Friday, June 6, 2008

Up close and personal

Stephanie uploaded some new publicity stills from Zodiac, including this picture of Jake Gyllenhaal, where you can count his eyelashes:

It made me think of other beautiful close-ups of Jake. Since we haven't gotten any new pap photos, let's look at some old photo shoots.

In other news, we know now what role Ben Kingsley will have in Prince of Persia. According to Variety:

Ben Kingsley will play the villain in Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer's bigscreen adapatation of the Ubisoft vidgame "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time."

In the fantasy actioner, Kingsley portrays Nizam, who plots to kill his brother King Shahrman and blame it on Prince Dastan so he can take the throne.

I do love a good villain!

(Click photos to embiggen. Pictures courtesy of IHJ.)


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agent_krycek said...

Knew Sir Ben would be the baddie.

Now, back to counting Jake's eyelashes :D

Monica said...

I love it all the photos, especially this:

Ben Kinsgley is one of my favorite actors. Very good to know that he vai work with Jake.

Bette said...

This one is one of my favorites and I am not even sure why.

I kind of figured Ben would be playing a baddie. He's good at those.

chica said...

Love all the pictures and those eyelashes, sigh. Ben as the villian, no surprise!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! This one is one of my favorites, his face is the perfect combination of sensitivity and masculine strength. I don't think I've ever seen a man more beautiful, and I've tried! ;)

How do I love thee, let me count your eyelashes! ;)


sheba baby said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful man, love this post!

Picking up from the previous post, it doesn't sound like Jake will have too much time in between Nailed and pop, and yes that looks like Jake's cell phone Reese is carrying.

Anna said...

I am hearing Jake is done with Nailed

josie said...

Yeah, according to brothers spy, his scenes are done. I would assume he is getting ready for Pop.

UltraViolet said...

Is everyone busy counting lashes? :)

Monica, I love that one, too. Jake's expression is so seemingly innocent, but there's definitely something else going on there.

And Bette, I love the whole series that your favorite is taken from.

How do I love thee, let me count your eyelashes! ;)

That one is my favorite, anon. I think. It's really too hard to choose.

Maybe Jake could give us a NEW close-up to ad to the mix! Is he in Witness Protection or something? Hiding out from David Bergstein's goons?

gabbana said...

Just coming back from some holidays seeing that PoP has got some great supporting Ben Kingsley and Alfred Molina. It really looks like Disney is trying to make a good adventure movie where you don´t have to leave your brain at the cash desk...:-))

Wonderful black/white pictures - some of my favourites...

Thanks to everyone - especially our source No. 1 Brothers Spy - for all the updates "Nailed". Now just let our fingers crossed that it will not only get finished but also find a distributor...

I have to admit that I am starting to fear about "Brothers"...reading some of the Oscar/film sides there is absolutly nothing - no buzz, not even someone mention this film. We are talking about an independent film with a limited release - it needs some support of the studio. Why don´t we get a teaser or at least some pictures? After reading the script I thought it was a great opportunity for Jake - a great role. I just want him to get the recognization he deserves.

Monica said...

The delay in disclosing Brothes is similar to the Zodiac.
An excellent film that was not seen!

Bette said...

Guys we really need new Jake pics, or new J&R pics. Preferably new J&R pics. Where did they run off to?

UV yeah I love that whole series too. So beautiful.

brothers spy said...

For what it's worth, given the scarcity of Jake sightings/photos/news/information, filming is on track in SC. They continued filming the scenes at Jessica's parents house yesterday. This is another strong indication that Jake is not there, because as I stated before he's not in any of those scenes.

Second, according to a poster on imdb, they were filming at the state house today. This could have been second unit stuff since the poster didn't see any of the principals (including Jake or Jessica) there.

Personally I think Reese and Jake are spending as much time together until he goes off to Morocco.

He's probably training by day and resting at night.

brothers spy said...

Also, I think they filmed at Jessica's parents house on Wednesday as well (not totally sure). If so, they should probably be finished with those scenes bringing them one step closer to wrapping production.

UltraViolet said...

Anyone from Columbia out there - I got this from

They are currently filming at The SC Statehouse building in Columbia,SC. Anyone that would like to be an extra just show up before 10:30 am this Saturday and Sunday and dress in your Sunday best (church clothes). They need adult men and women to play Congressmen, reporters, pages etc. Today is Friday June 6th and after this weekend filming will change locations but still be in Columbia. Just show up early behind the Statehouse to the portables on the side street. They have 3 tables and just offer your services, they need extras. You will be paid $125 per day and they have breakfast, lunch and dinner including snacks and sodas in between. See ya there

Npt dure if our friend Barbara or any of her friends/relatives can make it :)

sass said...

Hi UV, Great news.
Thank goodness for insomnia.:)
Wish I could be there...sounds like fun.
TY for the updates brothers spy and TY to everyone who keeps us in the loop.
nite nite:)

sass said...

Recently, I usually check my favorite Political blog, The Huffington Post, before I check out for bed. When Ryan Phillippe makes my blog in the midst of all the craziness we've been going through recently, I HAVE to let my peeps know...:lol.
Nite nite again:)

sass said...

I was so sleepy I forgot to link to Huffington.

Ryan goes public with Abbe... this news is definitely not political:)

UltraViolet said...

Hi sass! I'm glad you could see through my typos there! That was supposed to be "not sure" at the end, lol.

And yes, Ryan and Abbie were all over the news today. Not the happiest-looking pair I've ever seen. But one hopes they are smiling on the inside!

Abbie was looking a lot like Belinda Carlisle to me in those photos.

bobbyanna said...

Good morning, babblers!( waves.) This is a lovely grouping of pictures. Just when I think I've discovered my favorite, I find another. Impossible for me to chose! I love them all.

Hey, sass. I check Huffington, too! I guess that picture is making the rounds. UV, Ryan seems like a lot of fun, doesn't he? Really cheerful. Very effusive. :)

Does anyone know where in Morocco Jake will be shooting? Will it be the same place he shot Rendition?

brothers spy said...


Thanks for the information. Could this be the filming of the House of Rep scenes? It would explain the need for pages, etc.

Remember initally I was told that they were to film those scenes on specific dates (during the first week of June) and voila here we are.

Maybe Jake isn't finished after all. He's definitely in these scenes. Maybe, as I speculated in the last post, he had all his scenes done save these and would have to return for this.

We should be on the lookout for Jake in SC.

brothers spy said...

It also corresponds with the initial information I had that Jake was finished filming on June 9th.

Anonymous said...

I remember you saying that last week brothers spy. I wonder if there are any photos or sightings of Jake in SC. What does your source have to say?

shondra said...

What a beautiful set of photos of Jake you posted, he can never take a bad picture imo!

Thanks for the link to the Huffington post sass, and she does kind of looks like Belinda Carlisle.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Sounds like Jake final day of filming for nailed is this Monday, thanks brothers spy!

Off to count Jake's eyelashes....

office of nancy pelosi said...

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Saturday, June 7, 2008 -- 1:29 PM ET

Ending Her Bid, Clinton Backs Obama

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton used the final rally of her
presidential campaign to end her barrier-breaking bid for the
presidency and endorse Senator Barack Obama.

Read More:

bitter memories of election '04 said...

Jake, Reese, maggie, Tobey, Kristen, etc: declare yourself 2004:

bobbyanna said...

Hillary gave a magnificent speech. I had tears rolling down my cheeks from the moment she walked on stage! I admire her very much!

chica said...

I'm a Obama supporter, but i agree with you bobbyanna, it wss a great speech. I always admired Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Where's Jakey?

he's almost 28 said...

Please, his name is Jake not Jakey, he isn't 3 years old. And if you have been reading brothers spys repots or even check on IMDb, they are still filming, Jake should be done on Monday, june 9th.

In between he has been getting ready for Pop I assume.

I for one welcome the no pap pics with the occsional cameo of his woman Reese, or the spotting of them at a party, that's how it should be.

I suspect in between filming he is hanging out in Ojai, Ca fsr away from the maddening crowd.

FluorescentLamp said...

I wonder if at 3 years old he was "Jacob". Especially if he was being particularly naughty and rambunctious.

Anonymous said...

I call him Jakey with lots of affection and I really don't appreciate getting reprimanded for it.
I adore him. Sometimes people are really rude. Like you know all his movements. I like seeing new pictures of him. Just to see he's OK and still in the world. So if u r glad there's no pictures, fine. I miss my Jakey!

he's almost 28 said...

He's Ok, not to worry, he is concentrating on his career as it should be. I don't need pics of him buying coffee and shopping to know that he is Ok, like I mentioned i assume he is prepping for Pop since he doesn't seem to have much time off between that and nailed.

I read the Nailed script and the info that brothers spy posted, it's a good bet that he is finishing filming at this time.

extra said...

I know the "dream" ticket isn't likely, but still:

extra said...

I think the linky I posted is stinky:

FluorescentLamp said...

I know the "dream" ticket isn't likely, but still

Oh you mean Madam President and her VP. sigh...

Bette said...

FL sigh, don't remind me! Sobs.

extra said...

Or the other way around FL, either way would be more than Ok with me.

Bette, I echo your sobs....

get real said...

Jake and his eyelashes... *swoon* Thank you for such beautiful pics of him in this post!

Guess all is quiet on the Jake front. Hope he is enjoying whether doing Nailed or just keeping a low profile until PoP. Miss him either way.

Ben K. as the baddie...very cool!

Hope everyone in the heatwave zone, like me, is keeping cool. It's super hot out there.

Have a great Sunday all.

FluorescentLamp said...

Or the other way around FL, either way would be more than Ok with me.

Oh right. The Vice President and Madam President. ;-)

Black, white, brown, turquoise. At the end of the day Mr. Obama is still what 43 before have been, and for that I don't find a great cause of celebration.

Israel, Pakistan, Great Britain, Ireland, Finland, Argentina, Phillippines, Serbia, Switzerland, Panama. The list goes on. And on. Countries where women were elected President or appointed Prime Minister.

The U.S. still has so far to go in understanding and then curing the pervasive mysogyny that surrounds us.

*steps down and puts away soapbox*

chica said...

It's as hot as hell here in NY, my BF and I are skipping the Puerto Rican day parade, too hot!

I agree 100% with your comments, FL and i'm a Obama supporter.

Keep cool everyone.

JoeAnn said...

"The U.S. still has so far to go in understanding and then curing the pervasive mysogyny that surrounds us. "

Amen, florescentlamp, amen. It's been especially disheartening to hear it coming from the mouths and pens of fellow women. It's one thing to disagree with Hillary's policies. It's quite another to heap insults and derision on her. This election has been an eye opener and this from someone was never naive to begin with when it came to the US. I don't expect to see an American female president in my lifetime.

Although not thrilled, I can live with Obama --looks like I'll have to-- but it's all academic if we don't give him an overwhelmingly Democratic congress. None of the Bush admin's disasters will get fixed and all that will happen is that the blame will be heaped upon Obama.

Now, onto a happier note: Jake's hot! lol It'll be interesting to see of we get any shirtless pics before he gets spirited away, filming PoP. Have a feeling he's keeping his newly (re)developed muscles underwraps so we'll all be suitably impressed next summer.

sass said...

*After this post sass will run and hide:)*

I feel that each campaign was historic and will be studied for decades to come by historians and students of politics.
I find it fascinating that Hillary had no campaign strategy for after February 5, 2008. She told Katie Couric last December that the Democratic campaign would be over by February 5th.
If Hillary had established offices and campaigned in the 11 states won by Obama early on--as she did in South Dakota-- I imagine we would neither know nor hear Obama's name this morning.

I will not attribute her loss to misogyny, just like I as an AF/Am, will not attribute Obama's campaign's ups and down to racism or misogyny. I think the American people are better than that.

Obama made many mistakes in his campaign but he never thought he was the presumptive nominee.
He should have realized his pastor was radioactive long before that situation blew up. Too bad he had to throw him under the bus in such a public painful manner.
Black churches as refuges where parishioners can organize, rant and rave against the major culture is a practice of the past. We won the right to be a part of the major culture and all that attends.
Older black American, their anger and yes their bitterness are the past...I look to the future...Naive perhaps, but I have to feel that racism and misogyny did not hamper these two campaigns, especially since these two candidates made such huge strides this past year.
I voted for Hillary as my Senator and will vote for her again...the heat of the moment is already leaving me and I'm ready to support the nominee.

I am passionate about the principles of the Democratic Party, and God knows I don't want John McCain to have the power to replace the two Supreme Court Justices who are hanging on for dear life, with two Conservative judges who will make strict constitution interpretations, and no doubt overturn Roe V Wade. I don't want our hard fought battles to be lost. I owe my young nieces that much.

Barbara said...

Hi everyone -

Yes, ultraviolet, I saw that post, too, and my friend Nicole and I did go down to Columbia yesterday and were lucky enough to get to be extras for the day! It was a long, long day, but with some EXCELLENT fringe benefits! Watching Jake work was awesome! It was very interesting to see the interaction between the actors and the director. The filming all day was in the House of Representatives chamber.

Office of nancy pelosi said...

Bob Schieffer from Face the Nation: "Hillary gave the speech of her life":

FluorescentLamp said...

did go down to Columbia yesterday and were lucky enough to get to be extras for the day! It was a long, long day, but with some EXCELLENT fringe benefits! Watching Jake work was awesome!

Oh Barbara! How awesome that must have been. Tell us more, if you can. Pleeeeease!

brothers spy said...

Yes Barbara tell us more.

My source has gone quiet all of a sudden. I'm not sure why. I don't think I did/said anything to upset her. She hasn't emailed me in over a week.

Maybe she's busy with filming. I really don't know.

Since I was originally told that these scenes would be Jake's last and the filming of them would correspond with this weekend (because the SC legislature is in recess for the week), and since this information seems to have been correct, I am assuming that Jake is finished once these scenes are complete on Monday or Tuesday (June 9 or 10). That is, of course, unless he has to do some reshoots as my source suggested that he might.

Barbara i'd love to know which scene specifically they were shooting, if you don't mind telling. If you're not completely sure then just give a basic description of what was going on and i'll try to figure it out myself.

According to the script there are four or five separate scenes that take place in the House chamber. That's why I am assuming the filming of them will take a few days.

They began filming them on Friday. That would make today the third day of filming these scenes.

bobbyanna said...

"The U.S. still has so far to go in understanding and then curing the pervasive mysogyny that surrounds us" FL.

"Hillary gave a magnificent speech. I had tears rolling down my cheeks from the moment she walked on stage! I admire her very much!" bobbyanna.

"I feel that each campaign was historic and will be studied for decades to come by historians and students of politics."

"I am passionate about the principles of the Democratic Party, and God knows I don't want John McCain to have the power to replace the two Supreme Court Justices who are hanging on for dear life, with two Conservative judges who will make strict constitution interpretations, and no doubt overturn Roe V Wade. I don't want our hard fought battles to be lost." sass.

No need to hide from me sass. I copied these above quotes bcz they express my own feelings pretty much.

I am an Obama supporter. My daughters live in NYC. They wanted very much to vote for her in the Presidential primary, but for too many reasons to go into here, they decided to go with Barack Obama. Neither race nor gender was a factor in where we put our support. I am Italian. My daughters are African-American-Italians.

The next quote is one I simply cannot agree with. Not for one moment. What I loved so much in Hillary's speech yesterday, was when she said, "Don't look back...don't go there..pick yourself up and keep moving forward." Those words resonate so much in my life, and in the way I've raised my children, that I will continue to believe that, Yes. We will definitely elect a woman. Absolutely. In my lifetime.

"I don't expect to see an American female president in my lifetime"

Barbara said...

fluorescentlamp -

Nicole gives a very detailed account of our day over at Wet Dark and Wild and she's much better at describing things than I am! All I can add is that it was an awesome experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to see Jake both at work and on breaks. I honestly believe that all these actors deserve so much credit for being able to do the same scene, time after time, hour after hour (sometimes day after day) and to perform so well each time. I know it's their job - and they are darn good at it!

brothers spy -

The scene was one in which the House is discussing a comprehensive health care bill. They call two "lobbyist" to speak and then Jessica's character gets up and makes a speech about how in America we take care of people and people need health care. Then the House votes on the bill.

Bette said...

I just read the account. I would have freaked out if I was that close to Jake. I remember what is being described from the script, it sounds like it won't be long before he is all done.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks so much for the first-hand report, Barbara! I'm glad you and Nicole not only got to see Jake but to work with him, as well. Now you can say he's your co-star!

As for Clinton and Obama, there's no question I want Obama to win in November. But I also think you can't discount the role racism and misogyny played and will continue to play. Yes, individuals can say they voted without regard to race or gender. But the tenor of the coverage, especially IMO with regard to Hillary, is tinged with prejudice and narrow-minded thinking.

There's no way that a man would have been presured to back off and concede the way Hillary was. As Paul Begala pointed out, the men who lost to Gore and Kerry respectively each took four months to endorse the nominee, waiting until July. Hillary took four days and was excoriated in some parts for taking that long.

I'm glad she waited and gave the speech she gave. And now, I'd love to see her on the ticket. But even if she isn't, there's no way I won't support Obama. We can't afford four more years of the same old same old.

Okay, off to see if there are any pics of Jake in Columbia!

paula said...

Thanks for your account barbara, you and your friend nicole are so lucky!

get real said...

Barbara, wow, thank you and Nicole for the fantastic reports!!! I read Nicole's report. How freaking amazing that you guys got to film and be so damn close to Jake!! Just awesome. Makes me a bit jealous. ;D Also makes me really excited for Nailed. That scene sounds wild and I can't wait to see it on screen.

Chica, it is boiling hot here in the city. Am trying to keep cool in Air conditioning.

bobbyanna said...

Thank you, thank you a kazillion times for those accounts, Barbara and Nicole!!! Just a great, incredible, amazing experience!
Jake has to truly love what he does! Sounds like the commissary was serving great food, with absolutely no regard for calories :)

It doesn't sound as if Jake is going to get much of a break before he has to go to Morocco to deal with PoP!


"you can't discount the role racism and misogyny played and will continue to play. Yes, individuals can say they voted without regard to race or gender. But the tenor of the coverage, especially IMO with regard to Hillary, is tinged with prejudice and narrow-minded thinking.

There's no way that a man would have been presured to back off and concede the way Hillary was!"
Media and pundits were especially terrible! So many millions of people were so engaged in this whole process, I think it was a huge, very revealing learning experience for a lot of us.

Good luck on your Nailed/Jake picture search! If anyone can unearth those gems it's you!

UltraViolet said...

Sadly not Jake. But photos of Jessica Bieland her personal umbrella holder. Let's all just sit back and wait for the worldwide condemnation that greeted similar pictures of Jake.

Also, David Modigliani's documentary premieres tonight in Crawford. I hope we get some good reports on the reaction.

FluorescentLamp said...

Let's all just sit back and wait for the worldwide condemnation that greeted similar pictures of Jake.


And let's make sure those seats are comfy because I think it's going to be a long long wait.

sass said...

Oh please,
I need some Jake/Reese or Jake the ones on iheartjake of him with his mom.
bobbyanna we have family son is AF/AM/Danish. He was quick to point out to me over dinner how much he disliked Hillary being asked to drop out by the party elders months ago. I just listened to Hillary's speech and she blew me away!
I had a shockingly bad week filled with X-rays and biopsies...almost enough to make me whine just a little...hopefully my call from the doctor tomorrow pm will deliver good news...until then peeps...I need some Jake/Reese/Jake snaps NOW.

Bette said...

Looks like Reese is up for a new project with Ben Stiller: Variety Article.

WOW. Jake and Reese are going to be very busy this next year. This squashes my dreams of them getting married in the next year, specially with the very real possibility PoP will film the sequels back to back. That is if the first one does as well as they hope it will. Maybe this is the good karma for Zodiac which was a brilliant film, but panned at the box office. RDJ gets a big blockbuster. And then Jake will get his big blockbuster. I hope so.

sheba baby said...

Wow, that's great for Reese, i love Ben Stiller.

It says filming starts in January after both of their schedules clear, Stiller is filming right now and Reese is doing voice wrk for Aliens vs Monsters which I assume is almost done now so it's interesting that her rest of her schedule this year is clear.

No way to know if Pop will be a hit until after July '09, if so any sequels will be filmed probably early 2010.

brothers spy said...

It seems that the project may begin shooting this summer or early fall.

The article says it's "fully developed." That means the screenplay is finished, the production team is in place and everything is ready to go. Uber Producer Scott Rudin is producing; Cameron Crowe wrote the script and will direct it.

I wonder why all the secrecy though. The plotline and title are being kept under wraps.

Reese and Jake won't marry this year, early next is still a strong possibility. I suspected that Reese would be doing a new film in early fall. I was just hoping that it would be the dark comedy, "Nice."

Both Reese and Jake will have to do press for their upcoming films in Oct/Nov which will be released one week from each other and then neither has anything scheduled for several months.

Jake won't have to film the sequels to POP until next fall at the earliest (assuming the first is successful). It may be even after that. After all, they've announced a sequel to Iron Man and haven't begun filming it yet. There are no dates set either. They won't decide whether to even make sequels for POP until NEXT summer.

I'm actually disappointed that Reese is doing another Romantic Comedy. But it's a Cameron Crowe pic, thus it has some potential. Almost Famous was one of my favorites.

P.S. Thanks for the information Barbara.

brothers spy said...

Scratch the part about shooting this summer or early fall. I didn't read the part about them filming in January.

extra said...

I think that any Pop sequels may have to wait, according to the Hollywood reporter, the untitled moon project is being pushed forward with a few changes. No date on filming but it sounds like it may be soon:

brothers spy said...

He's completely re-writing the script. I think that could take a while. It definitely won't begin shooting until next year at the earliest.

However, from the tone of the article, it seems as if Dreamworks is really interested in the project and pushing it forward. It's not one of those projects that is "stuck in development hell."

I believe this one will get made. Cool.

I wonder what has happened with the Namath picture.

agent_krycek said...

Don't think that Reese film will be for me, nicest thing I can say about Ben Stiller is he isn't Adam Sandler (who really gets on my wick).

I'm now pondering attempting to get extra work on PoP - I'm sure there were loads of short, celtic looking girls with heavy London accents about in Persia at the time ;-)

bobbyanna said...

Actually, I'm optimisitc about the Cameron Crowe project for Reese. Tho,I agree, Agent K, I'm definitely not a big Ben Stiller fan...he's a lot higher on my list then Adam Sandler... and that's not saying much!

I'm getting zillions of Googles about the Untitled Moon Project, too. If the original script is getting a re-write,maybe it won't take that long. They might be ready to start by next March. At least there are no $$$ problems with Dreamworks involved!

Let's see. Reese will promote the animated movie,and Four Christmases.

Jake will promote Brothers. Looks as if the period from mid-August through mid October may be down time.

Mid-October through Mid November for promotions, and down time until January. Reese starts shooting her movie, Jake will probably be getting ready to colonize the moon.

I think a person could definitely fit a wedding in there somewhere. Or maybe in exotic Morocco. Or maybe the Queen will loan them Balmoral, in Scotland,or something. Agent K, what's the most romantic venue for a wedding in London?

shondra said...

I was hoping that Reese's next picture would be "Nice" too brothers spy, I remember reading about it. Not a big fan of Stiller but but I'll take him over Sandler any day.

Good news on the Moon project movie!

agent_krycek said...

Agent K, what's the most romantic venue for a wedding in London?

Funnily enough me and the OH had a row about this the other day, he wants to book a venue, asked me where I wanted to get married, specifying 'somewhere nice and romantic', I wanted this...

Apparently he doesn't consider the home of my beloved football team romantic enough :p

FluorescentLamp said...

*Snort* :-D

Is that because he's a Gunners fan? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jake and Reese have time for this relationship, they both are working non-stop and have no time for each other.
Their work is more important, if they really care for each other they will take time off work projects.
Doesn't seem like a relationship, marriage, or children is on their priorities list.
sad :(
I guess Jake doesn't care about being a father, he'll just be a workaholic all his life

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh that's funny, Anon @1.45.

Anonymous said...

why funny, I think its sad.

How can a relationship last if you are a workaholic and never have any time for each other

Bette said...

I agree with you FL! Jake and Reese look at each other like the sun rises and sets on each other. If they are not married by the end of the year I will be surprised.

As for Nice, from what I hear it sounds like the perfect movie to get her away from the romantic comedies. I really think she should have done that next, but I'm not complaining. I bet she takes the project at a later date. She has it in her, and is always looking for projects that challenge her. But these romantic comedies do tend to pay off, and hey if I could do those movies and have them have a good message, while making really good money. I'd take them too.

josie said...

Oh calm down anonmouse. They have to make a living don't they? Reese has the rest of this year off, and no i'm not counting her voice work for Aliens vs Monsters because that only requires that she goe to the studio to record and i assume that's almost done.

Jake finishes Nailed this week if i'm correct and he doesn't start Pop until July and will film until the end of August.

Reese has visited Jake on set on Brothers and Nailed and there is nothing to prevent her from doing so now,especially with the kids out of school for the summer.

She has to do PR for 4 Chrismases in nov. and he has to do PR for Brothers in Dec.

Sept., Oct, Nov., Dec. they are free to spend time together, January is when she starts the new film with Stiller and I assume that it will film in the US, maybe CA. like Four Christmases, Jake visited her on set as you remember along with the kids.

As far as the Moon proj. is concerned,the script is going through a rewrite and waiting for Limon to finish his other projects before he is ready to direct so I don't see that happening until maybe next spring or summer(fingers crossed).

This is an exciting time for Jake and Reese, I remember Reese saying that one of the reasons for her break-up with Ryan is that they didn't make time for each other while away working, I really don't recall Reese visiting the set so often on Ryan's films except when he was shooting in Toronto(Breach) and she took the kids, but that was in '06 and the marraige was on the skids then.

It looks like o me anyway that Reese doesn't want to make the same mistake twice, and we all know that Jake has run home to be with Reese anytime he had some time off form Nailed.

So don't worry, theyare adults and have been around the block a few times, i'm sure they have scheduled their time, they will be fine.

Anon said...

You think they can work all the time and still have time for a relationship?

I guess they are in love and will work the busy schedule out.

josie said...

I don't see any difference with his work schedule now as oppose to his past schedule.

He did Brothers, Nailed and now Pop. If I remember the last time he did that was :Proof, BBM, Jarhead (03-04)took about 9 months off and did Zodiac (oct. 05)and Rendition in Jan. 07 (The film started in Nov. 06 and filmed in L.A. and DC but he wasn't involved in those scenes, just the Morocco scenes and those started in Jan. 07- March. 07).

The only break during that time was '06 but you can't count that since Zodiac actually finished in Feb. of that year and he had to do some reshoots during the summer.

So, no difference to me and I wouldn't call that being a workaholic, most actors have similar schedules some even more busy and they are married to other actors, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner for instance.

Reese's schedule has been "light" for a few years now.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, they don't fit.

enigma said...

I was hoping Reese would do Nice as well. I came across a blogger who's doing an internship with Intuition, who have the rights for the book. He says Reese is still developing projects with them. So maybe she's still going to do Nice.

His entry

shondra said...

ok, we get it, you don't like them together and you are hoping it doesn't work out, just wondering why you are posting here today? Was it the google alert about the Moon Proj. and Reese movie news with Ben Stiller? Or maybe its just not much gossip wise going on with these to, just work related (if you count the marriage rumors that have been floating around for a few weeks).

Just asking because the tone of your posts sound bitter or maybe it's just me.

shondra said...

Greta find enigma, I would love for Reese to do a dark comedy , and Nice sounds perfect!

FluorescentLamp said...

Shondra, I smell a bit of trolling going on up there in those anonymouse posts. It's subtle, but it's still trolling. Let's not continue to feed.

Anna said...

I respect Reese and Jake for wanting to work and make movies, which is their passion.
Reese and Jake are PROFESSIONAL, and that is the word professional .

Would you rather see Jake working, or at a Hollywood club wasting his life?

You know who they are, these young actors and actresses who do nothing but party and act up.

Better to see Jake on a movie set, then at some club drinking and wasting his talent

shondra said...

Sorry FL, I'll stop feeding!

Anna said...

Jake is respectable, he doesn't go drinking and over partying.
He works on movies, he is creative, he likes movie sets, not clubs and Hollywood bars

I would rather see him working and being an actor, as opposed to him spending his nights in LA clubs partying and acting like a slob

FluorescentLamp said...

shondra said...

Sorry FL, I'll stop feeding!

No need to apologize. My post was more of a public service announcement. :-)

extra said...

Reese coming from a yoga class this weekend:

I'm really loving her new do!

Anna said...

I thought she would be on the Nailed set with Jake :(

josie said...

Anna: Why? How many times does she need to visit the set, she was there twice already in May, the current filming according to sources started Thursday - Monday and if i'm correct he should be done either today or Tuesday. So no need to visit him on set since he will be heading home soon, also if Reese and Ryan are still on schedule, she had the kids this weekend, Ryan will have them this weekend for Father's day.

It's sorta swwet that we get to see them mixing business with pleasure by visiting each others sets and we are spoiled with the pictures and the sightings but it tends to be a bit much for me anyway, they ain't teenagers, but adults they get to see each other plenty in between.

PS: Too much visiting will cause people to chatter about not being professional but that's just my opinion and Reese looks fab!!

josie said...

PSS: I read the account of an extra on the set on Saturday and there was no mention of Reese, I don't know if you read it , it was posted on the blog wet dark and wild. She mentioned Reese before and took pics of them, also bette that posts here was an extra and no Reese, so no surprise.

Anonymous said...

hey, you think Jake got to try on his prince costume yet?

enigma said...

Reese is cute as a button. She looks so young with that hairstyle.

Narcissa said...

I think she looks better with long hair, but everyone needs a change once in a while.

Now, what do we think about BBM: The Opera?


Bette said...

Yeah I laughed really hard at that news about the Opera.

Monica said...

Hello, babblers!

BBM Opera?

Good news on Nailed!
Barbara, you are a luck girl. Congratulations!

office of nancy pelosi said...

BBM: The Opera sounds like a really bad idea, seriously.

sag actor said...

Update on the SAG/Aftra negotiations, it's starting to get a bit nasty:

SAG Wants AFTRA Deal Dead; Legal Battle Loom

LOS ANGELES -- The president of the Screen Actors Guild has encouraged a vote against a proposed contract deal between a smaller union and Hollywood studios.

The move came as SAG tries to reach its own deal with producers.

The guild has asked the American Federation of Television and Radio Performers to delay a membership vote on its proposed agreement with studios, but AFTRA has refused.

SAG President Alan Rosenberg said at a union rally Monday it's essential to vote down the AFTRA deal.

SAG said a delay would help it negotiate a better agreement.

About 44,000 actors belong to both unions.

The move prompted AFTRA to warn that it might pursue legal remedies if SAG tried to "undermine or interfere with our ratification process." AFTRA members are set to vote on the new contract later this month.

Six negotiating sessions have been held between representatives of the SAG and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers since bargaining resumed May 28 in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the 100-day Writers Guild of America strike which crippled production.

SAG and the AMPTP met 18 times from April 15 through May 6 without reaching an agreement.

The Screen Actors Guild held a two-hour "Solidarity Rally" in support of its negotiation team Monday morning at its headquarters on the Miracle Mile.

According to a letter from Rosenberg to members posted on the guild's Web site, the main outstanding issues include increasing compensation for "middle class actors"; continuing to give actors the right to consent to the use of clips; the guild's desire to have jurisdiction over all new-media projects; and paying residuals for new-media productions, such as those intended to be distributed via the Internet or cellular telephones.

"Our negotiating committee is working very hard in an effort to secure a fair contract for SAG members for television programs, motion pictures and new media formats," Rosenberg wrote.

When it announced on May 28 an agreement with the AFTRA, the smaller of the two performers' unions, the alliance issued a statement, expressing its hope to reach an agreement with SAG "that will prevent another harmful and unnecessary strike."

AFTRA has about 70,000 members, including actors, singers, announcers and journalists. The Screen Actors Guild has about 120,000 members in movies, TV and other media.

gyllenspooner said...

What are you people talking about?

Despite working these past eight weeks or so, Reese and Jake spent a lot of time together (nearly one in two days on average). Reese has to share custody of her children with her husband for the summer, meaning that she'll have plenty of time to see Jake in Morocco and England (and maybe a little European getaway).

They both have September and October off completely. They have promoting in November (most of which will take place in LA i'm sure) and then they have most of December off. Jake won't make another film until the next summer or fall, meaning that he'll have about 7 or 8 months off in a row (asides from various promotions for the films he made this year).

Reese will film the Cameron Crowe film in January and February. Meaning that he can go and visit her easily, just as she did with him. Then she has nothing for several months.

I really have no idea what you people are talking about. They have to work, like all other people. But there is plenty of time for them to be together. As we all know these two spend all their free time together.

Anna said...

cool beans!

lets talk about the prince costume!

You think he tried the costume on yet?

gyllenspooner said...

Sorry to spam...

I'm expecting a little Jake/Reese rendezvous this week. Because Jake finishes filming on Monday and Ryan has the kids for the whole week.

First of all, it makes no sense for Reese to see Jake in South Carolina seeing that he will only be there for four or five days total. He's probably back in LA right now or is en route.

Second, if they maintain the same schedule as last year, Ryan should get the kids for a week (because of fathers day) beginning on Monday (today). That means Jake and Reese will have this entire week off and with no kids.

Anna said...

ok sorry I got upset before :P

UltraViolet said...

Gyllenspooner, please don't start posts with a phrase like "What are you people talking about."

For one thing, there is not just one POV being expressed here. For another, it's antagonistic.

I was tempted to use your technique and start my post with, "Gyllenspooner, what are YOU talking about?" But you can see that that's rude.

But I don't know what "people" you are referring to. Most people expressed the very same sentiments you have. It's been said over and over that we don't have to worry about Reese and Jake.

gyllenspooner said...

Sorry. I didn't mean it to be antagonistic. I just thought it was a weird statement. Feel free to erase that post.

UltraViolet said...

It's okay, GSer. Just chill out next time :)

agent_krycek said...

Loving Reese's new do, very cute.

*Falls over laughing about BBM Opera - in a world of bad ideas that might just take the prize*

brothers spy said...


Thank you so much for that post, what a great find.

That blog seems to suggest that Reese is still working on "Nice" given that Keri Selig is producing it, and he was interning for her. I assume that since Reese was meeting with Keri, they were discussing "Nice." I wonder how far along they are. I wonder if there is a script ready yet.

So it would seem that Reese has been keeping herself busy lately as well. First she did the VO stuff for that animated picture. She signed on to a new movie, thus I assume she had several meetings and such before hand. Now we get the information that she's actively working on "Nice," taking meetings with the producer.

Thanks for sharing this.

Paula said...

I really hope Reese does Nice, sounds interesting and edgy.

sag actor said...

Update From N. Finke regarding the SAG contract negotiations:

The deal AFTRA approved and is pushing SAG to vote for is a bad deal, but a strike would be devastating for actors like me that mostly do bsckground work, or extra work. We have outside jobs to make ends meet.

Since AFTRA split with SAG and if SAG members vote no on this contract by June 30th, everything will be shut down, it will be even worst than the writers strike and a lot of actors that have films lined up to film for the summer will have a lot of time on their hands.

Monica said...

Good morning, Babbler's!!

Style Evolution: Reese Witherspoon

chica said...

Thanks for that OK link monica, I forgot that Reese had her hair short more than once and it wasn't just for Sweet Home Alabama.

She really looks different with her hair dark, but I agree with some of those comments regarding the fashions she wore over the years, she definately improved her wardrobe over the years!

I hope every one is keeping cool, it's been brutal here in NY!

FluorescentLamp said...

I think her wardrobe was reflective of her age and the year it was. I found their comments on some of her outfits a little OTT.

Anonymous said...

Laugh out loud just looking at her photos. she's a littl cute funny girl.

Anonymous said...

I like the last one.A woman deeply in love and full of brilliance.I hope them getting married soon.

sheba baby said...

Reese is a cutie, always was. I remember seeing a picture of her when she was about 5-6 and she had on some big coke-bottle type glasses on and she was still adorable!

Bette said...

I came over here thinking there was new pics since there were so many new comments! Way to get my hopes up guys.

Momica thank you for the link! I'll check that out in a second.

bobbyanna said...

My internet addiction, more specifically, my addiction to anything Jake related, movies related, Reese related, etc., etc., etc., has been thwarted by a power outage!!!

We've been battered by storms here in the Midwest, and I'm in Michigan. Nothing near as bad as Indiana, but I have been without power, including no telephone service since noon on Monday!!!!

I am at my mother's Senior Citizen residence(!) in their library on their computer. Some of the little old ladies were peering over my shoulder at Jake. They seemed excited, but it could be gas.

Will post again as soon as I get a chance. Very excited to see how Jake looks for PoP. Two things: I sure hate it that he will be giving up his glorious chest hair. I remain concerned about THE HAIR!. Love and kisses to all (waves at Gyllenbabblers!) The rain has finally stopped, better weather tomorrow, but power outage projected to last until Thursday or Friday!!!!!

enigma said...

Reese with her coke bottle glasses.

No worries brothers spy. I was thinking that the reason we haven't heard much about Nice is because the script isn't ready yet. I have my fingers crossed that she's going to do this.

sheba baby said...

That's the picture enigma, thanks for finding it!

Even with the coke bottle glasses she was adorable and still is, I know Jake said he wore coke bottle glasses when he was a kid, but I never ran across a picture.

josie said...

If anyone is following the basketball playoffs, you must know that the Celtics are up 2-0 against the Lakers. I know Jake is busy filming Nailed but I bet he has been in touch with Chris regarding the playoffs!

suvee said...

Okay, this is only very slightly Jake related, but I wanted to pass it on....... heard this today on my local NPR station driving home from work...... Honest to God.

Seems a local man, while working on a home DIY project, shot himself in the head with a nail gun....... a 2 1/2" nail went into the top of his head. Doctor removed it with a claw hammer (yikes). Man is just fine...... no word on how his sex drive was affected. :)

I'm expecting to see new J & R pics this weekend..... this drought is getting on my nerves.

Bette said...

Very random.

Since Jake is absolutely MIA, uh Reese just randomly showed up in Japan today. I wonder if Jake is with her?

shondra said...

Yes bette that is random, thanks for the link!

So happy to hear that the Avon empowerment braclet sold 500,000 in the US, what a great cause to support. Reese looks wonderful.

I thought Jake was still in SC filming Nailed, well he was over the weekend anyway.

extra said...

Another picture if Reese from Japan:

agent_krycek said...

Wow, very random and unexpected - Reese looks absolutely stunning in both sets of photographs.

Wonder if they'll launch the bracelet in the UK - I'd suggest late summertime personally, beginning of August might be a good time ;-)

Hopefully Jake's finished on Nailed very soon, Reese will head home and we'll get some news.

Bette said...

Didn't Brothers Spy say he was more than likely finished by Monday or Tuesday? It's close to midnight Wednesday in Japan. It's not likely now that I think about it, specially if he wrapped Tuesday, but he could be there with her. All speculation on my part, I was just thinking of his appearances to support her in New York and DC.

Anonymous said...

I think brothers spy said Jake was due to finish on Monday. They're filming Thursday to Monday's right? June 9? Monday? I think it's at least possible that Jake may have gone with her. After all, weren't some people speculating that they would go away together this week given that her husband has the kids all week and Jake finishes with his film?

extra said...

There are pictures of Jessica Biel at LAX from yesterday, so the Nailed schedule is from Thursday to Monday. If Jessica is not filming at the moment, that would include the rest of the cast, Jake included of course:

Anna said...

maybe G is hiding out in Japan with Reese, they are just staying low key as she is on a business trip.
He is probably trying to stay low-key in Japan, she is doing professional Avon business work

Anna said...

she looks so beautiful and shy!

Big picture

Reese at Tea Video

Paula said...

I agree about being low key if he is there, remember that although he was in NY and DC, he stayed away from the UN, we only saw pics when they were doing touristy stuff.

In Dc, no pics but he was spotted there, i doubt you are going to get that kind of spotting from Japan!!

And Reese looks amazing.

Thanks for the links everyone!

Anna said...

No doubt he is in Japan with her, but we won't hear about him being there.

I believe Reese is very professional and business like, this trip is for Avon, not boyfriend buzz.

They probably flew to Japan very low-key

FluorescentLamp said...

More Reese in western style clothes and traditional kimono here .

I like her little snap-on chignon in this pic.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

She looks beautiful, thanks FL!

agent_krycek said...

Given how Jake has dropped off the radar, and that Nailed seems to have finished, I think he probably is with her, but very privately.

Reese looks gorgeous in the kimono, wonder if she got to keep it (I'd have totally tried to smuggle it out)

chica said...

Reese was so nervous and cute in that video, she looks amazing.

I bought 4 empowerment bracelets, one for me, one for my Mom and the other 2 for my sisters.

Reese in Japan reminds me of when Reese was in NY in March with Jake when she made an appearence at the UN on behalf of the Avon foundation.

Remember they came in to NY for the weekend before the event and went shopping, saw a play, had dinner with friends, etc. Well one of the place they were seen at was a Japanese shop and I remember one of the rags got mixed up and said that they were spotted shopping in Japan, LOL!!

Anna said...

They both do like Japanese art and stores.
So if they are in in Japan, I hope they are having fun and taking in some sights and stores

"Meanwhile, during a romantic getaway to NYC last week, Jake and Reese reportedly dropped by Japanese department store Takashimaya for tea and some time browsing through the home furnishings area"

Anna said...

I am sure they are in Japan together, privately enjoying some culture and fun

here is where they were in NY

bobbyanna said...

She looks just beautiful! Those are lovely pictures. Her kimono is beautiful, too! It suits her.

I'm so glad my power is back on in time to enjoy these! FL, I really like her hair, too.

Just speculating here, but it wouldn't surprise me if they even turned up in Hawaii for some R&R since Ryan and his kids are doing Father's Day.

It does make all kinds of sense that he'd be with her in Japan. But would it be physically possible?

Anna said...

possible yes,

my theory

he came home from Nailed sometime Tuesday or late night Monday
They flew to Japan Late Tuesday, very very early Wed.

Remember her DC trip, and his nailed working, that was a tight time line and they managed.
He made it to DC and back to Nailed in a very short amount of time

brothers spy said...

Hey bobbyanna,

I was thinking the same thing as I was reading the posts.

I was thinking that it's possible that Jake finished up the film while she went off to Japan for this Avon thing and the two of them agreed to meet in Hawaii by the end of the week for a mini-holiday. Her Avon responsibilities have lasted only one or two days up until now.

Then again it's possible that he's in Japan with her, since it appears that his last day of filming was on Monday. Also, Jake seems to have been around on each and every one of her trips for Avon. All of those scenes in the legislature involved both Jake AND Jessica. If Jessica is in LA, then it's because Jake is done.

However, i'm guessing it would have required mega-logistical luck to carry out. I'm sure she's been planning this trip for a while and she probably left on Monday for Japan.

Jake would have had to assume that all was going to go well with the shoot in SC (no guarantee by a long shot), then rush on a plane and fly all the way to Japan, just to hang out with her for a day or so --- while she was working.

A mid-to-late week rendez vous in Hawaii, or somewhere else, makes more sense.

Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

get real said...

Reese in Japan! She looks great. :) Would be romantic to think of Jake joining her but as Brothers Spy said it may have been hard. So Hawaii may be a possibility.

Either way...I hope everything is done with Nailed now though. Especially seeing the pics of Jessica at LAX.

Anna said...

possible maybe
he came home Monday night, He and Reese Flew to Japan Monday night, or Early Tuesday

Maybe she was only spending one day in Japan??

With him in NC and her in LA, they haven't seen each other in a while :(
haven't been together in over a week :(

Anonymous said...

I hope Reese and Jake get some time together :(

Justin and Jessica went out last night

Anonymous said...

Reese and Jake don't seem to be able to be apart for very long periods. They always manage to find a way to be together. Wonder what colors his kimono is! :)

Anna said...

maybe, he was planning to be in Japan with her, before the nailed mess up.
With the Nailed shutdowns, might have thrown off their time together a bit

They will manage ;)

Anonymous said...

She looks pretty in her kimono; but please, Jake in Samurai garb would be too sexy to take! ;)

Anna said...

more pics, love her little back slip on shoes

Anonymous said...

her black slip on shoes are so cute!!

UltraViolet said...

Well one of the place they were seen at was a Japanese shop and I remember one of the rags got mixed up and said that they were spotted shopping in Japan,

Hee - I thought of that right away, too, chica. "Maybe that tab will get its Jake/Reese story, three months later!"

Reese looks great in the pictures, and the kimono is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - I just got a look at the kimono full length - it is just gorgeous. The fabric is beautiful, isn't it? And the colors go well with her fair coloring.

Narcissa said...

Guilty confession: I actually sometimes like Adam Sandler and much prefer him to Ben Stiller. Sandler may not be romantic leading man material, but he can be believable in a couple with a pretty actress, as he was with Kate Beckinsale in Click. Stiller, otoh, just doesn't cut it that way. Not in any films I've ever seen him in.

Anyway, hope Cameron Crowe gets his mojo back with this new project.

Anonymous said...

Jake was in South Carolina only for the weekend, well Wed to Mon. Before that he was in LA for two and a half weeks. I have a feeling they haven't been apart that long.

Anonymous said...

I like them both; a funny man is a wonderful thing. I do like Adam's style of humor, he's really cute, and I like the King of Queens too. Funny can be hot! :)

josie said...

Wow, Reese looks incredible!!
Thanks for the pics and the video!

Anonymous said...

two and half week in LA with Reese

Wed to Mon in SC working

this week?? Wednesday Reese is in Japan

maybe they were together Monday or Tuesday before she left for Japan

I wonder how long Reese will be in Japan?

sallykirkland said...

The notion that they might rendezvous in the Hawaiian islands is very intriguing...and very romantic. (sigh!) My, but she looks awfully pretty!

"...maybe, he was planning to be in Japan with her, before the nailed mess up."

This may very well be true. OTOH, Japan is very far away! One thing is certain. They must have some awesome reunions!

Anna said...

If Reese looks that pretty in a kimono, imagine how pretty she'll look in a wedding gown
I can just see her as the perfect bride,13,0

Anna said...

this was a very dignified business trip in Japan for Reese, her reputation on this trip was way important.
I think if Jake was with her, they are staying very very low key.
This was a professional Avon even, I am sure Reese and Jake don't want any unwanted flack to draw away from the Avon mission

suvee said...

Thanks to everyone who posted links to all the Reese in Japan photos. She looks so elegant and lovely in the kimono, just beautiful! And I adore that white blouse/black skirt combo.

Not that I ever believed differently, but obviously her Avon connection isn't just cosmetic (sorry, I couldn't resist!)..... she will be doing far more than just lending her name. She is a wonderful role model IMO.

Anonymous said...

When Avon held a very important news conference to announce Reese as their Global Ambassador in Los Angeles, Jake was right the hotel suite, where they had lunch together away from the prying eyes of the news media.
He has been very effective about staying invisible for her special events with Avon, so I don't think he would compromise the dignity or the importance of her Japanese appearances on Avon's behalf, if he was there. Clearly, she wants him to be with her when ever possible. I love that about them.

sheba baby said...

I agree suvee, Reese is a wonderful role model. When they started dating I always said that Reese is one lucky woman, but Jake is one lucky man!

Anna said...

Anonymous said it best

she has a man who supports her, and lets her have the spotlight!

brothers spy said...

UPDATE ON NAILED. (I finally got an email from my girl).

Alright, first of all, I'm pretty sure that Jake didn't go to Japan with Reese but a Hawaiian rendezvous or some such is still possible. Here's why:

They did finish Jake's parts this weekend. But he wasn't done until 4AM on Tuesday morning when they finally wrapped. Apparently it was NON STOP FILMING this weekend. She also confirmed that the schedule i've been keeping is pretty much correct.

That means that Jake had to film the legislature scenes, in addition to the "Elks Scene" (the one where he goes to find his courage in the woods and discovers his inner power), and the wedding reshoots.

THURSDAY --- they filmed the reshoots for the Wedding scene, plus the Elkes scene.

FRIDAY TO EARLY TUESDAY AM --- They shot all the legislature scenes.

Since these were the only outstanding scenes I had on my list, she all but confirmed that Jake was done. But i'll try to get confirmation.

This week is the last week of shooting in South Carolina.

They have to finish some scenes between James Mardsen and Jessica that were delayed because of all the shut downs. Specifically the hospital scenes.

You may recall that I told you that they had a week's worth of filming for various hospital scenes, but one of the shut downs cut that short.

Half involved Jake (the ones at the end of the script where Jessica's character gets the nail removed); the other half involving James Mardsen (at the beginning, just after she gets the nail stuck in her head).

They managed to film Jake's scenes, but not James Mardsen's. They will complete those this weekend. I know they finished filming all the scenes at Jessica's parents house, so that just leaves all the other miscellaneous scenes between James Mardsen's character and Jessica left to film this weekend.

Then next weekend they're moving production to Washington DC. Only Jessica is going to be present for that of all the principal cast members.

Shooting wraps, assuming nothing else goes wrong, on June 22.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god thank you so much brothers spy. Are you sure that Jake is finished though?

brothers spy said...

Here's why I think Jake is finished. Again, it's possible that i'm wrong.

1. Like I mentioned once before, i've been keeping track of the scenes they've been filming. Before this weekend, I only had the Wedding scene, the Elks scene and the legislative scenes outstanding. I was informed last week, by my source and someone here, that they did in fact film the wedding scene. So I began to think that perhaps they were finished all of those scenes, but I just didn't have it marked down.

When I asked my source about this a little over a week ago, she assured me that Jake wasn't done and she knew for a fact that he had to come back and do re-shoots for that Wedding scene, and the legislative scenes weren't done. Then this weekend they filmed the Elks scene, the wedding re-shoots (on the same day) and all the legislative scenes. They couldn't have filmed any of the latter until this week because the SC house was in session up until this week when they had a one week recess. I literally have no other scenes for him to do on my list.

2. The fact that they all put in CRAZY HOURS this week suggests that they did so to complete Jake's scenes. They literally filmed the Elks scene and the wedding re-shoots on Thursday. Then they filmed five legislative scenes in four days, including working TWENTY-TWO STRAIGHT HOURS on Monday. Why would there be such urgency to finish those scenes, if not to prolong Jake's involvement unnecessarily?

My take: the reason they worked so hard this weekend (110 hours in 6 days, if you include the fact that they worked all day Wednesday to finish the scenes at Jessica's parents house which Jake wasn't involved in) is because they wanted to get Jake's scenes done. They were literally working nearly 20 hours a day for six days straight.

3. None of the scenes they have left to film, according to my list, do not involve Jake. They include: the opening scene at the Pet supplies office (involves Jessica and James Mardsen); the restaurant when she gets the nail to the head (Jessica and James); finishing the hospital scenes immediately after her accident (James, Jessica and her parents).

Also, they have to film a scene (which was delayed due to the shut down) where the girl scouts take Jessica's cause to the internet and join forces with girl scouts across America via YouTube. Also, there's another related scene where Jessica addresses these girls at some Girl Scout convention. These scenes should take up this whole weekend, which is the last one in South Carolina.

Then they are moving production to Washington for the last week of filming. These scenes involve only Jessica's character and no others. They include: Jessica on the city bus driving through the capitol where sudden movements make her screw up her make-up and spill coffee on herself; Driving into DC itself, with city landscapes and monuments in the background; Jessica at the Lincoln Memorial; Finally her on the steps of the capitol.

I'm sure they will film various reaction shots and exterior shots using the second unit.

That's what I have. I don't see Jake in any of them.

Filming is complete for everyone on June 22.

I'm sorry for such a long post, but I think that pretty much tells you what i'm thinking.

My opinion: Jake is done.

brothers spy said...

Sorry, I have a correction, the first line of point three should read: "None of the scenes they have left to film, according to my list, INVOLVE JAKE."

Monica said...

Thank you, Brothers Spy!

shondra said...

Thank you so much brothers spy for your very detailed update!

I agree with you, Jake is done with his scenes.

Monica said...

"Reese Witherspoon relishes behind-the-camera roles"

Anonymous said...

Someone on imdb just posted that they were on the set of Nailed yesterday (Tuesday) and it was "chaos." S/he mentioned that there were crew people sleeping on benches and little girls running around everywhere. Maybe they're filming those girl scout scenes today or yesterday. S/he said that s/he saw no big stars.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, brothers spy! At this point I bet Jake is under the gun to start preparing for PoP. She is probably back from Japan now. I'm almost positive we will get some J&R pics over the next few days. He was probably exhausted. Maybe he just went home and slept while she did her thing in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Definitely no Japan for Jake. There was no way that Jake worked 22 straight hours (after working 20 hours a day four straight days prior) and then flew 20+ hours to Japan to hang out with her for one or two days while she was working. Either they will meet somewhere else later in the week or she'll see him when she returns home. Either way, pics may be forthcoming.

extra said...

Methinks both are exhausted, from Jake marathon filming of Nailed and Reese must be beyond jetlagged from this Japan trip, don't know how long she will be there but it may be just a few days, sounds like she landed there Tuesday.

It's important work she is doing so i'm sure she is very focused right now and tired I bet.

I just hope has some down time before filming Pop, and if it starts in July and he is finised with Nailed then it looks like he will.

A little OT: Reese is listed as #60on Forbes most powerful celebrities out of 100, it would be great if Jske mskes that list soon!

Anonymous said...

Are Reese and Jake going to have kids?
Reese said she plans to do more production work when her 2 kids are older, didn't seem like she was having more babies.

Angie's twins in waiting said...

Oh anon. how you worry and fret. This is not the 1950's so please unclutch your pearls.

Women can have families and work too!! She had 2 children and worked plenty, an actress she says that she admires, A. Jolie is a prime example of someone, working having babies and doing charity.

Don't know what the obsession is everytime she opens her mouth and mentions acting/working and not, CLUTCHING PEARLS!!! Talking about making babies and remarrying, if she was a man, it wouldn't even register.

Most actors want to direct/produce at some point and get to do it like Reese, it's something that Jake would like to do as well, he has a production Co. called Nine Stories.

Reese has accomplised a lot in her life, not bad for a Eng. Major drop out from Stanford.

Anonymous said...

I would think that Jake and Reese would get married before any baby talk, but that's just me. And stop reading the rags about how desperate he is to have kids, I doubt he is, no 28 year old is desperate. I'm sure they all had discussions regarding that already and I doubt that there is anytime table, they have been dating for over a year non several years.

brothers spy said...

You guys crack me up.

I think Reese was being very general. I don't think she was making any kind of declarations. She was essentially saying she'd like to direct someday but doesn't have the time right now. No need to read too much into it.

As for Jake, I think he should take a shot at directing and writing at some point. After all, considering who his parents are one would think that he'd be a natural at it. I don't think he has the clout to pull it off yet, but he's getting there.

Once he's older and a bit more established, I think he should consider directing.

Paula said...

Thank you brothers spy, a voice of reason! I was gonna post the same thing, she was asked about producing/directing and why wouldn't she want to do that more in the future? Isn't that why she has her own production Co? I would think that she and her Co. receives a lot of scripts from up and coming screen writers, it must be really exciting and rewarding.

Penelope was her 1st movie that her Co. did and it sounds like it was a learning experience for her.

Interesting to see her on the Forbes list at #60.

UltraViolet said...

I appreciate all the info, brothers spy, but a warning to folks - there are a LOT of spoilers in the Nailed filming posts. So read carefully if you are trying to avoid them.

Please try to avoid putting spoilers in your posts, or at least post a warning.


brothers spy said...

I was wrong about something.

They shot the ELKS scene on Tuesday night, not Thursday. Poor guy had to work twenty-two hours straight, go home and presumably go to bed, come back a few hours later and film another scene.

Last thursday they filmed something to do with the girl scouts and the Wedding re-shoots.

I hope the SC Dept. of Labor isn't paying close attention. I'm not sure what labor laws exist about keeping kids on set for HOURS on end day-after-day. Those kids must have been filming a lot this past weekend. I'm sure the last thing this production needs is another shut down over labor law violations involving children. ;)

sag actor said...

Thanks for all your info brothers spy. I remember reading somewhere, and I can't remember where at the momnet but someone that was working as an extra on Nailed was surprised how long some of the kids were on set.

And yes there are labor laws regarding this, this production has eneough bad press as it is, it doesn't need this on top.

Anon person said...

is Jake in LA right now?

wonder how long Reese will be in Japan?

after Japan probably more goddamn work and they won't be together :(

Angie's twins in waiting said...

Why are you so obsessed with their work schedules anon person? They are actors and they ahve to work. Jake doesn't start Pop until July, plenty of time to be together before then and there will be breaks in filming as well, also there is an invention called airplanes and they can fly all over the world!!!

If you are a fan of theirs, you should be happy that they are working and therefore happy and manage to spend time together because if you are only interested in them as a couple and nothing else then you are missing out on a lot.

PS: The interest in her womb and his desire to impregnate her asap(according to the rags)is sexist and creepy. They look like they are having fun together and enjoying each others company and that's how it should be.

Narcissa said...

Jake's publicist has nixed the restaurant project:


UltraViolet said...

It's not really surprising that the restaurant reports weren't true. I really do hope they open a restaurant someday, but as as been discussed here ad nauseam, it's not like Jake won't be busy over the next six months or so.

Poor Jake - having to work so many hours straight through. Not the ideal; situation for creativity. I wonder if DOR kept his cool with all the heat?

chica said...

Well it sure took his PR long enough to shoot down this rumor, two months later!!!

With his schedule this summer, that idea went out the window once he signed to do Pop.

I have a feeling that he will be focosing on films in the near future.

Bette said...

As much as I want to see Jake in PoP and I really really do. The restaurant idea did sound awesome. I'd visit a Jake owned place as would I'm sure a bunch of others around here.

Anonymous said...

That's too bad this restaurant idea sounded promising.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake's plate is full (no pun intended!). It sounded like he would be more hands then other actors that have restaurants sine he love to cook. He would have to take off some time IMO and he sounds like he will be very busy.

I think the story originally was true only because not only did they name Chris but they had pictures of him in the magazine that originally printed the story (forgot which one), they uselly don't write about "civilians" unless they get the Ok from somewhere.

I just think that the time wasn't right, after Pop, The Moon proj. should be up next.

bobbyanna said...

I believe the food blog posting about Jake's PR person saying that specific rumor is false. But Jake has such an active interest in food, maybe helping close friends who are interested in starting a restaurant, with his ideas or suggestions, is something Jake would do.

If Jake were starting a restaurant of his own, IMO, he'd be personally hands on with it.
I don't see Jake as just a passive investor, like other famous people,lending his name to something just because he might agree with a concept. Happily for us, right now his acting career comes first.

One thing is sure. Anytime I read about Jake going to a particular restaurant on a regular basis, in NYC or LA, I put it on my wish list. Another thought occurred to me. I wonder if Chris isn't maybe doing some restaurant consulting. There are professionals who do that and are very, very successful at it, and highly regarded. And they have flexible schedules!;)

Guess I just want to believe that some kind of way, Jake is not completely disengaged from the idea of being involved in restaurants. I wonder if Gwyneth Paltrow is still going forward with her food travels with Mario Battali?

bobbyanna said...

Oops, sorry nancy pelosi!;) Looks like we are on the same wavelength here!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this story was "floated" to garner interest for Chris, I have heard rumors going back to '06 that he wanted to open his own restaurant.

suvee said...

"Guess I just want to believe that some kind of way, Jake is not completely disengaged from the idea of being involved in restaurants."

Yeah, me too, bobbyanna. Jake is going to be a pretty busy actor for a while it appears. But maybe there still is the chance that there will be a Chris restaurant...... that would be cool!

thanks for the link, narcissa.

Anon person said...

what about kids and a wife :P

Anonymous said...

Chris has got a pretty good job right now with Mario. Did Jake know Mario before and get Chris his job or did Jake get to know Mario through Chris?

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a crazy leap to make. Is there an approved way to be a fan that you can post so new posters don't accidently offend?

Not allowed to wish for marriage or babies or pictures of them together? Is that it?

suvee said...

I know we really shouldn't discuss Chris, since he is a "civilian". But I was under the impression that he was no longer at Mario's NYC restaurant..... thought I heard something to that effect at least a year ago.

Anyone else remember that?

UltraViolet said...

Relax, marriage-loving anon You're welcome to wish for all the babies you want. But if you are looking for etiqutte tips, you might want to start by picking a name. It's easy. And fun!

You can see tat I deleted June Cleaver's posts. Attacks on fellow posters aren't allowed. But we are interested in more than just marriage prospects here. And one-note posting on certain topics tends to arouse suspicion.

Play nice, that's all we ask.

yenta said...

Don't worry 7:25pm, They will be married and have children and soon, trust me. They will also have long sucessfull careers in HW as it should be.

Such a beautiful couple will make beautiful babies.

UltraViolet said...

Yup, suvee. I think Chris left Babbo long ago.

Good to see you! Since Jake has been Awpl, we might have time to work on one of your requests for a post :)

Monica said...

Chris, ah ... Chris!
Once I dreamed with him!

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