Friday, September 2, 2011


Over the weekend, Jake Gyllenhaal was part of the 40th anniversary festivities for Chez Panisse, the landmark restaurant founded by Alice Waters. The above photograph shows Jake with Alice Waters, attending the "Proven├žal feast" cooked by David Tanis, a Chez Panisse chef. The event was a fundraiser for the Edible Schoolyard Project, for which Jake is an ambassador. And according to Waters: "He’s fantastic every time he speaks, and people pay attention to him."

Jake did a different kind of celebrating in the spring, when he hitched a ride on the Railroad Revival Tour. Here are a couple of new/old shots of him from those traveling days.

If you prefer the moving image, Jake can be seen at around the eight-minute mark in this video, singing his heart out and blowing away on the trumpet. No Jake in this one, but you do get a glimpse of life on the train. There is a brief shot of Jake (and Carey Mulligan) backstage at about 3:15 in this sneak peek at Mumford and Sons at Austin City Limits.

Jake leaving the wrap party for End of Watch Wednesday night:


UltraViolet said...

If all the Chez Panisse talk has turned you into a foodie, this blog has some beautiful photos and an interesting look at the restaurant.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the Chez Panisse stuff, UV! Alice Waters has had such an impact on food it's a wonder the
40th anniversary...and Jake's involvement, hasn't been easier to find or had better coverage. I think the GMA featurette was the only TV one.

Chica said...

What a great article on Alice, thanks UV!

She's been around along time and a lot of people are still not familiar with her.

You're right Bobbyanna, the 40th year anniversary should have received more coverage especially with Jake involved.

The Today show featured Jake and Alice, I don't remember if GMA did anything on it.

Thanks for the old/new RR photos, it looked like he had so much fun!

bobbyanna said...

Right, chica! You can tell I don't watch too much morning TV! : ) It was the Today Show, not GMA.

UltraViolet said...

There was a lot of local press, but not much national, unfortunately for us!

From someone who worked on EoW, I guess:

...oh and Jake Gyllenhall is awkward and America Ferrera curses like a sailor...and Peyson Hart has terrible excuses to end conversations

From Las Vegas FBers:

Oh and btw served/ was in a movie with Jake Gyllenhal and Anna Kendrick tonight..
9 hours ago via mobile · Privacy:

Did u see this fool wit behr grylls? Shit was hilarious lol

Brandon Chappell Ya he was awesome in person... I wanted to tell him I wasn't a fan until I saw that lol

And this is how rumors start:

While dining at Mea last night, Jake Gyllenhall was seen kanoodling with Twighlight's Anna Kendricks

Anonymous said...


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Alice picked the perfect spokesperson, he knows how to charm a crowd and he is passionate about this too!

Yeah, I think that most of the coverage for this was local/SF.

I think you called it UV when you said that Jake and Anna Kendricks would probably filming their characters wedding scenes in LV!

People still "Kanoodle?"

Anonymous said...

I guess it will be a short shoot in LV.

I am glad that Jake is involved with the edible schoolyard. So many kids grow up eating nothing but junk food and couldn't even name veggies. Alice is trying to promote healthier eating habits by having the kids grow their own food.

cudos to Alice and Jake


sass said...

Hi UV and hi everyone,
I spent a wonderful time reading as much of the the past articles as I could and loving Jake more and more.
For some reason igoogle has 34072523907 articles about "The Chin" and Tay chatting/gossiping about Jake? So, of course nosy me went over, read them and nearly blew my top.
Thank God I came here; now I'm all better.
I wanted to post Jake's involvement, with Alice's Edible School Yard on one of those gossip sites, but I'm too tired, therefore, God pointed me here and helped me behave myself.
Jake is so totally generous; he's helping many less advantaged children, who have no clue what a vegetable is, especially if they are growing up in my city, and he's helping them learn to eat more nutritious freshly raised food.
Good Lord, what a wonderful gift Jake is giving to these children...and he likes teaching them and being with them...a plus for them all round.
I felt like crying when I read that gossip...course I am listening to Adele's "Someone Like You," still they'd better leave him alone.
I love that I am not able to finish all your postings right now and can return tomorrow...YAY!!!
Babblers, I know I'm no Spring Chicken but to think Alice has been there for 40 years. I ate there a few times when I lived in CA...saw a few actors...but who remembers actors when eating there:lol
I love you all for making me all better...reading nasty junk about Jake actually makes me nauseous and pissed....:)
I hope Fincher will make another movie with Jake though I doubt's Jake's decision of course...Jake should stick to Ang Lee, and the Duncan Jones type of geniuses or maybe Clint Eastwood, he does genius movies and not 0935097 takes per scene.
I wasn't around when GC was casing his movie with Ryan so I missed the excitement...I don't see much from the reviews and the trailers made me sleepy...I might try to see it one day...soon. Bye for now...much love to ya,
James Franco is coming on Dave!
Glad we're all here Post Irene...can't believe what happened to Vermont...NJ washes away all the time when their is more than a few inches of rainfall, which is so unlike the NJ I grew up next door to.

sass said...

their/ sorry. My Brain confuses homonyms more than it used to:)

Still in Vegas said...

Jake Gyllenhaal just walked by me while I was at work. I couldn't ask him for a photo with cause my boss was right next to me. #FML

Monica said...

Congratulations to Alice Waters. Jake seems to be very happy in the picture with her.

Hello, Sass.

UltraViolet said...

Hey, sass. You never have to worry about typos among friends! Though it does bug me when I make them, too.

It's probably not worth trying to make a reasonable reply on most of those sites. Plus, I think Reese and Taylor ultimately come off worse in all this.

The Las Vegas folks have let us down. Hardly any Jake or EoW tweets. Hope they are managing to have fun there.

UltraViolet said...

From a blogger called EcoVeganGal:

I was never a huge Jake Gyllenhaal until he started talking to me about Facebook and Twitter...long story short I was working at the AFI Film Festival in LA for The Love and Other Drugs premiere, standing across from him in a tiny hallway and he caught me social media-ing about him - awkward! But boy is he charming! He's even sexier now that he's promoting his love for growing his own food and partnered up with Alice Waters to teach kids about it!

Wish she'd shared Jake's social media thoughts!

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to agree with you, Monica. Jake looks very happy, and it's a beautiful photo. Would love to see more from the party.

Extra said...

Love this photo of Jake too,he looks so happy and relaxed. Love that Jake is so involved with the Edible Schoolyard program.

I ignored all the stupid Taylor and Reese garbage, it's not worth the time to get upset over.

Hi Sass, VT and NJ really got hit bad by Irene:(

Yes GB makes me feel a lot better too!
I would have love to have herd about Jake's thoughts on social media:)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear what Jake thinks about social media stuff too. He must know people tweet about him. Some actors have their own twitter accts, IF Jake were to ever do that than I'd sign up for sure (I'm still on the fence about joining Twitter, but I might if for the book promo opportunity it offers)

I am glad that Jake is involved in helping kids know about eating healthy and how to grow their own food


Monica said...

I found these fun pictures of Jake in Moscow: POP Moscow

Of all places, Jake in Moscow was the best!

bobbyanna said...

What a delight! Thanks, monica. I loved Jake's "Moscow Interlude" too!

(waves to sass!)

Tweety said...

I live that article from the NYT and I would love to visit Chez Panisse, the place looks amazing.

I love the photo of Jake and Alice in the article, he is just beaming.

Not too many tweets so far of Jake in LV as you pointed out UV, maybe it was a very short shoot with just Jake and Anna.

What fun pics Monica, Jake in Moscow for the Pop premiere was the best!

Shondra said...

Alice Waters has become s real major force in getting schools to adopt a more healthy lunch program with Edible schoolyard, bravo to her and to Jake to be involved in such a worthy cause.

Thanks so much for link the article on the 40 year anniversary of Chez Panisse.

I can't wait to see the documentary on M&M and Co on the R&R tour, we are sue t get more a glimpse of Jake!

I'm glad all the peeps here on GB survived Irene.

What a great find Monica, the Pop/Moscow premiere and press tour has been my favorite one so far!

Anonymous said...

There was an article quite a while ago when he first met Alice Waters - being a foodie and all she was one that he really admired and so he was nervous meeting her. Think he said he thought he was going to faint. So this was a big deal to him and then to finally be able to work with her - so happy for him.

I would like to say - who even knew what "the girls" were saying when they were together..also..tho i like Taylor her world is pretty much self-absorbed as the majority of songs are about things that happen to "her"..
She has had numerous boyfriends and few have lasted more than 4-5 months it seems so maybe it isn't all the fault of the boyfriend. I think when people are so involved with their career and have to be gone all the time on tour, etc. it isn't easy to have a real relationship.

UltraViolet said...

Love the Moscow photos, Monica. Great find. Moscow was so much fun!

Not sure if you remember this video, but I think those are the guys in the photos. It's a shame most of the video is wasted on creepy Jerry Bruckheimer.

Jake back from Vegas and in the CZ:

Sitting at Cafe Gratitude with jake gyllenhaal, and some dude from the big bang theory. Fagirling a little, sorry.

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
"catherinelynne_catherine powers
Sitting at Cafe Gratitude with jake gyllenhaal, and some dude from the big bang theory. Fagirling a little, sorry."
"thesotes Aaron Soto
I am currently sitting at lunch next to Rashida Jones, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Simon Helberg. #hollywood"

mary said...

Thanks was wondering if he was back from Vegas now that he is done filming hopefully we see his hair again soon hopefully not the face hair

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay! I love Rashida Jones! And she's producing and writing now. In fact, she has a movie coming out that she wrote. "Celeste and Jesse forever" with Andy Samberg, Elijah Wood, and Emma Roberts.

UltraViolet said...

Well, you've got photos, bobbyanna! New post.