Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stolen kisses

This woman knows how to take advantage of a situation!

She's always been very tongue-in-cheek has Gemma Arterton.

So there was a surprise in store for co-star Jake Gyllenhaal as they filmed their love scene for new flick Prince of Persia.

The Kent girl, 23, told us: "There's an unspoken no-tongues rule on set. But I got so carried away it kind of slipped out. Everyone said I was lucky to be snogging him, but he's the lucky one."

We wonder if his missus Reese Witherspoon would agree...

Honestly, can you blame her?

Gemma joins Emmy Rossum in the line of very smart woman who've seized the day - and the Gyllenmouth.

"I went over to him and said, 'Look, I know it's 9 a.m., but is it OK if I kiss you?' " Rossum recalls. When he consented ("He said, 'It's never too early!' "), she obliged. "I knew if I didn't do it, it would seem like I was scared. And I wanted to kiss him. He's very, very cute."

A history of Jakes movie kisses proves at least one thing...

...Jake kisses shouldn't be filmed in the dark! Let's hope PoP shines a light on Gemma's bold actions.

Now a look back at some Jake and Gemma non-kissing footage:


Monica said...

Good morning, babblers
Gemma, you are lucky girl and very smart. It's not every day you have the chance to kiss Jake Gyllenhaal.
From now I'm your fan!:P

UV, thank you for the photos of kiss of Ennis & Jack. I never tire of seeing those images.

I found this interview with,0,7955596.column:
Q: If there were going to be a movie about you, who would play you?

A: Maybe Jake Gyllenhaal

Monica said...

Sorry, but the interview is with Todd Eldredge!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Who can blame her indeed, love this post! The kissing scenes from BBM and GG being my favorites.

It's ok monica, I loved the article, thanks!Seems like a lot of sports figures want Jake to portray him: Armstrong, Namath and now Eldridge!

Reese is in the UK for the premiere for MVA along with Keifer, Hugh Laurie and Seth Rogan.

Keep your eyes out UK peeps!!

PS: The preimere in France is on th 15th and 16th. I assume she will be in the UK from today until she has to go to France.

Is it possble that J&R rented that flat in London for the PR junket even though it is only for 4 days? I think she is due back in the US next week for some talk shows, Leno on the 18th for instance so it doesn't look like she would return to the UK but who knows?

lawgoddess said...

Gemma gets points for brains, and cheekiness. Seize the day indeed!

I loved seeing that video clip again, thanks guys.

We got kind of spoiled with all the Jake sightings. Now I want to know where he is!

bobbyanna said...

Cute post. Whoa, Gemma! Bless her heart. Don't think he minded it either. :) Don't ask me why, but that kiss with Jenna Malone outside school in Donnie Darko seemed so spontaneous, it's one of my favorites. Of course nothing tops Jack and Ennis. At least not yet. Jake looked so sexy in Rendition, Those scenes almost gave me a heart attack.:)

JoeAnn said...

How cute is Jake's ass in the ET video in the scene where he knocks the dagger from her hand. Those are some tight, little,shiny pants he's wearing, lol. PoP is going to be a really good movie. I can tell! ;)

Anonymous said...

No wonder Reese ran herself ragged traveling to Morocco and London! Gemma is very young for her age. I thought by the time you entered high school you learned not to kiss and tell. Jake will really appreciate her "confession." Now Reese will never turn her back on him!

josie said...

Gemma is a naughty girl, slipping Jake the tounge, don't blame her one bit!

UltraViolet said...

The Most Hated Actress Ever?

I think she'd have to wrestle Reese for that one, actually!

FluorescentLamp said...

Ha! Truer words, UV, truer words.

Though I must say I've always sort of liked the phrase "cut a bitch". :D

Bette said...

FL me too! Hey if Reese can make a shank out of a toothbrush(Freeway reference!) I'd be worried if I was Gemma.

FluorescentLamp said...

Getty has pics of the London premiere.

This is my favorite dress of the three. She looks adorable.

sheba baby said...

French kissing Jakes, lucky girl!

Count me in FL as liking the phrase "cut the bitch", LOL!!

Love the kissing pictures, Rendition and BBM being the hottest IMO.

Reese has been looking fantastic at the premieres, it's really hard to pick a favorite so far.

extra said...

I love Gemma, gutsy,sexy and lucky!

Jake and Daniel, damn!!!
Love all the kissing images, the Rendition one is too hot! It's great watching that ET video again, thanks!

I like this dress the best on Reese too UV, she looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i like the gray dress the best

office of nancy pelosi said...

The teal dress was a Valentino and this black one is a Prada, I don't know the designer for the gray dress is but they are all beautiful!

UltraViolet said...

And I like the teal one the best :)

I hope she wears something smashing in Paris. It's fun to see Reese at all these premieres, but I can't wait for Jake to hit this circuit for PoP.

Anonymous said...

All the dresses are the same sort of style, I like them all.

chica said...

I love a girl that seizes the moment!

Even Jake kissing Paltrow looks hot!

I like the grey dress she wore in Berlin the best so far, can't wait to see what she wears in Paris.

I can't wait until Jake hits the red carpet too, I just hope it's before Pop (fingers crossed for Nailed and Brothers).

bobbyanna said...

I like the color of the teal dress best, but I like the fit of the grey dress best. The shoes she's wearing with the black dress and stockings are very cool. I like them. The black dress is not particularly striking, but the total effect is. I'm waiting for Paris. Maybe Nina Ricci? One thing. These dresses are very chic, but they are not glam. She is definitely channeling a "Disney-friendly" look for these premieres.

I cannot believe Jake just vanishes into thin air. He is either building the most extravagant chicken coop ever in Ojai, and is totally immersed in blue eggs, or he is in London or Paris and trapped (!) in a hotel room not allowed to leave???...:)

Where are the camera phones, the bloggers, the room service staff!

Never mind.

suvee said...

Even Jake kissing Paltrow looks hot!

Easily the best thing about Proof IMO. :)

I would say that Rendition is my favorite Jake kissing movie...... but that morning make out scene was way too brief. And although BBM was incredible and romantic, he has yet to make a movie that satisfies my personal itch to see him in full-out, OMG, makes your eyes roll back in your head love making (and no, I'm not talking porn here). Just saying......

The teal dress is still my favorite so far. And I'm with you, bobbyanna..... how does he simply vanish like this?

Anonymous said...

yea bobbyanna jake sure knowa how to keep himself hidden if hes with reese hopefully well get a sighting soon but reese looks good love all the dresses

shondra said...

Stolen FRENCH kisses is more like it, i would have done the same thing!

My favorite on screen kisses are from BBM and The Good Girl.

Reese has looked so beautiful and classy in all of her dresses.

Jake sure does know how to dissapear, i bet he is relaxing and chilling while Reese is on he red carpet IMO.

Anonymous said...

OT: From this weeks Star:

"Jake puts A Ring On It" is about how Reese Witherspoon showed up at a photo shoot wearing an engagement ring, but took it off when she saw people staring. She's not ready to go public with it, but Gyllenhaal popped the question.

bobbyanna said...

The Star has to be one of the most disreputable, out of touch, out and out lying rags out here. So why do I believe this particular story?

Anonymous said...

That story in The Star is old. It was making the rounds last year, I believe.

Anonymous said...

The PR operation for this movie is being run very tight it seems. No pictures of Reese entering or leaving her hotel, none of her arriving or departing at an airport, and no pictures of her eating in restaurants, or shopping, or walking about, or hopping in and out of cars. It is all very focussed and very impressive. This leads me to think Jake has joined her.

extra said...

The Star latest engagement rumor did not circulate last year, the photoshoot comment makes it "new". Doesn't mean it's true of course,but it's not from last year.

I have a feeling he maybe traveling with her too.

She was suppose to be in the States this Friday to participate in atribute to Director Robert Mulligan, who directed her in the movie The Man in the Moon, but had to cancel due to (unforseen schedule changes).

The schedule changes couldn't have been the European PR for MVA, that I would think was scheduled way ahead of time.

It looks like there is a gap between the UK stop and the Paris stop on Sunday, if they are due in another country in between then i missed that.

I think J&R are having a little vacation between the promo since she is due back in the States next week to appear on Leno on the 18th.

I think he is chilling either in some hotel in the Uk or perhaps that flat that keeps popping up on those google alerts!

Lemon said...

"or he is in London or Paris and trapped (!) in a hotel room not allowed to leave???...:)

Reese has got him locked away somewhere and he is shirtless, of course. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like Reese is in Madrid now Photos

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh oh...I think ^THIS^ might now be my favorite publicity tour dress. Has the yolk of the gray dress without the clunky darts and versatile belt. Yes I like this one a lot.

extra said...

Weel it looks like there was no gap after London! I thought that it was odd that there didn't seem to be another stop before France.

You are right FL, I think this is the best look so far. Everything works, dress, hair, shoes, etc.

paula said...

That Gemma is one smart girl, I wouldn't be able to control myself either, don't think many would!

Thanks for adding my 2 favorite Jake kising scenes from BBM and Rendition.

Been looking at all the dresses that Reese has been wearing in this week and I love this one the best so far, can't wait to see what she wears in Paris.

I know bobbyanna, was thinking the same thing even though it's the Star. I guess someone could have used the Elle photoshoot and spun the tale but who knows?

Anonymous said...

I new Jake would be in Europe with Reese.

Jake and Reese in Madrid

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. We're ahead of you :)

New post.