Monday, August 8, 2011

Pretty Posterous

An (incomplete) alternative, minimalist history of the Gyllenhaal canon:

You can find these and other memorably cool posters at Worth 1000.

Also, technically, I don't think the Highway art is a poster. I also don't have links for all the pieces. I'll assemble what I do have and add to the bottom of the post.

I posted this a while back - still not sure if it's a poster or a picture of a poster. Nor do I know the origin. DD is definitely the most popular Jake movie in terms of alternate art, which makes sense given all the discussion and theorizing it has prompted.

On a separate note, here's Jake talking about one of his favorite movie scenes:


UltraViolet said...

I think I like the L&OD posters the best. And Highway.

Repeating this from the last post:

Just saw this on Jake's imdb message board. No idea if the person is legit; s/he doesn't have too many posts:

He's a very down to earth and cool guy. I'm working camera on End of Watch with him. He's a real trooper- always down to help out even though its not his responsibility to as an actor.

Pretty cool, if true.

Lola said...

I like jarhead, BBM, and especially the first LAOD posters the best.

sass said...

Good Morning,
I love this post and the posters. TY :)The site is amazing and fun. I always love hearing Jake accolades...U just made my day!
back later.

Sag Actor said...

Love the DD posters, it's my favorite Jake movie. Very creative and fun, thanks for finding these UV!

Sheba Baby said...

The first SC is so cool, I like it better than the official US poster!

The LAOD posters are awesome and the BBM poster is very creative.

Love the posting about Jake on the set of EOW, thanks!

bobbyanna said...

What great finds! I love the posters. The "falling man" SC poster reminds me a little bit of Mad Men, but I like it. Love the "needle" one of LAOD. The DD rabbit is so distinctive I'd recognize it anywhere, no caption necessary. Also loved the video clip about Jerry Maguire.

The IMDB post sounds like Jake.: )

My back has been speaking to me, so my daughter's insisting I see a "physiatrist." never heard of it before. (Looks like psychiatrist! LOL!)

Gyllenbabble said...

Lola, I love the Jarhead concept but I don't think they captured Jake's body well. And no, I cannot draw, lol.

Glad to perk your morning up, Sass. And SAG, I am amazed by how much creativity is out there. Wish I had a tenth of that!

Sheba, as with so much marketing for Jake movies, the SC poster was really bad. Not fond of the second SC poster shown, but I like the first one. It has a Hitchcock feel to it. And we saw those other Olly Moss SC posters, which were better than the official. (BTW, the second L&OD poster shown here is also an Olly Moss.)

Yeah, I think the EoW anecdote is true, too, bobbyanna :) I almost always enjoy DD/rabbit art, lol. Good luck with the physiatrist, which I definitely read as psychiatrist first :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posters, I didn't know they existed. I liked the take on BBM and Jarhead and I liked Source Code too

that video would not play for me


Gyllenbabble said...

About Jerry Maguire: Watching that clip reminded me that I liked JM. Tom Cruise and his antics have cast a pall over his and made me forget that he was once enjoyable onscreen. JM might be his last enjoyable performance, before all the crazy took over.

I'm not a big Renee Z fan, but she was good in JM.

I'd love to see an interview with Jake where he talks about favorite scenes and movies.

Gyllenbabble said...

Hey Lily, here's the direct link. Hope that works.

Chica said...

Wow, these are fantastic and a lot more and interesting than some of the original posters.

The DD posters are creepy but than it is a creepy movie, in a good way of course!

There is a Mad Men feel to that SC poster Bobbyanna, that's one if my favorite shows.

I haven't visited Jake' IMDB page in ages so I would have missed that post. It sounds so like Jake!

Watching that clip of Jake talking about JM takes me back to when I actually liked Cruise! And Cuba's career really didn't take off after he won the AA for that:(

Hang in there Bobbyanna!

Hang in there Bobbyanna!

bobbyanna said...

Not a Rene fan either, altho she surprised me in "Chicago."
I loved the chemistry between Cuba and Tom Cruise in JM! They were hilarious. Yes, he was likeable then, and many of his older movies were among my favorites. The last good TC movie I saw was "Collateral." Very good.

Chica, I'm hangin! LOL!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love both of the LAOD posters, what a great find UV!

I prefer BOTH SC posters than the posters that Summit used, I wish I had the talent and the imagination to create stuff like this.

Jerry McGuire was a good movie, perfect cast but all the leads careers went south since then and yes I will include Tom's as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey UV,

yes the video worked that time, thanks for the link. I wonder what other movies are Jake's faves? That perhaps inspires him.


Extra said...

The poster art are incredible and yeah, the Highway "poster" really isn't a poster since it went straight to DVD.

I agree with others that the SC posters are better than the original. DD is such an iconic film so i'm not surprised that there is so much fan posters out there.

Love the simple yet powerful BBM poster.

I love Jerry McGuire, had no idea it was a fav of Jake's as well!

sass said...

Surfing the Jake sites...which I can do again...YAY...saw some numbers for SC sales...searched and found them here. I have forgotten how to please help me...this is the best new thing in the world today for me...TY Rachel Maddow.

sass said...

Please remove my former post if it is redundant:)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Not redundant at all Sass, SC #'s are awesome and I live reading about them!

No word of a sequel from Summit but with these #'s they should.

Tweety said...

The Donnie Darko fan art posters are my favorites hands down!

They are all great but DD posters really shows the weirdness that is Darko.

Love the tidbit about Jake on set and the video of him talking about JM. I think I may have heard or read somewhere that it was one of his favorite films.

The more good news about the SC DVD sales the better Sass, Jake and Duncan should be proud of it's sucsess.

And there is yet more pics of Jake on the set of EOW on IHJ!

UltraViolet said...

The set photos keep coming, don't they, tweety? LOL.

I think Jake talked about Jerry Maguire when promoting L&OD and probably at other times, as well.

I love seeing the SC DVD figures, although it's been squashed by Rio, which sold over two million in its first week!

I'd love to see a sequel to SC. I'm sure Duncan and company want to move on, but they set it up beautifully...

bobbyanna said...

I'm loving the success of SC!! If you like, you can "follow" Duncan on twitter. I've tweeted "sequel!" to him several times! LOL! (he never responds : / )

Looks like Jake's wearing some camera device thing around his neck in one pic.

UltraViolet said...

Ha - keep trying, Bobbyanna!

Honestly, is Gosling going to be cast in everything?


Tweety said...

He doesn't respond to me either Bobbyanna but I'll keep trying!

As it says at that link UV, it sounds like a companion piece to L.A. Confidential and look, Michael Pena has joined the cast!

Lola said...

The photos of jake with a camera strapped to his chest makes me excited to see end of watch and how it all comes togerther. This must be very fun for Jake!

bobbyanna said...

me, too, Lola. In some shots Michael Pena has the camera on and I think there was something attached to Jake's gun, too. I't almost like the cast is shooting the movie!

UltraViolet said...

Maybe Michael can get Jake a role in it! It's just depressing to read my Twitter feed and see role after role cast and nothing for Jake.

But I do agree Jake is probably having a blast, Lola. I bet this is a treat for him. Should be very interesting to see the end result.

UltraViolet said...

Kept forgetting to say this all day: thinking of everyone in London and all of England. Reading all those tweets and stories is truly depressing and saddening. Stay safe out there. Fingers crossed that this madness passes.

Monica said...

He looks great in a police uniform.

Shondra said...

I don't think that there was an official Highway poster since it went straight to DVD so I really do like the Pilot/Highway poster.

I love the DD and L&OD posters too!

Jake does look like he is having fun filming EOW. When I read that the film was being done documentary style, I had no idea that the actors were also going to be involved!

Another film that I wish Jake was attached to UV, sigh. It's really frustrating.

PS: My hubby and sons said that The Planet of the Apes was the best film of the Summer! I still have no interest on seeing it.

mary said...

thanks for all posters UV Jake looks great in a uniform

Yes its terrible whats happening over in London my sister in law sister flew oto london last saturday my nephew went with her havent hear if they have had any problems ihave worked the last two days so havent checked with my mother yet to see if she has heard any thing.

bobbyanna said...

The news from London's been terrible. I remember when I was a teenager, we had a riot in Detroit. Very scarey. I hope eveyone's OK and mary, hope your sister-in-law's sister stays safe.

UV,it's SO frustrating to see some of these casting decisions! I remember when I read Denzel Washington was doing Safe House, which just wrapped production, and I thought it would've been so cool for Jake to work with him.

sass said...

Morning babblers here and across the pond! I see the images on cable and in the papers and forget to comment as well. It's very frightening. I just saw a photo of a woman who jumped from a window with fire nearby perhaps in her building.
I lived in LA during the LA Riots; some of my friends, Visiting Nurses, were allowed to treat their patients, if they wore white coats, white shoes and carried their nurse's bag.
Riots are scary times for everyone, the mob anger is palpable. I pray it ends for them soon.
Ryan Gosling...arr :)

Jake must be sent scripts...I read he was attached to SC and that he chose his director. If that's so I wonder if turns down a few projects... Jake's agent is at CAA as is the chin's...maybe he should change agencies.:)
Who does casting, agents or casting directors?
I'm surprised Justin Timberlake is getting so much work, but he was in Social award winning film... and he is very engaging. He reminds me of Elliot Gould, I don't know why:)
Mila Kunis is one of the it girls this year and a few others. I enjoyed watching her give a piece of her mind to whomever, when she was in Russia while Justin looked not happy.
SC will get lots of attention next award season, from the Golden Globes, and maybe the Critics Choice Awards, the Oscars nominations and the Independent Spirit Awards.
I look forward to that! fingers xed:)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jake sees scripts all the time. Am also pretty sure he reads them and many of them he does not care for. Lots of times actors are sent scripts that resemble the last movie they made.
He has said he goes with his heart and your heart can't go with everything you are sent. He wants to do good stuff, he wants to do something a little different each time. You see some actors who are pretty much the same character in much the same movie (In different locations) each time - this isn't Jake so that may explain why we don't see him in a movie every 8 months.

Chica said...

What's happening in the UK is a nightmare. I have friends that live outside of London and they say it looks like a war zone, just awful.

I think Jake is too picky IMO and yes it frustrating when you hear all these roles going to other actors, although in Goslings case it doesn't bother me because he is a very good actor.

mary said...

New pics up at IHJ from last night guess they were doing some night filming Jake has that camera thing again i wonder what its for?

Boy i didnt think we would get almost daily pics from the set i wnder if the same pap is just following them around

doc-u said...

Jake has that camera thing again i wonder what its for?

It's for that first-person POV often used in documentary-style filmmaking.

bobbyanna said...

I think Jake's definitely got his own ideas about how he wants to handle his career choices. But so many other things could be happening as well.

It could be that he's tried for a few parts,like it was mentioned a while ago for Bourne, but didn't get them. It could be a timing/scheduling thing. It could be financing. It's hard to hang it one one thing.

I deal with my frustrations by telling myself there are other great stories and projects out there, and things will happen when they're meant to. : /

I also think I'm spoiled. We've had a Jake movie come out every six months (or less) beginning with Brothers. I remember when Ryan Gosling had a band and sort of dropped out for a while.

Recently saw previews for Spiderman and, speaking of Tom Cruise (!)the next MI. Both looked good and I think they'll be huge.
(I saw them last night when I saw ...Planet of the Apes!; ) )

Monica said...

Of course he is receiving scripts, but are certainly not the great scripts. When I say great, I am referring to scripts that Ryan Gosling, Matt Damon and Leo DiCaprio are receiving.
I don't think Jake would say no to Django, for example.

Probably most of the scripts he's getting are regular. It is difficult to choose the best among them.

Who is his agent?

Viv said...

Can someone tell me why actors like Ryan Renolds, Bradley Cooper even Justin Timberlake keep getting projects? :/

I thick Monia is right.Jake isn't too picky.He just can't get great script like Ryan G. or James Franco etc...or he will take the role immedaitely...

UltraViolet said...

I think Jake got first look at scripts after the BBM/Jarhead run. And despite the fact that the movies he chose were nit as successful as they should have been or as Hollywood wanted, I can't really point to other movies Jake should have done instead. But the lack of success for Zodiac and Rendition and the disappointment of PoP have caused Jake to be knocked down on the food chain.

I hoped that SC would push him back up and perhaps it will. But right now, it's all about Ryan Gosling. I think Ryan Reynolds will suffer a similar fate as Jake, since his latest are not performing.

I don't understand why jake's international box office numbers don't help him more. I know studios make more from domestic ticket sales, but he is making them money.

UltraViolet said...

Justin Timberlake is an oddity. But so far, I don't see him getting roles that I wish had gone to Jake. But it is annoying that he seems to have no trouble getting roles!

Anonymous said...

Not everything Ryan Reynolds does or sometimes Gosling is something I think Jake would esp. want to do. As far as Ryan R. goes..The Green Hornet? (It was not the hit they were hoping it would be) and the new comedy that was just out and is going to pretty much disappear - and getting not very good review.
Matt Damon and Leo - they're older. Same for Johnny Depp and Tom C.
I rem. Denzel Washington doing movie after movie and very few of them were equal to his ability as an actor.
I too see things I would like to see Jake do and we don't know if maybe he did see the script but decided not to do it Or would like to of done it but time and something else he would like to do took care of that.
We've seen him being involved with something and then because it is taking so long have to end up not being involved as other projects were going to be done.

bobbyanna said...

you're right, monica, but to put it in perspective, very few actors are in that elite tier of getting a "first look" at a script. Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Leo and Matt Damon, Denzel, Sean Penn,maybe a few more, but it's a very short list.

Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake have to read like everyone else. Same with Bradley Cooper. But with JT, he already has a built in fanbase, so he should be a box office draw.

Any actor has the ability to work with other producers, and generate their own projects, the way Jake did with SC. (Mark Wahlberg's a good example of a self-starter.)

Justin Timberlake was fortunate with Social Network, bcz he had what amounted to a little more than a cameo, basically playing a version of himself.

BC hooked up with De Caprio,and Ryan Kavanaugh, and brought Limitless to them. It was his project. He caught a big break with the Hangover movies, but Limitless was definitely his breakout.

BC and RR are older than Jake aren't they? Late 30's? Even Jeremy Renner, 40, had to read for the Bourne Legacy. When I really think about it, yes,

I'd definitely love to see Jake in some of the movies that other people were cast for,like Bourne, Safe House,Limitless, Ides of March, but I'm glad he passed on most of the others that have come out.(James Franco's was a cookie cutter stock character in PoA.)

UltraViolet said...

But Ryan Reynolds just finished a movie that Jake should have gotten, that Safe House movie. And Ryan g has gotten about four that wouLd have been great for Jake. Chris Pine got the Jack Ryan franchise. It's a shame.

Bobbyanna, I'm not talking about the Hanks Depp level. But Jake was Ryan G at one point. He sadly is not the It guy these days. Doesn't mean he won't be again.

suvee said...

But the lack of success for Zodiac and Rendition and the disappointment of PoP have caused Jake to be knocked down on the food chain.

ITA. I addition, I think Jake is a bit handicapped in that he cannot play the adult man quite as convincingly as many of his peers. He is kind of a victim of his youthful face and soft, youthful voice. (I didn't find him at all believable as a parent in Zodiac.) He also hasn't shown that he can play a flawed or quasi unlikable character.... which a lot of his peers have done successfully. The fact that an experienced, veteran director like Ed Zwick basically had to be talked into casting Jake in L&OD because he didn't think he could play "anti-vulnerable" isn't a good sign IMO.

And you are right UV..... anemic domestic B.O. is probably the biggest contributor to Jake's star dimming a bit.

I'm sort of like a bad penny, aren't I? :)

bobbyanna said...

You're SO right about Ryan G, UV! I hadn't heard about Chris Pine getting the Jack Ryan franchise.
I really felt bad about Safe House, and I don't even know if Jake was even up for it. In fact, I don't know if he was up for any of these except for his early interest in Ides of March.

I'm kind of glad to see so much coverage of Jake right now, even tho I think he deserves much better management then he has.
(Chris Pine's next movie is This Means War.) There are a lot of great stories out here. You're right, he's not the IT guy right now, but he will definitely be one again very soon! : )

UltraViolet said...

Suvee, you forgot that you don't post anymore because I always chastise you for not bowing down to Jake!

I do love so e bad pennies :)

I disagree that Jake hasn't shown he can be unlikable. Swoff had a lot of unlikable moments. I do agree that Jake hasn't plaued a true villain or totally dark character. I don't doubt that he can but he needs to show that he can.

I wish Ed Zwick had made Jamie Randall more of a cad.

Also, Jake has definitely played flawed characters and played them well. But I don't disagree that he needs to play different parts to show his range. I hope the EoW character isn't just heroic.

UltraViolet said...

Forgive the iPad typos.

Bobbyana, I love that you're the optimist to my doom and gloom.

bobbyanna said...

I agree about Zodiac and Rendition, too. (waves to suvee!)

bobbyanna said...

Really sorry to spam, but can I just say, as to box office, I can't see how the entertainment media categorizes PoP as a "fail" @ $325 Million,then dismiss the many shortcomings of Green Hornet and announces a sequel!

Of course, RR's PR team is really agressive in muting any of the perceived shortcomings of his films.

UltraViolet said...

It seems most people think they are just bluffing/lying about the Green Lantern sequel. Though there is the theory that the studio and DC want to establish a franchise other than Batman. (At least I think that's the theory. I can never remember all the comic book details.)

PoP is definitely more successful than GL will end up, and GL had the advantage of 3D.

Viv said...

Brothers and LAOD are also failed on box office and got mixed reviews.sigh...

I have to tell myself be patient.Hope more and more directors like Duncan Jones can make Jake live up his potential in the future.:)

He's only 30.He still have a lot of time. I think I can deal with that.XD

Viv said...

I remember Jude Law was "it" guy in the past at a moment.XD

UltraViolet said...

We gotta keep the faith, Viv :). But it's hard!

You know whom I blame more than Jake's poor excuse for a team and more than Jake himself for keeping them or Jake for not capitalizing on his It status? I blame the guy who wrote this article. I remember when I read it, I knew it was bad news! Zodiac was already looking like it wouldn't hit, and it just felt like bad timing, a portent that things were going to change.


bobbyanna said...

UV, I look at Jake's entire body of work, and it's really very impressive. Right up to and including SC.It helps me stay optimistic : ) We may feel a bit anxious right now, but all will be well. (((UV)))

I have to go take my painkillers. Can't wait for next Monday when I go to the Back doctor.

UltraViolet said...

Hope the painkillers kick in, Bobbyanna.

And I know Jake will be fine. But I really do blame that MSNBC guy!

New post.