Monday, August 15, 2011

Behind the camera

Jake Gyllenhaal has been doing double duty on his recent films. He's operating a camera on the new movie, End of Watch. Jake and co-star Michael Pena are acting and filming in documentary style. Radiant Images, a camera rental unit, posted these photos of Jake at a recent test shoot.

That last one is trippy.

Apparently, Jake is "now an experienced SI-2K Nano camera operator." So he has a career to fall back on!

And as we know, Jake was a quasi-producer on Source Code, persuading Duncan Jones to helm the movie. Here are a couple of old/new interviews:

It's fun to see the reviews and reactions piling up on twitter, as Source Code is newly rented/streamed/purchased or seen again. The debate over the ending continues, with some interesting discussions out there.

I hope End of Watch is received as well and is as thought-provoking.


Monica said...

This is intense and must be being a great experience for Jake.

Yesterday I saw Super 8. Great movie. Best movie of the summer season.

Sheba Baby said...

This has to be so cool for Jake! he is getting more and more involved in all aspects of filmmaking, this will be a real learning experience for him. I hope the film delivers!

And speaking of films delivering, Source ode did in spades, it did great at the BO here and overseas and the DVD sales have been fantastic.

It is great to see the comments and reviews of SC from people seeing it for the first time and the film generating discussions and debate.

Loved all the Jake fan art on the previous post!

bobbyanna said...

Wow, thanks for the shots from Radiant Images. Yes, it does look very intense! SC is really being well received by the audiences. I'm also loving the fact that so many people are discovering Jake's other movies, like Brothers. Even saw a few mentions for Rendition, which you can see OnDemand at a discount! ; )

UltraViolet said...

Super 8 is like the 70s version of these cameras. Hee.

Glad you liked the fan art, Sheba baby. With a Jake movie drought, we might be seeing more fan art!

LOL, bobbyanna. Always promoting the franchise :)

Quiet night though it looks like EoW is filming. This was a funny SC tweet:

I take back everything I said about Blu Ray being pointless. I can see every bead of sweat on Jake Gyllenhaal's beautiful face.

sass said...

Morning everyone, I'm up having Oatmeal and Source Code. It isn't everyday I find a good film so I really appreciate when it happens.
Jake did mention--I can't remember where--that he was thinking of directing one day. Maybe soon.
I went over to Radiant images...amazing.. I'm glad people are discovering his other great performances. YAY!
These must be exciting times for him.
Back soon,

Chica said...

Yes Jake did mention that he would like to direct, he even had his own Production Co called Nine Stories.

It's been fun following Jake filming EOW and it looks like he and the cast and crew are meshing well.

It is fun reading all the reviews for SC for people first seeing it, it really is an incredible film with a wonderful performance from Jake.

My friend at HBO asked around about Nailed and nothing. The chatter could be coming from their West Coast offices and the person that posted that on IHJ could be from that office and they may have not yet officially announced anything yet. I guess we will find out one way or another soon.

sass said...

Had to share..Source Code sales #3 this week...Go JAKE!! Off to doc's

Sales ending August 7, 2011
#3 Source Code 197,691 units sold -43.6%
Total units sold- 548,287
Sales this week $2,568,006
Total Sales $7,602,565 2

TY Chica, I forgot Jake has that company. Good news all round for us.

I'm late late to this news but glad Blake and Green apologized...I wanted to give them a BIG piece of my mind..
Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green, have come under fire for making seemingly anti-gay remarks. both apologized.

Blake first anti=gay remark...He didn't understand why Jake broke up with Taylor but mentioned that Jake did make movie BBM!

I want them both gone from The Voice...Levine is a childhood friend of Jake and may have talked to him or not...arr

good article

Sag Actor said...

I love the way this film is being done, the documentary style will give it a certain edginess.

Thanks for posting all the good news on the SC DVD sales, I hope this film isn't forgotten around awards time.

HBO or DVD, I would like to see Nailed in some form. Didn't Director David Russell have his name removed from the film?

Sag Actor said...

Forgot to add, I loved Super 8 too Monica. Reminded me of so many movies I liked growing up like the Goonies which was the point!

Monica said...

IMDB add the name of David Harbour / Randall Malone on page of End of Watch!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they added David's name to the cast list. I wonder if he and Jake have spoken. It must be nice to reunite with someone you had worked with previously.


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

This has to be one exciting shoot for Jake, Thanks for the link to the Radiant Images FB!

I'm so happy that people are discovering SC on DVD, it is doing great plus it still hasn't even open in some countries like Japan.

bobbyanna said...

FYI: jusjared has the trailer up for Maggie's movie, "Hysteria" and it looks hilarious.

UltraViolet said...

I guess it's good that Shelton apologized but I don't buy it. The faster he fades away, the better.

The Hysteria trailer has some funny moments. Will be interesting to see if it works. Nice to see Rupert Everett again.

It did make me sad to see all the "Gyllenhaal film goes to TIFF" headlines. Its been too long, Jake.

UltraViolet said...

From FB:

Aaaah omg jake gyllenhaal just smiled and came up to mariana and i and said hiiiii asked us how were doing!!! I love youuu! He said he will take a picture with us!!!
6 hours ago via Facebook Mobile
5 people like this.

his filming a movie across the street from my house

We were extras!!!

The Voice said...

I guess it's good that Shelton apologized but I don't buy it. The faster he fades away, the better.

Don't think that's happening anytime soon. I read he's signed onto the next season of that show. He's something of an audience favorite from all accounts.

Monica said...

I agree, Hysteria trailer was very funny. Maggie look stunning.
What a great actress she is.
I read that Naomi's film may be delayed.

Tweety said...

These photos are so intense and Jake and Michale Pena look like they are having a blast filming this!

It is fun getting all the reaction from people viewing SC for the first time, a true sleeper hit!

The trailer for Hysteria is really funny! I just hope it finds an audience for such a "unique" subject!

UltraViolet said...

Maybe RDJ will find a role for a friend?

Anonymous said...

photos of jake on Just Jared

and on IHJ


Extra said...

That is a fascinating story that RDJ and his wife are going to produce UV, and yes how about a role for his friend Jake???

I think that the reason why we are seeing daily set pics from EOW is because it's being filmed in residential areas and it's a low budget film so there isn't enough crew to chase away the paps!

Jake looks like he has become an expert with that camera:)

Hysteria does look funny, sorry to hear that Naomi's film has been delayed.

UltraViolet said...

fascinating, Extra. Will be interesting to see how it develops. No idea if RDJ wants it for himself or what. But I'd love to see thm work together again.

UltraViolet said...

Oops. My comment got cut off. I haven't heard anything
about Jake in Leasville but this was on Twitter:

Official #LT100 Run news: Contrary to reports Jake Gyllenhaal will not be participating in our event this year. We will host 1,000 others...

Monica said...

it's a low budget film so there isn't enough crew to chase away the paps!

The new Batman movie didn't get rid the paparazzis too! Perhaps this is a new type of marketing!

He looks very good on the set of End of Watch.

Extra said...

That would be a great marketing tool Monica!

Jake and RDJ should definately work together again. This project sounds like he and his wife are producing and he isn't starring in this.

Tweety said...

I found this on twitter, cardboard Jake!:

annfriedman ann friedman
So ready to party tomorrow w/ cardboard Jake Gyllenhaal. #GOODtimes
16 Aug

Monica said...

Movie of Robert sounds interesting. But I think he will try Gosling first!

Viv said...

yes.Gosling is every direcor's golden boy.If he isn't in every movie ,somthing must be wrong with the director coz he is the only young actor who can actually act.(I'm not kidding LOL)

mary said...

thanks every one for all the up dats on jake its pretty quiet in jake land.

would love to see jake work with rdj again im off to san diego for the weekend to visit my son so dont think ill miss any thing while im gone will catch up when i get back.

UltraViolet said...

Viv, I love it! And Monica, you're bad :)

Have fun in San Diego, Mary.

Tweety, cardboard Jake is funny. Not too many Jake tweets these days, and with that hideous new twitter search, it's hard to find them if they exist.

I did see these:

Pretty sure I saw one Mr. Gyllenhaal at the coffee shop this morning. And guess what?! He tips his baristas well. I support that.
12 minutes ago

just chillin with Jake Gyllenhaal at Villains. no worries. #LA
14 hours ago

UltraViolet said...

I added another SC video interview. It sort of seemed familiar and sort of seemed new, but it's funny.

Didn't see any EoW shooting tweets today or any other interesting tweets, for that matter.

Tweety said...

The new twitter search is hideous UV:(

Thanks for the new/old SC video!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It is a bit quiet on the Jake front!
I would like to add my displeasure with Twitter's new search but Google as well.

I saw One Day yesterday with Anne and I have to say that I was really disappointed. She was totally wrong for the part.

Have fun in SD Mary!

Monica said...

I think this promo of POP is better than the movie trailer:

It would have been a good teaser!

Extra said...

You are so right Monica, thanks for the find!!
So much missed opportunity with Pop but I still enjoyed the movie.

bobbyanna said...

I feel like I've been on a desert island! No power since yesterday afternoon! It just came back on in the past hour! Hope Mary's enjoying her visit with her son in SD.

Thanks, monica!
PoP was great fun for me too, UV!: )

bobbyanna said...

Oops, hey Extra! : ) Yeah, it was fun, and I loved it for what it was. Also appreciated all the really hard work Jake put into PoP.

Paula said...

I have a feeling we will be seeing and hearing a lot more about Jake behind the camera in the future.

He looks like a natural here, I hope we don't have to wait to long to see EOW on the big screen!

I know it's for this role but boy I can't wait until he grows his gorgeous hair back!

Wow, that Pop teaser you posted Monica is incredible, and a lot more exciting than some of the Pop trailers that came out.

I think we all discussed Pop it's pluses and minuses at the time but it was a fun movie and I thought Jake made a fine Prince.

Zodiac is playing on IFC right now!

UltraViolet said...

Hey, Paula. Amen on seeing End of Watch before too long. I think it is scheduled to come out next year, but we'll have to see which month.

Bobbyanna, so glad you have your power back. What a pain. Ditto to you and Extra and Paula on appreciating Jake's efforts and the results.

Monica, that teaser is really good! I wish the Disney marketing people came up with something half as clever. They really didn't play up the video game aspect. I think they were afraid of alienating the gamers, but they ended up mostly ignoring them.

OONP, I thought about going to see One Day. I was in the mood for some pretty people and pretty scenery saying pretty words. But the reviews were so bad that I decided to wait until it's on cable.

I have to laugh at Nikki Finke, who loves to point out that Jake can't open a move to $20 million yet initially described One Day's predicted $5 million weekend as "strong." She's changed her tune, but it was such an obviously biased critique.

Monica said...

I don't remember seeing this interview: POP Premiere
He was so happy!

And I don't remember this scene in POP: POP

bobbyanna said...

UV, I was having withdrawal "pains," so I'm glad the power's back and so's my computer! : ) We've had five outages this year, and this was the worst @ 25+ hrs!

monica, I love the interviewer's exhuberance! How could Jake not be happy! That was a fun find, thanks!

Anonymous said...

glad your powers back bobbyanna i had a great time in san diego with my sone he just moved into a new place a 3 bed room hose with a big kitchen, family and living room went to a base ball game today got really sunburned but it was fun

Monica said...

Maybe Nikki don't like Jake.
Interestingly, I remember some people saying that laod made ​​good box office because of Anne Hathaway. So, what happened to One Day?

mary said...

sorry tha anon at 114 is me sorry

Viv said...

I miss Jake...sigh....and I miss Jake's hair more LOL

I like Anne and think Anne is a good actress, but I think she is the type of everyone knows her and thinks her famous,likable but won't go to see films only becuase of her. I am afraid that Emma Stone will take her sweetheart status in two years. :/

Really quiet recently, expecting good news after filming EOW :)
Jake need to have three projects next year to make up this year.XD(kidding)

UltraViolet said...

I know, Viv. Things are very slow, and I've been very busy at work, so I haven't gotten too much done here. Sorry about that.

Jake seems to have disappeared for a few days. Though even if anyone had seen him, you wouldn't have found it on new-awful-godforsaken twitter, which is awash in retweets and nonsense.

Mary, your son's house sounds very nice. Glad you had a good time. And Bobbyanna, glad you don't have to go to rehab for withdrawals :)

Monica, I hadn't seen that interview either, I don't think. You've found some fun PoP stuff.

The photo could be from some of the shirtless fighting scenes shown in promos? I'd have to go back and look. Such a hardship!

bobbyanna said...

UV, I'm already doing rehab 3x a week for my back! : )

Twitter, I'm getting used to, but I usually have trouble with FB where I can't get older posts, and only see one page!

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
MartaMcGonagle Marta McGonagle
On set of the new Jake Gyllenhaal movie.. but just behind the scenes:-) Exciting to watch these great actors work:-).

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
"Dear Jake Gyllenhaal,
I see you at the coffee shop all the know which once smiled at me and looked as though you were ready to spark a conversation, but because I am awkward, I got nervous and looked away...and our connection was missed. I doubt you check craigslist's "missed connections", but in case this gets back to you, next time you see me at the coffee shop, i will gladly talk to you.

Sincerely yours,

Silverlake girl ".

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yeah, its pretty quiet on the Jake front, but that twitter @ 5:35 sounds like he was on set today.

Thanks Monica, I never saw that either that was fun to watch!
Good luck with rehab Bobbyanna!

I love the tweet from Silverlake Girl!

UltraViolet said...

One reason to like Ben Lyons:

RT @iamBenLyons: I spent today on the set of #EndofWatch When this movie comes together it's going to be SICK! Jake Gyllenhaal + Michael Pena are crushing it

I don't know if i'd always trust his judgment, but it's good to hear!

UltraViolet said...

Would love to hear Jake's reaction to the craigslist girl.

Eek, bobbyanna. I hope it's helping.

OONP, I'm curious if the audience seemed to like One Day. I'm still surprised at how badly it did.

UltraViolet said...

Suddenly Twitter is yielding fruit!

RT @AliceWaters: I'll be on the Today Show tomorrow @ 8:50am w/ ESY Ambassador Jake Gyllenhaal + the incredible kids of ESYSF Hunters Point
26 minutes ago via

Tweety said...

Finally some tweets!!

I still hate Lyons even if his predictions regarding EOW tun out to be correct!!!

We finally will get to see Jake and Alice Waters together,and for such a wonderful cause, thanks UV!!!

bobbyanna said...

"I love the tweet from Silverlake Girl!"

OMG! Me too, OONP!

I've decided. I like Ben Lyons...under special circumstances. ; )

Wow, I'm so glad you found that tweet about Alice Waters/ESY being on The Today Show tomorrow! Glad she's not on earlier. I can manage 8:50. : )

mary said...

darn i have to work it would be on a tuesday that i have to work i imagine jake will be from LA wonder if alice waters will be in NY or from LA too?

bobbyanna said...

I have no idea, mary, but it sounds like maybe Alice and the kids will be in San Francisco for the segment. Just guessing. Maybe Jake will be there with them. That way the Today crew can really see the gardens, etc., but I don't know.

Chica said...

Thanks for the heads up about Jake and Alice on the Today show tomorrow UV! I would think the segment will be from SF.

The segment will show up Mary, IHJ, Youtube, etc.

I read about a charity event at the end of This month involving Alice and her organization and this is probably part of that.

mary said...

maybe thats why he made that short trip to San Fran a few weeks ago after all San Fran is a short trip from LA maybe he will fly fly up there for the show guess we will find out tomorrow

maybe i can sneak into a pts room or a empty room if we have one to catch the segment tomorrow :)

Monica said...

Or he has recorded in San Fran and they will show tomorrow.
Thank you for this information, UV.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, I hope for their sakes it was prerecorded, so they don't have to do their appearance before 6AM.

This is all connected to the Chez Panisse anniversary celebrations, I assume.

LOL, tweety. He does good Jake material, I'll give Ben that. It does make me curious as to what he saw. I might have to tape E news in case they show something.

Extra said...

I'm working from home today and caught Jake and Alice's segment on Today about the Edible schoolyards!

It was taped and Jake wore his favorite tan pants, LOL!!

They spoke about the program and how it's important for children learn to grow and cook healthy meals. They showed Jake planting with the kids and helping them make healthy pizza in an outdoor brick oven.

The segment was brief but informative.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the recap, Extra. I was tempted to leave late, but I did the right thing, lol! I did tape it, but I'm sure it will be online soon enough.

Didn't get too much twitter action, but I guess a lot of people aren't on twitter for the Today Show. Looking forward to more of the Chez Panisse festivities, hoping Jake will attend.

UltraViolet said...

Got the video in the new post. Enjoy.