Monday, June 23, 2008

Technicolor Jake

Sometimes, even a paparazzi picture can be art. Of course, when Jake Gyllenhaal is the subject, that's a good start. But Jake photos taken last weekend were notable not just for the subject, but also for the beautiful burst of color in the background.

We thought it would be fun to find some other photos where Jake shares the stage, but is never upstaged by, a vivid backdrop. First, the doorway series:

Red hot:

The waterworks:

Jake goes green:

Desert fire:

Blue on blue:

And back to California orange:

Click on the pics for the true color experience.

(Pictures courtesy of IHJ.)


FluorescentLamp said...

Mmmmm look at all those pretty colors. Easy on the eyes this post. Very easy on the eyes.

UltraViolet said...

I love the pretty colors. It was fun to find them. Which you know, since you did find most of them :)

Oh, and i case anyone missed the latest news on Nailed, here's a link to a comment from Brothers Spy in the last post. Looks like it's officially a wrap.

Hallelujah! Now let's hope it sees the light of day.

Bette said...

Wow. The photos are gorgeous! Great choices.

bobbyanna said...

Lovely!!! I'm torn btwn "Desert Fire" and the "Blue on Blue" OY!

Anonymous said...

The picture right under Jake Goes Green,
his lips!!!!
if those aren't the most perfect lips on earth!

UltraViolet said...

Interesting, anon! We had two pictures from that set to choose between, and FL said we should use that one because it showed off those perfect lips!

Hi Bette! Glad you like the pretty colors, too :)

And Bobyanna, I love the blue on blues, especially the Jarhead one and the bluescreen one. I think my favorite is one a lot of people might not like - the second doorway one. Not the best picture of Jake ever, but the doorway and his eyes - sigh.

Though for sheer vividness/vividity, the orange pics take the cake, I think.

Vividity is a fun word, and a bit of a tongue twister!

UltraViolet said...

Interesting article about the potential actors' strike. The PoP part:

The studios have contingency plans for a strike that would enable filmmakers to continue some work on movies, completing special effects that don't require the use of actors, for example. But halting production for an extended period would be costly for the studios and jarring for the hundreds of actors, crew members and post-production technicians who would suddenly find themselves idled.

More than 1,800 people, both in the U.S. and abroad, are lined up to work on Disney's nearly $200-million-budget "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," a video-game-based tale starring Jake Gyllenhaal that's set to begin production in Morocco on July 28.

"Of course, we're concerned," said the film's producer, Jerry Bruckheimer. "We'd have to shut it down and everybody goes home. . . . But I can't believe either side wants a strike." Bruckheimer said if the production was delayed, the crew nonetheless would continue working on visual effects, editing, set building and other areas not requiring actors.

Moreover, if halting production pushes the eventual start date of "Prince of Persia" too far into the future, the film would risk missing its planned release date next summer.

That's a LOT of people working on this thing.

Bette said...

OH! We got a start date for Morocco. Nice! But wow putting 1800 people possibly out of work for awhile sucks. Let's hope this SAG strike doesn't happen, but I can see why they are upset too. But it's not like the big name actors need the strike, they have plenty of money. But it's going to hurt the little guy big time, let's just hope that if they do strike, in the long run it really helps them.

chica said...

What a beautiful set of pictures, i love the red set!

That's a lot of people involved in Pop, a July 28 start date for filmin in Morocco sounds like they are in the UK now for pre-production stuff.

Xenia said...

Well, I've got a thing for blue on blue Jake, my av says it clear, but I'd be glad to take them all and kiss them senseless.:)

Thanks for all the info about PoP (and Nailed, of course), much appreciated now and in the future.

Have a good day everyone.:)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the article UV! My sense is, if they do strike, it won't last very long at all. (fingers, toes and eyes crossed!)

PoP is a HUGE production. I would think, as much as possible, they would do one location at a time, like all the London stuff, then go to Morocco. Maybe the initial shooting in Morocco will be second unit stuff. With the actors coming in a bit later. Or Not! ;) Wouldn't it be really hot there in July/August?

sheba baby said...

Yes I would think that it would be extremely hot in Morocco around that time bobbyanna, but not as hot as I am at the moment looking at these pictures!!!

Thanks so much, love the post!!

extra said...

At first I didn't think so, but here is the proof, I think!!!

A Lot Like Love

I was reading a trashy magazine the other week and they were saying how Reese Witherspoon's style has changed since she started dating the adorable Jake Gyllenhaal. With the pictures they used it just looked like her style had changed because it was summer and she's had a haircut, but when I saw the photos of Reese at the airport this week I did see a change in her; she looked more edgy. Which got me thinking have loved up celebrities wardrobes changed because of summer or love? Or at all?

Reese Witherspoon: Her style has become a little more trend driven and less 'girl-next door'. She has traded in her classic shaped shades for quirkier styles, and has started to wearing hats. Her jeans have also got tighter and her heels higher. Whether it is Jake or a new stylist Reese does look fabulous at the moment!

PS: I love this post, what a great way to wake up!

lawgoddess said...

Great post to wake up to, thanks UV. He looks great against any colors, I especially liked the "blue on blue" and "California orange."

Wonder when we'll see him again.

I was thinking today, Maggie should be starting publicity for The Dark Knight soon. That will be bittersweet.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what that t-shirt Reese was wearing was?

shondra said...

It looks like she is wearing a T-shirt with a womans face on it.

Jake looks incredible in any color!
Thanks for the link UV, I have my fingers crossed that a strike can be avoided.

Anonymous said...

It looked like, to me, a classic film star on the t-shirt, that's why I was wondering, Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich. I thought Reese looked fab at the airport, btw.

FluorescentLamp said...

I did, too, anon. And yet I've read such harsh comments about her "new hipster" look or that she's "too old" to be dressed like that. Wha...wha...WHAT? Good god. She's 32, not 92. And hey, I bet even at 92 she'll look great.

I guess that just proves to me the median age of internet commenters on gossip communities has plummeted to about 14 years old, in actual age and in emotional age.

Anonymous said...

I would dress that way at 92 - she's fine. She's absolutely not to old to dress the way she wants to!

bobbyanna said...

"And yet I've read such harsh comments about her "new hipster" look or that she's "too old" to be dressed like that. Wha...wha...WHAT? Good god. She's 32, not 92. And hey, I bet even at 92 she'll look great."

Exactly, FL! I also think sometimes some of these weirdos have a general problem with their "idols" being at all sexually attractive.

Reese looks to me, as if she is done with suppressing herself! The demur, housewife-ish,submerged look is gone and she looks free and very happy and confident. Her clothes reflect it.

Monica said...

Good morning, Gyllenbabble!
Great post!

Jake look is fabulous!

Celeb Travel: Jake Gyllenhaal Flies Virgin Atlantic

FluorescentLamp said...

He does look great in that pic. But I think that pic is from last year.

(shown here in a 2007 photo,

Paula said...

Yeah, they note that the pic is from last year. It sounds similar to the encounter that was posted on IHJ, they both mention that he wore his hoodie most of the time, maybe that's how he was able to elude the stalkarazzi at LAX.

This person also suggested that he needed some eye cover up, suggesting he looked very tired around the eyes. He must be exhausted from all the drama that he had to go through with filming Nailed and then shortly after, he had to fly to the UK for Pop pre-production.

Love the post, blue Jake is my fav!

erin_sweet_erin said...

Ok I found my old Google name, now I am trying it out

Hi everyone!!!

FluorescentLamp said...

Hi and welcome, erin_s_e. Google/Blogger names are fun!

suvee said...

I get to stay home today, with the plumber, and spend big $..... yippee!

Thanks for the PoP/strike info. It's not like I didn't understand that this was going to be a big, high profile project, but reading about 1800 people, and $200 million budget really made an impression on me. High profile, high risk..... but I have faith in Jake, Disney and J. Bruckheimer.

I think Reese's style has evolved...... less young Southern matron, more hip LA lady.
She always looks great now. And I would guess that being single...... with a smokin' hot bf...... is partly responsible for the change.

Great post today! So many lovely colors, hard to pick my favorite. :)

brothers spy said...

Hey UV and all,

Thanks for the Variety link and the story on POP. Finally we got some concrete information.

I was wondering though whether they began filming in London this week and then will move production to Morocco on July 28.

Because reading through the script, in conjunction with what we already know about it, it doesn't seem that they will be filming all that much in London. Also, originally we were told (I forget by whom) that they would film for three to four weeks in London (in addition to 5 to 6 weeks in Morocco). Wouldn't that explain why Jake and Jerry Bruckheimer are in London right now?

Also, wouldn't that correspond with the July 28 filming start in Morocco if they began filming this week or next in London (assuming they are to film in London for three to four weeks)?

This is all speculation on my part, I admit. I'm still just trying to piece all the information together.

suvee said...

Just because I'm sensitive to, and abhor, the criticism and abuse directed toward Reese, I wanted to clarify that I wasn't slamming her (in my previous post). "Matron" sounds kind of snarky..... and I really didn't mean it that way. "Conservative" would have been a better choice.

bobbyanna said...

You may be right brothers spy. Maybe Jake will go to Morocco on July 28. I was just speculating...It's closer to get from the UK to Morocco then from LA to Morocco.

So maybe Reese and the kids will be in London with Jake for a few weeks, Ryan might also be there for his own purposes. And then Reese might visit Morocco and/or Jake will fly back to the UK while he is working there.

Renting a house in Notting Hill (as "base camp") for four months makes sense if that's what they end up doing. And we know that four or five or six week shoots don't necessarily mean uninterrupted, consecutive weeks of all Jake.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking Reese's hair - that kind of cut is versatile. It can look conservative with a softer edge - but with a sharp edge and the fedora it looks chic and sexy. Love the jacket, t and skinny jeans and heels, red nail polish. ;) Whatever people think about what is or isn't going on with she and Jake, it's wrong to be cruel to them.

agent_krycek said...

Still not seen the vaguest whisper confirming they're here at the moment :(

I've got a week off in a couple of weeks, so I might do a little field trip over to Notting Hill then - obviously just to have a look round the market (well, thats the story I'm telling my OH ;-) )

FluorescentLamp said...

so I might do a little field trip over to Notting Hill then - obviously just to have a look round the market

Yay, a_k employing her agent powers for god and country...and Gyllenbabble. ;-)

Here's a hint - the only Whole Foods in all of London is on Ken. High Street. Methinks base camp won't be too far afield.

Erin said...

If someone can live this link for me

here is a whole gallery of Jake photos

Monica said...


Jake gallery

Erin said...

thanks for posting that link !!!!

I wonder if Jake will bring Atticus to London one day

sass said...

Beautiful post you two:)
I couldn't believe how gorgeous and beautiful Jake looked in front of that orange background and all the other colors. Jake's skin, hair and eye color are breathtaking when mixed with bold colors
*sass is now officially a 15 year old teenager*
I think another strike would cripple Hollywood for many years and in this economic climate would horrible for so many people.

I scanned these pics for my babbler mates...guess I should confess...I bought a better all in one scanner, copier, printer--my pre-surgery present to myself--and it's all good:)

Reese looks good

For Avon, Hair up in Japan

scanned beach photo
Amazing how much comment I did read about Reese's figure...we have forgotten how women look with soft womanly curves in this country. comments about child bearing hips impart a viciousness that I find hard to fathom...from when comes all this venom. Reese looks great in a string bikini. Hell, I am old enough to remember wanting to look like Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe. This has to stop.

Jake Reese on the beach looking good

josie said...

Thanks for the link to the Jake pics erin and monica!!

What a great post, I loved Jake's Jarhead look!

Sass, methinks there is a bit of jealousy regarding some of the comments towards Reese. I think she looks great!

UltraViolet said...

Ooh, nice scans, sass. You are the scanning queen.

And yes, the comments about Reese are absurd. Judgmental and sexist and not based in any kind of reality. Haters abound, sadly.

Erin said...

I don't think Jake had any complaints about the blue bikini :P

Men love to see their woman in a bikini, I read because it is so close to being near naked, like a tease of sorts

Erin said...

I am confused, maybe someone can explain to me

I read POP starts filming July 28, in Morocco
What kind of movie work is Jake doing in London right now?

extra said...

erin, I assume it's pre-production stuff, not actual filming like costume fittings and such, although I doubt that will take very long. Even if he and the cast stay in London for a few weeks for that, that leaves a gap in between. They could of course decide to bump up the start date for filming in Morocco, maybe the LA times info wasn't current since the starting dates for filming kept shofting around, originally it was suppose to start in June.

Erin said...

my curious mind wants to know what Jake and Reese are doing in London :P
Seems they are staying very low key and under the "paprats" radar

Erin said...

Comedy shuts down production for the fourth time

Nailed, the indie political satire, has shut production down for a whopping fourth time due to financial woes.

The film, which has an ensemble cast including Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, James Marsden and Catherine Keener, is currently in the late stages of production in North Carolina. Filming ceased this time when members of the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees were not paid and subsequently ordered by their superiors to not appear on the film's set any further.

Sources close to the situation told Variety that the film has two final days of principal photography left and things should be resolved. Whatever the case, this film has been plagued by shutdowns for the past month. There has been no indication as to how all the stops and starts will affect the final theatrical product.

—The ARTISTdirect Staff

lawgoddess said...

Has Reese actually been sighted in London, or are people assuming?

I guess I thought Jake was just making a short trip there, a few days.

I'm confused, as usual.:)

Erin said...

Ok I was taking a guess

He was seen leaving LAX
She was seen leaving LAX

It was thought he was in London over the weekend

now we have no idea where they are

Anonymous said...

Well Reese was seen in the same terminal as Jerry Bruckheimer, presumably leaving on the same plane with him. Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer of Prince of Persia.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yeah, it's all an assumption at this point, we have no idea where either of them are at this point!

From the description of the encounter and his light baggage it was assumed it was a short trip, probably something to do with Pop, then she was seen at LAX at the international terminal and Bruckheimer was seen there as well, that and the Hello story and there you go.

Anonymous said...

The vacation thing makes sense. After all, it's possible that she met with him in England and the two of them took a little European vacation before he begins filming.

It is all speculation at this point. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Erin said...

me thinks a little European vacation

I wonder how they manage to avoid the paps?

This is getting to be like, Where is Waldo :p

Anonymous said...

Technicolor Jake, yum, can't chose my favorite.

Great post.

josie said...

I hope gets a little R&R before filming of Pop begins and it sounds like he is.

Erin said...

If in fact they are on vacation or chilling in London I can't believe the paparazzi haven't caught on yet.

Remember the Mexico airport mess when all those paparazzi were hunting them, what a mess :(
Jake was yelling at everyone to get back

Narcissa said...

The paps don't stake out the London airports the way they do LAX. They could be here and the bigger world none the wiser. Hope so. They may well have learnt from the post-Mexico experience.

UV, all the polls put the number of "haters" in perspective: not enough to prevent Jake and/or Reese winning pretty much every popularity contest. Jake winning the AfterElton poll demonstrated that those who claimed that he had lost his gay fan base were simply wrong.

Anonymous said...

Well we know Jake is in England for sure due to his role in POP. Yet he hasn't been spotted yet.

Hopefully our London peeps will keep their ears to the grindstone and let us know what's going on.

Erin said...

I am sure while they are in London, a little romance will be in order for our favorite love birds

Just dreaming...

chica said...

OT: As a longtime Met fan I thought I would never say this: I HATE THE METS!!!! There, i feel a lot better. Losing to one of the worst teams in baseball, the Mariners. So much for firing the manager to give the team a kick in the ass.

An actors strike would be the death knell for HW, i see them avoiding it at all costs.

Jake needs a vacation before Pop starts, and what a better vacation hen a few weeks in N. Hill with Reese (if true)!

Erin said...

N. Hill??? what is N. Hill??

chica said...

N. Hill=Notting Hill. Didn't Maggie, Peter and Ramona stay there last year while she was filming TDK?

Erin said...

My fave interview of all time!

I fell in love with Jake right here, you have to see this

someone help me with the live link please
This is classic!

Anonymous said...

I don't think he's vacationing. I think he is working. One thing is for sure. Jake and Reese are together. Jennifer Aniston is in London, too, bcz John Mayer is there. We'll see them soon enough. Maybe Jake is trying to hide his "new look.";)

Erin said...

Anonymous I agree, I think he is working and they are getting ready for the movie, but that doesn't mean its all business and work, I am sure Reese and her man are having some fun to :P

brothers spy said...

Do you guys think that Jake is sporting some hefty hair extensions?

Every photo i've ever seen of the POP has him with long hair. We know Jake has been growing out his hair. I have a feeling some extensions are being utilized.

Does one usually keep extensions on all the time or are they removable?

Good night all. Nothing much to report.

FluorescentLamp said...

Do you guys think that Jake is sporting some hefty hair extensions?

Yes I do. This is my theory, just ask UV, lol. I think the hoodie as witnessed by his upper class compartment companion was hiding some LA extensions. Why else would he keep his hoodie up in the first class lounge as well as during the whole flight? What's he got going on under there? Freaky hair extensions is what he has going on under there.

Erin said...

I'm still worried about the chest waxing

carry on about extensions and such...

lawgoddess said...

FL, you are funny!

"What's he got going on under there? Freaky hair extensions is what he has going on under there."

I bet Deacon and Ava love the freaky hair extensions.:)

Erin said...

I can see Jake wearing this

Jake in a cape, I could fall over

his blue eyes under a dark cape

UltraViolet said...

We don't post links to or stuff from no-talenTed or his ilk, Erin/twitter. Not sure why you'd think we'd be interested in that idiot's idiocy.

agent_krycek said...

N. Hill=Notting Hill. Didn't Maggie, Peter and Ramona stay there last year while she was filming TDK?

Yup, Maggie was spotted there with Ramona a couple of times. I'm seriously thinking Jake and Reese are on some sort of holiday somewhere remote at the moment, or they just haven't left the house in Notting Hill, there's no sign of them over here at all, and there's no way the paps wouldn't be staking out Notting Hill at the moment.

Mind you, I think I've got an unexpected Saturday off this week - may be doing a little field trip to West London ;-)

lawgoddess said...

With Agent K on the case, we will soon find out where Jake and Reese are hiding. :)

Anonymous said...

There've been no sightings of Ryan with his kids either, FWIW. Usually, when he has the kids, and she is traveling, we see pictures. There was only the one set from Father's Day of Ryan with Deacon and that was it.

agent_krycek said...

I do confess that my little trip to West London will entirely depend upon who's playing at Wimbledon that day - if it's Roddick or Murray I'm afraid Jake may have to wait.

I am however taking my staking duties very serious and consider it my duty to follow any 6' men with hoods up around until I can verify they're not Jake (that or the police are called :p)

Anonymous said...

There were pictures of Ryan picking Deacon up from camp around the time Reese was seen in LAX.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

I also believe that Jake must use of hair extensions for the POP.
I hope that is sexy!

Erin, you posted the interview is very funny.
Jake was very pleasant.

Witherspoon is top-earning actress:

The sun

sallykirkland said...

Think Films is part of the "Nailed" mess along with Capitol Films. It was announced yesterday that Think has shuttered it's doors in Toronto.

Think was
responsible for the absolute mess with marketing and distributing "Candy", Heath's Australian movie with Abbie Cornish. Money problems
and mismanagement aren't new.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, monica. The Sun seems quite fond of them. If I could stake out the studio where Jake's supposed to be working, I would.
Wonder if Molina or Sir Ben are in town.

UltraViolet said...

Not much, but a little tidbit from MSNBC, via In Touch:

Jake's hot body

Reese behind Jake’s makeover
No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Jake Gyllenhaal is looking fitter than ever, and his girlfriend Reese Witherspoon seems to have influenced his fitness routine. “Jake’s in great shape already — but Reese seems to motivate him to push himself even harder,” an insider told In Touch Weekly. Their secret, reports the magazine, is mixing up their routine. “They’ll hit the gym one day, hike the next day and then swim another day,” the source told the magazine.

sallykirkland said...

Thanks, UV! I'd love to "help" Jake with his body, too. I fully understand Reese's motivation.
He was already pretty physical. They probably motivate each other.

I love the pictures for this thread. "Desert Fire" conjures up all those wonderfully dramatic night shots of the oil fields in Jarhead. And thinking about Jarhead is always a very pleasant experience.

UltraViolet said...

get those scanners working, people. The new cover of Us: Jake moves in

agent_krycek said...

Thanks, monica. The Sun seems quite fond of them. If I could stake out the studio where Jake's supposed to be working, I would.
Wonder if Molina or Sir Ben are in town.

If they filmed it at Elstree rather then Shepperton, that was my basic plan :(

Erin said...

If someone could please get the US weekly!

I will try and find it at my store here, I am in a rural area :(

Anonymous said...

US Weekly had an online poll yesterday asking: Which Oscar winner is most talented?

With 59,291 votes tallied Reese won handily.

Reese Witherspoon 52.66% 31,223
Angelina Jolie 41.77% 24,765
Jennifer Hudson 5.57% 3,303

brothers spy said...


Think Films and Capitol Films are owned and run by the same person: that David creep (I forget his last name).

extra said...

The creeps last name is Bergstein brothers spy. He should be banned from HW.

It looks like Ok mamgazine and Us magazine has dueling covers (Ok was a month ago saying that she didn't want to move in with Jake and he was pressuring her to marry him). Us takes it further saying that he already moved in!!

There have been whispers in the rags since Dec'07 about him living with her which I dismissed and i will dismiss this as well, I think that they may have gotten wind of their summer plans in the UK and are now spinning it IMO.

bobbyanna said...

Jake was probably "spending the night" a lot! I've had a feeling for a couple of months now. I'm convinced "something" is definitely going on.

I'd bet they're engaged, and probably together more then they're apart. I think the ranch is "theirs."

I believe he proposed already, and she said yes. When the latest round of rumors about them getting married came out, they didn't try to hide. They became even more public which is not how they usually behaved.

Now, they are getting stealthy again. I sort of believe the US Weekly. I just think they're late with it.

This all reminds me of back in the beginning, when the rags were contradicting one another and themselves about whether they were even together. But we "knew." ;)

agent_krycek said...

Now, they are getting stealthy again.

I do wonder, they've completely dropped off the radar, no sightings over here at all, we know Jake made it to the UK, we don't actually have any sighting of Reese here, perhaps Jake only had a brief visit here and has linked up somewhere very private in Europe with Reese. Err, maybe they've got some private 'business' to take care of before he's away filming for ages.

*Plonks huge flowery hat on head and starts humming the wedding march*

FluorescentLamp said...

*Plonks huge flowery hat on head and starts humming the wedding march*

May I suggest a wedding hat a bit stealthier?

bobbyanna said...

Cute hat, FL. But it needs something. Flowers?

Anonymous said...

Could they be on a cyclying tour of Tuscany?.

Anonymous said...

I doubt they are in Tuscany, how private is Notting hill anyway? Do the paps in UK lurk around there a lot? Is it private or semi private? Or if he is still in the UK for Pop business, is he near the studio and how out of the way is that?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they aren't in Notting Hill at all. They may be in a different neighborhood. Reese left Saturday, arriving Sunday. Today is Wednesday. They've had four whole days of privacy. I think we are frustrated more bcz we haven't had a Jake sighting since, what? June 14th?
If Jake is in meetings, fittings, experimenting with his look, dealing with script issues, green screen, etc. and Bruckheimer is there,too, I understand why we haven't seen them. I don't like it, but I understand it.:(

sass said...

Afternoon all,

OK my babbler mates, I picked up US magazine after leaving my first appt. with my radiologist this morning and twas just the thing to make my day. Some of my babbler and English mates know--please no response here to interrupt our Jaking-- but I am starting my Breast Cancer treatment plan this week, so here is my cheer up fun item for today; the cover, many pics and a huge article from the July 9, 2008 US Magazine, are all about Jake and Reese.
I don't have time to make the pics smaller...sorry:(
I hope everyone here can open the scans, enjoy the pics and read the copy.
There is a bit of a story included in article on the last page about Ryan and Abbe who look quite content and happy together.

see scans below and enjoy.
With love,
Your scan queen sass:)

Jake Reese US Magazine cover

Jake Reese US Magazine 1

Jake Reese US Magazine 2

Jake Reese US Magazine 3

Jake Reese US Magazine 4

Jake Reese US Magazine 5

Jake Reese US Magazine 6

Erin said...

thanks for the scans!!!!!!!

Reese's girlfriends dish the mag about what she tells them?
Or someone listens to their conversations?
How does the magazine find this stuff out?
Reese! your friends are dishing on you in rag mags!

Vicky said...

Thank you so much Sass, I will sit and read at my leisure.

Anonymous said...

How can we believe this magazine?
is this some spin fantasy?

I just wonder who these "sources, pal and friends" are

Erin said...

yes! thank you for the work on the scans!

thanks a million ;)

chica said...

Hi sass, my thoughts are with you, I hope your Breast cancer treament goes well.

Thnaks so much for the Us scans and all the other scans! If this is true, now we know where they are staying in London and it's not Notting Hill. Don't know how much is true, but the Belushi part rings true for me.

Anonymous said...

The article confirms that Jake has begun filming in London and that Reese is there with him. She was seen at Heathrow with Jennifer Aniston and she was spotted with Jake having dinner at Cipriani.

smile said...

Thank you very much Sass! You are a true gem!
All the best for you and your family and I sincerely hope your treatment will go smoothly and be effective. Will think about you and am sending good vibes to you!

Love the scans, will take the stuff with a huge grain of salt.
Had to giggle about the matching red bandanas of "her" dogs, how typically Reese!

Thanks also to UV and FL for creating such a lovely place! You guys are the best!

UltraViolet said...

Hi smile! Good to see you.

And thanks so much for the scans, sass. I think of you as our go-to scanner, but know you are dealing with some serious stuff these days. Glad to see you got a little break with this. As always, sending all good thoughts your way :)

As always, you can't take this all as gospel. But there are some fun tidbits in there. And I'm happy to have the London stuff confirmed. Maybe we'll get a photo yet!

bobbyanna said...

(((((sass))) You angel!! Thanks for this! Dorchester, hmmm. Cipriani's. The article just took a bunch of facts we already knew, 80% of them out there, and repackaged them.

What might have spurred it was spotting her at the airport. And this is a scoop, bcz the general public did not know Jake is in London. Once the paps had her leaving,alone, the PR people had to do damage control. So the main hook is Jake and Reese are very, very serious. And that part's true!

It could have been slanted a whole different way, but there was no malice at all. It was positive. Even Ryan's part. Sometimes when PR people know a magazine's getting ready to do a piece, they try to guide it in the right direction. Sort of making lemonade out of lemons.

This could have been SO negative. We know these rags will say anything. So,they could have made this a different, meaner tone.
(" Desperate Reese Abandons Her Children to Save Her Romance!" OR "Ryan Fed Up With Jake tearing Reese Away from the Kids!") Bcz if Reese is spotted at airports going to be with Jake, or on location with him,that can go either way.

This could have been snarky, catty, nasty, innuendos and all. So from the positive tone, I think they got "official" guidance. The other reason I think they got some official help is bcz of mentioning the Dorcester and Cipriani's. It might have been a trade off. We'll give you tidbits and you'll agree to our terms and leave them alone.

I don't believe there were any actual friends. I think the quotes were be made up by the magazine. The pics were all mostly pap pics.

Love to sass.Always thinking of you!

brothers spy said...

Ya bobbyanna tabloids definitely repackage a lot of stuff and this here is no different.

I disagree with some of your assessment. I think the discovery was the England stuff. That's why they're making such a thing about this. They discovered them in England together.

I think, like us here, US Weekly discovered that Reese went to England to be with Jake. They probably found out where they were staying and got a sighting of them at the restaurant. Thus, that became the basis of the story.

I think the part about him staying at her house was probably something they've had for a couple of weeks now. They mentioned something specific about Jake staying at her house while she was in Japan. They could have gotten this from paps outside her gated community watching him coming and going while she was away. There probably was nothing more to this than a sighting or two.

You put all that together, add some BS conversation between Reese and her friends, throw in some regurgitated tidbits and you got a new cover story.

brothers spy said...

Not wishing to spam, but I'd like to make another point.

My point about him at her house is that I don't think US Weekly has any inside information about them living together. Only that he stayed at her house while she was in Japan.

My guess is that he was probably looking after their dogs while she was gone for those two days. Remember that this happened just after Jake returned from SC. (He arrived in LA late Tuesday, early Wednesday and she showed up in Japan on that Wednesday).

Anyway, back on point, I think the biggest thing US Weekly made up here is ironically the living together situation. It's already known that Jake spends a lot of time at Reese's, so this isn't unusual. But I don't think they are officially living together at this point. He just stays over when the kids aren't there (which they weren't that week).

Bette said...

Sass you are too amazing! These scans are great, and big I don't have to squint to read them. Thank you so much! I am reading it now, I will share my thoughts when I have.

By the way, FL, that hat joke cracked me up. Very stealthy.

bobbyanna said...

Brothers spy, you have some compelling arguments, but I'm going to stick with my theory. I agree with you about Jake and the dogs but I am simply convinced the story happened bcz they spotted her at the airport.International terminal, Reese alone.

There was more detail stemming from the airport and the flight (sitting with Aniston, laughing talking, Jen her bag, etc.) No details and more importantly, no pictures, from London. They got that after the fact.

BTW. Hello! is either getting way ahead of themselves, or they aren't renting a house in Notting Hill and moving there with the kids. At least not yet. Maybe a case similar to what also happened in Columbia.

Rolling Stone magazine has a review of The Dark Knight. They have awarded Heath his Oscar.

Anonymous said...

Sass, hope all goes well with your treatments. Sorry to hear that you are ill - sending you good wishes. :)

get real said...

Thank you so much for the US Weekly scans, Sass!!! Sending you lots of healing vibes and wishing that your treatments go well. ((((Sass))))

I am with you Brothers Spy, I take all these articles with a grain of salt, even it is clear that Jake and Reese are together. While I love details of some of the places they visit I don't think their privacy needs to be some part made up/part truth cover story for all these gossip rags. But I am very curious and will read the article anyway, lol. Hope I don't sound like too much of a hypocrite. :p

And a huge thank you to UV/FL for all these amazing Jake pics! Love them!!


Anonymous said...

There will be an amazing concert event on Friday, here in Hyde Park, in London to celebrate the
90th birthday of Nelson Mandela. He arrived on Monday, and I wonder if Jake and Reese might at least attend that event.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they're staying at the Dorchester hotel. There's a lot of celebrities staying there and the paps are camped out.

Erin said...

I was surprised by the hotel to, because another rag mag said she got a house in London
two different stories of where they are staying London

shondra said...

The rag was Hello magazine, and I doubt that they are still at the Dorchester. That may have been a convienant place to go for Reese's first night in London. The place in Notting Hill may have not been ready at the time, they may be there now or somewhere else less "tourisy".

I have a feeling Notting Hill was leaked, may be the reason why it wasn't mentioned in Us.

Thanks for the scans sass, I hope all goes well with your treatment.

suvee said...

Scan Queen Sass, you are the best! Please know that you are in my thoughts.

I am totally fascinated (and often confused) by the tabs coverage of J & R. It's like a mini pop sociology lesson sometimes. For instance, the latest issue of People magazine had that little feature of 4 different couples, measuring how serious they were. Jake and Reese were noted to be very serious, while J. Timberlake and Ms. Biel (who have been dating as long as J & R), were rated as far less committed.
Not 4 days later, People's website had a poll on hot Hollywood guys (who would you want to date)..... but their set-up specifically noted that these men (Jake included) were "playing the field"..... implying they all were eligible. I don't get that contradiction in coverage.

I guess I thought that the tabs sort of settled on their "story", and stuck to that theme. It's a mystery to me...... but perhaps I'm looking for logic where none is meant to exist! :)

brothers spy said...


I think you are mistaken about that People poll.

It never said that they were all playing the field. It had a different description on all of the guys listed and for Jake I remember they described him as serious minded and in a serious relationship.

I think the purpose of the poll was to have different "types" of guys. Asking women which "type" they'd like to date.

As for the Hello Magazine story here's what I think. I think it was far too specific about Notting Hill to have been completely made up.

Tabloids don't make up stuff like that, something that can be verified in a matter of weeks or a month. They'd look bad. Yes they're tabloids. But they still don't want to look bad. True or not, I don't know, but someone definitly told them about the house in Notting Hill.

I still say it was the real estate people.

josie said...

Thanks for the heads up on the TDK review in Rolling Stone bobbyanna, WOW!! Peter Travers loved it and Heath. It sounds amazing.

You are in my thoughts sass, hoping all goes well. Thanks for the Us scans. I agree that they cobbled things that were already out there to make the story, just curious why Notting Hill wasn't mentioned. It would be an odd think for Hello to make up, i think it was leaked and they asked Us not to repeat it.

brothers spy said...

Or Josie US wasn't aware of it when they wrote the story. Or they couldn't get confirmation themselves, so they decided not to print it.

suvee said...

Hey, brother's spy! Because I don't have the best memory in the world, I thought I'd go back to find the article I was referring to.

The title of the article is: "Hollywood Hotties Up For Grabs", and it's prefaced with the following:

"From Clooney to Armstrong, some of the most famous guys on Hollywood's dating market are playing the field. Who do you think is the best boyfriend material?"

Maybe it's just my own interpretation, but I still think it's implying that Jake is available. Honestly though, this is so NOT a big deal..... I just thought it was odd.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like what happened when Jake went to Columbia for Nailed and they put some houses on a website and said this is where they will live. Then they stayed at a hotel. But I remember Jessica had a house bcz she had cook outs.

I don't think an estate agent would deliberately leak the Notting Hill info, but someone who also knew or overheard the information certainly would.
None of it is really important.

The main thing is that it confirms they are together and the other thing is that most people agree it is very serious. We knew both of those things, so we are ahead of the curve!;)

brothers spy said...


Hey i'm not upset. You're 100% right that tabloids contradict themselves all the time. I'm definitely not challenging you on that.

But I just remember that poll you mentioned.

This is the link:,,20208263,00.html

Of the four people on the list, three are in relationships right now (Mayer - with Jen Aniston; Armstrong - with Kate Hudson; Jake - with Reese Witherspoon).

The last line when presenting the choices states, "His pal (that would be Lance's pal) Jake might be. Is a homebody who likes to spend quiet time with Reese Witherspoon and her kids your type?"

BTW, Jake won that poll overwhelmingly.

brothers spy said...

I think they stayed at a hotel that first week in South Carolina, because their houses were put online.

But I think they found them different houses. I don't think they stayed in a hotel for that whole period.

sam said...

Thanks for the scans. I hope you feel better!

It sounds like she is really trying to phase Ryan out of her life totally if you can believe this article. He is the primary male figure in the kids life "for now" and she won't see him and will only text or email. That doesn't sound healthy or true didn't they show up together at something at one of the kids school? I would think she wouldn't go out of her way to spend time with him but they supposedly spent time together with the kids at Christmas too.

So anyway I believe they are living together or practically so. But I think there are lots of other non-facts in this article too.

UltraViolet said...

For US Heath fans not in the Eastern time zone, check out David Letterman tonight. I missed the beginning of the spot, but he talks about seeing TDK and emphasizes three things he loved about the movie. One is a joke; the second is Batman's motorcycle. The third is Heath. He goes on about how good he is and how it's hard to believe Heath isn't here anymore. (There is a very minor spoiler for one of Heath's scenes, but if you've been reading about TDK, you'll already know it.)

Found a link to one of those Mario Testino pics that shows just a little bit more of Jake. Nothing really exciting, but there it is, for those who like to see all of Jake they can :)

agent_krycek said...

I don't think an estate agent would deliberately leak the Notting Hill info, but someone who also knew or overheard the information certainly would.

Unfortunately, and being in that business, I find it all to easy to believe they would.

It's really odd that the Dorchester and dinner out are mentioned, and there's not been a whisper in the press over here, no sightings, photographs, anything.

Thankyou for the wonderful scans sass, and best wishes for everything your dealing with right now.

*It's bloody difficult to type wearing my stealth wedding hat*

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I really don't see an actors' strike happening, it would be a disaster. Productions like Pop would have to be shelved until resolved and push back the filming and the original opening date. Pop is scheduled for July 2009, a summer movie, so yeah it would be bad news.

I hope Jake and Reese are enjoying some downtime away from everything.

Thanks for posting Sag actor.

bobbyanna said...

"It remains unclear whether there will be an actors’ strike at all. The first indication is expected around July 8,..."
Sounds like two or three weeks of working on PoP might be done before a strike disruption looms.

UltraViolet said...

Please don't post really long articles in their entirety. Post a link instead, with some excerpts.

Reposting Sag Actor's story, but with a link instead of the entire article: Hollywood Braces for an Actors' Strike. An excerpt:

Labor unrest continues to dominate the landscape in Hollywood, and the possibility of a strike by actors has large movie studios planning to shut down production after Monday and has television studios rushing to complete episodes of series scheduled to return in the fall or January.

Most major movie studios long ago scheduled their big projects to finish shooting by Monday, the expiration date of the contract between the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and the Screen Actors Guild. ...

It remains unclear whether there will be an actors’ strike at all. The first indication is expected around July 8, when members of the smaller of the two major actors’ unions, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, known as Aftra, completes a vote on whether to ratify a new contract with the producers alliance.

bobbyanna said...

UV, that Mario Testino pic gives me goosebumps every time I see's kind of "porn-ish"...I like it. ;)

Bruckheimer Films is the lead on PoP with Disney secondary, Disney also handling distribution. It's very possible, thru some legal sleight of hand,this is an independent film and may have an exemption to continue. There are a lot of big budget movies that are "independent films." Guess we'll know soon enough. Jake's probably bouncing all over the place in front of a green screen doing those parkour moves.

FluorescentLamp said...

*It's bloody difficult to type wearing my stealth wedding hat*

Damn, I didn't take into consideration the wearing of the hat all day, all night, during work, until the blessed event.

Perhaps I could interest you in that flowery hat you were after in the beginning?

Not at all stealthy, but flowery!!

Hmm...a bit much you say?

Here, madam, the perfect wedding hat!

Stealthy and flowery is hard to come by. How do you feel about stealthy and...feathery?

extra said...

Maggie, Peter and Ramona in Venice, CA: Adorable!!

Maggie must be gearing up for TDK PR.

PS: I think that if Jake is at the studio in Shepperton doing green screen stuff/pre-production for Pop, and maybe the Notting Hill place (if true) isn't ready, then they are probably staying at a hotel not far from the studio.

bobbyanna said...

FL, Thanks to you and Agent K, I'm so excited about the upcoming event, speculatively speaking, that I've been considering hats too. The daisies really work if the wedding happens around the time of the Untitled Moon Project...but I'm torn. Red Feathers are very...Persian.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks SO much, extra!!! What a delicious little baby!!! these are great pictures. Peter carrying Ramona on his shoulders made me think of Heath, too. Peter and Heath seem to have similar taste in some extent...;)

Monica said...

Hello, Gyllenbabble!

Thank you to all articles and scan's!

As for the POP, I think they resolved advance the film because of a possible strike.

I am so happy to hear that the review's on the Batman and mainly on the performance of Ledger are positive!
Heath deserves all the praise!

Sass, my thoughts are with you.

Monica said...

On page of Us Weekly:

EXCLUSIVE: Jake Gyllenhaal Moves in With Girlfriend Reese Witherspoon

agent_krycek said...

Goodness Ramona is adorable, love the one where she's pulling Pete's ears.

Not much easier typing whilst being stealthy and feathery, but I do look mighty fine :D

Monica said...

The Ramona is so sweet!
It is increasingly similar to Peter!

FluorescentLamp said...

It warms my naturally curly headed heart to see Ramona has curls. Not enough Hollywood offspring with curls. More curls please!

UltraViolet said...

Extra, A commenter somewhere, I think on Hollywood Elsewhere, mentioned that the Dark Knight press junket is this weekend.

And thanks for that link to the Maggie/Peter/Ramona pictures. The curls and the ear-holding are adorable!

And thanks for the Us link, Monica. There's a "Should Jake and Reese marry" poll there, as well.

Also, I like the stealthy with feathers hat, too!

And here's the Letterman clip where he talks about TDK.

extra said...

Thanks for the Letterman clip UV, I can't wait until TDK opens, all the reviews have been great and they say that Heath is just amazing.

Still find it hard to believe he's gone.

extra said...

Jake and Reese residing in Notting Hill, from UK/Showbiz:

And from, only this time it's Jake's flat:

They credit a US source, but the Notting Hill story originated with the British tabloid Hello.

Anonymous said...

There is a press screening for TDK tonight at the Bridge Cinema de lux in L.A.

Lot's of other screenings, IMAX in other cites.

agent_krycek said...

Those UK reports are just culled from the original US ones of a couple of days ago, coupled with the sighting of Jake on a flight - still no actual spotting of them, although as Roddick is doing his best to break my heart yet again at Wimbledon, looks like I shall be engaging in a little field trip this Saturday, stalky and feathery hat firmly in place.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, this is X17online and they have been so wrong regarding them before but they claim they can confirm that Jake is no longer living at his place, although the location of his home is different than I thought so maybe they are wrong:

Narcissa said...

Jake doesn't live on Mulholland, although his parents have a house there. Another pinch of salt tale.

Erin said...

This whole moving in deal started from the London story
now the spin is living together
And in fact she is visiting him in London, tabs and rags are calling it "moving in"

Anonymous said...

Jake actually lives on Woodrow Wilson Ave/Dr., but that runs right off of Mulholland. The two streets are literally right next to each other with Mulholland being the more famous of the two. So that's probably why x17 mentioned it.

I was skeptical at first, but I think he may have informally moved in with her. I also think that a marriage may be coming sooner than most of us expect. Probably when he is finished with his current filming responsibilities.

Erin why are you so upset about this? I thought you wanted them to spend more time together. You were always worried that they wouldn't have any time for each other, repeating it over and over. Now we know that they spend all their time together when not working and plenty of time when they are. I would think you'd be estatic.

Erin said...

I'm trying to not get so wrapped up in this celebrity stuff anymore :P

I am just saying the way tabs and rags said they won't moving in until they married and then the London deal happened and the spin changed.
The tabs and rags have their own spin on everything, they take one little detail and blow it up to sell a story

anywho.. I am very happy for Jake and Reese

Bette said...

Guys I feel like I keep repeating myself, and I know when you grab these urls you think it won't be a big deal to post them up as is, but can we all try, at least the regulars to use html links? Please. I do want to see what you've posted, but I can't always do that if the url cuts off because of blogger. I always open these comments in a new tab, and I get the regular blogger page, and they are always cut off.

As for the recent news, I think they have moved in together, and I also believe they may already be engaged too.

Erin said...

The engaged part?

I guess she isn't wearing his ring yet in public?
Maybe she is wearing the ring in private for now?

bobbyanna said...

"I think they have moved in together, and I also believe they may already be engaged too."

Yesssss! ITAWTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bobbyanna said...

Sorry. Just wanted to add: Something definitely is different about them the past few months. They are more then just dating.

Monica said...



Bette said...

Bobbyanna total wishful thinking on my part, but I don't care. I do think something is different like you've said.

Monica thank you!

Monica said...

I am crazy to see Batman TDK!
For the character have done part of my childhood, by Bale (whom I admire as an actor and person), by Maggie, mainly by the director and Heath Ledger, who admired as an actor and person.

Thank you for the link Letterman, UV!

suvee said...

I absolutely loved seeing the pics of a happy Ramona with Dad and Mom. She is adorable..... love her hair! She sure looks like one very happy child...... they seem like a great family. Thanks, extra, for the link.

bobbyanna said...

God, I love Letterman! Always been a Letterman girl. Thanks for this, UV. Just watched the clip. How ever will I get thru seeing this movie, which I fully intend to do, on opening weekend, if I can't even watch this clip without being a total mess.

agent_krycek said...

Still no actual sightings that I can find - Come on Jake, the hair extensions can't be that bad!

*Having sudden visions of Mel Gibson's dreadful mullet in Bravehear :o *

shondra said...

No sightings of Reese either, he and the cast must be staying not to far from the studio. probably a hotel and that would include Reese.

Paula said...

What adorable pictures of Maggie, Peter and Ramona, they look so happy, thanks so much for posting!

bobbyanna said...

"*Having sudden visions of Mel Gibson's dreadful mullet in Bravehear:*"


(Stomach lurches. Wall dented from contact with head.)

I'm fine.

Evie said...

This is my first visit to GyllenBabble, and it's a wonderful discussion site. I've enjoyed reading the recent comments on J&R in London, moving in or not, the PoP, etc.

I agree with whoever said these two may already be engaged. The relationship seems to have deepened recently, and you can't avoid noticing that they spend every minute they possibly can with each other, no matter where one or the other happens to be.

Also agree that the Us story is largely a rehash, padded with speculation that it wants you to interpret as fact. As I've asked a number of times elsewhere, who are these "friends" who keep blabbing such personal information to the tabloids? With friends like these, who needs enemies? And if Reese is consulting with her married girlfriends every week about whether she should marry Jake, then she doesn't love him enough and she should break it off. LOL.

Regarding Nailed: I have such a bad feeling about this film. I suspect it will go straight to video--if it ever comes together at all. I'll bet Jake thinks signing on to this production was one of his biggest mistakes ever.

Lemon said...

I would love to photograph Jake, he's clearly a fantastic subject =]

Reese has always been very good at disappearing and can go undetected for quite a while so I'm not surprised we haven't seen any recent photos. Especially as Jake is also very good at hiding. If they are in Blighty, then my guess is that the British Paparazzi aren't really that interested, so the couple can go unnoticed. Perhaps, Reese and Jake doesn't sell as well as Amy Winehouse's dying skeleton or some other tacky "celebrity" falling over drunk.

josie said...

I also took a look back at the last pap pic of Reese at LAX/International on Saturday. She looked great, very hipster but very unlike Reese IMO.

It was clear that she was trying to be low-key, if her international flight out of LAX was to London I bet she is low key, under the radar and keeping out of the way of the paps, same with Jake who is most likey at the studio all day, and his behavior described on the encounter thread on IHJ clearly shows that he didn't want to be recognized.

I'm just wondering how long his hair is since that encounter as well as another mentions how long it was even with his hoodie on!

Anonymous said...

I know it's from imdb, but i'm wondering if they did change the filmimng schedule, if the film is in production can't they get a waiver if a strike happens? If they wait until July 28th to start and they are in the middle of a strike, then all bets are off:

Preproduction underway in London right now

Mon Jun 23 2008 19:54:48

"It appears that they will begin filming in London, not in Morrocco. They're filming in London over the summer and in Morocco in September/October".

agent_krycek said...

If they are in Blighty, then my guess is that the British Paparazzi aren't really that interested, so the couple can go unnoticed.

I wouldn't bet on it, the British paps are vicious, and even if there wasn't a great deal of interest here (which there would be) the photos would be worth money in the US.

I'm wondering if Notting Hill was actually a planted leak, and they're actually staying somewhere else entirely. If they want to be near the studios NH isn't that convenient really, bit of a battle through the traffic, they could be somewhere much more low key, and not even be in London, Shepperton isn't really in London - plus Shepperton is close to the M25 (London ringroad) so they could be anywhere, and still have easy access.

sheba baby said...

I was thinking a hotel/place in Shepperton as well agent k, more convienant and out of the way.

Notting Hill is way to easy for the paps.

bobbyanna said...

"I'm wondering if Notting Hill was actually a planted leak, and they're actually staying somewhere else entirely"

I kind of agree with this. Wouldn't be surprised. But I also think they are maybe not in a hotel either. I'm guessing rented house, just not where people think.

There is a huge amount of activity in London with the Mandela Birthday celebration. Add that to the movie premieres, the concerts, etc. and I'd imagine the paps are pretty busy.

Will Smith, Denzel, Uma Thurman, Orpah, Emma Thompson, Elton John, Dustin Hoffman, John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston, etc. You just have celebrities everywhere. SO between that, chasing after the Foyals, Amy Winehouse and maybe Guy Ritchie, the paps are scrambling around like crazy. I think they will focus in more diligently by next week. Just a theory.

UltraViolet said...

The paps are busy, no doubt. But I've seen pictures of Jerry Springer, so it's not like they are only getting A-Listers! I'm sure the British paps would love to get a shot of Jake and Reese. I know I'd love it!

Oh, and Bobbyanna, I forgot to say - I'm glad you enjoyed the Mario Testino repost :)

bobbyanna said...

I meant the Royals! I have no idea who the "Foyals" are! ;)

Yes, UV. I caught those Jerry Springer pictures, too. There were LOTS of Jerry Springer pictures.

You're right, of course, anyone would love to catch a shot of Jake and Reese. But without working really hard at all, the paps can get a slew of other celebs. I mean. They shot Lucy Liu. (!!!)

Sometimes I think Jake and Reese surrender to the inevitable, and their PR people give "exclusives" to one magazine, to limit their exposure to harrassment.

The preconditions being that they aren't to be disturbed at certain times. Then they will get their series of photos.

If a magazine has an exclusive, other magazines/paps don't go there. The paparazzi find out very quickly if People Magazine is not taking pictures of Jake and Reese, bcz US Weekly has the exclusive.

The exclusive isn't a permanent arrangement, but usually for a period of time in a given location.

I've just gotten the impression, that ever since that terrible mess at the airport with the kids, when they were coming back from Mexico, things have tightened up and the PR people are exerting more control over access.

Plus, I'd imagine Jake's very focussed on his work environment right now.

Not to mention possible "Braveheart" issues!!!:(

sass said...

Hi and TY so so much for the Letterman clip,

I love Letterman and I was so upset when I missed that show. TY TY a million times over. I can never get enough of Mario's Jake photos so I thank you again.

Heath is going to blow us all away. I just watched the trailer again and tonight I hope I'll see it again in Angelina's new movie.

Off to watch Hillary and Barack in Unity, NH.


Anonymous said...

Went to the Doc's today and saw an old People Magazine from
March'08, and it said Jake was spending most of his time with Reese and the kids at her house in Brentwood. So this "moving in together" stuff is more then a rehash. It is confirming things are "different" as so many of you are saying.

Narcissa said...

Welcome Evie. The way I look at it - a long career is bound to have a fair number of mistakes. And if Nailed is a mistake - and it sure don't look hopeful - that's one chalked off.

There's only so much luck to go around!

Otherwise - I think the NH "planted leak" story sounds likely. After the business with the accommodation in SC, and the Mexican airport mess, they would likely go to greater lengths to cover their tracks.

Erin said...

With their relationship getting more serious I am sure they have made more security/press changes.

Seems like the more serious this relationship gets the more security and low-key everything changes.

Erin said...

I was thinking
There has to be so much pressure in a celebrity relationship, press, prying tabs and rags, stories, security, PR agents, have to give out little stories so the public will leave you alone.
Having to sneak around in public, or a crush of paps attack you, your face on every magazine

then again I understand that is the nature of being famous and Jake/Reese are handling everything very well

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I agree narcissa especially if she plans on bringing the kids along as well.

I have a feeling that London will be his home base for filming Pop, it's a lot easier flying to and from the UK to Morrocco and back rather than L.A. Also I read that Ryan has a flat in London and spent part of the last summer there as weel so I assume if this is true, then this was all worked out.

I also think that Jake went to London not only for pre-production stuff, but to help set up everything.

I'm off to watch the unity rally to sass!

bobbyanna said...

The Unity Rally was great!! Once again, Hillary did a masterful job. Very good speech. When I look at what we have and then look at what "they" have, I know we just have to win. We have to.