Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jake Makes The Scene

New Jake pics - he had lunch at Joan's on Third again today. He's been seen with this woman before, but I love how people try to make something out of it. It looks as if she and Jake are also bemused. Or just exasperated!

A critic on Film Stew posted an interesting Top 10 list, choosing his favorite scene from his Top 10 movies for 2007. Zodiac was second on the list:

2. Dueling Belief Systems, Zodiac: The opening of David Fincher’s serial killer epic, which portrays the titular phantom’s nocturnal attack on a pair of teen lovers with bone-chilling intensity, is the stuff of nightmares. But the film’s most vital scene gets at the root of what makes us able to sleep at night.

Cartoonist-turned-haggard-sleuth Robert Graysmith (Jake Gyllenhaal), after feverishly piecing together an elaborate string of clues, drags cop Dave Toschi (Mark Ruffalo) out of bed and into an all-night diner, where he tries to convince the inspector of a suspect’s definite guilt. Toschi isn’t convinced, pointing to a lack of empirical evidence. The pull between faith and reason demonstrated here makes Zodiac a genuinely profound study not just of the different ways people rationalize evil, but also of the different ways we make sense of the world.

That is a really good scene, though I hope the critic realizes that by the end, Graysmith hs persuaded Toschi. At least that's how I read it.

It's very hard to choose a favorite scene in any Jake movie. Some of my favorite Zodiac scenes involved Avery and Graysmith, because of the great chemistry between Robert Downey, Jr. and Jake. They were comical and serious, playful and poignant, with Jake first playing the perfect bumbling naif to RDJ's jaded cynic:

Later, Graysmith realizes his friend is losing it. Jake perfectly plays the concern, and RDJ brilliantly conveys Avery's appreciation:

I also really like the first date scene. Jake and Chloe Sevigny are pitch perfect. I wish we had seen more of them:

Any favorite scenes from Zodiac? Tomorrow, we can do Rendition. And not just the bed scene...

(Photos courtesy of Faded Youth and IHJ.)


sass said...

Hi there UV,
Exasperated definitely is the word for both Jake and his friend. Check out the looks on their faces:)

How are you? Back to work...YUCK!

One of my favorite Zodiac scenes begins with Graysmith washing up while he walks in and out of the bathroom.
He tells his wife, who is becoming increasingly exasperated with his behavior, why he is still pursuing the Zodiac.
Jake's voice trembles with emotion, and his eyes fill with pain and frustration, when he tells her that he wants to see him face to face, that he wants to look him in the eye. This scene is powerful and unforgettable to me because it shows the total emotional investment and commitment he's made to solve this case.

Another favorite scene; his wife is lying on the couch, while he waits to hear if Avery is OK. I cracked up when she told him, "it had been a very interesting? date. I may have some details wrong; I need a partner to watch this film with me at home;)

The breakfast table scene, his children unknowingly helping him with his Zodiac investigation, is another of my favorites.

The blue drink with and umbrella scene, still has me in stitches when I think about it. Avery's under the table, while Graysmith's lucid and ready for more sleuthing...well done and well acted.

see ya later

smile said...

Hi sass and UV!
UV, good luck for todays work, hope you had a wonderful holiday and now will have a swell day at work with lots of positive vibes. Belated Happy New Year!
Sorry I forgot that yesterday with my being depressed because of the kiddies and our sweets hurt faces.
And I do admire every one who still has the energy to argue with the Ted C crowd and their likes. I know, I don´t anymore.
Went to E (which I hate) and did my duty ;)

Wanted to say that I admired how "matter of fact" Fincher was dealing with the murder in Zodiac and how he captured the inhumanity and senselessness of this kind of murder and the way it affects the people involved in these crimes. Loved the blue drink scene and the sly "nerdness" Jake is portraying with this scene. And Cloe and Jake complemented each other very well.

agent_krycek said...

That lady is one of the PAs he uses I'm pretty sure, there's her and the blonde one I think.

Much as I'm annoyed for him being annoyed by the paps, I do love how expressive his face is :D

Must admit, I'm beginning to get a kick out of pointing various things out to the naysayers - it's just ridiculously easy to pull their argument to pieces

maddie said...

My favorite scene from Zodiac does not involve Jake, it's the lake scene, I just found it so realistic and well done, a close second is the basement scene. Actually I LOVE the whole film and it's probably number 1 or 2 of my all time favorites.

Anonymous said...

I also went to the E! site to vote and against my better judgment also went to Teds page, really he is such a ass, what he is saying today is so conterary to what we have seen these past few days, I also went to the messageboards and those posters are the most hateful people about (everything Ted say's is true etc) yuk.

JP said...

Ted and his retard minions are desperate...

What you have to understand is that Jake and Reese being together make him look bad. There's no other way of looking at it.

That poll made me laugh. I couldn't believe that they were still asking - ONE YEAR LATER - whether people thought it was true that they were dating. Never mind that people who believed it was true WON 75% to 25%, and that was with Ted having homefield advantage.

That should tell you everything.

I still don't understand why these comments bother you people. I just post it right back at them. They can't accept that they are in the minority. They feel threatened and are lashing out. I still like throwing it in their faces.

I think i'm famous with some of them. I read on the PerezHilton site where two or three of those idiots accused someone defending Jake/Reese of being me. lol. And someone used my username on another site. It's just too funny for words.

The whole thing makes me laugh. Just keep calling them crazy for denying the obvious. Compare them with other crazy people who do the same: like people who deny the Earth is round, or stuff like that.

It drives them crazy.

chica said...

My favorite scene in Zodiac is the scene in the basement, it scared the crap out of me!!

PS: That woman with Jake is one of his PA's that he has been seen with several times including Joan's what a bunch of silly rabbits!

PSS: Do you think that a certain gossip creep did that column before the pics showed up, I mean I have heard that columns like that are done one to two days ahead of time. Let's see the 12/29 pics showed up on 12/30 and the 12/30 ones showed on 1/1, hmmmm. Probably not in time to pull it before the second set hit, ha! ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Zodiac gets some recognition from the Online Critics Society!


No Country For Old Men 
There Will Be Blood
Paul Thomas Anderson - There Will Be Blood
Joel & Ethan Coen - No Country for Old Men
David Cronenberg - Eastern Promises
David Fincher - Zodiac
Julian Schnabel - The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
George Clooney - Michael Clayton
Daniel Day-Lewis - There Will Be Blood
Emile Hirsch - Into the Wild
Frank Langella - Starting Out in the Evening
Viggo Mortensen - Eastern Promises
Julie Christie - Away From Her
Marion Cotillard - La Vie En Rose
Angelina Jolie - A Mighty Heart
Laura Linney - The Savages
Ellen Page - Juno
Casey Affleck - The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Javier Bardem - No Country for Old Men
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Charlie Wilson's War
Hal Holbrook - Into the Wild
Tom Wilkinson--Michael Clayton
Cate Blanchett - I'm Not There
Jennifer Garner - Juno
Kelly MacDonald - No Country for Old Men
Saoirse Ronan - Atonement
Amy Ryan - Gone Baby Gone
Tilda Swinton - Michael Clayton

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
Eastern Promises
Michael Clayton
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
No Country for Old Men
Ther e Will Be Blood
The Bourne Ultimatum
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Into the Wild
There Will Be Blood
In the Shadow of the Moon
Into Great Silence
King of Kong, The
No End in Sight
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
The Host
La Vie En Rose
Lives of Others
The Orphanage

The Simpsons Movie
Ben Affleck - Gone Baby Gone
Juan Antonio Bayona - The Orphanage
John Carney - Once
Tony Gilroy - Michael Clayton
Sarah Polley - Away From Her
Nikki Blonsky - Hairspray
Glen Hansard - Once
Sam Riley - Control
Carice Van Houten - Black Book
Tang Wei - Lust, Caution

JP said...

No I think he wrote the column BECAUSE of the photos. Those photos pretty much make it conclusive, no?

Ted Casablanca always goes a little nutty every time a new Reese-Jake story pops up. Remember him after Rome? The photos make Jake and Reese look like a family. Even the poll on that site is overwhelming in support of the couple being together. So now he has to reassure his stupid, blind followers --- all three of them --- that he didn't make up the whole Toothy Tile thing. I wonder what excuse Retard Ted will make when they don't break up? lol. Any guesses?

P.S. I can't help but notice the same people posting the same old crap. I love that "Fake as a $3 bill" guy. He's posted that comment on at least five or six different message boards, lol. Then there's the "showmance" guy. I'm convinced now, more than ever, that it's only a dozen or so people making those posts. I can't believe how invested they are in this. I could understand if you were a fan, but to dislike a couple and go from message board to message board printing the same post. Imagine the time and effort that would require.

If that doesn't prove to you how pathetic these people are, then nothing will.

BTW, "Fake as a $3 bill" is a Canadian saying. In Canada they have a $2 bill/coin, unlike in the US. I think I know who wrote that. He and I had a little exchange on imdb a couple of months ago. He's from Toronto, is totally gay, and is pretty much a moron.

sheba baby said...

Well he did cover his ass a bit by saying that some claim they PLAN on breaking up as it hasn't happened yet but they plan on it (even though he mentions it in past tense in the rest of the column, it's like 2 people wrote that crap)and then at the end he adds a question mark asking at the end, this way he can still claim they are planning to down the line, so which one is it people claiming they will or they already did, what a jackass.

On to more pleasent things, thanks anon. for the information regarding the Online Critics Awards, YAY!!! My favorite scene in Zodiac is the beginning with the creepy Hurly Burly playing in the background.

Jake looks pissed in the pictures with his PA at Joans and it looks like they actually went into the cafe. I bet it was more of a business type lunch since I assume filming on Brothers has resumed and they were interupting. I hate seeing that and the stressed looks on the faces of Jake, Reese and the kids even though I loved seeing all of them together, that and the concert sighting has made me one happy Gyllenspooner, sorry to bring that turd Ted's column into this, won't happen again.

PS: JP, I also noticed the the doz. you described have taken to using bloggers names that post here to bash them, how old are thse people anyway??

JP said...

Ted is definitely covering himself, I told you guys he was a coward.

He's also covering himself in another way. He knows that most couplings end in break-ups, and figures this one will to. After what he wrote, when they do he can say, "you see I told you it was all fake. I wrote they would break up, blah, blah, blah." Then, like a phoenix, he'll resurrect Toothy Tile from the ashes.

He's such an idiot. He's so transparent. It's all about not making him look like the idiot that he is. He can't admit that he was wrong, so instead he's playing this game which makes him look completely pathetic.

The reason he, and his supporters, are in this tizzy is because those photos of Reese, Jake and the kids were distributed far and wide. They were even on the Huffington Post. It's hard to deny that they're together after seeing those photos --- not that the TEDHEADS won't try. So now they look completely crazy denying the relationship exists.

That's why they've been more obnoxious than usual since those photos appeared.

That poll on EOnline is very telling. I think E tried to support Ted for as long as they could. But those photos are UNDENIABLE and even they, the ones who pay Ted's salary, seem to be suggesting that Ted is full of crap. What does that tell you?

Not only that, but the results were so overwhelming that IT JUST CAN NOT BE REASONABLY DENIED ANYMORE!

No one believes Ted and his stupid Toothy Tile BS.

UltraViolet said...

Posting on my commute so this will be brief. Yay for the Online critics. Thanks, anon, for letting us know. And thanks for the favorite scene posts. I love the basement scene, too.

I'll be back later to talk Zodiac and Jake. In the meantime, please cut the talk of Ted C. It's bad enough to see his drivel in other places. Let's not give him any attention here. I know it's hard to avoid it but I really hate even just the thought of him.


Anonymous said...

Is this a blog about Jake and Reese, or a blog about what other websites think about Jake and Reese?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:24 Sorry UV I think I started that, you are right we shouldn't give him the attention.

gabbana said...

Ted C. is a joke - but IMO he will feed the TT story as long as he has some "believers" who take everything he says as the "truth".

But honestly - does he really deserve getting so much space here?? I like that we can discuss Jakes projects here and also his relationship with Reese and enjoying (or not so much - at least the last ones) the pictures. Casablance gets enough space on other blogs - on this side I prefer to ignore him and his "fans".

IMO ZODIAC is one of the best films in 2007 - it gets much critical love but unfortunatly not at the awards.

The first scenes with "Hurdy Gurdy man" always give me creeps...Between the emotional and disturbing scenes I enjoy the few light-hearted ones (first date of Graysmith und future wife, Aqua Velva scene...)

And I would have preferred the scene nearly at the end when Graysmith faces Arthur Leigh Allen being the last one.

Anonymous said...

I vow not to visit certain blogs or to give them any attention.
It's just negative energy and helps spread information wider than the original blog.

I say we don't bring it over to this blog and we simply see if for what it is and leave it at the place it belongs. Don't feed the fire.

smile said...

The only thing I will say to Ted C is, that he is playing a familiar game. I always, well nearly always, relaxed from work with browsing gossip sites and I do remember distincly that he played exactly that same game with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and later with Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen while they were at the height of their game. We know what became of that, right. He´s a parasite appealing to the baser human instincts, and this is how he makes his money. I guess he even gets a kick out of that, thinking he is so clever making money with this crap by ripping off the poor souls, who need to believe that their slash phantasy is real. He´s just lucky that people have short memories.

Sorry UV and FL, if you dislike this, please erase it, ok.

agent_krycek said...

I do love the basement scene in Zodiac, though, when I saw it at the cinema, completely engrossed in the story, there was a moment when Jake partially turns towards the camera, looking upwards, and they way he's been shot I actually got shocked out of my concentration on the film by thinking 'God, he's so effing beautiful' - up until that point I'd completely 'forgotten' it was Jake I was watching (if that makes any sense).

Oh, and the lovely comic exchange between him and RDJr regarding the 'retard' nickname, honestly, when the writers are writing again, please someone have the brains to spot the potential and writes the intelligent comedy for those two that most of us pine for (and yeah, Reese can play the love interest ;-) )

shondra said...

I echo the banning of talk of the creep here.

Glad to see Zodiac getting the recognition it dererves, finally!

The breakfast table scene is one of my favorites as well along with the scene where he is about to put his son on the bus and decides not to. And avote for the basement soon, very creepy and effective.

No more anon. posting for me as of today, BTW I love this blog!! Thanks so much and the Jake/Reese goddies these past few days are a great way to start off the new year!

gabbana said...

ZODIAC is No 3 on the Village Voice/LA Weekly Film Poll!

It was only beaten by "There will be blood" and "No country for old men".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link gabbana, I checked it and Jake got 2 votes in the best actor catagory (such an underrated performance).

bobbyanna said...

The texture of Zodiac was just amazing. Fincher got it right in terms of capturing the time, itself, (that music!) and his legendary attention to detail served him well in so many ways it is almost a disservice to try to dissect me crazy (you wouldn't be the first,LOL!) but the rainy streets, the smells, Robert walking past the reporters' bar seeing the social life he isn't part of, etc. This movie was just put together so well.

Of course the basement scene, in the storm, etc. was really powerful. Fincher puts you right there. Just as he puts you "right there" in that guy's trailer...that scene really was sickening...with the squirrels. Even thinking about it, makes me queasy.

Jake and Robert had great chemistry, but I also thought Jake had great chemistry with Chloe and with Mark, too. I thought the scene in Avery's house, when he attacks Robert Graysmith with sarcasm, really lascerating him, because he had to know how much Graysmith looked up to him, was very well done. Of course the basement scene, and scenes with his kids...wish there'd have been a few more of those and with Chloe, too.

There is one particular scene that really stood out for me, because there was no dialogue. When Robert comes home and realizes his wife has left him, taking the kids. He is REALLY upset...then he sees the message attached to her note...the phone number for the witness he was trying to reach...there is a split second of conflict...then he goes with the witness. I thought Jake did some outstanding work in Zodiac, but that little gem is one I remember.

Jake hasn't even begun to tap into his acting abilities. And look what an impressive body of work he already has! I really cannot wait for the extended Director's cut.

(UV/FL if I talk about what I like to call "Jake's opening scene"
in Rendition, I just want to assure you it will only be in context of character development, OK?)

JP said...


Yes, I love that opening Hurdy Gurdy Man scene. I've watched that opening scene at least thirty times. I won't even watch the whole film sometimes, just that first scene...

As for new Jake movie news.

I was actually surprised he was in LA yesterday. When does he return to New Mexico to finish filming? It must be soon.

agent_krycek said...

Okay, that's it, Zodiac for me tonight :D

gabbana said...

Jeffrey Wells from "Hollywood Elsewhere" who is a great Fincher fan and has ZODIAC placed as his No 1 film in 2007, made an interview with David Fincher.
Here is the link:

Unfortunatly I am not able to open the side and to hear the interview. Apparently they were also talking about Jake and the endless takes of some scenes. If someone has the time (it lasts 49 minutes) to check it and perhaps tell us what he is saying about Jake (and other important statements)? That would be great....!

JP, I think that after the holidays they will start filming again during the next days. Perhaps the poster on IMDB who informed us during the last weeks about the shootings will have some new information soon. I have not given up hope that the fim will be released in 12/2008 instead of 12/2009....(I refuse to believe them needing nearly a year to finish this film after shootings ended)

gabbana said...

Sorry, I wanted to say "nearly TWO years to finish this film..."

bobbyanna said...

gabbana, maybe the reason it is being delayed might have something to do with some contractual arrangements with the people involved with the original movie. Or maybe there is something in one of the actor's contracts about it being released before or after something else? I don't know. Just speculating. I agree with you, there is no reason to think Sheridan wouldn't have it ready for viewing, or that the post production would take all that long. I am hoping it can get an earlier release date, too! As things stand, we will have a whole year of Jakelessness" to go thru!

agent_krycek said...

Add me to the list regarding hoping for an earlier release date for Brothers, especially as I've now seen the original and am itching to talk about some aspects of it

JP said...


There is NO WAY this film will be delayed until the fall of 2009. It just doesn't make sense. I've never heard of such a thing before.

Don't trust what you read on imdb. They are prone to making mistakes with release dates. They probably had it listed as a 2009 release, and then later got information that it would be released on December 4th or whenever it is and so put the two dates together.

This movie will be out next fall. Bank on it.

UltraViolet said...

Okay, on my way into my first meeting of the year. The first of millions!

they way he's been shot I actually got shocked out of my concentration on the film by thinking 'God, he's so effing beautiful'

I had that exact reaction in that scene!

up until that point I'd completely 'forgotten' it was Jake I was watching (if that makes any sense).

Makes total sense. And it's a mark of a good movie and of Jake's acting.

Is this a blog about Jake and Reese, or a blog about what other websites think about Jake and Reese?

It's a blog about Jake. Like any blog, we meander in our posts. But we know why we're here.

bobbyanna said...

agent K, I know what you mean about Jake being distractingly beautiful!!! I've resigned myself to the fact that I often have to watch his movies three times, before I finally settle down and watch "the movie." LOL!!! And that's in no way a reflection on Jake. I've said before, he is just brilliant. It's me.I'm sometimes "preoccupied"...

Anonymous said...

My favourite scene is when he asks RDJ about being called retard, and RDJ says "no". hahaha

sass said...

Afternoon UV and everyone,

You've added more of my favorite Zodiac scenes.

I'm with you bobbyanna on the opening Rendition scene. There'll be lots of wind and rewind, for me when I make my character assessments. *big big grin*

I wish I owned a copy of Rendition today; our early morning temperature was 12 degrees, with a wind chill of -0 and a possible a high of maybe 25 :lol

I Hope Jake and Reese are warm and together or warm and working.

Sending soft Warm hugs to everyone here,

appalled said...

"Retard Ted" "...He's from Toronto, is totally gay"

Wow. So you hate mentally disabled people as well as gay people? Nice "fans" you've encouraged, Jake. These are your people now.

sass said...

Afternoon again everyone,

Look what fell into my mailbox written 1/2/2008
more critic raves about Zodiac and the DVD! I hope this post isn't a repeat....if it is blame my pea brain.:)

Zodiac raves

UltraViolet said...

Appalled, I agree that we shouldn't be using words like retard, nor should we be characterizing posters on their sexuality. As I have stated repeatedly, Jake has gay and straight fans with all kinds of opinions. There is no monolithic gay Jake fan or straight Jake fan.

long with the scene where he is about to put his son on the bus and decides not to.

Yes, Shondra - that is such a brief but effective scene. And welcome! Thanks for delurking and naming :)

Bobbyanna and sass, I'm counting on you two for calm, rational analysis of Rendition. I'm sure you can assess that opening scene of Jake's as if he were clothed in flannel PJs all buttoned up.

appalled said...

Thank you, Ultraviolet.

UltraViolet said...

Gabbana, I'm listening to the Hollywood Elsewhere Fincher interview now, as I attempt to clear out my e-mail from vacation.

I applaud Jeffrey Wells for his support of Zodiac, but he is a real jerk about Jake in this interview.

At one point, he asks Fincher about the multiple takes and gives him credit for getting the perfect reaction shot from John Carroll Lynch (Arthur Leigh Allen) in the hardware store.

Fincher demurs, giving full credit to JCL for being "fucking good."

Wells then says, "But you've gotta take credit for Jake Gyllenhall's performance!"

And Fincher says "No, I can't even do that." Then he goes on to talk about taking the different takes and "recontextualizing" them, and how doing that is the director's job.

He also claims they averaged only 20 or 22 takes, and that if there's a technical issue, it takes longer.

Wells then talks about the "stories Gyllenhaal talks about," where the director just says "Do it again."

Fincher says he is capable of telling actors what he wants, but that he resorts to the "Just do it again" trick when the actor isn't prepared or not paying attention or resent something or wants to leave "to go to the Golden Globes." So if someone's lazy or not paying attention, you withhold direction to prove the point.

Wells then says that "Jake Gyllenhaal is going to be, I'm sure he is immensely proud already obviously, but he's going to be..."

Fincher interrupts and says, "I hope so. He said that he is and I take him at his word for it. I've never known him to be disingenuous. So yeah, I think he is. I hope he is."

Wells then says that actors fight their way through their feelings and it's a little rough - it's a refining process. Then he goes on to rag on Rendition, and how irritated he was that Jake's character is so passive, and never does anything even though he's so unhappy.

(GRR! That's the entire fucking point, you moron. Sorry!)

Fincher doesn't point that out, but instead calls it a structural issue. Then Fincher says it was an odd movie, he liked a lot of it, some of the conceits were interesting, but he says it's unfortunate that it came down to a twist. And he repeats the structural issue point, saying that might have been Wells' problem.

He also says that, knowing Jake, he's unlikely to have wanted to just sit there and grimace.

"He's notthat guy!"

Fincher says Jake would be more likely to say, "Wouldn't I just overpower him and strangle him?" That the latter is the Jake he knows.

Fincher seems very affectionate about Jake, but the thing about the takes will always seem to be a conflict, I guess. I don't know that he's saying Jake was unprepared or wanted to leave early, but that's how it sounds.

We know Jake didn't get to do certain things because of Zodiac filming. I think it was probably a case of Fincher's legitimate needs as a director and a little bit of pique that Jake had things to do for a different movie that had a shot at awards. We know Fincher's never been an Oscar favorite, after all.

That was fast, so I'm sure I missed stuff. Definitely worth listening to. It's about halfway through the interview, I think.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks so much for that. And of course, UV. Sass and I will be the standard against which all others are measured as far as proper decorum, when we give our "review" and "impressions" of flannel-clad Jake.(Do they even have flannel in Morocco???) Wells seems like he was looking to trash Jake and Fincher handled it very deftly. What an ass Wells is! The Cannes photos and the Interview piece convinced me Jake and David Fincher are good friends and they will probably work together again.
Sounds like David was sort of protective of Jake without being at all defensive? Will listen later. Today is my birthday so I am getting ready for a family dinner out.

smile said...

Happy birthday Bobbyanna, health, happiness, long life and lots of Jaking to you!

UV, I agree absolutely with you concerning Jakes fans, straight or gay. And Appalled you were right to call us out on this, thanks for doing so.

Jakey sure can use all the love he can get.
Thanks for summing up the interview. Will listen to it asap.

gabbana said...

Thanks so much, UV!

Wells is obviously not a Jake admirer.....
I remember some discussions why Jake didn´t attended the Golden Globes and some people were saying he was angry because he was not nominated, but it had obviously more to do some Fincher attitude...

From what I have seen on some Cannes pics and the interview David Fincher did with Jake I have got the feeling they respect each other very much and I would really like to see them work together again.

A happy birthday for you, Bobbyanna and have a nice dinner with your family.

JP said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sass said...

Evening UV,
I'm listening to the interview as I post and WOW! Fincher is making comments about another Director's Oscar winner's work. hmmmm

Be careful Fincher. He should not speak in a disparaging manner about another director's work. That's a Big NO!
And it seems like Fincher didn't get what Gavin was trying to show with Jake in Rendition.

Americans have stood by passively since 9/11, just as Jake stood by passively, while all these horrid situations were happening, all over the world, at our behest.
We discuss rendition amongst ourselves now, but some of us have decided we don't mind this practice; that the stakes are too high to not have Rendition in our arsenal, as opposed to the thinking that would have occurred in my earlier years during the sixties about these practices.
We would have marched on Washington. .

I don't think Fincher was complaining about Jake so much, as Jeffrey Wells was trying to elicit a negative response about Jake from Fincher. David didn't give him that response.
He talked about film structure and what it means to construct a scene as director, but fortunately he didn't blast Jake for Jeffrey Well's sake.

It's obvious to me from Jake's Interview magazine article, with the interview done by David Fincher that both have a respect for each others work and person.

I think Wells has a crush on Jake, he can't stop talking about him and brings him up all the time. Did Jake not smile at him once in his life? Poor Jake it hurts to be beautiful...see Jeffrey's comment about Bradd Pitt...he thought he was just another pretty face...I hate people who judge others without reason. So what if Jake didn't like Fincher making so many's a free country...Cling Eastwood the auteur, makes no more than 2-3 takes...and his films are masterpiece films technically emotionally all the ways that film can affect are Ang's films and others who are technically brilliant but who don't do take after take after take. I say have JW do 50 takes on a film and then see we'll see how he feels about whatever. Is it acting to have a director do 50 takes and get one facial expression from one take and another facial expression from another take...and on and on. How would I feel as an actor, indulging a director with his many takes.

sass said...

My previous post escaped and posted itself...all by itself. arrrgh! :):)

sass said...

Hi again UV,
Goodness, am I ever verbose in this cold weather, chattering teeth be damned.

I am in total agreement with you. Ban all talk of TedC for all times.
No talk here if we can help it, about other miserable people who don't think too highly of Jake and Reese's union.
We are happy to have this blog because we can come here and post and be happy for him and his Reese. TY both again. I wish I had a place to post pics.

AND NO MORE Name calling and sexual put downs...
TY appalled:)

Happy Birthday bobbyanna...Have a great time tonight:)

I checked Amazon and Zodiac is # 276 on the list of top sellers ...not good...especially as some movies like 3:10 To Yuma and others coming out next Tuesday, are in the top 100 sellers list.
Zodiac's second release will probably not garner as many sales as the first release and that's too bad. I will be sure to buy it next Tuesday from Best Buy ASAP!

sass said...

Hi again,
Just one more post. *grin*

Brothers might have to wait until
2009, because Jake has signed to do the play, maybe.??? I remember reading that Farragut would premiere, during the fall of this year, election year. I don't think Jake wants to handle 8 performances a week on Broadway, and a movie junket simultaneously.

suvee said...

I don't think I can pick out one scene from "Zodiac" that was a fav. What I loved about the movie was the production design, the performances that were all spot on, and that soundtrack. Quite often, period movies have a fake look or feel to them, but honestly, "Zodiac" looked and felt like it had been made in the '70's. And I swear.... I will never be able to hear "Hurdy Gurdy Man" again without my blood running cold!

Hope this is not too OT, but during the promotion for "Zodiac", Mark R. sort of politely (and publicly) criticized Jake for complaining about the difficulty of working with 80 takes Fincher. I was a little put off by that at the time. Well, the other day my local NPR station replayed a 2007 Terry Gross interview with Mark. Learned that a few years ago, he had major brain surgery for a benign (thank God) tumor. But it was a serious thing, and he went through a lot of therapy afterwards. He also was terrified that he would never work as an actor again. Anyway, it made me realize how that experience would color his view of life and work..... and just possibly, he would be sensitive to someone (Jake) complaining and bitching about something that Mark almost lost. It put his comments about Jake in perspective IMO.

And I am SO ready to "critique" Jake's opening scene in "Rendition"!

Happy Birthday, bobbyanna.....hope it was a great day!

sass said...

No suvee,
I didn't know that about Mark R. I was a bit put off by his remarks about Jake's complaints too, but looking at what he said in light of his physical situation, I can see why he would have his opinion.

Having brain surgery is a scary situation for sure and is apt to make anyone rethink life.
OK suvee, let the the Gyllenspooners and Gyllenhallics assemble and get ready for our Rendition February critique.

Rendition movie

smile said...

Hello fellow babblers, hope you had a lovely day. Found nothing new about Jake or Reese.

I just wanted to just say that I don´t think talk about controversial issues should be limited. While I am absolutely aware that this decision should be and will be UVs and Felicias, because this is their blog, I think banning all talk about things we encounter in the blog world about them, even if we do not agree with these posts, would equal this blog with DC´s eyelashes only with a 180 twist.
I do think though that name-calling, being abusive or anything like that should be avoided at all cost.

Just my point of view, of course, the decision is of course UVs and FLs.

sass said...

Morning UV and everyone:)

smile, I read my post and I was being over zealous yesterday because you are right. I'd be the first to break the bans:lol:lol:lol

I was in a fit of I don't know what when I posted that--brain freeze?? It was -1 to 21 degrees here yesterday. My brain is thawing today because it's reached 21 degrees since 7AM and my posts will be less radical:lol:lol

Page 6 reports that Reese is having problems doing a sex scene with Vince Vaughn. It's written as an "American Pie Style romp."
Page 6, a NY Post tabloid column, notorious for it's accurate reports...NOT!

Reese and Vince are two of the producers of this film, so I'll bet they work it out.

agent_krycek said...

sass - I saw that report on a website that I frequent, they, charmingly *rolleyes* managed to refer to Reese as a prude as well.

Couldn't find any other Jake or Reese news myself, everything is either Britney at the moment, or over in the UK a kiddies TV presenter who's just been arrested under suspicion of murder and drug supplying :o

UltraViolet said...

Hi everyone - I fell asleep early last night. One day back to work and I need a vacation!

JP, if you're out there, I sent you a PM on imdb.

Smile, I definitely am not banning talk about anything. But I don't want this to be a place where we just complain about other places. There are people who come here who are DC members, and they don't need to hear a lot of bitching about DC.

None of us needs to hear more about Ted C or the delusionals. I realize sometimes they are just so exasperating that you need to vent. But unchecked, it just brings everyone else down.

As for whether that makes us just like DC or WFT or OMG, but from a different angle, I disagree. I'm not saying not to talk about things that are actually happening in Jake's life. I'm asking people not to talk at length or regularly about other sites themselves.

This is a Jake Gyllenhaal blog, not a blog about Jake's fandom.

Also, these are not rules, per se. It's just the guiding philosophy of the place. (Though we can make it a rule if things get out of hand.)

I think most of the visitors here, named, anon or lurking, want this to be a place where you can freely talk about Jake or Jake/Reese, and not have to worry about mockery or elaborate conspiracy theories.

I know it's a fine line. I'm not going to quibble when people mention how frustrating/absurd/inane/ridiculous some posters on other sites can be. I just don't want elaborate dissections of them, their motives or their postings.

I really do not want this to be a place where people feel censored or inhibited. I do want it to be a place where people are polite, sensitive and sensible :)

UltraViolet said...

I also haven't found any Jake or J/R news. But IHJ did post some pictures from Jake's cheating lunch with the "mystery" brunette.

This is another example of how we all see things differently. To me, Jake doesn't look upset in any of them, these or the Flynet pics. As I said in my post, he just seems bemused/exasperated.

get real said...

Hey all!

Thanks UV for the post just above. ITA with your feelings and feel the same way about this blog and discussion here. The rest just makes me angry and frustrated. I think it is very good to vent but not to let it take over the discussion. That is not what this blog is about. :)

Am very happy to see continued praise for Zodiac. Can't wait to get the special DVD when it comes out next week!

Wonder if Jake is back on the set of Brothers?

Finally have warmer weather in NYC! Off to see There Will Be Blood.

smile said...


Luv ya Sass, and am also nearly frozen in various bodyparts :)

Get real said:
"I think it is very good to vent but not to let it take over the discussion."

And as far as I had understood you UV, that´s ok with you, and that´s basically what I meant when I wrote my post.
So to vent and not to rant is the slogan to go with?! :)

And I would like to say that there are posters on DL I love(d) to read and hilarious moments (though the Heathens are more relaxed, as far as I can judge). And sure enough there are always people you don´t agree with and what matters most to me is, that you can discuss the matter without getting overbearing and that you can just agree to disagree.

Found this item on popsugar, Reese back at work, looking really good and relaxed and I don´t believe a word of this new slow-news-(fri)day thing. Probably just hype anyway.

Anonymous said...

look what I just found:

Interviewer: Speaking of famous dudes, I saw a video of Jake Gyllenhaal on stage with you in New York last month. That was a little surreal and pretty funny, actually. How did that go down? Do you know him through your involvement with "Brokeback Mountain"?

Rufus W: I know Jake quite well, mainly because he'll admit he's a pretty fanatical Wainwright fan. He's been snooping around for a while, which has been lovely. Him, I don't look at as a mother. With him, I'm completely predatorial and willing to go anywhere, but I'm pretty sure he's straight. So that's not gonna -- whatever. We're fine. So I see him in Hollywood, and he's become quite a friend actually.

link to the article

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed, the official BAFTA long list has beem announced and not one mention for Zodiac. The noms for the BAFTA will be taken from that list.

Narcissa said...

I can't abide Rufus's voice personally, although he seems like a great guy and of course a good friend to Jake.

THAT remark will go down like a pork pie at a synagogue on some sites. Rufus a sell-out.... probably been bribed by Jake's PR team like every media outlet which has a good word to say about Jake... We know the drill, don't we ladies?

I don't feel motherly towards Jake either. At all. :)

UltraViolet said...

Poor Rufus - Jake doesn't like you in that way! But I think many of us can relate.

And a big, bad Boo to the BAFTAs. Nothing for Zodiac? That is really a shame.

UltraViolet said...

So to vent and not to rant is the slogan to go with?

Yes, that's good. Except that even ranting should be kept to a minimum :)

Anonymous said...

From defamer but I think the baseball cap makes it seem pretty legit.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon with some other actorly types at the 5:35 Dome showing of Sweeney Todd 12/29. Reese was wearing a baseball cap w/"Jake" embroidered on the side. Awww. Both were casual and cute. She is teeny tiny. Seriously.

Jake and Reese part 2 - when I got into the line to exit the parking lot, I was behind a black Mercedes, which then proceeded to pull up to the ticket booth and sit for five minutes while the driver obviously searched for his ticket. I suppressed the New Yorker in me and didn't lay on the horn, and was rewarded with the realization that Jake himself was the culprit. Stars, they're just like us! P.S. When I pulled to the ticket booth myself, the attendant was giddy from her five mins w/Jake. Don't know how Reese felt about all this; she seems pretty organized.

gabbana said...

The BAFTAS are really a disappointment. Especially since the London critics nominated the film, I had some hope for the BAFTAS. I really don´t understand that ZODIAC is on so many critics "best of 2007" lists but completly ignored by the "official" awards....

"Him, I don't look at as a mother. With him, I'm completely predatorial and willing to go anywhere,.."
Rufus, can you read my mind??

Rufus has really a crush on Jake - IMO he is a very likeable guy (although I have to admit that I am one of the few people in the Jake/BBM fandom who is not a big fan of his music) and I am happy that he and Jake are good friends.

I remember after Jake was with him on stage he said something like
"There is only one guy better looking than Jake - my boyfriend Jörn" - I liked that....:-))

Narcissa said...

Films cannot win awards, or even get noms, if the studio does not support them properly. Sadly this has always been the case with Zodiac. They dumped it in the spring dead zone; dull poster; poor trailer. Plus nobody except Jake seemed to do any promo for it.

Still - it's a film Jake can look back on with pride, despite the frustrations of filming and publicising it.

Incidentally, Reese is "rumoured" to be filming Tokyo Suckerpunch with Tobey Maguire:

Not confirmed yet, but she has worked with Tobey and director Gary Ross before, on Pleasantville.

FluorescentLamp said...

(although I have to admit that I am one of the few people in the Jake/BBM fandom who is not a big fan of his music)

*raises hand* Well, gabbana, looks like I'm in good company then. :-)

bobbyanna said...

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for all the birthday greetings, yesterday. !!! They were very much appreciated! (I had special birthday greetings from my knees too!LOL!!!)

FL, I am not such a big Rufus' music fan either, but I think he seems like good people...and fun.
Seems like Jake and Reese are taking their AMPAS membership seriously, seeing potential Oscar nominees.

Guess Jake has a bit of a break. Funny. I think Natalie is in LA. Again, I wonder if they have any interior scenes they might shoot in LA?

Loved the item about Jake fumbling around for his parking ticket and the girl in the booth being all giddy about him, and I loved that Reese is reportedly wearing a baseball cap with his name on it.

suvee said...

"None of us needs to hear more about Ted C or the delusionals. I realize sometimes they are just so exasperating that you need to vent. But unchecked, it just brings everyone else down."

IMO, there are so many reasons not to give the delusionals and haters yet another platform for their viewpoint here at GB, but, UV, you just hit on exactly why I object to it. Yesterday, when I checked in here and read all the comments about T.C. and his latest drivel, it completely bummed me out. If I wanted to know what he says, I know what sites to go to. I understand that sometimes people get angry and frustrated and do need to rant. But personally speaking, I would like to know that this is my "safe house" for Jake, and Jake & Reese news.

On a much lighter note, I loved Rufus' comments about Jake..... thanks, anon! (And, why on earth would anybody look at Jake as a mother?!!)
"Pork pie at a synagogue".... narcissa, that was priceless! : )

FluorescentLamp said...

On a much lighter note, I loved Rufus' comments about Jake..... thanks, anon! (And, why on earth would anybody look at Jake as a mother?!!)

I think it helps to look at his comment about Brandon Flowers from The Killers in the answer just before he was asked about Jake.

Q: You've said the song "Tulsa," off "Release the Stars," was written about The Killers' Brandon Flowers.

Rufus: That one is specifically about Brandon Flowers. But I wouldn't call it a deep experience.

Q: Have you heard from him since its release?

Rufus: Yeah, I ran into him a couple of times while we were both touring Europe and doing festivals. He was very, very sweet. I was a little concerned about him. He looked a little thin, and he's so huge on the charts, I'm sure there's a lot of rock 'n' roll lifestyle going on there. I actually felt more like his potential mother than lover. I just wanted to feed him. Feed him love.

Yeah, I didn't get that Jake quote either when I first read it; UV had to explain it to me. Hee.

suvee said...

Thanks, FL! Now I get it.

Just as soon as I posted my comment, it dawned on me that I probably should have taken the time to read the entire Rufus interview.... I realized the context of the "mother" comment must be from earlier in the interview. That's just me being lazy!

bobbyanna said...

"I would like to know that this is my "safe house" for Jake, and Jake & Reese news. "

Exactly. Thanks suvee!!!!And UV, thanks for putting everything in perspective. You and FL are doing an excellent job. I was so inspired I even posted on my own blog which I haven't done since August. But since it is a op/ed political blog, I will spare you all LOL!

sass said...

Evening babblers,

Narcissa, I always completely forget about the studios. I keep going on about how much the critics are in love with Zodiac. It's in most critics top 10 lists, is number 1-5 on a number of critics groups lists, and yet it has garnered no award nominations.
And now the Baftas have no nominations for this brilliant film.

I listened to the Fincher/Wells pod cast again, and I do detect his magisterial speak; I know how to make an actor give me what I want, especially when they aren't prepared tone or have to go to the Golden Globes???.

I don't know if he's saying he made Jake do many many takes because he was distracted, or he didn't do his homework, or he had to go to the Golden Globes, but you are right UV, there was conflict there, and horrors, Jake wasn't afraid to let Fincher and the world at large know how he felt during an interview.
Damn, an actor, who is a scion of a Hollywood royal family and a Swedish titled family spoke and the world shook..:lol

I posted a pic from iheartjake below of them, hugging it out at The Cannes Film Festival in May, for us, and for Jeffrey Wells, who can't let this subject be:)

Jake and David hug it out

Lucky LA Jake sightings: Jake's name embroidered on Reese's Red Sox hat and Jake at the checkout booth of the garage. *sigh*

Jake is a New Yorker, sometimes; some of us Yankee/Mets fans want him to wear our caps too, some of the time. *sob*

Get Real, I've seen 'There Will Be Blood" two times. Does that tell you much I enjoyed that disturbing epic masterpiece of a movie?

sass said...

Evening again ,
Speaking of Hollywood Royalty this fell in my mailbox earlier today.

Jake's mom, Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal, helmed the 20th annual USC scripter nominations

The 39-member selection committee, helmed this year by Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal, determined the five finalists from a field of 49 eligible films--the most in Scripter history. The author-screenwriter teams behind "Atonement," "Into the Wild," "No Country for Old Men," "There Will Be Blood" and "Zodiac" have been named finalists for the 2008 USC Libraries Scripter Award.

The author-screenwriter teams behind "Atonement," "Into the Wild," "No Country for Old Men," "There Will Be Blood" and "Zodiac" have been named finalists for the 2008 USC Libraries Scripter Award.

Scripter is presented annually by the University of Southern California Libraries to the writers of the most accomplished cinematic adaptation of a book, novella
or short story. Tony Award-winning actor Jason Alexander will serve as master of ceremonies for the 2008 gala.

This was a banner year for adaptations," Gyllenhaal said. "Each of the fine nominated screenplays draws on significant published writing to provide us with a provocative film that examines where we are as a culture today. These screenplays are more than translations; they are each original in their own way, without losing the spirit of where they began. And they leave the audience with questions to answer as they walk out of the theater. What could be better?"

bobbyanna said...

Wow! Thanks for that, sass. Naomi is my personal idol and role model! I really like her a lot. 'Specially cuz of Sesame Street LOL!!! Has anyone here seen Bee Season? Her own writing is very intelligent. She never condescends to her audience. I want to see There Will Be Blood because I think DDL is a genius as an actor. Atonement is also on my short list along with Juno.
If a studio doesn't get behind a film and really set aside a realistic marketing budget to promote it, and a strategy to sell it to the various festivals and awards season folks, it will die. There are several films that were excellent this past year that not too many people saw. There's an excellent book, called Open Wide that is very informative about the process. I read it several years ago and still find myself referring to it. Anyone with more than a passing interest in film would probably enjoy it. While it does focus on the business end of the business, there is some juicy gossip, too. Well. Not THAT juicy. But still....

suvee said...

hi bobbyanna! I have seen "Bee Season". I put off seeing it because I loved the book so much, and I was kind of skeptical that what made the book so wonderful could be captured on film. (Plus, as much as I really like him, I couldn't see Richard Gere as a scholar of Jewish mysticism.) But, I was convinced by a friend to see it..... and I really liked it. Naomi did a very good job of capturing the essence of the story IMO.

(And I am also a big DDL fan!)

sass said...

Thought I'd share from IMDB Pro what I read here earlier.

Reese rumored Tokyo Sucker Punch

I enjoyed Bee Season too and A Dangerous Woman, which I just rediscovered on iheartjakecomm. It was written and directed by Stephen and Naomi and starred Debra Winger, Gabriel Byrn, Barbara Hershey, David Strathairn, and a 10 second segment starring Jake riding a bike.
I have to look for Maggie's segment when I find a copy of the movie. my fingers are xxed for that task.
I definitely want to get Open Wide. I'm going to order it from the Library tonight.

sass said...

Before I retire :lol:lol
I thought I'd share information from IMDB Pro about Stephan and Naomi's movie, A Dangerous Woman. I hope I can find a DVD copy. It's available in VHS, but my VHS player is broken. I still can't believe I forgot about this engrossing movie;)
Jake is listed in the cast as Jacob Gyllenhaal.

A Dangerous Woman

get real said...

bobbyanna, just got back from seeing There Will Be Blood and omg DDL gives a tour de force performance. He is haunting and not one you will forget easily. He is a mean son of bitch that is for sure but absolutely brilliant. And on a Jake connection, the cinematographer is Jake's godfather Robert Elswit! His work here is also amazing.

Thanks for the Defamer sighting...aww! And the NFG news is so interesting! She is a very intelligent and creative woman. I respect her work a lot. Plus, Zodiac is cool is that! Still have to see Bee Season.

get real said...

Forgot to comment on how much I love the Rufus interview! Rufus so *hearts* Jake! :D

Sass, you saw TWWB twice?!?! Yeah I can totally understand that. It is truly a masterpiece and so haunting. Wow...

Listened to the Fincher/Welles interview and feel the same way as you, Sass. I did think Welles was trying to get Fincher to be negative about Jake but I was glad Fincher didn't take the bait.

get real said...

^^ Oops, should be TWBB.

get real said...

Last post, promise, lol.

Bobbyanna, happy belated birthday!

Sass, I want to see Jake in a NY team hat badly! I miss his visits to the city. I loved seeing him and Maggie out and about. Hope we still get some of that.

UltraViolet said...

Eek, belated birthday wishes and whacks to bobbyanna. I hope it was a good one, ba!

I saw Atonement tonight and was underwhelmed. It's a shame so many inferior pictures are getting consideration ahead of Zodiac.

I'm trying to have sympathy for the NYer contingent on the whole cap thing, but as a Bostonian... ;)

New post, folks!