Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Surviving in the wild

Here's the Discovery Channel promo for Jake Gyllenhaal's episode of Man v. Wild:

The basics needed to survive in the wild:

Oh, and a ride home:

Jake seems pleased with himself:


UltraViolet said...

Just want to take a minute to say thanks to all the regulars here. It's dispiriting to realize how many people lurk and never say hi* or thanks or acknowledge the stuff they've taken from here, while other places are always cited and promoted freely.

So I do appreciate everyone who comments and contributes.

*Not counting trolls and haters. They can stay silent forever more.

mary said...

your very welcome UV cant wait for july 11 ill have to start watching the discovery channel now so i can catch the ads for man vs wild

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV, I can't wait to see this ep. I wonder what Bear makes Jake dine on. the menu can be pretty wild


bobbyanna said...

UV, this is absolutely the best Jake fansite, and you work damned hard to make it what it is! That's a very well known fact across the boards!

I'd put your research skills up against the CIA! LOL!!! It's a lot of fun to discover stuff and share it on here, and you've created a healthy atmosphere for that. You're a very generous person, and very kind.

The pettiness and lack of good manners on the part of others reflects on them, not you. Believe me when I say you are appreciated very much.

As for Jake, I'm still getting my head around the carcass-ripping, and wondering WTF they did with it. I guess they ate it, right? I mean it was only a couple of days. I'd have held out for peanut butter sandwiches.

Extra said...

You are very welcome UV and this site is the only Jake site I visit, it's the best!

I was wondering what was up with that carcass too, i wonder if it was a reindeer??!!

mary said...

im curious about the carcass too guess we wont know till we saw the show

i agree this is the best jake site for any up to date news

sass said...

Love your site UV! I'm so sorry others are not well mannered enough to acknowledge when they pilfer :( I do try to not forget even when I'm over the top excited about Jake and whatever he's doing!
And I love this Discovery video. I have already played it so many times... and I just came online :lol :lol
Can't wait for July 11!!! Jake had to have enjoyed himself...

T said...

Thanks UV, keep up the brill work, i dont know how you find some of this stuff but im glad you do.

We dont have a release date for the ep in the UK yet - if i remember we got the Will Farrell one about 4/5 months after it was aired - Cant wait to see it,im afraid of heights & i dont know if i would be able cross using just a rope!! Jake was in good hands and looks like he had a blast & right up his street

UltraViolet said...

Aww, thanks all you guys. I swear I wasn't fishing for compliments (but, you know, keep them coming ;)

We all take stuff on the net that we forget to give credit for or can't. It's the consistent doing of it that bugs me. But even more, it just feels like a lot of people use this site and lurk here but for some reason, refuse to ever speak of it, either here or elsewhere. It's baffling.

And terribly unimportant, I do realize. Just gets to me sometimes. A few more watches of the MvW promo, and I'll be over it, I'm sure!

UltraViolet said...

Remember that odd tweet from a few weeks back, about someone overhearing writers discussing a Will Ferrell/Jake movie? I wonder if this was it:

I'm told it's a buddy comedy in which Ferrell plays a narcissistic hedge fund manager who thinks he has seen God.

Hard to know what to think from that description.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Will Farrell site, but they don't mention Jake there


bobbyanna said...

This is completely OT, but not. This item from Popsugar's site isn't about Jake. I'm posting it as an example of spinning, as part of a a "winning" strategy, having your PR people be on top of stuff, agressively doing their best in the face of insurmountable obstacles (like the truth! LOL)to make sure there is "balanced" coverage for you.

Ryan Reynolds was @ Troubador for Jeff Bridges, (Olivia Wilde was there too!) and Popsugar printed this item which had to be taken from The Publicists Handbook 101:

"For now, Ryan continues to rake in box office dollars with Green Lantern, but there's a big battle to fight this weekend against Shia LaBeouf and his Transformers: Dark of the Moon. There's also more news stirring around the Green Lantern franchise with reports that Warner Brothers is considering a sequel"

I have nothing against Ryan at all, and I'm not comparing him to Jake on his merits,(!) but I am comparing how Jake's people do NOT do right by Jake, compared to how other actors are treated.

It irritates me to no end. Jake's people seem to have such an elementary view of marketing and advertising, I'd like to strangle them.

They think a few paid ads should suffice for everything. For starters, they rarely coordinate, various media platforms, magazines, movies on cable, etc.

There's no grand strategy, and no agressive Offense. They never seem to get beyond first base for anything. Ever. OK. Rant over.

I'm looking forward to Jake and Bear Grylls. It looks like Jake enjoyed the scarey parts : )

Anonymous said...

The reason no one ever "speaks up" here is because whenever someone says something that either moderator, bobbyanna or the two or three others who post here doesn't agree with, which includes ridiculous fawning over everything Jake ever does, they are either banned or attacked by all the above mentioned persons. You call it trolling or hating but sometimes others just don't agree with you. This is the most censored fan site I have ever seen.

People don't usually go where they are not welcome.

Monica said...

Jake is so happy and proud in this video. I look forward to seeing this episode.
I think it will be shown in Brazil in August or September.

This movie with Will Ferrell sounds meh!

Chica said...

This blog is very much appreciated UV. The best place for all things Jake!

I wish the shit-stirrers would go elsewhere, I find it juvenile.

This episode looks wicked funny, I have been seeing the promos on the Discovery channel, Jake looks like he had a blast and he had guts considering his fear of heights!

Chica said...

I agree 100% with what you said about Jake's team Bobbyanna, I don't know what the hell he pays them for.

GL is a failure, the numbers are bad and 3-D isn't going to save it but look ar Reynolds team spin!

sheba said...

I'd put your research skills up against the CIA! LOL!!! It's a lot of fun to discover stuff and share it on here, and you've created a healthy atmosphere for that. You're a very generous person, and very kind.

I second that emotion.

You're right guys we don't say it often enough how appreciated this site is. Even though some of us may be away for long spells it's probably usually real life getting in the way. With everything that's going wrong with the world right now this is a place of joy for me to visit. So, please UV and FL keep on doing what you're doing, it is an adrenaline shot in the arm that always puts a smile on my face :D

It's my Jakey and I'll fawn if I want to. He's so yummy and gets better, and better with age.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Ditto on the sentiments expressed, GB is a breath of fresh air, I love this blog and I am grateful to you UV and FL for providing such a great place for us Gyllenhaalics it gather!

I can't believe I have my calendar marked for 7/11 for Man vs Wild, I never thought that I would watch that show ever but the power of Mr. G is powerful!!!

I know it's frustrating Bobbyanna, I have nothing against Mr. Reynolds but give e a break. Jake's PR has been asleep at the wheel for ages.

suvee said...

Hi everyone! Long time no see. And even though I have not returned to my previous level of Gyllenhaalimania (I never saw Source Code..... just never got around to it), I thought I would jump in with my 2¢ about Jake's PR/Management team.

I used to blame them, too.... until I remembered that they serve at the pleasure of JBG. He is not some dim witted or naive kid just off the bus in big, bad Hollywood. He grew up in the business. I realize that he doesn't get involved in the day to day strategy and minutae of his PR. But it's impossible for me to believe that his team is making decisions and taking action (or, as is generally the case, NOT taking action) that he fundamentally dislikes and feels uncomfortable with. I assume that the basic philosophy and strategy of his PR is done, at the very least, with his approval, if not his active direction.

Okay, I'm done!

Hope all of you are well. I do miss this place.... wish I still had the same interest level and passion about Jake, but.... things change.

Now I have to get back to the Decorah eagles! :)

mary said...

hi survee nice to hear from you yea i believe has a say in what his PR say or do if he was unahappy with them he would get rid of them

bobbyanna said...

Hey, suvee!!! Great to "see" you!

"I assume that the basic philosophy and strategy of his PR is done, at the very least, with his approval, if not his active direction."

You make a very excellent point. But sometimes things that get overlooked are real basic. It's frustrating, especially if, as you pointed out, it's guided by Jake's decisions.

Just before and during the roll out for SC, his people/Summit seemed more agressive, but then it just...stopped. It's very inconsistent.

MARY said...

sorry if i said somehting wrong UV

UltraViolet said...

Let me just address the troll from 6:27. There is, sadly, no way to ban someone from blogger. We delete personal attacks against posters, other blogs or against this blog.

People can criticize Jake here. Bit this is not a place for someone who wants only to criticize, insult or mock Jake. Lots of people disagree with me and they aren't attacked. You probably have been because you're unable, as your post shows, to discuss without name-calling. Or calling yourself anything. It amazes me that people think we should care about their opinion when they refuse to post under a name.

It's also funny when they think we can't tell who they are or what they are trying to do.

UltraViolet said...

No problem, Mary. I appreciate your support. I'd just rather avoid dragging other bloggers into it. A courtesy that generally not extended to FL or to me on other sites. But we try to do that here.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry to spam, but I just wanted to address suvee before banning her and then deleting her blasphemous post ;)

FL has often made the same argument, that Jake's people must be following his lead, since they work for him. If that is 100% true, then Jake is an idiot. Because his PR people and his agent have failed him big time over the past few years.

I definitely agree that Jake shares part of the blame for the general direction of his cater and hid press. But there are certain situations, like the "Grace Jones" photo, that require a level of professionalism and expertise that Jake doesn't and shouldn't have. His people should know how to handle that. Instead, they made it far worse and extended the story's shelf life.

I also try to remind myself that Jake, for better or worse, does not seem to worry about this at the same level some of us do. As a fan, that can be frustrating.

Thanks for dropping in, suvee. Hope you get to see SC at some point. I think you'll like it.

UltraViolet said...

Finally, thanks again for all the nice words. I love the hunt for Jake news and finding something new or undiscovered. And if this place and you all weren't here to share it, the fun would definitely lessen.

And I definitely understand that not everyone can visit every day. We're happy to see you whenever you drop by :)

suvee said...

Guess I better get this one last comment posted before my banishment. ;)

I'm definitely planning on seeing Source Code on pay per view as soon as it's available. I was just so busy moving my mom to assisted living and getting all her stuff packed and cleared out of her house this spring..... no time for movies.

bobbyanna said...


Shondra said...

Hi Suvee! I missed you around here. I hope all is well with you and your Mom.

I don't ned to add anymore to what has already been said here about this blog. UV, you are a class act and you and FL have done a great job with this blog and I enjoy visiting here and discovering the Jake gems that you manage to find that no one else can!

I remember Becky from JW and now imstalkingjake had the same problem with people not crediting her or the blog for stuff that they used, it's a bummer.

Jake should ditch his PR team, should have done it long ago but it's his call and so far IMO, he doesn't seem to interested on how he is presented which is a shame.

Speaking of his team, they must have had a coronary after seeing his episode of Man V Wild!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Shondra.I forgot to send best wishes to suvee's mother, too!

I do wonder what Jake's people thought when they saw what he'd done!

Box Office Mojo finally updated SC's international tally:

Domestic: $54,555,574 44.3%
+ Foreign: $68,566,391 55.7%
= Worldwide: $123,121,965

Not bad at all.

mary said...

i read on another blog that bear was on the graham norton a few weeks ago and talked about jake and he said he had to reassure jakes people that he would take good care of jake maggie too so i guess they were alittle worried about him doing the show

Monica said...

Interesting article about the 24 greatest male stars in Hollywood right now, making a comparison between the careers of Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith:
The Movie Star

Jake is in the list of 24 big stars:
Gyllenhall (it kills me to put him on here, but there's just no way to avoid it)

mary said...

thanks monica thats nice to hear

bobbyanna said...

That was a very interesting article, monica! Thank you! : )

UltraViolet said...

Well, it's nice that he included Jake on the list, but his qualifying phrase is one of those infuriating remarks many people, often straight males, make about Jake.

Someone on FB says Jake attended something called "Battle of the Badges," a boxing event involving the LAPD:

Omg Jake Gyllenhal is sitting like a few rows infront of me!!!!!!!

She said she got a photo with him, too.

sass said...

Hi UV, babblers all, (((((Suvee))))
I love Jake and I hate the comments by the author of that article.
Great minds UV! :lol I checked Box Office sites for Source Code numbers. WOW fantastic!
I feel for Ryan Reynolds. Do you think the studio secretly encouraged this article? I knew this movie would tank from watching the trailer...why didn't they. Bradley Cooper lucked out and has been nominated to the Academy with his recent success. And Jake has been a member for years...straight men and BBM.

Josie said...

It's been awhile since I vidited my favorite Jake blog, RL has been hectic. Kudos to you UV and FL for making this such a fun place to visit!

SC has been doing fantastic business, those numbers are nothong to sneeze at!

I can't wait to se Jake's episode with Bear Grylls, there has been so much buzz about it already!!!

Thanks for the link Monica, interesting article but the writer spent a lot of time spewing before he concluded that Reynolds isn't a movie star. Could have done w/o the swipe at Jake.

Thanks for all the twets and sightings, I would love to see the fan pic of Jake at that LAPD boxing event:)

Hi Sass, and Suvee!

UltraViolet said...

Hey Josie! Good to see you. It would be great to see a pic from the event, especially if this is true. From FB, from someone whose mother was there:

she has this charity event she does every other month for her work and its a boxing thing. I guess sheriffs from the east coast and west coast box, and he ended going and boxing too!

(The "he" refers to Jake.)

Monica said...

^^It must have been fun. I would love to be there.

I found the review of the script of Now You See Me:
Script shadow

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks, Monica. I skimmed it, not wanting to read spoilers. Do you think it makes both the magician/thief AND the FBI guy sound like interesting characters?

And I forgot to say hi to sass earlier :)

Monica said...

This review is from 2010 and not know what has changed in the script, but it sounds interesting. Some excerpts without spoilers:
here’s Michael Atlas, our illustrious leader, Roderigo, a master craftsman of magical devices, London Osborne, a testy hypnotist, and young Alex Hero, a sleight-of-hand master. They name themselves the “Four Horsemen” and because each has become the most popular magician in their field, the fact that they’re teaming up has the world buzzing.

The FBI agent is a workaholic who is in trouble in the marriage. He will need the help of an old magician, who he hates, to try to capture the group of illusionists.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the spoiler-free descriptions, Monica. I could see Jake in either lead role. Will be interesting to see how it all ends up.

I'm going to relink that in the new post :)

sass said...

Afternoon UV and (((((Suvee))))
I have to come here and watch the trailer today, well, nearly every day:)
I can't wait until July 11 @ 9PM!
Jake's loud happy yell, the way he lets us know how he feels while literally standing on top of the world, makes my heart oh so happy.
He's a wonderful man; his mom must be so proud!