Friday, July 1, 2011

July Source

That's Jake, arriving at something called the Andrews International Training Center in Burbank on Thursday. Not sure if he was there for training for End of Watch (or, you know, to be a security guard). Or that could be where the Battle of the Badges was held.

Still no photos of Jake boxing at that Badges event!

Yes, it's been months since Source Code was first shown at SXSW. But I think this is the first extended video I've seen from the SC press conference:

Love Jake's line about Chicago. It's always fun to watch the interaction. I wish someone had posted the whole event.

We also have a few "new" interviews. First up from SXSW:

I don't remember this interview, all about the SC game that went nowhere. But it's fun to watch Jake interact with the interviewer:

This is a German interview. Lots of time but not necessarily any different questions, unfortunately:

Man, Jake's German Dubber is awful!


UltraViolet said...

Reposting the link Monica found. A review of the script for Now You See Me.

More on the retro SC stuff. I know we've seen this Ben Lyons interview before, but I don't remember the Gaga stuff or one of the other questions. Fun to relive, in any case.

mary said...

thanks monica/UV curious what part jake will play FBI agent or magican

Tweety said...

Thanks UV, I havent seen the long version of this press conference, I think I remember the Gaga stuff from the Lyons interview.

He looks good here ,I bet he is using boxing to help get into shape!!

I think Jake was mentioned as plaing the FBI agent Mary.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for more "finds" UV, and to monica for the "Now You See Me" info.

Gotta say. Jake sure does things for a simple white t-shirt. : )

Chica said...

He sure does Bobbyanna! Thanks for find the new/old SC interviews, I rewally hope Jake and Duncan get a chance to work together again, Sc was so sucessful for them.

Thanks for the Now You see Me script Monica, this is one of the many rumored projects that I hope Jake gets to do.

bobbyanna said...

Just found a couple of tweets:

"Spotted - Jake Gyllenhaal -Intelligentsia Silverlake"

"I'm going for the expensive coffee this morning and apparently so is Jake Gyllenhall"

51 minutes ago

Tweety said...

I saw those too Bobbyanna, Jake at one of his favorite CZ!

UltraViolet said...

Guess Jake was getting the coffee for the road. From FB:

Lounging poolside @ Parker Palm Springs within ear shot of Jake Gyllenhal, Busy Phillips, and Scott Speedman. Somebody call TMZ...

And someone on twitter saw Jake at her hotel in PS. Glad to see he got away for the weekend.

I had a lovely day poolside today, as well. But no Jake.

mary said...

hope jake took his sun block vary hot in palm sprongs this weekend suupoosed to be over 105 i bleieve its 100 out here wher i live:)

Monica said...

Jake looks like a policeman in these images. And he is very sexy with that white shirt.

Today I am not well. Stomach problems.

I forgot to say hello Suvee. Good to see you here!

mary said...

feel better soon monica

bobbyanna said...

(((monica))) feel better!

it was in the 90's today so I stayed in and did housework. : ( Tomorrow afternoon our family festivities begin complete with out of town cousins and lots of drama....: /

UltraViolet said...

Eek, good luck with the drama, Bobbyanna. And the heat.

Monica, I hope you feel better. Stomach problems are no fun!

Chica said...

I'm about to start my family drama today too Bobbyanna, back to back barbeques today and tomorrow!

I was listening to the local sports station here and one of hosts, Mike Francesca was talking about Skankee 3rd baseman Alex Rodriquez involved in that gambling ponzi scheme and that MLB was looking into it. Anyway he mentioned Tobey McGuire who is refusing to return the money and is being sued. He also mentioned Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Leo DiCaprio and Jake.

I don't know if he like some others mixed up Jake and Tobey because I haven't heard Jake's name attached to this before.

I hope Jake has a great time in Palm Springs for the holiday!

Anyway, if I don't get a chance to stop by, have a Happy July 4th everyone!!

Feel better Monica!

mary said...

yea i havent heard or read anything about jake being involved either chica

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That is some bad dubbing on that video, but I love all the SC stuff you keep finding UV, great work!

He does look very cop-like in these pics, I'm glad that he is taking a nice break before filming of EOW begins.

I have'nt heard Jake's name associated with that gambling thing either so I'm sure that was an error.

And on the day before the 4th this rather sobering bit of info: according to a report, 24% of Americans polled don't know what country the US was liberated from nor the date.

I'll take Britain and 1776 Alex!!!

bobbyanna said...

"I'll take Britain and 1776 Alex!!!"

That's pretty sad, OONP.

Hadn't heard Jake's name before in relationship to the gambling thing.
Jake's always struck me as ..."frugal?" : )

Tweety said...

That is truly tragic OONP:(

Patrick better be carefull, LOL!!


Jake Gyllenhaal is now at my hotel pool. Gonna sit down there in my Taylor Swift t-shirt & glare at him.

3 hours ago

Jake Gyllenhaal is at my hotel. I've been following him around & screaming "Oh my God, it's Prince of Persia!" He seems mad.

3 hours ago

bobbyanna said...

Patrick better be carefull, LOL!!

I agree tweety. He sounds like an ass. TV writer, hopefully out of work.

Anonymous said...

'Patrick" may be making some of this stuff up too.
Don't know why he thinks showing himself as a rude, jealous person is going to get him any points.

UltraViolet said...

I don't think there's any question that he's making it up, anon. You can tell just from the content and also from his other tweets.

Glad Jake got away but couldn't someone have sneaked a poolside pic?

mary said...

HAPPY 4th everyone have a nice day mine will be quiet i had to work this weekend so my kids didnt come out busy with friends and boyfried

bobbyanna said...

(((mary))) Happy 4th to all!
I'm cleaning strawberries for dessert @ mandatory family picnic. : /.

On my "to do" list one of these years, I want to be at the bandshell to watch the Boston Pops live on the 4th...or be in Washington, D.C. for the 4th. : )

Whatever you are doing tday, have fun! Enjoy!

Monica said...

Happy July 4th to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th everyone. I went to a BBQ at our community pool and tonight my friend is shooting off fireworks, so some of the neighbors will be over to be watching


Chica said...

I'm taking a break fom the Twilight Zone marathon on the SyFy channel to watch Yankee Doodle Dandy with Jimmy Cagney on TCM.

Hope every one is having a fun and safe July 4th!

bobbyanna said...

I'm done. Seven hours with extended family. Ugh! Actually the weather was great, and the afternoon was practically uneventful. And the food was good. It's kinda like a reality show. : )

I love Yankee Doodle Dandy! Who knew James Cagney could dance!
For some reason, I'm in the mood to watch Ragtime. Love that movie.

UltraViolet said...

Hope everyone had a good day. Glad the family didn't get to you too much, bobbyanna :)

I went to a pool party and then a bbq. And now I don't want to go back to work. Boo.

No idea if this is fact or fiction. From twitter, something about a Billionares Party:

The most epic party with Gerard butler Paris Hilton Jake gyllanhal + that guy who plays E on Entourage. Man i love my life!!

Extra said...

Hope everyone had a great 4th, I took of today instead of Friday Like I usually do!

All the SC stuff you kep finding UV us great, it's still yet to open in a number of countries like Japan, I think it opens there in October!

Billionaires party? Hmmmm? Never heard of anything like that but then again I never was lucky enough to hang out in Palm Springs!

bobbyanna said...

Jake partying @ some "Billionaires Party" with the Paris Hilton, Gerard Butler, etc. tweet is wrong, or wishful thinking, a hoax,etc.

He was still in Palm Springs, while Paris was in Malibu partying over the 4th weekend. A lot of H'wood types like Reese Witherspoon and her family were on the beach in Malibu.

From what I've read, Busy had a birthday party. A number of people were in PS with her for the weekend. I could be wrong, but that's the way it seemed from twitter.

Anonymous said...

I think Jake would rather party with Busy than with Paris. I think he stayed in PS with her and he should be back to start filming EOW tomorrow


UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Extra. It's fun to keep finding little nuggets. Who knows what else is out there?!

Oh, I didn't know it was Busy's birthday, Bobbyanna. A weekend in Palm Springs is a nice way to mark the occasion.

Yup, Lily. July 6th is the date listed for filming, though I did see a random tweet that said it would be August. We'll find out, I'm sure.

New post :)