Friday, June 18, 2010

Jake at the Celtics game

Jake Gyllenhaal at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night:

"I'm too sexy for this game."

Jake meets up with an old friend.

Jake arriving at the Staples Center, with Adam Levine. Many other old friends, including Ellen Pompeo and Kirsten Dunst, were also in attendance.

And at the game:

After the game, Jake joined Adam and other friends at Dan Tana's. Ryan Phillippe was also there and not happy to see photographers. You can see Jake and Adam leaving at the end of this clip.

The vide says Ryan and Jake dined together, but the X17 photos say they just ran into each other. The commentary on both is, as always, ridiculous.

That's about it for the good news! It's always hard to be a gracious loser, especially when the winners are the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant, in particular. But congratulations to L.A. on their 10th NBA championship.

(Photos courtesy of Yahoo and WENN.)


Chica said...

As a bitter and frustrated Knicks fan I have to give the Lakers their props.

I was rooting for the Celtics because I dislike them less then the Lakers!

Unfortunately I heard this morning that their was some rioting by Lakers fans in L.A./Staples center.

I don't get why fans do shit like this. People talk about New Yorkers but we never riot when our sports teams win championships (The Knicks haven't won in ages but the Rangers, Giants, Skanks , Mets,no riots!)

I love the pic of Jake and Dustin!

ihj said...

More pics of jake at the game, I love this shot, hee!

It looks like the guy who went with him to the Dodger game who looks a bit like Paul Rudd here.

bobbyanna said...

I'm not about to get all warm and fuzzy about the Celtics, but I don't dislike them. I thought they played well last night, and I'm sorry they lost after leading most of the night!

I wish Ron Artest would just disappear...but not in a bad way.:(

Damn, Jake looks good. T shirt and jeans look familiar! I must confess, I was "getting used to" Jake wearing tighter
jeans lately.:)

FluorescentLamp said...

10th NBA Championship.

LOL, I'm no Lakers lover to be sure, but wasn't last night their 16th NBA Championship? Putting them just one behind the Celts?

UltraViolet said...

So they like to say, yes. But the Lakers franchise has won 16. The Los Angeles Lakers have won only 10, so that is how I see it :)

Updated the post with more pics. Love the jeans, too, Bobbyanna :)

mary said...

i dont understand either why fans have to riot like that after a win they also do it after a loss anyway love the pic of jake with the tooth pick and the ones of him checking out the girl going up the stairs and i love the jeans too

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the rioting isn't done by Laker fans or in some cases fans of any sports group after they win - but just people who want an excuse to do something like that.

FluorescentLamp said...

So they like to say, yes. But the Lakers franchise has won 16. The Los Angeles Lakers have won only 10, so that is how I see it :)

LOL, got it! And now that you've reminded me of that, I'll have to agree with you. :-)

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh and hahaha...the title of today's post...heeheehee. Good one.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Not really a BB fan, but congratulations to the L.A. Lakers, on their 10th championship, LOL!!

He does look extra yummy in these pics.

UltraViolet said...

Glad we're all on board with the correct stats!

And FL, you'll notice I didn't put Lakers in the tags, either. I can congratulate them but that doesn't mean I can't make my own statements. However petty :)

Added a video of Jake leaving Dan Tana's, as well as some photos.

UltraViolet said...

Also just added a vid of Jake arriving at the game with Adam Levine and friends. Jake's at about the 3:20 mark.

UltraViolet said...


USA ties it 2-2.

Monica said...

It was a great game, but do not know if ESPN showed Jake.
I like the Lakers, but my team in the NBA's Chicago Bulls.

I love the photo of Jake with Dustin Hoffman.

Every time I see Adam Levine, I remember what he said about Sharapova.

Cathy E said...

Jake looks great! :)

UltraViolet said...

He sure does, Cathy!

What did Adam say about Sharapova, Monica? I'm guessing it's nothing good.

The USA got screwed by the referee and should have won that game. Of course, they shouldn't have fallen behind 2-0. But man. Great comeback. Almost amazing.

Monica said...

Great recovery, UV.

Adam Levine allegedly said that she has a bad sex.

Carla said...

Not very gentlemanlike, Monica..!

I have no clue what happens on the Basketball league but congrats to the Lakers. And I love those games because it usually means new Jake pictures...:-))

He looks good - the old shirt and THE Shoes! Good to seeing him having some fun with his friends after those exhausting weeks.

UV, I just watched the game and the US boys played a great match - and they were the real winners! Nobody over here understands why the third goal was refused by the referee...:-((

Our team was not so good today, to say it mildly....

Anonymous said...

In the new People mag. (with the body-cover) There is a picture of Reese and whoever & his yellow Livestrong t-shirt and they point out that in 2008 Jake was wearing his Livestrong t-shirt.

UltraViolet said...

Monica, from what I googled, I think that Adam Levine quote might be a hoax. He denies ever saying it, and the interview allegedly never even happened.

I hoe it's not true. I don't really care about Adam L, but it's a lousy thing to say about someone.

What happened to Germany, Carla? This has been a weird year. Right now, I'm rooting against England, I guess, which I normally wouldn't do unless they were playing the U.S.

Jake really does look good, doesn't he? Updated the post with another Dustin Hoffman photo, as well as a video of him arriving at the game (along with other stars).

sheba said...

Is there football and basketball going on? I guess I'm still in PoP heaven. Jake looks effortlessly sexy and serene in these pics. His basketball buddy seems to be preoccupied though. Love the pictures of Dustin too, he's a favourite.

Roll on Wimbledon :DD

bobbyanna said...

I agree, tenth championship, whic puts them behind the Celtics!
I am a diehard Detroit Pistons, and Detroit Tigers fan. But last night I was with the Celtics.

I dislike the "Skankees" ever since Reggie Jackson refused to give a sweet little girl who was a huge fan of Mr.October's, an autograph. He was nice. He said hello, asked her name, etc. but when she politely asked him for an autograph he said, "Honey I don't give out autographs." Her feelings were very hurt, and her mother was very pissed...:)

Thank you for more goodies!!! Love to see Jake enjoying life, hanging with friends, etc.

I hate to sound like a traitor, but hey! While I like the U.S. team, and I root for them, my heart is with Italy.

Just saw PoP again for the 3rd time. I'm not a crazy person, (no really)but I thought the editing was much tighter this time. Two instances where I noticed editing flaws previously, were not apparent. In fact, I enjoyed the movie even more this third time.

Noticed new stuff and appreciated the story line and the interaction even more. I still think the "fire" animation is cheesey. They should have done something more awesome. It was the Sands of Time after all.

NO WAY this movie is a flop! It's made back it's production costs, and I seriously doubt it spent $100M on marketing.

Billboards and posters, lots of video clips on the internet, one master trailer with three shorter versions edited down.

The majority of TV advertising on Disney owned stations. Heaviest concentration was on the internet. Technogeek sites, gamer sites, movie sites aimed to a very specific demographic, and facebook and twitter. Please.

It's stretching it to say $50M. (They didn't spend money on a multiple premieres, that's for sure!) The general "rule" is that distributors usually spend about half a movie's costs to market it. But Disney has resources 'in house' most distributors don't have. I'm done.

mary said...

watched inside edition today and they showed some of the celebs at the laker game showed jake on arrival at the game then said that the celebs had to be escorted out after tthe game due to the fans rioting and that when jake came by they had to push the crowds back to keep them away from jake

Monica said...

Thanks, UV. I heard this story during a game of Maria Sharapova.
Thanks, UV. I heard this story during a game of Maria Sharapova.

I agree with you, Bobbyana. Disney did not spend much money promoting this movie. I think they did their best to spend as little as possible, an example of this is that virtual premiere.

See the great work they are doing with Tron Legacy. The film will attend the Wondercon and the job of marketing is very good.

Monica said...

Early Oscar Contenders for Best Picture:
The Films with the Most Promise, Sight Unseen (in random order):
Love and Other Drugs - Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway in an Ed Zwick film about a woman with Parkinson’s. (November 14)

I believe the release date is wrong.

Tweety said...

All those gym visits has really paid off, he is looking really buff and sexy! I thought he looked a bit thin for a while. Love the pics of him and Hoffman!

Love all the tweets about Jake oogling jean girl, not subtle at all Jake!

I was hoping the Celtics would have pulled it out but, oh well.What a lame-ass video of Jake at Dan Tana's. Don't you love how they first imply that he was dining with Ryan??

I will e seeing Pop for the 3rd time myself this weekend Bobbyanna and you are right, there is no way in hell Disney spent 100 million advertising this film.

I remember Adam making that comment about Maria, but you're right UV, the comment turned about to be false.

Good news for LAOD, and I do think the date is wrong unless it was changed, thanks for the link Monica.

suvee said...

Yes, he is too sexy for this game!

Those jeans are..... well, words fail me. The t-shirt totally works for me, too. He looks so good. So good, in fact, that I can overlook the overabundance of facial hair. Photos like these jump start my inner fangirl!

The pics of him giving the brunette the once over are classic. I wonder how many phone calls and emails she got today from friends and family? :)

Carla said...

The pictures of Jake checking the brunette is making the rounds...:-)

I like him talking with Dustin Hoffman - makes me thinking of "Moonlight Mile" - that was such a wonderful movie...

We should be realistic - also if Disney has not spend 100 Mio for the promotion - PoP is considered a big flop among Disney and in the business.
To be considered as a success it should have made around 450 - 500 Mio WW. The first PoTC - which it is always compared to - made 654 Mio WW. PoP will be making around 330 - 350 Mio WW - not even near the expectations.

Other actors also had flops during their careers - it won´t hurt Jake. But IMO it also won`t make it easier for him getting roles in big action films.

Shondra said...

I love that pic of Jake checking out that girl, classic! Jake has said that Dustin is his mentor, love seeing them together again.

Congratulations to the Lakers! It looks like Jake, Adam and Co. celebrated the win, I noticed a Laker flag sticking out of the car in that video.

I doubt the 50 million price tag for marketing Pop too, no way.

I agree Carla, the BO is disappointing, not at all what Disney was expecting. It will come in at #8 this weekend with about 80 mil. made so far here.

bobbyanna said...

"To be considered as a success it should have made around 450 - 500 Mio WW. The first PoTC - which it is always compared to - made 654 Mio WW. PoP will be making around 330 - 350 Mio WW - not even near the expectations. "

I'm sorry, but I disagree with this statement. It's just a different point of view. I don't ever recall anyone, even Bruckheimer, except some media types, insisting that PoP had to perform, or was expected to perform as well as POTC. No one ever expected that. Certain members of the media perpetuated that perspective, deliberately setting the financial bar impossibly high.

I recall some media types saying that Disney was looking for a replacement franchise for the wildly successful POTC, which seemed to morph into an unrealistic expectation.

In fact, with PoP, JB/Disney were very cautious and very guarded about PoP sequels discussions; even saying "we just hope people like this movie." It wasn't until the very end of the press junket that anyone associated with PoP said, "I'd love to do it again!" Box office has been way down, as we discussed earlier, across the board. More than 20% for the summer.

The "spin" for a movie is important. If a movie is categorized as "diappointing" or a "flop" and gloom and doom are peddled around like that Opinion piece in EW, then that buzz takes root, and eventually it defines a movie.

Some people enjoy seeing Bruckheimer stumble, especially critics. Most movies in the fantasy action genre consistently do much better overseas, even if they are successful here.

Each time I saw PoP, there were preview trailers for "Tron," & "Sorcerer's Apprentice" were shown as well as "The Last Airbender." ("Tron's" musical score will get the demographic into theaters if nothing else does!)

The contrast between the look and feel of PoP, and those three movies is startling. I believe that if PoP had used better animation graphics, and XFs it would have helped. PoP had a great story, great action, great acting. I loved my third trip. And that surprised me.

Karate Kid was supposed to generate tons of excitement. They are calling it a wildly successful movie with a $56M WE opening. Which, in any other year,might be considered a "flop," considering the costs.

Tracking polls for "Knight and Day" dropped from a flopping 26% to less than 23% by opening day.

"Jonah Hex" or whatever that dreck is,from Megan Fox and Josh Brolin, will be lucky to bring in $6M for the weekend according to some estimates! Those are flops.

IMO, when a movie makes back it's production and marketing costs within the first three weeks or so,I can't justify calling it a flop.

POTC was a phenom that was wholly unexpected. I remember that it caught everyone, including it's producers, by surprise. Please remember, Orlando Bloom was at the absolute pinnacle of his popularity with two LOTRs movies already out, and the third and final one opening the same year as POTC.

Johnny Depp,was already wildly popular because of his three seasons of American television on
"21 Jump Street." His collaboration with Tim Burton on "Edward Scissorhands" was in instant classic by then.

The fact he put in the gold tooth and decided to channel Keith Richards and camp it up was something everyone looked forward to, but no one ever thought it would explode the way it did.

There were a lot of variables that all came together in a "perfect storm" of momentum to make POTC what it became. That success carried over into two very mediocre sequels.

mary said...

box office returns have been down for all movies in the las tyear or so due to the economy hope that they take that into consideration i hope for a sequel but who knows we will just have to see what happens

Anonymous said...

Johnny had hits but he had more movies that did not do big box office. But he's considered a great actor - thus it doesn't matter if his movies are hits or not.
That's going to be the same with Jake.
As far as action roles the audience saw Jake could do a fine job and the Business also sees that he can do physical roles like that. "Souce Code" looks like there will be action in it.
With POP think there was too much - "it was from a video game and there haven't been many movies that were good who have been taken from them." That could get set in people's mind.
But as said there are movies that can be called a flop and POP isn't one of them.
And there's the DVD and then shown on t.v. It's not going to suddenly go away and not be heard of again. It will gain new fans & Jake too.

Monica said...

No one ever expected that.

It was obvious they wanted a new franchise. They did not mention this only to avoid being accused of being pretentious.

IHJ has new pics of Jake leaving a kung fu class!

bobbyanna said...

I agree mary & anon. And Carla,I really enjoy these discussions a lot, even and especially when there are different points of view.

Sure, I wish millions of people were lined up around the block, and every screen were completely sold out for the next six weeks,etc., but I think Jake's in a really good place.

The movie did very respectably at the box office.(IMHO) He proved he can do action, big time. He's forging relationships in areas he didn't have them before, with Disney, etc. and he'll only benefit from this. 90% of the feedback's been positive for him.

Personally, I I hope it doesn't have a sequel. PoP's very derivative, IMO. After three Mummys and a Scorpion King or two, the desert holds no more mysteries. It's not unique.

That's another thing POTC 1, had going for it. It was a send up, a light-hearted take on the old Tyrone Power/Errol Flynn pirate movies.

Anonymous said...

Johnny is at a point in his career that he can command box office by simply his name. It hasn't always been that way, and for most actors, it doesn't happen instantly. I think PoP did well considering that, and I don't think a sequel is out of the question.

Extra said...

After Disney dropped the Narnia franchise when the sequel fell flat at the BO, they were counting on Pop to be the next franchise.

I think that when opening day drew closer they must have had data indicating that it wasn't going to be a blockbuster, so they scaled back expetations.

I've seen it twice so far and it has been my favorite movie this year so far, and i'm not juast saying that because i'm a Jake fan. Sure it had flaws that have been discussed here already, but overall I loved it.

I think Jake has proved that he can play an action hero, I think the real question is has Bruckheimer lost his touch? Didn't he have 2 movies last year that didn't do well? Confessions of a Shopaholic and that movie with the talking hamsters, altough I think the latter made a profit.

I love Jake in these photos, he seems distracted a bit:)

Jake leaving a karate class?? I wonder if the Hedgehog doing karate bit on Fallon inspired him!

Carla said...

It was obvious that Disney/Bruckheimer wanted a new franchise - Bruckheimers permanent mention of PoTC - even on the official poster - the comparison/intention was clear IMO.

“There were a lot of variables that all came together in a "perfect storm" of momentum to make POTC what it became.”
Bobbyanna, here I agree with you but although if they did not expect PoTC Box office numbers - nobody can convince me that anybody at Disney is satisfied with a domestic number of 75 Mio. after three weeks.

The audience reactions towards Jake, the film and the user ratings on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Box Office Mojo are very good. I hope TPTB will realise this.

Anon 12.06 I also think Source Code will have some action and Jakes character seems to be a “tough” guy.

Jakes working out regimen starts to get me excited - the same he did before the PoP shootings started....!

Tweety said...

I don't watch Entourage so I have no idea who Jake was hanging out with:

TunaToast: Jake Gyllenhaal and the crazy film director from Entourage at Lamill
19 minutes ago via twidroid

As disappointing as the domestic BO has been for Pop, he received mostly positive reviews so I think he will be just fine.

As far as Jake being offered other action type films: He has the Sci-Fi thriller SC coming out next year. It's not really an action hero type flick but it's close enough IMO. And with that flick there won't be the type of expectations like with Pop.

I know that he did SC before Pop was released, so he wasn' offered the part based on Pop but I hope that this will show he can do action type films, people seem to forget that he did Jarhead.

bobbyanna said...

I agree that TPTB hoped PoP would ultimately become a successul franchise, and carry on the tradition of POTC. I just meant that I didn't think they ever expected it to open with the same level of returns as POTC 1. POTC1 was the rarity not the norm. PoP would have been happy with a $60-70M opening. So it probably did underperfrom in the U.S. opening weekend based on what they hoped for.

I also think a lot of people in H'wood were undone by the Avatar phenom. In order to have real "legs" today, I think a tentpole movie needs to be an "experience" or an "event." PoP was neither. The gamer hook wasn't strong enough, nor was the Bruckheimer/Disney name.

The absolute best case scenario:
an awesome, wildly successful movie, with BO on the same level as POTC l wasn't in the cards.

But based on their own internal tracking, weeks before it opened, they had to know they'd have a very respectable, entertaining summer movie that would definitely recover it's costs.

Chica said...

Wasn't POTC based on a Disney ride or am I mistaken?

Hopes for a franchise based on a VG is risky since the genre hasn't exactly set the BO on fire.

The fact that Pop opened on a Friday and not a Wednesday or even a Thursday which is traditional for a movie like this opening on a holiday weekend shows that Disney knew that this was not going to be an event, something movie goers were looking forward to seeing.

You're right Bobbyanna, the only hook that they had were gamers and that wasn't enough.

For me the movie was great fun and Jake was perfectly cast, I have seen it twice already.

It just shows to me that Jake so far can play all types of roles, looking forward to LAOD and SC.

I hope that all of these gym visits and now karate classes mean that Jake is preparing for another movie!

mary said...

i hope so too fingers crossed

Monica said...

The box office opening of POTC 1 was 46 million, but much of the film's success came because of good word of mouth, mainly because of Johnny Depp.
I saw the movie because of Johnny Depp and was a disappointment to me.

I agree when you say that a 60-70 million in box office opening weekend would have been good to POP, but 30 million is disappointing for a studio that has invested 150 million, regardless of what they expected.
Just this weekend he should get $ 80 million. Unfortunately it is a failure in America.

tweet said...

Jake is hanging out with friends a lot lately.

Well, @tunatoast Jake Gyllenhall is making the rounds: saw him at Ammo w/ Busy Phillips today, too


Tweety said...

I was just going to post that! Isn't Busy Matilda's Godmother?

JF said...

Unfortunately it is a failure in America.

But it's doing much better overseas. That's at least something.

Tweety, she is Matilda's godmother, but it looks like she's also a friend of Jake's.

Btw, Jake's looking good lately.

UltraViolet said...

Interesting box office conversation. Oh, how I wish that the movie had been a bigger success. But I was always dubious about the PotC potential. As bobbyanna said, that was a once in a lifetime phenomenon/combination of factors.

It's true that the domestic box office is a big disappointment, and that domestic is a more important number than international. But it's also true that the overseas box office is higher than expected. So while overall the number will not match up to expectations, it's not a total flop the way some people want to portray it.

I like him talking with Dustin Hoffman - makes me thinking of "Moonlight Mile" - that was such a wonderful movie...

Me, too, Carla. And Ellen Pompeo was there, too. It would have been fun if all three had met up.

Lots of fun tweets today. Jake is making the rounds!

Tweety said...

I would guess that this is the the director from Entourage that he was tweeted with earlier, can't tell sonce they only took Jake's pic!:

Anonymous said...

IHJ has pics from yesterdays LAmill lunch, it was with Naomi.

Tweety said...

Thanks anon., I guess the agency couldn't ID mom! It's Father's day and maye we will see Jake out with his Dad today:

Hope everyone here can spend this day visiting with their Dads, for me I will be celebrating the day in my heart.

Sheba said...

Me too Tweety:) Happy Father's day to all those moms too that had to be dad as well :)

Love the discussions about PoP still and as many of you have discovered it gets better and more enjoyable every time you see it.

Jake is looking very at ease and comfy back in his normal surroundings. How lovely to see him with Naomi and she's looking more sassy nowadays. Go girl :)

Watching Chicken Little with my little chicken and dinner, see y'all later.

bobbyanna said...

My dad was born on Valentine's Day,so he's definitely "in my heart!" :) He had a devilish sense of humor, a generous heart,and he often drove my mother nuts! LOL!They were together for 60 years, and I think they probably still are.

Wishing everyone Happy Valentine's Day!

According to reports, there's been a modest box office "surge" for PoP this weekend, I guess. It is #8and chugging right along. Being the new kid on the block, I think this movie had to "find" it's audience, and I think that's happening. :)

WOM is very good, and it helps.

Love seeing sleepy/cuddly Jake...with his Mom. Yes, she is looking "sassy!:)"

Josie said...

Interesting discussion on Pop, it expectations, disappointments, BO OS vs here, etc.

IMO the marketing was all over the place towards the end and they really didn't have a "solid" audience for it.

Tracking revealed that it wasn't going to do as well as they wished. It's a shame because it was a really good, entertaining popcorn flick.

I juat hope Jake doesn't have problems getting roles like this again. He shouldn't because he was awesome as Prince Dastan but we all know how HW works.

Boo at the Laker's winning, sorry Jake!

Looks like Jake is just kicking back and chillin with family and friends, good for him he deserves a rest!

My Dad is in NV, retired. I miss him being so far away but he loves it there. I'll give him a call to wish him Happy Fathers day.

(((Tweety))) (((Sheba)))

Anonymous said...

There have been comments about the fact that Jake did a great job in POP. Overall he got a very favorable response.
If he had done a so-so job on it and didn't give much of an impression as an "action star" that would of been different.
But he did prove he could be whether the movie did big business or not. This has been, except for a few, not big box-ofice for established stars. (Not counting Shrek and of course Toy Story).
The powers-that-be also see that.
Jake has already had a number of diverse roles. The last thought out there would be that he wasn't capable of doing different kinds of roles.
And that will just get stronger when he has a comedy-drama-LAOD, a thriller-Source Code and hope someday..a Musical.
He has already played 3 characters based on real people. Most likely has a 4th coming up with "Namath".

Chica said...

I'm thinking about my Dad today, he is so in my heart today as well.

Still miss him after all these years. We would be having our annual Father's day BBQ today, he always looked forward to that.

I'm watching a marathon of Father themed movies on TCM, right now they are showing the classic East of Eden with James Dean.

Jake more than proved that he can play the action hero. I wish that it did better here (It did get a bit of a surge Bobbyanna!)But I hope the industry can look beyond the BO and just focus on his performance.

Naomi does look sassy and relaxed with Jake:))

bobbyanna said...

Jerry Bruckheimer just tweeted me (and a million other pple) asking what I thought should happen in POTC: On Stranger Tides! LOLOLOL! I told him to magically send Penelope Cruz back to 6th Century Persia!

Anonymous said...

Stranger Tides - that's an interesting title. Maybe a lost city like Atlantis? I haven't seen any of the Pirates trilogy, but I may have to.

mary said...

going with my sister and mother to put flowers on my fathers grave its been 22 yrs since he passed away but still missed.

love the pics of jake with his mo

Sag actor said...

Missing my Dad too today. Great Dad, Grand father and husband. Tough, honest and funny, all-around wonderful man.

Looks like Pop will come in at #6 in the US, no change from last week. Not the #'s Disney was hoping for but it's hanging in there. LOL @ Jonah Hex, now that is a flop!

FluorescentLamp said...

Happy Father's Day to all the GB dads still with us and remembering all our dads who are not.

Miss you everyday, Dad. And if you were still here I know you'd be out putting on suntan lotion, swimming and lounging in your beloved pool right now. My dad, the sunworshipper.

bobbyanna said...


"Wishing everyone Happy Valentine's Day!"

OMG. I can't believe I did that. Just noticed it.

Happy Fathers's Day to all! :)

suvee said...

Happy Father's Day to all the GB dads still with us and remembering all our dads who are not.

My Father's Day wishes are the same as FL's.

My father was a kind, sweet and lovely man, gone far too soon. I'd give anything if I could remember his voice.

tweet & twitpic said...

psychicchic: RT @missenscene: Glad I went to farmers market. Yummy food and yummy Jake Gyllenhaal with Busy Phillips and her family


UltraViolet said...

Oh, suvee, how poignant. I hope it comes back to you someday! I can still hear my father yelling up the stairs to wake us up for school :)

Ditto to all the Father's Day wishes. My father would grouse about having to go to a cookout or have people over, but then enjoy himself anyway.

And LOL, Bobbyanna. We'll take both holiday wishes.

UltraViolet said...

Nice arm shot of Jake in that twitpic :)

tweet and twitpic said...

Nice arm shot of Jake in that twitpic :)

Indeed. ;)

Monica said...

Fathers Day in Brazil will be in the second Sunday in August!
Happy Fathers Day to all who are celebrating today!

Today is the birthday of my father!

I looked at the box office and I think POP should wind up with 350 million. Not so bad, especially if we consider that this summer was one of the worst for the American cinema.

I think this movie deserves a sequel. Surely they would make a much better job in the second movie, as happened to Narnia, but find it hard to happen.

POTC 4? No, thanks!

Carla said...

In Germany we celebrated Fathers Day some weeks ago but I want to wish everyone here a Happy Fathers day- for those who are lucky to celebrate with their dad and those who only can revive their memories.
My father died 7 years ago, he is still in my heart and I miss him.

Naomi looks good lately - hope she is doing fine after the divorce.

Hint if you meet Jake - make sure having a dog with you!

Those arms! - We should start a petition "Jake J. is not allowed to wear long-sleeved Shirts or sweaters"....:-))

bobbyanna said...

Busy Philip's husband is a successful screenwriter. He wrote "He's Just Not That Into You" and something else, and "The Vow" with was just announced with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.

I think he likes the RomCom genre.

"I looked at the box office and I think POP should wind up with 350 million. Not so bad, especially if we consider that this summer was one of the worst for the American cinema."

Exactly! (((((Monica)))))

mary said...

funny this morning my local news was doing a segment on the farmers market from there and i thought about jake and then lo and behold he is seen there :0

and man those biceps what can i say he must be buffing up for a film role i know jake likes to keep fit but he doesnt usually go that far with a work out unless he preparing for something hope we hear something soon if he is

bobbyanna said...

I hope he doesn't get too big. I keep watching his neck...I hate that overly muscular thick-necked look on anyone. Lean and muscular is good.

Anonymous said...

However Jake looks it will be what is needed for the role.

Anonymous said...

Joe Namath in his football years. Looking at pictures on Google and he was "muscular".

UltraViolet said...

Last time I saw PoP, I noticed Jake's neck was pretty thick in some shots though I don't remember thinking that when he was filming.

I don't like that look either, Bobbyanna.

Mary, too bad the news didn't catch Jake at the market!

It was really fun to hear people's memories or mentions of their fathers. I remember my father teaching me to ride a bike and to swim, and always coming out to play with us after he got home from work. He could be impatient in life but was pretty patient when he had to be.

Office of Nanci Pelosi said...

Love the twicpic of Jake at the Farmers market with Busy, damn his guns are incredible!

Naomi is looking sharp these days, I can really see a lot of Maggie in her now.

350 million WW for Pop isn't bad at all but is it enough for a sequel? I hope so. And I agree Monica, POTC4 is a bad idea!

Hope everyone spent time with their Fathers today by phone, e-mail, FB, a visit or just remembering and keeping him in your thoughts and hearts.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...


Tweety said...

Jake at the Hollywoodbowl tonight:

estarla: Jake Gyllenhaal in the house. #HollywoodBowl

I wish that twicpic of Jake was bigger too, sigh.

Guru said...

Pop only lost 14% from last week and holds at #6:

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Lord of the Dance ...


Anonymous said...

Pop only lost 14% from last week and holds at #6

Not bad a'tall, considering Toy Story is playing. :)

UltraViolet said...

Love that Lord of the Dance clip, Leonor :)

I think Disney is practicing a little chicanery with these PoP numbers, but who cares? Since they didn't manage to secure any US IMAX theaters for PoP, they can do this.

Here's a clip of Jake and Adam leaving the Celtics game. And another very brief glimpse of Jake at a game last year. Can't remember if that one was ever posted.

I'll try to get my act together for a new post tomorrow, guys. I guess I'm on a post-PoP rest!

Sheba baby said...

They were talking about the Disney chicanery over on Boxofficemojo. I still can't believe that Disney dropped the ball on the IMAX screens. Just more proof that they did a poor job marketing this movie.

I wonder if Jake ever caught up with jean girl after the game::))

I csn just imagine Jake's guns wrapped around me, he looks really buff and hot!

Thikk we are all coming down from a Pop high UV, plan on seeing it again this week.

Love the Lord of the Dance video Leonor!!

Anonymous said...

Kiki was there - she's a basketball fan, I remember seeing pics of Kiki and Jake at the Lakers games. Love Ellen Pompeo signing autographs and hugging the little boy too. :)

Anonymous said...

Prince of Persia The highest grossing movie based on a VG:

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

I found a new very good video of Dastan and Tamina:

That enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

"I think Disney is practicing a little chicanery with these PoP numbers ..."

Why do you think that? It was always hoped that word of mouth would keep the movie higher in the charts longer than the critics expected.

mojo said...

Pop came in at #8 on Monday, so i think it did benefit from a bit of fudging by Disney/Pixar:

UltraViolet said...

I think that might actually still be high for PoP. But it might not have been studio trickery so much as the fact that PoP played with Toy Story in double features. Apparently, both movies get credited with the take from those, even though most people were probably going for Toy Story.

Why do you think that? It was always hoped that word of mouth would keep the movie higher in the charts longer than the critics expected.

Sure, that was the hope. But to have it kick in on the fourth weekend is suspicious.

Love that video, Leonor. Makes me want to see the movie again :)

Monica said...

I did not know about these tricks, but I read that is very common. Disney wants POP finish with a 100 million box office in the U.S..

UltraViolet said...

Apparently studios do play these games but there's no way of telling. Especially because the studio also wants Toy Story to set records, so it's unclear if they'd actually do this.

The BOMojo conspiracy theorists are all over this theory, but others don't believe it.

Personally, I want the film to make it to $100 million so the general masses that report on this can't use that benchmark against Jake. (TDAT is the only one of Jake's films to pass that figure domestically.)

Monica said...

I want this movie to make 100 million too!

Carla said...

Since the Box Office discussion is going on I did a bit research. I found an interesting article "When does a movie break even".

So with the theaters taking a share (around 50%- foreign theaters are taking an even higher percentage) and costs around 250 Mio. (including PR etc.) with a WW gross of lets say 330 Mio. PoP has to make around 80 Mio. from DVD sales/rents, Merchandise etc. to break even.....

If somebody is interested to read the article:
Break Even

I would love to see the film making at least 100 Mio Domestic but honestly I doubt it...

Has anyone seen Megan Fox comment on Jake playing the Prince?

Megan Fox

She forgot to mention that Jake is hired because he can act....contrary to her "acting skills"....

Monica said...

Thanks for the article, Carla. I'll read later.

Who is Megan Fox?

UltraViolet said...

I saw the Megan Fox thing, Carla. It didn't really bother me, because I think most people know she and Jake aren't in the same class of actors. I mean that both ways :)

I think PoP will break even with DVD sales thrown into the mix. Doubtfully enough for a sequel, but who knows?

New post :)