Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can I get fries with that?

Probably not a phrase Jake utters a lot, but he might have been longing for a fast food fix on his Iceland adventure. In this clip from Man v. Wild, Gylls and Grylls forage for food. Well, Bear forages. Jake consumes.

Mmm. nothing like some angelica and worms after a long, cold glacial hike!

No verdict on the worm, but the root was deemed "tasty:"

Mmm - anyone hungry?

Here's Bear Grylls discussing the episode:


Paula said...

That was gross! I was wondering what weird thing Bear was going to do in this episode and my question was answered!

Thansk for posting all the video clips even though I think it's a bit of overkill. Jake crossing on that rope gave me vertigo!

bobbyanna said...

Gross doesn't begin to cover it, paula!!! LOL!

mary said...

love the caption of this post but yes yuck to eating a worm i sure wouldnt be able too i dont think

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have chocolate. you don't know roughing it until there is no chocolate to be found!


Chica said...

Growing up we used to give a quarter to our younger brother to eat a worm and Jake does it for free, LOL!!

We were bad siblings...

bobbyanna said...


That's hilarious!

Monica said...

Looks delicious!


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I can't even eat gummy worms, blech! Jake really went all out for this episode:)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica. I put it in the post, but warning: it has that annoying autostart.

This is the interview they showed parts of on ET the other night, so I'm glad it's online.

Chocolate definitely beats worms!

And remind me not to dine with Chica's family ;)

No clips today, so maybe they have stopped, Paula! Only a few days to go until the show.

Jake v. Ryan G said...

Poor Jake only has one vote

Monica said...

Well, it's Ryan Gosling. It could be worse.

I want the option: both!

Chica said...

He's up to 16 votes now!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...
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sass said...

I am way too happy. I just watched Source Code...VOD... and loved it just as much as I did when I first watched it in April.

*sass* is happy listening to "Frozen Moment" on SC album.

After the film there is a section "How Jake Rolls" which is fun. Everyone praises Jake's personality, his character and of course his top notch acting.

And its all good.

How fast the world moves as I get older. Years ago the Video would come out months after the film, then weeks after, and now, the film is out on VOD before the DVD appears. I love it! I get the film for 24 hours until 6:28PM tomorrow evening. YAY!!

I can't watch worm eating yet. arr I'll wait until Monday. are too much.

Hope all is well (((((((UV))))))

Which actor is hotter?
Jake Gyllenhaal (54%, 38 Votes)Ryan Gosling (46%, 32 Votes)Total Voters: 70

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...


Viv said...

OK.....This is just a poll.No big deal.but I voted, too.LOL
Jake is way hotter!!!

I found Bear Grylls is also a hot guy, even tho I never heard his show. LOL
No doubt this episode willl be very good :)

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Viv. Good to see Jake has made a better showing, even if we know who's hotter :)

Hi Leonor!

And go, Sass! I can't wait to see SC again. That feature on Jake sounds fun. I wonder if that's on the DVD or is VOD only.

Saw a tweet that Jake was at M Cafe tonight. And a tweet from someone who said she had an audition with Jake tomorrow. Not sure if she meant with him in person or just for the movie.

Anonymous said...

Morning everyone,
I was so excited I got my times wrong...I get
the VOD until 6:28PM Sunday. YAY!!
And the cost, $4.98 is the price I paid for a new renta

A few years ago.
Having fun this AM with
my movie. "It's the new me." :)

Shondra said...

The dead sheep in the hole was gross enough but Jake and Bear eating a worm, Ugh!

I can't wait to see SC again too, it's on VOD this weekend by me and I will be checking out over the weekend, looking forward to seeing the "How Jake rolls" segment Sass!

bobbyanna said...

I noticed a casting call on some web site for EOW a few days ago. I'm glad to hear Jake's at the auditions even tho the principal actors are cast.

I'm saving SC for tonight! Saw Horrible Bosses last night. I wasn't expecting to laugh as much as I did. It was pretty good actually.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm catching SC on VOD tonight as well. I heard that Horrible Bosses is funny as hell, I could use a few laughs it's been a rough week!

Tweety said...

Well worms are a source of protein and is a delicacy in several cultures, that said: Ewwwwwww!!!

Yes to SC on VOD this weekend, this is one of Jake's best films.

I saw a tweet of Jake running in Runyan Canyon earlier.

UltraViolet said...

Just ordered SC :)

Before we watch, echoing tweety's Runyon sighting, from FB:

Jake Gyllenhaal sighting!!!

i saw him on melrose ave. yesterday :)
4 hours ago

Rad! He just hiked passed me on Runyon! It just got about 10 degrees hotter out here!


And he was also at Cafe Gratitude, again:

Jake Gyllenhall is at Cafe Gratitude eating. We are here trying not to stare
about 3 hours ago

Sag Actor said...

My wife and I caught SC again last night on VOD, it's definately one of my favorite films of the year.

Looking forward to Jake's adventures in Iceland on Man vs Bear including the worm eating!!

mary said...

boy my computer was down for 2 days thanks goodness my daughter came home for the weekend and was able to get it working again glad it was quiet and i didnt miss anything

bobbyanna said...

Well, I was ambushed by one of my least favorite cousins last night. (She'll be intown until the end of Spetember!!! :( )

After a quick bite to eat, I deposited her @ my brother's for a visit, but when I was trying to make my escape, my brother, embarrassed me into staying. So tonight will be my SC night!

And Monday is my very first
Man v. Wild! : )

SC was #5 on the itunes list yesterday, I think. I hope it has a great run!
(Wonder why Duncan and Rodene weren't @ the BAFTA event in L.A. for Will & Kate? I'd have loved to see them.)

mary said...

yesterday i had the discovery channel on and they were showing an oldepisode of MAN VS WILD so i watched some it of till my daughter showed up i have never seen an episode either cant wait for tomorrow night

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to wish OONP a better weekend/week ahead. I hope watching SC cheered you a bit!

I replaced the auto-starting Insider video with a youtube version, so it's safe to open the page again!

Mary, glad your computer is back. I haven't ever seen a MvW episode. I'm guessing tomorrow will be my first and last, lol.

Oh no, Bobbyanna. A pesky cousin in for the summer. Nice try fobbing her off on your brother. Hee.

Sag Actor, I finally got to watch SC last night, too. I was afraid I wouldn't enjoy it as much without a whole theater full of people. But it was still exciting, even with just a couple of folks.

And thanks to Sass for letting me know about the bonus feature. I never would have stuck around through all the credits to find it. I loved Russell Peters talking about Jake and how cool he was, going with whatever RP threw at him.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch Man Vs Wild

is SC coming out on DVD on July 26th?


mary said...

yes lily SC will be out on DVD July 26

Extra said...

I saw 2 good movies this weekend: SC for the third time and it didn't loose it's impact on the small screen at all.

And Bad Bosses, well it wasn't good in the same sense as SC of course but I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought like you Bobbyanna!

Looking forward to watching Man Vs Bear tonight!

Monica said...

Happy to know that everyone is enjoying Source Code again. I've yet to see.

I read that the film will debut in China in August.

Does anyone have a link to watch Man vs. Wild tonight?

bobbyanna said...

(((monica))) I feel truly bad for you, that haven't been able to see SC! I think it's so unfair! I wish someone would yell at Summit about the silly distribution scheme they used to roll the movie out!

I know various countries use different distributors. I know that there are scheduling priorities with other movies in different markets in most countries, too.

I can even undertand a roll out that might take a month or two for international audiences, but what you guys are going thru in Brazil is ridiculous!

I'm kind of excited about tonight.
I only hope the storms we're expecting do not mess with my power ):

UltraViolet said...

Monica, I don't know of an online viewing option. I'll let you know if I see anything.

It IS ridiculous that SC has not come out there yet. :(

Extra said...

I still can't believe that Sc has yet to open in Brazil Monica, I heard that it will opening in Japan in October!

bobbyanna said...

Source Code can be rented for $3.99on Amazon. I don't know if it works in Brazil,but I just checked Amazon in the U.S.

sheba said...

Hey everybody. Enjoy your Bear Grylls man vs wild episode with Jake. Its 10pm here and don't know when we get it so just watched Bear on Bourne Survivor where he pretty much did some of the things Jake will do. That's my consolation *sniff* so enjoy the next thrill ride Jake is taking us on :)

bobbyanna said...

OK. I know I'm a Jake fanatic, but I have to say this. As many times as I've seen SC, I still get very emotional. I thought it was just seeing it in the theater, but when I watched it again On Demand, it was the same thing.

I think Jake's performance deserves recognition. I hope Mark Gordon and Summitt feel the same way. He was absolutely perfect and he was in every scene. I thought he was superb in LAOD, but his SC performance was just incredible.

Monica said...

The film will debut on July 29 in Brazil.

Bear Grylls talks about manning up with Jake Gyllenhaal for 'Men vs. Wild':
Man vs Wild

Chica said...

I agree Bobbyanna, the scene where he is on the phone with his father still gets me after seeing for the 4th time over the weekend.

Thanks Monica, count down to Man vs Wild!

sass said...

Evening UV and fellow babblers. I'm here waiting to see Jake @ 9:00PM and again at 11:00PM. I love my life. *grin*
bobbyanna, I become just as emotional each time too. I can't understand why it still happens to me, but whenever I watch it again, I feel just as I did when I first saw it in April.
One scene effects me...when Jake/Coulter realizes his breaks my heart...I'm overwhelmed literally. This is truly a mulitlayered nuanced performance with Jake at his best.

I watched Heath grow from his first USA movie, "10 Things" to become a genius actor...He and Jake are phenomenal and now Jake is taking off again.

Both Jake and Heath are from my son's generation and I'm overjoyed I got to experience their acting.

I think I'll visit itunes to find SC :) TY.

I bought "Frozen Moment" off the CD...when the people on the train are smiling and happy...frozen in time...I think about how horrible it is, this war against us all.

You know Jake has to be recognized during award season. For me, this is his best work in a while for me...much much better than LAOD :)

sass said...

TY Monica...Chica...that phone call with his dad scene gets me too...unbelievable acting!!

bobbyanna said...

"...when Jake/Coulter realizes his breaks my heart...I'm overwhelmed literally. "

Yeah. That was the exact moment for me too, the phone call with his dad later on, and the scenes with Vera, I was just...very emotional. I think that's an indication of great acting, that it has authenticity. So much so, that certain scenes will always evoke a response from the audience.

Sqeeee! Less than an hour. Watching it will be a lot easier knowing he made it back in one piece. :)

UltraViolet said...

I always tear up when good win thanks him for his service and at the phone call. I agree that it's a performance that should be recognized but probably won't be.

Not so long now, Monica. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Sheba, Monica and others who can't see MvW, I hope clips will be up soon. I made a new post for a live blog.