Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wearin' o'the green

No, it's not St. Paddy's Day. It's Jake Gyllenhaal celebrating the Boston Celtics 17th NBA title. A game which started, coincidentally enough, on the 17th.

Look how happy Jake is that the Celtics beat the Lakers! It'a a thing of beauty!

He's so happy for the Celtics he's even signing autographs. Better check that autograph. It might say Kevin Garnett.

Better watch out Jake, I think the Celtics fans are onto you.

Looks like Jake just remembered he was a Lakers fan.

If I squint, the print on his board shorts looks just like the Celtics shamrock logo!

Congratulations Boston Celtics on an amazing season and an awesome final!

Photos courtesy of IHJ. Logo courtesy of The World Champion Boston Celtics.


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UltraViolet said...

Yay, Celtics! Great post. And so fast. You're good, FL! Just like the World Champs!

bobbyanna said...

Cute post!!! Congrats Celtics!!! I knew they were definitely going to win after they beat my Pistons!

I've looked at that series of pictures a million times and never realized there was any writing on those shorts! Oy!

And the one of Rent Boy!Jake, holding the open soup can? All those rips and holes in his pants. My, my, my.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, thanks, Bobbyanna! That Detroit series was a tough one.

Nothing like a little RentBoy!Jake to round out a good night :

agent_krycek said...

Absolutely no idea about baseball (which I presume this is about) but I'm equally happy that France got dumped from the Euro Championships last night (France = Gooners *apologies, you may have to come from London to understand what I'm rambling about*) so I'm a happy camper this morning anyway, plus we won the cricket the other day, so happy days.

Jake looking mega cute and mighty fine :D

chica said...

Even though I'm a Knicks fan, congratulations Celtics!!!

Xenia said...

Congratulations Celtics, of course, and yay for Green Beautiful Jake!

And, Agent_Krycek : I'm happy that France got dumped too(sorry French readers, nothing personal) because I'm Italian! :)

sass said...

Morning babblers,
Go Celtics!I couldn't believe the Lakers beat my Spurs--their eternal rivals-- but they did and now look. GO Celtics. I love Jake in green...love Jake in anything or dare I say nothing.
Basketball forever.

josie said...

Congratulations Celtics!! I wonder if Jake had a bet with Chris, LOL!

get real said...

As with Chica, I am a Knicks fan but I have to give huge props to the Celtics on their win!!

Love Green!Jake. :) He also looked amazing in the pics from the Brothers screening. So glad it is getting good initial reviews. Reese is looking great too.

xoxo all.

agent_krycek said...

My American OH has just laughed his head off at me, I just mentioned on the phone that the Celtics won the baseball, apparently is basketball and I know nothing about about US sports. (Mind you, he's lived over here 5 years now and still can't get his head around cricket, so he shouldn't mock me too much)

sheba baby said...

I was thinking about Chris too Josie when I heard that the Celtics won.


Monica said...

Hello, Gyllenbabble!
Great post!


brothers spy said...

Congratulations to the Celtics.

No worries Agent_K, i'm following the Euro quite closely myself. Personally i'm cheering for Portugal. Thursday will be their first big test when they play Germany. I'm crossing my fingers.

I was also happy that France was eliminated yesterday. France was the team that eliminated Portugal in the World Cup semi-final in 2006. Boo.

Monica said...

Brothers Spy, my mother loves the selection of Portugal.
She does not lose a game!

UltraViolet said...

Agent K, I had no idea your OH was one of us :)

Thanks for all the Celtics love, even if it doesn't come naturally. This is a good group of guys, so it was nice to see them win it all.

And I guess we're all saying Go Portugal! And Italy! for Xenia :)

gabbana said...

And I guess we're all saying Go Portugal.."

Hmmmm, since I am german I would say not ALL.....:-))

But Portugal has played much better than our team until today, so we are the "outsiders"...lets just hope for an excellent game!

Congratulations to the Celtics! Although I have to admit that I have no clue about the games....

The Celtics are the "Greens"? I like green, and especially Jake in green...

lawgoddess said...

I know nothing of basketball, but if FL and UV are happy, I'm happy.

Jake looks good in green.

And in some of the pictures he's wearing bracelets! One of my kinks. :)

UltraViolet said...

Ooh, Gabbana, didn't mean to leave you out. Go, Germany!

This could get ugly...

if FL and UV are happy, I'm happy.

Oh, if this were only the way of the world! Thank you, Barbara :)

I like Jake in green. And Jake bracelets. But I don't think I'd like him in a green bracelet.

brothers spy said...

Germany beat Portugal in the bronze medal game at the 2006 World Cup, leaving Portugal ranked 4th in the world. So i'd say we definitely have a score to settle.

Meet ya on Thursday, Gabbana!

shondra said...

Yes Jake looks grea in green, love the post!!! Congrats to the Celtics and UV & FL!

bobbyanna said...

I remember that loss. I was rooting for Portugal!!! My most favorite teams are Portugal and Italy.

Truth be told, I like soccer a lot more then I like American football. I only get mildly excited for the lead up to the Superbowl.

For some reason, I see similarities between basketball, European football and American hockey. Is that strange?

Twitter said...

From MTV blog

doug Liman Calls Moon Project An Ode To America

Doug Liman It took roughly eight years from the time President John F. Kennedy announced that America would be entering the space race to the day that Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon.
It may take that long until director Doug Liman gets to join him.
“I want to have a locked script before I start shooting. That’s my goal,” Liman recently told MTV News of the long gestating “Moon” project he’s been developing with Jake Gyllenhaal, which just recently picked up a new writer.
Which means it’s back to the drawing board, at least in part. But while Liman is keeping plot details a secret (they may change anyway), he’s certain the patriotic tone of the movie will remain consistent with his current vision.
“It’s a celebration of America. Even though it’s a present day story it’s a celebration of the fact that in 1969 we sent a man to the moon,” Liman enthused. “Just think about what a car in 1969 looked like! It’s insane that we pulled that off. No other country on the planet could have done something that great.”

Gyllenhaal is committed to star in “The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” which has a tentative release date of June 16, 2009.

Anything with Doug Liman’s name attached has potential for me. What do you make of his “Moon” project? Too jingoistic? Sound off below.

Lemon said...

psh, you guys suck :P

I was supporting France for the Euro. Guess I'll have to support Italy now.

As for Mr. Jake, he looks cute as always. I love the facial scruff

gabbana said...

Bobbyanna and brothers spy -prepare yourself for another loss...:-)))

Thanks for the MTV info, Twitter. I am not sure what to make of Liman- "Jumper" was not what I would call a masterpiece....to say it mildly. But we have to wait at least until next year before they will start??

The Joe Namath biopic sounds more interesting (for me) - he has an interesting, eccentric personality - and there was a picture of him in a white fur(!!) with a girl on each arm, grinning -I would pay much money to see Jake in this scene.....

office of nancy pelosi said...

Love Jake in green but he looks good in any color, congratulations Celtics!

Thanks for the link twitter, looks like we will have to wait bit for the Moon project.

Monica said...

IMDB board:

"I'm watching them film outside of a window in one of the buildings on the State House grounds right now, on the South Main Street side. They've been out there for a couple hours, and I've seen Jessica in a pink dress, Tracy Morgan in a bizarre green jumpsuit, and an unidentified older man (I haven't been able to recognize his face) in a suit. They've done a few scenes, including one chasing after a van being towed off of the grounds a couple hours ago as well as various walking scenes around the grounds and up the back steps. There were also a bunch of little girls in blue uniforms and kids in red tshirts, which knowing the State House's usual crowd, may or may not actually be related to the movie. I haven't seen Jake unfortunately, but I'm keeping an eye out. They should probably be there for a couple more hours if anyone's in the area."

Jake is in SC?

UltraViolet said...

Could be just wishful thinking on that poster's part, Monica. Of course, Jake could be there, but we've heard that Jake is done with his scenes. I have't read the script, so I don't know if Jake is in the scenes being shot

Anonymous said...

I doubt Jake is in these scenes. The woman said that she didn't see him.

Monica said...

Thank you, UV!
I have not finished to read the script!

suvee said...

"If I squint, the print on his board shorts looks just like the Celtics shamrock logo!"

You crack me up, FL!

I was definitely cheering for the Celtics...... not because of Boston per se (forgive me, FL!), but because I live in Jayhawk land and I have fond memories of Paul Pierce at KU. I'm so happy to see him shine!

bobbyanna said...

Well, gabbana, in the famous words of that guy in that thing:"So let it be written. So let it be done!";)

You guys wil NOT believe who is in suburban Detroit about 6.5 miles from my house making a movie for Lifetime! Sigourney Weaver and Austin Nichols! In Royal Oak, MI. They shot all day yesterday. Usually when high profile celebs are in town, they stay at the hotel in downtown Birmingham, (2.5 miles away from my house.) It is a nice, tiny downtown and lots of people go walking in the evening. (Waves as she runs out the door!)

UltraViolet said...

I can't think of anything nice to say to that Bobbyanna, so I won't say anything at all :)

Moving on...a story about the Untitled Moon Project writer.

This unwritten, unscheduled movie is getting a lot of press.

agent_krycek said...

Personally I'm 'Go Croatia' for Euro 08 - mainly because my boys (Tottenham Hotspurs) have just signed their star player Luka Modric for next season :D

brothers spy said...

There's a description of the movie in that article. A story of two friends who build a rocket ship from spare parts to launch to the moon. The director has already said that it's a "contemporary film."

It's not at all what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be this futuristic film taking place on some lunar colony or something. Guess not. Still sounds kind of interesting.

Thanks for the link UV.

agent_krycek said...

That's not the premis I was expecting for the movie, I'm sure I'd seen it was about colonisation of the moon ???

Now I can't stop thinking it's about Homer and friends from October Sky who've expanded their rocket making ambitions quite a bit :p

josie said...

Thanks for the link UV, I have a feeling it will be a while before we see this project.

Good luck with the star watching in Mich. Bobbyanna, I have a cousin in that area and she says that they are really pushing to get films made there!

bobbyanna said...

"A story of two friends who build a rocket ship from spare parts to launch to the moon. The director has already said that it's a "contemporary film."

Didn't Billy Bob Thornton just do something along similar lines?

"I can't think of anything nice to say to that Bobbyanna, so I won't say anything at all :)"

UV. I know. :)

" have a cousin in that area and she says that they are really pushing to get films made there!"

YES! Mike Binder, who wrote and directed The Upside of Anger, with Joan Allen,Kevin Costner, wrote an editorial supporting our new tax incentives. He's from Michigan and he said he wanted to make his "Upside" movie here, but ended up going to London (!) bcz it was cheaper.

A friend is all exctied bcz she is a huge fan of Gerard Butler and he is supposed to be coming in here for a movie this summer, too!

You just never know who might turn up here once word gets around...

shondra said...

Hmmm, that doesn't sound like the original plot of the Untitled Moon Project if I remember correctly, this sounds more geared to a younger crowd. I just hope that it turns out well, this guy just finished the script for Jonny Quest, no comment.

Bobbyanna: So Gerard Butler is coming to Michigan this summer to film a movie? I may have to make plans for a visit!

Anonymous said...

True that Weaver has the Gypsy Rose Lee movie on her imdb page, but she also has Prayers for Bobby listed in post-production for Lifetime. If you google you will come across a some news articles and pictures of the production of the pareade scene, so yes he is in the film with Weaver. Don't know if he will be in the Gypsy film because he isn't list but he isn't listed in the Bobby film as well, he may have been just a last minute cast addition.

Since he has family in Michigan and spends part of his summer visiting there (as per the news reports last year) he may have been visiting and heard about the film.

gabbana said...

The whole Moon project is getting more and more boring - at least to me. I was - like brothers spy - thinking of something science fiction - something exciting...and I am more than happy that Liman is NOT the script writer....

I hope that IMDBpro is right and Jake is doing the Namath film next, perhaps the MP has faded away until then...:-))

sheba baby said...

I forgot about the Namath bio! I was really thrilled when I heard about the Moon Project originally, but the description now sounds totally different from what I remember, this version so far sounds like a kids film.

Xenia said...

Thanks UV for your friendly support to Italy at the Euro. Much appreciated.;)

Jake himself talked about UMP as a history of a private lunar colonization during the Rendition publicity tour (sorry I have no links to this one) so not so sure about this alternative plot reported on IMDB board.

agent_krycek said...

Jake himself talked about UMP as a history of a private lunar colonization during the Rendition publicity tour

I suppose that could be stretched to two men making a rocket to get to the moon, must have a huge garden shed to construct a rocket big enough for colonization though :0

Xenia said...

Yeah, Liman watched October Sky and the plot got all mixed up...:)

chica said...

xenia, your're right I do remember Jake explaining the plot of UMP and it sure doesn't sound like the description in the Variety link.

It doesn't look like it will be made anytime soon either, bummer because I was really looking forward to it.

bobbyanna said...

I have to be really honest. When I first heard about Jarhead...it sounded not so interesting...
And Proof sounded absolutely boring...

Monica said...

Hello, Gyllenbabble!!!

Power Couple: Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal


FluorescentLamp said...

To the Anon who keeps posting and whose posts I keep deleting, kindly keep in mind that it's our blog and if we don't like the tone and tenor or a comment, we have the luxury of being able to delete it.

Monica said...

Not like the history of the Moon Project. It seems more a movie to be interpreted by actors adolescents.

A film that I would like to see is that of Joe Namath. I read about the history of the player and it was controversial.
It would be a great character for Jake.

Twitter said...


President G and his first lady :P

extra said...

Thanks for the links twitter and monics, some of my favorites pics are posted! I guess this is a followup to the Oxygen top 25 power couples in HW?

The Untitled Moon proj. is starting to sound a bit dodgy to me, i'll reserve judgement until there is a final script.

Hey UV & FL: Did the Celtics have a victory parade in Boston yet?

FluorescentLamp said...

They did, extra. Just this morning. Fab turnout. Lots of green. :-)

Monica said...

I wanted the Lakers were the champion, but after seeing the games I realized that Boston is a much better time.

Monica said...

Reese in black and white:



FluorescentLamp said...

As a matter of fact, THERE I AM!!!

;-) ;-)

Twitter said...

Reese looks stunning! she kicks ass those gold heels!

Jake is lucky lucky man, too bad he wasn't with her when she was rockin' those gold heels :(

FluorescentLamp said...

Adorable dress. Great legs!

bobbyanna said...

Wow, FL! Huge Turnout!!!

monica, thanks for the link to
X17! She does look absolutely GORGEOUS! What a little doll. I love her gold accessories. Those shoes! And she likes her jewelry, too. The dress is adorable. I wonder what the occasion was? I'd bet Jake knows that look very well. ;)

extra said...

What an incredible turnout FL!!! Congratulations again.

Amd man does Reese look fabulous,love that whole ensemble, especially the shoes. She looks so radiant and happy!

Twitter said...

I thought her and Jake would be taking a vacation, maybe even Martha's Vineyard this summer

I wonder when they will take a romantic vacation again before POP starts

Monica said...

Gyllenhaal Leads Atlantic Theater Lineup



UltraViolet said...

Great pic, FL. Beautiful day for a parade.

Monica, I think the NY Observer made a mistake. They saw Jake's name in the NYTimes article and assumed he was still in the play. But sadly, I don't think that's the case. If you read the original story, it says the play HAD been associated with Mike Nichols and Jake.

Damn, I got excited for a minute there. Though I did wonder how on earth Jake would have time for all this! I do hope he gets on stage sometime soon.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I got all excited until I clicked on the NY Times link, it says that the play was rumored to be attached to Mike Nichols and Jake, but it says that John Gallagher Jr, will be playing the press secretary, unless Jake is playing another role but the theater site doesn't mention Jake. I think the NY Observer is confused!


October 22-November 29 at The Linda Gross Theater
directed by DOUG HUGHES
World Premiere

Stephen (John Gallagher, Jr.) is a wunderkind press secretary who has built a career that men twice his age would envy. During a tight presidential primary race, however, Stephen's meteoric rise falls prey to the backroom politics of more seasoned operatives, and his one night stand with a teenage staffer proves to be more complicated than casual. Farragut North is a classic tale of hubris set against a contemporary landscape – about the lust for power and the costs one will endure to achieve it.

Atlantic is pleased to welcome outstanding young playwright Beau Willimon and Tony Award® winning director Doug Hughes for this compelling World Premiere.

Twitter said...

Jake won't be on my coast in the Fall :(
dang I got excited he would be in NY

bobbyanna said...

Can someone tell me. Didn't Leo DeCaprio grab the rights to Farragut North to do the movie of it? Seems like I remember from last year, when Jake was reputedly involved, then the Mike Nichols thing then suddenly Leo. It sounded like he just took it over or something.

Paula said...

bobbyanna, I remember that too. First we heard that Jake did the reading of the play and that both Clooney and DiCaprio had the rights to the movie after the play ran. Then it was supposed to be on B'way and another director was attached. Then Mike Nichols name was attached to it then both he and Jake's name was mentioned.

Now it's going to be at another off-broadway theater, with another director and John Gallagher's name listed, the role Jake read for. Jake's name is not list as part of the cast on their site and the NY times article just mentions Jake was rumored but has Gallagher as lead, so I think the Observer is confused, unless Jake is doing a supporting role but then he would be listed.

yenta said...

Maybe Reese is starting a trend with her new do?:


Anne Hathaway and she looks adorable!

Bette said...

Hey guys can be please do html links? I asked once before, but really none of these url's are showing up for me and I'd really like to be able to check them out.

Thanks for all the information guys, and Reese looks great.

enigma said...

Reese is looking mighty fine.

brothers spy said...

Hey guys.

So I rushed home from work this afternoon to watch the Portugal vs. Germany game only to discover that they were already losing 2-0.

Portugal scored within 5 minutes of my turning on the game, giving me hope going into half time.

Alas, no luck. Germany scored again ten minutes into the second half reclaiming a two-goal lead.

It's still 3-1, and the game is still going, but I refuse to watch anymore.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Germany?

brothers spy said...

Spoke too soon.

It's now 3-2.

Back on the bangwagon, be back later.

brothers spy said...

It's all over.


Portugal is out. Germany advances.

Bette said...

I have not scrolled up to check out if anybody mentioned this already, but who else is excited that both Jake and Reese are nominated? I know Reese has gone in the past when nominated, I wonder if they will go together? I wish they would!

Twitter said...

Reese was wearing that white dress to the Bel-Air hotel

rooms $4,500 per night!

Maybe her and Jake enjoyed a romantic right there

Monica said...

"Reese Witherspoon arrives for a lunch at the Bel Air Hotel in Beverly Hills Wednesday"


Twitter said...

that is why I was thinking Reese and Jake had a little romantic something at the Bel Air Hotel this week ;)

Reese looks might happy!

I wish we could see Jake more :(

Anonymous said...

Might Reese be carrying some kind of gift in that little brown shopping bag? Maybe it was a birthday luncheon for some friend.

FluorescentLamp said...

I have not scrolled up to check out if anybody mentioned this already, but who else is excited that both Jake and Reese are nominated? I know Reese has gone in the past when nominated, I wonder if they will go together? I wish they would!

That would be nice, except I believe the Teen Choice Awards are one of those programs that alerts the winners in advance so they'll actually be there to pick up their...what is it they give to winners? A surfboard?

Once in a great while you'll see a nominee in the audience and that's usually because they have a Big! Blockbuster! About! To! Open! The! Following! Week!

Twitter said...

I also think she was attending some kind of party or event at the hotel, the bag did look like a little gift

Twitter said...

I am really sorry I don't know how to HTML links, maybe someone can help me
post this link
thanks ;)

Reese wearing a ring on her finger, some kind of interesting ring

Twitter said...

many pictures of Reese at the hotel

err.......maybe someone can post the live HTML link for me


Anonymous said...

I can do the links.

Reese with ring

Reese at hotel

FluorescentLamp said...

Lots of Reese in white at Hotel Bel Air.

suvee said...

Thanks for the links to the Reese photos. She looks fabulous...... I seriously covet that beautiful little white dress! Great accessories, too.

Now, where is Jake?

Twitter said...

thanks for helping me with the links ;)

I am just wondering about that ring ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jake is ready to start POP.

Jake in London

Anonymous said...

Yay first time I have managed to do a link properly.

agent_krycek said...

Jake's in London!!!! Okay, wasn't going to bother going up into Town tomorrow, but I think I might manage it now!!!!!!!!

*Grabs stalker hat and collapses in a frenzy of excitement of breathing the same air as Jake*

*apologies for rampant exclamation mark abuse*

bobbyanna said...

OMG! The newbie's account from IHJ was so cute! I especially liked this part:

"I overheard them saying he dropped something and lost it down the seat...Jake spent the next 30 mins bent over looking for this... so was forced to stare at his ass for the duration. Such a hardship."

The notion of someone holding up a sign in the airport for him made me laugh outloud. So much for being inconspicuous. And God bless the internet! ;)

agent_krycek said...

The notion of someone holding up a sign in the airport for him made me laugh outloud. So much for being inconspicuous. And God bless the internet! ;)

I wonder if I stand outside my office holding a sign saying that if it would have the same effect :D

Sounds like he was travelling light, so only a flying visit maybe. If it's for costume fitting I'd just like to put it out there that I'm available and can bring my own tape measure :p

Anonymous said...

I'm very surprised he escaped notice at LAX. That is one of the easier beats for the paparazzi. They are always there and always on alert for celebrities.

sag actor said...

From the sounds of that description, he may be there for costume fittings, meetings. Filming doesn't begin until July and it will be in July and August in the UK. With the threat of he actor's strike looming, they sure aren't going to start filming now then stop if the strike is called on June 30th.

agent_krycek said...

From the sounds of that description, he may be there for costume fittings

The thought of Jake, in the same city as me, possibly wearing just a pair of snug fitting pants is really not helping my concentration levels at work this afternoon :o

Twitter said...

I guess Reese didn't go on the trip :(

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a business trip twitter and a short one if the description of hispacking gear is true, he will be back in L.A. soon enough. Pop isn't scheduled to start filming until July and it will be in Morocco.

PS: I say business because he has his mini entourage traveling with him. Reese has kids, you can't expect her to drop everything and go following him around everytime he has to be away.

These pictures are from yesterday, while Jake was en route to the UK,
looks happy and healthy, bet because he will be back soon!


yenta said...

Ok, the mama in me is coming out after reading that encounter: A salad that he didn't finish eating, OJ for breakfast , slept in his clothes?? Tsk, tsk Jacob.

Twitter said...

Jake and Kristen used to spend a lot of time in London :(

My guess is Reese will have the kids back this weekend or next week

agent_krycek said...

It might not be business, he might just be very, very over excited about Rose returning to Dr Who tomorrow night and couldn't wait until it airs in the States.

(Apologies, I'm slightly over excited about it myself and can picture Jake as a fellow Who geek)

Twitter said...

I am happy to hear his flight was somewhat comfortable and cozy in that first class cabin, really low-key and in style

hey maybe Jake is in London for a chest waxing :P

FluorescentLamp said...

Jake and Kristen used to spend a lot of time in London :(

I wouldn't say they spent "a lot" of time in London together. He was there with her at various times in 2003 while she was filming Wimbledon.

I'm still trying to work out the overwrought concern you have about Jake being seen with Reese every second of every day. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

hey maybe Jake is in London for a chest waxing


UltraViolet said...

I wonder if I stand outside my office holding a sign saying that if it would have the same effect

Suddenly I have this image of men and women all over England leaving hteir offices and holding "Jake Gyllenhaal" signs :) Like an M. Night Shyamalan movie. Only good. And explainable :)

Twitter said...

Yes I have overwrought concern :p

seems like all over stars have fun and take a vacation
Jake keeps working and working

does he ever have any romance or fun, or vacation?

I do respect Jake because he does work so much

shondra said...

You also have to remember that Kristen was working and didn't have kids at home twitter, a big difference.

She visited Jake on the set of Brothers and Nailed, and Jake visited her in SF when she was filming Four Christmases.

Pop isn't even filming yet, it won't be until July according to all reports but as with all movies and productions like these, there are meetings and costume fittings.

Yeah, it looks like Jake won't be getting much of a break in between movies but i'm sure he and Reese discussed all that already.

bobbyanna said...

IMO, Jake's work schedule seems pretty good. He's had spells lasting months between films, then a cluster of projects. It's unfortunate that Nailed had financing problems that probably threw his personal schedule off a bit, but I'd much rather see him busy making movies I can see, then not being busy. This PoP is a really big deal, with potential for a total of three films.
I wouldn't be surprised, if the UMP and Joe Namath scripts are not finished, maybe he will do another short project in between. He seems really into a work mode these days. I love it!

Twitter said...

what about love?
is he into love and romance?

Do you think Jake is romantic

UltraViolet said...

Twitter, you seem to have an unrealistic expectation of life, even an actor's. It's not just one big vacation. Reese and Jake just went to Cabo in March. Jake has been working since then, though they still had time to see each other on both coasts. Plus, we do not see them 24/7. We know they spend time together that we don't get to see. Which is as it should be.

Of course, that has been pointed out time and again. So either you're not really concerned and just like to perpetuate negativity or for some reason, you refuse to believe it.

Twitter said...

I would never perpetuate negativity, never

I am all about love and romance!
I just wonder if Jake is romantic?

Really, I am just thinking about love all the time

Monica said...

The fact it should go to London to prepare for the filming. How familiar scenarios, define the look of the character and rehearse scenes and struggles. Besides exchanging ideas with the director of the film.

Remember that POP is a super production and not an independent film. So I think he should stay in London until the end of filming in the city.

bobbyanna said...

"...i'm sure he and Reese discussed all that already."

Sorry to spam, but ITAWTS, shondra. One of the clearest demonstrations, for me, about how very serious these two are, is that she has no problem flying to whereever he is to spend serious time with him.

It's pretty clear BOTH of them really do not like to be apart for very long at all. It's like, oxygen. Obviously, with the nature of their work, there will be separations. I find it unremarkable.

She flew to NYC to be with him when he finished promoting Zodiac. There are reports she was in Morocco for Rendition shooting. He met her in Paris for a week, after a quick jump over to Cannes for two whole days(!) He even goes with her to Avon activities when he can.

They are a very much together couple. Their visit to NYC and to Mexico looked like a vacation to me. I'd bet that right now, Reese is probably getting things together schedule wise so that she and the kids can go to the UK and/or Morocco.

Wouldn't surpirse me at all. And I'd bet Ryan will probably be in the UK as well, so things will work out just fine.

I think things are pretty solid. Reese is not a very good "poker plarer." When things were bad for her with Ryan it really showed. Now that she is happy, it really shows! No worrys!

Monica said...

Twitter, you are a romantic person!

Jake is a romantic man, but a man who needs work.

Twitter said...

I had no idea she was in Morocco visiting when he was there, cool!

I am sure they have summer in London worked out already

ok back to work for me :P

Have a happy Friday everyone!

UltraViolet said...

Well, twitter, despite what some people think, this is NOT a blog about romance. So consider your questions asked and answered. Jake and Reese are together, and they seem happy.

If you need to keep questioning that, there are other places to do it.

Monica said...

Twiter, a happy Friday to you!

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to say "tough day" to those rooting for Portugal yesterday, and congrats to gabbana, who is presumably celebrating somewhere :)

brothers spy said...

I think Jake is working so much now because he essentially took a year off last year.

Three movies back to back to back is not too unusual. Many stars have done this. Matt Damon just did this.

Jake is just making up for the absence I think. He'll probabaly take a prolonged break after POP wraps in the fall. Given that this film probably earned him a lot of $$$ and the sequels, if they come into being, will essentially set him up for life. But you usually have to wait three years inbetween these types of films, meaning that Jake won't have to make another for a while.

He's got two movies lined up asides from that (Namath and the Moon Project), but neither of them seem to be anywhere near the filming stage.

Having two movies lined up is NOT a lot. Leo DiCaprio has like ten movies lined up. That's a lot.

I think Jake is just working, which is a positive thing for any actor. This is his job.

agent_krycek said...

Hmmm, there's a big old food festival going on in Regents Park at the moment, will foodie Jake be able to resist and will I be able to resist checking it out ;-)*completely ignoring fact he's here to work and probably wouldn't have the time, and will probably be on his way back to Reese*

And, Go Croatia for tonight!

Twitter said...

I would rather see Jake working on movies and such..he keeps busy in a positive way

rather then partying in Hollywood or going to famous nightclubs or celebrity rehab

He could be drinking and partying, but he is a professional actor, unlike many others in Hollywood those party types..
I am sure you can guess a few of the party types..

sass said...

Morning everyone,
Reese looks happy and hot. I like her happy look...baby shower/bridal shower maybe:)
I bought the US Magazine with Obama and his wife Michelle on the front cover and inside. While sharing the pictures with a good friend, I scanned the Reese photos for us.
One snap mentions her beautiful heart-shaped face...another her love of Yoga.

see and enjoy my scans made just for us Babblers:)

Reese's heart shaped face goes with what sunglasses

Reese and her Yoga mat

sass said...

Hi again,
This post fell in my mailbox so I'm sharing... with all handbag babblers. I live vicariously and love every minute of it..

Reese likes Bottega too

sheba baby said...

Thanks for all the scans sass!!!
The glasses really do suit her fsce and i'm jealous of all the fabulous bags she has, also jealous thst she has Jake as well!!

Twitter said...

I think while in London that was a top secret meeting on chest waxing, complete with charts and top secret documents :P, looked after by the CIA and parliament

Perhaps a homeland security meeting on the critical state of Jakes hair

UltraViolet said...

Before the Austin anon troll gets into a fit, I deleted your post because of its tone, not because you mentioned that Austin was with Jake in one of the pictures posted.

And btw, we know much more than you think we do. Let's leave it at that, shall we?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I remember the last time Jake had a short visit to the UK, it was last Oct. when he was doing Rendition promo, he appeared on the Jonathan Ross show and did some other interviews and he was just gone for the weekend.

This trip most likely is pre-Pop stuff and it doesn't sound like he will be there for long after reading that encounter.

I just hope that the threatened SAG strike doesn't happen.

Twitter said...

I think is a top secret chest waxing mission :p

He'll maybe be gone till Sunday

Twitter said...

what happens with a SAG strike??
POP filming date will be changed?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The current SAG contract expires on June 30th, if a new contract isn't approved than the actors will go on strike.

It will not only effect Pop, but every other movie as well. The negotiations are really nasty I keep reading.

Eagle-eyes said...

I don't see Austin in the photos. If the troll thinks Austin is the ear-scratcher, Jake looks happy to be getting away from him.

bobbyanna said...

Nancy pelosi, am I a strike or two behind? cz I thought that if you got started by a certain date, you were OK. Also, can't some productions get waivers, or was it the WGA strike I'm thinking of?
What about foreign actors/productions?

Bette said...

Cleanup on isle three!

lalala How cute is Deacon with Ryan holding him? Poor little guy he looks upset though. I don't mind seeing pics of her with her kids when everybody is smiling, and happy, but it makes me very uncomfortable to see photos like these. Nobody looks particularly happy here.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

bobbyanna, you may be right about waivers or productions that have already started. I need to do a little more research.

UltraViolet said...

Congrats to Turkey, who just won a heartbreaker for the Croatia fans!

The Croatian team has some cuties!

Also, guys, please do not respond to the trolls. A fair amount of what occurred this afternoon was clearly the troll talking to itself. But we don't need other people chiming in.

Thanks to all the folks who tried to post normally amid the insanity.

gabbana said...

"I forgot to say "tough day" to those rooting for Portugal yesterday, and congrats to gabbana, who is presumably celebrating somewhere"

Thanks UV, I am just back form partying and watching our turkish friends win against Croatia!

Did I miss a troll attack?? Don´t take anythng of this serious anymore.

Jake in London!? Looks like PoP production has already started. Lets hope there won´t be an actors strike - from what I have read it could stop and postpone all film projects?

get real said...

Hey all.

Appreciate your Troll Control, UV and FL. Of course there should be free expression but you know when it is clearly trollish behavior.

Anyway, on to the good news for all you folks in the UK....Jake is there!!! The report sounded pretty legit so I hope it is true.

Very sweet pics of Reese and Deacon and she looked great in the white dress at the hotel.

Now I am off to think of Jake in London and them maybe making his way back through NYC?!?! A girl can hope can't she. :D

enigma said...

Reese looks very fit. It looks like she's lost some weight.

I wonder if she's going to start filming a movie soon, she tends to lose weight when she's filming. Either way, she looks fantastic.

Twitter said...

Deacon looks like a mini Ryan

did you see some of his little teeth are missing, tooth fairy time!

suvee said...

One of the few advantages of not being able to check in here while at work is that I (almost) always miss the troll attacks. And that's a good thing. :)

I love the new pics of Reese and Deacon..... he is such a cutie. I freely admit that I occasionally see what I want to see, but my very first thought when I saw those socks and Crocs on Deacon was..... oh yeah, now we're seeing Jake's influence! I mean, little short socks and orange (hello, Mario) Crocs? That says Jake to me, not Ryan.

I agree..... J & R certainly have discussed and worked out their work schedules for the foreseeable future IMO (SAG strike notwithstanding). I'm guessing PoP will be Jake's last film for 2008...... he'll take the balance of the year off, other than promo work for Brothers.

Monica said...

Reese or Ryan: Who'll Remarry First?


Twitter said...

seven bathrooms! wtf!

anyway, My husband is on the road right now so I know how it feels to be apart from someone you love

Hopefully Jake will be back by Sunday or Monday

Bette said...

Monica thank you for using a link! It's appreciated so much. Anyway, I think Reese and Jake will marry before Ryan and Abbie. He's been way too cautious, it would pretty much ruin him if he got married in the next few years to Abbie. As it is there will always be the rumors, and now that he's gone public it's all but been confirmed he was in fact cheating on Reese. I know this is all speculation on my part, but I'm convinced he was.

Anyway, back to Jake in London, we go... Is there an actual confirmed starting date for PoP yet?

Monica said...

Bette, did not know how to put a link. Finally it worked!

Twitter said...

Jake in London!

let the chest waxing begin!

sass said...

Evening Babblers,
Sharing scans again:)
This is a Jake and Reese Scan along with 4 other high profile couples from People's Bachelor issue, accompanied by a meter that shows the level of seriousness. :lol :lol
I know I chose the wrong career:)

Jake Reese...People Magazine...Jake OFF the Market:)

Twitter said...

They are never together, like my husband and I, he is on the road
I just wonder how it can work out :(

can someone help me live this link?? new pictures of Reese with no Jake, in a blue dress

Twitter said...

My husband is on the road right now, I am always alone doing my own thing.
Day after day it gets hard, I know how Reese must feel :(

linker said...

wow, that didn't quite work. let me try again.

Reese in blue dress

Twitter said...

thanks for helping me with that link;)

now I am waiting for my husband to return home, he doesn't like me talking all this Jake stuff

brothers spy said...


You guys aren't going to believe this but there's been another shut down of Nailed.

They are literally filming their final scene today and tomorrow, with a "skeleton crew" going to Washington on Sunday (probably to shoot exteriors, they may be already there).

Well they managed to film most of what they had planned today and then shut down early. No one really thought anything of it. Now word is that there are money issues again.

So no one's sure whether they will film tomorrow (the last day in SC)or not.

I will keep you informed.

P.S. UV, I sent you an email.

enigma said...

It's cool that she has a close group of friends. They must help her keep grounded in the midst of living in Hollywood.

Twitter said...

Jake is going back to SC?
Is he done with Nailed?

Maybe from London back to Nailed?

brothers spy said...

No twitter.

Jake is done with Nailed. They are in the middle of filming their final scene. The shooting schedule was broken up into two days. Today and tomorrow. This scene has nothing to do with Jake.

They shut down after today because of more money problems.

They're certainly going to finish, but this has to be extremely frustrating for the production people though. To have this much uncertainty with one day left.

Lesson of all of this: never trust Capitol Films.

Twitter said...

Hopefully POP will film smoothly and with out and glitches

smooth sailing for POP all summer during filming

UltraViolet said...

Man, so close to finishing, and they have another shutdown. Thank god Jake is no longer hostage to the Nailed schedule. I'd love to read an insider account of this production!

Thanks for the info, brothers spy.

brothers spy said...

No problem, UV.

BTW, I sent you a second email.

agent_krycek said...

Goodness, can't believe Nailed got shut down again - utterly ridiculous situation.

I'm okay about Croatia, mainly because it means there's less chance of my team's new signing, the fabulous Modric, getting injured before the start of the football season. Quite how my Greek Cypriot best mate feels about it I don't know :o

Hope Jake didn't have any sightseeing planned for today in London as the weather is a complete bust at the moment.

josie said...

Wow, Nailed shut down again, what a nightmare. Thaks for the People scan sass!

Twitter said...

Jake in London for the weekend?

Perhaps the chest waxing will take a whole weekend

Monica said...

The Reese is still working on Monsters vrs. Aliens?

sallykirkland said...

What's happening to Nailed with financing is not at all unusual for independent film projects. It's getting attention because of the people involved. Kirsten Gore, DOR, Jake and Jessica.

I do think that the head of the company responsible Capitol, probably hoped to keep the wolves at bay when he went to Cannes with his other films, but he wasn't able to develop the financing, so things have continued on a tenuous footing.

Fortnuately, I do think they will get a distribution deal because of the actors.

brothers spy said...

I don't think so Monica.

She was working on it the week before she went to Japan. It's only a voice-over part so I can't imagine it taking that long to complete.

Besides she was seen with her friends and kids during the week.

My guess: no. She's done.

brothers spy said...


I hope your right. Having looked over some of Capitol Film's other projects, "Nailed" seems like the only film with any chance of turning a profit. It cost less than $25 million to make.

I have this gut feeling that Capitol will 'make it or break it' with "Nailed." Thus they can't afford to let it sit on a shelf. But that's just my opinion.

I suspect that, given that they are at the end of production, they ran a little over budget and the money dried up. But given that they literally have one day left in SC to film, I seriously doubt that this will derail anything.

Just a hiccup.

lawgoddess said...

No pictures of Jake in London?

I want to watch his hair grow, LOL.

Twitter said...

ewwwwwww. the thought of Jake with long hair grosses me out
Men with long hair is a no for me :P

My guess is he'll be back in LA by Monday, spending the weekend in London

Seems like he is on a low key POP business trip

Bette said...

Lawgoddess, I know, me too!

JoeAnn said...

Gosh, I have to disagree. Whether or not a man looks good with long hair has a lot to do with his hairline. It has to be squared off with nice widow's peaks. Jake has them. I'm not too worried he won't be able to pull off the look. I also expect some kind of facial hair. I'm really jazzed at the prospect if seeing him in all his Persian glory. Can't say I've been this excited about a character he's played since BBM.

Twitter said...

I got this from Wikipedia

A new prince will be depicted as a wanderer, clad in rags of red and blue colour scheme. He is shown to be younger and more muscular than the Prince from the Sands of Time trilogy. He wields a long sword and a mysterious gauntlet on his left hand, which will enable him to run across and jump from walls. Also, the gauntlet is said to have some extraordinary properties. The time-controlling powers (from the Sands of Time trilogy) will be replaced by some new abilities wielded by the Prince, which would help him in his quest. According to the game producers, he will retain many of his gameplay features and acrobatic skills (for example, running across and rebounding off walls) from The Sands of Time trilogy, but they will be modified and improved.

The Sands of Time Trilogy

The Prince's manner and outlook change over the course of the trilogy: becoming grittier and more adult as the Prince matures. He hungers, at first, for glory and honor in his father's eyes, and when he discovers he actually has a distaste for bloody combat (although he can, and will, engage in it when he must), his resolution to gain it by being the first to the Maharaja's Treasure Vault, and subsequently claiming the Dagger of Time, is what set in motion the entire sequence of events over the three games. He attempts, tirelessly, to undo the mistakes he's made via time-travel, rather than live in the present with the consequences of those actions, and his attempts to set things right often make them worse.

The Prince is arrogant, posh, and a bit impulsive. His tendency to become blind to all except achieving his immediate goal is the cause of many of his missteps. Nevertheless, he's a kind-hearted soul who genuinely wants to be noble and good.

The Prince is also claustrophobic. When down in the tombs with Farah, she asks him why he's breathing so hard, and he admits he doesn't "like tight spaces."

Some of the Dark Prince's control over the body can be attributed to this fear. The Prince while on roof tops feels totally in control, but when forced into the streets and alley ways he becomes more nervous and edgy.

brothers spy said...

I scooped her again.

From today's "Deadline Hollywood."

Nikke Finke: David O Russell Film shut down Forth Time.

Not much new information other than what I told you guys yesterday.


Read all about it.

Anonymous said...

Wenn has photos of Reese at LAX, wonder if she is meeting up with Jake somewhere?.

Twitter said...

Wenn won't let me in :(

I wonder if someone else has the photos

Twitter said...

Reese Witherspoon at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday, June 21


I dug up this link, someone post it live for me thanks ;)

Twitter said...

I got in Wenn photos, looks like she is carrying a laptop computer case
maybe a business trip

her shoes are killer! wow she looks so cute

extra said...

Yes, you scooped Finke again brothers spy, she has been a bit slow lately regarding news about Nailed. Thanks agsin for all your updates brothers spy, I'm glad Jake is finished filming but I'm a bit concerned now that it may never finish or that it may get trouble getting distribution.

Jake spotted at LAX on Thursday going to the UK, Reese spotted at LAX International yesterday, hmmmmm.

gabbana said...

Exactly my fears, extra. I think they will manage to finish the film now that it is nearly done, but what about distribution?

I have seen that interesting films like Soderberghs "Che" or "Synecdoche New York" with P.S. Hofman have trouble getting US distributors...What about this little independent satire?

And I can see Jake and Reese spending some quiet days in London like they did in Paris last year...

enigma said...

Here are some WENN pictures.

1 2 3

I love her hat.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, enigma!!! I love this new hat thing she's doing!!! BTW: I went to the WENN site and noticed that Jerry Bruckheimer was also going to LAX Saturday. Looked like the same terminal...he is the producer, along with Disney, of PoP.

I have confidence that, because of the people involved, as sallykirkland mentioned earlier, Nailed will find a distributor.

Sometimes I think, I don't "KNOW", but I think, it might be easier for these comedies to find a way to market, then if it were some serious, intimate indie.

Brilliantly sunny day developing. I'm considering a bikeride...at some point.

FluorescentLamp said...

If you're familiar at all with LAX you will note that Reese is entering the Tom Bradley International Terminal in those WENN pics. As is Bruckheimer. :)

suvee said...

thanks for the LAX pics, enigma. I'm liking all of Reese's hats lately.... they suit her.

I second extra's "hmmmmm". :)

Anonymous said...

Just think. If it hadn't been for that fan on IheartJake, no one would know where Jake was! There were no pictures of him at airports at either end! And he hasn't been spotted...yet.

Twitter said...

The first fan encounter, when Jake was flying out to Europe
It was said Jake only had two travel bags, like he wasn't planning to stay for long.
So he only took take travel bags for all these days...
How is in Europe since maybe Thursday, I hope he brought enough clean underpants :P

All I can say is I hope Reese and Jake enjoy some Europe Holiday vacation

agent_krycek said...

No spottings of Jake at all over here I'm afraid, he seems to have gone to ground - although I'm am holding out a vain hope that with Top Gear returning tonight, Jake possibly being in the country, he might just do the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment - it won't happen, but I keep hoping.

shondra said...

Jake usually travels light so who knows how long he will be in London.

The sighting of Bruckheimer on Saturday at the same terminal as Reese makes me think that Jake went a few days ahead to meet/do costume fittings for Pop, and Jerry Bruckheimer will join them and maybe Reese and Jake decided to make a little vacation out of it.

UltraViolet said...

That was fast! Hello magazine has the "scoop" on Reese's trip:

Blonde beauty Reese Witherspoon and her two children have just moved into a £1.9 million house in the cosmopolitan district of Notting Hill to be closer to her love Jake Gyllenhaal.

Billed as Hollywood's highest paid actress, the romantic 32-year-old is taking a four-month break from work so she can be closer to Brokeback Mountain actor Jake, who is currently filming in London.

"Reese loves England and has been really looking forward to spending this time living with Jake," revealed an actress pal of the star.

Would be fun if it's true, though it seems like wishful printing. But I guess Agent K has her first reconnaissance mission!

Narcissa said...

Well, the only reason I can see why they wouldn't do this is the kids' schooling - and Ryan. When do U.S. schools break up for summer and go back afterwards?

Twitter said...

US schools normally break from early June till end of August

agent_krycek said...

Notting Hill eh? Well, it has been a while since I've had a wander round Portabello Road Market, might be a little trip in store for the future ;-) Thinking about it, I remember seeing a sighting of Maggie in that area whilst she was over here filming TDK.

It reads to me like they've been tipped off, possibly by the Estate Agent arranging the house, they might not be moved in yet, but it does sound a very possible that's where they'll be (Of course if they'd asked me I could have directed them to a lovely area of North London that has farmers markets as well :p )

Twitter said...

will the pigs, Atticus & Sinatra be moving also :P

Atticus across the pond

Anonymous said...

The kids aren't here yet. They are just setting up.

Twitter said...

This is exciting :P

The Jake/Reese family seems happy

FluorescentLamp said...

I know a lovely home in the Notting Hill/Holland Park area they could let for several months.

Ahhh West London how I love you so.

Anonymous said...

Ryan spent most of the summer in Britain last year. After I heard about Jake spending most of the summer in England, I suspected that this would happen.

US schools let out in mid to late June and start up in the last week of August or first week of September.

Twitter said...

can I ask??

Jake is helping to raise Reese's kids?
Ava will be a teenager soon, it seems mind boggling to think Jake will be raising a teen

FluorescentLamp said...

twitter, she's a long ways away from being a teenager - she's not even 9 yet.

agent_krycek said...

Mind you, it's not a great time for them to be in London, Wimbledon starts tomorrow, and that practically guarantees a fortnight of rain :(

bobbyanna said...

Wow! I go for a bike ride and Gyllenspoon sets up house in the UK!;) I've never been to London, but Eldest Daughter has. Since I know nothing,(I did see Notting Hill,the movie) I decided to go online. What's Hampstead like, or Kensington Gardens? Didn't Mick or George and Paul live somewhere around there? Madonna lives in London, so does (cough!) Gwynnie.

FluorescentLamp said...

What's Hampstead like

Hampstead is lovely. Very leafy. Very monied. They have a wonderful high street. Great architecture.

or Kensington Gardens?

Kensington Palace - the former home of Princess Diana, resides on the western part of Kensington Gardens. To the north - Bayswater. To the south - Kensington. To the west - Notting Hill.

Didn't Mick or George and Paul live somewhere around there?

I think Sir Paul had/has a house in St. John's Wood. Not sure about the other two.

Madonna lives in London, so does (cough!) Gwynnie.

I have no problem with Gwynnie. I don't know why she gets the rap she does. Not sure where she lives, but I believe Madonna has a house in Belgravia.

Have I mentioned how much I love London?

chica said...

If this is true, and I have a feeling it is just, WOW!! How serious are they? I say very.

And yes, I remember reading hat Ryan spent time in the UK last summer, so the set up is perfect since the kids are in school. Does this mean that they will be filming in the UK fist and then Morroco last?

sass said...

Afternoon babblers,
I can't believe all the great Jake/Reese news.
But let me first thank brothers spy and Sally Kirkland for all the Nailed information; the fourth shutdown must be awful for the company. Thank goodness Jake is finished and on to London to begin POP.
I say bobbyanna, I agree with you...I turn my back a minute and Jake and Reese are setting up house in London...OMG...how exciting for our London mates:)

I love London and would love to visit. I have friends who have visited and loved every minute whatever the weather...and FL you're not alone; I've no problem with Gwyneth, actually I'm watching for the 3209759 time one of my favorite romantic comedies Sliding Doors, starring Gwyneth and John Hannah.

brothers spy said...


How do you know so much about London? Did you use to live there?

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, FL. Now I can place everyone. Kensington Palace where Diana lived must be a prime location. Hampstead seems very lovely from the pictures I've seen. Also very expensive. You DO love London. ;)
sass, FL. I'm sorry about Gwynnie. Truly. But I just...can't. BTW. I do think she is a brilliant actress.

FluorescentLamp said...

actually I'm watching for the 3209759 time one of my favorite romantic comedies Sliding Doors, starring Gwyneth and John Hannah.

Lurrve that movie; hated the guy who played her sniveling boyfriend and Jeanne Tripplehorn's character, but I lurrve that movie.

In honor of them perhaps, maybe setting up house in Notting Hill, I think I may have to break out the movie of the same name. I don't think I've watched it this week.

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