Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This and that

Not too much happening in Jakeland, so let's clear out some of the miscellaneous file!

That's Jake over the weekend at Four Bear, er Barrel Coffee in San Francisco. Unique decor.

Speaking of bears... from Mr. Grylls:

Back in July, fans of the hit Discovery channel show "Man vs. Wild" watched Jake Gyllenhaal fight through hurricane-force winds and treacherous winter terrain in Iceland, but according to the show's star Bear Grylls, Gyllenhall got exactly what he wanted.

"He said, 'Don't hold back with me' and he got it," Grylls told Wonderwall. "We had some of the toughest conditions I've ever known on 'Man vs. Wild.' We took him to Iceland in winter. There were literally 100-mph-plus winds up there. Both of us were blowing like tumbleweed, but he really rose to it. It was great to see his confidence grow as he went on. I take my hat off to him. He worked really hard. He's one of the fittest guys in Hollywood."

Grylls says he tells all guests to train some -- but to not go too crazy before appearing on the show. The key is to stay injury-free and at full health before entering the wild. With the combination, he says, good things will happen. Both Gyllenhaal and Will Ferrell, who appeared on the show in 2009, followed Grylls' instructions and had successful experiences.
"The wild rewards commitment, and both of them really threw themselves into it," he said. "Will was far out of his comfort zone, but he really threw himself into it, and I admire the way he did that. I said to them beforehand, 'Just come on your own with no entourage, and trust me,' and they did that. They both say it was a landmark time in their lives, and I think they felt really proud of what they achieved."

Someone on tumblr posted this old photo of Jake:

Not sure where this one came from:

Hadn't seen this Australia interview for L&OD before:

A nice collage of Jake and Anne from tumblr:

Don't forget to vote for Jake in the Scream Awards!


UltraViolet said...

First Jake NY sighting?

That is definitely Jake Gyllenhal. Sitting behind me. I am NOT STARING.

Monica said...

Thanks for the information, Sass, Chica and UV. When he learned he would stay in Brooklyn he was wow!

Jake's hair grows fast!

Tweety said...

And this might be the 2nd NY sighting:

aaampart Kirsten Lampart
Just saw jake gyllenhaal nonchalantly pass in front of my face to grab a taxi. #ilovenewyork
3 hours ago

What odd decor for a coffee shop and yes his hair sure grows fast!
He looks so young in the other pics, must have been around DD time.

Love the Jake/Anne collage of pics, thanks!

sass said...

Gorgeous pics of Jake and Anne. TY UV!! love the montage Is he really here? *sigh* ♥
I'm voting my heart out. I even voted for other categories.

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
@JeannieWalker1 Jake Gyllenhaal walking around the West Village in
NYC today!!

UltraViolet said...

And this:

Definitely just saw Jake Gyllenhall (sp?) taking the train at Clark. My eyes lmao

Those NYers do not disappoint on twitter!

I have seen people continuing to vote on twitter, sass. I'd love to see Jake win something for SC, even if it is just from Spike TV.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I find that first pic of Jake and friends really creepy!!!

I loved the chemistry between Jake and Ann, here's hoping they get to make another film together again. The pics of them here are gorgeous.

New Yorkers are really on the ball, we should be seeing a ton of sightings!

I voted for Jake for the Scream award, I remember him making an appearence on Spike when he was promoting Pop.

Anonymous said...



Just saw Jake Gyllenhall on the train. Sooooo c*ute, in person!! Totally chilling, all bearded. Looked like hes a sweetheart, in-person. #aw

Chica said...

Are those bears or boars mounted on that wall, ewwww!!!

You are welcome Monica!

Jake is in NY!! I never run into him when he is here but maybe this time around I may get lucky:)

The chemistry between Jake and Anne in LAOD was off the charts, too bad the script and the direction didn't come together.

The stills of the them are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long Jake will be in NY, he probably likes how he can get around without the paps dogging him.

looks like he still has the beard (I thought perhaps he had a shave, I mean I wouldn't 'mind' shaving him myself :D)


sass said...

Forgot to post How Happy I am to live in America where DADT is DEAD today. God Bless America! Never stop fighting for your rights.

see Obama video below, YAY!!!


bobbyanna said...

What an intresting SF coffee shop, UV... The pictures are fun.

Gotta love NYC tweeters!

Just got home from seeing "Drive."

Very atmospheric. Dialogue seemed like an homage to Mamet. Reminded me of some of the foreign, art house movies I saw back in the 70's.
To say it was graphic doesn't say enough. It was downright gory.

Albert Brooks was quite a revelation. Brian Cranston, too.
Ryan and Carrie were Ryan and Carrie. I liked it a lot better than "The Debt."

Monica said...

I'm anxious to see Drive. But unfortunately has no release date in Brazil.

UltraViolet said...

Another reason to hate new Twitter: I can't cut and paste on the iPad. But there were a couple of NYC tweets. Another subway sighting, no details. And a sighting of him at "the Dutch." There is a restaurant by that name.

UltraViolet said...

Sass, amen on the end of DADT!

OONP, the pic is a little odd, lol. Or do you mean it's creepy that we have it? :)

From PopSugar:

Anna Kendrick stopped by the Toronto Film Festival last week to chat about her new movie 50/50, in which she plays a young psychologist working with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We sat down with the actress to chat about her role, the excitement of Breaking Dawn coming out soon, and working on the ensemble project What to Expect When You’re Expecting alongside tons of A-list stars. Anna recently wrapped up shooting End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhaal, and the two were spotted cuddling close off hours, so we asked Anna what it was like working with the heartthrob. Here’s what Anna had to say:

“[It's been] great! He is one of the most open actors I’ve ever worked with. The whole set was crazy, since we were basically shooting it as though it was home movies. We didn’t stop shooting it; there was hardly a second between takes where somebody didn’t pick up one of the hand-held cameras. We just start shooting each other, which was a completely new experience for me but really exciting.”

Mary said...

Thanks for the pics and tweets yea those New Yorkers are the best tweeters wonder how long he will be in NY

That coffee sure is a strange coffee place but very interesting

UltraViolet said...

More from Twitter:

Uggh just made awkward eye contact with Jake Gyllenhaal (after recognizing from the street). Why did I have to look so frumpy today?!
1 hour ago via

And the Dutch sighting:

2 hours
Jake gyllenhaal @Thedutch with @kafidrexel good sighting!
In reply to ↑

Still drooling over that and the blueberry pie! RT @nicolemoke @thedutch Jake gyllenhaal @thedutch with @kafidrexel good sighting!
1 hour ago via

Chica said...

Ditto on the death to DADT and it's about time!

I heard that Drive was Tarantino like in the violence, I'm still debating on seeing it.

bobbyanna said...

Love NYC tweeters! : )

Forgot to add my support for the end of DADT yesterday. Long overdue.

Chica, there was an element of Tarantino to the explosive violence. When I mentioned Mamet, I meant the dialogue was spare. It was well plotted, and I think of it as a kind of fable, but it also seemed contrived on some level. The pacing. The posing. Probably see it again when it comes out on DVD.
Looking forward to Moneyball. I love baseball movies!

Sag Actor said...

Drive was a wild ride but it's not for everyone. Gosling was OK but anyone could have played that part IMO.

I liked the pairing of Jake and Anne too, but the script was a bit of a mess. If they decide to make another movie together, I hope the script and the director will do them justice.

Sag Actor said...

Forgot to add, I'm looking forward to Moneyball too, loved the book.

UltraViolet said...

I saw Moneyball last night and really liked it. However, I do think it really helps to be a baseball fan. People are saying you don't have to be to enjoy the movie, but it's hard to imagine getting into it if you're not.

Also, if you're not a big Brad Pitt fan, it might be torture. He is very good, but he does a lot of aping/schtick.

It was a packed house, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I don't think it is as good as The Social Network, but others seem to.

Jonah Hill was also good but it sort of being overpraised, I think. PS Hoffman was spot-on as a baseball manager.

Lots of good lines, and it makes you feel good. Definitely worth seeing.

UltraViolet said...

More Jake sightings today. Coffee at La Colombe.

And a funny tweet:

saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the street. And now I'm pregnant.

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
jason_ishikawa Jason I
Pretending to type on my blackberry in order to stop staring at Jake Gyllenhaal next to me...

Extra said...

Another vote for the weird boars heads mounted in that coffee shop in SF!

Thumbs up to the NY tweeters, they are the best!

The LAOD video and stills from the movie make me want to check out my LAOD DVD again:)

Jake looks soooooo young in these pics and I think that it's so cool when these old pics show up on tumblr.

Drive has made my top ten movies of the year, it's intense and at times contrived as you said Bobbyanna but I was never bored plus it has a killer soundtrack!

UltraViolet said...

Some more tweets. BYers are on the Jake watch:

I just ran into Jake Gyllenhaal! I was with my roomie and she actually stopped him and told him he was cute and gave him her

Way to seize the moment, roomy!

Pretending to type on my blackberry in order to stop staring at Jake Gyllenhaal next to me...

UltraViolet said...

Jake Gyllenhaal just walked by Scott & I eating at Turks & Frogs Cafe in Tribeca (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And one more:

Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted at OMEN Restaurant with another guy eating yesterday. They seemed to be very concentrated on one another and chatting about a movie.

On a more serious and not at all frivolous note, I can't believe what is happening in Georgia tonight. The death penalty should just be stopped everywhere, and this is a classic example of why.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Troy Davis' execution has been delayed for the moment and is waiting for the Supreme Court to make a decision.

The death penalty should be abolished, it barbaric and too many innocent people are executed.

I'm glad that I have blogs like GB to take my mind off a lot of ugly stuff out there, i'm enjoying the Jake sightings in NY.

UltraViolet said...

ITA, OONP. Crossing fingers that Clarence Thomas might actually finally do the right thing.

Back to frivolity - more Jake sightings:

"@DavidCaplanNYC: Jake Gyllenhall sighting! On escalator at Time Warner Center w a backpack and a buddy"
2hours ago

Almost tripped right on Sullivan. Guy walking past me asked if I was OK. I managed a weak nod. 3 secs later..shit, that was Jake Gyllenhall!
41 minutes ago

bobbyanna said...

That we still have the death penalty in this country sickens me. That we're reduced to hoping Clarence Thomas does the right thing, terrifies me.

I'm just loving all these tweets.

UltraViolet said...

Very well put, Bobbyanna.

bobbyanna said...

I found this a little while ago. it was posted around 1 AM this morning. 1Oak is a very hot nightclub, frequented by celebrities, with a tough door policy. He apparently knew someone who worked there and thanked her for "getting them in."

"Rolling with Jake gyllenhall (@ 1 Oak) http://4sq.com/pjQTel "

1Oak is in the Meatpacking District, not far from The Dutch, also not far from the Highline ballroom where celebs turned out for the launch of the new HTC Rhyme Android.

Celebs like Charlize Theron, Leighton Meester, Rashida Jones, and Olivia Wilde...among others. ; ) There was no mention of any of them @ 1Oak. But still...

Viv said...

These twitters are so cute:)

Jake seems eating(LOL) and traveling around after finishing EOW. Hope him have a nice break(then some wondeful film news).

Mary said...

Me too viv hope his break is not a long one:)

Monica said...

It seems that Jake and Vincent Gallo has a mutual friend:

Anonymous said...

Monica I only wish that beautiful man in the middle was still with us and hanging out with Jake, going out to eat and clubbing. :(


Anonymous said...

Did Jake thank the girl for letting them in?

bobbyanna said...

In the post about 1Oak, I meant the poster had a friend who helped get him into the club. Jake obviously didn't need help getting in. : )

monica, wasn't that picture from some Fashion Week event right around Sept.,2007? In a few weeks, He'd be on his way to London for Dr. Parnassus, but first there was also some time with Matilda in pictures.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry to make such a muddle. A young man from out of town had a friend who worked @ 1Oak. She got the young man into the club. While he was there, he tweeted that he saw "Jake Gyllenhall."

Monica said...

Me too, Lily.

Yes, Bob. It's a fashion event in 2007. He was with Vincent and Michael Stipe.

Chica said...

What happened last night in Georgia made me sick to my stomach. A sad day in America indeed.

I have been to some of these places that Jake has been spotted at, of course he will walk in any of these places whole i'm there!

Anonymous said...

It made me sick too. Why couldn't they have looked over the evidence again?

makes me sick


UltraViolet said...

Ugh, it was a terrible night for the US justice system.

Switching gears awkwardly: Do you think the Got Milk people were thrilled with all the Maggie/vibrator stories coming out this week? LOL.

Also, from twitter:

Jake Gyllenhal at Lupa last night #nottooshabby

Shondra said...

I'm loving all these Jake/NY tweets, New yorkers are sure on the ball aren't they?

I swear Jake is part chia pet, I never seen anyone's hair grow as quick as his hair grows!

Jake an Anne looks so yummy together, kisses to you UV for posting such beauty:)

I have nothing to add to what happened yesterday in Georgia except that my heart is aching right now:(

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
#Spotting: I guess Jake Gyllenhaal likes Angelica Kitchen in the #EastVillage

Extra said...

I can't wait to see Maggies' film Hysteria, I saw her milk ad, it has a hipster vibe so maybe they won't mind, LOL!!!

After DADT was kicked to the curb on Tuesday, what happened to Troy Davis was hard to take, this country seems to take a foot foward then take giant leap backwards.

UltraViolet said...

Too sad and too true, Extra. But LOL about Maggie.

And hey, shondra! I agree on the Jake/Anne love. glad to make you happy :)

Another sighting:

Jake Gyllenhall sighting on 2nd ave...look was lumberjack hitchhiker

Extra said...

Heads up about a quote from Maggie that's floating around regarding vibrators and Hysteria. She did a Q&A at TIFF for Hysteria where she talked about the film of course but fashion shows and designers came up. She said that being an actress, designers send her things all the time to use and wear.

She said that she has a bunch of handbags but she usually only uses one or two and lends the others to her friends for a few months.

Well now her quote has been changed and there is no mention of handbags so now it looks like she was lending vibrators out to her friends!

This is more than misinformation but obviously someone purposely edited her quote.

It may get the film some free PR but it's just so juvenile.

Anonymous said...

Jake is in his "I'm not working mode so I'm not shaving 'anything!' of course I want the hair on his head back but not on his face. oh well. I'm sure he'll shave again


UltraViolet said...

Interesting, Extra. That makes so much more sense!

One more for the day:

I'm at MTA Subway - Jay Street-Metro Tech Center Station (A/C/F/R) http://4sq.com/mXgRmg

I saw AND briefly spoke to Jake Gyllenhaal!! He was so nice about not taking a picture since he was on the phone. =D

He is fucking gorgeous in person! Those eyes, that stubble, that SMILE! <3

bobbyanna said...

Here's one more:

"oh, hey jake gyllenhal outside my work catching a cab."
1 hour ago

Couldn't determine the location. Think it's Lower Manhattan.

UltraViolet said...

"@LallaC: Anniversary dinner at Omen with @ViNoSuSADoNiS and Jake Gyllenhaal. Swoon"

Such a Jake place:

The most singularly uncommon Japanese meal you can clear your senses with is to be found at this rustic home to Kyoto-style country cooking. The food looks coarse—little bowls with mackerel and daikon radish, or a quail egg oozing over a chunk of toro—and the first swallow is likely to be eerie and sharp. But the aftertaste provokes instantaneous acceptance followed by a craving for more.

bobbyanna said...

This is a great time to be in NYC. There's a lot going on. The Clinton Global Initiative attracts a lot of VIPs and activists, there's a huge fundraising event for Haiti at Christie's Auction House, (Ben Stiller just tweeted that they raised
over $13 M,) The New York City Ballet Fall Gala, with Sir Paul McCartney's original music, etc. So there are a lot of creative people in town for various events. (Some of them may even be producers and screen writers. ..: ))

bobbyanna said...

UV, made me LOL! at the description of Omen.

Chica said...

NY is a busy time this time of the year Bobbyanna, there is also a lot of gridlock and blocked streets too, LOL!!

I remember the tweet about Jake at the Time Warner Center, that place has a lot of media//creative types that work there via Warner Bros:)

sass said...

I love NY especially when we have so many the events. I feel as if I'm out and about via computer. :)
4 of our governors are pissed with Congress as are most of us, especially now that we've had 2.4 inches of rain today, with much more to come until Saturday.

Gov. Cuomo and his counterparts in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina are sending a message to Congress: Get us the money. We need it. Now.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm am so sick and tired of those assclowns in congress Sass, why can't they do the right thing for once?

Anonymous said...

jake gylenhaal and gerard butler were STARING at me doing squats at the gym today #getalife #imnotapieceofmeat

Chica said...

I wonder of Jake will be around tomorrow for this: Spend the day with Mario Batali at the NY Botanical Garden/ Edible Garden:


Weather permitting of course and of course the event is sold out!

bobbyanna said...

Anon 7:41, unless Jake is back in L.A., I think that tweeter was kidding around with her friend.
Gerard Butler is in L.A.

Facebook said...

Just had dinner with Jake Gyllenhaal. True, he was at another table, and we were both with other people. But we were eating yummy vegan food at the same time, so can't it count? :) #JakeGyllenhaal #vegan

bobbyanna said...

This one is cute, too: She's visiting NYC from Oz.

Anonymous said...

I love how Troy Davis has become the new cause celebre of the looney left. A drugged out cop killer. Nice. I wish once, only once in my lifetime, that liberals would get outraged about things that matter to most people.

I wonder how the family of that 27 year old off duty police officer (with two infant children) must have felt when they learned that their father-brother-son who was, by all accounts, a decent and hardworking young man was assassinated in cold blood by a savage who earlier in the night had shot another man in the face because he screamed out something to him while in his car.

Oh poor Troy Davis.

He was on death row for 20 years, was charged by a grand jury (not some arbitrary DA decision), was convicted by a jury of his peers (7 of the 12 being BLACK), was reviewed by three different appellant courts, including the US Supreme Court twice (including a unanimous decision this last time including the courts liberal justices), and an advisory committee of the Attorney Generals office in Georgia. All came back with the exact same conclusion, he was guilty and given a fair trial.

The death penalty isn't barbaric when applied to cop killers, it's justice being served.

bobbyanna said...

Anon, one thing I can agree with you on, is the profound sadness I felt for the police officer's family. Police officers put their lives on the line 24/7. They also have tremendous power, themselves, and can deliver "justice" on the spot when they feel circumstances require it. The risks and the strain they are under are very great.

I've always been opposed to the death penalty. There've been times when that belief ran contrary to the impulse to see someone receive the ultimate punishment. I don't want to re-try the case here, but there was clearly some doubt as to the guilt of this man, Troy Davis. All deaths under such circumstances,IMO, the police officer's included, diminish us.

This is a fansite, I know, but sometimes outside events happening in the world, earthquakes, hurricanes, and certain political developments, are hard to ignore. There are other forums where the Troy Davis matter is discussed in more detail, and I don't want to be-labor the issue. Just wanted you to know I value the police officer who was killed.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I don't know why "anon" chose this fanblog to express their views days after the execution and days after posters here commented on it. What is the point especially when they are plenty of sites out there to express their "rage" over liberals views on the death penalty.

Bobbyanna as always you have expressed yourself very well and I don't have anything else to add but to add, you have summed up my feelings perfectly.

And yes those girls on twitter were joking!

bobbyanna said...

The tweeter who saw Jake @ the Angelica Kitchen blogged about her experience. I thought it was kind of cute. She's obviously a huge fan. : )


Fell asleep early last night from the rain, but I'm up with the sun, today! : / Ugh.

(waves @ OONP)

Monica said...

Last week, Warner canceled that film Moon of director Doug Liman and now they are interested in All You Need Is Kill with Brad Pitt and Liman. The story is very similar to Source Code:
All You Need Is Kill

Sag Actor said...

I had no idea that they pulled the plug on Luna, and yes All you Need is Kill sounds similar to SC.

I'm going to see MoneyBall today!

Tweety said...

Looks like Jake is hanging around his old school:

cbarcelon JC Barcelon
O hey Jake Gyllenhaal. Nice seeing you around campus! #Columbia
5 hours ago

Tweety said...

Maggie too!

misscouturable Noel Duan
Jake AND Maggie Gyllenhaal were on campus today and I missed them. Wah.
4 hours ago

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, computer troubles today.

I did see a tweet earlier of someone who said he was hanging with Jake and Maggie, but didn't say where.

Also, I always find it funny that any anon thinks anyone does or should care what s/he thinks. And that's all I'm going to say about that. For now :)

UltraViolet said...

More tweets:

Was 3 feet away from Jake Gyllenhaal at Angelica Kitchen....of all places! Sweet.
23 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

My friend just had a 20 minute conversation with Jake Gyllenhaal. Um. That happens?
23 minutes ago

Oh when I was hailing a cab I was standing with Jake Gyllenhaal ahhhh cutie
23 minutes ago

Got caught staring at Jake Gyllenhaal at subway today......smooth!!
51 minutes ago

Just bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal in front of Community ... Cool dude!
3 hours ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry

bobbyanna said...

LOL! These are great tweets! I caught a couple from a guy who was visiting from Sydney.He managed took a picture of Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park, then he took another picture of the Strawberry Fields, John Lennon "Imagine" memorial in Central Park...but not a single shot of Jake and Maggie. Nada.

Saw Moneyball! Thoroughly enjoyable. But I think you have to really love baseball or at least be knowledgeable about it.

Trailer for "J. Edgar" is not impressive. At all. And the make-up looks ridiculous. Really, really ridiculous. But "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy," looks very good.

Mary said...

Thanks for all the tweets feels like were right there with jake in NY:)

Plan on seeing money ball next week end when my son comes out

UltraViolet said...

Too hard to keep up with all the tweets, Mary! Here are some more:

Uh. You guys. Jake Gyllenhaal is front of us picking up tickets at the movie theater. Speaking in a fake English accent. #gawkerstalker
29 minutes ago

union square. We are seeing Drive but he veered off for something else. I am surprisingly composed.
7 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

jake gyllenhaal is much more handsome in person. #spotted #nycsightings #upperwestside

AooowRT @Alma_Musical: Bumped into Jake Gyllenhal, I can die happy now.

Jake Gylenhall just walked out of the quad theatre alone with a backpack like a student. He's just like THEM
3 hours ago

Hope you enjoy Moneyball. As Bobbyanna said, it helps to be a baseball fan.

Wonder what Jake saw tonight.

bobbyanna said...

Just found these. Guess Jake's going to the movies. These are in reverse order. The second tweet came first. : )

"@ union square. We are seeing Drive but he veered off for something else. I am surprisingly composed."
32 minutes ago

"Uh. You guys. Jake Gyllenhaal is front of us picking up tickets at the movie theater. Speaking in a fake English accent."

Bet he went to see Moneyball. : )

bobbyanna said...

Here's another from the Columbia campus sighting.

"Jake Gylenhall just walked out of the quad theatre alone with a backpack like a student. He's just like THEM"
3 hrs. ago

Anonymous said...

Maj Dean Abuallan
Saw Jake Gyllenhaal on a corner in the city. Cool dude"

Chica said...

I bet he saw Moneyball too! I saw it yesterday and it does help that you have to be a baseball fan to enjoy it.

Lot's of Oscar buzz surrounding Pitt, I thought he did ok, nothing special. I was more impressed with Hoffmann and Hill.

Too bad I didn't run into Jake!

bobbyanna said...

Chica, I felt exactly the same way about Brad Pitt. He's mostly likeable, but not noteworthy. I kind of felt Philip Seymour Hoffman, while very good, was wasted in that role. Any character actor could have done a credible enough job with it.

Maybe Jake was going to see Gwyneth and Matt Damon in Soderbergh's Contagion? LOL! After I saw it,I didn't want to touch anything, I was so paranoid. Made worse by the fact my scientist daughter said the science was solid. :/.

So Jake's been spotted working on his laptop at coffeshops, and now, with a backpack, "like a student" on Columbia's campus...hmmmm.

Josie said...

I was thinking the same thing Bobby after reading all of these tweets!!

Thanks everyone for posting all the Jake sightings, I really not into twitter anymore and I may just ditch FB with their changes so they can get even more info from you to make $$$$.

The reviews for Moneball have been good but i'm neither a baseball fan or a Pitt fan so I will probably wait until it coems on DVD.

Viv said...


TH: They wanted Jake Gyllenhaal and Hayden Christensen.

JE: Yeah, that’s who the movie should have starred.

TH: No one wants them. No what I’m sayin’ [Laughs]? We’d like to see them really get into a ring, and really see who’d go down, but not in a film. Good God, no.


I don't know Tom Hardy is really mean or joking.= =
But I really feel uncomfortable about him recently.

VIv said...


Viv said...


I don't know how to make it short.:/

UltraViolet said...

Would love to see Jake go back to school but not at the expense of making movies.

Josie, the FB changes are so irritating. And for the past few days, it hasn't worked properly and search has been funky.

Viv, that is an obnoxious quote. I don't know much about Tom Hardy, but that certainly doesn't make me want to. They both come off pretty badly in the interview.

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
"Just met jake gyllenhaal 8| starstruck"
"Just a totally normal Sunday afternoon celebrity sighting ::: Jake Gyllenhaal #swoon"
DanaNPete Dana
Delayed tweet: I spotted Jake Gyllenhaal at the 116th street 1 train stop last night...perfect start to the night!"
"keith_caulfield Keith Caulfield
I sat in the Jake Gyllenhaal booth at Snug Harbor restaurant yesterday. http://snugharbor.us"

bobbyanna said...

OMG, my daughter lives at 116th!...
...she would have called...

What boorish, nasty assholes! Were they drunk? Guess I can take Warrior off my list. I couldn't stand Joel Edgerton in Ned Kelley.

Chica said...

I have some friends that live around 116th!

Tom Hardy can go to hell, didn't The Warrior bomb?

UltraViolet said...

It did indeed bomb, chica. Sadly, he's in thenext Batman movie and a bunch of other stuff. So he won't be going away.

From this blog:

Spotted: The Gyllenhaals

Superior genetic pooling

First SJP, then Rob Lowe, and now the Gyllenhaals. Multiple tipsters spotted a scruffier than usual Jake, and his ever-chic sis, Maggie, roaming around campus earlier today. Fun fact: Mags graduated CC in ’98, and Jake dropped out a few years later. Come back to us, Jake.

Tags: another thing to brag about to that friend who goes to school in the middle of nowhere, celebrities on campus

i saw him in the flesh today, and can safely say that jake gyllenhaal is a prime example of superior genetic pooling.
Odd Observational Skills

I helped Jake Gyllenhaal at the Butler Reserves desk back in 2000 or so (after October Sky but before Donnie Darko). We all thought he was an Ethan Hawke wannabe until we recognized his name on his ID.
– Karen the Librarian

The photo of Jake and Maggie was labelled "superior genetic pooling"

UltraViolet said...

Oops. This was the blog:


From Twitter:

Oh btw, I saw Jake Gyllenhaal in TriBeCa today brunching wit some other cute white dude

Monica said...

He's receiving Oscar buzz for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Warrior.
Unfortunately sometimes he's disrespectful in the interviews.

UltraViolet said...

Jake photo in the CZ:

Spotted : Jake Gyllenhal behind me on line @la columbe in TriBeCa #rightnow #fun ps he's hot as fuck
42 minutes ago

That does not look like a comfortable bench for lingering.

Tweety said...

It doesn't look comfortable at all! I wonder if she saw him at the same place:

marillali Marilla Li
Jake Gyllenhaal at my local coffee shop. Sunglasses draw just as much attention as no sunglasses. They can't win.

Tweety said...

tonybgoode Tony Bacigalupo
So @tinakfine just met Jake Gyllenhaal outside @nwc. I think he might be starring in her next movie, @theloveapp. #rumor
4 hours ago

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
LauraLashley Laura Lashley
Up close Jake Gyllenhaal sighting while I was taking clothes to donate to Salvation Army. #karma

bobbyanna said...

Cute. From twitter

"OMG. Walked alongside Jake Gyllenhaal for 5 minutes on my way back to the office. Yay lunch break!"
1 hour ago

T said...

There's a cute pic of Maggie and Ramona out and about in Brooklyn on Eonline, she is looking more and more like Peter.

Monica said...

How old is Ramona? She's tall!

Bobbyana, I also didn't like the makeup of J. Edgar. It looks horrible.

UltraViolet said...

It really does look bad. And yes, Ramona is so tall. I think she's almost five?

Monica, I forgot to say that the Tom Hardy Oscar buzz for Warrior has died down, since the movie flopped. TTSS is supposed to be great, however. Exactly the kind of movie I'd love to see Jake in.

LOL at the karma tweet. And tweety, I wonder how long Jake can stay on that bench!

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