Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You might remember my fascination with Moscow Jake. That whole trip was so unexpected and produced so many gems that it might be my favorite part of the whole PoP extravaganza. With the aid of online translation services, I took a look at a few interviews Jake did while in Russia. I don't know if Jake was more comfortable in the setting or if the local interviewers were bolder, but Jake talked about some things that he usually avoids.

From Everyone chooses where he is born:

- Your father is a director and your mother, a writer. Did they have a strong influence on your development?
- My father often was not home, but I still felt his authority in our household. Parents have to have very great influence, which I still feel. But in general I think that everyone chooses the family in which they are born.

- Interesting. On what faith do you base this?
- I'm a somewhat of a Buddhist. Therefore, I believe that we each selects our fate in order to understand something new and necessary about ourselves.

- Your father - Christian, mother - Jewish. But you are suddenly a Buddhist?
- I think that the divorce of my parents, and everything that preceded it, influenced this.

- What preceded it?
- I don't mean family scandals. Just that people change over time, and their paths diverge. Some relationships last a lifetime; others for a shorter period. This doesn't mean they weren't happy with each other. My parents lived together more than thirty years. That's a long time, and I respect their decision. I love them no less now than before. ...

- It's no secret that you were a friend of Heath Ledger's. You didn't notice anything strange about his behavior?
- No, I always admired him. He was nervous, it's true. And he was a very sensitive person. But to survive in Hollywood, you have to be thick-skinned.

- And how you survive in Hollywood?
- I meditate.

In another interview, Jake mentions Reese:

- Hello. I'm fascinated by Moscow. You have such a beautiful and sympathetic people.

- Thank you. So, perhaps you'll stay here?

- With pleasure. You know, I'm very nice with the ladies, a real gentleman. After parting with Reese Witherspoon, I'm still single. But here surrounded by such beautiful girls, I would find happiness. 

- Has your life changed since you've become a star? 

- Of course! When I came here, I was waiting for a bath with champagne and a beautiful girl, catering to my whims. This is a joke. To be honest, I don't feel like a star. The only thing that impresses me is respect from people I've always looked up to. This happened after the Oscar nomination for "Brokeback Mountain." That professional recognition gave me a lot of exciting opportunities and a sense of confidence.

I've seen this quote about Reese in several articles:

- Reese and I really don't communicate now. After splitting from her, I haven't had a serious relationship. I'm single.

It's hard to know, without a video, if Jake actually mentioned her specifically or if her name was added in by the reporters. I'd love to hear/see for myself!

In this Russian interview, Jake talks about the "WMD" aspect of PoP and whether it's overtly political. He also teases the interviewer about the "novelty" of her questions. (There's a voiceover translation, but you can hear Jake underneath.)

Here's the Moscow press conference. It's harder to hear but fun to watch the interaction between Jake and Gemma, especially. This is a link to a story about the conference. If you google translate it, some of the conference might make more sense :)

This video needs no translation:

In totally unrelated, non_russian news, Jake was spotted leaving the Dodgers game on Sunday:


Monica said...

What a great find, UV. I love reading interviews in which he talks about his family and how important it is for him.

Heath awwwwwww Always good to read quotes from Jake about Heath.

No, I always admired him. He was nervous, it's true. And he was a very sensitive person. But to survive in Hollywood, you have to be thick-skinned.

Sometimes, I wonder how Heath would survive in a Hollywood post-Joker.
I think he would be on the same level of popularity of Johnny Depp, but unlike Johnny, I don't know if Heath could withstand the pressure and all attention he would receive from the media.

Monica said...

I forgot to mention that POP is still number one in Brazil!

Tweety said...

Jake in Moscow was my favorite part of Jake's Pop promo too! For some reason he came across more relaxed and reflective, he also seem to be more open to certain questions as well. That question they asked about Heath was never asked before:(

His comments about his parents are bittersweet and I don't know if he will ever really talk about Reese, we will see.

And of course that video, intrusive yes, but I'm guilty because I had a kick watching Jake!

Thanks so much for a trip down Russian memory lane!!

I saw one tweet of Jake at the Dodgers game on Sunday but it was only one tweet. I thought it was a case of mistaken ID becuase we usally get a ton of tweets when Jake attends a sporting event!!

Thanks, for the find! The guy in the car looks familiar, I think he went to a BB game with Jake before.

Tweety said...

I saw your last comments on the other post Monica, congratulations on Brazil's win!

I wonder if Jake will be at Staples center tonight, it's a good chance that it could end tonight with the Celtics winning the series in L.A.!

Yay for Pop being # 1 in Brazil!

bobbyanna said...

Ahhh, the Russian Interlude!!!

That's definitely my personal favorite, too! Great post!

Yes, the guy in the convertible definitely looks familiar. I'm thinking basketball or hockey. Within the past year?

Cathy E said...

I have to say the visit to Russia was my favorite too. :)

Tweety said...

It was a BB game, last May: Lakers vs Nuggets. I think I saw him at another game with him too:


lawgoddess said...

Love Jake with his sleeves rolled up in the sun. Glad he's able to relax and chill out.

Thanks for the info- very interesting quotes.

Anonymous said...

May be wrong but i just don't think Jake, at this time, would mention Reese by name. And not sure about that "we're not communicating" comment.
I know some places do kind of spice up interviews.
And sometimes you see how they've taken comments from other interviews and call it their own.

suvee said...

Yes, the Russia trip was easily my favorite part of the PoP promo tour for many reasons. Not the least of which was the "I Know I Should Feel More Guilty About Watching This" nightclub pap video. :)

Clearly, there's something about talking to foreign press that makes him less guarded. Whatever it is, I've grateful for these more revealing interviews.

Great post, UV! Love the Moscow rooftop photo. Thanks!

UltraViolet said...

Yay for Brazil, both for the World Cup and for PoP!

I love it when Jake talks about the family or those close to him, too, Monica. The foreign press seems more able to get him to do that.

It's interesting to contemplate what Heath's life would have been like, Monica. His fame would have skyrocketed, but I have a feeling that he'd withdraw from it, perhaps in the same way Depp has. If only he'd had the chance.

You;re right that no one, as far as we know, has ever aksed Jake that about Heath, Tweety. I found that so interesting. And he answered.

That translation was a little tricky. It was translated by two places as "it fidgeted" and another as "he was restless." I think "restless" is a good word to describe Heath, but I think Jake meant something a little different, like he was nervous/nerve-wracked. It's hard to translate when you don't speak the language!

In any case, it was a revealing answer. Simple but powerful. And sad.

And I saw that one Dodger tweet, too. Can't believe no one else tweeted about it. Laker fans are more reliable. (Speaking of which... ouch! Come on, Celtics!)

UltraViolet said...

Looks like we're all fans of Moscow madness :)

I love that rooftop photo, too, suvee. Something about the colors. It looks photo-shopped, but it's real. I think! (And the car photos at the end go nicely in the "I should/Should I feel guilty posting these" category. But I posted anyway. Eek.)

LG, I love the rolled-up t-shirt. Jake working on his tan, chilling after the game with his designated sports companion!

Anon, the "communication" line could have just been Jake saying "We don't really talk." It sounds more ominous depending on the tone and actual phrasing.

FluorescentLamp said...

I love this Russian interview. UV, your skills as a translator are superb.

Call it lack of conscience, mostly lack of guilt, but I never feel bad watching Jake dancing in Moscow. This has now become my favorite go-to video when I need a Jake-pick-me-up, replacing Mini-Jake being interviewed on the City Slickers set.

Aww look at Jake working on evening out his farmer tan post-Dodgers game. :-D

bobbyanna said...

Since my Pistons are not a factor, I want to see the Celtics win, too!!! They've earned it!

The Heath question was a really difficult question to answer. Sometimes, I do think interviewers rework stuff Jake's said at other times. I remember he said Heath "couldn't be still" he was always moving.

I don't think he'd mentioned Reese by name. I think the interviewer inserted it. Aside from general comments, he rarely ever talks about his love life.

I love when he is agressively flirty in some of these interviews. Completely disarms them.:)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for rooting for the Celtics, bobbyanna! They need it after tonight. I know the NBA and the networks are happy for a seventh game, but I wanted it over in six!

I guess we'll never know exactly what he said in the interviews, but I do think he opened up a bit more than usual.

Flirty Jake is fun. And Moscow really brought that side of him out.

Anonymous said...

Great post, I also loved the Russian promo also love the first 2 pics you used UV.

Interesting question/answer re Jake, BBM and the rumours on AfterElton.
Please delete if not appropriate.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

It published yesterday "Clarín":

"A Prince who reigns in the ticket office"...
¡¡¡And Clarín hated the film and always he writes badly of Jake!!!


:) :) :)

Chica said...

I love that photo too!

I loved Jake in Russia promoting Pop. As I said at the time how cool it must have been to be visiting the country where his maternal grandparents were born.

He just seemed so relaxed and loose and didn't seem to have his guard up. Love flirty Jake and yes I love the dancing, flirty Jake video, I lost count on how many time I watched it!

Yes, that's he same guy Jake went to a B. Ball game with!

It's looks like the Lakers still have some life in them! I have to say that as a disgruntled Knicks fan, I dislike both the Lakers and the Celtics, but I think I dislike the Lakers a bit more so go Celtics!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to vote for Jake!


mary said...

nice post uv i enjoyed the russian premiere too that was a surpise stop i think jake enjoyed it too thanks for the concern about the earth quakes we get used to them out here

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yes I think you can say we all loved Jake and Moscow madness! Thanks for the translation UV.

Jakes foriegn interviews are always more interesting and revealing IMO. Restless and nervous could be used to describe Heath. I noticed it in his interviews.

I'm guilty of enjoying that video too:))

Thanks Leonor! Clarin may have not liked Pop but at least they acknowledge that he reigns at the OS BO! Happy to hear that it's # 1 in Brazil Monica!!

Jake looks so cool in that car going to that Dodger game. I can't believe we got only one tweet!

UltraViolet said...

No need to delete, anon. I think AfterElton likes to use Jake's name to get hits. I doubt they changed anyone's mind but good for them for giving an honest answer.

Leonor, such good news for PoP in Argentina. Your country loves Jake!

FL, I forgot to say that you're an invaluable aid in making me not feel guilty about that video!

Chica, I'd be torn in a Knicks/Lakers match-up but wouldn't be able to bring myself to root for the Lakers even then. Yankees/Didgers, it's LA all the way :)

Mary, hope the earth stops rattling!

You;re welcome for the translation, OONP. More like transcription from other translators, but I did finesse it a bit to make it make sense. Somewhat :)

Speaking of Moscow, Jake is on at the very end. Looks like it was probably a fun interview - wish they'd shown more Jake and much less Bruckheimer.

When you see things like this, it makes you realize how many different interviews Jake did on that press tour.

Also, seeing Crazy Tom Cruise and Bradley Cooper and others promoting their movies in Europe really makes me regret that Moscow and London were the only foreign ports for PoP. I hated that virtual premiere idea when I first heard it, and I hate it even more now!

Monica said...

I hated that virtual premiere idea when I first heard it, and I hate it even more now!

Me too.

Extra said...

Oh man I hated that virtual tour thing too, what the hell was up with that anyway? What made me more pissed off is that a week after SATC2 was out, they cast was in Japan for the premiere over there!

Could you imagine the hype and excitement Jake would have created with Pop in Japan?

That's why I loved the Russian premiere so much. The London premiere was fine but it was marred by the virtual premiere and don't get me started on the L.A. premiere.

The Russian premiere was all about Pop and Jake and he seemed so at ease and really didn't seem to mind some of the more difficult questions (from the translation).

And I'm sorry but I could look at that video of Jake dancing, flirting and having a good time all day!

Thanks for the link to the After Elton article. He did use Jake's name to get hits IMO but he made some very good points.

I have to side with the Celtics, can't stand K. Bryant!

Extra said...

Jake atrending business meeting this morning:


PS: I haven't seen the Jake and his pal at the Dodgers game anywhere else, grat find UV!

Extra said...

Some news on Doug Liman. The Three Musketeers, the next film he was supposed to direct has been put on hold. He plans to direct All you Need is kill next instead which sounds a lot like like Source Code.

The only mention of UMP is that he is attached to direct it:(


Anonymous said...

Business meeting - wonder which movie we're dealing with.
Let's see he Did go to a Baseball game so maybe it's 'Damn Yankes" just trying to find anything we can..ha. But am sure something is on its way.

FluorescentLamp said...

He plans to direct All you Need is kill next instead which sounds a lot like like Source Code.

Doesn't it?!?!?? I read that last night and pointed out the same thing to UV. Let's hope there are no delays with SC and it shows up long before Liman is finished with this one.

bobbyanna said...

I read it too, FL!! I don't understand.

Liman's 3 Musketeers project got cancelled because there is another version being made. Now this.

I did see a recent tweet from Duncan who's praising his film editor, and seems excited about SC. So I think it will be ready to roll much sooner than Liman's project.

Jake's up to something. He's very smiley and seems to be working out 'with a purpose.' Maybe his Namath project is getting closer to happening.:)

Carla said...

"Source Code" is already in the editing phase so I don´t think Limans supposed project will have any effect. I hope the film will be getting a good release date.

ANd it really looks like the "Moon" film will not happen anytime soon. Not sure how I feel about it - Liman is not among my favourite directors, his film "Jumper" was horrible. Lets see how "Fair Game" will be doing - the reactions in Cannes were good.

Jake seemed to be very "free spirited" in Moscow. I like all the interviews and tidbits. Not sure but perhaps the journalists have an easier way to put questions - even questions about Heath are not such a big deal - I don´t know how to describe it but Jake seems to feel more relaxed.

Has he ever talked about his parents divorce so naturally?

And yes, I also believe his gym activities have something to do with a new movie. And I am with you Bobbyanna, lets hope for the Namath biopic!

Sheba baby said...

Jake came across so hsppy and relaxed in Moscow. Through his interviews and of course that video, I loved it!

This was my favorite part of Jake's promo tour, hands down. Your're right Carla, I don't recall him talking about his pasrents so naturally before. I think it's becoming easier for him to talk about Heath too.

I think Jake is "up" to something too! Hopefully we will get confirmation soon.

Bummer about UMP and Liman. UMP doesn't seem like it's on the horizon. Kill does sound like SC, weird!

bobbyanna said...

I just want to take a minute to thank tweety and everyone else who is able to successfully sift thru all these kazillions of Prince of Persia tweets, and Brothers tweets, and marriage proposals,...and other propositions, to find Jake sightings and new pictures. my eyes go blurry in the attempt!

Paula said...

My computer has been acting funky for the past week, it's finally behaving itself I hope!

Thanks for the post UV. I loved all the Moscow stuff from the Pop PR tour. He just seemed at "home" there for the brief time that he was over there and what we had seen and read via interviews and video.

I just wish that the movie did better here, the numbers were a lot better overseas.

I'm frustrated with the news regarding UMP, it doesn't look like it will be green-lighted anytime soon.

Well we know that Jake isn't in SA for the WC but we know that he was at the Dodgers game on Sunday!

I wonder if he will be at the Staples center tonight for the Lakers/Celtics game? It's going to be a real nail-biter!!

UltraViolet said...

Searching twitter is especially hard these days with a multitude of idiotic retweets. And with Jake in semi-hiding :)

Slow news day(s), but here's Jake's appearance on The Hour, for those who didn't watch it before. It's just Jake, not the whole program. Also, I don't remember the last bit, about Tom Waits, from the first time I watched it.

I don't know how to feel about UMP. I always want Jake making more movies, but I can't get a handle on the plot/story of that one. I know many don't like Liman, but Fair Game has gotten some excellent reviews.

ETA: Hi Paula! Glad your computer is well again.

Jake spotting said...

gylliwilli: Spotted! Jake gyllenhaal @ Mako Beverly Hills!!! Nice ass!

Lewiskhan: Just bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal at Mako restaurant!

Tweety said...

Ha, those are good Jake spotter!

hennessyyy: Just met Jake Gyllenhaal. He is wayyyy better looking and taller in person. :p
35 minutes ago via UberTwitter

Anonymous said...

It sometimes takes years for movies to finally get made. Am sure there are ones that have started, stopped, and started again.
Jake has seemed pretty involved with UMP so he must like it. He's also someone who understands the movie biz.
Basketball game tonight. The last one of the season.
Jake has talked about being in a creative family (and when he was a child trying to get a word in.) And being able to mention his folks divorce. He sees their 30 years together as successful.
Because there are people who want to tell everything about their lives doesn't mean everyone should.
Jake and his general info. is just right for him.

UltraViolet said...

Jake at the Lakers game

Tweety said...

This rweet is useless, your pic is better UV!

Bedonieusa: Jake Gyllenhaal At Staples Center
43 minutes ago via Mobile Web ·

Tweety said...

Another pic of Jake at the game:


UltraViolet said...

Oh, that's a nice photo, tweety. I can't believe more people have tweeted about seeing Jake at Mako than at this game!

I hope someone got a better pic of Jake and Dustin. Or Dustin and Dastan :)

Monica said...

The person who is editing Source Code is Paul Hirsch. He worked in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back and many others.

Fair game received lukewarm reviews at Cannes. Most of the praise was for the performances of Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.
I'm not a fan of Doug Liman, so I'm not so anxious to UMP.

Killers will be a tentpole, probably for the summer. Even SC is already in post-production, we still don't know the release date for the film.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Monica. I am curious to see when SC will be released. And even more curious to see a trailer for LaOD. It's time for one!

As for Liman, he seems like an interesting guy. Maybe he has a great film in him. There certainly are directors I'd prefer to see Jake work with first.

New post.