Monday, June 28, 2010

Breaking: Jake has a new t-shirt

Look at all the pretty. Horses.

Remember the Gilded Moose? They would have had great fun with the most recent candids of Jake, all of which involve him leaving a building and getting into a car. Fascinating stuff!

I think there would have been concern that he'd trip himself up in that uselessly long key chain:

And a note about how deftly Jake handles the towel (with rolled-up shorts, presumably), bottled water, cell phone and dog leash, er keychain:

Then relief when he makes it safely to the car!

If you want to see all of this in breath-taking live motion, go to X17. They have a few of Jake's recent gym exits on tap

Just a note: This isn't Jake's first Ice Age:

No, but seriously, he had some earlier this month:

And many years ago, when he spent time away from the gym. And in jeans. And had a beeper, apparently:

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


Extra said...

How I miss the Guilded Moose, they used to have breaking news alerts about Jake crossing the street!

This a fun post, that new shirt is a little busy for me, too many horses!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Extra.

It's not a great shirt, I agree. But it's better than the Birds. Remember that one? Eek.

The Gilded Moose - so much fun:

Breaking: Jake about to step off curb.

Loved their Breaking: posts.

Extra said...

Their Jake posts were the best! I read the fan encounter of Jake at the Farmer's Market from the previous thread, too funny!

That bird shirt was ugh wasn't it?

bobbyanna said...

" I saw. Jake freakin‘ Gyllenhaal was at the market too. He had the couple days old scruff, some bed head and I died. I did. Right there."

Now that's what I call a normal fan reaction! LOL!!!

Oh, how I miss the Gilded Moose!
Their breaking news bulletins about Jake were a constant delight.

(I also got a kick out of the "special columns" by YogaMatthew McConnaughey! Namaste! LOL!)

I'm not minding the horses at all... beats the hell out of those birds, I agree, UV!

mary said...

i dont mind the horses either not sure if i remember the one with the birds

Carla said...

Breaking news - Jake crossing the street....The Gilded moose was always hilarious...:-)

Yes, I remember the birds - and now the horses - perhaps he bought them at a special promotion...*LoL*

Now as we see him at the gym or better leaving the gym nearly on a daily basis theres hope here that the Namath biopic is on the way...

Sheba baby said...

I still have the Guilded Moose blog bookmarked, can't bring myself to delete it:(...

Man the Jake posts were the best and yes this T is much better than the one with the birds on them!

He does look like he is developing a linebacker look with all these gym visits, I hope that the Namath movie is next too.

Anonymous said...

Except Joe was a Quarterback.

UltraViolet said...

Don't you wish these anons would get the guts to pick a name and stick with it?

Yes, Joe Namath was a quarterback. And he wasn't as big as a house, so Jake wouldn't have to get very big.

But we have no idea if he's even prepping for a movie. He could just be going to the gym everyday, which frankly isn't all that unusual.

Sheba baby, it took me a long time to delete TGM from my bookmarks, too. I think I switched computers and decided it was time.

I forgot about the special columns, bobbyanna. McBongo is a treasure trove for satirists!

UltraViolet said...

So far today, I've seen reports of Jake in Johannesburg (yesterday), NYC (today) and the airport (five minutes ago).

Wonder if he's on the move or if we'll see another set of gym pics today?

ihj said...

Pics of Jake from 6/25 at the Red O restauraunt in L.A.

Anonymous said...

People cover of Joe -

and gosh - People use to be 35 cents!

Anonymous said...

and another -

suvee said...

I miss the old Art Alive tee.... it was my favorite. He sure got his money's worth out of that one.

It looked so soft and worn, the perfect boyfriend tee to sleep in. I think I need to stop this train of thought now. :)

Chica said...

I remember The Guilded Moose too, what a funny blog!

They would have loved these pics. I like the horses, looks kinda funky and cool.

The Art alive T-shirt was a fav, but my all-time fav was the postage stamp T-shirt. I think that one finally fell apart in the wash!

UltraViolet said...

Love the Art Alive t-shirt. And your train of thought, suvee :)

That postage stamp one probably really did fall apart, chica. Along with The Jeans.

So now, on top of a new sighting (from this weekend) in Cape Town, lol, we have a seemingly more reliable tweet of Jake on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. With Atticus!


It fits with the airport sighting, if the airport was Logan or Providence or an East Coast airport. And the tweeter had been here, so it all makes sense.

mary said...

if true probably going there for the fourth hope we get some pictures

Monica said...

Martha's Vineyard?
If it's true that he is with Atticus, so he probably will stay long in town.

Maybe he was preparing to Chilmark Road Race!

bobbyanna said...

Squeeeee! Sounds like some well deserved R&R! Glad Atticus is with him. I agree, Monica, it sounds like Jake will hang out for a while on MV. Not sure, but I think the Chilmark Race isn't for at least a month yet.

Monica said...

Maybe he's there for July 4th and for a vacation!

UltraViolet said...

The Chilmark race is in August. But he can get some training in!

You have no idea how much I adore the idea of Jake and Atticus taking the ferry. Such a normal thing for us New Englanders to do :)

And yeah, if Atticus is along, it seems like Jake will be there for a while.

Tweety said...

Just spotted Jake Gyllenhall w/his dog on ferry to MVY. Both very laid back :D
about 10 hours ago via HootSuite

I was wondering if he was heading to MV whn I saw that earlier tweet of him at the airport! And he has Atticus with him which means he wil be there for awhile, good for him! I hope he has a nice, long and relaxing vacation, he deserves it.

I really love that shirt he is wearing and he looks really happy here but boy is he ever hairy. A bit too much for my taste but he still looks hot.

The G. Moose Jake walking posts were classic, thanks for the reminder of that site!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The shirt he is wearing is from here:

He has worn stuff from Loomstate before: the bird shirt, the power to the people shirt he wore when he was in the UK/Paris with Reese and her kids, etc. The have some unique stuff and it's all organic!

Happy to hear he is heading to the Vinyards, and he took the ferry with Atticus, I love it!

You and FL will be a lot closer to him than I am so I'm officially jealous, LOL!!

I hope he has a great time there.

UltraViolet said...

A couple more tidbits about Jake from Facebook. One woman gave Jake a bottled water and another "made sexual jokes to jake gyllenhaal on the ferry. i can die happy ♥"

We'll see if we get any more info today.

Tweety said...

Thanks UV! I haven't figured out how to "pick-up" the FB mentions.

Hope he has a fantastic time on the Island!

Stocking up? said...

dohnemus: Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal was in Woods Hole last night at the liquor store. I wonder if he was wearing a shirt?
18 minutes ago from qTweeter
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Get Real said...

Jake (and Atticus!) going to the Vineyard...squee!!! Thanks for all the tweets. I love him on the East Coast. :D

And I like his new t-shirt et al. I love his scruff and beard but he is looking a bit mountain man. :p Ahh, the postal shirt, Art Alive and The Jeans....such memories..

I miss the Gilded Moose too! So snarky...loved it.

Josie said...

I'm getting ferklempt remembering the Gilded Moose, what a funny blog!

That is a cool T-shirt, but I miss that postage T-shirt! He looks good but he is starting to look like a chia pet, LOL!

I love tweets and FB! So a woman made sexual jokes to him on the ferry, stocking up?? Hmmm, Sounds like he is in for a great vacation and I'm s happy Atti is joining him!

suvee said...

Thanks for all the Jake MV tweets! Always love hearing about "laid back" Jake and Atticus.

Okay, I have to admit I have slightly mixed feelings about Atti going to MV with him. I love that Jake wants his beloved dog with him. But, I can't help it..... I worry. I hate the way that pets are "stored" in the baggage area of airplanes. I know that SOP is to give them give a mild sedative, but still. I guess Atticus is used to airline travel, and he sure seems to be a calm, low maintenance guy. But unfortunately, I've heard too many horror stories about what can happen to dogs in the baggage area of planes.

But all in all, I'm still glad that Atticus is with him. :)

Shondra said...

I love to hear that Jake and Atticus are vacationing together too Suvee but i share some of your concerns.

Atticus is no spring chicken either. I remember the pics of Jake and Atticus in Montreal and the paps caught Atticus peeing like a female dog, the first thing I thought of was arthritis. The same thing happened to our dog when he got old.

I'm sure Jake is taking good care of him, it's just a few nagging thoughts.

I'm glad Jake has MV to get away to.

Ha, ha, Get real, he does look like Mountain man in these photos!

I must be the only one here that has never heard of the Gilded Moose, sounds like I missed a golden moment in Jake fandom!

bobbyanna said...

I'd bet Jake dotes on Atticus & he's very well cared for, but I also worry about pets traveling. So I Googled it.

I had no idea but there's at least two "pet" airlines! Seriously. They fly pets and take every care.

I guess the transportation folks realize there's a market for it. Anyway, I feel better knowing pets have the option of VIP treatment. Looked like the rates are comparable to people flying.

I hate to think of Atticus having arthritis. I bet He'll thrive with nice weather and room to run on MV, or to rest in the shade.:)

Went for a walk today, and noticed PoP has left my local multi-plex!

Shondra, Gilded Moose was a satirical blog, not limited to just Jake. GM noticed Jake before he became really famous, and used him to lampoon the whole paparazzi thing. "Breaking news:Jake Gyllenhaal crosses street!" GM was just generally hilarious, and Jake was an important part of it.

Shondra said...

Oh, Gilded Moose was a celeb/satirical blog, sorry I missed it. Thanks for the clarification Bobbyanna!

Pet airlines??!! That's good to know since people travel with their pets alot. If Atticus does have arthritis, then he should be just fine with some fun and sun on MV.

Pop is gone from my local theater too:(

It's losing screens so everyone should run out and see it (again!).

bobbyanna said...

I should say Jake was a huge favorite of GM, and was frequently featured.:) It's hard to really describe GM, because it wasn't just a celebrity thing. Sometimes GM invented celebrities.

On Twitter someone said a Spanish soccer player resembled Jake. I watched the game with Portugal, but somehow missed it. I admit I was distracted by Christiano :)

mary said...

pop is still playing at the theateri go to and several others in my area

UltraViolet said...

Sadly, I think PoP is gone from Boston area theaters. I hope it returns for the second-run theaters soon.

Bobbyanna, at almost every big sporting event for the past six months, people think Jake has a double:

1. The goalie for the US hockey team
2. Oklahoma City NBA player Nick Collison
3. The coach for one of the Final Four teams in the NCAA basketball tournament
4. This soccer player.

There were others, but I can't think of them now.

Most of them are a stretch!

Tweety said...

I think there was a football player too UV, but I can't remember his name!

I haven't been following the WC since the US and the UK were kicked to the curb::((

I have been following wimbledon some and were surprised that Roddick, Federer and V. Williams all went bye, bye!

Pop was playing on 3 screens at mt multiplex but now it's down to one.

suvee said...

Bobbyanna, thanks for the pet airline news. I had no idea they existed! But it is a great idea for those pet lovers that can afford it.

I think I'm just going to assume that this is how Jake wants Atticus to travel..... now I don't have to worry about him. :)

UltraViolet said...

I knew I was leaving one out, Tweety. I think the football player was Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

No PoP showings anywhere in the Boston metro area; I'm shocked about that. I hope they ditch Jonah Hex on some screens and bring PoP back.

One FB sighting from today:

was right next to jake gyllenhaal and his mother on the beach today...

No other details. But lucky woman!

UltraViolet said...

Interesting article about how the latest Helen Mirren movie was released. It was one of the David Bergstein/Capitol films that were shelved due to all of Bergstein's shenanigans.

I hope someday, Nailed will be released, too.

Carla said...

Thanks for the information UV, I am not even sure "Nailed" is finished. I remember reading that the key scene (hitting the nail in Biels head) has not been filmed yet.

Duncan Jones has tweeted about "Source Code" again:

"Already made it! Editing it right now! Called Source Code, and stars Jake Gyllenhaal. Should be fun!"

The film is already receiving good buzz, many people are eager to see Duncans second film and I hope they will be getting a good release date.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Highway in youtube!!!

with subtitles in Spanish

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I remember the pics of Jake on MV with his Mom a few years ago looking very much like JFK Jr., sigh. Lucky woman indeed!

I hope he and Atticus have a safe and relaxing holiday/vacation on MV. I will be staying put this year, have a few barbeques and a pool party to attend.

Thanks for the update on SC Carla, people are buzzed about seeing it because of Moon. I've read the script and it sounds fascinatting, can't wait to see it!

I don't know about Nailed either UV, it doesn't look to promising for a release date. The Mirren movie isn't getting good reviews so far, I didn't know that Bergstein was involved with that movie.

Thanks Leonor, I'll check that out later on my break!

lawgoddess said...

Yay for Jake getting some Martha's Vineyard time.

And I like the trip down Memory Lane. Shirts Jake has loved. :)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the Helen Mirren article, UV. That distributor has an interesting collection of movies...including the Twilight movies.

Would be nice if we can get to see Nailed, but I remember the same thing, about it not being quite finished, with some of Jessica Beil's scenes.

Paula said...

I see that Jake and Atti are on the Vineyard. I hope they both are having a great time!

I like this new T-shirt but there were so many others that I loved. Remember the one with the heart on it it?

That David Bergstein keeps turning up like a bad penny, had no idea how many movies he screwed up.

I would love to see Nailed but you are right Bobbyanna, that pivitol scene was not shot , I don't know what will happen with it.

I hope to see Pop again this weekend before it disappears from my local theater!

FluorescentLamp said...

Following up on our Cooking with our Favorite Chef series, Edgartown Summer Salad

And I have to include this stunning pic - Early morning Menemsha Pond, Chilmark

bobbyanna said...

Beautiful!!! Really stunning, FL. Thanks!

(The picture of Menemsha Pond and the Edgartown real estate are nice, too.:))

Hope everyone is planning a fun weekend no matter where you are. We'll be doing the family picnic thing and the fireworks thing.

Fourth of July is definitely Boston's time to shine, IMO! FL & UV you're at the "epicenter" of the holiday weekend! Hope you have beautiful weather and many smiles!

Chica said...

What a gorgeous Menemsha Pond, looks so peaceful. Thanks for posting it FL.

I'm so glad that Chris is blogging again!

I'm off today, taking advantage of the 3 day 4th of July weekend.

It's Coney Island and a barbeque for me this weekend. I hope everyone here has a great July 4th!

Sag actor said...

My wife and I are headed to the beach this weekend and will probably catch the fireworks at our park.

I don't know if I will get a chance to catch Pop again, it's down to 600 screens and i will have to see if it's still playing at any of the local theaters.

Boston is a great place to be on the 4th UV & FL! I hope Jake and all the posters here have a happy 4th.

UltraViolet said...

Hope everyone has a fun weekend - Fourth of July, Canada Day, Saturday, Sunday - all reasons to have fun :)

mary said...

hope everyone here has a nice safe 4th of july i will be spending it at my moms with my daughter and sister my son having his own party whith all his friends i too would like to catch pop again before it leaves my theater but i doubt if i can make it

Anonymous said...

I think medium to larger cities have a theater where they show movies after they've left general release and the price is usually 2-3 dollars. They can also stay for quite a while and that continues to add to their "take" of course.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Have a great 4th of July everyone! I'm off to Virgnia beach for a week and I hope to get in a viewing of Pop again.

suvee said...

I'm staying in town, but we're going to the Santana & Steve Winwood concert tomorrow night at a beautiful outdoor venue...... followed by a fireworks show, of course. Should be a great evening!

Hope everyone has a fun (and safe) 4th of July weekend!

Sheba baby said...

Staying home this year. Plan on hitting the beach, a street food fair and fireworks tomorrow.

Enjoy the concert Suvee, I love Santana!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe July 4th.

Tweety said...

Looks like someone on MV didn't have a good encounter with Jake on MV:

beardsayswhat: The latest celebrity who's presence on MV has lowered them in my esteem: Jake Gyllenhaal.
about 12 hours ago via web

Anyway, I hope he is having a great time and wisheing everyone a safe 4th! I'm having barbeque, lots if family and friends to feed!

bobbyanna said...

I'm getting ready to go to a family picnic with the same cousins I see a dozen times a year. The out of town cousins won't be in until August, I think. So we'll do it again...and again:)

Meh. I'd rather be going to see Steve Winwood and Santana, with suvee!I loved the Spencer-Davis Group! Oh well. I'll "Roll With It!" LOL!

FL, UV, OONP,Sag Actor, Sheba, Chica, mary, etc., etc., everyone, have a wonderful weekend!

(Is there any way to watch "The Patriot" and not have to look at, or hear You-Know-Who?)

Saw The Green Zone last night. I liked it OK.

bobbyanna said...

I'm getting ready to go to a family picnic with the same cousins I see a dozen times a year. The out of town cousins won't be in until August, I think. So we'll do it again...and again:)

Meh. I'd rather be going to see Steve Winwood and Santana, with suvee!I loved the Spencer-Davis Group! Oh well. I'll "Roll With It!" LOL!

FL, UV, OONP,Sag Actor, Sheba, Chica, mary, etc., etc., everyone, have a wonderful weekend!

(Is there any way to watch "The Patriot" and not have to look at, or hear You-Know-Who?)

Saw The Green Zone last night. I liked it OK.

Chica said...

I hear ya Bobbyanna about the Patriot. You can always hit the mute button when he appears and just focus on Heath and the others.

I wish you know who would just slither under a rock, what a pig.

Tweety said...

Jake always near one of his CZ:

So jealous @lindenmia got to see Jake Gyllenhaal at the WT Farmers Market and i'm at work... oh well.
44 minutes ago via web

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Congratulations Carla!!!