Friday, June 11, 2010

New Eyes for the Needy's New Chair

Amid the Prince of Persia promotional frenzy last month, Jake Gyllenhaal paid a visit to the Short Hills, New Jersey, headquarters of New Eyes for the Needy, a cause Jake has supported.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal took time away from his schedule to visit New Eyes for the Needy on May 24 to meet with volunteers and staff, but it wasn't an unusual visit for him.

Gyllenhaal's connection to the Short Hills nonprofit goes back many years. "I've had really poor vision ever since I was a little kid—my mom first took me to the doctor because I was smacking into walls—and every time my prescription changed, we gave my old glasses to New Eyes" Gyllenhaal said to InStyle magazine last year, according to a New Eyes for the Needy press release. "So when I started looking for a cause that I had a strong visceral connection to, I thought of it and wanted to help bring awareness to its work."

"Jake has been a great advocate for New Eyes for several years now," said
Susan Dyckman, executive director of New Eyes for the Needy, in the press release. "He has been instrumental to New Eyes' fundraising through his help in gaining foundation grants—and with his celebrity, he has raised national awareness of New Eyes by promoting our cause in magazine profiles."

Gyllenhaal, who most recently starred in "The Prince of Persia," mingled with volunteer and staff members, speaking to all and thanking them for the important work they do. He pledged to further his commitment to help New Eyes.

"Jake has agreed to chair the newly formed Advisory Committee for New Eyes," said Clelia Biamonti, board president of New Eyes, in the release. "We are lucky and happy to have Jake on our side- encouraging us and believing in the work we do."

It was just about two years ago that we first learned of Jake's involvement, through this video appeal for New Eyes:

If you need assistance or would like to support New Eyes, visit their website.

Remember when Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on the Jonathan Ross show and was forced to eat pickled onions. One audience member got to challenge Jake in a contest, and the video is now up on Jonathan Ross's site. And here it is:

Jake and Adam Levine hit the town on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. The paps were on their trail, but didn't shoot them until the last stop.

(Some photos courtesy of IHJ. For more photos of Jake at the New Eyes office, visit their Facebook page.)


Anonymous said...

His suit is looking a bit crumpled! But he looks oh so hot :) and tanned! lovely :D


FluorescentLamp said...

@leighbaby_'s pickled onion eating contest from JRoss is up. Doesn't look to be embeddable - here's the link.

Last clip on the slide bar on the left.

Tweety said...

Thanks for posting this UV! What a great cause he is supporting and he will be chairing the Advisory committe too!

Damns, that link doesn't seem to work FL:(

Either she saw a look a like or maybe Jake is in Montreal for the Grand Prix??:

PrincessGe: Just ran into Jake Gyllenhaal!!! Finalement j'aime sa en criss le Grand Prix!!! :)
25 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry

Im glad Jake and Adam had a designated driver, they look a bit tipsey in these pics!

UltraViolet said...

They do look like they've had a few drinks, Tweety :)

I was so happy to see the New Eyes story. It's nice to see Jake doing these things. We still need a real photo of him in his glasses, though!

Hi (O!) silver! Jake is a bit rumpled. I think this was after his GMA appearance, so he was in that suit for a while!

Thanks for the heads-up, FL. I downloaded and embedded the clip. It's in the post, so hopefully you can see it now, Tweety. It's a little jumpy for me on my ancient computer, but I hope it works.

Anonymous said...

Could New Eyes have a more handsome spokesperson? There's something charming about knowing those beautiful eyes need glasses, human or something. :) Nice post.

Monica said...

What wonderful post. I'm always happy to see the charity work of Jake.
I love all photos, especially the one with little girl.

The video is slow, so I'll see later.
Thanks, UV.

bobbyanna said...

This is a wonderful surprise!! Jake chairing their advisory committee. I love the expressions on the faces of the people he is pictured with. I think all of then are several inches off the ground! :)

Jake sure is looking mighty fine lately. I mean, these pictures, the JR video clip, sexy is such a poor word, but it's all I have!:)

suvee said...

Wonderful to hear that Jake will be the chair of the new advisory committee for New Eyes. I am going to donate an old pair of glasses (good condition) that I never use anymore. And believe me, if there's a way I can include a comment, I'm going to make sure they know that Jake deserves the credit for my donation!

Yeah, Jake and Adam do look a bit buzzed. I do love Maroon 5's music.... a lot. Still haven't listened to Mumford & Sons though.

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has a very interesting article, "What's Wrong With This Summer's Movies?" PoP is included ("Prince of Persia: The Abs of Jake"), along with several other movies, but SATC is the one singled out for most of their scorn. The article is not on their online site, so I can't provide a link. But I recommend it. It offers an interesting analysis of the disappointing BO for many summer "blockbusters".

Monica said...

"What's Wrong With This Summer's Movies?"

Interestingly, Suvee. I have my theories about this, but it would be interesting to read this article.

I know that one of the biggest disappointments is Iron Man, because people would be expecting a great movie.

FluorescentLamp said...

Here's the Entertainment Weekly article Suvee referred to if anyone is interested. I feel like I read this story earlier in the week someplace else.

Sorry for the crap scan job.

EW Part 1

EW Part

FluorescentLamp said...

Whoops. That second link is supposed to say EW Part 2. Forgot the 2.

Monica said...


mary said...

glad to see jake doing his chairty work i have glasses since i was five and my son since he was rwo so i know how jake feels off toread that article in ew i get the magazine but havent had a chance to read it

Tweety said...

Thanks UV, I can see the video now!! Pickled onions, ugh, but it was funny!

Thanks for the scan FL. I was disappointed in IM2 and S4 was better than S3, but that's not saying much. It doesn't give their reason why Pop had a disappointing BO.

Cathy E said...

Interesting article about the poor summer box office. Looks like it was across the boards too, not just for PoP. I did like PoP, and Robin Hood. I didn't see SATC2. I think they are right that this might not have been the summer where people wanted to see the four go overboard that much. I agree there was too much criticism of their appearances, and that may be a double standard. But, according to another review, it would have been nice is they had acted their ages and not tried to hold onto their youth. I as a woman don't see the need to defend my right to be a self-absorbed, compulsive-spending, Fashion-obsessed twit, and it seemed to oversimplify the repression of the women in the Middle East. Who really would wear white vintage Valentino to frost cupcakes with the kids? Curling up at home with your husband in front of the big-screen with take-away is my idea of a good time. I wasn't a big follower of the series, but the characters always sounded charming to me. Maybe you can't take the girl out of the city. :)

I know it's supposed to be funny, but sometimes things like that miss the mark. These economic times are one of them, maybe a little bit of the knowledge that their stock prices went down might have been the missing ingredient. More Americans are watching the Oil Spill events (80% I think I read). There's more drama in real life lately. Robin Hood, while he may not be the gladiator he used to be to some, (I thought he looked fine), wasn't, IMO, playing a glamorous leading man character, but a gritty and real one in a brutal time. Big difference.

Chica said...

I love reading and hearing about Jake's involvement in charities and he realy is involved in this one.

I think I would eat a few of those nasty onions if it meant I got a hug from Jake at the end!

Yeah, Jake and Adam definately had too many adult beverages:)

Anonymous said...

Why is it so interesting that it "looked like" Jake had been drinking "too much".
Actually his grandfather was an alcholic - and being maybe a family thing drinking moderately would be the thing to do.

bobbyanna said...

I read the article about summer box office. It caught me wrong. I was offended by the intellectual dishonesty. They already have their conclusions, so they "work backwards," conveniently ignoring obvious truths, in favor of thematic assumptions that support their conclusions. Except hers were transparent. Full of holes.

I keep expecting someone to be just a little more analytical and balanced. The author brought not one single thing new to the discussion, no fresh perspective. Just more of the same, as far as PoP goes. And it distorted the reality of PoP's performance, and the context, which is that box office was down across the board.

I thought the "Abs of Jake" was an unnecessary slam, and again, a glib dismissal. She goes on to say PoP was "exactly as good as every other videogame adaptation, which is to say not very." Which is simply not true. Not factually correct.

She goes on to say, "The kindest thing we can say about these movies is that they were "creatively unnecessary," not one of them exists because people behind them believed that they had a great story to tell." Of course Jordan Mechner, and everyone else connected to the project not withstanding!

She goes on to say about SATC2, that critics were angry, bcz they felt betrayed! "it was one of the few studio movies that was supposed to be about actual humans..."

She ignores the fact it was about four uninteresting, self-involved characters, disconnected from today's world.

At least the very real, three dimensional characters in PoP had real conflict, real stories, and the fantasy was a 'once upon a time' set in the realistically depicted 6th century!

Oh. And I wish someone would explain to me what is meant by "creatively unnecessary." That really pissed me off. Who gets to say what is "creatively necessary?"

bobbyanna said...

Can I just say. After long, and painful consideration these past few weeks in particular, I have come to a conclusion. I think I'll have to retire the word, "Adorable" as applied to Jake.

Not that he won't be doing "adorable" stuff from time to time. But as applied specifically to him...I need a better word. I could look at him all day long.

I'm off to chop salad greens for 80 people! I volunteered to help with my neice's graduation party this afternoon. As Jimmy Fallon would say, "WHY!..."

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh hey Anon @10:23, did you know that even drinking moderately can give a person a buzzed look? I'm sure Jake is well aware of the alcoholism within his family tree and since he knows about it, it shouldn't really be a concern for you.

I think we're all happy Jake is out and about and reconnecting with old friends again. If that involves having a few cocktails then good for him.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Simmer down Anon., Jake is a grown man and he is responsible enough to know when he needs a designated driver (Adam too). Glad to see he is enjoying himself and hanging out with old friends.

And no I don't find it interesting, I will just commenting on the obvious: he and Adam were feeling no pain that night!

Bravo Bobbyanna! I just would like to add that article is just another example of lazy journalism, entertainment jouranlism, but still lazy.

There is nothing in that article (about SATC2) that has not been voiced elsewhere. I never understood the appeal of the 4 characters from SATC. I never felt any connection to them at all and I never fantasized about living their lives.

I never watched the TV show and sure the hell wasn't going to waste my $$$ to see them on the big screen.

Dastan and Co and more depth then them and they were based on VG characters!

And enough with the slam.

New eyes for the needy is a wonderful organization and I'm so proud that Jake is so involved with it. Can you imagine Jake stopping by like that at your office:))

That video was hyterical, the look on that poor woman's face when she popped that gross thing in her mouth!

Good luck with your niece's graduation party today Bobbyanna, and congratulations to her!

Cathy E said...

Aww come on, there's nothing wrong with having a few drinks with a friend, and they had a designated driver. They had some fun it looks like. :)

Monica said...

Hey, someone watching World Cup?

What is this useless information about his grandfather? Please, this is something that concerns only the Gyllenhaal family. And don't make judgments.

FluorescentLamp said...

Hey, someone watching World Cup?

Waiting for US v England to start! So exciting!!! :-))

Carla said...

I am watching US ./. England now. Fingers crossed for the US!

No new films this weekend released here! Everybody watching the games!

Great news that Jake is chairman of the advisory commitee!

MARY said...

im watching the game too GO USA

Anonymous said...

I don't mind anyone having a few drinks with friends. That wasn't my point - just the fact whenever Jake is out somewhere there's an assumption he's tipsy or drunk or whatever. We don't know.
As far as the grandfather comment. It's in poems by his Dad.
Sometimes whatever it is that causes some people to drink and have no problem and others to become addicted to it now and then that type of thing does run in families.
I see Jake as someone who wouldn't want to do anything that might cause problems with his life and career.

Chica said...

I'm watching too,

ENG 1 - US 0


Anonymous said...

Wetdarkandwild found and uploaded this video for me. I havn't seen it and i think i would have noticed because he answered my question! :D:D

hehe, so happy. My name is ERIN not ELLEN just to clarify, but what the hell. :P I get a signed and personalised PoP poster too apparantly :D:D Just thought i would share :P


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! :)

Carla said...

Great for you, Erin, congratulations!

And also congratulations to the US team! Great job especially from Ron Howard, man of the match! Disappointing for England, I expected more from them.

I like Jakes support for New Eyes for the Needy - a great cause and something he really is connected with.

Extra said...

That's great Erin/Silver!

I watched part the game at the, TIED!!! Jake must be happy with that.

Glad to see his continue support for eyes for the Needy, what a great organization.

Love the Jake and Adam pics!

Read the EW article. The SATC characters are vapid and weren't meant to be taken seriously, but I have no patience for that. It reminds me of when Disney/Bruckheimer released Confessions of a Shopaholic when the economy was going in the toilet. I agree Cathy E that Americans are focusing on more impotant matters.

Pop is pure fantasy and adventure, movies that Americans usally turn to during these times but the summer blahs and the economy and Americans are picky on which films they are going to pluck their $$$ down on.

And Pop's incoherent marketing at times didn't help sell that point IMO.

Sometimes a film just sells itself like Karate Kid. A film about a kid and karate, kids all over the country are enrolled in karate classes,a built in audience.

And speaking of selling, Jake sold the hell out of this film. He is really proud of it and he should be. I loved this film, it took me to a different time an place which was dazling, exciting , a bit scary and beautiful.

Monica said...

I have not read the book by Stephan, anon.

I saw the game and I think Jake was happy with the result.

Congratulations, Erin.

Anonymous said...

Could see little moments where the cutting could of been a bit better but any hair changes didn't bother me because it seemed everything went by so fast. Jake did such a great job with this role. And it wasn't just the running and jumping and action parts. When he's talking to "Sir Ben" and realizing after a little bit that he was the one responsible the emotion so subtley changes from listening to him to slowly showing that he's understand what has been going on.
Also didn't think the dialog was anywhere "as bad" as some had said. Have seen some where the acting is questionable but this wasn't one of them. Everyone seemed to be really there for the film and giving their all. Jake esp.
And the scenes with Sir Ben that were any duration Jake was right there holding his own with him and his presence on the screen.
And enjoyed he and Gemma.
As far as the ending that's what we were told and were shown - press the top of the dagger and time goes back. Release it the way it was at the end it would really go back and bring him back to when he first had the dagger.
It wasn't somethng out of nowhere that couldn't be understood.
Looking forward to the DVD which I am sure will sell well and be rented often. Things like that can go on for quite a long time.

Extra said...

Article pn Pop Costume designer Penny Rose, she is truly an artist:

Anonymous said...

Bound to hear her name mentioned at the Oscars. So much work and intelligence goes into such things.


UltraViolet said...

Sorry I missed the pearl-clutching earlier. I was having a few drinks and reading bad poetry :)

It would be very cool if the costume or sets get Oscar recognition, but I'm not holding my breath.

The EW story on the summer box office isn't very good, IMO. While I had no interest in SatC and laughed at many of the vicious reviews, I don't think they quite nailed the problem. Of course, I haven't seen the movie so I can't judge. But I don't think seeing the women struggle with recession issues would have been any more appealing. The show was never really about reality.

Erin, congrats on your question/answer surprise! I hope Jake got your name right on the poster. Lucky girl :)

Sheba baby said...

I remember when we first heard about Jake and New eyes for the Needy (Thanks for the video UV). What a great charity for him to be involved in, something close to his heart.

I didn't watch the WC yesterday, but I heard that it was 1-1 US/UK. I wonder if Jake was watching?

Congratulations Erin, how cool!

That wasn't much of an article explaining some of the Summer BO faliures so far.I haven't seen SATC2 because I have no interest in the characters or the actors.

The details on the Pop costumes are exquisite. Ms. Rose deserves to e recognized for her beautiful work, let's keep our fingers crossed.

Looks like I missed the pearl clutching too UV, busy with my gin and tonics, ha, ha!!

I hope he is enjoying his down time with his pals after all the Pop promotion.

Sheba baby said...

The pickled onions video, finally!!! Those things are vile.

Jake was such a good soldier during these interviews, and Leighbaaby is lucky: she got to get up and close with Mr. G even though she had to eat one of those things!

Cathy E said...

Sorry I missed the pearl-clutching earlier.

LOL - I needed a good laugh.

I enjoyed the article on Penny Rose and the costume design. I hope she's recognized too. Tobey's armour was remarkable, and now I know why! The story behind Dastan's robe and Tamina's costumes too - all just works of art.

Sag actor said...

Thanks for scanning that EW article FL. Focused mostly on SATC2 and they covered territory that have been covered already regarding that. I wish they bought more to the table in the article.

This NYT article discusses the lackluster sequels this summer. Mentions Pop briefly saying it's unlikely that it will spawn a sequel:

Anonymous said...

The future for POP will be the DVD. It's something that will be out there for more than 3 months. It will have a long life through people buying it, renting it, checking it out at libraries, seeing it on t.v. And along the way gaining more fans for Jake.


Anonymous said...

Saw this comment on the new box-office. With the attention it got did think The A Team was one of those they expected a kind of semi-blockbuster. But notice they don't say it was "a flop"..just that its opening wasn't "terrible". Guess it just depends on the type of movie it is.
Still think with some of the critics they were not going to give that good a review to any movie that was from a video game as I think most critics continue to say they're all not good so they have that mind set. Tho they did seem to like the first Pirates do know some critics are not too positive about Bruckheimer movies. Anyway -

'In contrast, The A-Team, earned $26 million for its opening frame. It’s not a terrible start, but it is well beneath expectations.'

bobbyanna...squeeeing as I type!!! said...

Google Alert:

"JAKE GYLLENHAAL has just signed on to play Hall of Fame quarterback JOE NAMATH for Universal Pictures, reports Variety. The film will tell the story of how the handsome Pennsylvania native with the golden arm became a cultural icon, ."

mary said...

great news bobbyanna now we kknow jakes next film

bobbyanna said...

This also accounts for all the days in the gym lately, too! :)

Chica said...

Yesss!!! Thanks Bobbyanna, this is great news.

bobbyanna said...

Joe "wrote" an autobiography in 1970 titled "I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow...'Cause I Get Better Lookin' Everyday!" (Only he could get away with that!:))He had a great sense of humor. Probably still does.

If you feel like jogging over to Amazon at some point, there are probably a dozen or more books about him. I'll be interested to know if they base the screenplay on any of them, or adapt it from parts of several bios.

bobbyanna said...

One more piece of Joe Trivia:

After football, he tried his hand at acting, including a very brief stint in summer stock in Damn Yankees!

Shondra said...

I was hoping Jake would do the Namath bio next, thanks for the news Bobbyanna!

I knew that Joe did some acting but I had no idea that he did a Summer stock production of Damn Yankees, what a coincidence!

Leigh seems calm standing next to Jake in that JR video, I guess she was distracted by that pickled onion::))

I's so good to see Jake as such a visible face for Eyes for the Needy.
A wonderful charity that a lot of people aren't familiar with.

I've seen Pop twice and loved it both times. I see that it's at #6 this week and has made 72 mil. domestic and 190 mil. OS.

SATC2 was slammed by critics and yes a lot of the criticsm was catty about their looks, or they weren't acting their age, etc, but I had zero interest in seeing it no matter how it was reviewed.

My sons who saw Pop with me the first time, along with my husband and enjoyed it as much as I did want to see The Karate Kid next.

Seeing those costumes up close and reading about the behind the scenes on how everything came together makes me hope that Pop isn't forgotten come Oscar time. Not only costume design, but cinematography as well.

Love the pics of Jake and Adam!!

Tweety said...

I would have had a staring problem too!

RACHELJANE323: Saw Jake Gyllenhaal while I was getting coffee after a run... I definitely had a staring problem. Hubba hubba!
10 minutes ago via Mobile

Monica said...

Today saw for the second time POP.
I was with my nephew, who is in love with Prince of Persia.

This time I saw the movie dubbed, because my nephew doesn't like to see subtitled films.
I don't know if the problem with my dog last week influenced, but this time it was as if I had seen a different movie and better.
The scenes were better, a visual epic, and more fun. I do not know how to say, but this time Jake was much better in the role of Dastan to me than the other time.

The film still remains with those problems I mentioned earlier, mainly in the script, editing and direction.

I felt the audience liked the film, especially in the relationship he has with his family. There were many families in the theater.
The audience also was enjoying the action scenes and applauded the kiss of Dastan and Tamina and end.

The voice acting was good, because they put the same voice actor of all movies of Jake in Brazil. And the voice of Tamina was better this time. haha
Helped in the performance of Gemma, but I still think she's the weakest part of the movie.

Not a movie for me and a movie that would make me go to the movie theather. But thanks to Jake I saw a fun movie. And that is what it wanted to be, just a fun movie.

I will certainly buy the DVD.

Monica said...

I told about the audience and I forgot to say that the theater was completely full again. And it's a time of the World Cup.
I saw Iron Man on the second weekend of the film in Brazil and was only about 50 people in the theater.

Some people were taking photos next to the poster of POP. The sweetest moment was when a boy asked his mother to take a picture of him next to the "Pince" Dastan.

Tweety, twitter is being dominated by Brazilians these days with the CALA A BOCA GALVAO!
I also am part of this campaign!

Thanks for all informations, babblers!

UltraViolet said...

So you prefer dubber Jake, Monica :)

I think the second viewing can be more enjoyable because you already know what's going to happen and you're not full of anticipation/tension regarding Jake's performance.

It's still fun to hear that audiences are enjoying it and applauding the kiss!

Hi Shondra - was your second PoP trip without the family? :)

Thanks for the tweet, Tweety. I would hope I wouldn't stare, but I bet it would be hard not to! There were a few sightings of Jake in LA this weekend, so I think the Montreal tweet was a case of mistaken identity. Or maybe Tobey was in town ;)

Bobbyanna, I wonder if that is an old google alert that popped up again? I haven't seen anything else about it, and the wording is the same from the original Variety report.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, I hadn't seen your second post, Monica. That's adorable. And great news about the full theater even during the World Cup.

Monica said...

I prefer movies with subtitles, I love the voice of actors (Jake), but this was a good dubbing.
It's a rarity, because they are usually bad.

I have to say: Jake is very very very hot in this movie.

He is very charming.

bobbyanna said...

Dang! You know, it very well could be an old item! Google does that sometimes. I was hoping one of the TV entertainment shows would follow up tomorrow.

I've never seen it formally announced like this before. It's been speculated about, but this time, Variety was cited and it said Jake had actually signed to do it with Universal, so I got excited.

I also saw it mentioned today on New York Magazine's website. They had a snarky comment about the announcement. Said Jake was playing Namath, proving that if Adam Sandler could portray a football player anyone could.

Personally, I hope it's really true and the project's finally getting off the ground. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Jake's PR people never formally announce or confirm his new projects. We always end up finding out about it other ways.:(

bobbyanna said...

Twitter's dominated by Jake love and Prince of Persia. The comments are 90% positive! No talk of any new projects.

This from JB:
BruckheimerJB:"PrinceOfPersia has continued blockbuster performances in China, Russia, ranks #1 in Latin America and Spain - what was your favorite scene?"

Monica, I really enjoyed PoP much more on second viewing, too! Yes,we also had the applause at the kiss. It was cute. This is not something I would ordinarily see either, but for Jake, and I enjoyed it very much.

bobbyanna said...

OUCH! I just checked the item on Jake playing Namath, and the date is from 11/28/07!

UltraViolet said...

I hate it when google does that, Bobbyanna! Maybe it's an omen, and we'll get official word soon.

Monica, Jake is very charming in PoP. Like you and Bobbyanna, I wouldn't normally see a movie like PoP. But I'm glad I did. I just wish more people in the US saw it, too!

Monica said...

Hollywood Reporter:

"Finishing No. 2 on the weekend was Disney's "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," the sword-and-sandals epic from producer Jerry Bruckheimer, which showed real boxoffice durability by generating $19.7 million in its fourth weekend on the foreign circuit at 10,211 screens in 50 markets. Overseas cume is nudging the $200 million mark ($190.3 million)."

Anonymous said...

Feel Jake will be doing a movie by he end of this year and it just might be the Namath project (or Damn Yankees). As people have been working on those two we don't know how close they are to being ready to film. One may be closer than we think.
Any comments about Jake doing the Namath role will be silly because Joe is for him playing the role. I don't think he'd want just anyone. So that should be mentioned to the people who don't know. Also "they" probably don't know how athletic Jake is and how he would take to doing the training to play a football player.
Also he wants it to be more than a lightweight bio-pic.

Shondra said...

Yes I did see Pop again w/o the family UV! A friend wanted to come along, It was the first time for her. She loved it and thought Jake was fantastic, loved Gemma too.

Seeing it a second time was fun, there were some things that I missed the first time around. The ending made more sense to me for instance.

Wow, your theater was full during the WC Monica? That's great, my theater was half full. It would be interesting to hear Dastan dubbed. I see that your nephews loved Dastan as much as my sons did and what a cute story about thr boy and the poster.

Jake is very hot and charming as Dastan Monica!

Damn google! Well, I hope that the Namath project is his next movie Bobbyanna.

get real said...

Glad that PoP is showing legs at the BO!!

When I saw it the theatre was full!

Jake was really great. He showed he has action chops to go along with the great acting. I was impressed! I do think the writing was hit or miss and that lagged the film a bit. Overall great job by Jake who got even better as the movie went along!

Great to see Jake be even more involved with charity. :)

get real said...

And how funny and cute is Jake on JR in that contest with that lucky lady! I want a Jake!hug too! :p

Josie said...

Love hearing about Jake's charities and how great to hear that he is their new chair!

Jake is adorable and too funny in that JR video, I'm glad that we finally got to see it.

I'm happy that Pop is doing so well overseas and that it's # 1 in Spain and Latin America right now, it really deserves better BO here. I was hoping for a sequel but it doesn't seem likely now, sigh.

Looks like it was a false alarm regarding the Namath news, google is annoying. You don't know how many times old Jake news has popped up.

I prefer movies sutitled too Monica, but I wouldn't mind hearing Dastan/Jake dubbed at all!

The gorgeous costumes from Pop should be recognized, they are stunning.

How cool that Jake and Adam have remained friends all these years, since grade school!

mary said...

yea its neat that jake and adam are still friends since grade school ,my son is 26 and still hangs out with 3 guys he has known since second grade doesnt happen with many people any more

UltraViolet said...

Hey guys! Too tired to come up with a new post!

This is an interesting article on the writer who did the American Way interview with Jake. I think he might have talked a bit about Jake if the interviewer had prompted him. But it's a good read nonetheless.

bobbyanna :) said...

So. Jake's been nominated for two Teen Choice Awards. Best Actor/Fantasy for PoP and Best Actor/Drama for Brothers. PoP was also nominated for a Best Picture awards. Of course he will be going up against the Harry Potter and Twilight crowd, and Tobey also got a nom for Brothers.

All teens are eligible to vote. (Cough!)

Chica said...

Grobel is just as fascinating as his subjects, thanks UV!

I will be voting for Jake in the Teen Choice awards even though i'm well over the age limit, thanks for the heads up Bobbyanna!

Glad to see you are Ok Mary, I was worried when I heard about the earthquake/afterschocks in California/San Diego yesterday.

Carla said...

Have I mentioned that I am a 16 years old teen.....:-)) I am surprised that they even aware of films like "Brothers".

Interesting interview with Grobel - Jake was mentioned twice but this interviewer did not go any further...

Monica said...

I'm 15 years old, Carla!

Thanks for the link to the interview, UV. He interviewed big names in Hollywood!
The interview with Jake was one of the best!

Brazil won !!!!!!

UltraViolet said...

Carla, it was frustrating that Grobel mentioned Jake twice but the interviewer didn't pick up on it.

Yay for Brazil, Monica! In celebration, I've put up a new post, finally!

Who knew we had so many teen GBers? ;)