Tuesday, September 6, 2011

End of Watch set report

Collider had the chance to visit the End of Watch set towards the end of its shoot. And we get the chance to learn a little more about the making of the film, as well as seeing the first two official images.

Check out the Collider report for 20 facts about EoW. A few of note:

The cameras are referred to in the actual film, as Gyllenhaal’s character straps a small webcam-like camera onto his chest. The way they’ll get away with this is Gyllenhaal plays a cop going to night school and he’s taking a filmmaking class. So he gets Pena’s character to also wear a camera as he’s planning on making a short film (or something like that).

Writer-director David Ayer is going for an “in your face” POV style. At times it will feel like a first person shooter video game. In addition, the movie will use camera footage from unorthodox sources like gang members’ cellphone cameras, dashcams from inside cop cars, TV news footage, citizens’ cameras, and surveillance cameras. However, at some points, the movie will look like your typical film with Ayer shooting select scenes with normal coverage. He’s going to mix it up. The thing to know is that it’s not all found footage.

They approached the material like a play, and Gyllenhaal likened the script to a David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross.

Gyllenhaal, who also notably shaved his head for the film, got so immersed into the character and preparation that he no longer uses his right hand when he’s out because he’s been taught that his right hand always needs to be free to reach for his gun.
Because Gyllenhaal and Peña had prepared so much and for so long, Ayer would write pages on the spot and the two would be able to nail scenes on the fly.

The film will always follow the point of view of Gyllenhaal and Pena’s characters. We’ll never leave one of them during the movie.

End of Watch will have plenty of levity mixed with the drama.

The set-up (having Jake's character taking a film class) seems lame. Like the idea of the different sources of video, though I hope they find a seamless way of integrating it so it's not all disjointed and jumpy. These details are pretty encouraging, and intriguing.

Oh, except for the David Mamet thing. I'm not a fan.

Thanks to Collider for the report and the photos. What do you think?

PopSugar has photos of Jake and Anna Kendrick. They seem to think Jake and Anna are just hanging out, but it looks like David Ayer is with them. (And Anna could be filming with her iPhone.)

Or maybe Jake and Anna got married in Vegas! (See Jake's left ring finger.)


UltraViolet said...

That is a fierce photo of Jake.

And I forgot to say to sass: Don't worry about how your brain works! We like tangents :)

UltraViolet said...

Jake does not make life easy. Edited post to add photos of Jake and costar Anna Kendrick.

Monica said...

The set-up (having Jake's character taking a film class) seems lame.
Same here. But I don't think much about it. The rest sounds interesting.
I'm still cautious, though I loved the image of the character of Jake in the movie. It was impressive.

Monica said...

Laughing of these photos. If they are really together, it'll be funny. All going to sleep thinking that Rashida and Jake are together. And they will wake-up with Jake and Anna Kendrick.
If the site was wrong, it will be much funnier. I love when sites make mistake.
I think it's part of the filming. I remember she has a boyfriend or fiance or something.

UltraViolet said...

It is pretty funny. I think the wedding ring seals the filming deal. Or else PopSugar has a bigger scoop than they know.

I hope the lame set up won't tarnish the film but I'm surprised at how cheesy it is. Maybe it won't matter in the end.

Monica said...

I'm surprised at how cheesy it is.
Not a surprise... I'm interested in the performances. This is my focus.

I mean I love when these types of sites make mistakes. You have a good eye: wedding rings.

bobbyanna said...

LOL!!! It's the sunglasses! (Not my favorites) Those are the ones he's been wearing throughout filming....or maybe he did get married in Vegas. LOL! They look good together, so it works. : )
Maybe Us Weekly will do a huge photo spread about Jake cheating on Rashida!: )

If I recall, in the Brian DePalma 2007, Iraq war movie, "Redacted"
I referenced awhile back, the guy with the videocam also had some interest in film school or filmmaking. In that film there was only the one soldier with a camera, documenting a tour of duty. Very harrowing, very realistic. I saw it @ TIFF...the same year I saw Jake @ TIFF for Rendition. : ) It will be interesting to see what Ayer & Co. do with this. The Collider article makes it sound pretty awesome.

Chica said...

The filmmaking angle does sound lame but hopefully it will all come together , Jake does look intense in the first photo.

I remember you mentioning Redacted before Bobbyanna and i meant to check it out on Netflix at the time. I never got the chance then but I will check it out now!

The Jake/Anna pics are obviously from the EOW shoot, LOL!

bobbyanna said...

Meant to add that Redacted was based on a real life incident, and met with scathing criticism. It was a very controversial movie, and the reviews were mostly bad.
But the filming technique was somewhat similar.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the pictures were from actual filming - they were apparently on their way back from filming in Vegas.

bobbyanna said...

The Collider piece makes me wonder if this movie will make the festival rounds next year. It seems like a perfect fit for Sundance and SXSW.

Monica said...

Anon, I was wondering what kind of filming is this, because I'm not seeing cameras.

Bobbyana, I thought at festivals. It is a low budget film and will probably need to go to Sundance, Cannes or Venice and Toronto. I hope.

UltraViolet said...

I don't think anyone said they are filming. Except in that one shot, where it looks like Anna could be using her phone to film. Just pointing out that the PopSugar folks don't seem to have any idea what they are talking about.

Maybe Us Weekly will do a huge photo spread about Jake cheating on Rashida!: )


Chica, I forgot to say "Amen" to your Labor Day post. In these times, it seems like most people don't know or appreciate what unions have done for this country.

Sheba Baby said...

EOW is a perfect fit for a festival like SXSW, my fingers are crossed that it will be screened there.

The way the movie is being filmed is interesting although I don't like the part about Jake's character's reason for carrying a camera.

I don't see any cameras either Monica but I do wonder if these pics were actually taken last weekend when they were spotted there, it seems that these would have come out first before the Jake/Rashida pics IMO.

bobbyanna said...

I agree, Sheba! It's very likely Pop Sugar got the timing wrong. I think Jake went to Las Vegas before the lunch date with Rashida and friends.

According to Collider, there'll be a mix of film, with Ayer doing the regular filming, and the actors doing their own, and hopefully, as UV pointed out, they'll integrate the two formats.
So maybe Anna was filming on her phone, or Ayer had filmed them, or both. : )

My mom was an labor union activist, and I was raised in a union house. In addition to all the other good things unions do, they help educate voters on issues.
Weakening unions hurts that effort.

UltraViolet said...

We know Jake was in Las Vegas last week. So if the photos are from the return-from-Vegas trip, then they were definitely before the lunch pics at Cafe Gratitude.

Monica said...

Exactly. Also we had two sightings of Jake yesterday: at Runyon Canyon and Silver Lake.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That first pic looks really intense!

The filming technique sounds intriguing , if it all comes together Jake may have another surprise hit like SC.

I agree that Popsugar got the dates wrong, they had to be from before the Jake and Rashida photos.

I'm from a union family too Bobbyanna. All the union bashing and the distortion of their roles in workers life by some on the other side of the political fence is disturbing and scary.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article about EOW. I hope that the finished product is better than the way it's described here. I think Jake's character doing some night class project is lame.

I think the Anna Kendrick shots are for the movie. Everytime Jake is seen with any woman the tabloids have them dating and getting married any day now


Monica said...

Source Code Tops Chinese Mainland Box Office Chart
Man Made Movies

UltraViolet said...

True, Lily. I doubt this means anything. But it's just as fun to see the people who have to rush to assure that nothing could possibly be happening as it is to see the tabs pushing the romance.

Great news about the China box office, Monica. I hope Box Office Mojo updates the SC foreign tally at some point.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

IHJ is saying that the photos are from September 1, but they are not posted as sets of End of Watch.

UltraViolet said...

This cracked me up:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rashida Jones were spotted spending Sunday afternoon out for lunch together in Los Angeles as Jake’s dog, Atticus*, patiently waited outside. Reportedly, they were having a lot of fun with each other, probably because both of them were like, “Hey, you know who’s gorgeous? You! And you know who else is gorgeous? Me! And you know how you’re kind of unassuming about how hot you are, without making it a big deal and, therefore, only making you even more attractive to the adoring public? THAT’S HOW I AM, TOO! Not even lying! So, let’s just have perfect sex and get it over with, right?”

And then that’s probably what happened. Perfect, beautiful sex between two perfect, beautiful people.

Tweety said...

That photo is truly fierce UV and I agree that the explanation of why he is carrying the video camera is pretty lame.

That said, I'm looking forward to EOW.
I was wondering when they would start the Anna/Jake rumors since that FB mention of them in LV, I prefer him with Rashida anyway!

That is such great news out of China Monica, and that bit about Jake and Rashida is too funny!

bobbyanna said...

UV, thank you for the best laugh of my day!!!!

Thanks, Monnica!!Great news about SC in China!!!! Yaaay !!!!!!!!!!!

T said...

That picture is intense!! Not sure about officer Taylor going to film school premise but looking forward to finding out more about EOW.
Just Jared has some pics of Jake, Atticus and friends hiking today..

mary jo said...

Wasn't SC released in Brazil? Why are there no numbers for it at Box Office Mojo?

Do you know what they are monica by any chance?

Monica said...

The release date of Source Code in Brazil is 30 September.

Very funny this text, UV.

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
joleena Joleena
Oh that time we're sitting at Pinkberry and Jake Gyllenhaal and Busy Phillips walk inside. Jake took my picture with Busy. Just what?!

Anonymous said...

" Lauramchapman Laura Chapman
Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in Pinkberry! In awe!"

Anonymous said...

AlexZiabko Alex Ziabko
Hanging out with Jake Gyllenhall at Pinkberry

Anonymous said...

^^^ Interesting follow up tweet,
haha he was with an actress but I can't figure out who she is

Anonymous said...

It looks like Jake is catching up with his friends. He's been so busy with EOW now he can kick back for a while and chill


Extra said...

I love the first pic of Jake too, very intense!

Some of the plot sounds a bit hokey but the way it's being filmed may give give it an edgy feel.

Rashida or Anna? I'm not surprised by the Anna chatter since she is his co-star!

This may be the storm before the calm unless Jake has another project coming up we haven't heard about.

UltraViolet said...

You can vote for Jake to get a Scream award for best actor in a SciFi movie.

Too bad SC isn't nominated in any other category.

sass said...

That is a fierce pic of Jake. I voted of course, TY UV. Fingers xed for Jake!
If they had released this movie, simultaneously world wide, it would have made awesome money!
I remember Redacted...looked it up...and brought back memories of Cannes loving it and other critics hating it... will refresh my memory more later.
Jake looks very comfy with Anna...as if they are a real couple... good acting as usual with those two.

UltraViolet said...

Here's another poll you can vote in, sass. At the end of the valentine to Ryan Gosling.

It's going to be tough to get through the next few months!

Mary said...

I know what you mean UV I hope we hear something soon about Jakes next project glad hes enjoying his free time for now Im afraid he will maintain a low profile like he usually does

sass said...

Listen if that poll is any indication of what's up, I'm not going to be too happy either!:)

I guess Ryan is the it boy of 2011...Jake was the It boy of 2006...and that was a very good thing.

That EW poll can't be right. I've read comments about Ryan on other sites that are downright mean.

Did you catch the comments made about Jake's acting/personality etc., on the SC DVD, especially comments made by the Comedian arrested with 2 DUI's.

He said he purposely tried to rile Jake up on set. That he loves doing that to self-important actors, but that he couldn't believe how good an actor Jake is, how quickly he picked up on him and that he couldn't rile him up or mess with him at all.
That dude loved jake for that!(MEN):lol

The "Chin" (excuseme) but I AM a survivor:lol and will speak up when I love someone, as I love Jake...like a son he is to me...most of the time:) has an interview and a Marie Clare cover in October. She says her "friends" told her she would never find someone who would love her kiddos...then she met her her Jim.

UV, I distinctly remember pics of Jake and her kids seemingly getting on v.v.v. well all over the world! Remember Paris?? arr... hmmmmmm

The MC cover might mean she is about to have the DVD release of Water FE. It came out in 3rd week of April and no DVD out yet. SC came out the first weekend. What's up with no DVD yet, not that I would buy it. Speaking of buying movies, I got the bill for my VOD purchases of SC when it debuted July 8th.
WHEW! But SO worth it.

Chica said...

Voted! I'm surprised that SC isn't listed as best picture:(

What BS, we all remember all the photos of Jake , Ava and Deacon and it looked like they all got along and I'm sure they did.

I guess she doesn't count a BF getting along with her kids vs a husband, unbelieveable!

Mary said...

People has a picture of jake with busy phillips i guess taken yesterday getting in a car i guess they were probably leaving pinkleberrys where they were spotted

Monica said...

I voted and posted on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Jake with "the kids" on Halloween...other times The boy on his shoulders, the girl on his shoulders, and so many times holding their hands - actually i'd seen very few times where Toth had much contact with them at all in pictures.
That's really cruel, because Jake really enjoyed those kids. People always say how great he was with kids.
I guess she doesn't realize that there are still pictures out there that tell a different story.
These comments may make it onto other sites and hope there is some Jake comments and support.
He has been so great as to not say much of anything at all, other than he has known some remarkable women in his life.

Mary said...

We all know that jake is a real gentle men he has never said a bad word about any one publically which shows you what type of person he is a real caring thoughtful person.

Viv said...

I wish his films rumors are as much as his ladies' man roumers.(roll eyes)
I know he usually makes a film in one year even two years(in the past), but I really want him to take more. If he isn't busy at filming, the ladies's man tabloid will never stop. LOL

As for Ryan Gosling or James Franco,I think they are great actors.But they really do nothing for me. :/ I don't know why.....

Anonymous said...

speaking of Reese, she was hit by a car today, she was jogging in a crosswalk and a car driven by an 84 year old woman hit her. The car was traveling at 20MPH. She was taken to the hospital and released, she was not seriously injured.

Aside from whatever happened between her and Jake I am glad she is okay


UltraViolet said...

When I first saw the headline, I wondered if Sass was in Santa Monica today. Just kidding! It's good that she wasn't hurt.

Agree with all that Reese seems to be trying to pretend that she was never with Jake. It makes her look just as bitter and sad as all the "fans" who denied it at the time.

From twitter:

KierMellour Kier Mellour
Dear Jake Gyllenhaal, thank you for awkwardly telling me that I'm "really beautiful". Sorry for asking you "what?" and making u repeat it.
1 hour ago

ceeballs Ashley Cristobal
@KierMellour wow I am so jealous. he is beautiful
1 hour ago
in reply to ↑

Kier Mellour
@ceeballs he's very charming too.. Flirting with the cashier at pinkberry and complimenting me.. If he wasn't with a girl.. Hmmmm

Shondra said...

Love the set reports and photos from End of Watch, I'm really excited about the POV style of the film.

He really looks good with Anna, I loved her in Up In The Air.

I voted for Jake too at that poll and I find it weird isn't listed as one of the best pictures.

I always thought that Jake was the rebound BF for Reese and these comments confirms it.

Glad that she's ok but it's obvious that she is interested in her status and $$$ not making good movies anymore IMO.

Love those tweets!

bobbyanna said...

I voted, too! I wish SC had been picked for best picture,too. More important, I hope it figures into Awards Season lists.

I don't even want to think about the next few months of no Jake news. I agree, I'd rather here more about future projects then various "dating rumors."

No, really. ; )

Glad Reese wasn't seriously hurt, but I did wonder who was driving the car! Good thing there's a pictorial record of how wonderful Jake is with kids.

Anonymous said...

I had thought the timing of Jake and Reese getting to together was odd (not sure that is the right word) right after she filed for divorce then she and Jake get together. It just smelled of 'rebound' relationship. I think she was insecure about whether she'd find someone again after 9 years of marriage and two kids and then whatever happened between her and Ryan it fell apart. Whatever was between them. So then comes a sweet guy like Jake. From what I know Jake and Ryan were friends and I'm guessing that is how Jake met Reese.

So in comes Jake, someone she is already familiar with, and it was easy for them to make a connection. He loves kids so she didn't have to worry about whether he and her kids would have major problems. (The kids probably already knew him since he probably saw them whenever he hung out with Ryan)

Jake opened up his heart to her thinking this was going somewhere and for her it was a rebound relationship and it stroked her ego. She knew she still had 'it'.

She certainly wasn't feeling TOO badly about their breakup since it was barely 2 or 3 months that she was out and about with Jim Toth. It just confirmed the 'rebound' relationship part.

I just hated seeing Jake get hurt. That is why I am hoping he'll find someone more low key or outside the industry. Someone who is there for the right reason (to LOVE and care for someone)

okay lots of what I said is speculation just based on what I feel in my heart of hearts of what happened. Also based on what I saw in photos of them and whatever was reported


UltraViolet said...

This youtube video has some footage of Jake at Cafe Gratitude with Rashida Jones and friends, as well as outside with Atticus. There's also another shot of him with Busy Phillips.

Stephane noted on IHJ that the timestamps for the Subway/gas station photos show they were there for three hours. Kind of a long visit to a Subway and/or a gas station. Maybe PopSugar/People/others will figure out that they weren't on the world's cheapest and most crowded date.

UltraViolet said...

New post.