Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stars: They're just like us!

They go to movies. And lose their parking stubs:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon with some other actorly types at the 5:35 Dome showing of Sweeney Todd 12/29. Reese was wearing a baseball cap w/"Jake" embroidered on the side. Awww. Both were casual and cute. She is teeny tiny. Seriously.

Jake and Reese part 2 - when I got into the line to exit the parking lot, I was behind a black Mercedes, which then proceeded to pull up to the ticket booth and sit for five minutes while the driver obviously searched for his ticket. I suppressed the New Yorker in me and didn't lay on the horn, and was rewarded with the realization that Jake himself was the culprit. Stars, they're just like us! P.S. When I pulled to the ticket booth myself, the attendant was giddy from her five mins w/Jake. Don't know how Reese felt about all this; she seems pretty organized.

They vote (note the button) - and jaywalk!

They pump their own gas:

They stock up on groceries:

They buy all the news that's fit to print:

Then puzzle over the crossword:

And try to find a show:

They buy supplies for their pets:

They take their dogs to the park:

Then get the girfriend to walk the dog.

Speaking of Runyon Canyon, it has apparently fallen out of fashion as a place for celebrities to walk. It has definitely been a favorite place for Jake to hike and bike over the years. Maybe he likes Malibu better now :)

In "Stars are nothing like us!" news, Zodiac is finally getting an Oscar push from the studio. Coming in at Number Three and Number Four on charts compiling critic's awards, it's clear that Zodiac has been done a disservice by the Paramount suits.

The only just reward for Zodiac's not getting any awards love (so far) is the fact that the shows might not go on at all, due to the WGA strike.

Something which mercifully didn't happen in 2006.

(Title credit to the Defamer poster for the title. Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


sheba baby said...

Thanks for posting those sightings!!!! I love reading about them, and I saw Sweeney todd, what an incredible film. And the dog sightng? Sigh...

annie said...

Am having a stressful day over here but this post put a smile on my face! (By the way UV, not to nitpick or anything, but the last picture is from 2006 instead of 2005.)

Narcissa said...

The coming awards season is going to be a wash-out, so if you could choose a year in which to have less-successful-than-they-ought-to-be films, this is it!

agent_krycek said...

Just nicked this off justjared (hope that's okay, delete if it isn't)

Reese Witherspoon will produce and star in the film adaptation of the Jen Sacks novel Nice, according to Jo Blo.

In the dark comedy, Reese, 31, will play a 30-year-old New York magazine editor named Grace.

Here’s the book description from Amazon: “Grace is nice to a fault. She never picks fights, and doesn’t like to criticize or hurt people’s feelings. Problem is, the men in her life never seem to take a hint. And she just can’t bear to tell them outright when she isn’t interested. So she kills them. A clean break–no messy emotions, no heated arguments. But someone is onto her. His name is Sam, and he and Grace, with one very dangerous thing in common, make a killer couple. It’s a match made in heaven-as long as they can both survive the relationship… “

Now, I wonder who could possibly play the Sam role...hmmm, any thoughts....

(Lovely update and cute sighting BTW :D)

sass said...

Afternoon babblers:)

What a delightful post. I've never seen Reese up close and personal, but she must be a tiny little thing...grrr...even the Paris blogger mentioned her tiny size.
With Jake getting so big for Brothers recently--check out his shoulders, and his back, and his thighs, in jeans of course, and his legs, and, and, and-- she must look ever more petite.

The SAG hierarchy states unequivocally no actors will cross the picket line for any award ceremony. so that' it for the Golden Globe's and the Oscars. Our last writers strike lasted for 22 weeks...if the powers that be think they are going to break the union it looks like they're not going to be successful.

Narcissa said...

Reese has been voted the most popular celebrity, according to Reuters:

sass said...

Hi Get Real,
My brain is totally thawed out today. I'm loving this warm 40 degree day:lol:lol

Nosy one here, had to look up Jake's Godfather, Robert Elswith.

Robert Elswith, Jake's Godfather won best cinematography honors from NY Films critics circle for TWBB

Jake HAD to be in the business. Is it any wonder he can call Meryl, he played with my children growing up, a biatch and have the balls to tell an interviewer how he felt about David Fincher's do it again, though he recanted once the fatigue wore off.

And him so humble too, crediting other actors--Matt Damon--with inspiring his performance in Rendition, and saying he would have loved to give the performance Ryan Gosling did in Half Nelson.

It looks like Jake's Godfather is the official cinematographer/Director of photography for Paul Thomas Anderson. What a collaboration. I enjoy finding out out new Jake facts. TY:)

lawgoddess said...

Fun and charming post, UV. Great for a weekend break.

Reese walking the dog makes me think the two of them are quite entwined in each other's lives. I mean, I knew they were serious, but they are very domestic, it seems.

I wonder if they live together? Or do sleepovers? A lot of single moms don't let a boyfriend sleep over with the kids until they're really sure.

So far no word from either of their publicists, right? Confirming that they are dating?

Anyway, I hope it works out for them. I'd hate to see Jake getting hurt. ( Like everyone here, I am protective of Jake in a major way.)B.

sass said...

narcissa, That's great news about Reese. It should make her and Jake happy when things are going nuts on set with co-stars.

For a minute, I was beginning to believe that I was wrong about how much Reese was liked, even though I had followed her career and her life for years and knew how much she was liked and admired. Then I realized I had been too long in certain places, and that the Reese dislike was restricted to a small group of online blogs and posters, who had no relevance to the world at large.

So much interesting movie information from JJ too. Both their careers are moving right along:)
and it's all good:)

NY Times salivates over Zodiac, an awards season post.
Registration is needed to read The NY Times article but it's no biggie.

suvee said...

I kind of like the sound of Reese's new movie project..... it sure seems like a good role for her. Agent K, my first thought about her male costar probably was the very same as yours!
Which leads me to share the following little blurb from an issue of "Entertainment Weekly".... they are picking old movie franchises they would like to see updated.

"The Thin Man:
Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal (we can dream, right?) would add a youthful and modern twist to the gin soaked mystery series."

See, we aren't the only ones that want to see them on screen together!

chica said...

What a reat post,love all the sightings!!!

Agent krycek, i was thinking the same thing when i saw that on Jared, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post UV and I am glad that I am not the only one underwhelmed by Atonement, I saw it months ago when it came out in England and was quite disappointed with it.

It seems that Paramount is pushing Zodiac for the oscars but I fear it is to late.

JP said...

Are you guys sure that Robert Elswit is Jake's godfather? Or is he his godfather the way Paul Newman is his godfather? As in not really.

Because I know that Robert Elswit was the director of photography (cinematographer) for a lot of Steven Gyllenhaal's films before he began working with PTA, but Jake was already a kid then.

BTW, I can't believe how many Paul Thomas Anderson fans we have here. PTA is my all-time favorite director. I guess this connection would explain why Maggie and Peter attended the There Will Be Blood premiere in NYC.

I wonder if Jake knows PTA.

get real said...

JP, yes I believe Robert Elswit is Jake's real godfather. Unlike Paul Newman who is a family friend but some of the press has named him as godfather. Jake mentioned in the Interview Magazine about his godfather being a cinematographer. He has never said Paul was. Also, I remember Jake presented RE with an award during the BBM Oscar season for his work on GNGL. Pictures at IHJ. And I don't know if folks remember the whole PictureGate at JW? RE took the pictures of Jake and his dad. I think RE, and the gay couple Jake has also mentioned in interviews are Jake's godfathers and Jamie Lee Curtis is his godmother. Elswit seems to also be George Clooney's main guy too. Sorry, I know that sounds stalkerish, it isn't. When I like someone (Jake in this case) or something I try to research them/it a lot. I read liner notes on CD's that is how bad I can be, lol. Please don't hold it against me. :p

Did not know Maggie and Peter were at the premiere of

Sass, thanks so much for the RE info! How awesome that he won the NYFCC award! He did brilliant work in TWBB. His upcoming projects sound really great too.

Paramount, well I am pissed that they didn't give Zodiac its due when they should have but I guess an Oscar push can never hurt.

get real said...

^^ Love seeing the NY Times give Zodiac love!

bobbyanna said...

Agent K, and suvee, you can count me as another who'd love to see Reese with one particular co-star for "Nice."

I could go off on a tangent for hours imagining the "remakes" I'd like to see!

I think Jake and Reese would be great in a remake of The Philadelphia Story...or the musical version, High Society. And just think how fun it would be with Zooey Deschanel and Robert Downey Jr. in it, too!

Then there's Roman Holiday...with Natalie Portman...and Robert Downey Jr. I know. I don't have a lot of imagination.
If they relocated To Catch a Thief to the Hamptons, ...or Martha's Vineyard??? How about Rear Window?
OK. I'll stop.

shondra said...

More on the oscar push for Zodiac:,0,4938329.story

What great sightings!!!! And add me to the list for Jake and Reese doing a romantic comedy!

UltraViolet said...

Reese's new movie sounds like the kind of movie I'd love to see Jake do. Not sure if they should do another movie together yet, but I do love some of the ideas. Especially the Thin Man. How fun would it be for Jake to be in a series of movies?

Sheba baby - I love the dog sighting. Totally independent, tucked away where nobody even saw it at first. Well, no one in Jake's fandom.

Annie - thanks for the correction on the year. It was the 2005 movies, so I wasn't completely off :) Glad the post made you smile a bit.

And narcissa, yup, this wards season is going to be just a big old drag. Just desserts, as I said, for excluding Zodiac. And Rendition, which IMO had some awards-worthy performances, writing and cinematography.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Lawgoddess! No, there's no official word from either camp, but I don't think there ever will or would be. If/when something official happens, they might have to make an announcement.

I think they are quite domestic at this point. They've been together for quite a while. And like you, I really hope Jake doesn't end up hurt in all of this. But for now, she seems to make him happy :)

JP, get real already gave the basic info. The godfather situation is a tad confusing, as Jake has often been quoted as saying both his godfathers are gay. So, there could be a gay couple, plus Elswit. Or Elswit, who is married to a woman, is actually gay, lol.

The only correction I can make is that Jake accepted the award on Elswit's behalf. At least, that's what it looks like.

As for Atonement, it did transport me to another time and place. But once the war stuff started, it lost me. And I know James McAvoy is considered the It Boy, but he didn't impress me. Especially in one scene I can't name because it's a spoiler. But I just didn't buy his anger.

CHICA said...

From the NY Times, a story on NY Giant Brandon Jacobs:

They seem like a typical suburban family. They take day trips to the Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium. They go to Disney World for vacation. They have two dogs: a golden retriever named Jake and a puggle named Reese.

Ok this is the cutest thing i have read in a while1

get real said...

Sorry, UV, you are right Jake accepted on Elswit's behalf. The godfather stuff is confusing but I think Elswit is a godfather and Paul Newman is a family friend. And yes Jake has mentioned the gay godfathers too. But I think Elswit may be another one. Sounds like he has a couple of godfathers, lol. ;)

Great Reese sighting with Atticus...aww. They do sound domestic which is so nice. :) And her new movie sound really interesting. It would be great to see J/R team up but I agree, UV that maybe they should wait a bit.

get real said...

Chica, omg how cute...Jake and Reese as their dogs...sweet!

Anonymous said...

Realize I never comment on how adorable the J/R movie sighting was! Sure I would be giddy if Jake's car pulled up with him and Reese in it. I would also totally forgive him for having trouble finding his parking ticket, lol. ;)

get real said...

^^ that is from me.

sass said...

Hi again UV and babblers,

I wouldn't be able to drive at all if I saw Jake get out of a car to do anything. I'd probably happily stall my engine and sit there.

Love this article...NY Giant Brandon Jacobs...and the dogs names...seems these two have loads of fans...which is great.

I remember Jake telling an interviewer he had 2 gay godfathers but I sure can't tell anymore. I the sleuthing...and did see Elswith's name listed on ImdbPro with two of Stephen's earlier films.

Jake's had a fine upbringing, surrounded by love and support and kindness and creativity and brilliance and humility and philanthropy and and and...lucky girl that Reese.


agent_krycek said...

Just thinking, I'm sure that I've read Jake saying he has two gay godfathers before, it's quite possible that one of the godfathers might be 'unofficial' and the partner of his 'official' godfather and he just regards them both as godfathers (that's a lot of godfathers in one sentance!)

JP said...

That's why I was confused about Elswit, I too had always heard about the two gay godfathers. I always assumed that one was the partner of his real godfather --- the same way one would consider the wife of a godfather to be a godmother even if she wasn't.

That's why I don't think Elswit is his real godfather. I think that he got his start working with Stephen Gyllenhaal on feature films. If you check his filmography, he actually did three films with Stephen --- two features (1991 & 1993), and one TV movie (1990) --- before that he worked in special effects for ILM, working on films like: Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Jurassic Park, etc. It doesn't appear that he became a cinematographer until he began working with Stephen Gyllenhaal in 1990 to 1993.

So that would suggest that he and Stephen became close and he became close to Jake by association when Jake was a boy.

Robert Elswit didn't really become an in-demand cinematographer until he worked with PTA on "Hard Eight" and that was in 1996. He's since worked with him on all his subsequent films. As well as other directors like George Clooney (for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for "Good Night and Good Luck").

I can't believe how much I know about Robert Elswit off the top of my head. But it's because of his association with Paul Thomas Anderson, whom I already explained is my favorite all-time director.

jp said...

Another thing on Jake and Reese...

I told you guys that these two were a very popular couple. I actually think they are more popular than Brangelina. They may be the biggest celebrity couple in America, and that's no exaggeration on my part.

I think so because people who write about politics and other serious subjects (ie the Huffington Post and others who run very reputable type blogs) seem to write about them as well, even though they are not overtly political. The posts tend to be overwhelmingly positive. (Ie when that photo of Jake, Reese and her kids was published online, it got covered EVERYWHERE, including the Boston Globe).

Also, take into account the fact that Reese was voted MOST POPULAR female celebrity with an approval rating of 77% (what politician wouldn't KILL for that kind of rating). That was an actual scientific poll, not some online type poll.

For some reason, they are the "tabloid couple" (for lack of a better phrase) that "intellectual types" seem to admit to following, a guilty pleasure of sorts. It all but proves that the "haters" are, in fact, a SUPER SMALL minority.

I have vowed not to read the comments at other blogs anymore for that reason. We know what the truth is. That's good enough for me. Everything else is really a waste of time, and nothing good comes from it --- even though I noticed that someone used my user name again on Perez Hilton attacking Jake as being ugly.

It's funny, because I'm a guy and don't judge Jake on his looks. lol. (The two times I checked the comments there I noticed I was mentioned both times).


...positive thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Robert Elsit is married to Helen Ostenberg Elswit, or at least he was at one time. They have worked together on many projects. Robert also started on TV, which Jake's dad and mother were part of before going into movies. Jake's dad still directs for TV, so it's very possible they met long befor that and worked on TV projects at times
or socially.
Here is a link that shows he is married

Leave the negative blogs and bloggers at the door, don't bring them here and don't help spread awareness, let their views begin and end on their blogs.

JP said...

Speaking of Robert Elswit, he won the National Society of Film Critics Award in the Cinematography for "There Will Be Blood" yesterday. PTA won for Best Director; Daniel Day Lewis won for Best Actor; and the film won for Best Picture.

I think Robert Elswit will get his second nomination this year for the Oscar.

sass said...

Morning babblers all, That is a hella lot of godfathers:lol:lol. Maybe Jake is fortunate enough to have lots of them. If Elswit wins more awards maybe Jake will accept for him again. *thud*

Why JP, you rascal, I wish I hadn't made my sex so easy to uncover; that was very smart of you.
I didn't discover those other outposts of misery until Jake and Reese began to date openly; lucky me.
Some kind person gave me directions:(
I nearly died from reading all that hate; I'd never seen so much venom and vitriol directed towards either person, but I'm much better now.

PTA is one of my favorite directors too. I thought he would never make another movie after Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love; both are on my favorite films list.

Anyway back to Fincher, I'm glad Zodiac is finally getting the attention from the studio it deserves. I just hope it's not too late.

The DVD hits the stores Tuesday, but I don't think Paramount will send a copy Of Zodiac to each Academy member, the way Crash did, but maybe they should.
Is it still possible to campaign for your film that way, or has it been outlawed since Crash?

David doesn't think much of awards shows. I reference his Golden Globe's mention in the Jeffrey Wells's interview when talking aobut Jake and do it again, but heavyweight awards help, and they can't hurt when asking corporate for money.

Reese mentioned in several interviews, when she was on the Rendition junket, that she wanted to do a movie with Jake.
She has a production company, as does Jake, and she can put together a movie starring the both of them whenever she wants.
That is a fantastic idea but maybe not now.??? I'd hate to think of what the small number of haters might post here and there about them. And they have plenty of time to make a movie together. Think Spencer and Katherine:)

According to the millions of votes cast at People's Best of 2007 polls, they were the Most Intriguing Couple, and they are a favorite couple at many other Internet sites, like this one

and will definitely have an audience ready and waiting for their movie. I'll be first in line for any movie venture starring both of them.

Maybe they'll make a movie together after they move in together and solidify the relationship.

It looks as if they want to spend all their time together, which usually demands a live together situation, though I think Reese and Jake will not live together informally, as he did with Kirsten, but may marry instead, because of her children. hmm

Gosh ,I love coming here and chatting up my Jake and Reese's career news and my fantasies :):lol

agent_krycek said...

I think Jake and Reese would be great in a remake of The Philadelphia Story...or the musical version, High Society. And just think how fun it would be with Zooey Deschanel and Robert Downey Jr. in it, too!

That is a fab idea, and RDjr has a fabulous singing voice as well (can Reese sing, does anyone know??)

Narcissa said...

Can she sing??!! Haven't you seen "Walk the Line"? Her voice wouldn't fool any kind of expert, but she can carry a tune in a bucket as the saying goes.

And I am very glad I have stopped looking in on the negative sites/blogs. I'm sure I'm not missing anything. :)

smile said...

Well agent, I would not like them to make a remake (to be quite honest with you, I would not like to see them in a movie as a couple as long as they are rumored to be a couple in real life), but incidentally Reese won her oscar for starring in a movie called "Walk the Line", which got quite famous because all the actors were doing their own singing.

agent_krycek said...

Feels a complete idiot as I have seen, and very enjoyed 'Walk the Line'

*Goes to stand in the stupid corner*

FluorescentLamp said...

Get out of that stupid corner right now a_k. We will have none of that here. A momentary brain fart is all you had. ;-)

I've just returned from Sweeney Todd and against my [obviously not] better judgment - I loved it. I loved everything about it.

I did have a second of pang while watching the previews, however. I wonder if the final preview just before the feature presentation at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in LA was the same one I had - Stop Loss - Ryan Phillipe's new film where he stars along side Abbie Cornish. Ouch.

smile said...

((ak)) come out, it happens to all of us from time to time :)

BTW: There was a sweet movie with RDJ, where he is seeing ghosts and is singing the national anthem, does anybody remember that? He´s got a really good voice.

sass said...

Just stopped by to say I took, for me, an inordinate amount of interest in the Giant's game today, and number 27 Brandon Jacobs, because of the oh so cute mention Jacobs' pets in an article posted earlier here by Chica :)

6'4" 264 lbs Jacobs, has a Golden retriever named Jake and a Puggle named Reese so cute:)

The Giants won and will meet the Cowboys next Sunday...OMG...I can't wait.

chica said...

Hi Sass!
I'm a Giant fan and I did pay a lot of attention to #27, GO GIANTS!!!!

And them naming their dogs Jake snd Reese shows that there are Gyllenspooners everywhere!

sass said...

backacha chica...that is one big dude playing running back. Go Gyllenspooners, GO Giants!

suvee said...

A very belated thanks to UV for this great post. I was particularly thrilled to see that photo of Voting Jake from last year. I just love that pic..... it captures his nonchalant, sexy stride perfectly. And if I'm not mistaken, he's wearing what someone at the late, great JW referred to as "boots of sex". hehe

Also, another late TY to chica for passing along the wonderful story about the dog's names. The World of Gyllenspooners is indeed growing! : )

Finally saw "Juno" today.... great movie! It's definitely in my top 5 movies of 2007.

toni said...

New Jake photos on

JP said...

So they're not filming yet?

When do they start filming again?

UltraViolet said...

I love the dog names story. Do we think it's a coincidence or a shout out? Either way, it's adorable. Thanks for letting us know about it, chica. I love these little tidbits!