Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Bastille Day

I've always wanted to be in France on Bastille Day. Jake was there in 2008. Some photos of that trip, as well as his other Paris jaunts. Watching the Bastille Day fireworks:

In fireworks of a different kind, Jake and End of Watch costar Michael Pena were at the scene of a gang shooting in L.A. last night. The pair were doing a ride along as research. Ironically, the shooting occurred at Summer Lights, an anti-gang event:


Longer (and more graphic) video here.

It's been a suspense-filled week for Jake!

(Jake photos courtesy of IHJ. Fireworks photos courtesy of LBS Images and nightflymemories


UltraViolet said...

I know people don't like to see pictures of Reese, but I like the Paris photos, so you'll just have to deal.

To continue the movie discussion from the last post, we all know that movies take time to be made and that Jake could be working on things we don't know about. I live in hope that there is something in the pipeline. But it will be very frustrating for many of us if we find out he passed on what seems like a fun/interesting movie to do Peter's film.

On a separate note, it made me a little sad/nostalgic going back to old posts to find those photos. So many regulars who no longer post (lemon, narcissa, verdeblusm, carla, agent krycek, bette, to name a few). And others who've posted recently but are scarce, like get real. And suvee :) One of the Paris posts, I think, had suvee's first comments about seeing the advance PoP book.

Hope they are all doing well.

Some of the posts also were around the onset of twitter. It was all so new and fun then :)

UltraViolet said...

The LA Times says that Jake has done other ride-alongs. Without incident, apparently!

mary said...

thanks UV i dont mind the pictures todays also my brothers birthday

Also be safe jake and micheal on those ride alongs dont want anything to happen to you guys if they are doing ride alongs i guess filming wont start till august

Chica said...

I'm cool with the pics with Jake and Reese, I love those pics!

I miss those posters too UV, I hope that they are doing well.

I hope Jake and his co-star keep safe, that must have been scary to see that.

I love the the first photo, Happy Bastille Day!

UltraViolet said...

Yay, I loved it, too. Obviously, since I posted it, lol.

The hyperbole around the shooting story is hilarious. Someone on twitter said that Jake arrested a gang suspect. And some blogs are calling it a "near-fatal" shooting. Well, the bullets were close to places that could have done more harm, I guess!

Anonymous said...

whenever you go on a ride along with the cops you never know what might happen. They had to know they could witness something like this. I'm glad that there were not other incidents. I figured they would do a ride along to understand the police better, I've heard other actors who have done the same thing when they are acting as cops

I hope that Jake has other projects that are coming soon and that he didn't make a mistake on passing on this role


sass said...

Jake wzup this week? It's an action packed week for our fav actor.
I don't pay attention to *you know who* in their pics...:lol...just to Jake. And the Paris photos rock!

However, I will delete some of my Jake/Reese pics, when I get around to cropping her out of them. *hee*
Looks like Jake and Michael are getting ready to make us a great movie. YAY!!
Jake has given us a wonderful week.
back soon:)

bobbyanna said...

I'd be lyin' if I said I have any affection for her, but I honestly don't mind the pictures. I loved Jake's Paris interlude. He looked amazing and he looked like he was really enjoying himself.
I intend to get to Paris for Bastille of these days. : )

(Happy b'day, mary's brother! LOL!)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I don't mind the pics one bit UV, Jake looked really happy in them and that all that matters as far as I am concerned.

Ah, the world of twitter/google, repeating missinformation as usual, didn't this incident break out at a anti-gang event? Unbelieveable!

A very happy Bastille Day!

Anonymous said...

whenever you go on a ride along with the cops you never know what might happen. They had to know they could witness something like this

Here's how this went down: Jake and Michael were riding around w/ Sgt. Bowen and a call comes over the police radio about the shooting at Van Ness Park. Other police officers in the vicinity show up and get thing under control. After Sgt. Bowen realizes it's safe, she drives over there with her Hollywood actors so they can witness what happens AFTER a GSW. Please don't be under the misconception that Jake and Michael were the first responding "officers". A sole female seargent would never take that call.

mary said...

well jake made the local news out here i was watching the 400pm news when they tlaked about the shooting and showed jake and michael standing around talking at the scene

UltraViolet said...

So glad we have the LAPD posting here to correct their misimpressions of our impressions. ::eye roll::

Monica said...

Good choice the photo of Jake and Ava. She seems a lovely girl.

I remember that time. Everyone had high hopes for Prince of Persia.

UV, I really hope Jake has a more interesting movie than Now You See Me, or that he said no, because the character was not very good. But I hope it was not for that film by Peter.

Tweety said...

I like the photo of Jake and Ava too, she has gotten so tall since that pic was taken.

My Happy Bastille Day wishes are belated!!

It has been an exciting week for Jake, I just hope he is careful out there.

Yeah that Born to Run movie doessn't appeal to me at all, I'm disappointed that he won't be doing Now You See Me, I hope that it was because he didn't like the script or character and not because of the Born to Run film.

UltraViolet said...

DC Ghost, thanks for trying but we shouldn't feed the trolls. I made an attempt at logic, knew it wouldn't work, so let's just pretend it's not there!

I think tweety made it unanimous. Is there anyone here who wants Jake to do the BTR movie? LOL.

I wouldn't mind his doing it if there were other, better projects in the works. But it's just depressing to see that as the only option.

UltraViolet said...

Cute story from Facebook:

o we got into a cab from the bus station on our way to our hostel and our bags didnt fit in the back of the cab so the cabby had to tie it down so it was bumping around. So we are driving and some guys winds his window down and calls out to the cabby just letting him know about his boot looking like it is open and who did that guy happen to be. None other then Jake Gyllenhaal. Thanks Jake

And another ccount:

So it turns out jake gyllenhaal is a really nice guy
12 hours ago
2 people like this.

12 hours ago

Sure did, jealous?
12 hours ago

YES. OF COURSE. whatttttt. how did you meet him??
12 hours ago

Long story but he pulled up at traffic lights next to us and told the cab driver that our trunk was open. Such a dreamboat!

Extra said...

That is a beautiful pic of Paris on Bastille Day. I visted there about five years ago and would love to go back.

LOL@ Sass regarding the Jake and Reese pics! I don't mind looking at them but I seure understand you wanting to edit them!

I love looking at these pics of Jake in Paris again, thanks for posting them UV:)

I'm bummed like everyone else here about Now You see Me, and add me to the list of disenters regarding Born to Run:(

I love how at first some outlets exaggerated the incident in L.A. with Jake, Pena and the LAPD and the gangs. As usual they think a false or exaggerated story is more interesting than the truth!

I love that FB sighting!

Anonymous said...

I love the Jake encounter. Sounds just like something Jake would do. What a way to meet him!


Josie said...

I enjoyed looking at these pictures 3 years ago and I enjoy looking at them now, the one with Ava is adorable.

It is frustrating being a Jake fan sometimes, that film about the magicians sounded fun and I am bummed as well that he is no longer associated with it.

The only sports-themed film that Jake has been associated with that peeks my interest is the Joe Namath project, I can't imagine a broad audience for Born to Run. It sounds like a personal project for Peter.

I think I was more grossed out watching Jake handle that rotting sheep carcass on Man vs Wild than him eating that worm!

The episode was great and i thnk that it ws a personal triumph and a sense of accompishment for Jake.

It does sound exactly like something Jake would do Lily!

Monica said...

It is a sweet and funny story.

I was thinking of something worse than Born To Run: that movie with Will Ferrell.

Josie said...

I forgot about the Ferrell movie Monica, and he was on Man vs wild too, oh nooooo!!!

sass said...

Morning, hope everyone has a
wonderful weekend. I missed all the movie
discussions so please. Which movie is Jake doing next?
Will Farrell? Sorry? Read posts post my quip about Bear's BBM
comment. Sorry it sounded as if I was AOK with
that harrassment.I'M not.
Just hope young and middle-aged men
get a grip on their manners and a firmer
hold on their sexual confidence.
Goodness knows it's been a while.
Jake on again MvW 7/17/2011!
Numb fingers beg me to sign off:)
Love to ya,

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Hi Sass!
We really don't know what is next for Jake after EOW, it's just speculation at this point.

The Ferrell rumor is from tweets and I think a few blogs about a possible film with them but it but I never heard anything more about it.

The Born to Run film is really a Peter project but Jake's name was mentioned as well.

UltraViolet said...

Jake out and about in his CZ:

Last night at Gjelina spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal! Sitting right behind us

come to square one for a jake gyllenhaal sighting. now is your chance ha!
about 6 hours ago from TweetDeck

Anonymous said...


Tweety said...

CZ=comfort zone.

UltraViolet said...

That was a drive-by post earlier. Forgot to say that I also loved that Jake/taxi sighting, Lily. It's great to hear those Jake tidbits.

Also, I'm not averse to the Will Ferrell movie necessarily. It would be depressing for that also to be the only movie Jake has coming up, but we don't really know what the concept is.

It's time for a L&OD or Rendition to pop up - projects we didn't know about until he was about to do them! More successfully this time, one hopes.

Anonymous said...

From Twitter:

@OsteriaMozza Jake Gyllenhaal sat next to our table. So sorry for my date; my eyes kept wandering.

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV, I don't belong to twitter so it's nice to hear about all the Jake sightings. It's a good thing he is a foodie. although I thought Jake likes to cook. so I figured he'd be cooking at home (maybe he does, invites his friends/family over for BBQ and stuff. wish I was on that invite list :D) I'd love to see what his kitchen looks like. (well the rest of his house too)

I'm sure we'll eventually find out what Jake has on his plate after EOW is done. I'd like to see some pics of them shooting the movie.


bobbyanna said...

I'd forgotten all about the Will Ferrell discussion! I agree UV, I'd love for a Rendition, or LAOD to pop up for him. Anything can happen.

Just came back from a 30 min. bike ride. Way too hot already! Ugh.

(Even if he weren't famous, I have a feeling that tweeter would be staring anyway. ; ) )

Paula said...

Gorgeous pictures, thanks for the trip down memory lane UV, Ava is so tiny here!

I hope Jake surprise us too with his next film, like he did with LAOD .

There was such a child-like wonder that I observed from Jake watching him on Man Vs Wild. He was brave, curious, funny and a bit nervous as was I!

Thanks for the heads up on the second showing tomorrow Sass, I hope that you are doing well.

I don't mind Ferrell for the most part, didn't he do a film with Maggie?

Paula said...

Stranger Than Fiction was the film Maggie starred in with Ferrell, I think that was one the few films that I liked him in!

Sag Actor said...

I think Stranger than Fictionis the ONLY Will Ferrell film that I liked!

Congratulations to the Japanese women's soccer team, they lost to a US team that was kick-ass!

sass said...

Evening all, I checked *happy me* and Jake's episode of MVW, is on Discovery Channel tonight at 10PM.
I'm having a wonderful Source Code weekend! That movie means a lot to a v.v.v.good way. Hope Jake gets more good roles like it ASAP!

sass said...

Going to watch AMC show Breaking Bad. It's totally intense dark and so scary I need TO NOT watch it at all.

Jake is irrepressible, lovable and totally gorgeous working with Bear!
Enjoyed tonight's episode as much or more than I did the previous epio.

mary said...

thanks for all the jake tweets since i dont have twitter i rely on you guys that do ill be watching the repeat of maan vs wild tonight wasnt able to see it repeated on the 11.

i know its seems like jake eats out alot but i think he does it more when hes by himself its hard to cook for one person i know i dont cook much myself

UltraViolet said...

I watched the second half. Wa it edited? I don't think they showed the part where Jake says it would be impolite to make Bear come back across the rope.

More CZ:

LarchmontLA: Spotted this evening by @nataliergomez at Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont: Jake Gyllenhaal
20 minutes ago

UltraViolet said...

Paula, I've never seen Stranger Than Fiction. But I always hear good things about it.

Sass, glad you're getting SC and MvW time. I've also never seen Breaking Bad. Never enough time!

Bobbyanna, I have heard it's miserable there. I think all of that heat and humidity is headed our way.

Sag Actor, it was hard to begrudge the Japanese the win. The country needs something to cheer.

UltraViolet said...

New post.