Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hanging by a wire

We have a brief clip from Jake Gyllenhaal's Man v. Wild appearance. Watch Jake confront his fears and cross a cavern on a ropeline:

Updated to include second clip and to replace the original ET clip with the Discovery clip. Jake takes the lead in this one:

There's a little more in the ET promo. We get to hear Bear shouting Jake's name, hopefully not in panic!

In the first clip, you can definitely feel Jake's apprehension and his exhilaration. Can't wait to see the full episode.

Two more clips. First up, Jake waiting to be picked up for the trip. Forget the fact that we saw Jake and Bear on a plane headed to Iceland together :)

And here's Jake jumping into a gap in order to retrieve a sheep's carcass. Yum!

Jake's no stranger to the ropes, but usually, there's a full team of stunt advisors standing by:

(PoP photos courtesy of IHJ.)


bobbyanna said...

Holy crap.

I can't watch. I have this really serious fear of heights. Really.
My knees get weak and I freeze up and ...I just...

mary said...

im not fond of heights either glad jake was able to get over his fear of heights and do that not sure if i would be able to cant wait to see the episode not long to go now

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, not sure I'd be able to do that, either. But I can definitely watch. Especially since we know Jake makes it out okay!

Also, I added the ET promo link. Sorry about that. I forgot to put it in.

Monica said...

wow This is great!!!!

I also have a fear of heights.


Anonymous said...



Weekend bonus: getting paid to hang by the pool and see jake gyllenhaal shirtless! God Bless America :-p

Sag Actor said...

Holy crap, that takes a lot of guts considering like me he has a fear of heights!

sheba said...

I'm in such admiration for our guy facing his fears like that. I do feel the apprehension especially when Bear calls out to Jake just as he disappears. But we know he's ok - a bit like his character Robert Graysmith in Zodiac :DD

Thank you UV for these golden nuggets. From the previous post I did see snippets of that Ben Lyons interview on E! but not all of it. Am I allowed to say here I. Don't. Like. Ben Lyons. He's unfunny and sarcastic not in a good New Yorker kind of way. I won't be unkind to him as I could say more but shall leave it at that.

And, (I like starting sentences with And now that Jake does it - my English teacher would kill me if she read this :D) thank you so much for including those wonderful Prince of Persia stunts pictures at the end of the post. I nearly got into a twitter fight with someone who accused Jake of doing 0.01% of his stunts on PoP. Needless to say I soon put him straight. The conclusion of our mini-twitter battle was that he actually thought PoP was a good film - so he's been redeemed :DDD

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay, sheba! I like the PoP shots too, UV!

I'll eventually watch it, but I honestly got a physical reaction to seeing it. I felt the same way watching Bear do it. I have no words to express how proud and impressed I am of Jake!!! I could absolutely never do anything like that. Ever!

I can't do scenic elevators, I can't do really high escalators, I can't do the really long suspension bridges.

Lisa & I once drove from Scottsdale, AZ to Sedona. There was a long stretch, a ribbon of road thru mountains and I froze...at the wheel. She wouldn't let me drive back. I needed to go to an outlet mall to calm down...: )

Chica said...

I got a bit dizzy watching that clip, I have to hand it to Jake, that takes nerve!

Love the Pop shots here, I love that film.

I feel the same way about Lyon's Sheba. I always disliked him, find him swarmy, unfunny and one of the biggest tools around.

Shondra said...

My husband used to watch Man vs Wild but stopped when he learned that a lot of the stuff filmed was fake, turned him off.

True or not, it's not going ot keep me from watching Jake's episode on the 11th, this clip has certainly peaked my interest even more!

Hope everyone had a great July 4th, we took our sons to see the new Transformers film and i wanted to poke my eyes out afterwards, what a piece of crap but my sons loved it of course.

Pop reviews weren't great but they were better than this piece of garbage.

Just goes to show you that in some cases 3D pays also releasing the film on Tuesday pays off.

sass said...

Evening UV and babblers all,
Wonderful...TY UV!
This clip looks and has to be for Jake really. really scary. Tis something I would never ever think of ever doing. Oh Jake, Just you wait till your Mother see this. I have to take a time out:)
love you all

UltraViolet said...

Maybe I should have entitled the post "Holy crap!" Hope everyone is recovering.

Sheba, I don't think many people like Ben Lyons. Jake seems to, so I do try to give him the benefit of the doubt.

And, I think it's okay now to start a sentence with "and" now.

Shondra, LOL at your Transformers review. I think I'd concur if I ever saw it.

UltraViolet said...

Updated the post with another clip and replaced the ET one with the Discovery clip.

I'll have to work on the screen caps.

Tweet from a Discovery Channel VP:

I'm a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal's after seeing how awesome he was in Man Vs Wild (which airs next Monday in the US)...

sass said...

Hi UV and Babblers all,
I just turned on my telly to ET a while back and finally got to see a most handsome and delicious Jake Gyllenhaal doing his thing on the high wire.
He is definitely a brave man; but we knew that.
What a hella lot of trouble he's taken for so many of his choices. I love his bravery, his integrity, and his mustering on through impresses me to no end.

mary said...

i was able to watch ET tonight too and watch jake on the wire very scary but yes we now how brave jake is hes a good sport and you could tell he had a great time with bear

Monica said...

I like the new video. I think it will be fun!

I saw Transformers 3, the 3D is excellent and has great special effects and I think it is just that. hahahahahaha
Tiring. It seemed that would never end.

Anonymous said...

New pics of Jake on JJ very clean shaven so probably ready to start filming.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I don't like heights either so I give Jake props for doing this, it looks really intense!

I can't wait to watch the whole segement, Grylls is some character and he and Jake seem to have had fun filming this.

Looks like Jake is ready to start filming EOW this week!

bobbyanna said...

OK. I watched it. Sometimes from between my fingers. I was so impressed with how skillfully he handled that rope crossing, pulling himself along.

You can see how all his working out and his athletics really paid off. Nice to know those beautiful muscles are functional!

Almost went to see Transformers...but then I didn't. I actually enjoyed Larry Crowne, flaws and all.

Extra said...

Thanks so much for posting this UV, what a rush! I am so impressed with Jake, I got so queasy just watching it!

I remember Jake saying in an interview how scared he was going up the Eiffel Tower with his Dad because of the height when I was watching this.

I do think being in shape helped him a lot Bobbyanna but I woulld like to know if he got over his fear of heights after this:)

UltraViolet said...

The ET segment had a bit of Jake going to retrieve that sheep's carcass. Yahoo now has the clip. And another, no-stunts clip.

I'm excited to see all these things, but don't want to watch the whole segment in clips before it airs!

Who am I kidding, though. I'll watch more if they have them.

Monica said...

Better quality: Discovery

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica!

bobbyanna said...

I really, really admire Jake for being able to control his fear of heights. That's pretty awesome. Thanks for all these great video clips, UV, monica!

When I think of all the stories I've heard about Bear Grylls diet in the wild, I guess finding a sheep carcass isn't the worst thing that could happen. : )

sass said...

Whew, the new clips make me glad Jake's home again, well and ready to make movies. :)
I went to see Transformers with my boy; it was better than I expected. A few good booms, blasts and car blow ups always make me feel better and at times this movie makes me laugh.
My boy is not impressed with summer movies, yet. He's waiting for Captain America. "Wha?" Whatever.
It's wonderful being in Jake mode again. Going over to iheartjake to see clean shaven Jake. *sigh*

Years ago, I took a few relatives down to World Trade and became dizzy and queasy just looking out and down for a millisecond.
love you all,

sass said...

Hey there babblers, I forgot to post that the publicity is on for early version of Source Code's VOD...July 8Th, I think is the date. YAY!!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the SC heads up, sass!!
The one "summer movie" I admit I'm looking forward to is the James Franco "Planet of the Apes" movie. My daughter was talking about Captain America. Said it looks "Incredible Hulk-ish." She liked the Edward Norton version.

Tweety said...

I thought that all these clips would put me off on seeing this episode but he has the opposite effect, of course having Jake in the episode sure helps!

Transformers was what I expected, lots of noise and explosions. It was entertaining but forgettable and i won't be buying the DVD but I will be buying the SC DVD, thanks for the heads up Sass!

I saw that tweet Sheba and just rolled my eyes, kudos to you for setting the record straight, Jake worked hard on that movie and it pisses me off that peopple not only dismiss the movie but his contributions as well.

Anonymous said...

Have to share...watching Movies On Demand,TWC, #1000
...Source Code preview up every minute...Love it!
See ya soon

sass said...

Bobbyanna, my pleasure :)
Jake is and has always been a brilliant
actor whose talents are liberated and
made more when he works with directors who allow
his creativity to surface, e.g.,Ang Lee and
Duncan Jones. Not that working with the great Fincher
is a problem...but he is fond of working with those 2 directors.
I can't wait to own SC! Only movie I'm missing is
Prince of Persia, though I will buy Blue Ray version later.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, SC previews. That's cool, sass. I wonder if I'll be able to hold out or if I'll do the VOD. Given that I bought the crappy barebones Zodiac DVD AND the good one, I'm guessing I'll be VODing it.

Tweety, ditto to your comment to Sheba. It's impossible to counter all the inanity/insanity about Jake out there. But every now and then, you just have to stand up!

And about the clips-I'm just happy to know the show is an hour. I had thought it was 30 minutes and we'd see the whole thing in clips!

I wish someone had posted the ET report. They showed Bear being very complimentary about Jake. And a few funny seconds that haven't been seen anywhere else yet, I don't think.

UltraViolet said...

Sass, I think Jake is looking to collaborate more. But he does follow the director, as he likes to say. We'll see how David Ayer works out.

I saw something on IHJ about End of Watch filming being pushed to August 1. It was a casting notice. And there have been tweets from people still reading for roles. So who knows.

mary said...

i watch the et segment last night and saw the bear spot it was very short he just said jake was the fittest guy in hollywood and how well jake did

about the filming date being pushed back i know they are still casting parts but that doesnt mean jake has not started filming since he has shaved i would assume its for work he seems to prefer the beard when not working actors film their parts at different times depending on how big their parts are i would assume jakes and micheal pena parts will take longer to film so they may start earlier but i guess we should find out soon

Anonymous said...

I saw the recent pics of Jake from July 5th, leaving a medical bldg. It looks like he had just shaved that day and it looks like he shaved his head again, why would he do that if he they weren't going to start shooting?


Anonymous said...

jake's first worm :)

Extra said...

Yuck! Ok, I think discovery needs to stop putting out these clips. They were fun at first but I don't want people to skip watching the show because they feel like they already have seen it.

As disgusting as eating the worm is, I just hope they don't eat that rotting sheep carcuss, ewwwww!!!!

UltraViolet said...

Extra, the clips are definitely a hit, but I do hope it's not overkill. That said, I made a new post with the wormy one :)