Thursday, June 12, 2008


Jake Gyllenhaal has been AWOL for a while, as you know. So when this video emerged today, it was more than a sight for sore eyes!

Speaking of which... Jake delivers a sweetly sincere plea for New Eyes for the Needy, a charity that helps provide glasses for those who can't afford them.

Jake mentions his own poor eyesight. But despite his visual handicap, he has frustrated the fans of Glasses!Jake. As far as we know, there is no photographic evidence of Jake wearing spectacles offscreen. But there is Proof:

Young Jake had the nerd look in October Sky:

And Jarhead Jake just went too far:

I guess choosing the right pair of glasses is too much pressure on Jake. Especially given the passions aroused by his choice of shades!

And this way, we get to see those baby blues.

(Pictures courtesy of IHJ. Thanks to Stephanie for finding and posting the video.)


FluorescentLamp said...

But despite his visual handicap, he has frustrated the fans of Glasses!Jake.

Grrrrr! Is that an appropriate response for this Glasses!Jake! fan?

For the love of god man, throw out those 30-day contact lenses and wear some eyeglasses out in public. Just once. And make sure every pap in the Greater Los Angeles area sees you.

Ho hum, I guess I'll have to make do with Proof!Glasses!Jake or hee...October Sky!Glasses!Jake!...hee.

Lovely post, UV. Thanks for finding that PSA. Nice to see him speaking again. I love watching his mouth when he talks. Oh but you knew that. ;-)

UltraViolet said...

Enigma posted a link to these Reese pictures taken today in Tokyo.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, FL - poor Jake. Talks out of the side of his mouth, has poor vision and a wonky walk. And yet he's the perfect man :)

FluorescentLamp said...

Ooooh check out the bondage shoes she's wearing in Tokyo! I like.

Thanks for the link, enigma.

Twitter said...

where is the G?
Is he hiding from us :(

Anna said...

I wonder how long she is staying in Japan?
she looks radiant!

more pictures!

Barbara said...

What a great post. And Jake was definitely sweetly sincere.

What a peach of a guy.:)

lawgoddess said...

Ack, that was me, lawgoddess, not the other Barbara. Long day, sorry.

UltraViolet said...

Hi LGBarbara! I hoped you'd pop in and get a glimpse of new Jake. Even if it's not brand spanking new. I do wonder when he filmed it.

And yes, he is a peach!

suvee said...

"I love watching his mouth when he talks."

Yes! I get almost hypnotized watching that beautiful mouth..... love that little quirk to the right (not to mention the brief flashes of tongue!). It makes me light headed.

Great post, UV. Obviously, I really enjoyed that PSA. But speaking as another Glasses!Jake fan, I think the PSA would have been a perfect opportunity for Jake to let us see him in his glasses. :)

UltraViolet said...

Yeah - someone on IHJ said Jake should have worn glasses in solidarity. It's only right!

I don't have the Glasses!Jake fetish, but I do wish you all well in your quest :)

Twitter said...

Where is Jake?
is he hiding from us?

How dare he deprive us of any recent photos :P
Doesn't he understand we need to see him, perhaps he delights in teasing us by hiding

:P all in good fun

FluorescentLamp said...

OMG, I just realized...I'm doing that very thing HE does! I'm staring at his mouth while he speaks (in the PSA) and it looks like I'm...I'm...IN LOVE WITH HIM.

Anonymous said...

I've just realized the time difference. Tokyo is 16 hours ahead of L.A. It's Friday afternoon there.

Bette said...

FL I just cracked up at your last comments! I love this post though. Glasses!Jake is great.

Reese looks amazing. The PSA was awesome too.

chica said...

Thanks for posting the PSA, i wish he wore glasses for it too!

Wow, Reese looks Amazing!

Lemon said...

Jake needs to ditch the sunglasses so we can see those gorgeous blue eyes of his. Then he needs to convince Reese to do the same.

get real said...

Aww, what a great video and cause! Seeing Jake being all sincere and talking about his own eye issues makes me smile. :) And yes he could have worn glasses for the cause! But I do love seeing his beautiful blue eyes on full display. ;p

Thanks to Brothers Spy for all the Nailed info in the last thread. Despite the long, insane hours it does seem Jake is finally done filming. Hopefully he is now taking a bit of time for R&R before PoP.

Reese does look wonderful in Japan.

Great to see J&R doing things for great charities.

sheba baby said...

What a great cause, thanks for posting the video. I Would have loved it if he did the PSA with his glasses on!

Reese looks, great love the shoes.

Yeah, get real it's great to see them both supporting great charities.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Sorry, but I wrote wrong!

UV, thank you for video!
I liked all of the photos. Great choice!

I think he should have filmed the video at the end of last year or the beginning of this year.
I do not think that this is the look of POP!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

He definately filmed it before Nailed, February or March of this year???

Thanks for posting it, what a great cause and Reese looks great, loving the shoes!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The color may be a bit off and I'm not sure if he is wearing a striped suit in the video, but I think he made it around the same time he attend the charity Luncheon this year on March 19:

lawgoddess said...

People Magazine gets MAJOR demerits.

I was at the doctor's office and picked up the June 16 issue. There was a little blurb about the Dermalogica skin care line, which it said was used by celebs such as "Jack Gyllenhaal."

I looked twice to make sure that was what I was seeing.

At least they spelled Gyllenhaal right.

WTF? Does this magazine have editors?

Anonymous said...

This video was done in early in the Brothers shoot or early Fall, 07. Visit their website. They don't update very often.

Twitter said...

I found some beautiful pictures of Jake

Lemon said...

Somehow I'm up on the gossip. Apparently Reese's divorce has been finalised. She's officially a free woman. Or rather, free enough for Jake

Twitter said...

here is the link for details,,20206646,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

sho said...

For some reason I thought the divorce was finalized back in October.

Not surprised to hear that the custody issue was settled since i think that both worked really hard on balancing that out but what type of financial issues needed to be worked out?

I thought that neither Reese nor Ryan were asking for any type of alimony/child support and that Reese just wanted the house in Brentwood.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! that was me, Shondra!

Twitter said...

maybe they just had a few more things to clear up and now its done

Interesting, if the marriage is now over and done paper wise and legally.
I wonder what they will mean for Reese and Jake now that she is free ..

here the story from last year,2933,301147,00.html

Twitter said...

here is what I am thinking...

If the divorce is finally final, all red tape and legal wrangling over.

I wonder what this now means for Reese and Jake, this final legal judgment has to be a big advance for their relationship

Anonymous said...

Curious. He paid over 7 million for this home, a tad bit pricey. When he filed for joint custody last May, a week before the divorce was supposed to be final some wondered why he waited so long, why didn't he ask for joint custody in November of '06?

I hate to say it, but there was no pre-nuptual signed but he was intitled to half of everything according to CA law, but he didin't ask for it, but if he asked for joint custody, his lawyer could have argued that the children deserved to live in the same style as when they are with Reese, who makes more $$$$.

Bottom line: She made some type of financial settlement with him which included this house.The owner sold it to Avacon trust,the same as Reese's place in Brentwood.

Twitter said...

if there is confusion

here is how the divorce worked

1.A preliminary divorce status was granted to them in October.

2. Now June 2008 all the details and bits are final

Anonymous said...

The details and bits were mostly financial IMO, it's no coincidence that he "purchased" a 7 million dollar home in the HH on May 30th.

Any monthy payment to him would be found out so it was one lump sum. The custody has reverted back to pre-May '06: Reese has physical custody of the kids, but he has very liberal visiting rights and they get to stay in a home equal to the place in Brentwood.

sallykirkland said...

The divorce was final last year. The settlement agreement was finally resolved this year, as I understand it.

As long as there are minor children below the age of informed consent, this settlement agreement can be reopened at any time, on matters directly related to the children's well-being.

The property and financial settlements can only be reopened if, for some reason, a court decision were involved and were being appealed, or if it could be proven one party hid assets from the other party to a divorce, or some other method of fraud or deception could be alleged. It could also be reopened if there were a change in the financial status of one of the parties.

One wonders whether there are any stipulations for either party regarding their current or future relationships as it might affect the children. It would not be uncommon for restrictions regarding co-habiting, vacations, sleepovers, etc. to be part of a negotiation.

Reese, Ryan, their publicists, and attorneys are to be commended for maintaining silence on this. With so many players, it could have easily leaked out or become publically acrimonious.

I think any photographs of young Jake wearing glasses have been destroyed! In the era before camera phones this was simpler then it would be today. I wonder if he's had surgery?

brothers spy said...

The divorce has been final since last October. As in they were no longer legally married to one another and completely free to marry someone else if they so chose to do so.

What wasn't finalized then were their joint finances and the permanent custody arrangement of the children.

I'm sure that's what was resolved.

josie said...

I think that all pictures of Jake wearing glasses were destroyed too sally!! I remember Jake saying that he wore coke bottle glasses when he was younger, just like Reese (there are pics of her wearing them linked on the previous post).

I agree that there were joint financial issues that needed to be resolved alng with custody issues.

I doubt that there are any restrictions regarding co-habitating since I suspect that Ryan and Abbie may be living together, no insider info, just a sense.

Anonymous said...

josie i also think that ryan and abbie are living together.

Twitter said...

Reese and Jake took the kids on vacation, they all stayed at the same hotel resort, I doubt there are any living/sleeping over restrictions

josie said...

Not only that twitter, Reese took the kids to MV last August, Jake and his family were there as well.

There were blog postings of Reese and the kids making sand castles with Jake's Dad.

And don't forget the weekend in SF when Jake had some time off from filming Brothers and he and the kids spent time with Reese there while she had a break from filming Four Christmases.

There were pics of Abby, Ryan nd Deacon in Dec. on a skiing trip, so I doubt that it would be an issue now, sounds like they are trying to intergrate the kids into their new love life just like everyone else.

enigma said...

I cannot stand her ex so I'm happy this has all been resolved. Everything about him and how he conducts himself is not someone I'd ever want to be around.

I think Reese has handled herself beautifully though. She has said no word about the divorce, she has respected the privacy of their marriage and divulged no secrets. If only both parties exhibited the same restraint.

Twitter said...

There were blog postings of Reese and the kids making sand castles with Jake's Dad??

anyone have the link to that?

I hope that now all the legal battle is over, this will be a new chapter for Reese and Jake and their relationship will move on

sallykirkland said...

Oh, I think there were some concerns and some restrictions just at first if not now.

For example. If you had a father who liked to smoke pot, or had friends who were potheads, you might insist in writing that such behavior not be engaged in when minor children are on the premises. Regular cigarette smoking would be restricted, too of course.

There might be house rules as pertains to being intoxicated or having alcohol around minor children. There might be restrictions about who could be left alone with the children and for how long.

For example. If the custodial parent had to be away for several hours and left the kids with the boyfriend or girlfriend of them moment, etc. As for having people sleep over, I would guess they would have to be discreet.

I really do not think Reese would want tiny Deacon to go running into his father's bedroom to find a naked lady sharing the bed.

So I think there were some restrictions as to conduct. And I really don't think either Jake or Reese would want a small child to see the two of them cuddled up in bed together.

Yes, they seem to be integrating the kids into their new lives and their relationships very well. But I'm pleased to see they are being careful. I think it is being done with a reasonable expectation of propriety and making sure the kids don't feel uncomfortable.

You have two young children who are close to both parents and love both parents. You want them to grow up knowing certain boundaries are intact and certain decorum and behavior standards are maintained. In four short years Ava will be a full out teenager.

On the Mexican vacation, they had a nanny with them. I would assume Jake and Reese share a bedroom and the kids have their own with Nanny. I also think the kids know how to knock. ;)

Twitter said...

I for one would love to walk in and find a naked Jake in bed

thats just me :P

oh lawd! sharing a bed with Jake

Anonymous said...

"Reese took the kids to MV last August, Jake and his family were there as well."

Officially, last summer, Reese and her kids stayed with friends, not the Gyllenhaals. The next visit to MV, I think that arrangement will definitely change!

Twitter said...

Ava and D will soon be teens, before our eyes those kids will be grown up.

Jake in part will be taking responsibility is raising the kids, I guess as their step-father one day,

won't it be interesting to see Jake raising teens, boggles the mind!
I am sure he will do an excellent job!

brothers spy said...

Tim Russert just died!

He was 58. Crazy.

bobbyanna said...

I heard that, brothers spy!!! This is just a terrible loss to journalism!!! He had a passion for politics that was unequalled anywhere.

As a true political junkie, I don't know how I'll get thru this election cycle without Russert and his incredible insights!

Andrea Mitchell and the entire NBC team is on sharing their stories. She's crying. Russert had an amazing network of sources and was really respected!

It seems so unfair, that on the eve of an historic Presidential race, he's been taken from us.

Like the glasses post, UV/FL.

UltraViolet said...

Definitely a huge loss for NBC. No one can really take his place. Ad it's sad, because he was too young. But a loss to journalism? I found Russert wildly overrated. Not tough enough on certain people and obnoxious with others. I think he was once good, but that he turned into kind of a blowhard.

Not to speak ill of the dead. But the coverage is completely lacking in any kind of objectivity.

Before I'm struck down :) here's a link to an account of Nailed filming from the weekend. Lots of praise for Jessica Biel. Jake is mentioned in the title but not in the text.

Anonymous said...

In a bifurcated divorce proceeding the judgment regarding your marital status is done first while the other issues (custody, visitation, property) is handled in a separate proceeding. They've been divorced for a while. This was just the finalization of the property and custody issues. By the way, he may have waived his right to spousal support, but I'm sure he didn't waive his right to half of the marital property (everything accumulated during the marriage). They are completely separate issues. I would guess that it took so long to finish because they needed info on what her piece of Penelope was worth as well as other business investments.

in the name of the father said...

Not to speak ill of the dead. But the coverage is completely lacking in any kind of objectivity.

Oh dear UV. Why should there be objectivity, the man died just hours ago. What will people say about you short hours after your death? Will they point out all your many faults? tsk. tsk.

UltraViolet said...

Luckily for me, there won't be any media coverage :) I didn't ask for his many faults to be pointed out. I just find it ironic that a journalist is covered with such fawning.

I'm not asking for an expose. Just a little balance. Probably too much to expect in the first hours, as you say. I'm pretty sure objectivity is supposed to be the name of the game, even in the first throes of a story. It's not like this is a national emergency.

I had this same reaction when Ronald Reagan died, and the coverage of him in the immediate aftermath was fawning and never recovered.

chica said...

Wow, i'm in shock.Even though i didn't agree with him at times i will miss his voice during the upcoming election.

brothers spy said...


I just sent you an email.

office of nancy pelosi said...


bobbyanna said...

I don't see, in Russert's case, why objectivity would be at issue. He was very popular with his colleagues. And if you're watching MSNBC, or NBC, they're talking about one of their own. If you watch any of the other stations...they are talking about one of their own.

If you want objectivity, you'll get it in several years from some Journalism professor or some one like a Ken Auletta who analizes the analysts. ;)

Reagan was President. I understand why people would be respectful when a President dies, but I gree that the coverage of RR was totally unbalanced.

I understand there were people out here who really liked him and thought he was important. I think they had very bad judgement. And as time passes, I think history will agree with those of us who felt RR did more harm then good. Altho, Bush makes him look almost saintly. (keyword:"almost.") There were moments, UV, when I would certainly agree with you that at times, Russert was:
"Not tough enough on certain people and obnoxious with others. "

Tim Russert was no Peter Jennings. But I enjoyed him on Sunday mornings and I liked how exscited and enthusiastic he was. Clearly, he loved Politics, and framed events in an historical context.

Maybe, for today's "new media" world, he was becoming an anachronism. And he was definitely a corporation man. Jack Welch loved him. But compared to so many of the buffoons who pass themselves off as political journalists in the mainstream media, Russert was A List.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry to spam. One more thing on Russert. Ben Bradlee (Former Editor in Chief of Washington Post) once said that journalism is the first rough draft of history. I liked that description. I think Russert understood that.

He wasn't a hard-hitting investigative reporter, and he did tailor his questioning to a particular demographic, but he did appreciate the historical significance of events in a way most others don't.

UltraViolet said...

I don't disagree that Russert leaves a void, Bobbyanna. It's clear that there's no one at NBC or elsewhere, probably, who can replace him. I just think, as I said, that he is overrated as a journalist.

And no, I don't expect his colleagues, who are shocked and grieving, to list his faults. I just feel like this is being over-covered and under-reported, and I'll leave it at that :)

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say that, from all accounts, Russert seemed like a great guy. I don't think you can fake the kind of affection and sadness that these folks are showing.

brothers spy said...


Well just when Jake thought he was out, they pull him back in.

He was finished after all, but they are doing more reshoots tomorrow at the state legislature. He's in all those scenes.

I'm not sure if Jake left SC or stuck around in case he was needed, but in either case he's needed.

My source told me that this should be the end for Jake though for good. Unless, of course, more reshoots involving his character are done.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, Brothers spy. Re-shoots? Bet that makes Jake happy!!! I couldn't do that job. I just couldn't. I'd be a nervous wreck 90% of the time. I have no patience.

Twitter said...

Seems like Nailed has made Jakes summer kind of stressful.
Nailed has seemingly ruined his fun summer :(

But he is a harder work and I know he’ll continue to work his ass off and make us proud!

Hopefully POP filming will go smoothly with no glitches!

Anonymous said...

Bailed back filming again

will this movie never be finished :P

Jessica at the airport leaving for the movie set

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the info, brothers spy and twitter. Here's a report about the wrap party for Nailed, a movie that hasn't, in fact, wrapped. Jake did not attend, but Pee Wee and James Marsden did.

brothers spy said...

If Jake didn't attend then it's most likely because he wasn't even in South Carolina at all. He was probably sleeping snuggly in his bed in LA. I'm sure he must be a bit pissed having to go back and film one more day.





If Jessica Beil wasn't there until yesterday either, then most likely they filmed the girl scout scenes first this week. That was one of the scenes that were affected by the shut down as well. It would also confirm something someone wrote on imdb this week about chaos on the set with "crew members sleeping on benches" and "little girls running around everywhere."

The scene they are reshooting today is the one where Jessica passes out and is carried out of the Congressional chamber.

Filming is almost done though for everyone. I'm sure everyone is greatful for that.

brothers spy said...

Sorry to spam.

But I just re-read the scene they are reshooting today and I think it's possible that Jake may not be needed today at all.







This is the scene where Jake's character is exposed by the House leadership and 16 lobbyist women he slept with comes forward.

His character then leaves and Jessica stands before Congress and gives a speech before passing out.

So I guess it's possible that DOR just wants to reshoot Jessica's speech and Jake won't be needed at all. Remember that she had to reshoot a speech last weekend as well.

The only thing my source said was that they were back to the leglistature to reshoot the scene where Jessica passes out and "Jake was in that scene." She and I just assumed that Jake would have to be there.

So I guess it's possible that he won't be. But that's just speculation on my part.

I'll let you guys know.

Anonymous said...

Re Jáke's eye glasses video: Kendra of Jake Weird (link on the front page of Gyllenbabble) has a large video screening of it of excellent quality on her blog; worth a look!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate all the info from the Nailed set. Honestly. But I think sometimes there is too much information about the actual story line included that I can really do without.

I want to see this movie and telling me about specific parts of it really does spoil it. Just knowing that Jake is in the scene or not in the scene would be plenty. What is actually going on in the scene is TMI for me.

Twitter said...

I am having visions of Jake looking like this for POP


Bette said...

I'm really hoping we see new pics of J&R soon now that Jake is pretty much done with Nailed. And now that Reese's divorce is final and worked out. I really wonder what this means for the two of them. Let's hope this means wedding bells! But with the fact that Reese just finally right now got out of one marriage, it is looking less like they will marry this year or possibly even next. Reese needs time to fully recover, it took a year and half for everything to be settled from her last marriage, no matter how much she loves Jake.

Twitter said...

I wonder how long he will be in SC doing the retakes?
maybe the weekend?

Monica said...

Reese & kids on the beach:

Twitter said...

too bad Jake isn't there :(

I thought the Kids would be with Ryan for fathers day

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of things to say regarding those photos.

First of all, I guess the specualtion that Reese would go to Hawaii after her time in Japan was pretty much true.

Second, I'm surprised that the children are with her and not with Ryan given that it is fathers day weekend.

Third, I'm vaguely remembering some story a couple weeks back of plans to celebrate Fathers Day with Jake that were universally dismissed at the time.

Forth, Jake initially was supposed to be done with Nailed this past Monday, giving him the rest of the week off. It's likely that he left SC right after, since he was not at the wrap party.

Finally, I wonder if the reshoot this weekend basically ruined their weekend plans. Or if he wasn't required after all and he is in Hawaii as well.

brothers spy said...


He's in South Carolina filming. I've got confirmation. According to my source, they are actually ahead of schedule now which has surprised everyone. I guess those 20 hour days are paying off.

After today Jake will have NO FILMING at all until next weekend. Yes, you read correctly.

They have to film a few more scenes between James Mardsen and Jessica Beil this week, and then move production to Washington DC for next weekend.

Jake has to film one day in Washington, either on the 22nd or 23rd.

I'm sure he'll be in LA all this week though.

Twitter said...

Reese Dec. are at the beach in Malibu, not HI

Jessica flew back to SC this weekend to film, Jake maybe in SC
there were pictures of Jessica flying to SC on Friday

sheba baby said...

Good morning everyone,
Thanks for al the updates on nailed brother spy! Jake may or not be needed today for reshoots, maybe that will be confirmed later on.

It's clear that Reese is back from Japan and it does look like she stopped off to Hawaii. I also notice that Deacon is wearing a Lakers t-shirt, don't know if Ryan or Reese are Lakers fans but we all know Jake is!

I thought that i read somewhere that Ryan got the kids for Fathers day week and I assume that it was the week leading up to fathers day, but maybe they meant the week after?

Monica said...

Thank you, Brothers Spy!

The photos were taken of Reese on the beach in Malibu, and not in Hawaii!

Twitter said...

where did the Hawaii idea come from??

I am pretty sure Reese and the kids are in LA

Maybe the kids will leave with Ryan tomorrow/tonight and spend the week with him.

sheba baby said...

We got the confirmation on cue!!! Thanks brothers spy. So maybe Ryan does have the kids for Fathers day and the week of the 16th.

And i assume that he will be in L.A. all week and then DC for the one day of filming and then he is officially done (I hope).

I wonder what the official starting dae for Pop is? They just mention July, it would be great if Jake got a bit of a rest before filming starts.

shondra said...

I think the Hawaii comment is from the lai that Reese is wearing around her neck.

Thanks for all your updates brothers spy!

Twitter said...

I wonder who had the kids while Reese was in Japan?

anyway I wish Jake some happy fun rest time after Nailed!

Anonymous said...

I know that it's imdb, but i'm just posting it because since Reese was in L.A. yesterday:

The poster says she was at Whole marts with Jared Ward. The same poster started a thread on Jake's page saying that Jake and Jared Ward were seperated at birth, LOL!

They do have the same hair and eye brows but that's about it. Could he have actually seen Jake yesteday? Not much of a stretch since he could have left L.A. later on in rhe day.

brothers spy said...

Oh sorry. I didn't actually click the link. I just took what the anon poster above me wrote.

Someone wrote of pics at the beach and the anon poster said something about Hawaii. I assumed she was in Hawaii.

Thanks for clarifying. Sorry for the confusion.

As for Jake, he definitely IS part of the reshoot. He's in SC right now.

But my girl says that they'll probably be done soon. I'm guessing he won't be there long and may fly back tonight and be home for dinner.

brothers spy said...


That poster is a troll. All the responses, save one, came from the same poster.

If you check the histories of the three people who posted on that link. They always seem to post on each others threads within (literally) two or three minutes of one another. Either they have ESP or they are one person.

That same poster also said that he saw Megan Fox leave the Incredible Hulk premiere with some other guy yesterday. He posted that ten minutes after he posted the "Reese sighting."

He has this strange thing for Jared Ward.

sass said...

Afternoon babblers,
I love the new video of his gorgeousness helping others just as he has always done. He and Reese with their coke bottle glasses while growing up stories, make me smile both inside and outside...seeing how gorgeous they both are now:)

Reese #60 Forbes list... GO Girl power:) and three AF/AM in top 5 richest celebs...GO USA!

Reese # 60

Twitter said...

more pictures are up from the beach day

Anonymous said...

Tim Russett slideshow:

Twitter said...

I wish we had some new pics of Jake :(

paula said...

Thanks for posting the video, what a wonderful cause to support. Looks like Jake is about done with Nailed, he must ne releaved!

What cute pics of Reese and Deacon and I love the Lakers t-shirt!

Twitter said...

check this out

Young Jake, before he was hot :P,0,3117419.photogallery?index=2

extra said...

LOL!! Jake and the rest looked so goofy and whatwas up with Timberlake's hair back then??

Cute beach pics of Reese and Deacon, it looks more like a group outing since there seems to be other kids there and look around Deacon's age. Notice the Laker's t-shirt too1

Thanks for the update brothers spy and i would love to catch Jake wearing glasses, sigh!

Twitter said...

The beach day, I read was a party for D's preschool.
His little black beach bag says ** pre-school

Those things around Reese neck look like party of the party fun

My guess is little D. will start kindergarden in the fall 2008

Anonymous said...

Maybe D graduated from pre-school this week. Maybe it was a graduation party for him.

Twitter said...

Anonymous that is very possible, they had a little bye gathering before the kids start kgarden.

I wonder why Ryan wasn't there, if this was graduation.

anywho.. everyone have a nice weekend

if I find anymore links or info I will post it

Anonymous said...

He actually won't start kindergarden in the fall because he turns five in October and misses the cutoff. Ava is the same way. She is only going into third grade in the fall even though she is ten in September.

Anonymous said...

Ava was born 9/9/99 so she'll turn 9 in September, not 10.

Anonymous said...

The cut off at my school was December 31. I knew a lot of people who started school at the age of 4 (assuming they turned 5 before Dec. 31).

But it might be different in California.

FluorescentLamp said...

Currently, the cut-off date in the state of California is December 2 for kindergarten. So Deacon will, in fact, be starting kindergarten in September and Ava will be starting 4th grade.

There seems me to discussion about moving the cut-off date to September 1.

It's a debate that rages every few years in education, with proponents saying it might help raise test scores and student achievement while others claim it wouldn't do much good.

So the question remains: What is the best age for California children to enter kindergarten? That's the question that researchers Jill S. Cannon and Stephen Lipscomb at the Public Policy Institute of California explored in their recent report, "Changing the Kindergarten Cutoff Date: Effects on California Students and Schools."

They analyzed 14 recent studies on the topic - and concluded that moving the cutoff date for 5-year-olds to begin kindergarten from the current Dec. 2 to Sept. 1 would likely have several benefits.

Should the state shift age to start school.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww.... little Deacon starts kindergarten
its hard to see your babies grow up

Twitter said...

the mouth and eyes *sigh*
he is so beautiful

enigma said...

I just saw the $7 million house that her ex bought. Nice to see him blowing all her hard earn cash already.

And why is he not with his kids on Father's Day? Everyone assumed he would be with them, but I guess he's got other priorities.

Twitter said...

I thought the house was part of the divorce settlement, she probably wanted the kids to live in a nice place to when they stay with Ryan. Remember that 7 milly house is where the kids will be staying to with Ryan.people were saying she kind of bought the house to pay him off and settle everything.

As far as fathers day, I always thought Ryan was good protective father.

my 2 cents..

Twitter said...

Avacon Trust, sounds interesting..

here is something to read

The Los Angeles Times’ Ann Brenoff yesterday reported on the paper’s “Hot Property” blog that Phillippe had purchased the home, which had been on the market for $7,470,000. Indeed, records show that on April 22, Sylvio Tabet, who created the “Beastmaster” TV show and movie trilogy, sold the house, at **, to something called the Avacon Trust for an undisclosed amount, with the deal being recorded on May 30. The name of the money manager on the deed is Martin E. Fox, who is located at the same office as a corporation registered to Phillippe (but which was incorporated under the name of a different money manager, David Weber).

UltraViolet said...

This isn't a Ryan Phillippe blog or a Ryan-bashing blog. We have no idea if he will or won't be with the kids on Father's Day. If he isn't, I'm sure there is a good reason. Let's lay off Ryan and the kids, please.

Twitter said...

this will lighten the mood!

Jake sings night fever

UltraViolet said...

Some of those Before They Were Hot pictures are frightening! Justin Timberlake's hair made ma laugh for about five minutes.

Twitter said...

this is a beautiful interview, Jake talks about war

Twitter said...


Jake and Reese!!!!

Bette said...


Anna said...

I guess by teasing us with some chest hair Jake wants us to forgive him for the sock and sandals :P

his hair is really getting long, I don't like it :(

damn!!!!!! he looks hot!!!

Twitter said...

They have been doing yoga for a while

Jake practices Kundalini Yoga

enigma said...

Thanks twitter.

Reese looks so fresh faced.

Twitter said...

I am kind of sad to admit, Jakes long hair is turning me off :(
he looks tired and not like Jake in these pictures.

what do you all think of the hair?

Nailed must have really stressed him out, hopefully he enjoyed his rest and exercise with Reese.

Glad to see him finally taking a break, he has been working like a dog this summer

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you guys, but I think there is something definately not there in this pic. Could just be the angle though.

Anonymous said...

can we not talk about Reese being pregnant, that is her personal business!

Twitter said...

her Yoga exercise

UltraViolet said...

New pics, new post. Thanks for the heads-up, twitter.