Saturday, April 26, 2008

"A true artist and a really good guy"

That's how Brothers producer Ryan Kavanaugh described Jake Gyllenhaal to People magazine. After all the inane gossip of the past weeks, it was nice to hear someone who knows Jake describe him the way I think of him.

And it was fun to hear Kavanaugh's view of Reese and Jake :)

Since Jake didn't rescue us from The Post That Wouldn't End, I figured I'd just start a new one, despite the lack of news from the Nailed set. No new pics, either, so here's a late addition to the Malibu Park photos from a couple of weeks ago.

I won't be mad if I wake up to find new Jake pictures, sightings and happy news. Until then, post away with your thoughts on Jake's artistry and/or humanity.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Some non-news from Nailed:

Looking for Jake and finding Jessica

Latenight shooting:

I'm looking out my apartment window right at the capital, they have the corridor from Gervais to Pendleton of Sumter street closed off. Filming trucks, etc. Super bright light shining on the entrance of a building right on Sumter. Here's a pic as of 2AM:

UltraViolet said...

Thanks also to suvee for posting the Life&Style article. Loved the idea of Jake and Reese looking at properties already. As well as the "all but moved into Reese's"house part :)

Anonymous said...

Yay new post, thanks, UV I really enjoyed reading the People article, that was until I read some inane comments re homophobia but then some people will always try to twist anything to do with Jake to their way of thinking, (sorry delete if you like, just had to say something).

Anonymous said...

So Reese spent some time on the set of Brothers. Smart girl.

Narcissa said...

"So Reese spent some time on the set of Brothers." And no more than a whisper got out, which was easily overlooked or dismissed.

Unless there's a pap pic, people don't believe it. When there's a pap pic, they whine that it's staged.

suvee said...

"Loved the idea of Jake and Reese looking at properties already. As well as the "all but moved into Reese's "house part"

UV, those were my favorite bits from the Life&Style article too. I was pretty sure you would love them. :)

I'm trying not to get too excited over the reemergence of the Jake/Chris restaurant rumor. It does seem like something that would be very tempting to them, so fingers crossed.

But my true foodie Jake fantasy would be for him to have a show on the Food Network..... with Chris, of course! I watch Tyler Florence (another yummy man) every Saturday morning, and I usually find myself thinking how fun it would be see Jake do something similar. I think it would be a wildly entertaining show.

Thanks UV for the "Nailed" non-news bits. I loved that first one!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she got the chance to catch up with Tobey Maguire. They've been friends since filming Pleasantville together. I'm glad that nothing (stories, pics, etc) got out about R&J on the set of Brothers. It's nice to think they have that privacy.

chica said...

Love the idea of a Jake/Chris cooking show on the food channel as well!

Love the tidbit about Reese and Jake from People too, thanks!

sheba baby said...

Kavanaugh is a big wheel in HW, had no idea he was one of the producers of Brothers. Love his quotes about Jake and Jake/Reese. I remember one blog sightng of her on set and that NM newspaper reported that she was there on is birthday, but they reported it after the fact.

I have a feeling we will hear about Reese sightings in SC soon!

sass said...

Afternoon UV and friends,
It's lovely reading about our favorite couple and Nailed sightings. Thanks for the information on Kavanaugh.
Got the black dog still, only since the 22nd--Heath-- so I know what caused it, but it's still here.

extra said...

New cast edition to Nailed:

Malinda Williams Joins Tracy Morgan And Jessica Biel In 'Nailed'
Posted Apr 26th 2008 3:22PM by Wilson Morales
Filed under: It's All Reel

Fresh from being featured in David Talbert's First Sunday with Tracy Morgan and Ice Cube, Soul Food's Malinda Williams will be working with Morgan again as she just signed on to 'David O. Russell's romantic comedy 'Nailed,', which stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessical Biel.

In the film, Biel's character Alice is a naive waitress who gets a nail shot into her head, causing erratic and outrageous behavior. She heads to Washington to fight for better health care and ends up falling for a clueless new congressman (Gyllenhaal) who must summon the political courage to save her.

Malinda's character joins Jessica Biel and Morgan's characters on a march to Washington, DC to persuade Congress to pass new healthcare reforms.

Also featured in the film are James Marsden and Catherine Keener. Morgan will play a an injured compatriot of Alice's who has given up on love.

bobbyanna said...

Whew!!! From Dublin to Bankok, the Google alerts are making the rounds! "Gyllenhaal deeply in love..." :) Makes me smile. Thanks for the updates UV.

Hope everyone is having a brilliantly sunny Saturday!
I saw Deception today. My goodness,Hugh Jackman! What a deliciously lethal, evil villain. Michelle looked beautiful. Alma has left the building.

The movie could have been great. I enjoyed it, but it went on too long, IMHO. Never heard of the director, but Hugh Jackman produced it.

I know, sass. For some strange reason, it grabs hold when you least expect it, and it lingers. For me, it has nothing to do with the date. Just the idea of time passing, and some thing will bring it to mind. Unreal.

shondra said...

Thanks for the non-news from Nailed UV, LOL!

Love all the Kavanaugh quotes, and from the previous thread: how soon do we hear that both Jaken and Reese have put up their homes for sale? The place in Ojai is a weekend getaway, bet they are looking for their own place.

UltraViolet said...

Sass! It's good to see you - wondered where you'd been. Sorry to hear you are feeling down. Maybe Jake will resurface and put a smile on your face :)

And yes, Bobbyanna, it was fun to see that People article linked over and over. That made me smile!

office of nancy pelosi said...

I love all the google alerts about this as well, I hope Jake and the rest of the crew of Nailed are settled in and are getting down to business!

Anonymous said...

Loved the people article UV but I think we are in need of some new pics, sightings anything.

chica said...

I just got back from seeing The Forbidden Kingdom and noticed that it was
produced by Ryan Kavanaugh!

Check out his credits on IMDB, they inclide 21, Charlie Wilson's War and 1-2-3 to Yuma:

BTW, The Forbidden Kingdom is a totally check your brain at the door/popcorn movie, fun if you like that type of film.

TheAmazingKarnak said...

By Wednesday at the LATEST, we will see pics either of Reese, Jake, or both!

Paula said...

LOL!!! They have been filming all week and no pics, just the night shot on IMDB and the sighting of Jessica coming out of her trailer to see her dog, I think the set is closed, something they should have done from day one.

If there is any sightings or pics, I bet they will ahve nothing to do with Nailed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Reese went down to Charleston and he is there with her, or he went back to LA. Or maybe he will work really hard and the go home next weekend. Maybe they will do every other week and if the schedule lets him he would leave for Thursday. I think he will probably not be in Colombia for all ten weeks. He might only need to be there for six or seven weeks. I think Jessica is the one who will need to work more in more scenes.

sallykirkland said...

Does anyone know if the actors will go out on strike? How will that affect production? I saw something about it but failed to read it.

extra said...

Sallykirkland, here is a bit from the AP about the strike:

Threat of an actors strike boosts movie production
By LYNN ELBER – 2 days ago

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Feature film production in the Los Angeles area jumped 11 percent in the first three months of the year as studios moved to get ahead of a possible actors strike.

FilmL.A. Inc., an agency that tracks on-location filming, said the increase came in comparison to the first quarter of 2007.

"The studios are trying to get production wrapped before June 30," the expiration date for the current Screen Actors Guild contract, Jack Kyser, chief economist for the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp., said Friday.

A film shoot interrupted by a strike would a "very expensive proposition," he said.

SAG and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers held their 10th day of negotiations on Friday as another actors union, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, waited in the wings for its contract talks to begin on May 5.

AFTRA delayed the start of its talks for a week to give SAG a better chance to complete a three-year deal covering movies and prime-time television.

Kyser said the reprieve for SAG gave many workers in Hollywood hope that there won't be a repeat of the 100-day strike by writers that brought the entertainment industry to a standstill.

FilmL.A. said TV production was making a slow recovery from the strike. TV location filming was down 45 percent in the first quarter of 2008, compared to last year, the agency said.

A key issue in the SAG talks is improved compensation for shows and movies distributed online, just as it was for the writers guild.

SAG sent a report to members on Thursday outlining why projects distributed digitally are important to actors. It said 134 million Americans — three in every four Internet users — view online videos each month.

In addition, it said that by 2010, the top 100 media companies will collect an estimated $20.7 billion a year in Internet revenue, with advertisers spending $2.9 billion annually on online video ads.

"All this adds up to tremendous opportunities for actors," SAG told members.

suvee said...

"Or maybe he will work really hard and the go home next weekend. "

Next Sunday is Mother's Day..... and I'm sure Reese will want to spend it with her kids (in Ojai maybe?). Don't know if Naomi is in LA, but if so, Jake will have 2 good reasons to be in California next weekend!

extra said...

Next Sunday is May 4th, Mother's day is May, 11th. Ryan had the kids last weekend, Reese if they are on schedule has them this weekend.

On May 4th, Reese wil be in DC for the Avon walk for breast cancer. I assume that Ryan will have the kids then, and then Reese for Mothers day weekend.

More on Reese and the Avon walk:

suvee said...

A big TY to extra for getting me back on the correct week! :)

I've spent the last 2 days thinking next weekend was Mother's Day weekend...... and have been making plans accordingly. Yikes!

lawgoddess said...

Fun post, nice to see some good press.:)

I could sure use some new pictures, though ( sulks).

I guess Jake will be photographed in his own good time.

Anonymous said...

SC isn't that far from DC. A short flight and she could be there to see Jake, or he could fly out to see her.

nosy said...

Hey, theamazingkarmak,is this inside info or just speculation???

gyllenspooner said...

I have a feeling the every other weekend scenerio is what is going on right now.

I don't think they saw each other this past weekend given that they were filming on Saturday at the state house and Jake most likely was involved and Reese had her kids this weekend. A week from this weekend is Mothers Day and it's likely that Reese will be with her children. That leaves this weekend as the one where Reese and Jake will likely get together.

Expect Reese sightings in SC or Jake sightings in LA.

As for Jake/Chris cooking show, I would absolutely love to see that. It makes sense given that Jake has a production company and Chris is a telegenic chef.

FluorescentLamp said...

It makes sense given that Jake has a production company and Chris is a telegenic chef.

He is certainly telegenic, but have you ever noticed that he's never appeared along side Mario Batali on Iron Chef America as his sous chef?

I sometimes get the feeling Chris isn't exactly overjoyed and comfortable with the fame and recognition that comes with being the best friend of a celebrity.

shondra said...

I agree with you FL, and I noticed that that Life & Style article had pics of Jake and Chris, I don't think I saw that before.

I hope that he knew about this article before hand, if so then maybe this will actually happen

gyllenspooner said...

I agree FL. It's certainly up to Chris. But, assuming he's into it, it's definitely something I can see happening.

Chris would need a schtick though. All those cooking shows have something that makes them unique. I don't think Chris would want to be "the chef that's Jake Gyllenhaal's best friend." I don't think he wants to be the next Gayle King (Oprah's best friend).

But if he's into it I can definitely see it working out. Does Chris work for Mario Batali?

UltraViolet said...

Another "nice Jake" report from IMDb:

I was an extra on the set this week and it seems to me like Jake is a very nice guy. I don't see him throwing a hissy fit.

Jessica did look like she didn't want to be bothered at all. ( Please don't notice me.)

UltraViolet said...

Sighting from a few weeks back: was the Sunday when we moved the clocks ahead and I got out of bed thinking that it would be nice to see even less people at the Farmer's Market since everyone lost an hour of sleep. I had made all of my purchases and went to get my weekly sugar cane/cayenne detox juice but the guy said he had to make a new batch. They know I like it fresh so I didn't complain and decided to spend 20 minutes reading. I was just looking around and happened upon a hot dude with a great body and nice posture. I said to myself, "Wow. He looks like a young Paul Newman. Nice job, cupcake, you'll go far in this town." I went back to reading. But I looked up again and was like, wait a minute, that's Jake Gyllenhaal!

I'm not really into bum rushing stars unless they are star academics like Cornell West, but Brokeback does hold a special place in my heart. So I made a deal with myself; I'll get my detox juice and leave and if I happened upon Jake on my way out I'll say something to him. It was about 10 minutes later and Jake was gone from view. I got my juice and started on my way home when I noticed two women whispering about a guy further down in front of me. He was looking at sprouts. So I walked up beside him and looked at some spinach:

Me: "I don't want to make a big deal of this, but I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I think you're the best ever."

Jake: "Awww...thanks!"

Me: "God bless you."

Jake: "Thanks. Take care."

So then I went home. I was trying to convey to him positive energy given Heath Ledger's recent demise and as a gay fan say what I could without going into a lot of stuff. The thing that struck me was that he was a present and sincere person; the "awwww" was totally not condescending or sketchy. Very nice guy and combined with the good looks....I had to get home quickly and watch BBM in the privacy of my own home.

bobbyanna said...

I don't know how "telegenic" Chris Fischer is. I DID notice the room temperature went WAY up all of a sudden in that theatre lobby, when he walked passed me on the rope line in Toronto! I totally lost my powers of speech and movement...and I noticed a few ladies fanning themselves, gasping, and saying, " OMG!" very prayerfully.:)
Yes. He is all that!

Anonymous said...

That sighting of Jake is adorable. I'm glad they had a good encounter with him.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What a great encounter and love the comments on IMDB.

And best wishes to all that will be participating in the Avon walk on Sunday in DC.

UltraViolet said...

Just in from IMDb, lol:

Jessica said in a recent radio interview that there is no truth to the rumours about Jake being a diva on set.

extra said...

It looks like Nailed finished filming at the Statehouse in Columbia:

Anonymous said...

Another bit just in on IMDB.

"Talking with Jake the other day...I can tell you he's a regular guy.
Nice as can be!

As is the rest of the cast and crew for that matter on the set of Nailed.

If anyone is out of hand, it's the "Hollywood Moms" stuffing their FAT faces!!!
Constantly begging for little sally to be on camera.

There’s your DIVA’s"

I never believed he acted like a diva anyway.

Anonymous said...

Another person on imbd said that they were talking to Jake the other day and said, "he was an ordinary guy, nice as can be." He made a point of attacking the mothers of the child actors though saying that they are the true terrors, "stuffing their fat faces."

That cracked me up.

I think the person works at the legislature as he seems to be a Republican and seems to know what's going on in the building (the Republicans control the state house and governership in SC). So that lends credibility to his report.

It was still funny.

I think that earlier report about Jake was total BS.

chica said...

Thought the Jake/Diva story was BS as well, thanks for the links and I love the encounter from a few weeks back!

josie said...

Wow, what a great find UV, you are really good!!! What a wonderful encounter, thanks!!

UltraViolet said...

Another Nailed casting call:

There was a casting call last month when casting directors were looking for girl extras. Now the movie needs adult males and senior citizens.

The extras will be used during filming Thursday.

Of course, they don't say where filming will be, but if there are any Columbia adult males or senior citizens reading, go for it!

UltraViolet said...

Glad people enjoyed the encounter. I like reading about these things. I guess it's nice that not everyone Jake encounters blogs about it, but it would be nice if a few more did!

suvee said...

Thanks UV for passing along all the lovely Jake encounter stories. I always enjoy hearing these confirmations that Jake really is the nice guy we believe him to be.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this site? :)

get real said...

Aww, what a great encounter! Thanks for finding that UV. I love hearing people having special experiences meeting Jake.

Not surprisingly it seems the "hissy fit" was bullshit.

get real said...

Agreed, Suvee. It's great to hear all these nice Jake encounters.

This site is the best!

agent_krycek said...

Awww, I love that Farmers Market encounter, he acted the way I like to think I'd act if I met Jake, nice, cool, calm and collected and intelligent(instead of turning into a rabid fangirl, squeeing loudly and generally making a complete idiot of myself - which is far more likely)

gyllenspooner said...

I think I would have been a squeeling fangirl i'm sad to say. lol.

It's good that some people can keep their senses about them.

UltraViolet said...

An extra's account of a filming day.

More detail and less editorial commentary, please! And more Jake and less Jessica, as always :)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for that UV, and i could not agree more. I was surprised to learn this blogger is 48! He sounds like an obnoxious teenager! I think confidentiality agreements are SOP on films. But personal gossip is always welcome! :D.

Somehow, I just don't see Jessica confiding in Jake about how difficult it is for her and JT, on a movie set, while standing around with a lot of extras and others milling around eavesdropping. I think Jessica and JT are in a different kind of relationship. For one thing, I think Jessica might be more smitten with him then he is with her. She might want serious, him, not so much.
JT seems to really enjoy his Rock Star lifestyle, and the partying.
Jessica seems young for her age.

sallykirkland said...

Jessica was the "third party" in the Cameron and Justin break-up.

While I realize that relationships really do fall apart from within, I don't have particularly warm feelings towards someone who'd present herself as some viable alternative before the prior relationship ended.

As I recall, she and Justin were flirting shamelessly when he was out on a date with Cameron attending some afterparty/concert thing for Prince or something. A heated argument ensued. Later, they were also spotted "sneaking around" a couple of times before it was a done deal with Cameron and Justin.

I don't think Jake is anything like Justin at all. Jake got all that stuff out of his system seven or eight years ago. And that Jessica Beil person ought to know that.

This makes that meeting of Jake, Reese and Cameron at Robert Downey, Jr.'s birthday party even more meaningful. Wonder if Cameron had some advice for Jake...or Reese:) I do feel that Jake and Reese operate on a higher level then some of these other post adolescent "couples."

They have been together for a good while and I feel they are very serious. No comparison between them and Justin and Jessica.

sheba baby said...

Kudos to you again UV for finding this, you are awesome! And Bobbyanna I was just as surprised as you to learn that he is 48, he sounds like a teenager, LOL!

I don't think Jessica has left SC since filming and she has her dog with her, and we all know that Atticus is back in L.A. being looked at by Reese and we know that he was in L.A. last weekend

I don't know how serious Jessica and JT are but from what I hear and read in the rags, he is a party type and has been seen around other girls while away from Jessica.

Anonymous said...

"Are you eyeballing me boy?" lol.

I love how tough people get being anonymous on the internet.

I think what that guy wrote was interesting, but it wouldn't surprise me if he exaggerated some stuff. He seems like the type that would.

Monica said...

News June 2006
This blog is about gastronomy of the talent of Chris Fischer:

"Our thanks, too, to the exceptionally talented Chris Fischer and pastry chef Gina DePalma for making last night's dinner so unforgettably delicious.

Chris shows himself to be equally adept at pasta, fish, and meat - not to mention vegetables. We were stunned (as it's not the kind of dish we typically rave about) to encounter the single best potato salad we've ever tasted in our lives: the "Spring Salad" that's a medley of tiny flavor-packed potatoes straight from the Union Square Greenmarket served over Pecorino with a liberal drizzle of olive oil. We were also blown away by everything from the bass with grilled fruits to the porcini-crusted steak. At 26, Chris Fischer is definitely a young talent worth keeping an eye on. "

It has a picture of Chris dressed as a chef and another one of the dishes made by him.

shondra said...

I just want to add that I love this blog too!! Thanks for that link monica, the food looks incredible.

I hope that the rumors about Jake and Chris opening up their own place are true.

LOL at that blogger/extra! I agree more about Jake and less about Jessica please!

UltraViolet said...

A little tidbit from Cafe Sabarsky, the eatery that keeps on giving:

Anyway, back to Cafe Sabarsky. I had my luggage with me and at first they wouldn't let me in. After my luggage was searched and locked away in a bombproof room (OK, not really), we figured it all out and I was able to enjoy a lovely two-hour brunch that included crepes with smoked trout and horseradish cream, and wiener melange one of the best cups of coffee ever with the funniest name. Apparently pronounced "veener" not "wiener," our server guffawed with laughter every time we misspoke. Seriously, he actually said to us "That never gets old." At least he admitted that I was in good company since he said Jake Gyllenhaal made the same pronunciation gaffe. The food is very good here, but it's the pastries that really make people drool. We had two--Sabarskytorte which is a dark chocolate and rum torte and some kind of Quark cheese strudel. What a sweet way to end my trip.

See the Pedro video for a cross-reference :)

get real said...

Oh thanks for the foodie info UV and Monica! Great to hear Chris is such a talented chef. Makes me want J&C to open that restaurant asap. I think with both of their creative and culinary talent, as well as tons of charm it would be a top restaurant in no time. Will definitely have to check out Prune and Cafe Sabarsky. Hopefully remembering the correct pronunciation, lol.

And yeah more Jake info please from that blogging Nailed extra. I agree that it seems he was adding unnecessary "commentary".

JBFan said...

Jessica was not a third party in the Justin Cameron breakup. Justin and Cameron had already broken up when Justin attended an after party for the Golden Globes (where Prince was performing) alone. He talked to Jessica there and Cameron and Justin had a fight about it.

It is totally unfair to characterize Jessica this way when you don't know the facts.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
josie said...

jbfan: I heard the same regarding JT and Cameron.

If you believe the rags, she hasn't exactly been moping around thinking about him, she has moved on with several BF's since.

extra said...

OT:I hope Nailedis finishd before June 30th!

Update on the SAG talks:

SAG talks show little progress
Negotiations move into 12th day
By DAVE MCNARYMore Articles:
End is near for Pellicano trial
Toho files suit against Cosmo
Revenue rises for Russian CTC
Duo team on entertainment complex
ITV chief hops to rival
CBS posts increase in profits
Special Report:
Tribeca Film Festival Coverage Negotiations between the Screen Actors Guild and the majors have moved into their 12th day with little sign of progress.
Talks resumed Tuesday morning at the headquarters of the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers in Encino with no official word as to specifics.

SAG and the AMPTP are set to negotiate through Friday. SAG's feature-primetime contract expires June 30 and the lack of resolution has stalled any greenlighting of new feature projects until a deal's in hand.

The Alliance's once-delayed primetime talks with the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists will begin next Monday and are widely expected to move quckly to a deal. That prospect may pressure SAG into making a deal over the next few sessions, since AFTRA would have an advantage in signing new shows if it's the first one with a new deal.

SAG and the majors have spent most of the past three weeks discussing terms in new media. Both sides have continued to avoid any provocative language that would derail negotiatons.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say thanks to all you guys for making such sweet comments about the blog. It's been pretty slow in Jakeland lately, and inspiration isn't always readily available.

So thanks for the encouraging words through the doldrums.

And thanks to everyone who brings links.

And yes, extra, let's hope Russell keeps things in check well enough to finish by the end of June.

Anonymous said...

UV, I see you deleted the comment. Feel free to delete my last. Thanks.

UltraViolet said...

No prob, anon. Thanks for the back up!

Of course the man has a right to say anything he wants in his blog. I just always want more details on Jake. It's a request I make of everyone :)

brothers spy said...

I have some information about Nailed.

According to a poster on imdb, they're filming at a zoo tomorrow.

Well after a quick google search, I discovered that Columbia, SC has one zoo.

It's called "Riverbanks Zoo and Garden."

Here is its website:

suvee said...

"It's been pretty slow in Jakeland lately, and inspiration isn't always readily available."

Well, first of all, IMHO you and FL do just fine keeping this blog fun and interesting, so please don't worry about having to manufacture inspiration!

And even though it's slow now...... good things come to those who wait. Something (new restaurant, new digs with Reese, a wedding maybe?) will be coming up to make up for this Jake news shortage. The pendulum always swings back. (Sorry, but apparently I'm in a Zen frame of mind tonight!)

Oh, TY to Monica for the Chris news! So nice to see him getting props for his culinary talent.

Anonymous said...

Yet another film rumour, I really really hope this is not true.

"2012 will be the year


One of Hollywood's hottest couples may soon be headed our way. Rumour has it, none other than Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal will be here to star in an epic new flick called 2012. It centres around a group of people who face natural disasters, such as typhoons and volcanoes, that coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. Filming is expected to get underway in Los Angeles and in Vancouver in late June. 2012 will hit theatres next year."

UltraViolet said...

Hmm - that sounds... interesting?

There's a little tidbit about the UMP here:

Doug Liman, the director, spoke before the screening, and shared that he is currently working on two projects: the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame and a moon mission flick with Jake Gyllenhaal. He's also planning a third project, Knight Rider, and described this eventual remake as being made purely to entertain in this era of insanity, and stated, "It's like chicken soup, something that this particular audience will understand."

At least we know Liman is still working on it!

As for Knight Rider? I hope he was kidding.

UltraViolet said...

According to IMDb pro, 2012 is being written and produced by Roland Emmerich:

Sony Pictures Entertainment has picked up Roland Emmerich's apocalyptic spec script 2012. The studio is planning a July 10, 2009, release.

Emmerich, known for his big-budget disaster event movies, co-wrote the script with his 10,000 B.C. co-writer Harald Kloser and will direct. Emmerich and Kloser also will produce.

2012 was the first big spec to hit the market since the end of the writers strike. Emmerich and his CAA agents went out with it Tuesday, with the script hitting only the studios' top brass. Emmerich then followed up with meetings Wednesday.

While a deal almost was assured, many studios bowed out quickly. Some didn't like the story, describing it as a "Roland Emmerich greatest-hits package." The script blends the idea of the Mayan calendar, which predicts the world ending in 2012, with natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoons and glaciers plaguing the planet and a large cast of characters dealing with the mayhem.

Others balked at the price tag.

Anonymous said...

"Roland Emmerich greatest-hits package."

Thats one of the reasons (among others) I hope it's not true.

gabbana said...

Honestly spoken - I really hope the "2012" project is a rumour. Emmerich - he is not interested in his actors and the characters they are playing.

I am hoping the "Prince of Persia" rumours are true. Mike Newell is a respected director and from what I have read the script looks interesting and the film will not only include brainless action.

Someone at IHJ posted some news on the "Namath" project. Apparently Jake will play Joe Namath in a film written by David Hollander. The film is due to 2010. Unfortunatly the poster gave no link.

agent_krycek said...

No, really don't like the sound of 2012 - especially with that director, Jake was the only thing worth watching in TDAT - must admit we spent most of our time in the cinema in hysterics when a group of us went to see it, and we weren't the only one - why use an actors talents when you can stick in a special effect and a dozen cliches seems to be his motto. Can't see Reese doing it either, I think someones trying to drum up publicity by attaching two hot names to it.

Narcissa said...

Definitely don't like the sound of the Emmerich project. I can't imagine there's much satisfaction in working on a cliche-ridden special effects blockbuster. Let's hope it's just another rumour!

UV, you do a terrific job with this blog, and ESPECIALLY when there is a "drought".

Paula said...

Emmerich is a hack, I just hope this is just another rumor!

bobbyanna said...

Ewww! I sincerely hope Jake and Reese aren't involved! What will it be? War of the Worlds meets TDAT?

You know, and this is kind of OT but not, I watched Gone Baby Gone the other night for the first time.
I know this was an Affleck "family project."

But as I watched it, and I do like Casey, he did a nice job, but as I watched it, I kept seeing Jake in the role of Patrick, the PI. He would have been totally perfection in it.

Casey was excellent. That isn't the point. I think Jake ought to be looking at this kind of stuff...if he isn't already.

I often get the impression you have guys, like Ben and Matt, which leads to George and Brad. Then there's Matt and Leo which leads to Marty. Leo also leads to Toby.It seems kind of clicque-ish. I wonder when Jake will find his niche. Of course,assuming he wants to.

I remember that Leo and/or George snatched the Farragut North satire. Matt Damon got a hold of the Iraq/Emerald City project. I guess I am really glad he decided to do Brothers with Toby. I hope it leads to good stuff.

I get the impression that Leo, Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith and Matt get "first look" at a lot of stuff. Jake isn't at that level yet. But he will be. I guess I should be patient.

FluorescentLamp said...

But as I watched it, and I do like Casey, he did a nice job, but as I watched it, I kept seeing Jake in the role of Patrick, the PI. He would have been totally perfection in it.

Only if he didn't try to do a Boston accent. I'm still squicked by Matt Damon "Bostoning" up his original Boston accent in The Departed. To disastrous results. Casey's wasn't much better in GBG.

bobbyanna said...

Well, there's that! :)

chica said...

FL, I agree with the Boston accent thing in Gone Baby, Gone. I thought his accent and the rest of the cast were over the top and distracting.

And re: 2012: Blech!!! Sounds like another Emmerich crapfest, the only project that I'm looking forward to is The Untitled Moon Project.

Monica said...

Reese Witherspoon Feels the Burn

Bette said...

I guess I'll be in the minority. I loved TDAT. I love action flicks, specially disaster ones. And though Jake has done something like this before, Reese hasn't. I'd love to see them in something together where they might interact.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I was wondering what that stench was when this bit of news dropped in my mail this morning.
Why does HW continue to prop up the likes of Emmerich? Hopefully with the BO bomb that was 10,000 BC, the suits will think twice before green lighting this.

Earlier this year there was a rumor about afilm called Valentines Day that had Jake and Reese's name attached to it and as that film sounded, I would rather them do something like that.

It looks like Reese is really getting ready for that walk this Sunday! Thanks for the link Monica.

o said...

I meant to say that as lame as Valentines Day sounded, sorry!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I need more coffee!

Narcissa said...

I get the impression that Leo, Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith and Matt get "first look" at a lot of stuff. Jake isn't at that level yet. But he will be."

Most of those you named in your post, including Clooney and Pitt, are years older than Jake, almost 20 years in Clooney's case.

I think Jake has shot himself in the foot by making heavy, uncommercial films recently - Jarhead, Zodiac, Rendition (though all had good directors). I'd like to see him in a film with wide appeal - but not directed by Emmerich!

agent_krycek said...

What was that rumoured film, I think Sam Mendes was doing, about a couple travelling round America trying to find a place to have their kid - Jake and Reese's names were briefly attached to that, and I did quite like the sound of that one.

I don't mind TDAT, mainly for Jake, but I do find it unintentionally hysterically funny to watch.

Bette said...

Agent now that would be an awesome project. I wouldn't mind seeing them in something like that.

gyllenspooner said...

I'm thinking this disaster film won't happen. At least with Jake and Reese attached.

It sounds to me that the project literally just got the green light this week (maybe even yesterday). Now they are in the mode of finding actors to play the leads. It's not unusual for producers to arbitrarily throw out names when making a "pitch" to executives. It seems likely that's what happened here.

I think the project was probably offered to Jake and Reese today. I'm guessing they'll say no. At least i'm hoping they will. I seriously doubt they have ever been attached to this.

gyllenspooner said...

I don't think Jake has shot himself in the foot at all regarding his film choices. I think he has a reputation in Hollywood as a young actor who does good, serious films.

extra said...

I agree gyllenspooner, I went over to IMDB for 2012 and Russell Crowe and Moncia Belluci's names were attached to it as of March, and I can't see Crowe doing this either.

The bigwigs were all excited about this in February according to Variety, but I'm sure their interest cooled after 10, 000 BC bombed.

I never heard about the Mendes flick, but that sre sounds a hell of a lot better.

JoeAnn said...

I don't see Jake doing the disaster movie. He's already done one with the same director and he generally doesn't like to repeat himself. I would by far prefer to see Jake in the Prince of Persia. In addition to being new territory for him, it looks to be a big, successful franchise that will likely spawn sequels.

Real life couples rarely have good chemistry on screen. I don't see Jake or Reese teaming up on screen any time soon. It was distracting enough during the Rendition promotion.

FluorescentLamp said...

agent_krycek said...

What was that rumoured film, I think Sam Mendes was doing, about a couple travelling round America trying to find a place to have their kid - Jake and Reese's names were briefly attached to that, and I did quite like the sound of that one.

That would be "Farlanders", now filming with John Kras and Maya Rudolph in the lead roles.

Farlanders on IMDB

extra said...

Thanks FL! I would have loved to see them in something like that, too bad it didn't work out although the cast that's attached to it now ain't bad.

I just remembered the pap pics in '06 of Jake and Mendes in NY and Jake walking around with a script.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog UV and FL, intelligent conversation and no ignoring of a certain person unlike other places.

Anonymous said...

Anon I noticed in other places they completely ignore that someone too.

sass said...

Evening peeps:)
Sean Bell's verdict, which I expected, Rev. Wright doing God knows what on TV this weekend--mental breakdown maybe--and missing Heath something awful, makes me appreciate Gyllenbabble and my online friends SO. SO much.

Anonymous said...

Reese looks great. She doesn't seem to age.

get real said...

(((Sass))) I understand and agree with you. So much going on in the world that is too much. So grateful to have this place to come to. :)

get real said...

Should also say that I don't want J&R to do this 2012 movie at all. Sounds like a really bad idea. I think and hope it is just a rumor.

suvee said...

Great conversation about Jake, his film choices, and his career potential..... I really enjoyed reading everyone's observations.

I will admit that sometimes I do worry that he has unintentionally typecast himself. Just my opinion, but I would like to see a little more breadth in the types of characters he is drawn to. I realize comparisons are not fair, but I wonder if he could take on an intense, somewhat unsympathetic role like Maggie did in "Sherrybaby". She was absolutely amazing in that movie...... amazing and utterly fearless. So far at least, he seems a bit careful in his choices. (And yes,that includes BBM.... I'm not referring to story/message, just characters.)

But then I remember how young he still is, and his career is just really taking off. Hopefully, as he gets more experience, he will explore a greater variety of roles. I really hope "Brothers" and "Nailed" will give him the opportunity to show more of his range.

This isn't meant as a criticism...... I do like his movie choices (except TDAT), and I think he is a very talented, very charismatic, very special actor. And I hope he and/or Reese are not remotely interested in doing the R. Emmerich project!

gyllenspooner said...

I agree with you suvee about Maggie's awesomeness in "Sherrybaby." It must have been somewhat of a tough role, but she did it without any embarrassment. She stayed true to the character, which is the ultimate goal of an actor.

Here's a question though, do you think Reese would ever do a film like that?

I have this feeling that her attitude about certain things has changed somewhat since she and Jake got together. But I wonder if she would go so far as Maggie did there.

UltraViolet said...

I disagree with this idea that Jake is safe or conventional. His roles have not been all the same - I think they are lumped together by people who can't get past Jake's good looks, so he's seen as the dreamy-eyed loner.

But Swoff is as far from Donnie Darko as Sherry was from the character Maggie played in Secretary.

I don't think you can have it all in Hollywood. Jake has chosen to work with skilled, proven, great directors. So he's gone for the director rather than the role. I agree that he should look for some roles in different shades - like a real bad guy, e.g. I was hoping Nailed would do that, but it looks like it's veering towards clueless :(

I'm babbling. But I think Jake gets the "all his roles are the same" criticism when it's not deserved. All due respect, suvee :)

get real said...

I agree UV. I understand where Suvee is coming from but I don't think BBM or Jarhead, DD, or TGG were safe roles.

Especially not BBM. Lots of actors wouldn't do that movie, especially the more "gay" character Jack. Jake took the role on and made it his own. He brought all the intensity and love for Ennis he could. Jack was the dreamer and the romantic. I think he is very unfairly dismissed for either his good looks or that Jack was the "easier" role to take. I say the opposite. Yes Heath was brilliant but BBM would not have worked if not for Jake's brilliance in his role.

Sorry for the rant just had to respond.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, yes, about BBM, get real! It was a much riskier role to take, as the perpetual "bottom" jokes about Jake, even on BBM forums, prove.

I read a great article during BBM award season, by a critic who maintained that Heath got the lion's share of the praise because movie critics, who are mostly straight and male, were uncomfortable with the purity and seeming ease of Jake's performance as the more openly, more comfortable with himself gay man.

It's not easy to show such love and genuine emotion, and Jake's ability to do it was remarkable.

suvee said...

Hey UV! I certainly didn't mean that I think Jake is always the same in his roles. And I'm pretty sure I am not judging his work through the lens of not being able to get past his good looks. Like I said..... I just am hoping to see more range from him. And honestly, my observations were not meant as an indictment of him.

We all see him a little differently...... that's what makes things interesting! :)

Gyllenspooner, as to Reese doing something like "Sherrybaby"....... I can't really see her doing a role that involves nudity. But, "Election" is a good example of Reese very convincingly playing a rather complex, basically unsympathetic character. A far cry from Elle Woods!

get real said...

Thanks UV. That was exactly my point. To me Jake was completely fearless in BBM, in DD as a troubled teenager and Jarhead as a gung ho Marine who was disenchanted by his experience.

Suvee, of course we all are allowed our own differing opinions of Jake. That is what makes this blog so great. :)

UltraViolet said...

Oh, sorry, suvee, I meant critics, not you. I know you can see past Jake's dreamy good looks!

Didn't mean to stifle your opinion, merely offer my own :)

bobbyanna said...

You know, I think I spoke too quickly when I dissed Roland Emmerich.

I forgot. Roland Emmerich directed
The Patriot,starring Heath Ledger!

As luck would have it, tonight I watched an extraordinary little movie. It's called "Trade."

I thought it was a very powerful, extremely well done movie about children, young women, and boys who are kidnapped and sold into the sex trade in Mexico.

It starred Kevin Kline in a role that was a real departure for him.
It was Produced by Roland Emmerich, and it made a very important political statement as much as it was also a well made film.

There were elements that reminded me of Traffic, and Babel, Maria Full of Grace, and another very old movie I never forgot, called El Norte.

So while Roland Emmerich can certainly screw up with movies like 10,000B.C. or whatever, he also does some good work.

gyllenspooner said...

I think that's true of anyone who is good looking, UV. For some reason critics tend not to take them too seriously. "Hunky" type actors are not rewarded with much acclaim until they are older. I think that since he's already gotten an Oscar nomination, Jake is already ahead of most of his peers given his age.

I just think he has to keep doing what he's doing.

UltraViolet said...

Get real, please don't think I'm cutting off the post now so you can't say your opinion! I'm paranoid now :)

New/old Jake pic, new post.