Monday, September 5, 2011

Back in town

Jake Gyllenhaal is back in L.A. after a short trip to Las Vegas for End of Watch. Back to his new haunt, Cafe Gratitude, for lunch with friends, including Rashida Jones.

Poor Atticus had to wait outside.

Back in step:

Baring teeth:

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


bobbyanna said...

Nice pictures! ;) I'm really glad to see Atticus. I just discovered Rashida sang back for Maroon 5 on their debut album and again on their follow up! (Wiki) I like her. She's a very creative lady.

UltraViolet said...

A couple more tweets from today:

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal & a rainbow today so far. Can't wait to see what the rest of this fine evening has in store for me! #ilovela

Trying to pretend that my little run-in with Jake Gyllenhaal & his german shepherd at Runyon just now was casual, but... it.was.not.
2 hours ago via web

UltraViolet said...

Whoops - didn't see your comment, Bobbyanna. I didn't know that Rashida was a singer, too. She is multi-talented.

Monica said...

Previous Post ...
UV, doesn't remember seeing that video. Thank you.

Good to see Jake having fun with friends. And hello Atticus!

Viv said...

Atticus is so well-behaved and sweet as hell :). My spoiled girl will go crazy if I leave her alone outside *_*

Jake looks relaxed and happy with friends. :)

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
BlondeMaf1a Lindzleigh Nelwolf
Oh wait nm I saw Jake Gyllenhaal on Runyon Canyon today. I'm a happy girl. #sexiestmanalive

Chica said...

Atti!!! It's been ages, so good to see him out and about.

Not surprised to hear about Rashida's music background since Quincy Jones is her Dad:)

I am so tired this morning but a good tired. Yesterday I participated in the annual walk for Father Mychal F. Judge who was the first recorded person to die on 9/11. He went down to the WTC after the attacks to give comfort and give the last rites to several victims when the towers collapsed.

The walk started from St. Francis of Assisi Church all the way down to Ground zero.

It was hot/humid out and my back and feet are aching but I am so happy that i did the walk.

What an inspirational and amazing

Hope everyone here has a relaxing Labor day.

mary said...

Thanks UV jake looks good love seeing atticus he such a well behaved dog.

bobbyanna said...

Chica, I remember about Father Mychal. That was a lovely tribute!

Yes, Rashida certainly inherited some musical talents genes from Quincy. : ) Child prodigy, classical pianist, composer/arranger, etc.etc.etc.

It's a coolish, gloomy day here.
President Obama came to town for the annual Labor Day Rally in Detroit.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day! my parents were factory workers, and we always treasured this day set aside to honor all workers. : )

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,

hope you're having a great labor day.

It's great to see Jake and Atticus. I bet Jake is glad he's done filming, it looked like a hard shoot.

How old is Atticus, 7?


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It's good to see Jake and Atticus again!

Rashida is very talented and pretty, Jake looks relaxed and happy here.

I remember Father Judge Chica, what a wonderful tribute to him.

Hope everyone is enjoying the day off and hasn't for got why we have this day off, especially now when Unions are under attack.

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
CaitlinMFoyt Caitlin M. Foyt
Jake Gyllenhaal was just behind me in line at La Mill Coffee House in Silver Lake.

Tweety said...

Cafe Gratitude, La Mill, Runyan Canyon, yeah he is hitting all of his CZ's!

I love Atti, he is such a well behaved dog.

Had no idea Rashida Jones sang back up for Maroon 5, what a small world:) :)

Extra said...

Good to see Atti out with Daddy!

I love Rashida on Parks and Recreation, it's one of my favorite shows.

Enjoy the rest of this Labor Day!

sass said...

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Labor Day. Chica, Father Judge was inspirational to all of us.
There was a small bit about him on TV earlier today. You know Jake is looking happier recently...and his beautiful Atticus always looks happy with Jake and waits so patiently for him to come back to him.
back soon,

Monica said...

Happy Labor Day!

Sag Actor said...

I have a German Shep named Pepi so i always get a kick out of seeing Jake with Atticus.

Labor day is winding down, i did nothing all day but relax, I hope everyone here did the same!

mary said...

I had a nice relaxing labor day i am a nurse and was scheduled to work today but i was put on call lucky me!!!

Chica said...

I'm glad that you got this day off Mary!

sass said...

OK, I know and I want you to know I've been out of it for a while, so when I saw a name unknown to me, I looked it up and am delighted to learn that she is Quincey Jones's and Peggy Lipton's daughter. Then I went surfing for information on a celeb site(jj) and discovered just one hater/negative comments out of 35+--will wonders never cease--for either person,Jake or Rashida.
Except one sour puss who comments how Jewish celebs persons date all everyone but end up with Jews for partners???? Say WHA?

Hope this post is not inappropriate...I am so behind the times...if it is please remove it. I can't always trust my brain to say the right thing recently but I had to post this.
I know that I am the only person in the world who didn't know this accomplished beautiful woman, Rashida.

Finally, I get Jake alerts and one came in translated and I will post some of it because it is me. This column goes world wide and is translated God knows where:lol

Please laugh if you like.

The sighting comes as both parties have had their satisfactory share of fizzled out relations – with Jake carrying antiquated ladies including Reese Witherspoon and Ashley Greene while Rashida was an object with a likes of Tobey Maguire, Mark Ronson and Jon Favreau

Thank you so much for welcoming me back so and putting up with my new brain...I have some accidents with it--it seems Rheumatoid Arthritis can muck up the brain--who knew, and now it's on its own out here and there lots of time. :lol
love you all
here is link to above post..

I don't dare publish html posts any longer...

Monica said...

20 Things to Know About END OF WATCH From Our Exclusive Set Visit; Plus the First Two Official Images and Synopsis:

Mary said...

Thanks Monica thats very interesting and good facts that i didnt know this movie is begining to sound like its going to be very intense

bobbyanna said...

Monica, thanks so much for the Collider article. I'm very impressed with the way this project is evolving.

UltraViolet said...

I saw on the Collider guy's twitter that he was going to write this up. It is very interesting to hear the details. I'm not crazy about the premise - the way they are getting the cops to use the cameras, even if it is very LA. But everything else sounds pretty cool.

UltraViolet said...

Did a new post with the new Collider stuff.