addys for Fox news.
I contacted the new names and am sharing the URL, the names and the addys here below.

Here is the link as well.

GLAAD strongly urges you to contact Fox News and ask its representatives why they continue to provide a platform for John Gibson’s cruel and tasteless comments.

Please contact:

Mr. Mitch Davis
Vice President
Fox News Radio Network
1211 Avenue Of The Americas
18th Floor
New York, NY 10036-8701
Direct Phone: *212-301-5800
Outlet Fax: *212-301-5455
Outlet Phone: 212-301-3000
Email: mitch.davis@foxnews.com

Mr. Robert Finnerty
Senior Vice President
Fox News Radio Network
1211 Avenue Of The Americas
18th Floor
New York, NY 10036-8701
Direct Phone: *212-301-5800
Outlet Fax: *212-301-5455
Outlet Phone: 212-301-3000
Email: robert.finnerty@foxnews.com

Ms. Irena Briganti
Vice President of Public Relations
FOX News Channel
1211 Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY 10036
Direct Phone : *212-301-3608
Outlet Fax : *212-382-1411
Outlet Phone : 212-301-3000
Email: irena.briganti@foxnews.com
Contact by: E-mail

Ms. Suzanne Scott
Vice President, Programming
FOX News Channel
1211 Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY 10036
Direct Phone : *212-301-8558
Outlet Fax : *212-382-1411
Outlet Phone : 212-301-3000
Email: suzanne.scott@foxnews.com


sass said...

UV and fl,
Thank you for keeping this post intact. For some reason this post reads and feels like our memorial. I used guest's comments on our welcome books, when my dad died, to honor him at his memorial service.

Heath's memorial service in LA

News wires report that Heath will have a memorial service in LA before going home to Perth, Australia.

Tribute to Heath

back to bed again:)

UltraViolet said...

Sass, thank you so much for representing all of us. I have a jaded view of these ad hoc memorials usually. But I know if I were in NY, I'd have to go myself. So I am so thankful you went for me, for us.

And you were interviewed, as well! Are you famous yet? ;)

UltraViolet said...

I'm glad most of us are in agreement that none of us is in a position to judge Jake's grieving. I am not sure why this is even an issue, and I hope it goes away.

Thanks so much to the GBers (new, lurkers, anons and named) for the solidarity and sensitivity.

UltraViolet said...

Just as you thank me for keeping the post, I've opened another one, Sass. I'm going to close this, but if people want it reopened, I can do that.