Sunday, June 27, 2010

Surprise - Jake leaving the gym!

Photos of Jake Gyllenhaal after spending some time at the gym on Saturday in Studio City:

Gente, an Argentinean magazine, has published an interesting interview with Jake. Jake talks about his relationship with Heath and Matilda:

With translation hel from Google and Monica:

How was working with Heath Ledger and how do you remember him?
Everyone asks me that ... and how it was to kiss him. He has an extraordinary talent and he is much more extraordinary as a person. Between us was born a great friendship.

Besides friends, you're the godfather of his daughter Matilda.
It's an awesome responsibility.

You see her often?
All the time that Hollywood lets me.

It is true that the kissing scenes with Heath Ledger caused doubts about your sexuality?
Only in the minds of donkeys.* Brokeback Mountain is much more than a kiss between two men. Everything depends on intelligence of the viewer.

*My translation was "Only among fools" but I like the more expressive words, too!

MuchMusic also has a video interview from PoP promotion. Jake was in a fun mood:

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

The CZ Sunday continues. Tweety posted a sighting of Jake at Lamill and now this:

Almost inappropriately touched Jake Gyllenhaal at farmers market..he just bumped into my arm.

Forgot to say congrats to Carla and Germany. Sorry to the England fans.

Tweety said...

Here's another FM sighting, I wouldn't have been so good or normal!

krapford: I'm still a good/normal person. Evidence? Jake Gyllenhaal is at the Hollywood Farmers Mkt and I DIDN'T take a paparazzi pic of him. Haha.
16 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

I love Jake's hoodie! Thanks for the translation UV/Monica. I love his interviews with the foriegn press. Smart questions by them and smart and insightful answers from Jake.

Congratulations to the German soccer team!

Sorry UK fans:(

bobbyanna said...

My congrats to Carla & Germany's team as well!

Nice tweets:

I wonder what part of Jake "bumped" into her arm?...

I wish people wouldn't be so "good" when it comes to pictures, tho.

The video was fun and I love the translation of the magazine article.

Thunder is getting nearer. Think I'll pop Zodiac in the DVD player...while I still have power.:)

BTW: It's official that the most successful video game to film adaptation is "Prince of Persia" which unseated "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider!"

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Will he go to Argentina some day? I would be charmed ... If they invite me I go. Do not doubt it!

"The Argentina? If they invite me, I go".
(Lo esperamos Jake!)

"Before 30 years Jake is already an actor with capital letters. He made début at the age of 10, did 23 movies, 12 plays and gained(earned?) 17 prizes."

Forgive that, though I am major and the football is not my sport, begin to play Argentina 3 - Mexico 1!
Oh! Later I continue. Thanks!

Carla said...

Thanks for all your congratulations! Our team won deserved but unfortunately the referee made a big mistake to deny a correct english goal. Nevertheless people are partying here probably the whole night.

I like the interview - thanks to Monica and UV for the translation. Jake is well aware of the rumours concerning his sexuality - and he obviously does not lose any sleep about them....

Will be interesting to see whether during the PR for LAOD again he (and Anne) will be asked about Heath.

I saw that PoP detached LAra Croft as the most successful Video to film adaption - good news! The weekend predictions over here are just terrible for all movies - great weather and the world cup.

Carla said...

"He made début at the age of 10, did 23 movies, 12 plays and gained(earned?) 17 prizes."

12 Plays? What plays and where did they get that?

Congrats to the Argentinian team, Leonor, now our teams will play against each other on saturday!

Shondra said...

I love that Jake is wearing a Armstrong/standup for cancer sweatshirt/hoodie:))

Thanks so much for the translation of the interview from Argentina Google and Monica,always more fascinating than the US interviews as already stated.

That video was fun, Jake was i a really playful mood!

Pop has surpassed Lara Croft as he highest grossing VG movie, yes!!! Pop will come in at #8 for this weekend.

Love all the tweets of jake at his favorite places, thanks!

Congrats to Carla and Leonor on your soccer teams victories!

Anonymous said...

Again..sometimes you have to kind of beware of some interviews. Some things he may of said, others might of been embellished by whoever was doing the story. If it is on t.v. of course o.k... Rem. years back an article in a European mag. got attention because of an interview with Tom C...and whatever it was he said and he had said it had not been said but put in the article. It was tape-recorded too and it was played and he had Not made the comment..
I don't know about that "play" thing either. In school he did some and then the one in London but the ones in school wouldn't quite be like the London one.

Do rem. seeing a while back a listing of awards and wins he had been nominated for..some of them well known..Oscar of course and Independent Spirit awards but there were a lot of others like MTV and Internet awards and who knows what else and he had been nominated almost every year for something from October Sky on - think that was best newcomer. Things like that.

bobbyanna said...

Box Office Mojo is saying PoP is at $312 Million+ as of today's projections. Which means exactly a month from U.S. release date, it's earned over $300 million.

No wonder Jake is all smiles... that and whatever secret reasons he is working out so much.:)

Monica said...

Thanks, UV. I did a quick translation.

I love what he said about the responsibility of being the godfather of Matilda. And of course I love everything he talks about Heath.

The quote about the theater came from the magazine and not by Jake.

Anonymous said...

I knew the quote about the plays, etc. was from the magazine.

Chica said...

312 million is fantastic and yes he looks like he is in a good mood in these pics!

We are still getting gems like this video from Pop promo, that was fun to watch!

Thanks so much for the translation of this interview. He seems more and more at ease with talking about Heath and I love his mention of Matilda.

Monica said...

Ok, anon.

I saw Toy Story today. Great movie.
Deserves all praise.
I cried several times.

mary said...

love that interview with jake from the magmazine thanks for the translation monica

UltraViolet said...

Leonor, it was a good day for Argentina! Now you just have to find a way to personally invite Jake to your country :)

It's odd that there were rumors he'd been to Punta del Este.

Michelle Monaghan talks a little about Source Code.

UltraViolet said...

Nothing new, but a funny account from someone who saw Jake at the Farmers' Market yesterday:

First things first… woke up early and hit the Hollywood Farmers Market, which is the most amazing farmer’s market I’ve ever seen. And while I was checking all the melons and still tastes of amazing cherries and bread, I saw. Jake freakin‘ Gyllenhaal was at the market too. He had the couple days old scruff, some bed head and I died. I did. Right there.

I played it cool fangirls and let the man shop. No pictures. No autographs. Just stealing glances at the pretty. And at that moment, Jake G. has earned a spot on me freebie five. I thought about going back and letting him know, possibly in the same style that one lets a person know they are the millionth customer. With confetti, balloons and a cake. Sorry we missed out on that one Mr. G. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

I thought about going back and letting him know, possibly in the same style that one lets a person know they are the millionth customer.


Anonymous said...

More pics of Jake at the gym, he definately is preparing for a new movie!

UltraViolet said...

I love to read those accounts from fans. And her suggestion of balloons and confetti was hilarious. I'm sure Jake would have been thrilled!

New post with the new pics.