Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is he or isn't he?

We don't know whether Jake Gyllenhaal has returned to work on the set of Nailed or if he's still in L.A. While we wait to find out, lets take a look back at Jake on other film sets.

October Sky:

Donnie Darko:

Bubble Boy:

Moonlight Mile:

How bad is this picture? Were they trying to make the picture look as if it were taken in the 1970s, not on the set.


Look - Gwyneth is smiling! Naturally!

Lucky fan.

Brokeback Mountain:



I have it on good authority that some of our esteemed GBers have a bit of a crush on Mr. Fincher, so I thought they might enjoy that one.

Has Fincher just told Jake his fly was open? Or is something more interesting innocent happening here?

Boo! :) :(

We need captions for this one!


How you doin'?

Another one in need of a caption!


Can't wait to hear some more about Brothers. We need more tatooed, badass Jake. I know people were discussing this in the last post. I don't think it's odd that we haven't heard anything yet. It's summer blockbuster time. Brothers moment will come, I'm sure.


Prince of Persia:

Sorry, but that just never gets old. Well,for me anyway!

(Pictures courtesy of IHJ.)


Bette said...

I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH! I'm cracking up over here. In the morning I will offer my insights, and captions.

Anna said...

mmmmmmm... in Brokeback he fills out those cowboy jeans nicely
oh my!

agent_krycek said...

Yes, that Brokeback picture is very oh my!

And no, the PoP thing never gets old for me either :D

shondra said...

Great post, needed alaugh this morning! And no,PoP never gets old,LOL!

Monica said...

Reese Witherspoon’s Red Carpet Yoga and Running Routine

Anna said...

what happened to Boo dog?

Anonymous said...

Love this post you can literally see Jake grow (and getting sexier) with each pic.

I don't know what happened to Boo, Jake just said he did not have him any more.

Strange both IHJ community and JakeWatch forum are down.

Anna said...

my fave pictures, from Set Of Rendition With Reese

This is probably when he started falling in love with Reese.
This is like the start of their romance

sheba baby said...

Hmmm, you can access the JW blog but not the forum, on IHJ, you can access the gallery, but not the community forums. Maybe they had the same type of server and it's down??

Don't know whta happened to Boo, only that Jake said that he didn't have him anymore. It was a print interview, so i couldn't tell but it sounded like poor Boo may have passed away, who knows.

Love this post, the set of pics are crying out for captions!

FluorescentLamp said...

I've always thought Boo might have been a little too high maintenance for Jake and Atticus. You know those small overbred dogs - yappers and hyperactive.

I'm sure Boo was probably readopted into a family that could give him the attention he needed.

sass said...

Afternoon UV, FL and friends,
TY for all these great Jake photos. I'll get back later and enjoy myself even more.

Bette said...

Anna I just love how playful they always seemed in those first photos.

chica said...

I'm hoping that Boo became a bit tempermental and he found a loving home for him.

The MM pictures does have a 70's vibe to it!

brothers spy said...

I've got a new update on Nailed.

This one is kind of weird, and i'm not even really sure what she meant so i'm going to need some clarification from her.

But they filmed the "fundraising scene" on Thursday and Friday (it's possible that they filmed both the interior and exterior parts of the scene since in the script it's broken up into two parts with them outside - the actual fundraiser - and then in the kitchen - later after it was over).

Then she said something about them filming "different sides" or something and everything got SHUT DOWN this afternoon. She had mentioned that they were filming all these different things, and nothing was being done in any particular order, they were just catching up.

I'm not sure if she meant that everything got shot down because of money problems. Or that she filmed her part and just wasn't needed anymore until later.

Because then she said that they're going to restart on Tuesday. But that's weird because they've moved to a Thursday to Monday shooting schedule.

I'm very confused. This is really starting to bug me.

I will let you guys know what is happening. Stay tuned.

brothers spy said...


Jessica's hometown is in Indiana, unlike the script where she is from Tennessee.

I'm not sure if Jake still represents Tennessee.

josie said...

Thanks for your update brothers spy!!

And like you pointed out in the previous post, Jake's character was not part of the fundraising scenes on Thursday and friday.

It does sound a bit confusing though, it sounds like they may be playing catch-up for the time they lost.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jake is still in LA.

Anonymous said...

Damn! why didn't the paps get a picture of Reese and Jake at the TomKat party :(

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks, brother's spy.

Then she said something about them filming "different sides" or something and everything got SHUT DOWN this afternoon.

"Sides" are pages of a script. Was the capitalization in "shut down" hers or yours?

And yes, this production is fraught with confusion.

Bette said...

Anon I agree! I would have loved to have seen them arriving to the party at least.

Anna said...

I'm on it ;)

I'll be on the internet searching for any party pictures and I will post here if anything is found

paula said...

I doubt that there would be any pics, sounds like a private house warming party. If there were pics, they would be posted already.

Sounds major though, 500 people??

Would love it though if someone took pics, they described sme of the attendees so someone must have seen them!

brothers spy said...

The CAPS were mine, not hers.

I'm still awaiting her follow up email. I'll let you know what else I learn.

brothers spy said...

Okay. Jake's scenes are nearly complete.

I have been keeping track of the scenes and had a few outstanding --- including a wedding reception scene that ends the film. But I was told that all those scenes are complete.

If my list is correct, that would mean that Jake is finished all of his scenes. HOWEVER, according to my girl, both David and Kristin want to do some reshoots, including the reception scene which he's definitely in.

She also didn't mention the scenes at the legislature. If I were a betting guy I would say that 1) Jake is practically finished. 2) He'll probably come back to finish that one sequence and/or do some reshoots.

BTW, I don't think it was a shut down like the others. I think that David just chose to direct another scene instead and some of the people were told that they weren't needed.

I think they're filming EVERYDAY now. I think the catch-up reason may be why.

officice of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks brothers spy! I remember a picture over on IHj take by an extra, on 5/15 I think and it was a wedding scene.

Sounds like he's done from the J&R sighting on Thursday and the fact that J&R went to that Tomkat housewarming last night.

brothers spy said...

There are actually two different scenes at a church. One is the wedding at the end. One is the funeral of the Speaker after he chokes on the cookie.

I know they filmed the funeral scene, I wasn't sure if they filmed the wedding scene as well. I guess it would explain why they spent so much time filming at the church.


Anna said...

details from the rizty ritz house party

UltraViolet said...

I guess he isn't! Thanks for the info, brothers spy and for the E! link anon and the pics, Anna. I hope some other pics emerge and we can see the happy couple. And I don't mean TomKat!

suvee said...

Love this post, UV! The "How you doin'?" caption/photo really cracked me up.

I'm holding out hope that we will see pics from the TomKat bash of someone other than:
1. TomKat
2. Posh & Becks
3. Will & Jada
4. Oprah

And of course, by "someone", I mean J & R!

Thanks to brothers spy for our "Nailed" update, and a big TY to anon 3:11 and anna for the TomKat party news.

Anna said...

Jake and Reese seek kind of far more normal and down to earth, then Tom and Katie

Anonymous said...

Love this post, wish I could make captions but I am rubbish at anything like that.

Thanks for the Nailed news Brothers spy and also Anna for the pics/

Barbara said...

Hi all -

I'm new here, but I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading brothers spy's Nailed updates - and everyone's comments! I live about 60 miles from Columbia and have been down there to see them filming a few times. They were filming the wedding and/or reception scene (outdoors at a park) a few weeks ago.

I was hoping to make another trip to Columbia before Jake finished up, but it sounds like that may be difficult to do!

Anyway, the "inside info" is very much appreciated!

Narcissa said...

I hope it's a mistake and they didn't go. There is no mention of them here.

Anonymous said...

narcissa, i noticed that list and the one on Ok and Jared are different than E. Not only are Jake and Reese not listed ut prince, Sean Combs, Ben Stiller, Cuba Gooding and Dakota Fanning, Jared doesn't have Tobey lised.

I can't see E listing those peopel if they weren't there unless they were invited and didn't show and thelist was ent to press but with 250 guests, the paps probably had a time listing everyone since they all didn't arrive at once.

I have mixed feelings about it since I dislike tomkat.

brothers spy said...

Personally I think it's weird that Jake and Reese were invited to this thing. If you look at the other guests they're either long-time friends, relatives, co-stars and/or persons associated with Scientology.

Then there's Reese and Jake.

I think Tom Cruise may be soliciting either Reese or Jake to do a film with him or Katie.

This is what he does. He tries to "befriend" you and gets up all in your face. He did the same with Paul Thomas Anderson after he made "Boogie Nights." I guess Tom liked it and wanted to star in his next movie (since PTA was being described as a genius and all).

Tom invited, at his own expense, PTA to visit him on the set of "Eyes Wide Shut" to meet legendary director Stanley Kubrick, one of his heroes.

Tom was buttering up the young PTA. Guess what happened next? PTA offered Tom Cruise the part in "Magnolia" (over Brad Pitt BTW, who the part had been written for).

There is something very weird about this. Or maybe i'm being paranoid.

Anonymous said...

brothers spy, Ben Stiller, Prince and Sean Combs were on that list as well and according to other blogs, Jeremy Piven and Keri Russell, i don't recall them being friends of tomcat, or maybe i'm wrong.

I just find Tom creepy.

suvee said...

Honestly, my first reaction when I read the E! report about J & R attending the TomKat party was surprise....... it just didn't sound like their thing. But then I thought, gee, they aren't hermits..... maybe they thought it would be fun to attend, especially if they had other friends there.....

And I don't think you are being paranoid, brothers spy. I have actually wondered in the past if Tom C. would be tempted to "court" Reese and/or Jake...... hoping some of their credibility and popularity would rub off on him. I know that's a mean thing to say, but that's how I see him.

get real said...

Great post! Great to see Jake with such great directors.

Thanks for all the filming info again, Brothers Spy! Does sound like Jake is pretty much done but may have bits and pieces left to film. Guess we will have to wait and see.

As for them going to the TomKat party...well I am not a fan of TC at all but the only consolation is there were some other really interesting guests there that are not the usual TomKat crowd such as Prince, Tobey M, etc. But I really don't want either of them doing anything involving Tom or Katie.

And I do wish Jake and Reese were in NYC instead because I had a lovely brunch with Maggie, Peter and Ramona today!!! I was having brunch with some family and who do I see sitting next to me when I look to my right but none other than Peter and Ramona! OMG, could not have been better but then the waitress came by and said they had an outside table. So Peter and Ramona get up before I have a chance to blink and Maggie walks right behind them. All looking fantastic and Ramona is totally adorable. I did thankfully have a wonderful view of Peter and sometimes Ramona and Maggie from the glass doors. We did take a casual walk outside to the patio and got a very cute look at them. And Maggie and Ramona were just behind us leaving the restaurant. I was hoping there might be a moment to say something to them but being a New Yorker and not finding the moment I left them to enjoy their brunch as the rest of us were. Thankfully it was an out of the way place, although very popular, they were not bothered by the paps and could have their meal in peace. Needless to say it made my day. Only that would have topped that was if Jake and Reese were with them. :D

bobbyanna said...

Hi, all! I'm exhausted! We celebrated my mother's 90th...yes! ...birthday today. I know our puny 70 guests doesn't compare with the Cruise estate houewarming soiree' but I would'nt have minded a little help from Wolfgang Puck!:)

This is just the loveliest post, UV. I remember when I first saw October Sky, and was just totally hypnotized by how beautiful he was and by his acting ability.

OS was some kind of sign of things to come. I loved Jake in DD, GG,MM, BB,(!) but his physical beauty came thru most, IMHO, in OS.

In all these pictures,you can just see how excited and enthused and happy he is when he is on set working. He really does love his work!

That BBM picture of him with Ang is, like, seriously sexy. The body language in that set picture with Reese, is SO obvious... with his back to us, yet!:) And I thought so the very first time I ever saw it!

All this pictures are memorable. I agree. It's like watching him grow both as an artist and as one extremely sexy man.

The TomKat party sounds like fun.
I'm not concerned. Tom Cruise is a studio head, now. He has this huge party for a couple of hundred people with an orchestra. It's not as if it was an "intimate" party for 50 people!

I suspect this was more a Industry business/networking type event then a social thing. But it probably was social, too. I'm glad they went, bcz there were a lot of people there and one thing leads to another!

The PTA doesn't sound that weird to me. TC admired the guy, met him, "courted" him, then worked with him. Sounds like something a lot of people in sales do every day.

I definitely think Tom has his issues. He is so over the top, I think sometimes it's easy for us to get paranoid without a real basis.

Maybe he is trying to be more "normal" and accessible and social to counter all the weirdness talk. People who have worked with him think he is a really good person.

I find his personality annoying, as when he argued with Brook Shields. That was assinine. And I think Scientology is a cult and it is off-putting.

Having said that, I reflected for a moment, and realized he has done a lot of work I thoroughly enjoyed. It's just him I can't stand. but then, there is no danger of me being invited to the estate in the next few months! (I'm really busy right now!).

I've only seen Katie in two movies, Pieces of April, and some thriller with Benjamin Bratt. Never saw a single episode of Dawson's Creek. So I really have no opinion of her.

I do think the media and the internet have been extremely vicious when it comes to their baby daughter. Some of the things that have been said are horrible and hurtful, and inexcusable..

bobbyanna said...

Just saw this video and while I am certainly not promoting him, I had no idea TC was celebrating 25 years since his first starring role in a movie, Risky Business.
I hate to say it, but actually, the video was impressive.

chica said...

Get real:
How cool you got to see Maggie, Peter and Ramona, what a cutie!!

I'm the same way when i do see a celebity, I play the cool new yorker. Glad the papas left them in peace.

Tomkat and Jake and Reese? Plenty of other people there so I assume they mngledwith other, I don't care for Cruise and his stepford wife.

suvee said...

What a wonderful encounter, get real!!
I would be positively giddy (and most likely speechless) if I were to find myself dining with Peter, Maggie and Ramona nearby. I was glad to hear that they were left alone by the paps.

Hi and welcome to S.C. Barbara. Brothers spy's "Nailed" updates have been so informative..... I fear I am spoiled now. :)

Mary said...

This is random, I'm a long time reader, don't post that often with a name but am I the only one who doesn't think Brokeback Mountain is Jake's best performance? I much prefer him in Donnie Darko, Highway, Moonlight Mile, The Good Girl, Proof, Zodiac, Rendition, etc. In fact am I the only one that wasn't all that impressed with the book to movie adaption? I thought Heath, Jake, and Michelle put in incredible performances don't get me wrong, but I didn't think the movie was all that great. I just feel like sometimes since Heath died that people put the movie on this pedestal. That's a really unpopular opinion I know. For sure it was a good movie, but not as mind blowing as some people make it out to be. I'm much more interested in what Heath does with The Joker. I have a feeling he's going to blow everybody absolutely away.

Brothers Spy, thanks for all of the info!

sass said...

Evening everyone,
TY brothers spy for all the great information.
I miss posting here so much...later I'll catch up.

Get real, what a fun thing to happen to you.:):)
I like the idea of Peter and Maggie dining out with their daughter undisturbed. I suppose I would let them dine undisturbed since that is my usual behavior--plus it's de rigeur to maintain one's decorum in the city when up close and persona with celebs--but I am real good at trying not to look at them too hard. lol:lol
Thanks for sharing that fantastic moment with us.
bobbyanna, I'm thrilled to read about your happy celebration with your mom. Good times all round.

Jake's role in BBM is unbelievably powerful and unforgettable. He stole my heart just as Ang intended, and Heath broke my heart, just as Ang intended.
I will never forget the movie or their performances. This is their masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

Reese got a hair cut. She hasn't had it this short in awhile.

UltraViolet said...

Welcome, Barbara and thanks for delurking! Did you get to see Jake when you watched the filming? I hope Jake comes back for a few days and you can get there to see him!

And glad you came out of hiding as well, Mary. Thanks I disagree with you about BBM's being overrated, but I do think Jake gave equally good performances in DD, MM and Rendition, to name just a few. I think Jarhead is probably Jake's greatest performance to date.

I do agree though that some people are so invested in BBM that they will not allow Jake to move beyond it professionally or personally. I'm not really sure what they expect Jake to do.

UltraViolet said...

Get real, what a cool encounter with the family G & S. Glad you kept your cool like a true New Yorker! Maybe next time, little brother will be along for the meal.

Narcissa, I would also be pleased if Jake did not attend the TomKat party. I don't want Jake involved with any of Tom Cruise's craziness.

Bobbyanna, Tom has done some good work, but he is such a joke now that I'd prefer Jake to stay far away. I don't think either Jake or Reese would ever fall for the Scientology charade, but I don't even like thinking of Jake and the C(ult)oS in the same sentence.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks for the link, anon. Reese looks great!

Oh, and I'm glad people liked the post. But we still have no captions... :)

Anonymous said...

I really like Reese's hair like that.

agent_krycek said...

I'm liking Reese's hair a lot, I'm liking the Cartier braclet even more.

Undecided on the Tomkat party - It doesn't sound like a J&R thing, but they are major Hollywood players, so it sort of makes sense they were invited. I'd have probably gone, just to get a chance to snoop around the home.

Bette said...

I'm really liking Reese's hair too. She's done it this short before and if she styles it right it can be very cute. It's a little messy in those photos, but not bad at all.

Lemon said...

Normally my fingers wouldn't be happy with all this scrolling, but watching Jake get hotter and hotter is beaucoup fun. Though moving past Jarhead is difficult...

What's with the Cartier bracelet that you guys always notice on Reese?

bobbyanna said...

get real!! How cool!!!Seeing the Gyllengaard at brunch.

IDK, UV. I sort of agree with you, I guess, I just look at the event as an industry-type function and don't think it was a big deal that they were at TC's house...with a couple hundred other people.

One other thing.
I guess ever since I've witnessed how really ugly and vicious some people are towards Jake and Reese, I try to avoid that. TC is definitely over the top weird, but he has done some very good work.

I like Reese's haircut! I think it makes her look more "grown up!"

agent_krycek said...

What's with the Cartier bracelet that you guys always notice on Reese?

IIRC, and I'm sure someone will correct me for the bits I get wrong, Jake and Maggie were spotted looking at Cartier jewellrey just before Christmas (I think) - Jake looking at stuff from a certain range (which I can't remember the name of - sorry), low and behold, a short while later Reese is rocking a rather gorgeous Cartier bracelet from that range, she'd not been seen wearing before, put two and two together....

Anonymous said...

Isn't it from the particular Cartier "Love" collection that has a lock and key? There's a ring, a bracelet, etc.?

Anonymous said...

I love Reese's new do! She wore it like that when she did Swwet Home Alabama.

I have to come back after I think of some clever captions!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Sorry, that was me at 11:08.

gyllenspooner said...

Anon 10:31 I don't know about a ring, but Reese has been seen wearing both the bracelet and the necklace after the sighting of Jake buying them, with Maggie present, during Christmas time. The story of Jake buying the necklace, bracelet (and possibly ring) came from The Chicago Sun-Times, not some grocery store tabloid.

After Christmas she began wearing them, so as agent-k wrote, we all just put two-and-two together.

CutiePie said...

Thanks for the link to the new pics of Reese. Her new do is very cute. I'm thinking since she has no projects for the summer (other than a voice over) and it's not awards season she's cut it short for the summer, less maintenance and care. I'm anxious to see how she looks next to Jake now with the new do. She really is a cutie, and I think maybe it's hard for a small woman to look really hot...that they tend more towards cute and sweet, just because of their size. With the shorter do it's emphasized Reese's cuteness even more...and I wonder if it's TOO much cuteness. She needs a little hotness to balance Jake's hotness, kwim? :P

Anonymous said...

If I am allowed to post, here is what Reese wears and her fashions

Lemon said...

Ah ok, thanks for the fill in on the bracelet. I think she wears (or used to wear?) a gold bracelet with the wee one's names engraved on it. I always thought it was that, but then I don't have an eye for jewellery.

UltraViolet said...

Lemon, I hear ya on the scrolling thing. I think the main reason I did a new post was so that I wouldn't have to scroll down for the comments!

Oh, and because I'm devoted to all the good readers here, of course :)

And Bobbyanna, you make a good point and make me feel a little chastened about the internet viciousness surrounding TC. OTOH, I really do think he and Katie are creepy and fake, and I hate the idea of any of that touching Jake or Jake/Reese. They get enough flak as it is, as you've pointed out.

This is a conundrum!

get real said...

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my GyllenGaard brunch encounter! Still can't believe it. :D Am super busy at work so don't have time to post much now but will post later. :D

Reese looks great with the new 'do!

UltraViolet said...

I assume everyone has seen this:

Jake Tops's Hot 100 for 2008:

Given how little we’ve actually seen of Jake over the past twelve months – two films that grossed only $43 million between them; his very low profile since the death of friend and Brokeback Mountain co-star Heath Ledger – it truly is a testament to Gyllenhaal’s enduring appeal to gay men that he topped our list for the second straight year. (It should be noted, however, that he edged out John Barrowman by only the narrowest of margins.)

What accounts for Jake’s ongoing appeal to gay men? His doe-eyed, boy next door (yet somehow smoldering) looks certainly don’t hurt, but we suspect what really makes gay men go for him is that he doesn’t have an issue going for us. From playing gay in Brokeback to appearing at a GLAAD award show to not feeling the need to distance himself from his gay fans (remember the shout out to us done in drag on Saturday Night Live?), Jake has done as much as any actor to show straight guys there isn’t a good reason to be afraid of gay guys (or gay roles).

Jake’s upcoming projects will showcase his range and willingness to tackle a variety of roles. This December he’ll be starring in director Jim Sheridan’s drama Brothers, then in 2009 moviegoers will see him tackle the romantic comedy Nailed before playing Dastan in Prince of Persia (based on the video game of the same name). Alas, none of his roles have him playing gay again, but we are curious to see what he does with his upcoming role as Joe Namath.

Narcissa said...

Does that deserve a new thread? ;)

Anonymous said...

Plus Jake came in second on another poll at gaywired, this is what they said.

Though at one time unstoppable, Jake Gyllenhaal of Brokeback fame took a back seat to another straight actor who emerged on the scene last year—Dante’s Cove star Jon Fleming is your pick for the hottest ‘Gay 4 Pay’ actor in Hollywood.

Gyllenhaal did come in second, which ain’t bad… hot on his heels, sexy hunk Ryan Reynolds made a good showing based on his work in The Nines (and his abs didn’t help, I’m sure), while sexy James Marsden’s twice gay work landed him in fourth.


As lovesick romantic Jack Twist, Jake Gyllenhaal won our hearts… and he looked damn sexy doing it. But it was the eloquent way he spoke on making Brokeback Mountain that made him a true pioneer for gay rights… and a gay icon for years to come.

UltraViolet said...

Molina, Kingsley join PoP:

Alfred Molina and Ben Kingsley will join Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton in Disney's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the Mike Newell-directed adaptation of the Ubisoft video game. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing.

Variety says Molina will play Sheik Amar, who becomes a mentor to the prince. No word yet on who Kingsley plays.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in July in the U.K. and Morocco.

Yay for good actors. Molina bugs me sometimes, but he was really good in The Hoax, which I just watched. (Richard Gere was also very good in that, btw.)

Kingsley is almost always good, though his movie choices are sometimes not.

agent_krycek said...

Alfred Molina and Ben Kingsley

Aggghhhh I adore both of them, Molina is a massively underrated actor and Ben, well, in his personal life he may be a bit of an arse (allegedly he insist on being addressed as Sir Ben) but is a fantastic actor - Sexy Beast is just fabulous. Now, if they sign up Ray Winstone, Pete Postlewaite and Christopher Ecclestone I can die a happy woman :D

Bette said...

I love Ben! Alright now I'm officially excited for this, well I was excited before but this cements it. All I've seen Alfred play is bad guys so I just don't know, is he playing a good guy in this?

agent_krycek said...

Sounds like a good guy bette, Dastan's mentor. Beyond excited now, I've adored Alfred since seeing him with Gary Oldman in 'Prick up your ears' and Ben Kingsly is just a genuis actor. Seriously, get Christopher Eccleston on board and I'll marry this film :D

extra said...

Kingsley and Molina, what two great additions to the cast, I can't wait for Pop!

bobbyanna said...

I'm just delighted with the additions of Molina and SIR Ben Kingsley!!!! PoP is shaping up into something very cool and very classy.

I really like the fact that really good actors are involved in a lot of these new adaptations, and the quality of the productions themselves is so much better.

Altho, I must say, our very own Gyllenbabble PoP is my sentimental favorite.:)

FluorescentLamp said...

There's an incredibly intense scene in Boogie Nights; the Sister Christian scene - and even though I've seen Alfred Molina in a million things before and after, and knew and loved that Night Ranger song in the 80s, to me he will always be synonymous with that movie and that song.

That whole scene (which I mentioned above) is on YouTube. You should check it out.

Ben Kingsley. Meh. Since he has that rep as a p*$@k, I could care less about him. He'll probably be playing Dastan's father, the King. Or some evil foe.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...


The picture of Fincher and Jake laughing from the set of Zodiac: "You want me to do how many takes"???

agent_krycek said...

Ben Kingsley. Meh. Since he has that rep as a p*$@k, I could care less about him.

He does have a reputation, but I'll forgive him a lot for Sexy Beast.

So that's another two Brits on board, so are we looking at everyone adopting some sort of Persian accent, or Jake adopting a 'standard' British one maybe (which will feed into my Jake in cricketing whites fantasies ;-) )

Narcissa said...

Molina is a real scene-stealer! He was a terrific villain in Spidey 2.
Good news.

chica said...

Yes to Molina! I loved him in Spidey 2 as well narcissa.

I can take or leave Kingsley, and like you agent krycek I will forgive him because of Sexy beast, the last really good thing he has done IMO.

Monica said...

Good morning, Gyllenbabble!

New Game POP:

"Ubisoft May Be Planning Video Game Adaptation Of Prince Of Persia Movie

You read that right. According to GameDaily, Ubisoft is planning to release another Prince of Persia game next year, one that's not the cel-shaded "reboot" that has yet to be officially named. The game that's planning to ship alongside the Mike Newell directed, Jerry Bruckheimer produced film adaptation of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is "essentially" a video game adaptation of the film adaptation of the video game of the same name. Careful, your head may twist clean off if you succumb to the spinning.

It doesn't sound like anything is guaranteed at this point on the game that may feature a polygonal Jake Gyllenhaal and a phoned in voice over performance, but if we know Hollywood and games based on movie licenses, regardless of the source material, I think we're in for a fun ride. Not so much a good video game, but a fun ride."

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Clinton set to concede delegate race to Obama :;_ylt=Amj0.I8_m.h6piFSsJC6xnxh24cA

Hopefully they can work together, but there is so much bad blood betwen the camps, I don't see that happening.

I really was hoping for a Obama/Clinton ticket.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Now MSNBC has a denial from the Clinton camp!

sass said...

And a happy good afternoon peeps,
Thanks for all this great POP information...a video game tie-in is fantastic. I'll be forced to buy it for myself and my boy:lol:lol:lol

I'm amazed at the casting. Finally the studios are giving respect to these movies and not casting just anybody. Alfred Molina and Ben Kingsley make my day as cast members.

I was hoping for an Obama/Clinton ticket too, but yesterday Bill accused Obama of contributing to that awful Vanity Fair article. Bill did apologize to the author in a press release, but an audio recording was released on Huffington and cable of him blasting the author, who is husband of his former press secretary, and attributing the article to the evil Obama machine. Hillary's press person just announced that she will continue to fight until Obama gets the magic number of delegates needed.
So even though he is so close he can't make a victory speech yet. And his campaign looks bad...I do hope this doesn't give the Republican opponent the upper hand...a deeply divided party can't rule etc.

sass said...

Hi again,
When I read the comments on the game post site, I had to laugh, even though they are dissing Jake. Some POP fan boys are almost as "outspoken" about Jake, as the Joker fan boys were about our dear Heath.
And I thought I was picky:)

I don't think Hillary holding the party hostage and not allowing Obama to make a victory claim even though she needs 190 supers to clinch it to herself will do her or Bill's reputation much good among their peers...but maybe they don't care.

Anonymous said...

I think Bill Clinton has gone crazy. I really do.

UltraViolet said...

Oy, Bill. I hate to think about all this. It's all gone so wrong.

In easier voting news, Us has a poll on its front page, asking whom you;d like to have a summer fling with - Jake, McBongo, Pete Wentz or John Mayer. McBongo is leading Jake by a few hundred votes at this point.

lawgoddess said...

"McBongo is leading Jake by a few hundred votes at this point."

Has the world gone mad? :)

I want some new Jake pictures ( sulks).

Anonymous said...

Jake is leading now by about 200.

Bette said...

This has been posted here before I'm sure, but I am reading it, and these body language experts are just saying everything we've been saying for the last eight months.

bobbyanna said...

Please excuse me. Since you brought it up: I'm so overcome by what is happening on the political front I can hardly talk about it without tearing up. They are tears of joy. I am SO proud of Barack Obama. He is really a class act.

I've supported Obama since he announced. It was the first time in my life I allowed myself the luxury of not being "practical." If I'd made a practical choice, I'dve gone with John Edwards(!):)

I was so deeply impressed with Barack Obama, I figured I'd support what my heart told me to, and later, I'd support the ticket, whoever won. I've had a feeling about him unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Let me say that in context, bcz in another lifetime, in another century, for many years,I was a paid political consultant.

I've run campaigns, worked with focus groups, plotted strategy, worked field operations, set up phonebanks, designed polling instruments, etc., etc., etc. Somewhere, in a box, I still have the pay stub from my very first DNC paycheck, in 1976! Obama's campaign is the most well run operation I have ever, EVER seen.

Today, I am going to focus on one of the most important moments in our history. I am going to celebrate Barack Obama finally getting the necessary number of delegates to clinch the nomination. it is a singular achievment.

I really don't want to be distracted by someone else dominating the headlines on this historic occasion.

As saddened as some of us maybe, we have made history. In a good way,for a change, bcz any history we've made in the past eight years hasn't necessarily been very good.
So, I hope we will be able to embrace that. It's important.

Barack Obama has earned the right to pick his own V.P....whoever it is. I will support his choice. We need to focus on getting rid of the Rethuglicans that have almost destroyed our Constitution, crapped all over this country, and inflicted so much harm. We can win this thing. I know we can. I can feel it. I'm keeping my eyes on the prize: 1600.

I am sending out a cyber hug to all my fellow Gyllenbabblers. I have so much affection for you! I know we might not have agreed, but you are family!

Anonymous said...

Rendition caption.

Gavin "how big was the frog Jake"

Jake "it's balls where THAT big"

suvee said...

Despite the fact that I have learned to avoid religious and/or political discussions... I can't help myself in this case. Bobbyanna, your eloquent comment about Barack echoes my own feelings exactly. And I truly believe that if this country elects him, and gives him half a chance, he has the potential to be a great President.

And being serious about doing my civic duty.... I voted for Jake in the Us poll. I've really never felt any McBongo attraction. He is a cute man, but I think the no deodorant thing possibly negated his other charms for me! And I bet J & R are still together and going strong long after Matt and his baby mama are just a vague memory.

bobbyanna said...

Awww, suvee! I voted for Jake, too!!! Gotta say, the no deoderant thing has certainly "modified" my feelings towards Matthew over the years! :) But I do have affection for him. He is SO out there! Makes me smile.

There was a very funny blog I used to visit once in a while called The Gilded Moose. They used to do these fake guest columns by Matthew and they were absolutely hilarious! He was sort of out there in space somewhere.

Monica said...

Reese new's:

"Reese Witherspoon's New Job

After years of getting star treatment, the tables have turned on Reese Witherspoon.

The actress says that these days, she's just the limo driver for the superstars in her life: her two children, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4.

She told that becoming a parent held some big surprises for her. "I think probably that no one warns you that you don't sleep the first year -- that's one of them," said the Walk The Line actress, 32.

"And you basically become a limo driver by the time they're nine.

"I'm a professional driver now. I'm right up there with the Earnhardts!"

But Reese, who divorced their dad, Ryan Phillippe, last year said that there's one thing that she won't compromise on when she's in the car.

"I force my children to listen to my radio stations and they listen to a lot of country music. Very unhappily."

get real said...

Awesome news about Sir Ben K. and Alfred Molina in PoP!! Both are great actors, imo and it will be great to see Jake working with both of them. I am with those that thought BK was great in SexyBeast.

bobbyanna said...

I loved Gandhi, Sexy Beast, Suspect Zero, and that sad moving film with Jennifer Connolly about the house. Sorry I cannot remember the name. House of Sand and Fog?

Here's a man with a reportedly quirky, unattractive personality who has done some fine work. It will be interesting to observe how he interacts with Jake! Hope we get to see set pictures. Even if they are "illegal" ones!:)

chica said...

I was just visiting some of my favorite political sites: and and you can all guess what the chatter is about.

As much as I happy and proud about Obama, I'm a little sad about how Clinton's campaign derailed. I reall admire her but I think there was some serious damage to her during this campaign.

extra said...

Nailed update:

'Nailed' dodges bullet with funding deal
David O. Russell film to resume filming Wednesday
By Gregg Goldstein and Leslie Simmons

June 3, 2008, 08:12 PM

David O. Russell's political comedy "Nailed" will resume filming Wednesday thanks to a late-breaking financing deal with Comerica Bank and the film's financier, Capitol Films. Key cast members, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel and Catherine Keener, were en route to the South Carolina set Tuesday to begin shooting the next day.

But the ultimate future of the film from the economically troubled Capitol remains uncertain.

Sources say the Comerica financing, secured Monday, will help the film meet its projected $25 million budget and additional costs from a week of missed shooting days and union penalties. But some of the filmmakers aren't sure if the funds will las

sass said...

Evening everyone,
I came over happy to see that Nailed is back on.
TY Obama,
No more religion as a more polarization...we are Americans FIRST... America this is our time...Now I am crying good tears and love.
What a campaign. If he runs the country as well as he ran this campaign.
Hillary is not conceding tonight and I don't know why and she called on her 18,000,000 voter to write into her web site and tell her what they want her to do followed by calls for Denver.
I too think she has damaged her reputation in this contest especially in Washington. I see that in recent columns posted by

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh good news on Nailed...they're heading back to Columbia...tomorrow Wednesday or next Wednesday? I guess it would be 4 June since they're so far behind.

I'm writing in Hillary's name in November thankyouverymuch.

Bette said...

FL I thought I was the only one who would be tempted to write in Hillary's name come November.

But that's great news about Nailed! Finally they can get back on track, but I figured Jake was already there.

brothers spy said...


If you did that I would honestly think so much less of you. I strongly supported Dean in 2004 and he was railroaded out. I still supported Kerry. Clinton wasn't railroaded. She was defeated.

If everyone did that there would be no progress at all for anyone. Obama won it fair and square. Your candidate lost. Now it's time to hug and make up.

FluorescentLamp said...

If you did that I would honestly think so much less of you.

LOL, ahh yes. This is exactly why politics and religion should never be discussed over the dinner table. ;-)

brothers spy said...


BTW, I emailed my girl. She'll let me know what's going on and/or if Jake should return.

Anonymous said...

It was announced that Seth Rogen will be the Green Hornet. I remember at one time Jakey was up for that, or at least there was chatter. I like Seth but he is SO not Jakey!

lawgoddess said...

I have checked this entry two or three times and just noticed the title, "Is he or isn't he?"


sheba baby said...

It still sounds like it's not 100% regarding the funding for Nailed, sigh. I really hope they get to finish this movie.

Really happy that Obama has got the nomination, now let the healing begin, PLEASE!!!

Waiting for any updates from you brothers spy, you have been great, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Cute Jake and Reese video posted on the Jake Weird blog

sass said...

Morning friends,
I knew absolutely nothing about this company, which is located in Iceland, but my babbler mates did:):)

The below linked post just fell into my mailbox: Jake is wearing their jacket and are they happy!

Jake wears their Jacket

josie said...

I remember that jacket from Us magazine, thanks for the link sass and the link to that Jake and Reese video anon!

Bette said...

Sass, which picture are they talking about?

UltraViolet said...

Hey guys - been traveling the past few days and had a nightmare of missed connections and hotel overnight and washing my clothes in the sink and blowdrying them! So sorry I've been incommunicado.

Thanks for all the links. And the politic political discussion :) I was a Hillary supporter, but I will of course support Obama. And it's thrilling to see the day when a black man will be the president of the United States. You can't deny the power of some of these images and of these dreams.

Off to untangle my e-mail.

We need some Jake pics!

Monica said...

Uv, I felt its absence!
That's nice that all is well with you!

I was happy with the candidacy of Barack Obama. Leaves me happy seeing a black as president of the world largest nation.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, thanks, Monica. I missed you all, too! And yes, it is exciting to hink of what Obama will accomplish. It would have been thrilling for a woman to be president, as well. We'll have to wait a little while for that, I guess.

sass said...

Welcome back UV!
Bette, this is the pic of Jake wearing their jacket:)
back later

Jake wears 66 degrees

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks for posting that, sass. I like that picture. And the jacket. And the subject :)

Monica said...

I want to see new photos of Jake!
I'm having to miss our boy!

lawgoddess said...

I wondered why UV had "gone dark."

Welcome back. :)

Speaking of going dark, where the hell is Jake? I need more pictures of him with his pants about to fall down.

Or pantsless. Either will do.

Bette said...

Lawgoddess I agree, we need new Jake pics now.

Bette said...

And sass thanks for the link, and UV welcome back! Going back in to my hole until new pics of Jake come out.

sag actor said...

It looks like Nailed is back filming:

ultraviolet said...

Hee. Pantsless Jake would make us forget all about the drought.

Forgot to say Cheers to the captioneers. I appreciate the effort and I laughed!

Off to my niece's graduation party, which is happening before the graduation. Like dessert before dinner. I approve! Later, kids.

Monica said...


They have resumed filming Nailed. Hopefully till the very end...

Source is The Hollywood Reporter

4 JUNE, 08"

get real said...

Welcome back, UV! Enjoy your niece's graduation party. :)

Glad to hear Nailed is back to filming. Just keeping all things crossed that this is it and they can finish the film.

Missing Jake too...

FluorescentLamp said...

Do we know for sure that Jake has scenes yet to shoot on Nailed? And that his presence is required back in Columbia?

I ask this because I just found out today that Jake's PoP co-star, Reece Ritchie, is off to Morocco tomorrow (Thursday) to start filming.

Bette said...

FL tomorrow? Woah, but I thought filming wasn't starting until July? Maybe they don't need him until July? I actually think Jake might be done, but this is pure speculation. He may still be on set for all I know.

get real said...

Hmm, that is interesting FL. Thanks for the info. Wonder what is going on because it did seem like Jake's filming would start in late June, right? Maybe Brothers Spy might be able to find some more news on that for us? Would be very appreciated!

Also, wanted to say big (((Sass))) hope you are feeling better.

brothers spy said...


I don't have confirmation but I strongly suspect that Jake is finished with Nailed.

My source had told me that he was due back for re-shoots and there has never been any other mention of the scenes in the chamber that were supposed to be filmed (it's possible that they already filmed those scenes).

But i've been keeping track of the scenes they've been filming --- from the script and from eyewitness accounts (figuring out which scene they were filming), newspaper and other insider reports, extra's accounts and my own source i've got all his scenes, except the the legislature scenes, accounted for.

Remember that one extra with delusions of grandeur that we all got a kick out of who played a "Senator." He blogged about Jessica being a snob and Jake flirting with all the college age girls remember? I was thinking that, given he was playing a Senator, I wonder if he was involved in shooting the Chamber scenes and those are already done as well.

Another thing, if they began filming the scenes involving Jessica Beil's character and her family, that's also a strong indication that Jake is finished. It wouldn't make sense to film one (of five) scene(s) at Jessica's parents house and then go back and shoot more of Jake's scenes knowing that he has to leave soon, only to go back and finish the scenes at her parents house.

Third, all other people playing Congressmen have finished their scenes as well.

You put all of that together and it seems to strongly suggest that he's done. But I don't know for certain.

lawgoddess said...

Now I'm really confused. I thought Jake was filming parts of PoP in England before going to Morocco.

I'm not ready for him to leave the country. And I imagine Reese isn't either. How can he do this to us?

( LG wails and gnashes teeth.)

We need time for a proper good-bye.:)

FluorescentLamp said...

LG, I think the Morocco scenes were always set to be filmed first - with Shepperton Studios outside London for perhaps all the green-screen scenes with the actors to be filmed after.

chica said...

Welcome back UV!!
Thanks for all the updates and links, and it does sound like jake is finished with nailed.

I thought that Pop wasn't due to start filming until July? Anyway, we all know that Jake doesn't have to wrry about this production running out of $$$$!

lawgoddess said...

Oh, okay, thanks FL.

I imagine a young guy like Jake likes to travel. Maybe not so much these days though.

brothers spy said...

Or maybe they'll shoot all of the non-Jake parts, including exteriors, and then shoot his scenes once he arrives.

Dates for the start of filming always seems to change. Remember Brothers started two weeks before the original announcement date. This film was first supposed to start filming in June, maybe they began saying July because producers were anticipating problems with Nailed. Now that Jake's finished, they just started filming.

It would also account for the announcement of the two co-stars yesterday.

Anonymous said...

One thing's for sure. Those two aren't apart very long these days!

agent_krycek said...

I'm not ready for him to leave the country. And I imagine Reese isn't either. How can he do this to us?

I am :D *Starts making 'Welcome' banner, packs sleeping bag and moves to Heathrow airport*

I'm wondering if Jake isn't back on the set of Nailed, if him and Reese are currently having a lovely break at Reese's new place, looking after the pigs.

lawgoddess said...

Agent K, Reese's loss (and mine :)) is your gain.

FluorescentLamp said...

Update: We had some misinformation regarding the onset of PoP filming in Morocco.

The new and correct information I have is that the original end of June start date for filming sounds right (June 23 thereabouts). They'll be filming in Morocco for 5/6 weeks then coming back to London for 2/3 weeks of filming (around August 11). However, all dates are subject to change.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jake and Reese will find a little romantic time in Morocco :p

brothers spy said...

It seems like Jake will be finished filming by the end of August. That's good news. I never believed that they would be filming for 5 months.

Reese and Ryan split custody of the children 50-50 over the summer, so i'm sure she'll be making several trips to Europe/Morocco.

Maybe Jake and/or Reese will rent a nice summer place in southern Portugal --- Algarve is very nice --- that way they'll have a little place to escape to. It's less than a one hour flight from Morocco to Algarve.

You seem to have the inside track on Prince of Persia FL, I pass the batton to you.

shondra said...

Thanks for the new information FL regarding Pop, that timetable sounds about right.

And brothers spy, I hope you keep all of us updated regarding Nailed, I still would like to know what's going on with that production even though it looks like Jake is done.

Thanks again for all your insider info!

FluorescentLamp said...

You seem to have the inside track on Prince of Persia FL, I pass the batton to you.

Oh I wouldn't be that quick with the baton pass-off if I were you. ;-) I fear that once filming is underway I won't get anymore info. But...fingers crossed.

bobbyanna said...

Brother's spy and FL, you guys are too much!!! :) Amazing work. Gyllenbabble is quite something, yes?

I think Coco Chanel, Frank Sinatra, Atticus and the pigs will have to keep themselves occupied this summer!

If there are going to be any Nailed re-shoots, I guess they would have to happen right about now, because in a minute, Jake is going to have to really be absorbed with "becoming" Dastan.

I am like, ridiculously concerned with the hair "issue."

So. Agent K. Is it true you're hosting the First Annual Gyllenbabble "reunion" in a few weeks?

It's very sweet that Brother's Spy is renting that villa in Portugal, I've already informed my children I'll be summering in Algarve, popping back and forth across the Straits of Gibraltar, visiting friends...

Anna said...

POP will be done by End of August?
wow I thought movies took months to make

I really had no idea how long it takes to make a movie

FluorescentLamp said...

Jake's part in PoP may take longer, I don't really know. I only know what his co-star's schedule is. :-)

bobbyanna said...

Lots of movies actually do take months to make, anna. It's just that for the prinicipal actors, it is usually a matter of weeks. And sometimes, it's stop and go. I think with 300, the actors were working in some soundstage or warehouse in Montreal for about eight weeks, but some of that time was also prep work with a physical trainer. I don't remeber how long the first Spiderman took, and I'm not sure about the two Batman movies. What takes time with all these "fantasy" movies is all the special effects and the artwork, etc. and they don't necessarily need the actual actors for all that. With LOTR, didn't they take breaks or something? I know they shot for like two years(!) but there were breaks for various actors in between, right? Bcz I thought that some of the actors were also shooting other movies as well.

Totally OT: I just had the strangest experience. For the past two mornings, a beautiful female cardinal keeps throwing herself agains the second floor window of my home office. When I go to the window she jumps on the utility pole and just waits, then she starts again. It's as if she wants to knock herself out! There are no birds inside, so it's not that! Odd. Maybe it's a sign.

brothers spy said...

I can't imagine them filming that much beyond the end of August. I'm guessing there will be a lot of CGI in this film, and it's due to be released next June.

A film with a lot of CGI like this would require extra time in post-production. If they finish filming in late August/early September they'd have about 8 months of post-production. That sounds about right time wise.

Anonymous said...

Jake might take some time off in September
A break or vacation with Reese
just a guess

I am sure they will find some romantic times over the summer :p

lawgoddess said...

Well, my wedding anniversary is September 4, I think it would be sweet of Jake and Reese to get married on that date. :)

( Kidding, guys!)

Anonymous said...

Jerry Bruckheimer shot POTC II & III all at once. If PoP has sequels already written, they could do the same thing.

However they do it, as usual, everything depends on scheduling. Not just actors, but the principal crew, and the director, and then there's financing.

sass said...

Evening peeps:)
I found this clip wandering around...if Jake is to be this fierce, hot and sexy, I will melt in my seat. I especially like the POP/Jake wearing the hood with his blue eyes peering out so fiercely..
*thud and sigh x 309750394759*

POP clip

extra said...

Bruckheimer only did POTC II & III together after the success of POTC, I. And although this Pop is based on a very popular video game, I think Disney would be wise not to film all three at once until the BO comes out.

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks for that, sass.

Interesting use of Godsmack there.

While that page you linked took a while to load and is mostly in Japanese, I did find a many many many more PoP videos using that same song, but on the English version of YouTube.

sass said...

Hi there FL:)
I'm sorry about the clip load time...I almost didn't post it because I didn't know how it would work out.
Jake made me do it. :lol:lol.
Now, I'm off to YouTube.

get real said...

Thanks for the PoP info, FL and Brothers Spy! Do you think Jake is done with Nailed and hopefully having some time off and/or with Reese? I hope so because soon he will have to be going full speed. :)

I think very end of August/early September may be filled with the Venice and Toronto Film Fests for Brothers. At least I hope so!

FluorescentLamp said...

Do you think Jake is done with Nailed and hopefully having some time off and/or with Reese?

I think he's in hiding while trying to get used to his waxed chest. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't like the waxed chest idea.

Seems like a violation of his body, he will feel violated.
I don't like the thought of him in pain either :(

FluorescentLamp said...

I guess he likes violating his body - I seem to remember hairless legs on more than one occasion.

get real said...

think he's in hiding while trying to get used to his waxed chest. ;-)

LOL, well the only way I will accept that is if he looks as hot and sexy as he did in Jarhead. And yes we have seen the hairless legs. ;p

Anonymous said...

does he wax or shave his legs, why does he do this?
I fear the waxing will hurt his skin and cause him pain :(

FluorescentLamp said...

I fear the waxing will hurt his skin and cause him pain :(

Awww, it only hurts for a second. Promise. And actually waxing is better than shaving - doesn't cause shaving bumps and he won't have to wax as often as he would if he shaved his chest.

Anonymous said...

You think he will be waxing the hair down there to! and his armpits

yerp! ouch!down there waxing

Anonymous said...

"...down there..." ???? Uh, no. I don't think he'd be waxing "down there..." I mean. Dastan has made it past puberty, hasn't he?

How about those Red Sox!

josie said...

Thanks for all the Nailed and POP info everyone!

Jake shaves his legs for cycling, if i'm correct,my brother does.

Anonymous said...

maybe he already shaves down there or trims

FluorescentLamp said...

LOL! Down there?? Down there?? What are we, 12? Let's call it manscaping and assume he does. ;-)

Anonymous said...

what would like me to call it?
I am trying to say it as nice as possible :P I didn't know what to call it down there

Yes I wonder if he manscapes


Anonymous said...

his armpits are wild :p

lawgoddess said...

Personally, I hope Jake leaves the precious pubic hair alone. ( It's late and you guys are bringing out the goofball in me. :))

The treasure trail is perfect as is, LOL.

I wouldn't mind if the PoP costume pants were, um, worn low.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why we would see the Prince pubes
This is a Disney movie :P

Bette said...

Anon you are cracking me up over here! I clearly need to be asleep already.

Anonymous said...

We need some pictures or something. A focus of attention.

enigma said...

Here are some new pics of Reese in Brentwood. She's looking very Sweet Home Alabama.


I thought her phone was pink

Her phone is about to fall out

agent_krycek said...

Didn't Jake have that colour cover on his phone around the same time Reese was sporting the pink?

BTW, is Reese a David Cook fan, that's a serious amount of 'stuff' she's wearing round her neck.

UltraViolet said...

No new pictures, but it was time for a new post! See you there.