Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Drive-by Jake

Work has been too busy to make a post (okay, the two-hour+ lunch derailed me). But here's a quick Jake for you. Until we get untagged versions elsewhere. Stephanie comes through again. Thanks, Stephanie:

Jake Gyllenhaal leaving a medical centre in Beverly Hills

There are more at the source - all in a similar vein. He doesn't look thrilled, but he also doesn't look miserable.

Hope everyone's having a good day. Will check in later. Talk amongst yourselves :)

(Photos courtesy of IHJ)


FluorescentLamp said...

Oh hi, Jake!

His collection of baseball caps is starting to rival that of my late dad's. Cap for every day of the month. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's good to see him again, do you think he is still filming Brothers as he still hasn't shaved.

Anonymous said...

Although I do notice that the same cannot be said about his shirt fl! ;)

FluorescentLamp said...

^^^Nor the jeans. The tops and jeans are the constant. His fashion statement - where he likes to mix it up - always comes in the form of headwear and footwear. ;-)

lawgoddess said...

Okay, sheer maternal feeling here, but does it seem like for a young guy Jake goes to medical centers a lot? ( Worries).

Not the hottest jake pix I've ever seen, but happy to see them in any case. Thanks UV.

FluorescentLamp said...

lawgoddess said...

Okay, sheer maternal feeling here, but does it seem like for a young guy Jake goes to medical centers a lot? ( Worries).

No more so than any other psychosomatic hypochondriac 27 year old. ;-)

Let's see, what else falls under the "medical" tag --- optometrists, opthamologists, dentists, chiropractors, orthopedists, podiatrists. Could be any of those. Could be none of those. Could be a non-medical office he visits in that area. Alas, we might never know. But I won't be losing any sleep on it because...oh hi, Jake! Nice to see you again! Mmmm pretty.

suvee said...

"No more so than any other psychosomatic hypochondriac 27 year old."

FL, that pretty much was my first thought. : )

lawgoddess said...

I remember somewhere reading something supposedly written by an employee of a doctor's office about jake. Didn't say what he was seen for, but said he was worried. If it was true, which seemed unlikely, it was totally unethical.

I like FL's explanation.:)

And "mmmm pretty" is right.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to change the subject guys but seem like the first 'ryan hates jake spending time with the kids' rumours have kicked in :

but on a more interesting note in seem like we ladies in the UK have impeccable taste in men :),26278,23066435-5007185,00.html

FluorescentLamp said...

LOL, thanks anon for the OK link. I have to paste from it because quite frankly, it's priceless!

According to a family friend, the kids love Jake so much that when it's time for Reese to hand them over to Ryan , little Deacon can't stop talking about Jake. "It's Jake did this, Jake brought mommy flowers and coffee, Jake says we should recycle," the friend tells OK!

It's reportedly taking it's toll on Ryan.

Recycling really upsets Ryan that much?

LOL oh this is just too funny.

nutty said...

Hey Fl anon 6:32 and 11:23 here. Deacon obviously has good taste ;)

annie said...

It's nice to see him again. Hope he is OK.
And about the beard...perhaps we should consider that Reese likes it?!
Re the previous post with the interviews: in case someone was wondering, the lyrics from the Paul Simon song that he quotes, come from 'The Teacher Lyrics'.

UltraViolet said...

I'm still giggling at FL's comment. Ryan, tsk tsk. So callous towards the environment!

Even though the story is almost surely complete (albeit recycled!) garbage, I get a kick out of the idea of Deacon saying Jake this and Jake that. Mostly because that's how my brain seems to work some days!

I'll have to check out those lyrics, Annie. I remember reading that Naomi is a big Paul Simon fan :)

Oh, and Stephanie added four more pics from this same Jake event. These are from the pap you can see behind Jake in the first pics.

UltraViolet said...

New post. Sleepy time. See you anon.