Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mahalo, Jake

The paps caught Jake Gyllenhaal returning to work/workouts yesterday after a weekend escape. But which would you rather see: this?

Or this:

I thought so.

Though he's not looking so sunny, Jake hopefully enjoyed his Hawaiian dip.

In more clothed news, Source Code is now available on DVD in the U.S. Still waiting for my copy, but I did enjoy my VOD viewing. Can't wait to hear the commentary.

For a laugh, someone on tumblr posted this screenshot from Facebook:

(Photos courtesy of PopSugar.)


mary said...

thanks UV for the new pics but yea not to happy havng his picture taken who can blame him thru

I picked up another copy of SC today hope this one works the cashier when he saw the dvd said excellent movie.

Chica said...

I prefer wet Jake of course but I don't blame Jake for being miffed at being photographed. I hope managed to have fun over the weekend in Hawaii along with celebrating the wedding. Maggie looks good too, I like her bathing suit.

LOL @ the FB entry.

I hope you have better luck with this DVD Mary, I'm still waiting for my copy.

bobbyanna said...

As intrusive as they may be, I am loving the beach/swimming pictures!
He seems like a good brother/ good listener, too. Maggie talk with her hands. LOL!

Anonymous said...

WOW hot stuff. I didn't know the paps followed them to the beach. Nice to see he and Maggie enjoying the water


UltraViolet said...

I'm hoping Jake was just caught at non-smiling intervals :) This is one set for which I'd love to see video. Have we ever seen Jake swimming on film?

UltraViolet said...

Also, not sure if anyone has seen the trailer for New Year's Day. I don't know if Jake was ever really even interested in that, but judging form the trailer, he may have dodged a bullet. It looks awful.

sass said...

evening UV babblers all,
Gyllenbabble just came up on my igoogle page, so I came right I need cardiac resuscitation! * big grin*
The pics are great...we never see Jake out swimming anymore though I think I know why and I feel for him...anyway love wet Jake and his sister out together. TY:)

Monica said...

Wow great find, UV. He looks great.

I don't like bathing suit. And the bathing suit of Maggie seems to be very large.

Sag Actor said...

I don't know if anyone commented on the previous post but I think Jake's stepmom looks like Maggie, or is it just me! Anyway congratulations to the bride and groom.

I haven't received my SC DVD yet, but i'm looking forward to seeing it again along with the commentary.

bobbyanna said...

Stephen's wife was teaching film at Vassar, has her undergrad from Yale, and a Masters from U of Iowa. She has her own film production company, and she's a documentarian. They met while she was working with him on Grassroots. I think she's 36.

It was nice to see pictures of Jake interacting with his uncles and other family members.

I hadn't noticed her resemblance to Maggie, but she's very pretty. I agree with who ever said those two little boys are hers. They look exactly like her.

LOL! monica, Jake seems to favor the loud print in his bathing trunks. These remind me of the black and white ones he wore in Hawaii a few years ago.

bobbyanna said...

Can I just say. I love it that Maggie didn't wear a bathing cap.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry to spam, but Adam Levine will be on CNN with Piers Morgan one on one at 9:30. (The first half hour is discussion about the debt crisi which frankly I cannot listen to them anymore.) So
Adam's on the second half hour if anyone wants to watch it.

SAG actor, chica, etc. did you all order the blueray or the DVD of SC? I'm wondering if the commentaries or special features are different.

Monica said...

I'm watching, bob.

mary said...

i got the DVD dont have a blue ray havent watched it yet hopefully tonight but on the back it says commentaries by duncan,jake and ben ripley,cast insights and a trivia track

UltraViolet said...

Do people still wear bathing caps? If they aren't competitive swimmers, I mean.

I love Jake's trunks!

mary said...

boy am i having bad luck now i cant get my dvd player to work and cant get the disc out my sist er said she will come over after work tomorrow and take a look i dont think im ever going to get to watch SC ;0

No UV i dont think anyone wears bathing caps any more

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Indie Drama Casts Cody Horn: THR

Interview with Michael Pena, where he talks about several films, including End of Watch: Collider

Sorry, Mary.

bobbyanna said...

I just meant that she was OK with getting her hair wet in the sandy surf. She seems very low maintenance. ...Some people still wear bathing caps. ;)

mary said...

thanks monica

i finally got the disc out but my dvd player still not working hope i dont need to get a new one ill wait and see if my sister can fix it

UltraViolet said...

To be fair, Maggie does seem like the type who would! lol

How frustrating, Mary! I hope you can get the DVD to work.

Here's the trailer for Ides of March. I almost couldn't bear to watch. It looks good but would have looked better with Jake. I don't get the Gosling hype. He sounds stupid, god forgive me. Yes, he was great in Blue Valentine, but I don't reeky buy him here.

Thanks for the links, Monica. Will have to watch the Pena interview tomorrow. It wont lay on my iPad and I don't feel like dragging the laptop out.

I'll take your word on that, bobbyanna :)

UltraViolet said...


bobbyanna said...

Dang, mary! Sorry you're have problems with the DVD/player.

I saw the trailer, too, UV. Kept seeing Jake. He would have killed in that part. It was painful. But then I considered, this is Clooney's movie. He's "The Star."

He has an incredible supporting cast in Gosling, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Giamatti, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Monica said...

She certainly would.

I liked the trailer. The film looks good and Ryan looks great. George Clooney looks the same as always.
I confess that sometimes I'm a little jealous, because I want Jake was in the same situation as him. In fact, everything that I imagined would happen in the career of Jake after BBM is going on with Ryan Gosling's career.
It's all about what you choose along the way and Ryan is choosing the rights films. This is his moment.

He is great in Lars And The Real Girl, Half Nelson and BV.

UltraViolet said...

I agree, Monica. Ryan has the career Jake should have at this moment. But he's made some clunkers, too, so I hope jake's moment comes again.

I didn't think he was all that in half Nelson though he was undeniably great in BV. In this trailer, his voice really bothered me. As I said, he sounds stupid.

Jake would have killed, bobbyanna. And I don't think it is Clooney's movie. RG definitely seems like the star.

It's a shame.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused by that FB thing. Is Jake even a morman?

Monica said...

Anon, the facebook page is selling the idea that you will meet a beautiful Mormon. So they are using the image of Jake to attract people to the website.

UV, I think he is better in Lars and The Real Girl than in Half Nelson.

I can see perfectly Jake in this role in The Ides of March.

Viv said...

Cheer up,ladies,even tho I am also upset Jake isn't in Cloony' new film.He can def do better than Ryan G.
I think Ryan G. is very good actor.This year is his hot year, just like Jake when in BBM time.
Actually I admire James McAvoy way more than Ryan G., James Franco or Ryan Renolds(pss..)

Sometimes it's frustrate to see Jake having no future project in hand.He is not very productive even after BBM.

I am glad Jake redeemed himself by source code.Now all we can do is waiting his next new project.Sign..
Damn you ,Jake.Why pass "Now you can see me"??(just kidding.XD)

Lola said...

I like ryan gosling, but theres something about him that i just can't fully get behind. I agree that he was great in half nelson, but not amazing like everyone made him out to be. I adored him in Lars and the real girl. I loved blue valentine, but felt Michelle had the stronger performance. Ryan just felt like he was playing himself. I could totally see jake in this ides of march role. It's a shame, but hopefully SC will help get him more roles. Like Viv said its ryans hot year, he didn't release any movie for two years back in 08 and 09.

Those wedding pics from the last post are beautiful. It's good to see that Jake is still close to his father. It does look like Jake may have step siblings now, how cool! It also looks like everyone gets a long. I heard someone else say that maggie and stephens new wife looks alike but i never noticed and don't think they do.

Love the beach pics. Yummy!

Chica said...

I ordered the blue ray version of SC Bobbyanna, hopefully it will arrive so I can watch it this weekend.

Jake would have been perfect in Ides of March. I like Ryan, thought he was brilliant in Lars, but just ok in BV. I can see why Michelle got the AA nom. and not Ryan.

Sorry that your DVD player isn't working Mary:(

bobbyanna said...

"I confess that sometimes I'm a little jealous, because I want Jake was in the same situation as him. In fact, everything that I imagined would happen in the career of Jake after BBM is going on with Ryan Gosling's career"

I often feel the same way, monica. And not just with Ryan.(I'll confess. I've never seen Lars, BV, or The Notebook. I don't mind Ryan, but as the lead, he's not a draw for me.)

I believe in my bones that Jake has a wonderful future ahead of him, and some great work, too. He is respected, and well liked in the industry.(Yes, he's missed out on parts, but maybe he's turned some down, too.)

When I look at the career trajectory of people like Clooney or even Ben Affleck, there are always lulls, or bad movie decisions, or bumps. This is all very survivable. Jake will do fine. There are a lot more good stories to tell.

Everything's gonna be OK. ; )

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The pics are a bit nosy but I love them! Jake's trunks are loud but he looks good and fit. Maggie's bathing suit is modest but she it shows off her figure and long legs.

Looking at their expressions, I think the water may have been colder than they thought!

I do see a resemblence to Maggie and Stephen's new wife, she is younger than I thought!!

Looks like i'm not the only one waiting for my SC DVD, I ordered the regular DVD.

I admit that I get jealous if you can call it that when I hear about roles going to actors like Cooper for instance because Jake is a better actor than he is.

I can see Ryan getting the roles, he's "It" at the moment, sort of where Jake was after BBM. He made Jarhead and Zodiac after that and i thought those were great choices, Zodiac was on the critics top ten that year.

There have been some misses but I think that SC may have put him back on track.

I'm sick of the debt debate too Bobbyanna...

Monica said...

At A Private Gun Range In Los Angeles: IHJ

UltraViolet said...

Jake's "moment" was definitely 2005-2006, but I hoped it would translate. I can't fault most of the choices he made. He's had a combination of bad luck and bad timing.

I can't point to many films I wish he had made instead of the ones he chose. But now, other actors are scooping up many, many roles that I wish Jake had gotten. That wasn't the case before.

I know it can change and hope that it will, but for now, it's depressing.

mary said...

jake may have lots of projects planned lots of times we dont hear about them till hes ready to start filming its happened a few times we will just have to be patient UV

i wnat to see jake working more toomore jake seems to be very picky about what he does at least i hope thats the reason i have faith in jake to pick the right projects

UltraViolet said...

I got to watch the Collider interview with Michael Pena. Like, it will be like interesting, you know, to see them both, like interviewed.

Is twitter's new search driving anyone else crazy? In Safari, if you're logged in, the searches come up empty half the time and you can't get more than the first page. Signed out, you also can't go longer than the first page but it at least works.

And it's all languages. Can't figure out how to get back to my English only preference. Not to discriminate - it just clogs up the list with stuff I mostly don't understand!

Tweety said...

I'll take the wet and shirtless Jake please, LOL!!!

He looks really buff, I'm not liking his swimming shorts at all nor Maggie's bathing suit but I love seeing them together.

Yes Rosling seems to be it right now and looks like he has a ton of films coming out but i think he deserves all the attention and offers because he is that good IMO.

It's frustrating being a Jake fan at times, SC was a bright spot and I'm looking forward to EOW.

Still it's a bit depressing looking at his IMDB page:(

I just switched over to Firefox as my browser UV and I am having the same problem with twitter.I don't know why the tweets I search don't go beyond page one :(

UltraViolet said...

Ugh, it's so annoying, tweety, isn't it! Twitter used to have a dedicated search page. This is all part of the New Twitter!, I guess. I like old twitter.

New post.