Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun with guns

Spotted at a gun range on Monday, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena spend some time learning how to be fake police officers. Seems like a relaxed atmosphere.

"Do these pants make me look fat?"

The budget on the film is so low, they are using iPhones.

A la The Gilded Moose, RIP: When paps get artistic:

It wasn't all fun and games, however. There was some serious business:

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


mary said...

Great post UV love the captions is the small orange gun a toy one sure looks like on or maybe its a water gun anyway jake looks great and looks like hes having a good time

Anonymous said...

I bet he wished he could aim the gun at the paps sometimes (especially when he was in Hawaii)

he looks HOT. I think he was practicing holding a guy with the toy one


bobbyanna said...

Doesn't he look like he's enjoying himself! I love these.

(Jake sure loves his khaki pants!)

Monica said...

Damn, he's very hot!

bobbyanna said...

A young actor posted this on FB a little while ago.

"Kinda hits you later that i was reading with Jake Gyllenhaal, America Ferrera and Michael Pena earlier. -_-"

He commented that they were nice to him.

Extra said...

I love these captions! Je looks like he is having a blast, no pun intended, LOL!!

The Gilded Moose! I miss that site:(

I was going to mention those pants too Bobbyanna:):)

UltraViolet said...

Sigh. Just watched the end of Rendition. I think those shots of him at the end, on the docks, are the sexiest Jake movie images, I think.

I want Jake making movies like this, in exotic locations and looking beautiful.

UltraViolet said...

I kind of petered out on the captions, mostly because I could think of only vulgar ones for the next pic ;)

I wonder what happened to the Gilded Moose.

That was a nice FB post, bobbyanna. He said they were as nice as his mother, lol.

mary said...

well i wont be able to watch any jake movies for awhile i guess i need to get a new dvd player my sister took a look at mine and couldnt fix it but i have to work this week end so i probably have to wait till some time next week to get another one and have my son hook it up for me when he comes out on the sixth

Yea that FB entry is nice but funny nice like his mother LOL

bobbyanna said...

I love Rendition, UV! I should have watched it tonight instead of the background noise about the debt crisis on TV.

Jake looked amazing from his first shot to his last. Beautiful. It was an excellent movie. Strong acting by everyone, well written, well directed. Unpopular subject.

That young actor on FB's last name was Castenada, I think.

bobbyanna said...


Viv said...

Jake is really HOT in pics.He looks like a real cop.:)
The weather seems really hot....

It's really odd. Jake always choose good directors,coworkers, but the finished product somewhat is disappointed(critics or BO wise)(ex.Zodiac,Rendition,Brothers,LAOD)
I don't know why:/

I doubt he is too picky to getting good roles.(good actors are always picky,but still have tons of projects).Now even rumors can give me hope.XD

Jake!!Make me Happy!!:)

Monica said...

good actors are always picky,

examples: Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr.
Two great actors who are just making shits! $$$$$

Viv said...

But they have room to pick shitty movies, and still can get good projects.(crap movies didn't hurt them anymore coz they already built their credit and popularity)

Chica said...

That first pic is a classic, love to see Jake's goofy side, the captions are too funny UV!

Gilded Moose would have had so much dun with these, I think the blogger said that his RL was making it nearly impossible to keep up with the blog.

Rendition was a good film and Jake did look incredible in it but the subject matter wasn't popular with audiences.

I do think Jake is picky, and it may have to do with his mother being a screenwriter and his father a director. I think he chooses scripts based on not only what moves him as an actor but through the eyes of a director/screenwriter=his parents?

Just speculation on my part of course.

Anonymous said...

you could be right about how Jake picks his movies, Chica. I thought he had been asked about how he picks his movies. I forgot what he said


bobbyanna said...

Adding to Chica's speculation, I think, too, just based on his own interviews and comments,that Jake likes to get fully involved in the filmmaking process, and not all directors work that way.

He's clearly had input on casting, and dialogue, and setting up scenes, making suggestions to other cast members, etc. and some directors feel that their judgement is being challenged when that isn't his intent.

I'm not saying he's difficult to work with, not at all. But I am saying he's indicated that he will want input beyond just showing up and saying his lines.

If he and a director meet about a project, and it's clear to both of them that they don't share a vision about that project,or their approach to it, then it isn't going to work.

But regardless, I think often casting decisions are pretty "political." They're based on financial issues, but they're also based on relationships, and outside influences, over and above producers and directors determining who they "see" in a particular role.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I hope that EOW doesn't turn out to be your run-of-the mill cop dramas because it has a great cast, with Jake in the lead of course.

Jake and Michael are really getting into their roles as we can see and it will be interesting to see what they do with a small budget and filming it documentary style.

Jake does like to get into the whole process as we have heard and I do think that may be his parents influence.

There are a few stories out there of him clashing with directors but they weren't really serious as I remember and not anymore than other actors, but with Jake I think he has a desire to produce.

Remember that production Co he had, Nine Stories? He doesn't mention it anymore but I'm wondering if he has plans on setting up his own Co. I think Nine stories was just in name only.

bobbyanna said...

Just found this on FB:

"Just met Jake Gyllenhall at the airport and had a nice chat about the artist Banksy and his art around San Francisco. Pretty low key and decent guy."

And from twitter:

"RIGHT NOW in San Francisco: Jake Gyllenhaal early dinner @ Zuni Cafe +1 (not a movie star) girl (Fri 8:09PM"

UltraViolet said...

Good find, bobbyanna. Between twitter's new idiosyncrasies and all the SC chatter, I wondered if Jake had been spotted.

For anyone frustrated by Twitter search, the mobile search is closer to the way it used to be. Regular still sucks.

On the Rendition front - I hadn't seen it in ages and was annoyed I missed most of it last night. So I taped the later showing. They made some very odd edits, from what I watched most distressingly, the bathroom scene.

But some odd lines were cut, too. Like when Freeman tells Fawal that Dixon wasn't his friend. Or the line about us only dismissing a polygraph when we want to. Some other odd ones.

UltraViolet said...

Viv, I think you were on to something when you mentioned that Jake has been unlucky. I think of zodiac as the best example. It's one of Fincher's least successful films. Everything he's done since has been golden. And on paper, it should have been a big success. But alas, it was not.

Anonymous said...

From twitter: "OMG great night with our favorite girls at Zuni and a bonus of bumping into Jake Gyllenhaal! HOT!"

Anonymous said...

The women in the pic, is she the same one that went to the Oscars with Jake and I wonder if she is the one at zuni's last night?.

Anonymous said...

Putting "Zodiac" out in March which is sometimes the gravehard for many movies. Also think people were just not interested in serial killer movies at the moment.
"Rendition" was the type of movie that was never going to do good business. Just about every movie that had anything to do with Iraq did not do well at the matter the "star-power".
Sometimes actors do movies they are interested in and like Indie films, except for a few break-outs, they are not going to be boxoffice.
Jake picks quality and that will be part of his screen legacy.
Entertainment Weekly in their last issue (Ford on the cover) had a look-back at his movies and except for BB gave them good reviews.
(But he was Great in BB).
And don't forget DVD's and movies on t.v. It might not be an instant reaction but every year there are people renting, buying or checking out on t.v. Jake's movies.


Tweety said...

Thanks for the twitter tip UV, the
"new" twitter does suck:(

I hope he is having fun filming EOW and I think he will get plenty of chances to be hands on with this production.

Unlucky is a good description of some of Jake's choices Viv and UV, and Fincher is a good example. Although it was a hit with critics, it failed at the BO.

I think Pop would have made more $$$ if it was made in 3D, and if any movie screamed 3D , it would have been Pop.

I didn't catch the Jake in SF tweets because of the new twitter search engine, thanks!

Tweety said...

I don't see Jake at that link posted:(

bobbyanna said...

Uv, viv, I SO agree with the unlucky premise! Box Office Mojo has some interesting stuff to mine. Zodiac and Fight Club were on about the same trajectory with Zodiac lagging behind at first. FC opened @$11M & Zodiac @ $13M. FC's ultimate domestic take was $37M and Zodiac was $33M, worldwide Foreign/Domestic combined was FC- $110.8, Zodiac- $84. The drop for Zodiac in foreign markets was understandable, given the subject.

My constant complaint is that his movies usually aren't marketed well at all. Of course, Jake's management doesn't do a great job of promoting him well either. : (

Another example, aside from Fincher, is Sheridan, who is highly regarded, but dropped the ball on Brothers. So, yes, unlucky, but on a more positive note, as Jake has said, and it's true, his films always find their audiences. : )

beautiful, gorgeous day today. Getting ready to venture forth !: )

Anonymous said...

From FB:

I had to go to San Francisco for work yesterday, went to dinner with some co-workers and ended up with actor Jake Gyllenhal at the next table.

Sheba Baby said...

Jake is looking good and has the cop look down to a tee!

I remember the Gilded Moose, too bad it's no longer around.

I'm so glad that the Jake twitter and FB sightings are posted here because a despise both!

I hope he has a fun weekend in SF!

Jake has had some bad breaks with some movies but not with SC, everything was perfect IMO and it did quite well at the BO too.

I haven't seen Rendition since it came out UV, what a weird way of editing that film.

Have a great day Bobbyanna, it cooled down by me as well.

Sheba Baby said...

I should have said I despise FB and twitter, not the sightings posted here!

Anonymous said...

It's nice Jake got away from the paps, after they followed him to Hawaii I think he's glad when he can spend time out away from them. What is Zunis?


Extra said...

Zunis is a restaurant in SF Lily, Jake was spotted there on Friday.

Jake and Reese also were spotted there when he visited her in Sf when she was filming 4 Christmases.

bobbyanna said...

Guess he was back in L.A. yesterday. Found this on Twitter:

"Saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Gingergrass tonight in Silver Lake."

It's a Vietnamese restaurant.

bobbyanna said...

Meant to add that one of the partners in Zunis is a former chef from Chez Panisse, so it has the Alice Waters' 'connection.'

Anonymous said...

I know I've said it before but I'd love to go on a restaurant tour with Jake. Be nice to tour restaurants and have him to gaze at while trying to eat.

I wonder how often Jake cooks at home (and if he ever thinks about opening up a restaurant, maybe with his chef friend)


bobbyanna said...

Saw this on FB, not about Jake, but still...: )

"Took the family to Austin this weekend. Saw Jake Gyllenhaal's sister Maggie on 6th Street. Had lots of fun. Wish we lived there."

mary said...

Not sure if this is true but kate on wet dark and wild posted a tweet she saw that said that E had just wrapped true hollywoood story jake gyllenhaal but no air date nice if this is true guess we will hear something soon.

Cant imagine why Maggie would be in Austin unless shes filming there

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UltraViolet said...

I assume it won't be one of the THS shows done with new interviews of the subject, but a compilation of old ones. We'll see, I guess. I wonder why they did one now and when it will air.

Another Jake sighting from Twitter:

silverlake. Los angeles
about 3 hours ago 

Jake Gyllenhal is sitting 10 feet away from me. #whyamistilljailbait

UltraViolet said...

I was away this weekend so I missed Stephanie posting more of the Hawaii beach photos :)

Nicky said...

@Mary, I saw that tweet about the E! Special on Saturday but I don't think it's true. The woman who claims to be working on the episode uses a twitter account with a Mila Kunis icon, has no followers and also claims to have been dating Jake since February. Yep, she claims to be his girlfriend!! The last tweet I read, she apparently persuaded Jake to shave his chest and posted a twitpic of the end result - it was a photo of him taken by Mario Testino in 2007! She also provided a fake eonline link to a non-existent video of the both of them singing together. She made it look like E! had a story about them (they don't). The woman is delusional.

There's also a guy on twitter who claims to be a close personal friend of Jake's. He looks for info on Jake's whereabouts and uses it to string along one of his naive followers. The funniest thing was when he posted pics of himself photoshopped with Jake. One was of him shaking Jake's hand - the original was taken at the Palm Springs Festival and Jake was shaking hands with Ludacris. The other pic was when Jake and Anne visited a hospital in Oz and had their photo taken holding a baby. This guy replaced Anne with himself and created a whole new backstory behind the photo!

Monica said...

What a tiring day.
Thank you for the sightings.

Shondra said...

I've seen tweets from that person before too Nicky, so I don't think that E is doing anything on him either.

My SC DVD arrived this weekend! I didn't get a chance to view it yet because I was too busy with the family but I can't wait to see the extras and cast interviews.

Jake looks fit and ready to play a cop, thanks for the pics and thanks for all the tweets and FB sightings too!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for sharing, Nicky. I know people like to kid around on Twitter & FB, and some are a little nuttier than others.


Anonymous said...

From Twitter:

Looking for parking at church, spotted someone leaving, and in my rush to get it almost hit jake gyllenhaal with my car. Oops! #LALife

mary said...

thanks for the info nicky i didnt think it was true

Tweety said...

Thanks Nicky, I saw those tweets with the him photoshopped with Jake in various photos, lots of weirdos out there!

I'm still missing some Jake tweets so thanks for posting!


Monica said...

Nicky, thank you! This is a little funny and sad.
I surprised when I read about THS.

thanks everyone.

UltraViolet said...

Nicky, I remember the person who tweeted the photoshopped pics but I haven't encountered this THS tweeter before. Sounds like a gem. Thanks for the info.

Hope you're having a better day, Monica.

I'm sure everyone has seen this already, from Anne Hathaway about Jake:

In a new interview, she said, “I know actors always say this about each other but he really is lovely. I worked with him on Brokeback Mountain and then five years later on Love And Other Drugs, he was a great guy then and still is. He’s a real person.”

She went on to say, “That’s a weird compliment, but someone’s as good looking as he is, with as much adoration from such a young age, they could easily be a nightmare, or stuck up jerk. But he’s a good guy.”

UltraViolet said...

Exclusive Media Group posted on their FB page that EoW began filming today:

END OF WATCH began shooting today! Jake Gyllenhaal, Anna Kendrick, Michael Peña, America Ferrera, David Ayer and the rest of the cast and crew are going to be fantastic.

Sadly, it is right under a post about the Ides of March. Can't get away from that film.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks UV, it's good to see that EOW is actually filming with the cast set. I know, Ides of March, the one that got away:(

Hope things are well with you Monica.

OT: Not a happy day in my bosses office today nor for the nation. This "Debt" bill being voting on now is a disgrace:(

UltraViolet said...

Put up a new post since this was getting old :)

UltraViolet said...

Oops - missed your post, OONP. I can't even talk about that without raging, so I won't :)