Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fear + Excitement = Enjoyment

Thanks to the amazing Stephanie, Jake's Man v. Wild episode.

It's thrilling to watch Jake and Bear navigate the terrain and the weather. Bear is a patient, trusty guide and Jake is a quick study. The promo clips showed a glimpse, but you get to see Jake trek through snow, dig a cave, traverse a snow tunnel (scary!), cross a river and, of course, crawl on a rope over a deep ravine.

Jake was gorgeous, funny, serious, scared, intrepid, adventurous and triumphant. And Bear wasn't bad, either!

Here's Part One:

One of the adventures we didn't see in promo clips was Jake and Bear crossing a river. Which they had to do shirtless. I think that's in Part 4:

If you can't access that, here's a peek:

Is it chilly in here?

The rope crossing was amazing, even with the sneak preview we got. It was very tense waiting to see Jake make it across, and his sense of joy, relief and pride was palpable:

By the end of the episode, Jake's fear of heights seemed to disappear, as he triumphantly ascended to make their exit, dangling happily from the helicopter. What a difference two days makes!

For people who want to relive or who haven't gotten to see Jake's Man v. Wild episode: If those IHJ links are too slow, here are two separate places to find it: Five clips on youtube or the whole episode.


sheba said...

What a difference two days make indeed. That was truly exciting. Thanks for getting it up so quickly UV and thanks to Stephanie at IHJ. I couldn't stay awake for the blog commentary last night as I didn't know about it but seen them this morning so thanks you guys for making us feel a part of it all.

Strangely enough, even though we knew he's ok, I felt such trepidation for him not to get hurt or injured. I mean, he was on a volcano for crying out loud that only erupted just over a year ago which shut down European air space for nearly a month. The fact that there were still newly created rock formations from the frozen lava was fantastic.

I only discovered Bear Grylls a few years ago but some of the things he was eating were so disgusting I had to stop watching but now my son is fascinated by Bear's adventures its so great that when it finally comes here I have something of Jake's that I can watch together with a child again.

OK, what will his next adventure be on his journey of self discovery?

Did anyone else feel cold watching it?

Chica said...

I am so sorry that I missed the live blogging last night, I went to bed right after, too much excitement, LOL!!!

What a great title for this post, I was so proud of Jake, the look of joy and acomplishment on his face after he crossed over on that rope says it all. I think he may have gotten over his fear of heights!

Yes I did feel cold while watching Sheba which was great because it's been hot as hell here then Jake went shirtless then it got hot again:)

He really threw himself into this adventure, what a great thrill it was watching. Could have done w/o the lame BBM joke, Bear didn't have to got there but he did.

Thanks so much UV and Stephanie for doing such a quick job posting the clips and the video.

mary said...

yup i was definitely cold watching didnt expect jake to take off his shirt but it was a nice surpise for us

bobbyanna said...

That episode was the most exciting, unsettling thing I've ever witnessed! I was cold too, especially when they were wading across the river shirtless! Oy!

I am still trying to find words to describe my reactions. Jake is truly a beautiful, remarkable person. I'm very proud of him, too. :)

I know this sounds crazy, but there's this sort of calmness about him that I found pretty amazing. Did anyone else have a similar reaction?

Extra said...

Yes he was calm , very sure and confident but excited as well.

I'm so thrilled with the reception this episode is getting, you would think that he was having a movie premiere!

I'm was glad to see that Discovery didn't release a lot if the footage like it seemed to me, the trek through the river was bone-chilling in every sense of the word.

Jake gets a bunch of cool points from me, he was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, UV love the shirtless caps (was there more to this ep? :P )

They sure made sure we didn't get to see any of these shots until the ep. I am still trying to put my eyes back in their sockets

Glad everyone can now see the ep.

bobbyanna said...

Admittedly this is my first episode, but what I really find remarkable, is that there were so many variables way out of their control. The weather and the terrain posed some incredible challenges, and so much of what the faced was completely unpredictable.

I think Jake summoned every single bit of training and experience he's ever had to get thru this. I couldn't help but think of his physical prep for PoP, and his training as an actor, focus, discipline, trust, breathing,etc. to deal with his fears.

OK. I'll stop gushing. ; )

UltraViolet said...

Just posted a couple of links: one for the clips on youtube and another link to the whole episode. Stephanie's links were very slow last night, so these might be faster.

Bless Stephanie for her fast work on the clips and the caps. I don't know how she does it.

Figuratively and literally. I wish I had the know-how/tools to do both.

UltraViolet said...

Sheba, I love that you get to share Jake stuff with your son! So cool.

I definitely felt cold watching. And the volcano made me nervous! I'm hoping they checked to make sure it wasn't going to erupt.

I should have gone to bed, chica. I definitely paid for that this morning. But I was kind of keyed up frmo the vicarious thrills.

Mary, it always amazes me when you're already awake on the West Coast when I'm still bleary-eyed in Boston.

Extra, it is really fun to see the enthusiasm for this. Jake was a trending topic on google, yahoo and I think on twitter at some point last night.

Extra and Lily, I'm so happy they didn't release that river footage ahead of time. It was a great surprise.

I wonder if they ever have outtakes shows for MvW.

And Bobbyanna, don't stop gushing :)

I know this sounds crazy, but there's this sort of calmness about him that I found pretty amazing.

He was remarkably calm, given the unfamiliar terrain and tools and what he was going to have to do. Very impressive, on many levels.

I think his training for various films definitely helped. PoP, for sure. And Jarhead for knowing how and when to follow orders.

sass said...

Well Afternoon all,
UV, you just raised my core temp, posting all those gorgeous pics of Jake, partially disrobing to traverse the river *WOOT*

I nearly feel off my bed last night when Jake did that.Bear had the sense to save that part of the show for us last night... lucky us...

I had the best time last night, but I hope he stays safe from now on, though he's never looked more happy or carefree.

I'm with you Sheba, why tackle a Volcano, especially one that just erupted last year. YIKES!

Bear Grylls and I just met formally last night; I may watch more of his shows but I hope he doesn't eat more creepy crawly creatures. And yes, I felt cold, even when Jake disrobed to cross the river.

And yes bobbyanna, I did feel calm strength emanating from Jake.

I never thought to check trending on Google. GO JAKE!
Going over to iheartjake to drool over the pics...TY for clips UV!!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Gush away Bonnyanna, I'm doing the same thing! I didn't expect the episode to be that intense. He definately was in shape for this, and in that way he was prepared.

The wading through the river bare-chested was the highlight and the joy that was on his face at the end on the helicopter was so amazing!

A calm strength is the perfect dscription of Jake when I was watching this episode. He and Grylls got along so well here, I wonder if Jake will do another episode?

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, Jake said he didn't do anything to prepare, but his regular routine is preparation, unlike for most people.

It is funny to think he'd been on the cushy SC junket right before, though. No doubt drinking and dining well. Quite a jolt to go into the wild then!

Can someone do me a favor and check out the last post. I posted a couple of gifs, but they don't appear to be moving to me.


UltraViolet said...

I think I solved it. Seems picasa doesn't do gifs, therefore they don't move unless you upload from a different site. Problem solved!

Tweety said...

I have to tell you, even though I knew Jake was ok after he filmed this, watching it gave me a big not in my stomach! Jake stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park!

The most gut wrenching part for me was him crossing over, with his fear of heights that must have been the hardest part of his adventure but he aced it and you can tell he was so proud.

And he must have been freezing his ass and other body parts when he and Bear crossed that river shirtless although I appreciated the fact that he had to remove it:)

I think Jake gained some new fans if twitter is a guide, well done Jake, I would never have the nerve or courage to do anything like this.

Thanks so much UV for posting the video and screencaps!

Monica said...

I watched last night. Er I think it was morning.
Awww I loved it! At first, I felt that Jake was nervous, but then he seemed eh I'm here, so let's go. I liked his courage with every thing he did. He was beautiful, funny and brave in every moment.
In the end he was proud and happy.

Thanks for all information.

Shondra said...

Gah, he was beautiful, and brave and manage to have a sense a humor as well!

Watched it with my sons and hubby, what a blast! Hubby still thinks Grylls is a bit of a fake but was impressed with Jake.

I got dizzy watching him cross over the gorge and laughed with him when he and Grylls stayed in that "igloo" they built!

And if him shirtless didn't melt the snow off the mountains there in Iceland, I don't know what could!

You really worked fast in getting all the clips and stills together, thanks UV and to Stephanie/IHJ!!!

Tweety said...

The gif is working on the previous post UV, I love it!

bobbyanna said...

You know, I was thinking about back to when they shot it. I remember how we saw tweets of Jake at some club in Iceland, and at the Laundromat restaurant, and shopping for gear, then he was gone with Bear, then back, and on to the airport home.

So the shoot really did happen over a couple of days. I mention it because this was truly not some show where they shot for a week then edited the footage.

The weather, the terrain, the crossing over the gorge, etc. was all real. I don't see how they could have faked that stuff. I think this was a short adventure, but it sure wwas intense.

sass said...

The whole twitter-verse loved Jake last night! No nastiness or snark, just acknowledgement and appreciation of his accomplishments.
Plus helped the cameraman negotiate the terrain at times; he blew me away.
nite nite all,
love you all,

mary said...

i agree that jake was very calm about every thing and was game for anything made me love him all the more cant wait to watch it again

Monica said...

Jake was gorgeous, funny, serious, scared, intrepid, adventurous and triumphant.

A member of my forum loved this description. Her name is Dani and she's always reading this blog.
She is a lovely person.

I know some people are commenting that Jake made ​​a preparation or that there was no danger. As someone described it, Jake is an athlete and be prepared is part of his routine.

About the rope, of course, that was placed there safely, but I always think that something could have gone wrong.
So, I congratulate Jake for his bravery.

UltraViolet said...

Yup, all fixed, tweety, thanks. There were a ton of fun gigs made. Jake definitely made fans and won some folks over.

I watched it again tonight and it was just as intense. That tunnel part was the worst for me, I think.

Shondra, I think Jake did a little global warming, but of the good kind! Glad the hubby was impressed :)

I was thinking about the Iceland info, too, bobbyanna. We definitely knew it was a short trip. No weeklong adventure.

It did make me laugh that they made a show of Bear picking Jake up in the middle of nowhere, when we know they flew there together!

UltraViolet said...

Aww, that's nice to hear, Monica. And hello, Dani :) Glad you liked that. There really is a long list of adjectives to describe Jake on this episode. So glad you and Dani and others got to see it, Monica.

We can't know the full risk, of course, but it definitely was real. Didn't Bear say that extra line wouldn't have saved Jake? Eek.

Sass, there was so nastiness and snark, as ever with Jake. But you're right that it was mostly positive and really fun to see.

Loved the bit where Jake helped the camera crew.

Mary, The second time is just as good!

Someone on FB said she saw Jake going to the movies at the Grove in LA tonight.

UltraViolet said...

Seems like it was a screening of "30 minutes or less," a movie starring Jake's future costar, Michael Pena. And maybe future costar Jesse Eisenberg.

Anonymous said...


30 Minutes Or Less was hilarious! P.S. Jake Gyllenhaal was at the screening and I totally met him afterwards! He's even hotter in person! :D

Sheba baby said...

Hi Kristyy, how lucky for you to get to meet Jake!!

The second time viewing this was even better. Jake is getting major props and he deserved it. Such an accomplishment for him, he reminded me of a big kid!

As you have pointed upot UV and Bobbyanna, this was filmed over a few days in Iceland, so it was a true adventire IMO.

The coverage was great here UV, the best!

I loved when he confessed to sneaking in that bit of chocolate, ha, ha!!

Monica said...

I read about this screening last night. Faracci was saying that Michael Peña is great in the film, much better than Jesse Eisenberg.

bobbyanna said...

I've seen a few posts accusing Bear of being a fake, but I was thinking. It was a short shoot, and I think the weather and their schedules may have played into that.

But even so, I think, since it's a TV show, the production crew probably did recon, and plotted out a route for them. That would be sensible, since the setting is so unpredictable, and you have to get your people in and out before they literally get blown away, freeze to death, or fried. LOL!

As for Jake crossing the gorge, I noticed the rope and the wood holding it in place were not old or weathered too much. That made me feel better...(!) So maybe they made sure in advance that the rope was sturdy and secured on both sides, but that would definitely not make it any less dangerous.

There's absolutely nothing anyone can criticize about the two of them. They really did some very dramatic, harrowing stuff.

I really like Jesse Eisenberg, I'm just not sure how much range he has. Michael Pena was so good in "Crash." Sorry to mention the movie, but that's were I first noticed him, then "World Trade Center," with Maggie.

Chica said...

I'm sure everything was planned out in advance like the other episodes, it's a given due to made for riveting TV.

I'm not sure about Jeese's range either , I liked him in TSN, and I like Pena in WTC and yes, Crash as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey kristyy I'm glad you got to meet Jake. Did you say anything to him or visa versa?


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about something Jake mentioned several months ago after he'd turned 30. A reporter had asked him if he had anything special planned and he said something about taking his family to the arctic and going swimming with the whales or walrus'

I wonder if he was in talks to do Man Vs Wild at the time and that was kind of a reference to it.


bobbyanna said...

That's right, lily. He mentioned several times he wanted to do something amazing like that to mark his 30th birthday.

UltraViolet said...

Just to clarify, I think anonymous just posted the "kristy" tweet, not that kristy herself posted here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sorry to confuse - I posted the comment & forgot to mention it was from Twitter! :0(

bobbyanna said...

Watched it again, had to laugh at Bear telling Jake to shake his arms to get the blood back in them if he needed to...while Jake's arms were wrapped around the rope as he crossed the gorge. As if!

Then once he gets across, he actually leans back!!! Jake! WTF were you thinking! LOL!

Monica said...

Looks like Jake said no to Now You See Me:
Jesse Eisenberg will star, as Variety first reported June 8. Jake Gyllenhaal was also circling the project at one point, but passed.

Tweety said...

That's too bad Monica about Now you see Me, I was hoping he would sign on for that:(

This has to be my favorite twitter about Jake's appearence on Man Vs Wild:

robwhunter: Mad respect for Jake Gyllenhaal after watching him with @BearGrylls on #manvswild. Crazy rope climb...no Hollywood effects. Impressive.
about 2 hours ago

Monica said...

Me too, especially to see him working with Melanie Laurent, who I think is very talented.
I wonder if Jake said no to work in that film by Peter Sarsgaard?

UltraViolet said...

Oh god, I hooe he didn't turn it down in order to do that movie! I'm bummed about this. Jake needs to sign on for another movie, and not just Born to Run.

He can do that if he must but he has to do two other movies to offset it!

bobbyanna said...

"Oh god, I hooe he didn't turn it down in order to do that movie! I'm bummed about this"

UV, you're reading my mind! I thought Peter had a shoot with Naomi on the movie she's doing in September? I'm hoping Jake signs up for something really wonderful... and I really don't care if he isn't involved in the running movie.

The magician movie sounded like fun, too. : (

Chica said...

That stinks about Now You See Me, I love heist movies and I was looking forward to seeing him in this.

Sorry, I have no interest in Born to Run, sounds like a made for cable movie like the Armstrong movie.

Last I heard Peter was set to film the movie directed by Naomi in the Fall, no news yet on Born to Run, I hope that Jake's only interest is as a producer.

Monica said...

Same thought, UV.

Bobbyana, Peter said he has a small role in Very Good Girls. The movie will be filmed in Brooklyn.

About Born To Run, I read that filming will begin in October or something. Filming of Now You See Me will also begin during this period.

mary said...

im dissappointed too but i thought peter was still looking for some one to finance born to run hopefully jake passed on this film for another role and not born to run wouldnt mind if he was a producer but not to star in it

bobbyanna said...

Hell, I'd rather see Jake direct it and let Peter write it and star in it. I, too, have no interest in it.

bobbyanna said...

Is Maggie still filming in Pittsburgh? I noticed she has two more movies in pre-production, one of them in Italy. They try to coordinate their schdules because of Ramona.

bobbyanna said...

Found this in a June article reprinted on Christopher McDougall's blog: "Aiming for a winter shoot, the indie "Run" is looking at alternative offers for financing. Sarsgaard says, "There’s a lot of different ways of financing this movie because it’s such a popular book and all those kind of companies like Terra Plana and other shoe companies. There’s a lot of different people that even like running/training groups that has nothing to do with the book. So, we have a number of options which is nice. If the movie were just an original screenplay, not based on anything, it would be a lot tougher to make. It’s got sort of a built-in core audience which is a big advantage"

Viv said...

Sometimes I really don't get Jake's film choice.....
Many actors in his generation already have tons of future projects in hand......

Now Damn Yankees, Joe Namath project disappeared, then born to run instead of now you see me.

He has stop filming after source code since last May and no new project right now that means he won't have any work next year:(
He really need to work more.
I want to see more his movies...ugh.

Viv said...

OK.....I forgot End of Watch, but that's not enough. XD

Sag Actor said...

I've watched Man vs Wild on occassion and I have to say that Jake's episode was awesome and I'm not just saying that because I'm a fan of Jake, major props!

Born to Run may have a built in audience but I think it's a rather small audience, sounds like an indie film. That would explain Peter's comments about alternative funding.

Maybe Jake didn't like the scropt for Now You see Me or the role that he was offered, who knows?

Anonymous said...

It can take years for a movie project to finally get to being filmed. Have heard people talk about 6 years and more. It is kind of rare if something is done quickly.
Maybe Jake is also being picky about what he does. Not all, but some actors, who do movie after movie some of those movies may be forgotten quickly.
Jake has to be moved when he reads something. If he decides to not do something it might be because there is something on the horizon he is more interested in.

Viv said...

to Anon:

Maybe I am an anxious fan:P
I would like to see Jake pick more interesting films:)

and it seems that EOW has stated shooting?

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal on scene of LA gang shooting
Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena got a front row seat to Los Angeles gang violence.

The actors, who were on riding along with police on patrol in South Los Angeles, were on the scene of a gang shooting late Wednesday. The actors are researching police work for their roles in the upcoming movie "End of Watch."

Sgt. Angela McGee says a gang member shot a rival, who is hospitalized with a grazing bullet wounds above his lip and on an arm. Two suspects walked away and there are no arrests.

McGee says the actors were on patrol with 77th Street Station officers. KTTV Fox 11 video shows the actors talking while officers investigate nearby.

"End of Watch" is a drama that focuses on the partnership of two police officers.

bobbyanna said...

I always want to see Jake busy making movies! I'd love to see his IMDB schedule booked for the next three years! : )

Then I force myself to remember that Jake's been pretty busy since Brothers' release, in Nov.'09; PoP, May, 2010; LAOD, November,2010; SC, March, 2011. He's either been making movies, or promoting movies.

I hate the idea of no movies coming out in the foreseeable future, but that could change if he decides to do something, and it gets fast tracked. It's happened before.

Seems like he takes his time to re-charge, maybe read scripts, or get involved in developing new projects. Yeah, sometimes it takes a very long time.

I'm disappointed, but sag actor, you're right. Something wasn't right. Maybe the financing wasn't there. (I think of "Nailed" as a teachable moment.: ))

This could all change next week, and he'll be back on it! It's such an unpredictable business. It's a miracle anything ever gets made. : )

Jake being attached to Born to Run might be the best way for Peter to get his financing together.

Monica said...

Viv, it wasn't the scene of a movie. They were with the police when a shooting occurred.
Here's the video: ABC

Viv said...

Thank you

bobbyanna said...

Oh, lord. Hope they stay out of harm's way. Bullets can be very unpredictable.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yikes!! Be careful Jake and Michael. I'm all for preparing for a film but they need to be careful riding around with the LAPD.

Disappointing news regarding Now You see Me, it sounded more interesing/promising that N+Born to Run, sorry Peter.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the info, guys. Made a new post.