Saturday, June 5, 2010

The ultimate fan...boy

Hey, remember this?

Thursday, Music Box, LA:

--Spotted: jake gyllenhaal at the mumford and sons show.

--Jake Gyllenhall just walked right past me the way to his VIP booth. Crazy.

--Two feet from Jake Gyllenhaal. Four from Marcus Mumford. Goodbye forever.

--Mumford and sonz!! + jake gyllenhaal yay!!

--I spy with my little eye Marcus Mumford hugging Jake Gyllenhall. Squee.

He's back at it again!
Friday, Music Box, LA:

--Ummm... so Jake Gyllenhaal just sat down in front of us!

--fuckin jake gyllenhaal is at the mumford & sons concert...two rows in front of heart!!!

--Jake Gyllenhaal is sitting two rows in front of us at the Mumford & Sons concert!

--The prince of persia is standing up dancing to mumford right now, awesome!

And you know, I can appreciate being the Ultimate Fan and all that, but tell me how does THIS even happen?????

Jake and Marcus Mumford get coffee
at Lamill in Silver Lake, Thursday

I figure if we all go see PoP two nights in a row, we can expect to have coffee with Jake, too!

Or maybe the key is cooking for the band.

Jake Gyllenhaal's Meatballs from Hollywood & Dine

I made these to be added to tomato sauce to be served over pasta.

You can also make these in smaller sized meatballs to be served as an appetizer.

1 1/2 lb ground beef
2 slices white bread, crust removed
1/2 C pecorino romano
2 or 3 garlic cloves minced
1 tbs fresh parsley chopped
1 tbs fresh basil chopped
1 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp fresh cracked black pepper
1/8 tsp red pepper flakes
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
2 eggs beaten

Preheat oven 375F

Gently mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl. Mix thoroughly, but don't crush it all together. You do not want to compact the mixture.

Make about 12 meatballs. They will be around 2 inches in diameter.

Place on an oiled baking pan and and bake for 15 minutes (20 if you are not going to add them to sauce).

Add to tomato sauce and simmer a few minutes before serving.


(Includes photo from IHJ)


Carla said...

When I saw that picture I thought the guy was a paparazzo because to me it looked he was holding a camera in his hand before I enlarged the picture....*lol*

Great how Grobel managed to ask good questions and was able to get some interesting answers from Jake. The Heath part brought some tears into my eyes, but I am so glad that Jake made clear his feelings are his business, not anyone elses.
With todays twitter, blogs, facebook etc. we are so used to getting all information, everyone seems to live their life like it is on a stage. Nothing seems to be private anymore. So good to see that Jake has no interest in playing this game.

Thanks for the recept - I am getting hungry now and will visit my mom for lunch....:-))

Chica said...

Ha, ha, it looks like Marcus is stalking Jake! It must be so cool for Jake to get to hang with one of his favorite bands.

That was a short but really good interview with Jake in the previous post. I teared up reading what Jake said about Heath but he also made it clear that he would not reveal any thing more because it's nobody's business.

His comments on growing up were revealing.

I will have to try Jake's meatball recipe, it sounds yummy!

I will be seeing Pop again today.

Anonymous said...

Jake is such a music person. He loves it and knows it. Am sure people in the bands he likes who get to meet him know he's not just someone going to "a show".
After a while being asked the same type of questions over and over by people who are pretty much just asking questions. Rem. reading another actor talking about interviews and you can quickly tell the difference between the ones just there because its "their job" and the ones who are truely interested in carrying on a conversation and actually talking. They feel few and far between. And you do feel freer to answer them. But can still keep a certain privacy in that.

Love to hear him talking about acting and making movies. He does enjoy talking about how that goes.

Sheba baby said...

What touching and mature comments Jake made about Heath in that Grobel interview. I feel so sad everytime i think of Heath, I can't imagine how painful it is for Jake to talk about him.

That photo is so funny of Jake and Mr. Mumford, and yes it does look like he is stalking Jake!

That does look like a delicious recipe for meatballs, I will have to try it, thanks for posting it UV!

I think it's time for me to see the Prince again too::))

Anonymous said...

Jake and date at Mumford & Sons Friday night

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great recipe. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonder who the date was or whether he went alone & ending up sitting next to some one else as can often happen.

UltraViolet said...

Ha! Another mystery solved. I love it that you figured out Jake's mystery coffee friend, FL! I guess Mr. Mumford is still not quite a stateside celebrity.

If the accounts from the shows are any indication, that might change! People really are crazy for M&Sons, especially live.

But how much of a fanboy is Jake! Two nights in a row, and enthusiastically stomping unlike most of the blase LA crowd. And becoming friends with the band.

The difference between ordinary fangirls and boys and Jake's fanboyery: Access.

Here's my alternate post title: I went to the Mumford and Sons show and all I got was this lead singer!

Nice job, FL!

bobbyanna said...

FL you're a genius!!!

The next best thing to seeing PoP two nights in a row, if I can't have coffee with Jake Gyllenhaal, is to see it with some great friends who share my "enthusiam" for Jake,two nights in a row! :):) It's an experience I'd definitely want to share!

And I LOVE Jake's meatball recipe, since it's almost identical to my own...handed down from my Calabrese Granny!

Jake's recipe calling for Pecorino Romano is absolutely authentico! The only difference is that Grandma used breadcrumbs instead of bread. Grandma used a huge castiron skillet of olive oil,to brown the meatballs, but we "healthier" folk bake them in the oven a la Jake!:) :) :)

I am SO over this cold! I hack all night. Seems to improve a little during the day,then BAM! I'm exhausted.

Not saying it's her, but that woman in the picture's profile looks like Gwyneth Paltrow. Of course, if it was her, they'd have said so. She's not exactly invisible.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a date. Someone twittered that her friends friend was going out with jake last night. A blonde. And then she showed up at the show. The tweeter who post the photo says jake was putting the moves on the girl.

bobbyanna said...

I just thought of another not invisible person with a similar profile, Charlize Theron. But I think she was at the Laker's game.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if it was Isabel Lucas who was the lucky lady

bobbyanna said...

I loved this twitter:

"At the Mumford and Sons concert with @mandysea and people seem to be screaming more for jake gyllenhaal than the band. Wtf fuck LA!"

Glad he's out having fun.

UV, you are SO right about access!:)

Extra said...

Saw Pop for the second time last night and loved it the second time around even more if that's possible. It realy deserves better than fighting for 4th place this weekend which it looks like it's doing.

I really love Jake as Dastan, this role is up there with Jack Twist and Swafford as my favorite Jake roles.

Good detective work FL on IDing Mr. Mumford, Jake really is a fanboy isn't he?

I didn't see the tweet about Jake and the blonde and the link to the pic doesn't have a link to the tweeter so I can't tell if it's Goopy Gwen or some blonde!

Thanks for posting that interview with Jake in the previous post UV. It was short but sweet and heartbreaking and a bit revealing.

bobbyanna said...

Isabel was in NYC on her way to Montreal. She did take a minute to publically say they're not dating, they're friends. She describes it as "platonic."

My 'guess' is Jake'll date more than one girl. He probably has sex, too. Wow.

We'll probably get more reports like this. It's alll good! :)

Anonymous said...

^^That's what they all say. I don't know if you could feel "platonic" about Jake. I'm wondering if it's Isabel too. I'm sure we'll find out soon! Loving the meatballs recipe with the pecorino romano cheese. Yum! :)

Extra said...

I forgot to add that I love that recipe for meatballs from Jake, I may try it out tomorrow for Sunday dinner!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Laura marling?

Anonymous said...

I saw the tweet about Jake making the moves on some girl at the concert last night. If true, that's not the same girl in the pic, making the moves on Marcus' woman Laura Marling, I don't think so.

Ms. Marling is an accomplished musician in her own right, if she was there at her BF's concert, I don't think she would be sitting in the regular seats, probably backstage hanging out. Yeah I know Jake was sitting in the "civilian" seats, but it was probably because he wanted to experience the true fan experience IMO.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone said Jake was putting the moves on a girl at the concert doesn't mean it happened. They could of been mistaken by what they saw. Or however many things it could be.
Did others tweet that they saw this happening?
Not that it couldn't happen it's just that because some think it's Laura (who i am calling Laura even tho i don't know who Laura is) doesn't mean it was and also i think he would keep a respectfull distance.
He has to be on the lookout for that girl who is "going to cross his path" someday.

suvee said...

Or maybe the key is cooking for the band.

Of course! We know Jake was grocery shopping on Wednesday, and if I recall correctly, he left with at least 2 big bags. ;)

FL, great job ID'ing M. Mumford. I wouldn't know him from a hole in the ground, but I don't need to...... I have you! Thanks and kudos!

I guess it's time for me to give a listen to Mumford & Sons. I'm kind of curious what inspires such devotion on Jake's part.

FluorescentLamp said...

From what I can gather, the total love-in for Mumford & Sons from their fans comes in the way of their lives shows vs. audio recordings. I've listened to them and watched a lot of their vids on YouTube. Still don't get it. So I guess this is an instance of "You had to be there."

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...


Monica said...

Oh, those words of Jake about his silence and feelings about Heath... I always thought that was how he felt about all those things that were said and still are said about his silence. Finally someone asked him about it.
Not that I think that was necessary or important, but it was good.
I like the words he used.
He talks about Heath with great affection and love.

I saw the movie and, despite major problems in production, was a great satisfaction to see Jake on the big screen after a long time.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

"The factor Gyllenhaal". Spanish journalist interviews to Jake in Hotel Marries of the sea in Santa Mónica. Jake was with Maggie, with Ramona and your guardian.

UltraViolet said...

Leonor, what a lovely interview, at least in the babel-ized version I read. Thanks so much for the link.

I adore the image of Jake looking out at Maggie and Ramona on the beach, clearly wishing he could be playing with them but giving a charming interview anyway.

Monica, PoP does have its issues but I think it's getting a bad rap in many reviews. hope it's doing well in your country!

And FL, you sure set off a Jake/Mumford internet storm. Too bad you can't put a byline on a scoop like that :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no i cant see the picture :( anyone know where else it could be?

Paula said...

I thought that guy trailing Jake was a pap too Carla! Thanks to FL's eagle-eye we now know that it's Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons!

I have to admit that I never heard of this band but Jake is obviously a big fan, I will have to listen to them to see why Mr. G is such a big fan!

I don't know why Pop has such a disappointing BO here, I loved this movie. Jake was wonderful as Dastan, handsome, funny, sexy and dashing. Gemma grated on my nerves at first, but once she and Dastan got going I liked her as Taminia, they make a great on screen team.

Ben, Alfred, Tobey,Reece & Co all made for a strong supporting cast.

Like some others I had some problems with the script and I didn't care for the ending.

The sets,costumes and cinematography and score were outstanding. I hope the disappointing BO here doesn't mean that Prince of Persia will be ignored in those catagories when the Academy awards make their announcements next year.

The overseas BO looks a lot more promising.

I love this blog, we find out the ID of the guy trailing Jake and we get Jake's fav meatball recipe!

It looks good and simple to make, thanks UV!

Leonor, I clicked on your link and the article is gone:((

I speculated that was the reason why Jake remained silent regarding Heath. He has every right to grieve the way he wants. As he said, it's nobody business.

Anonymous said...

When there wasn't a quote about Heath at first there was no question why he didn't do it. Just what he said.
Poor box office hasn't stopped some movies from winning an Oscar.
(Last years example and I also don't think "Country for Old Men" had much of a box-office either) so I'm sure in costume and some other categories POP has a chance for some nominations.
Most of all I think we wanted Jake to be recognized for the great job he did in the role and as one review said Jake will come out of this smelling like a rose.
Do feel, when some of the public wasn't paying that much attention to it other than knowing it was around, their impression might of been it was something only Gamers would be inerested in and they kept being told those movies usually weren't very

Tweety said...

Ha, ha, I love this photo! I just thought it was some random guy walking behind Jake. Thanks for the ID FL!

Who knows who that woman is in that photo, all I know that she is lucky and Jake sounded like he had a great time.

I never baked my meatballs Bobbyanna, I should try you and Jake's healthier method!

More Pop tweets that I like, especially the ones that say that they plan on seeing it again!:

JRTey: Dastan is great, especially his skill of jumping!!! Hehehe...

okikokiko: prince of persia is great luv it!!!
less than a minute ago from Mombo ·

Risukaa: Oh my.. -_-" RT @rinintaaprilia: Prince of persia for the 3rd time.

eva_smiley_nia: Prince of persia is sooo cooll!!! Wanna watch it again!!

Ineslg: ahhh everything is ok again! =) I'm off... going to watch 'Prince of Persia'... I'll be back later

I hope Pop is remembered in some catagories come Oscar time too Paula. I'm glad that you and Monica saw Pop!

bobbyanna said...

I know I was one of the ppl who was not that enthused by the song when I first heard it, but honestly? I've seen the movie twice, and the soundtrack and the song are absolutely perfect! I loved both! It won't surprise me at all if the original score and the song get Oscar nominations.

I think Jake did himself credit in the movie! No matter what the criticisms have been, the one thing that stands out is
most(80% ?)critics give Jake credit for a job very well done.

The trick with meatballs is not to let them get "hard"and dry. They need to be moist. Grandma browned them quickly in her skillet, drained them, & dumped them in the simmiering sauce to "soak."

The other huge secret I forgot, was she always mixed her ground beef with ground pork. 2/3 beef to 1/3 pork. Otherwise she and Jake had the same recipe.:)

bobbyanna said...

I just checked Box Office Mojo and it looks like PoP is doing well enough. Over $215M worldwide, but doing almost 3 times better overseas ($56M here.)

I'm still hacking too much to sit in a theatre.

Monica said...

^^Thanks, bobbyana!

Prince Of Persia launched at number one in Brazil on $3.6m from 329.

The movie is highly praised by the public in Brazil. Many people said that the film received much applause, especially during the kiss of Dastan and Tamina and end.
Players of POP are highly praised the film, less than 10% did not like. But everyone said that Jake is perfect as the prince.

My forum surpassed the 11 000 members!

Today I am happy because my Rafael Nadal won Roland Garros! Congratulations, Rafa!

Anonymous said...

Over $215M worldwide, but doing almost 3 times better overseas ($56M here.)

Glad PoP is doing well overseas, but sad that it's not doing so well in the US.

mary said...

just got back from seeing pop again what xcan i say jake just gets better and better pop is still playing in 3 theaters where i live hope it stays that way for awhile

Tweety said...

Where are the paps when you need them?

RT @shananaomi: farmer's market catch of the day/month/year: jake gyllenhaal, buff and scruffy, holding motorcycle helmet, intensely swo ... 24 minutes ago

mary said...

boy would i like to see a picture of jake on his motor cycle wonder if its new never heard of him owning a motor cycle before

Josie said...

Prince of Persia was an epic, spectacular, fun movie that reminded me a bit of the first Raiders and I loved that movie.

My favorite parts were the playful, teasing banter between Dastan and Gemma, when they finally kissed, it was magic.

Jake was awesome as the Prince, the parkour/stunt scenes came off as effortless but we all know that was not the case. Even though he had stunt guys, he did a lot of his own and did a great job!

Molina was great fun, Kingsley came across a bit too cartoonish/villian for me in some scenes but I like the scenes with him and Jake.

The whole plot of invading the Holy city,setting up Dastan, the betrayal of his family all worked for me. I know some thought the script was weak but I thought it was Ok.

Stunning visual, a sweeping score added up to a very enjoyable afternoon at the movies for me.

I wish the box office results were reversed : The #'s for overseas were the domestic #'s, sigh.

It's a shame because this is a really good film, the theater was about half full and most were very engaged through-out, everyone enjoyed themselves.

I see it came in #4 this weekend, I hope it sticks around becasue I plan on seeing it again.

Where are the paps Tweety?? I would love to see Jake on a motorcycle!!

Sheba said...

Ooh, FL, thank you so much for that recipe, I'd never have thought to bake the meatballs in the oven but Ima gonna try this this week. Can I ask what is Porcorina m.....? Not sure if I can get it here in the UK.

Mumford and Sons, I don't get it either but different strokes.. I guess. It's good though that he's enjoying his favourite band and I love that he's the only one in the VIP section bopping along to the music... so free and easy :)

My 9th visit yesterday with another dear friend to see PoP and the cinema was absolutely full YaY :DD. At the end she was overcome and said she was filling up. She couldn't thank me enough for persuading her to go and said it was great to get back to old fashioned family values about friendship and family. It really moved her, I didn't know what to do but hug her.

Almost everyone was grinning from ear to ear when the lights went up. I've never seen such a response to a movie like this. It's like a snowball rolling down a steep incline gathering supporters as it goes. Well done to Tobey (Garsiv) and Reece (Bis) two other cuties who have also captured my heart. Even better, I believe Steve Toussaint (Sesso, the knife thrower) is from my home town, Birmingham. I wonder if Jake picked up his Brummy accent and got told off by Mike :DD Everyone did their part and it shows.

I can't say it enough, my fellow Babblers, what a ride :DD

Monica said...

My favorite part is the invasion at the beginning of the movie. I really like the way Dastan think fast to solve a problem. For some it may be very fast, but it is pure video game.

I did not like Gemma. In my opinion, she was the same expression the entire movie. She's too bad!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The invasion was one of my favorite scenes too Monica.

I liked Gemma, I think she played the part of the fiesty and spirited Princess very well.

I love this recipe from Jake. I'll print it out and add your Grandma's touches Bobbyanna!

Ok, Farmers market, we know paps hang out there, I want to see Jake on a motorcycle, is that too much to ask???

If there are no more Mumford concerts, I wonder if Jake wil attend game 2 of Lakes/Celtics?

bobbyanna said...

"Can I ask what is Porcorina m.....? Not sure if I can get it here in the UK."

Pecorino Romano is an Italian cheese. It is stronger than Parmesan. There is also another kind of Romano called Luccatella Romano which comes from Lucca in Italy. But generally Romano is stronger than Parmesan. If you go to a cheese shop or a store that stocks Italian stuff, you can get it. It really isn't exotic, it's used a lot with Italian cooking, but Parmesan is more familiar I guess.

bobbyanna said...

"Ok, Farmers market, we know paps hang out there, I want to see Jake on a motorcycle, is that too much to ask???"

Thank you Madam Speaker! :)

Monica said...

I heard the cd from Mumford and Sons'. My friend is also a fan of the band.
I liked what I heard.
Not my type of music, but liked.

Everyone liked the scenes of Dastan and Tamina. The audience laughed a lot with the couple's fights!

I also liked the scenes of Alfred Molina with that other actor I do not know the name. They were funny.
One more thing, I saw nothing of Jack Sparrow in the character of Alfred Molina.

I think Ben Kinsgley not had much to do, therefore, for me he was ok. They should have developed more his character.

suvee said...

Good grief..... where are the paps' priorities?

We're talking "buff and scruffy" Jake freaking Gyllenhaal on a motorcycle! If that's not pap worthy I don't know what is.

Extra said...

Wow Sheba you have seen Pop nine times!! I only saw it twice, I think you are responsible for the OS BO all by yourself::))

Pop is a fun ride isn't it Sheba?The 2nd time around the audience were definately into it more than the second time.

Jake sounds like he is Mumford and Sons #1 fan! I'm not really into indie rock, but maybe I'll give them a listen.

I wonder how that site came across Jake's recipe? I love spaghetti and meatballs or I should say macaroni and gravy and meatballs!!

Scruffy Jake on a motorcycle, I don't know if my poor heart can take the sight of that...

Tweety said...

I Know that Jake was nominated for a MTV award, but I didn't think he was going:

@Juliaisradical Jake Gyllenhaal. AND OMG HUMMER LIMO ON THE MTV MOVIE AWARDS!!!!!

Monica said...

Thanks, I do not have MTV on my tv. I hate MTV and I hate MTV Movie Awards!
I was happy that Heath was not there to receive the award for best kiss in 2006!

UltraViolet said...

Just a note - I don't think that tweet meant Jake was at the MTV Awards. If you read the conversation, "Jake Gyllenhaal" was the answer to "Who's hot?" :)

UltraViolet said...

Hi Paula, did you ever get to see the article Leonor posted? I think the link should work.

Thanks for your review - I'm so glad you liked the movie. I agree that the sets and costumes were spectacular. All very old Hollywood epic.

Tweety, it's so much fun reading the Jake love on twitter, isn't it? It really puzzles me why all this great WOM hasn't translated into better box office in the US.

Great news from Brazil, Monica! I love it that audiences applauded the movie - and the kiss!

And congrats on your 11,000th member! That's a lot of Jake fans. Very cool. You guys do a great job.

UltraViolet said...

Hmm, second report of Jake on his bike and still no photos. Get on that, LA paps! Or as suvee said, "Where are your priorities?!"

Josie, another great review. I'm so glad we are all enjoying the movie.

Mary and Josie, I hope PoP sticks around, too. I need to see it a couple more times!

Bobbyanna, are you going to try Jake's meatball recipe? When you're feeling better, which I hope will be soon.

Sheba, love the story about your friend. I think you need a special PoP Ambassador badge. It's great to hear the theater was full and folks were into it. The film really improves when there's some crowd spirit, I think.

Extra, I think Jake did the recipe for their "Hollywood and Dine" segment, which has a bunch of other celeb recipes. The segments seem to be syndicated on that Reelz channel. We'll have to see if Jake pops up.

I remember Stephanie mentioning it once before, but I can't remember if Jake's segment ever aired.

UltraViolet said...

OONP, forgot to say that Jake wasn't at the Celtics game - unless he was hiding! And he wasn't on the MTV Awards, either.

Tweety said...

Thanks UV! I should hsve followed the conversation of that tweet!

Sheba said...

I hope Jake is enjoying himself in between gigs. I hope he gets enough of a break to catch up with everyone. The box office is amazing for a film that has been so poorly promoted. I have real issues with Disney as to their methods. I watch the London premier back on You Tube and am so annoyed for Jake having to do Alex Zane's job of whipping up the crowd. the reason why we didn't make much noise is that we could not hear a single thing that was going on and we couldn't see it properly either. People around the world got a better view and sound than we did who were there. So Disney, if you get a second chance, do it justice and make the premier magical.

There are some scenes I was really annoyed about such as the one where Dastan gets on his horse and the sun completely shines straight into the camera where Dastan and Tamina are silhoetted. What was the point of that?!! That seemed so amateurish. Also when Dastan's 'third step is the hardest' speech to Tus where he talks to Bis about the gift - why are we looking at the back of Dastan's head?? That was a great comic moment that if we had seen his expression we could have seen how drunk Dastan was. There are many angles that could have incorporated all of them successfully.

Hey Leonora #1 in Brazil, that's wonderful. And congrats to you Monica for your 11,000 members. It's an exciting time. Jake is lucky to have so many supportive sites although he does provide us with such gems of wisdom and WTF moments :D Ooh, forgot to say well done to Rafa. He's back! Can't wait for Wimbledon.

I liked Josie and Monica's description of their experience and like to hear people's favourite scene. I too loved the nighttime seige, beautiful cinematography that time. At my last screening, the audience jumped then burst out laughing when Tamina clocked Dastan and took off with the dagger. That was so unexpected.

Thanks Bobbyanna for knowing what the heck I was talking about and clearing that up. I do love parmesan so if I can't find that cheese I'll use that as a substitute. Hope you get better soon. The best remedy to cure you may be a PoP visit soon.

Hey thanks too Extra, I'd like to think that :D It really is a fun ride and I want to surf that wave for as long as possible. I just wanted to share this experience with as many of my friends and family as possible. Every single person who came with me was impressed and enjoyed it.

Tweety, love the twitter comments and it's such a buzz to see them. Even the ones that are not complimentary, people jump all over them. It's great.

UV, thank you, I would wear that badge with pride, next to my Obama badges. I think guys, I've come to realise I'm on a mission to obliterate how many times I've seen BBM which just fills me with sadness. Now I want to be filled with happiness and joy right now and this is ticking all the boxes. Also it's a great way to reconnect with friends.

Gosh, this post is too long, sorry :D. Stop talking now woman.

Chica said...

What a beautiful post Sheba. I've seen Pop twice and probably will see it for a third time this weekend with some friends that I convinced to see it with me!

It has been a wonderful way to re-connect with friends. The only other Jake film that I saw more than once in the theater was BBM.

A beautiful film but such sadness too.

With Pop it's pure fun and adventure and just watching Jake up on the big screen again having such fun has been such a kick.

Some of the scenes you pointed out Sheba that annoyed you were probably poorly edited, that was one of my few complaints too. I think there was some quick editing to make the film under 2 hours IMO. Maybe they thought some kids wouldn't have the attention span to sit through a movie over 2 hours?

FluorescentLamp said...

Gemma gets married. Girls are getting married so young these days. What's up with that? It's like a throwback to the 50s.

bobbyanna said...

Awww! Thanks, FL! She looks so pretty. Happy too! (By the time I was her age I had two kids a husband and a mortgage. (The kids are grown-ups and I still have the mortgage! :))

Extra said...

When I saw these pics on Jared leaving a gym, I thought they were from last week because he is wearing the same outfit in this post!:

Monica said...

For those persons who do not want to visit the trash Just Jared:
Always best IHJ

Monica said...

Career Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal
Anne Thompson

Anonymous said...

Some of the Thompson article is o.k., but some of it is kind of "off" on info.
Also i don't think audiences have rejected Jake in POP. When people finally see it they certainly seem to like him.
And it has been a Hit overseas. So Jake's name on it didn't keep people from going to see it.
Still think if it had not been mentioned that this was a Video game movie it might of drawn more people. Probably thinking it was going to be a certain type of thing and something they wouldn't be interested in.
And was that a "cockney" accent? Why have some called it that.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Sheba, thank you for mentioning that horseback scene where the sunlight obscures part of the screen. So distracting. I couldn't believe it wasn't fixed.

And please don't stop talking! You make an interesting point about how much easier and more uplifting it is to see PoP over and over. We know everything can't always be happy in life, and the pain of BBM was necessary and beautiful in its own way. Same with Brothers. It's nice to go to a Jake film and not be depressed on leaving the theater.

And as chica pointed out, it's even better because you can see how much fun Jake had while making it.

It's so cool you guys are seeing it with friends. One of my friends and I used to make it a point to see all of Keanu's movies. Maybe I'll call her to see PoP!

UltraViolet said...

New post.