Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jake Gyllustrated

Found this fun take on Jake on flickr. The artist described it: "Illustration for the awesome GOOD Magazine. Extremely amusing article about matter-of-fact answers by David Rees, well worth the read."

Not sure how the article relates to Jake, but I thought it was amusing. This seems to be art week on GB, so here are a few more pictures:

A spare take on Brokeback:

Jarhead was a book, a movie and now a drawing:

I loved the New Yorker cartoon for Prince of Persia, even if the review was unenthusiastic:

A fun take on SC in words and picture:

And another Source Code poster:

Jake was spotted in uniform yesterday. No, not the End of Watch police costume, but his new summer staples:

Jake sure got a kick out of something. Maybe he saw that Robert Pattinson is actually ahead of him in PopSugar's Shirtless Poll!

My thoughts exactly!

(Jake photos courtesy of IHJ. Illustrations courtesy of the linked artists.)


UltraViolet said...

A couple of tweets of folks on set with Jake tonight, including this:

Got to meet Jake Gyllenhaal and America Ferrera who are filming right now. I can hear the directors yelling. #gottaloveLA
1 minute ago

If the timing is right, the EoW crew is working late into the night.

Interesting bit about Jake in this Duncan interview:

Jake brought the role to you, but was he also very active when on set?
We had a great time. Jake is a real joy for me to work with. Some people have found him difficult - I don't know why - but I found him absolutely lovely. He's incredibly smart and very funny - sometimes too funny. [laughs] He's a lovely guy - always throwing ideas at me, and always getting me to experiment and try stuff out, and go beyond where he thought the role was on the page. There are a lot of really great moments in the film when the audience is getting a good laugh, because Jake is going a little too far! It also helped that we had Michelle Monaghan with him, because the chemistry really helped.

Hmm. I wonder if Duncan is referring to the Fincherfuffle or something else. I know Jake and Jim Sheridan had some discussions on set, but Sheridan seemed to be up for that kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Sheridan who found Jake difficult. Jake and Fincher are friends.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jim Sheridan had some great things to say about Jake along the lines of what he brought to the role and also he felt he could be a Director someday. Somewhere there are all those comments.
He also did that mention about he'd been the center of attention on the set and suddenly here was this guy who became the center of attention and i always saw that as being a kidding type thing.

Tweety said...

The artwork is amazing, I love the Jarhead drawing and the SC art/posters still manage to top all the official posters released from Summit!

This sure has been a week for discovering a lot of Jake related fanart on the net UV, thanks so much for finding them and posting!

I have a thing for Jake's feet so thanks for posting the pics of him in his flip flops, he seems to be in as good mood!

Jake and Fincher may be friends now but there were problems on set during Zodiac, more so than on Brothers.

Fincher is known as one of the biggest assholes in HW.

mary said...

thanks for all the art work UV

yes jake looks like hes in a good mood nice to see him smiling and so relaxed

bobbyanna said...

I'm loving the poster art, HV! Especially Jarhead. Tweety, I agree about the SC posters : )

I hate these vague references to being "difficult." LOL! Please! Compared to who! Jake's a professional who obviously prepares, and likes to collaborate. That's pretty typical.

He's worked with major directors and writers. I've never read that he shows up late, drunk, and unprepared, or that he's cost a project money.

I remember Duncan tweeting his complaints about the "suits" who were looking over his shoulder during SC, or initially being worried about the soundtrack.

"Moon" was all his, but SC was with Summitt Ent. So will someone from Summitt complain about Duncan? Making movies is a messy undertaking, and it's fraught with tension, etc. Directors are especially stressed bcz it all rides on them.

(Disney just shut down the entire Lone Ranger project because of differences with their director and budget issues!)

I think it's all relative, and a lot of it is without merit. I hate whisper campaigns that result in undermining people.

Anonymous said...

I loved all the Jake illustrated stuff. Very well done


Chica said...

The Pop cartoon from the New Yorker was one of my favorites too, that was such a fun movie despite the critics.

They are all fantastic, I especially love the BBM one.

I heard about Disney shutting down The Lone Ranger too Bobbyanna, I wonder if it's permanent.

I heard the budget was about 230 million which is a lot for a western!

I think Jake's difficulties with some directors have been exaggerated and no more difficult than other actors in HW.

I would love for Jake and Duncan to work together again.

Anonymous said...

"Zodiac" was difficult for just about everyone involved. RDJ said it was a "gulag". They all got tired from doing scenes over and over again. But they do know the finished result was great.
I love the picture where Jake is fixing Fincher's tie and Fincher is fixing Jake's.
There wouldn't of been an interview In "Interview" mag. with them..or Jake interviewing him..if there was any real problem between them.
I think Jake would work with him again because he'd be prepared now.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, Fincher and Jake are clearly past whatever happened. But that story and perception are still out there. I blame that idiot NYTimes writer and Mark Ruffalo for that. I was just curious to whom Duncan was referring, whether he knows some things we don't or if it is the same old stuff. But we will probably never know.

Duncan has made some intemperate remarks before. Part of his charm, I guess.

The per so who tweeted about Jake on set had few tweets about filming:

Glad people like the art. It's fun finding this stuff. It was also great to see Jake so smiley.

UltraViolet said...

Clealry, Jake has never had the kind of trouble that becomes legendary, despite Movieline recently trying to elevate the Zodiac stuff to feud status.

It was annoying that Jake got all the flack for that and not RDJ or Fincher.

UltraViolet said...

Someone on IHJ posted this. Hope it's true, whether it means theatrically or just on video/cable:

learnd from HBO this afternoon that this movie will be release by end of this year..hope it will..

Chica said...

Were they talking about Nailed? I know someone that works at HBO, I can ask if they bought the rights to Nailed although I would think that an official announcement from HBO would have been made.

UltraViolet said...

Oops, sorry chica. Yes, they were talking about Nailed.

Let us know if you hear anything!

bobbyanna said...

Can't seem to access IHJ right now. :(

UV, I usually credit Mark Ruffalo's comments about Jake complaining, with the inconsequential "estrangement" between Jake and Fincher. In hindsight, I think maybe Mark harbored some momentary resentment towards Jake.

Anonymous said...

I remember Mark R. making the comment about this one scene and having to do it 60 some times and Mark's comment was "just fire me now" or something like that. So don't know why he should make any comments about anyone else reacting to what went on.
I do rem. also pictures of Jake and Mark outside some place to eat - them with others and this was after Zodiac was out and they were saying good-bye with a hug.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, Jake and I do not share the same grudges. At least not publicly:)

The Ruffalo comment I'm referring to was int the infamous NYT article, I think. He essentially said that people who complain are the ones who aren't prepared. And it was aimed solely at Jake and not RDzj, who also complained.

I think Ruffalo was trying to suck up to Fincher.

bobbyanna said...

Anon, Here's the link to Gawker's excerpts of Mark Ruffalo's comments and there are links to Jake's comments. Not saying they had a falling out. I've seen the pics you refer to. They can have dinner, be friends, and hug it out, and still make certain comments. One doesn't negate the other. It's not "either/or."

bobbyanna said...

I agree about Ruffalo and Fincher, UV.

From another set of interviews,I found these where Jake completely avoids talking about Ruffalo, and describes his Fincher experience:

From Jake's Zodiac interview with "close up

What was it like working with Mark Ruffalo?

JAKE GYLLENHAAL: Well, we only have a couple of scenes together. David's put together a kind of unlikely trio. And with Mark and with Robert [Downey, Jr.], they're highly experienced, much more experienced than I, and I was learning from them everyday. I mean, particularly, Robert I worked with a lot more, so Robert's sort of like working in the eighth dimension. He's sort of like Tinkerbell. He's like the court jester kind of dancing around you all the time but constantly inspiring. Just imagine Robert with buckets and buckets full of inspiration, handing them over to everybody he works with and as an actor it's extraordinary"

"And what was it like working with a director like David Fincher, who is so well known for his visual style?"

"JAKE GYLLENHAAL: I think his visual style definitely takes precedence. As you can see in the movie it's an extraordinary vision. I think this movie in particular was different for him in that he wanted to be more for the actors. And he gave us a space in which we could work. But he knows what he wants; he's very clear about it and in a lot of ways that discipline's sort of like working on Shakespeare. You have to stay within the iambic pentameter; you have to stay within the rules, but within those rules I think are amazing discoveries."

Sounds like Jake and Fincher were talking Zosiac for a whil, because Jake saw an early draft, then later drafts. That's also commented on.

Chica said...

I just texted my friend at HBO UV about Nailed!

I remember those comments about Jake and Zodiac from Mark. It was a difficult shoot for all involved if I remember correctly and Fincher is a difficult Directer to work with from reports.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love the SC illustration with the dragon and the site it's linked to, love there review!

More incredible fan art, I'm impressed so impressed, I can only draw stick people!!

It's good seeing Jake smiling in these pap pics, most of the time he looks pissed and I don't blame him.

I remembered Ruffalo's comments regarding Jake at the time and though they were unprofessional.

BTW, I heard that Fincher abandoned his "experiment" of editing movies via a computer after the editors union caused a fuss, would have cost them jobs if Zodiac made $$$$ at the BO.

That's why the film was pretty much ignored at Awards time no matter how much the critics loved it. Fincher went back to making movies the "traditional" way after that.

Anonymous said...

When Jake was filming Zodiac wasn't this around awards time and he was doing interviews for BBM and he missed the Golden Globes because of late night Zodiac filming. I think maybe he wanted to go and that might of been a problem with Fincher at the naturally he didn't get to go so that might of been some of the talk.
He had other things going on besides filming Zodiac.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

UV, are you talking about this article: NYT

It was clear that Jake likes to get involved in every process of filming. He's not that kind of actor who just comes and plays his lines and goes home. He wants a little more.
This can be a bit annoying for some directors. Sometimes some directors like to have control of everything and others who enjoy working collaboratively, as Chris Nolan.
But I think Duncan might be referring to what happened in the Zodiac, which was a story that's coming all the time.

I really hope that Jake and Fincher have resolved their conflicts and that they can work together again one day.

ONP, I also thought Mark Rufallo was unprofessional speaking those things about Jake, especially because it occurred during the promotion of the film.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Filming Zodiac did interfere with the promotion of both BBM and Jarhead if I remember.

Zodiac started filming 10/05 and was finally finished in Feb/06 I think.

Not only did he miss the GG awards but he missed hosting SNL in Nov./05, Peter did it instead.

Zodiac kept being pushed back. First it was Nov. 06. Jake rescheduled to host SNL in early '07 to coincide with the release of Zodiac but It was pushed again to 3/07.

I may have some dates wrong but I remember the chatter o some sites like IMDB at the time.

As much as I enjoyed his performance on SNL, I thought it was odd that he really didn't have anything to promote and he couldn't reschedule again because he was towards the end of filming Rendition.

Anonymous said...

As said Jake interviewed Fincher for Interview magazine a while after "Zodiac" was filmed so i don't think there's any question that they had patched up any differences they had and besides making movies is an intense thing. The people who make them understand that and one day things may be difficult and another things go smoothly. Unless someone is really a pain and doesn't do their work, etc..i think any problems are just filed under "human experience" and they move on.

bobbyanna said...

I agree it was very unprofessional of Mark Ruffalo, OONP, monica. Clearly, Jake and Fincher seem fine and Mark is the one who's lost ground in my eyes.

We're having the mother of all thunderstorms, & it's really dark andreally windy, too, so I may lose power. Hope not. : (

bobbyanna said...

CZ sighting:

"Jake Gyllenhaal was standing behind me at Cafe Gratitude today. It was so weird. And yes, he is gorgeous lol"
56 minutes ago · ·

UltraViolet said...

Yes, Monica, I'm sure that's the article. I'm not clicking the link, because reading it infuriates me :)

Let us know if your friend has any intel, chica!

OONP, interesting about the editors and Zodiac/digital film. I hadn't heard that wrt awards. Makes some sense. I also didn't know that about SNL. That's a shame.

On the commentary tack for Zodiac, Fincher definitely whined about actors having to go to the Golden Globes or some such pettiness. I'm sure when it's for his movies, he expects the actors to be available.

That whole thing bugs me because people spread the rumor that Jake didn't go to the GGs because he felt snubbed. So silly.

And tweety, you're one of the foot people, huh :)

UltraViolet said...

More on the CZ sighting, from someone else on FB:

Lunch after tennis today at Cafe Gratitude. Jake Gyllenhaal declined our invitation to sit with us.
6 hours ago · · .

His head was shaved for a movie role. Almost didn't recognize him. But my friend really did ask him to join us. He smiled nicely and declined.

Smart friend! (I think the tables are communal there, IIRC from an article on the place.)

Also, from a Michael Pena interview:

As I begin my interview with Michael Peña, he has literally just finished filming a fight sequence in the upcoming drama ‘End of Watch’ starring Jake Gyllenhall, where he plays Officer Zavala. He sounds uneasy about divulging too much information from the hush-hush project, but from the modicum he did comment on, he described it as - “the most intense undertaking I have ever been involved with in my career.”

Chica said...

My friend at HBO texted me last night and she said she hasn't heard anything about HBO and Nailed.

I gave her the background regarding the film including the part about that one pivitol scene that wasn't shot and she said that unless HBO fit the bill to finish the film, it would be unusual for them to get involved in distribution.

She's in marketing and she will investigate further tomorrow.

That's interesting info regarding Jake and SNL, I did wonder about the timing of his stint (1/2007) and the fact that Zodiac opened the first week in March.

Pena's comments are interesting, I'm hoping that EOW is intense!!

It's raining cats and dogs here, i'm waiting for Noah and his Ark to show up,LOL!!

Tweety said...

Looks like Jake has to work on a Sunday:

dballou Dawn Ballou
Jake Gyllenhaal is great to work with on "End of Watch"
5 hours ago

Dawn Ballou
dballou Dawn Ballou
Today we are shooting the stunts on "End of Watch" sucks to work on a Sunday
5 hours ago

bobbyanna said...

Temps are in the 60's here and it's gloomy/soggy, Chica. Sounds like you caught our storms. I finally accessed IHJ, but couldn't find the HBO reference.
I have a feeling Nailed will go straight to DVD.

I watched LAOD last night. : )

Chica said...

Here is the link to the reference to Nailed and HBO Bobbyanna, it's on the Nailed thread under Jake movies:

The person that posted , ilikemonalisa has only posted once before so who knows how legit it is, hopefully my friend will find out this week.

I thought that Nailed was headed to DVD too.

Yeah I think we got your rain storms!

UltraViolet said...

I heard that JFK got 7 inches of rain today! Hope you NYCers are all dry now.

Thanks for checking with your friend, chica. Will be interesting to see if this is real.

Wasn't too rainy here today; I think we're getting that tomorrow.

Extra said...

Another great find UV, I think I like the 2nd SC poster the best!

It's been awhile since we have seen Jake in such a good mood when the paps are stalking him, I think filming EOW had him in a really good mood!

Fincher is a very difficult director to work with I've read, I'm sure that Duncan was referring to Zodiac.

If HBO has picked up Nailed that is good news, I hope your friend has some info Chica!

UltraViolet said...

Jake does seem to be enjoying himself these days, Extra. It's nice to see.

I'm sad to say good-bye to the Gyllustrations, but new post.