Monday, August 1, 2011

Odds and ends

End of Watch has apparently begun filming. No more Hawaiian beaches for Jake Gyllenhaal - or us. Updated to include a couple of set photos:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Here are a few miscellaneous Jake photos floating around. Just something to fill the time between set shots and pap pics.

First up, a clearer shot of a photo that appeared in Empire Magazine:

Then a few photos of Jake with photographer Armando Gallo, who shot Jake at the Brothers and SC press conferences:

Here are Jake and Anne with a couple of Australian DJs:

Jake with a barbie doll:

Finally, I found this triptych on tumblr. Does anyone know where the first Jake pic originated?


mary said...

thanks UV never seen the first pic so cant tell you im curious too

Anonymous said...

Thanks, UV. He looks great. He and Anne would make a great couple (if she were available.)


Extra said...

The first photo is interesting, very sepia looking.

LOL@ Jake and Barbie, she does look like a doll.

Yeah!! EOW is actually filmimg now!!

bobbyanna said...

Glad to hear they've started filming EOW!

I had to LOL about "barbie" too.

OONP, UV, etc. I have no words.
All I can say, OONP, is I look forward to 2012, when "your boss" is back in the Speaker's chair.

Chica said...

The pic you found on tumblr UV looks familiar, was it for a photoshoot from LAOD?

Jake and Anne do look good together, they were the bright spot in LAOD, tons of chemistry.

That woman does look like a barbie doll!

Regarding that 3-ring circus going on in Washington: As Chris Matthews just said on Hardball: Unfair and Unbalanced.

bobbyanna said...

Chica, Chris Matthews was really good tonight. Very thoughtful. He usually is more opinionated and less analytical.

Was "Barbie" a member of the LAOD cast?

Anonymous said...

Jake filming EOW:

Monica said...

Barbie: Robbie Myers, editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine.

Thanks for the other images, UV.

UltraViolet said...

I couldn't resist invoking Barbie.

I updated the post with a couple of the set pics.

As for Washington politics, I'm just sick. Obama has totally failed the people who elected him. And everyone else. And that's probably all I can say about that.

bobbyanna said...

Looks like Jake was using a video camera.

Anonymous said...

He looks HOT. he can come and arrest me anytime :D


sass said...

We've been taken hostage in our own country by the TP Republicans. As for President Obama, what if he had used the
14th amendment?
I am on SSDI income and I did become very worried about default. I do have a Coop maint payment to meet and my son needs to eat. :lol :lol
When election times comes around again, I will work to put these TP people out of office wherever I can: I don't like this bill.

Yes Bobbyanna, I think Chris M is asking the right questions of Obama and this bill...and not yelling. :)
These people and their bully tactics, have to be stopped, unfortunately I don't have an answer.

Jake, cheer me up Puleeeze!
The pics are gorgeous UV and some I've never seen. I'm so glad to know Jake is filming this movieand look forward to 2012.
love you all,

bobbyanna said...

Saw some nice pics of Anna Kendricks in Vegas celebrating her 26th B'day a couple of days ago.

Sass, there's a lot to feel discouraged about with this Debt Ceiling deal, but you're right. The Tea Party went way too far, and voters are finally seeing just how dangerous, extreme, and harmful they are.

Article in the Washington Post by Eugene Robinson was a pretty good analysis, especially the title. : )

bobbyanna said...

Saw this on FB and wanted to laugh...until I cried : )

"crazy, stupid love needed more Jake Gyllenhaal!"

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake looks awesome as a cop and yes that's a video camera he is holding, he is going to be more hands on with this movie than SC and LAOD. I think we may see his name officially as producer on this:)

I have never seen most of these pics either, thanks!

What I find even more irritating is the spinning from both sides regarding this bill, there are no winners and both sides have come out looking bad.

The Presidency has been diminished IMO.

Monica said...

Bobbyana I read that Crazy, Stupid, Love was a disappointment. But I'm still anxious to see.

Good to know that they started filming.

Cathy Earnshaw said...

We've been taken hostage in our own country by the TP Republicans.

Incredible, isn't it? :( At least they've finally come to an agreement in Washington, and the American people have spoken.

I have to agree that I loved Rendition as well, and Jake scenes in it were some of his most beautiful, from an acting standpoint as well as physical beauty. Waking up scene, need we say more? ;)

Looking forward very much to EoW.

Sag Actor said...

The Tea party is toxic and dangerous and it's a disgrace that the Republican party is now hostage to them.

The bill passed will not help the country, it just pushes the problem along until after the '12 election.

I saw Crazy, Stupid Love and enjoyed it for what it was, a smart, funny adult comedy.

Glad to see that EOW has started filming.

bobbyanna said...

I laughed bcz it sounded as if the poster on FB had mixed up Jake with Ryan G. Wuoldn't it be great if Jake gets a producing credit! I'd read somewhere,that EOW would be filmed documentary style.

I agree, SAG Actor, etc., TP is toxic and dangerous. I was frustrated with how the President handled it, and with the agreement that was reached.

But I think I have to agree with Eugene Robinson, (Washington Post/MSNBC) who said the strategic mistake was made weeks ago when Dems allowed the GOP to couple the routine raising of the debt ceiling, with budget/deficit discussions, Balanced Budget amendment, etc. all of which should've been discussed in another environment.

By allowing them to couple deficit reduction initiatives with the Debt Ceiling we gave them strategic advantage to change the discussion and stir up anxieties with sloganeering and soundbites.

We also missed an opportunity to deal with the Bush tax cuts last December. Which would have dealt with the revenue side of deficit reduction.

I know a lot of what goes on is posturing and theatre, and the media hypes it giving us very little hard information, and setting up false equivalencies.

I'm with Bill Maher. All things aren't equal. When they're wrong, they're wrong. I wish the President would have been more LBJ than Jimmy Carter, but hindsight is always 20/20.

I also wonder if there was anything he could have done differently...that would've produced a different result. He doesn't always have the luxury of kicking ass and taking names as we might want him to.

The Tea Party is an invention of Fox News and the media has conferred legitimacy, giving their lunatic ravings and a lack of coherency equal weight with legitimate arguments about issues.

I agree OONP, there's been a LOT of "spinning."
OK. I'll stop. : /

Tomorrow I'm having my first visit to a chiropractor. : ( My back's out. I'm very nervous.

Chica said...

(((Bobbyanna))). I have back problems as well and have had plenty of visits to my chiropractor.

UltraViolet said...

Yikes, Bobbyanna. Take care! I hope the chiropractor helps.

Welcome (or welcome back), Cathy Earnshaw. And ditto to all the sighs and woe about this whole mess.

Wish we had more Jake movies to look forward to, but it's fun to see EoW taking shape.

mary said...

stephanie has pictures up of jake on set again from today

mary said...

Boy it must of been awfully hot filming today it was over 100 degreees today in LA

Gee maybe we going to be treated with pictures from the set every day:)

UltraViolet said...

That is hot, Mary! I think this is a short shoot, so they have to take what they get.

New post.