Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Talent, versatility, elegance and intelligence

Not a bad way to sum up the charms of one Jake Gyllenhaal. According to the Miami Herald, "Throw in good looks and innate charisma, and you have a superstar."

In this interview and another in El Nuevo Herald, Jake discusses what appealed to him about Prince of Persia, why his parents made him stay in school and why he wanted to make movies. An excerpt:

However, that was then, Prince is now, and it is better than what you may have heard: a movie whose sole purpose is to entertain and does.

"It's fun, right?'' Gyllenhaal said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

The obvious answer is yes, it is fun, because it transports the viewer to a time of myths and legends that require no explanation: a sit-back-and-enjoy adventure, and that is part of its charm. Gyllenhaal obviously loves the movie, and one can detect this by simply listening to his description of a brief moment early in the story:

There's one shot at the very beginning of the movie where you see the king, and somehow he's on the horse and he picks up the young Dastan. The horse is glimmering gold, and he's glimmering gold. And I always think, when I see that shot, of all the little kids who will hopefully go [to] the movie and are going to see that. It's going to make some kind of unconscious impression on them, even just the colors.

A new PoP interview. Watch Jake feint fainting and generally just get punchy:

Funny Guy:

IHJ has uploaded scans from a Canadian magazine. Unfortunately for the non-fluent-French among us, it's en français. But I was able to glean a few tidbits.

Jake talks about how much he loved Montreal - an international city with a great mix of French and English people and food. "You could almost think you're in Paris!"

He doesn't seem eager to challenge McBongo for the title of the best abs in Hollywood. I think he says he doesn't have any interest in going surfing where MM does.

When asked about publicity surrounding his break-up, he says, "That's life." And that he believes in love and knows the right girl is out there for him. It's just a matter of "our paths crossing."

And perhaps most importantly: "I don't think there's any part of my body that isn't shown" in LaOD :)

The magazine devotes two pages to Jake's time in Montreal. You can sort of figure out what they are saying, but three of the funniest/most interesting:

Jake and Isabel Lucas did eat at Byblos Le Petit Café, with Naomi. And apparently, Jake and Isabel kissed on the lips when she arrived. Very important reporting!

Jake was enjoying his anonymity at a restaurant called Barroco - until he went to the restroom. Apparently, when he came out of the bathroom, the young woman standing there "lost her pedals," which apparently translates into "lost her mind/went nuts."

Finally, Jake and Kirsten allegedly ran into each other at Garde-Manger. Kirsten came in while Jake and Isabel were flirting and joking. Kirsten ignored them and sat down but neither paid attention to the other. Oh, and they all drank expensive vodka.

Jake's reaction to seeing his Tonner doll.


FluorescentLamp said...

And perhaps most importantly: "I don't think there's any part of my body that isn't shown" in LaOD :)

It's going to break my heart when most of his body parts get cut out of the final edit. :(

Anonymous said...

:) Ouch!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Anonymous said...

I think its probably Anne who gets the most full nudity treatment.
Think there would of been mention from the early comments about the movie. Of course most of these came from guys so they were just paying attention to Anne.
The interviews for LAOD should be interesting.

Carla said...

Someone over at IMDB said she "was so turned on" by the movie...
looks like it will be R-rated - not that I complain..:-) Over here we ususally don´t have much problems with nudity so I hope nothing will be cut out...:-))

First I thought it was kind of a satirical comedy but from the early reviews it seems more like a "dramedy".

I will be watching PoP at the weekend again, hopefully it will be holding well at the OS Box Office. If the good WOM continues and it manages to get 350M worldwide and with the DVD sales/rents there is a small chance to get a sequel.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind that i looked on Huffington Post again & in the Entertainment Section there is an article by a lady..and part of it is -
With its attention to detail, this movie may start to change that. The weaponry, costumes and jewelry are all reminiscent of ancient Persia. Arterton's character, Princess Tamina, wears clothing with paisleys on it- a design very often seen on Iranian clothing; her shoes are reminiscent of the giveh- hand woven, embroidered slippers often worn during ancient times.

One of the most common (and wrong-headed) criticisms of the film - outlined by Chris Lee in the Los Angeles Times - is that the hero, Dastan, played by Gyllenhaal, doesn't "look Persian." The fact is that Persians are Aryans that settled in the Iranian plateau. Before the conquest of Islam in the 6th century, many Persians were fair skinned and had light eyes, and this is still true today. In other words, they looked a lot like Jake Gyllenhaal. Not to mention that there are only a handful of international stars who could carry a $150 million blockbuster. By this logic, perhaps the many shades of dark that represented the Persians in 300 is what these critics prefer. The fact is that Persians have never had a homogenized look.

For once, Hollywood offers a sensible mainstream depiction of a rich and ancient culture. My culture. The fact that Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer have teamed up to create the first major motion picture set in ancient Persia is, in and of itself, a step forward for the community. Now, maybe when I tell people I am Persian, I won't get the same blank stares.
Also just a short time ago saw an ad for POP on the Today show with it saying - a must see - and "The #1 movie in the World."
Glad that's out there.

UltraViolet said...

I saw that Huffington Post article and hoped it would make the rounds a bit, anon. Some good points in it.

I am hoping that the LaOD producers stay true to the source material and keep the edge. And the nudity! If not, I guess we'll have to wait for the DVD.

IHJ has photos of Jake grocery shopping in LA yesterday. Stephanie asked us not to repost the photos.

UltraViolet said...

Leonor, did you get to see the Jimmy Fallon episode? Stephanie has it, if you didn't. Jake's Jimmy Kimmel was repeated last night. "Bubble Boy" with the Russian accent was priceless.

Extra said...

I like the sound of LAOD, sounds very edgy and a bit on the dark side. It's getting good buzz, and I have no problem with Jake and nudity:))

Thanks anon. The article is interesting. I think it's the first time I have heard anything from an Iranian/Perisian regarding Pop. She has nothing but positive things to say about Pop.

Re the shopping pics:I hope they never get reposted , anywhere. That man can't even shop w/o being stalked, disgusting.

FluorescentLamp said...

IHJ has photos of Jake grocery shopping in LA yesterday.

STOP THE PRESSES! He has new footwear on!!!

Re the shopping pics:I hope they never get reposted , anywhere. That man can't even shop w/o being stalked, disgusting.

Aww Extra, Jake himself has said he knows things like this come with the territory. He doesn't look too upset in these pics.

UltraViolet said...

Just updated with a new PoP video interview. Pretty amusing.

The grocery store pics are a bit intrusive, but as FL said, sort of par for the course. I'd prefer to get new, shiny, smiley pics of Jake outside and enjoying himself somewhere, of course :)

Extra, I don't think Persians/Iranians are as upset about PoP as outside critics. Interesting mix of opinions.

Monica said...

Re the shopping pics:I hope they never get reposted , anywhere. That man can't even shop w/o being stalked, disgusting.

Unfortunately I can not see the POP today because my dog is sick. But I think I'll go tomorrow.
I gave my ticket to my nephew.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Monica - hope your dog gets better!

For the Spanish speakers, here's a Univision video interview and a text.

Paula said...

I wanted to see Pop over the holiday, but didn't get a chance. I will be going Friday after work with a few friends.

I'm glad the overseas numbers for Pop are looking good. Pop came in at # 2 here, I have my fingers crossed that it has a good weekend coming up, I don't think anything that great is coming out tomorrow.

Love the M. Herald intervew, and such a great description of Jake:Talent, versatility, elegance and intelligence", perfect.

Stay positive FL, maybe his body parts in LAOD will remain untouched!

It's refreshing to read an Iranian's point of view on Pop after all the bashing it got in some corners, thanks.

Thanks for translating some of that Canadian article UV, I'm no good with my HS French at all.

I'll think I will avoid looking at the new pics over at IHJ.

Anonymous said...

His bodyparts may remain untouched ?
But seriously folks. Get the feeling what the people saw in previews, where they did say it looked like the movie was pretty much finished, will stay as it is.
Maybe some tweeking on time or a few scenes but am sure it was always going to be an R rating.

mary said...

wonder if jake will be at the laker/celtic game tonight guess ill
have to watch it to see

UltraViolet said...

I'll be watching anyway, Mary, but it would be fun if Jake makes an appearance!

Hope you enjoy PoP when you see it, Paula. I think you will :)

My high school French was aided by babelfish! I wish I could make better sense of some of it, but it was a fun read. They had a lot about his Montreal comings and goings.

We've gotten some good interviews from this tour. It's been fun.

Speaking of which... new post!