Thursday, August 25, 2011

How does your garden grow?

A message from the Hunters Point Boys & Girls Club's Edible Schoolyard. Looks like Jake and the kids got along famously.

First you do the gardening:

Then the food prep:

Then the cooking:

And finally, the eating and enjoying!

Looks like a job well done by everyone!

Monica uploaded the E News video. Some overlap with the video posted yesterday, but we hear from Anna Kendrick and get to see her and Jake interact in a scene.

(Photos courtesy of the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco.)


UltraViolet said...

Lots more cute pics at the link. I know the spacing is a little off, but it's a pain to do a blogger post on an iPad. I was trying to wait until tomorrow, but Monica spilled the beans :)

Will correct when I get to my laptop tomorrow.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for uploading the E News segment, Monica. It's very interesting that Ayer is letting them improv. I bet Jake is loving this.

Monica said...

These images are irresistible. Especially those two with the girl in his arms.

T said...

What a way to start my day with an awwwwwwww - to cute, nice to see the plaid is back.

Thanks for the E clip and updating so quickly :) seems like this movie is going to be very different in the way its shot, cant wait to see it, Jake looks like he is having a blast. Excited to see the interviews with the cast when this film is released as looks like Micheal & Jake get on well & be interesting to see the chemisty between Jake & Anna after seeing Jake & Anne H/Michelle - though with Jake as your leading man lets face it its not going to be hard!!!

Chica said...

I am loving these photos, and the one with the girl in Jake's arms is so precious!

This sounds like a whole new filming experience for Jake with improv and filming by hand held camera, should be interesting.

And I love the year book pics on the previous post, especially the first one:)

bobbyanna said...

Awww. These pictures are very special! Thanks, monica/UV. One thing that impresses me, (aside from the fact that women of all ages seem to light up when he's around) is that when Jake participates in a worthwhile project, he doesn't just rush in for some staged photo opportunity, he really gets involved.

I liked the Ben Lyons segment, especially Anna Kendricks. I'm interested to see how she interacts. I think this movie is a very different experience for her.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

More great photos! and yes Bobbyanna women of all ages seem to just light up around Jake, the little girl with the beautiful beads in her hair seems to have taken a shine to him!

I'm so happy that Jake has chosen to support this organization.

Thanks for the video Monica, I missed the E segment. I enjoyed it despite Lyons presence, LOL!

Love that Davis A is letting them improv.

Anonymous said...

I love the adorable pics of Jake as a kid. And the interviews with Ben Lyons are great. They seem to get along so well together.

I wonder when the movie will wrap? I didn't realize Jake had been working on the movie for 5 months (prep work) How long was he on the Mumford and Sons Train? I guess that was his break away from movie prep


mary said...

Thanks UV jake looked like he had a great time there and i liked the E news clip too.

Paula said...

I love the joy on the faces of the kids and Jake, puts a big ole smile on my face!

I hope all inner city schools adopt the Edible Schoolyard program, healthy nutrition for kids and the joys of growing your own food is a winner.

I had no idea Jake and co prepped so long for this. Everything about this movie is different for Jake and I think he is up for the challenge.

Love the E clip and pics from the Today show along with the yearbook pics of Jake from the previous post, thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jake being involved with the new movie long before we knew about it shows how when we're thinking he should be doing something "now" or it looks like he's just hanging takes time to get things done. And there usually isn't publicity on the meetings and the getting together with writers and directors and the phone calls and the this and that, that go into getting a movie even starting to be filmed.
I have no doubt that even now, while this movie is being filmed (apparently by everyone - how cool is it the actors use cameras too) he is knowing what he may be doing next.

Tweety said...

Jake looks just as happy and thrilled as the kids are that he is there, what cute pictures!

Jake really gets involved in things he really cares about and it's refreshing to see.

I am really loving how EOW is coming together, I hope we don't have to wait to long to see it on the big screen.

It sounds like Jake may have the same colaboration that he had with Duncan on SC.

And what's this? I didn't want to put my foot through my computer screen when Lyon's came on?What is this world coming to???

suvee said...

Just want to let all the East Coast GBers know that I'm thinking of you! Sure hope that Irene doesn't get you too badly. Please stay safe!

bobbyanna said...

Hi, suvee! Yes, the prospect of Irene building, and hitting the New Jersey/ New York area is scarey.

OT: I had lunch with friends today, at a sidewalk cafe across from a hotel in Birmingham, MI. As I walked back to my car, I passed some 3 young teens (guys) with mounted photographs waiting outside the hotel. So I asked, "who are you waiting for?" The response:
" Daniel Craig. he's staying here."

I smiled and walked on, very cool, but I was "squeeing!" on the inside. Rachel Weisz is on town shooting the Wizard of Oz prequel

Chica said...

Hi Suvee!
We are bracing for Hurricane Irene, first the earthquake and now this! What's next? A plague of locusts???

You are so lucky Bobbyanna. I know a lot of stuff is filmed in NY by not the prequel to The Wizard of Oz!

Lola said...

Awww the photos are so adorable. Love the one with the little girl in his arms, and i had to lol at the fourth one.

I'm getting very excited to see EOW, The E news clip was great.

Oh, and i love that he realy cares about edible schoolyard too bobbyanna and isn't doing it for PR like some other celebs. My highschool had a garden we could go pick whatever we wanted, it was great.

bobbyanna said...

Dang! This Irene stuff is looking treacherous. They're saying that Long Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are in for heavy rains, flooding, high winds (60-80mph) and lots of power outages and downed trees etc. : (

Mayor Mike wants coastal areas to voluntarily evacuate tomorrow. Irene arrives there starting Sat. night, really, and into Sunday and Monday. The MLK, Jr. Memorial dedication in Washington, D.C. this weekend was cancelled, too.

Hope everyone in harm's way will take precautions, & provisions.

mary said...

br safe every one on the east coast only problem here in CA is the heat up in the 100s

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I hope everyone in Hurricane Irene's path this weekend is prepared with all the usual provisions and please be careful, this is no joke!

I'm ready, I just hope it's not as bad as they are predicting.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

how cool is it the actors use cameras too

I think it was because of this experience that Jake agreed to work with this director and screenwriter mediocre(my opinion).

I'm sorry for what is happening on the east coast. You all are in my thoughts.

Today I saw the Green Lantern. The film is a disaster, but watchable. Ryan Reynolds has the worst performance of the film. While Peter has the best performance of the film, I wanted more scenes with him.

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
italk2snakes Susie Sabrina
On the set of End Of Watch. Jake Gyllenhaal is one sexy mofo in a cop uniform.

Extra said...

The photos are so sweet, and I love the pics of Jake and the girls doing hip hop moves!

I hope the kids take what they learn from this program and adapt it as the grow in adulthood.

Love the E video and i'm now really looking forward to EOW, Like you Monica I wasn't excited at first because it sounded like your run of the mill cop drama.

I'm battening down the hatches here in MD, be careful out there everyone!

Waves to Suvee!

bobbyanna said...

I had misgivings about Ayer, too. I've seen some of his work, and it seems like he gets awesome performances out of his actors, even if the material isn't very good. I think you're right monica, that the filming techniques was something that attracted Jake.

Take care, Extra! Loks like lots of GB'ers will be affected.: (

My daughter's in Zone B in NYC. She leaves for LA Saturday morning,...until Monday. I don't think she'll be traveling back on Monday if the storm's as disruptive as they predict.
Seems like this could almost be a scene right out of TDAT.

Shondra said...

The Boys and Girls club is a wonderful organization as well as the Edible schoolyard project.

What a great way to teach children about good nutrition and the beauty and joy of growing your own food.

Bravo Alive and Jake! The photos are fun and cute!

I'm not familiar with David Ayers work but i agree with Monica and Bobbyanna that Jake was probably attracted to the film because of the way it was going to be filmed.

Bobbyanna, I hope your daughter isn't stranded in NY tomorrow morning:(

I'm not the near the eye of the storm, all GB's please take care!

Anonymous said...

I am preparing for Irene, I'm in the DC area. It's supposed to start on Sat night and into Sun. I am hoping we don't lose power. After the Earthquake, I really don't need a hurricane on top of it.

It is a pleasure to see Jake enjoying himself with the kids.

And I have to wonder how long it will be before we see Jake directing? It looks like he is using this movie as a platform to direct (I'm sure he can get plenty of advice from his dad too)


bobbyanna said...


Earthquakes and hurricanes in D.C.!!!!

I hope my daughter doesn't get stranded in NYC tomorrow too!

OT: OK. This is ridiculous. The "fangirl" in me is getting harder to restrain. Mila Kunis was spotted shopping at Target, then a few days ago, eating at arestaurant I've been to in the town of Royal Oak about six miles away.

So far in the past two yeasr or less, we've had Pacino Clooney, Gosling, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, now Daniel Craig, James Franco, Mila kunis, Michelle Williams, RachelWeisz, and whoknows who else. I think Jake Gyllenhaal needs to shoot a movie here. ASAP. (We can use my house as "basecamp!"LOL!)

Chica said...

I'm in ZoneC here, no evacuation plans but they are warning everyone to saty in doors tomorrow.

NYC/NJ canceled all transit tomorrow starting at 12:00! No trains or buses and they are evacuating some hospitals near water like Coney Island hospital.

Some people are saying that the Mayor is over-reacting to make up for that disaster in December, I think it's better to be safe than sorry.

I love Mila and i would have been fangirling big time too!

Anonymous said...

our community pool was closed. So far I haven't heard anything about the metro in DC changing schedules.

But that might change.

stay safe everyone


sass said...

I have to take my time and enjoy the last post and this one. TY you all so much. I live in Evac Zone B and had to read about how to get ready.
love to everyone...back soon::)

UltraViolet said...

The Collider (movie blog) editor tweeted this yesterday:

END OF WATCH is doing some really cool stuff. Can't wait to be able to talk about it. Think september 6...

so...I'm on the set of END OF WATCH near south central. Standing next to jake and michael. Watching some crazy shit go down. More later.

UltraViolet said...

Stay safe over the weekend, everyone!

I can't get over the number of TDAT and Jake tweets. It's hilarious.

Monica said...

stay safe all of you!

Sag Actor said...

I think Jake will be directing soon too. Thanks for posting the EOW/E video.

Jake being a foodie, Edible schoolyards is the perfect charity for him to get involved in.

I'm near Delaware, so we are going to be hit but it sounds like it was downgraded a bit.

Be carefull!

bobbyanna said...

Well, my daughter just boarded her flight to L.A. from JFK, so that's a relief!

Hope everyone is staying safe. Yes, the tweets about Jake and the NY public library are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your daughter got out of NY, they said there will be some major flooding by the time this storm makes it up there. We'll be feeling the effects of it here in the DC area sometime tonight and into tomorrow morning.

I think you're right, Monica, about Jake taking this movie because of the way it was going to be filmed, as a documentary style. He is getting plenty of lessons in how to handle a camera, setting up shots, angles, etc.

I won't be surprised if directing will be in his near future. (I wonder if he's getting any tips from Dad?)

LOL about TDAT, I'm not so sure that the NYPL would have been such a safe place to hide if that really happened in Manhattan. I've been there and while it is above street level I'm not sure it's high enough.

stay safe everyone


bobbyanna said...

Weather's picking up, hope everyone has what they need to get thru it, and stay safe! Pop in if you can, to let us know how you're doing??

Chica said...

I'm home watching TCM, they are showing a bunch of Linda Darnell movies!

It's raining here now but they say it's going to get worse around 8PM.

I'm glad your daughter was able to get out of NY Bobbyanna, all the airports are now closed and they also shut down all public transportation.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Gloomy and rainy here in CT, there were a few deaths in NC.

Everyone, please take care of yourselves.

UltraViolet said...

Not much happening here. Hoping it will be much ado about not much. I can't imagine how weird it is to be in NYC with no subway or buses.

Glad your daughter got out, Bobbyanna. And I forgot to Woo Hoo for your local celeb sightings.

Extra said...

So far just rain and a bit of wind so far and I hope it stays that way.

Please keep safe !

Sag Actor said...

Wind is starting to pick up major, I just hope we don't loose power.

Tweety said...

I'm really getting a kick out of all the TDAT/Jake tweets!

I'm not effected by Irene, but I just want to give a shout out to all the GB's, please be careful.

Viv said...

Live in NYC? Go to the library for shelter. Listen to Jake Gyllenhaal. Do not listen to police. #hurricaneirene


Hope everyone is safe:)

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Viv. Too funny.

New post.