Friday, April 18, 2008

Jake on set

And not upset :) First pics of Jake Gyllenhaal in costume for Nailed.

Also, looks like Atticus is in good hands while Jake is away.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ and X17.)


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bobbyanna said...

Jake looks SO young!!!! OMG! He looks like he's about 22 at most!
IDK. I think he also looks very sexy! What is it about him? (sigh!)I hope he develops some scruff...even a little would help. Not crazy about the part, but I am loving the length and the color. Like the way the sun hits it. (sigh, again!)

The pictures of Reese with Atti speak volumes. Make me want to say, "Awwww!" I'm feeling very "emotional" today. (DOW!)

And Agent K, I am not saying a single word. Not one. It must be pretty cool out in Cali, to be wearing a quilted parka thingy, yes?

FYI: This is Passover weekend. I wonder if Jake will observe it. For some reason, I thought of that when I saw him in those videos. Officially, I think it begins at sunset, Saturday night.

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks for getting these up, UV.

Thanks always to Stephanie for getting them so we can get them. :-)

I don't mind the part too much. You can still see his blonde bits. :-) Sure it's a little more defined and lower on his head than he normally wears, but it's the correct side.

Unlike the later scenes in Zodiac where he was made to wear his hair parted on the OTHER side.

That still bugs. To this day. Don't mess with the Gyllenhair!

suvee said...

I am so excited about "Nailed"! Is it wrong that I kind of get off on the Young Republican Congressman look Jake has going on? I just love that "upright good boy, but I could be talked into being a little bad" look on him! I do like his hair too.

I love seeing Reese with Atticus. Speaking as a dog mother, I'm so glad he has a Mom to look after him when Dad is away working on a film. Won't speculate about her, but I think Atti has definitely put on weight.

Interesting little article in the new issue of "People". It's entitled "Limelight Lovers" and it features 6 couples who either crave or dodge attention. The 3 categories are:
1. High Exposure: TomKat, Becks & Posh
2. Catch Me IF You Can: Beyonce & Jay-Z, Ben & Jen
3. Undercover Lovers: Gwyneth & Chris, Jake & Reese

What I got a kick out of is all these couples, with the exception of J & R, are married. Interesting that they would be included with married couples!

get real said...

Jake as Sexy Congressman, Reese with Atti.....squeee!!! ;p

get real said...

Looking at the pics close up it is amazing how different Jake looks with the part in his hair on the other side like that. It works!

suvee said...

"FYI: This is Passover weekend. I wonder if Jake will observe it."

Great minds think alike, bobbyanna. The very same thought crossed my mind driving home from work today. I have the impression he is not a practicing Jew, but I could be wrong. That's not to say he wouldn't observe Passover in his own way.

bobbyanna said...

Maybe bcz of Passover, they closed up shop for a long weekend. No basis for the specualtion, just an idea. Anyone see him on set today in S.C.?

lawgoddess said...

Jake looks good, and young, but I don't like the hair.

And I hope he never needs surgery, cuz if he does they'll have to knock him out before they get that phone out of his hand. :)

Sorry to knock the wind out of your sales, Bobbyanna, but my experience is that people in California bundle up in temps that mid-westerners would consider warm.

And I doubt she's pregnant. If she were, I think they'd be married by now.

Although I was idly wondering the other day if they did pull off a secret marriage. Maggie and Peter seem to have gotten married with zero press involvement.

Doesn't seem likely, but it's fun to speculate.

FluorescentLamp said...

bobbyanna, filming today was scheduled to be at the Grand Motel on Two Notch Road. Our previous post talked about that as well as mentioning all the street closures today, Friday, for that filming.

Anonymous said...

lawgoddess not likely, Maggie and Peter are not as high profile as Reese and Jake are. Reese is the highest paid actress in hollywood right now, somebody would have picked up if she had gotten married. It would be pretty huge. She could be pregnant and they are planning a wedding for before she shows.

lawgoddess said...

I didn't really think so, anon, I was just playing around.

When they had that private sermon a few weeks ago, I thought it was a form of " marriage preparation class" and a wedding was imminent. Apparently not.

Although my priest once said
" Gotta go prepare a couple for marriage and some smartass responded to her with " Is that possible?" :)

sass said...

I keep losing posts. TY both for the beautiful pics. He is so hot, I'd vote for him in a NY minute:)
Happy Passover.
and nite nite
xoxoxoxo to UV and FL...I knew I should not close my eyes until I stopped by.

agent_krycek said...

Would Jake like to run for Mayor of London, seriously, we've got to choose between Ken Livingstone and *gulp* Boris Johnson, he'd walk it!

Yes, Atti looks positively blooming ;)

gyllenspooner said...

Morning peeps :P. I was thinking about something these past 24 hours or so (well ever since the photos of Reese walking Jake's dog were published). This must be a very serious relationship. After all, we know there was a sighting of Reese walking Atticus from a few months ago. In that US Weekly story, Reese described Atticus as
"her dog." Now, when we know that Jake is filming in SC, he obviously left his dog with her.

I don't know about you guys think, but a persons dog is a pretty close member of ones family. For Jake to be ceding ownership (or at least sharing it) with Reese is a pretty strong indicator that he thinks Reese is the one. Do you all agree?

It's pretty early in the morning and i'm not sure I described that exactly the way I meant to, but I think you all understand what i'm saying.

As for what lawgoddess wrote. I don't think they're secretly married. Given that she was drinking wine earlier this week at that boutique, i'm pretty sure she isn't pregnant either. But, I think they are getting married and I think it'll happen this year or early next year at the latest.

I don't think we'll hear anything about it until after it happens though. But I agree with anon, these two are way too famous to keep this a secret for too long.

gyllenspooner said...

Correction: I don't know what you you guys think.

Must. Drink. More. Coffee.

bobbyanna said...

"bobbyanna, filming today was scheduled to be at the Grand Motel on Two Notch Road. Our previous post talked about that as well as mentioning all the street closures today, Friday, for that filming."

Oops! Sorry, FL! Yes you did talk about that. (Are there vitamins I can take for this sort of thing???:))

LG, I have many days where I'm sure she isn't. And then days where I think it is more then possible.

I don't think they're married yet. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they pull off a secret ceremony, but I don't think they'd keep the actual marriage a secret.

I think Reese would want it announced, even informally, because of the kids, her family etc.

I think her family is more "traditional" then Jake's. Nothing to base that on, I just do think they are probably more conventional.

Maybe they'll get married one of these days, and a month or two later, it will get mentioned that it happened.

I think they will be too happy to keep it a secret...and so will their friends be! Funny, but I think Reese would be less able then Jake to keep her feelings well hidden.

agent_krycek said...

Martha's Vineyard, this summer, just four random words I happened to type ;-)

Actually, out of interest, in the US do you have to do the same thing as we do in the UK and post the wedding banns (announcement) of a wedding in a public place for, I think, 3 weeks in advance?

chica said...

I echo your squee get real!!
Jake does look really young in these pics , looking good.

The Reese and Atticus pics remind me of the sigthing of her walking him last year, what a way to wake up this morning, thanks!

gyllenspooner said...

I think we'd hear about a Jake-Reese wedding within days or hours of it happening.

I just think we'll all be kept unaware until after the fact. That's why I was very suspicious one month ago or so when they visited that church together, were seen shopping together at stores that usually cater to weddings and were seemingly buying properties together (I still think the Ojai house belongs to both of them).

Wedding announcements are not necessary agent k, but are a tradition here as well. I doubt they will make any announcement though. We have to look for signs.

I still don't think a summer wedding is out of the question.

gyllenspooner said...

One more thing.

I think Jake-Reese are like Beyonce and Jay-Z. They've been together for six years and have never affirmed their relationship. Everyone just knew that they were together and they'd be spotted together occasionally.

This past week they got married and still haven't confirmed it.

For some reason, that's how I think Jake and Reese will play out.

sheba baby said...

Wo, more pictures from the set of Nailed and Jake is looking great, the sight of Reese walking Atticus has put the biggest smile on my face

I agree with you gyllenspooner, I don't think they will announce anything ahead of time, just like Maggie and Peter. Jake mentioned more than once during Rendition PR that they were married but they have yet said anything.

Happy Pasover!

Anonymous said...

Great pics thanks UV I think Jake looks good, not sure about the hair yet. Thank you for bringing the Reese and Atticus pics over here, some of the comments on x17 are pretty nasty.

Anonymous said...

I feel for Reese because this coupling has brought on this unwanted attention from certain people who can't seem to accept reality. On posts about just her (or with kids), it's pretty civil.

Having said that, she seems very happy with Jake and I'm glad for the both of them. And really, if they're cool with their lives, they shouldn't let other peoples expectations weigh them down.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

James Caan and Jake Gyllenhaal Not Responding So Well To The David O. Russell Touch:

bobbyanna said...

I saw that defamer blurb, too. I get the impression from my Google alerts, there's a "cycle" to these blurbs as they make the rounds thru various blogs and sites. They often use the same exact language.

As I said before, IMHO,either it's a complete lie, or Jake did actually say something about the room or the chair or whatever in an entirely different way, and it is being deliberately distorted and twisted.

The thing is, how absurd and ironic for Jake, of all people, to be labelled as "difficult" on a DOR movie set! Sorry. I'm not buying it at all.

get real said...

I totally agree with you Bobbyanna. Jake has his flaws, as does everyone, and it's not about making excuses for him. But this whole "difficult" "hissy fit" story sounds like either complete bullshit because it was a disagreement with James Caan and DOR or it is being completely blown out of proportion. I just don't see, even if Jake was having issues, that he would hold up production in that way. Especially with DOR.

josie said...

I think that the incident was blown out of proportion IMO, and I doubt that filming was delayed.

Love all the pictures and the speculation!!! Jake does look really young and I let out a big old squee when I saw Reese and Atticus!!

Happy Passover.

get real said...

Happy Passover to all those who observe! Wonder if Jake will be among them. :) I am still squeeing along with you Chica and Josie.

bobbyanna said...

" the US do you have to do the same thing as we do in the UK and post the wedding banns (announcement) of a wedding in a public place for, I think, 3 weeks in advance?"
Agent K, I just remembered something about this!(Do not know what is going on with my brain today!)

From what I vaguely remember, in the U.S., people get a marriage license. The license is good for a period of time, like maybe 30 days.

When they take out the license at city hall, it is a matter of public record. When JZ and Beyonce' took out the license in New Jersey, it leaked. It may vary from state to state, but sometimes for public figures, it can be kept private.

Also, there used to be a waiting period from when people got the licesne to when they could marry. Used to be three days...bcz blood tests were required. I don't know if they are still required or if there is that 3 day waiting period...which again can be waived for public figures.

One way famous people used to be able to circumvent the public record of the license was to marry on the same day. I don't know how that works now.

As for announcing the banns,I remember it being a requirement of my church.

They'd announce the banns of marriage for three weeks before the wedding.

They would publish it in the weekly church newspaper, and in some places,(I'm Catholic...sort of...) they might even post the written announcement in the vestibule of church. It stemmed from the old "If anyone objects, speak now..." thing.

Of course, every state has different rules about property ownership,inheritance, divorce, etc. So where people chose to marry is important.

shondra said...

Jake looks like a student in these pictures, LOL!!! hope everything is calming down on that set.

Reese has her hands filled doesn't she??? I love her multitasking skills, and love the picture, it has made my day!

Happy Passover to everyone on gyllenbabble that observe.

agent_krycek said...

Of course, every state has different rules about property ownership,inheritance, divorce, etc. So where people chose to marry is important.

Thats what I was wondering about, because in the UK, over all the country, the banns have to be shown publically right outside somewhere they could marry if not then the parish they will marry in, for about 3 weeks beforehand - so obviouly I'm just chatting and saying nothing at all - as always. and saying nothing!

sass said...

Evening peeps:)
Still happy to see Jake working; he looks hot hot hot:) I see Fitnews' blog post has made the rounds. *barf*

I hope every dog owner knows as I do, how important and special is the person or kennel or Vet you trust to take care of your beloved darling.

You know as along as I've been a fan of Jake, he has never had a lot of women/girlfriends. So when I found out last year that he was seen with Reese driving down the 405, that was it for me.

And he's still with her to the consternation of all the Reese/Atticus haters out there. Some troll even posted a Hate Atticus post on x-17. arrrgh!

Too bad they posted their Parker/Longoria retraction in such a prominent place. NOT! I do hope they have to pay some money to the newlyweds for all their pain and suffering.
Maybe Jake and Reese will get married on Martha's Vineyard. It's remote and off limits to most press and paps. Having the ceremony at his family's vacation home would be a great idea. I think Reese loved it when she visited last August. She said they loved the pigs at their fair and she bought her kiddos two pigs for their new home:)
Reese is a good mom, something Jake mentioned as one of his criteria in an article way back when. I just had no idea he has someone in mind. ;)
I guess it's his time to be roasted by the press and it will continue as he makes his way in the world, but I know his deeds will far outweigh any pap nonsense printed about him or his family.
And so it goes Detective Lieutenant):)

Anonymous said...

I find the descriptive, "whimpered" infuriating.

Anonymous said...

Bet Jake and Reese are together this weekend. They both look lonely. If she was out walking Atticus without the kids, maybe Ryan has them.

sallykirkland said...

Rumor out there that Reese has arrived in Charleston at her family's vacation home. But I am not able to confirm it.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Love the post and love the pictures more,thanks!! They sure put a smile on my face.

sallykirkland, I wouldn't be surprised if that rumor is true.

gyllenspooner said...

Where did you hear that sallykirkland?

I'm pretty sure Ryan has the kids. Also, we know that Jake had to work Friday and Saturday (the motel scene). So it's entirely possible that Jake has a few days off now and met Reese in Charleston for a little "get together."

We should look into this.

datalounge said...

It looks like sallykirkland found their information from that toxic playground known as DataLounge. For that reason alone I would not put too much stock into this rumour.

Monica said...

My mother is Jewish and my father is Christian. I have something in common with Jake.
Thank you to all of you.
Happy Passover to all of Gyllenbabble.

Out an article in an interview people on the Ryan. He speaks about the Deacon and Ava:,,20193234,00.html

extra said...

The datalounge, the place where disgruntled "fans" visit and gossip columnists use as a "source"!

We will find out soon enough if she does visit the way things are leaking out from the set. I don't mind the pictures though, especially these, Jake looks yummy!

Reese looks so small walking Atticus, she lookslike Ava walking him!

Monica said...

For men, 2008 is the year of plaid:

sallykirkland said...

"It looks like sallykirkland found their information from that toxic playground known as DataLounge. For that reason alone I would not put too much stock into this rumour"
No, actually, I did not. I don't do "toxic." But it sounds like you're awfuly familiar with that site. If what you say is true, whoever posted it there got it somewhere else. As did I.

Anonymous said...

There are new pics of Reese from a few days ago definitely doesn't look pregnant.

gyllenspooner said...

I think she may have visited if Jake has a few days off, as I suspect that he does. He filmed for six days in a row.

Two things we should look out for are whether Jake is filming at all in the next couple of days and whether Ryan has the kids. That should be a good indicator.

gyllenspooner said...

I haven't thought Reese was pregnant ever since those photos of her in the bikini from Mexico were published.

But I still think they're getting married.

UltraViolet said...

Another gym sighting:

Jake is in Columbia filming a new movie with Jessica Biel at the Capitol Building, which is a few blocks away. I guess he needed a gym to keep in shape at, and we just happened to be in the right place at the right time! I wish I had a picture to show how hot and muscular he was.

I think it's safe to say we ALL wish that.

Anonymous said...

gyllenspooner I think it really depends on the picture. She has really bad posture though and never stands up straight unless she's acting so it does lead to speculation.

I think they will get married this year too.

Narcissa said...

"I wish I had a picture to show how hot and muscular he was."

... [i]fans self[/i].....

Anonymous said...

I saw Donnie Darko recently. It was a cool movie and Jake was great in it.

By the way, does her ex have nothing interesting to talk about besides the breakdown of his marriage and the tabloid attention he gets? Talk about beating a dead horse. Move on already.

Anonymous said...

No anon he doesn't have anything better to do since he's not really relevant anymore.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ryan has the children.

Anonymous said...

Ava and Deacon are seriously cute.

UltraViolet said...

I enjoyed the Times story about Ryan. I think it's interesting to hear about how he realized that fighting the paps doesn't work and how it only made things worse for Ava.

Anonymous said...

His Times interview was just like every other interview he's done for promotion.

- Marriage breakdown
- Tabloid intrusion
- People telling lies
- Paparazzi annoyance
- Doing a no comment on Abbie

It's a long line of "Please feel sorry for me" interviews. The only ones I feel for are those two kids who have to put up with the photographers.

brothers spy said...

Hey UV,

What did you think of the script I sent you? Should Jake do The Prince of Persia? Personally, I have a feeling it will be like Lord of the Rings, and with Disney really pushing the film - which seems to be the case - I think it could be a huge blockbuster hit.

I was surprised at how good the story was.

UltraViolet said...

I didn't know you sent the Prince of Persia script, BS. I avoid spoilers, so I won't be reading it. But I bet FL read it, so she can tell you what she thought.

Glad to hear it's a good story, though!

Also, let's not spend too much time bashing Ryan here. This isn't an anti-Ryan blog. I'm not a big fan of his, but I didn't see anything wrong with that interview. Sadly, as we saw with Jake and Heath during BBM promotion, sometimes you're asked the same questions over and over again.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the reasons Jake may be grumpy is becaused he had to give up that house he was planning on staying at while filming due to that jackass blogger.

According some people that posted on that Perez site, he is staying at the Hilton in downown Coumbia with the rst of the cast.

That house scremaed more family, than single and I bet he had Reese and the kids in mind.

How long is the drive from Columbia to Charleston?

Anonymous said...

what house are you talking about ? i'm curious! i've heard the whole cast is at the hilton. it's really nice...only a few months old.

it's only about an hour and 15 minutes to charleston. my friend saw reese there last year...i think she comes a good bit.

gyllenspooner said...

I agree with anon 7:47. Jake, Jessica and David O'Russell were suppose to get houses (nice ones), but someone published the addresses on the internet.

So if those comments on Perez Hilton are accurate, it seems that they're no longer staying at those houses.

It might explain Jake's grumpiness. lol. I've thought for a while that Jake has been upset about the addresses to his houses being published. In fact it's happened three times in the last month or so. It happened with his regular house around the time his parents put their house up for sale. That real estate blog published the nearby street Jake lived on. It happened with Reese and Jake's Ojai house and now the one in Columbia.

I think that's why he's mad.

Anonymous said...

As a sweetner to get the producers of Nailed to film the entire movie in SC, they offered the 2 main stars, Jake and Jessica and the direcor, Russell some fancy homes to stay in instead of a hotel. They accepted of course but a blogger got wind of it and posted all 3 addresses online, Jake was upset of course and had the blogger remove it by his lawyer.

The lawyer said to remove the info and made it seem like he would stay there which made no sense since the info was already out there, and yes Jake and the whole cast is staying at the Hilton. He apparently didn't like the excersise room at the Hilton that's why he is seen at the Strom.

Anonymous said...

So wait back to the prince of persia script! I want to read it. I heard the plot and it sounds really good.

Anon 6:38 I agree most of his interviews are like that, it's best not to dwell on him too much.

suvee said...

Just to preface..... this will NOT be a Ryan bashing comment.

I thought Ryan's admission that his past reaction to the paps has unfortunately rubbed off on Ava was honest and kind of heartbreaking.

I almost posted a comment after we saw the pics of J & R and kids at LAX on their return from Cabo. I was thinking how important it was that J & R didn't go ballistic on the paps. (I cannot imagine how difficult is must be for them to control their natural instincts!) But kids totally pick up on their parents' emotions and reactions...... and if J & R allowed themselves to get visibly upset and "lose it", it would only scare the kids more than they already were. Children need to trust that their parents are in control and can keep them safe. I feel for Reese (and Jake to a lesser extent)..... parenting is hard enough without the burden of having to "teach" your young children how to live life with paparazzi!

And I agree that some of Jake's grumpiness is most likely due to losing his family friendly house in Columbia. I think the rest of it is because he and Reese don't like being apart..... :(

Oh, and TY to sallykirkland for the heads up regarding rumors of Reese in Charleston..... wouldn't surprise me a bit if it turns out to be true!

Anonymous said...

Just an interesting fyi..Celebrity Baby Blog has a pic of Ryan and the kids out in LA from yesterday (Saturday).

UltraViolet said...

I agree with your assessment of the Ryan article, suvee. I felt for Ryan's anger and his guilt.

Found on flickr, via FanForum: two candids from the Farmer's Market pics

lawgoddess said...

I wonder who Jake M is? ( That's how the picture is labeled :))

Thanks, UV.

Anonymous said...

That woman is adorable.

I wonder how Ava feels about having her worries and insecurities known to the public. The last thing you want is something you don't feel great about broadcast for everyone to know about. Poor girl.

UltraViolet said...

Jake M: Jake Mine. Jake Mmm. Jake More.

Hope Jake had a restful, pampered weekend :)

Anonymous said...

It's really cool to see somebody's candids like that. Too bad she didn't get a face on shot of the two.

sass said...

Hi UV,
I'm here again doing my usual stop-over before bed:) TY for the candids. The lady is really cute. I would have fainted dead away, or like her, maybe I would have taken a pic of their rear ends and left them alone. She's a sweetheart and so are you and FL:)
As a divorced mom, I am so totally proud of Jake and how he is treating her and the children. I never thought about it, but I know he would want a house for Reese and her children when they visit. NO hotel rooms please.
Perhaps he will have rented a house for them secretly, by the time she comes.
I would be totally pissed if I were Jake.
I know how hard it is to have a date life divorced with kiddos. I love that he is there for her. He's wonderful, and he's really a grown-up now:)

agent_krycek said...

I think I commented at the time that the house looked like it was for a family - hopefully Jake can arrange something else, well away from prying eyes.

Lets hope the shoot settles down and happy stories start appearing - wouldn't bet on it though, I think the media have this one flagged up as a war zone, and are going to report it that way, whatever the truth of the matter is.

gyllenspooner said...

Morning all. Given that this is a David O Russell picture I doubt things will settle down too much. lol. DOR seems to thrive on strife.

Today we should be on the lookout if Jake is on set or not. If so, it's unlikely he went off to Charleston to see Reese. If not, in addition to Ryan having the kids, it will be a definite possibility.

brothers spy said...

I have the Four Christmases script. I forget which one of you wanted it, but I have it now.

extra said...

I like the pic of them in the background with their arms around each other, Jake and Reese's butts, LOL!!

Thanks for the find UV, you and FL are great in finding stuff, this blog rocks as do you and FL!!

I agree with others that say that Jake may be a bit grumpy about the house situation and I thought at the time the place was definately family oriented complete with pool, remember the stories about Ava and Deacon not being able to stay out of the pool in Cabo??

I hope he is able to find an alternative for them if they want to visit, it sounds like he is staying at a hotel at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Passover began this weekend and ends at dusk on Sunday, April 27th.
We are celebrating today. There is every posssibility they might have a break for the holiday, even if just for the long weekend.

I also have one question. If it is true James Caan has left this movie set, they can shoot around his character for a while, but they would have to either get him back, if possible, or replace him. Wouldn't that also cause delays?

I do not believe Jake is a complainer or a whimpering guy at all. I think this director has a very bad reputation. I don't think Jake is necessarily grumpy. Just because he gives a certain "look" to the photographers who are not supposed to be there in the first place!

Putting the address of his house in the internet was very wrong. They will probably find him a new house.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of Ryan, Ava and Deacon from Sunday. The kids are adorable!

paula said...

Thanks for all the pics and links, I love them!!!

Also, just because it's Ryan's turn to have thje kids with him this weekend doesn't mean that she took off for SC, she could still be in L.A., plenty of time for her to go to SC, he will be filming there off and on for ten weeks!!

Anonymous said...

You're right Paula. But given that there are rumors of her being in SC and given that Ryan has the kids and if one adds to that Jake getting a few days off...well. Since following this couple it's been my experience that whenever they have a chance to be together, they are together. I don't know if she did go, but it wouldn't surprise me if she's there right now.

Anonymous said...

Has there been any news from the Nailed set today? Last week there were leaks galore and this week nothing (so far).

Anonymous said...

Brothers spy I want the four christmases script!

Anonymous said...

brothers spy, I would like the Four Christmases script as well.

My email is


sheba baby said...

I think they will try and keep a lid of any negatives stories coming from the set of Nailed, so we may not here anything for a while.

I don't mind the occasional pics, but I could do w/o the other BS.

extra said...

Jake was in L.A. for the weekend?:

He was last on the set on Thursday and there are some pap pics of Reese jogging with a friend in L.A. from this weekend.

Ryan had the kids for the weekend,
unless there was some other reason why he had to fly back to L.A. in the middle of shooting.

sad said...

I'm afraid that he flew home due to family, his grandmother passed away on his father's side.

She was ill for awhile and it was expected, you can see that he is upset,i'm sure he would have preferred to stay in L.Al., but he has a film to finish.

Anonymous said...

Reese jogged on Thursday April 17; grabbed two cups of coffee while walking Atticus April 18; on sight on the weekends. Reese and Jake were together Friday-Sunday.

Anonymous said...

X17 did point out the other coffee could have been for Jake on friday when those ones of her with Atticus showed up.

Anonymous said...

brothers spy,

Do you know anything about a rumored movie called Nice that Reese is apparently looking to do? I gather since you have access to these scripts, you might know if there is one for Nice in the works or if it is completed. Thanks for your help.

josie said...

Jake was last spotted on set on Thursday, April 17th, if anon. is right (and I won't ask how) and sadly there was a death in the family, it looks like he got the news in SC on set and flew back home. Would explain the no news the past few days and no sightings.

Looks likehe was in L.A. Fri-Sun, left on Monday, back to SC.

josie said...

When I read those comments on X17 with the Reese/Atticus pics, I thought that they were being clueless as usual not knowing he was in SC filming, but i noticed you didn't see her actually get in the car, maybe they saw him, although they would have mentioned it.

Unfortunately, I think there was some death in the family, if it was just a break, he wouldn't be leaving L.A. on a Monday unless he was going somewhere else which I doubt due to filming.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous I agree, I'm curious too. Nice sounds like such a great departure for her.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, "sad." Really sorry to hear Stephen's mother passed away. Has a notice been in the newspapers? Was she in LA? Not all Gyllenhaals live in LA.
While I don't doubt you, I think it's strange that you would 'publish' personal family business on the internet.

UltraViolet said...

That is sad news, Sad anon? Where did you hear this? Not to be suspicious, but we get people popping in and offering unsourced info a lot, and it's not always accurate.

Condolences to the Gyllenhaals if this is sadly true.

agent_krycek said...

That's very sad if correct.

I really take no notice of X17, remember they had the very first Jake/Reese sighting on tape, and never even noticed

extra said...

This sighting of Jake in SC doesn't make sense, it says they saw him yesterday, yet he was spotted at LAX on Monday, the sighter wasn't sure:

bobbyanna said...

Extra, those people also "predicted" Hillary Clinton would be USC's starting quaterback next fall....:)

If he got home Thursday late, he'd have been exhausted, which acccounts for Reese walking the dog and picking up coffee. I thought the two coffees was curious. Maybe in the video of him getting in the car, he was leaving for the airport!

At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if Jake has something in his contract that allows for some long weekends. Ten week shoot is longer then BBM was! That's a long time to be apart! Of course, his own actual time might be less then ten weeks.

I'd bet he wants to get his housing situation straightened out so he can have Reese with him.

Monica said...

In that place gone this story?
The appearance of it reminds me the first time he was photographed after the death of Heath.

brothers spy said...

I don't have the "Nice" script. As far as I know there is no script written yet. But I agree it sounds like a very interesting project. It seems like Reese is returning to her roots of dark comedies (Freeway, Election). I'm very glad about that.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, according to a poster on imdb, Jessica Biel had her own hissy fit on the set of Nailed. She was upset with all the people hanging around.

shondra said...

I hope Jake doesn't regret taking this part, it's starting to sound like a nightmare if reports are true.

bobbyanna said...

I might be wrong, but I always had the impression that part of a director's task is to create a "world" in which his vision, his story, unfolds and he allows his characters to develop, evolve, whatever.

I don't see how in the world that is possible when you have such an open set and there are "real life" distractions.

I know you can't always close the set, totally, especially if it is set in the real world, but it seems like some middle ground could be reached so the actors, crew, etc. can do their job in peace.

Making a movie seems pretty complicated. So many technical details, etc. I'm thinking of how Christopher Nolan had to deal with shooting in Chicago for Batman:TDK.
This isn't nearly as elaborate, but it still has it's own demands.

I don't think it's reached the "nightmare" stage yet, but I think it is not headed in a good direction. Especially all these leaks.

There are things happening all the time on a movie. They aren't always as diligently "reported" as these seem to be. No wonder Reese and Natalie Portman and others require closed sets, no cellphones, cameras,etc.

chica said...

At the very least, the set sounds unprofessional IMO if any of these stories are true.

I have no idea if the reason for Jake's return to L.A. over the weekend had anything to do with a death in the family, if true than that is truly sad.

Anonymous said...

Has James Caan been replaced, or is he back?

my 2cents said...

I was checking out the LAX pics on Popsugar and they are dating them Sunday, not Monday and the link to the Reese/Atticus pics are labeled Thursday, not Friday which makes sense. Why would x17 be in such a rush to post pics the same day they took them unless they were of Brangelina or something.

The pics from the set are dated 4/17 Thursday, the same day as the Reese/Atticus pics. So that means he was in L.A. It's possible he left SC after he filmed on Thursday and arrived in L.A. that night and stayed through Sunday.

There are pap pics of her from Friday or Saturday, the jogging pics of her and her friends were probably taken on Sunday, the day he left.

The reason for the quick trip during filming?? Well it had to be something that needed him being there like a funeral unfortunately because if it was due to a break in filming, I don't think he would have made such a short trip.

If true, i'm so glad that Reese is there for him, i just hope everything goes smothly on the set from now on.

my 2cents said...

That should be there are no pap pics of her on Friday if the Thursday date are true.

Anonymous said...

The jogging pics where from Thursday, they originally showed up Saturday.

Anonymous said...

From a poster on IMDB.

"I was there at the state Treas. Office last Wed and saw nothing to indicate that Jake or Jessica were anything but professional. They were particularly nice to the kids on set. In fact the entire crew went out of their way to help the kids and make them feel special.

James Caan did not walk right off set. He hung around trying to work things out. He seemed upset but not the crazed lunatic depicted in these posts."

Shocked and Amazed said...

What? A gossip blog exaggerating something? I can't believe it. I can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Yea well a lot seemed to believe it.

sallykirkland said...

I'm going with X17 and JustJared who say Monday at LAX. PopSugar is wrong in this case.

And since they are what is called a "secondary site" not originating anything of their own, they might also might alter a date to make it seem more current. If they show a picture and say it is older, then they admit their stuff isn't as current as they want you to think it is.

Video shows him changing clothes and getting in a car after work Thursday. Last time he is seen in SC. Maybe things were slowing down because of the James Caan situation.

Friday pictures of her with dog and two coffees. That means Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night.
Four nights at home with Reese? Worth every flight mile:)

josie said...

I like the way you think sallykirkland!

Anonymous said...

4 nights with Jake, lucky lucky Reese.

Anonymous said...


hanging my head in shame said...

Yes, lucky Reese, and to think that I thoufgt she would end up in SC for the weekend!!

There is another rumor floating around that Jake is a silent backed for Nailed and yes I got it from the datalounge.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what Jake is a "silent backed for Nailed" means.

Yes, it appears Jake was in LA with her rather than the other way around. Given his first week, i'm sure being back home made him happy.

hanging my head in shame said...

That should be a silent backer for Nailed, which of course means that he put up some $$$ for the movie, but won't get credit as a producer.

Again, consider the source.

Anonymous said...

I always think Jake is the one who is doing all the hard work--pursuing.

Reese is not bad--walking his dag and bringing his coffee while he lied in their bed.

extra said...

And because it's Earth Day, from USA Today:

Jake and Loomate wear/jeans!

Anonymous said...

sorry "lay in their bed"

Anonymous said...

"I always think Jake is the one who is doing all the hard work--pursuing."

Didn't Reese go to NY when Jake was promoting Zodiac and then to Paris when he went to Cannes?.

sallykirkland said...

LOL! Anon 3:38! It's OK. The grammar was secondary. The meaning was very clear.

I know Jake certainly seems very attentive, but I also get the impression Reese is totally smitten. Gobsmacked. Floored. I look at her smiling at him, looking up at him, those sort of shy, self-conscious looks. She's got it real bad. Uh huh. I think he teases her, too. And he is very flirty.

I recall some remarks I read somewhere, where he is alleged to have said she "took good care of him." I know I was glad to see her around when he massed up his foot.

I just think they are loving and considerate and affectionate with each other. And I think they have fun. That seems pretty clear.

gyllenspooner said...

I think they have pursued each other. There are many instances when Reese goes and visits Jake (either on the Brothers set, in NYC, etc.) But I think it's just easier for Jake to go see Reese rather than the other way around. She had kids after all.

But given that the paps were everywhere in SC this week and that he lost his house due to that internet reveal, it doesn't surprise me that Jake went back to LA. I'm sure it gave him a chance to get away from all the Nailed drama.

I'm glad the two got to spend the weekend together in peace.

As far as Jake being a "silent backer" for Nailed. I doubt it.

sallykirkland said...

Sorry.:) That's "messed up his foot." not "massed." And yes. She did go to NYC to meet him when he flew in from Morocco to promote Zodiac, and then to Paris to meet him after Cannes. So there's that.

gyllenspooner said...

I agree Sallykirkland. Any woman can see how into Jake Reese is. Whether it's how she's touching him when she doesn't know the photographers are around or the way she looks at him and smiles. There is a comfort, trust and love there.

These two just can't seem to be apart for too long.

Anonymous said...

"But given that the paps were everywhere in SC this week..."

How do you know this is true?

Anonymous said...

Reese went to NY to visit Jake during promoting “Zodiac” was after he waited outside Reese trailer nervously in Nov. 2006, and also after Jake “went and reintroduced himself” to Reese during L.A. reshooting 2007. I think after the two incidences, Jake and Reese phoned each other a lot, and Jake was the one inviting Reese for the first date. They couldn’t go to public places, he couldn’t possibly say: OK, I will go to your place. He had to be the host saying: welcome to my place, while you’re in NY.
I think they are crazy about each other, but Jake was the one who started chasing in the first place.

UltraViolet said...

I don't think the "waiting outside Reese's trailer nervously" story is reputable. Basically, he was just standing there and everything else was creative writing.

That magazine version of the courtship doesn't make any sense. The "reintroduction" scenario ignores the fact that Jake and Reese have known each other for years. It's just one of those made up "facts" that is endlessly parroted.

We have no idea who pursued whom. I'm just glad they both got caught :)

Anonymous said...

"We have no idea who pursued whom. I'm just glad they both got caught :)"


Anonymous said...

don't you think a man pursues a woman is quite normal and manly? and it is very likely the case here.

lawgoddess said...

It can be fun to speculate, but how could anyone other than the principals know who pursued whom? The whole discussion feels weird to me.

And I totally don't get the " manly" reference.

Anonymous said...

do you feel easy if a man let a woman propose to him? same here, feel easy a man let a woman do all the chasing?

gyllenspooner said...

I agree with UV. I don't believe the "reintroduction" story either. Also because they didn't do any re-shoots in mid-February. lol. That was when they were shooting all the Fatima and her boyfriend scenes (and the ones involving her father that mean police inspector) in Morrocco.

I think US Weekly took a lot of liberties in those early days. The only thing they knew was that Reese and Jake had a date at Il Sole and it wasn't their first.

I actually believe that the courtship of Reese and Jake began earlier. I think it began in January. It's possible they began "talking" in December.

Just my opinion. Nothing to go by.

BTW, I think it's possible that they spent the weekend in Ojai. No one has mentioned that, so I thought I throw it out there.

Monica said...

The latest pictures of Reese were with Atticus?

Anonymous said...

I think they were Monica.

Monica said...

Thank's anon!

Anonymous said...

I am not a body language expert, but i like to think Jake was feeling a little tense inside in the following pictures:

bobbyanna said...

IMHO: Ryan admitted they were apart well before they announced their divorce. IMHO, R&R were probably separated probably by June,2006.

Jake and Reese had already been brought together by mutual friends for some casual social gatherings, by late summer,and I think they started really dating by September/October,'06 and have been together almost two years.

Reese wouldn't fly out to see him in NYC, or meet him in Paris, if they weren't coupled up.She flew to Paris to be with him!

Reese wouldn't introduce her kids into the relationship too soon. People like Reese and Jake do not "get serious"in a few weeks. I think they took their time.

Jake has become a part of those kids' lives. That can only happen gradually, over time.

Of course, this is all my own speculation. It's based on "rational" thinking, but it's just my speculation.

Anonymous said...

Those Critics awards pictures make me laugh. They both look a bit goofy (well Reese more so) and their hands are in such an unusual position for talking to someone. It's cute.

nosy said...

I am a Gyllenspoon’s fan. I am the one who posted: 8:07pm, 3:35 pm, 3:38pm, 4:31pm, 5:26pm, 5:57pm and 7:21pm.
I don’t agree with 7:58pm.

suvee said...

Jake does look subdued and almost melancholy in those leaving LAX pics, doesn't he? But surely if there really was a death in the Gyllenhaal family, some word would have leaked out by now? Or not......

Call me crazy, but I'm not worried (yet) about "Nailed" and the potential for cinematic disaster. I've said it before..... I think the "warrior" in Jake doesn't mind some conflict the least little bit. I think he responds positively to having to overcome difficulties.

Sorry for the astrology reference (feel free to roll your eyes, it won't hurt my feelings)...... but he's a Sag...... they like challenges, they are not emotionally fragile and they DO NOT lack for self confidence. And they thrive on new experiences, expanding their world. DOR and "Nailed" are just more pages in Jake's Book of Life. IMHO.

suvee said...

sorry, I forgot to add to my previous comment...

"She's got it real bad. Uh huh. I think he teases her, too. And he is very flirty."

I so agree, sallykirkland! I think the J & R smitten thing is clearly a 2-way street. And who among us can't empathize with Reese having it "real bad"? :)

Anonymous said...

Suvee another astrology buff! I've always wondered something, do other Jake fans who are in to astrology notice that aries and Sagittarius are practically meant for each other in the spectrum of pairings. The only person better for Reese would be a Leo. That is if you believe in all of that stuff, which I do. ;-)

FluorescentLamp said...

Or you know, the two owners of this particular blog who are both *cough* Aries. ;-)

suvee said...

I was a little hesitant to respond to anon 9:26.......because I wasn't sure how the 2 owners of this blog would feel about an Astrology 101 discussion. But...... since I am going to (briefly) sing the praises of the Aires/Sag combination, I hope they will indulge me. :)

Jake is obviously drawn to Aries, both platonically (Heath, Robert Downey Jr.) and romantically (Reese). He has a real pattern with this sign...... he clearly is attracted to, and feels comfortable with Aries. Both Aries and Sag are Fire signs, and both are astrologically notorious for their independence...... and that's no small thing to have in common in a romantic relationship. Neither of these signs do well with clingy, emotionally dependent partners. It suffocates them, and they don't respect it.

Okay, I'm going to stop now before I bore everyone to death....

bobbyanna said...

Don't stop! Don't stop, suvee!!! I love it when you talk...all Zodiac!:)
So, just for the heck of it, how would Jake get along with...say...a Capricorn? I'm a Cap, and I have two close friends who are Sag. And one who is Aries.

I didn't know our blog owners are Aries! Cool.

suvee said...

oh bobbyanna..... don't encourage me!

Okay, here goes. On the surface, Sag and Capricorn don't have much in common. Caps tend to be too "play it safe" and cautious for risk loving Sags. Caps are comfortable with structure and rules, Sags are basically philosophical and fly by the seat of their pants. And sadly, Earth and Fire aren't astrologically compatible.

However, having said that..... one of the classic "truths" of astrology is that there is an inherent positive vibe between a sign and the sign that preceeds it and the sign that follows it. Capricorn follows Sagittarius. And, we all are more than just our Sun sign. If you have close friends that are Sags and Aries, I would bet that you have several other planets/Moon in either Sagittarius or Aquarius. That would certainly "modify" your Capricorn Sun and make you much more compatible with Fire signs. And Jake has Mars in Capricorn (which is another subject altogether!).

UV, FL..... please forgive this detour! I didn't want to ignore bobbyanna's question.

sass said...

Suvee, Don't stop:) Please
I love the Jake/ Reese astrological combination for purely selfish reasons. My mom was an Aries. When she married my stepdad, a Sag, my life improved 3290859485 percent.

He mellowed my strong, in charge, self sufficient mom out totally. He let her be who she was and was not ever threatened by her, no not ever. He loved her very very much and she loved it, plus he became a sometimes buffer between Leo me and my Aries mom.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to encourage futher, but what are other reasons that make Sags and Aries compatible?

bobbyanna said...

" it safe...cautious...comfortable with rules and structure..." LOL!
I hate rules and structure and I'm a natural risk-taker. It's almost reflexive. I don't take foolish risks, especially physical ones. But I definitely do not play it safe. I'm also pretty creative.

I get the impression that there is a sort of conservative inclination in Jake. Or maybe a better word is conventional.

I think he might gamble with somethings, push the envelope, but I also think he will conform to certain expectations if he feels they are legitimate.

I think for example, his family's opinion would mean a lot to him and influence him. I also think he really needs their support.

I definitely think he is a fighter. That is sure. I think he has probably disciplined himself to exercise restraint on his temper, but he'd have no problem getting physical if he had to. So the Mean Directors of the World, beware!!! :)

Anonymous said...

More on Aries/Sag compatibility:

Sagittarius's legendary honesty really appeals to Aries..... they like a person that says exactly what he thinks the moment he thinks it. Sags are very much the personification of "what you see is what you get", and Aries likes that. Sagittarius is great at coming up with ideas... Aries is great at translating ideas into action. Sagittarius has great intellect and mental capabilities and that inspires Aries.... Sags can show Aries the inner meanings of things. Sagittarius loves Aries' forcefulness and self-assertive outlook. A Sag will think things to death..... they are envious of Aries' abliity to take action quickly.

Aries finds Sagittarius bright and interesting.... Sagittarius finds Aries dashing and sexy. They see each other in their true colors.....they keep each other amused and laughing at the world.

suvee said...

Sorry, that last post was mine!

I agree bobbyanna, about Jake's conventional inclination..... it's very obvious IMO.

Bette said...

Suvee I am glad you pointed it out more thoroughly then I could, but I agree! This is the anon from earlier hoping to get your point of view on all of this. A lot of people don't understand how much Aries and Sagittarius compliment each other when they bash Reese and Jake. Sure environmental factors do come in to play, how somebody is raised will effect how their sign reacts to any given situation. But considering how much we already know they have in common, it's pretty obvious already that isn't a problem. A couple I know, aries woman and leo man, they've been married 28 years now. They just seem to balance each other out. I think the same thing about Reese and Jake, they balance each other out.

Anonymous said...

"I think they started really dating by September/October,'06 and have been together almost two years."

I agree with you Bobbyanna, don't forget Jake was in Morocco the early part of 07 and Reese met him in NYC when he was promoting Zodiac, he then went back to Morocco, so I think they were together long before that.

extra said...

Death by a cookie?? So this is what Caan and O. Russell argued about, LOL!!!

gabbana said...

From the Hollywood Reporter:

To me it looks like in this case it was not David O. Russell who caused the trouble. Leaving a film set over an incident like that is simply unprofessional especially with an only two day shooting...

HW is usually a reliable source and this is the first report making some sense.

Hopefully things have calmed down now and we will hear/read only positive reports from the shootings...

nosy said...

I agree with bobbyanna, about Jake's conventional inclination. And I think Reese is conservative about relationship. Both are quite moral and responsible. Jake came to Reese only because Reese was out on the market already. I totally believe they started dating after five months separation. Reese was very hurt and confused and heartbroken after she found out R with his little sexy co-star. Jake likes her all along but only came to support her after her separation. While I don’t believe all the rumors, I try to tell truth from the false and lies.

nosy said...

Appearance is deceiving. but the fleeting seconds revealed how Reese truely feeled at that time. she was very sad.

nosy said...

sorry not "feeled" but "felt"

sallykirkland said...

I think people might get an "off" impression of both Reese and Jake. Jake's family, for instance,really doesn't fit the "norm" as far as conventions and popular notions of "morality." Yes, he is very close to them, but that doesn't necessarily mean he is conventional in the way we think of conventional.

I also think Reese's "All American Girl" so-called conservative image was largely deliberately manufactured. I feel like she is trying to gradually change the "Legally Blonde" public perception of herself. Listening to her comments during the media for Rendition, she came across as a lot more liberal and politically aware then I certainly expected.

I do agree they seem very responsible, as far as those kids are concerned. I think they are very,very well suited.

She is intelligent and strong and caring and he has been, all his life, surrounded by such women. She is also, surprisingly, (at least to me) politically active with the Children's Defense Fund and the Avon Project,her participation in,etc.

These are things Jake is very comfortable with. There is also a lightness I see in her since Jake that is very attractive. I have no idea about astrology, but I do think they will last.

Anonymous said...

Bobbyanna I don't think they started dating in 2006. I think up until about July 2006 Reese believed they could recover from this, by then it was over, but she was still denying it. I think they got together probably early 2007, maybe December 2006 but that's stretching it. I think Ryan insinuating they were apart is his way to try to justify his cheating with Abbie.

Anonymous said...

I don't get when they could have got together early 2007 as Jake was in Morocco, I think it was before they started filming Rendition.

Anonymous said...

What is happening in Jake fandom, IHJ is very very quite and lashers is almost non existent.

UltraViolet said...

Things are just slow at the moment. It's cyclical.

I did just see this on Lashes:

A friend of the friend I was staying with texted her to say she was in a Moroccan restaurant and was sat next to Maggie and Peter. She was obviously trying very hard not to eavesdrop but did hear them say poor Jakey was exhausted at the moment.

No idea, obviously, if it's legit.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

UV, do you know if they heard this conversation in NY, L.A. or London??

Poor baby, I hope he tales care of himself.

lawgoddess said...

Poor exhausted Jake. Any volunteers to take care of him? :)

Anonymous said...

Bet that conversation took place a week ago at least. Maggie could have been talking about he WAS exhasuted. Maybe could be why they went to Cabo. He finished the movie, hurt his foot, maybe even had surgery, and needed to rest before the next movie. I wonder.Is Jake high maintenance?:)

gyllenspooner said...

Jake fandom goes up and down. There isn't much going on right now. Jake hasn't really been in the news promoting anything since all the way back to last October when he did his Rendition stuff. All the photos are candids and he's doing his best to avoid the paps.

We're all suffering now for Jake's lack of movie making last year. :(

As for when Jake and Reese got together. I think they began "talking" to each other, as someone wrote, in December and/or January and they began to "heat up" when Jake returned from Morocco in March.

Remember that Jake's filming schedule for Rendition was broken up into two parts: he filmed the torture scenes and those between Jake and Fatima's father from January 18 to early February (between the 2-5 i'm not sure), they filmed the scenes involving Fatima's father (without Jake), Fatima and her boyfriend and terrorist attack in February and then Jake returned to finish his parts beginning with his part in the terrorist attack. This latter filming schedule took place between March 4th or 5th to mid March sometime when shooting ended all together.

There was ample opportunities for Jake and Reese to have begun a relationship together in early 2007: early January, before leaving for Morocco; all of February.

But I agree it's likely that they began "talking" in December. They were also probably emailing each other while he was away, but that's a guess.

Anonymous said...

December,'06, I read he gave her a bike for Christmas. I remember, bcz I thought he was just being nice about her divorce. I think they were probably seeing each other before Rendition. Maybe that's when the on and off, up and down part was. Otherwise it was too fast, I think, too. Plus didn't Reese stop the pictures from the set from getting out? I think that's why. She even said she did it to stop rumors from starting. Yeah. Go, Reese!

Monica said...

"Stk was the hot spot for dinner last night in Hollywood. The night brought out Oscar winners, ex models and Reality show rejects. Reese Witherspoon made it a night out for a good dinner along with ex-supermodel turned trophy wife Cindy Crawford. "

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Does anyone know if the part of the house speaker has been recast??

From what I gather, it was a small part.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys hear why James Caan left the set? My god, what a jerk. I've got to side with Russell on this one.

chica said...

Russell has a rep as being an assjole, Caan has never walked off a set and in his long career.

The role was a 2-day shoot, a glorified cameo, would it have killed Russell to film it the way Caan suggested? I know Russell is the director but give me a break.

And speaking of Nailed I think they got a clue and decided to clamp down=closed set. With the exception of the sighting of Jake dining on Monday, things have been thankfully quiet.

Narcissa said...

And speaking of Nailed I think they got a clue and decided to clamp down=closed set."

I agree. In view of DOR's rep, the producers should have been warier from the get-go.

sallykirkland said...

I think it's too soon to condemn Russell's behavior. The producer, Wick, said Russell was no problem.

I'm reminded of what Russell Crowe once said,on Inside the Actors' Studio.He said that a collaborative environment is great, and he really likes the exchange of ideas with a director.

But at the end of the day,the Director is absolutely the final say. He is in charge and you have to trust him and go with his final judgement. If you cannot do that you shouldn't be there. I was shocked to hear this coming from Russell Crowe of all people. But there it is.

James Caan is a fine actor and maybe this never happened before to him. Maybe Caan didn't intend walking "out." Maybe he was just leaving for a short time to recover his equilibrium, and Russell interpreted it a differently.

Russell's previous reputation may have people at a higher level of anxiety then normal. I just think, IMHO, Russell will have to do more to demonstrate his awfulness.

From my perspective, I don't see why Russell couldn't have said, "OK. Let's try it both ways. See how it looks. Help me out here, Jim." Then again, maybe he did say something like that, but James didn't accept it for what it was. There can only be one director on a movie...unless it's the Coens.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand Sallykirkland, Russell said exactly that. He offered to do it both ways but Caan refused and walked off.

I understand Russell has a reputation, but that doesn't mean that he's wrong everytime he and an actor have a dispute. Caan may have been right that people can't cough and choke at the same time, but given that Russell had asked him to do it both ways I really don't see any reason to walk off the set like that.

Anonymous said...

Just a little info from imdb,

"Production on Farrow Road wraps today. See you back at the State House!!"

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, I saw that on IMDb. It's the kind of useless information that irritates me. (Not you, anon, but the IMDb poster.)

It's like an insider "I know something you don't and I'm not going to divulge anything else but that I know it." Tell us who was filming, what they were filming, etc.

Anyway, someone asked where the Maggie and Peter restaurant sighting was. I don't know for sure, but I assume it was in London.

suvee said...

"We're all suffering now for Jake's lack of movie making last year. :( "

So true! Last year I would faithfully check the "Film Casting" thread on the LA Times blog every week, hoping to see news of a new Jake movie. Week after week, month after month...... nada. I got a little peeved at him, I have to admit. And, yes, I know I was being immature, selfish and uh..... greedy. What can I say? I don't like these droughts!

But on the other hand, I also don't want him to become overexposed. I suppose it's always better to leave the public wanting just a little more....... :)

kay said...

Reese was very hurt and confused and heartbroken after she found out R with his little sexy co-star.

Don't believe everything you read in the tabloids. Reese and Ryan were over by the time of the oscars, but they put up a happy front to make sure she won. They did the same thing when Flags of Our Fathers came out but when it turned out Ryan wasn't going to get any awards attention from it, they made their split known to the media.

Anonymous said...

"They did the same thing when Flags of Our Fathers came out but when it turned out Ryan wasn't going to get any awards attention from it"

I could've told him that. I'm 90% sure he expected a Best Actor nomination for FOOF. Poor guy is suffering from delusions of grandeur.

How do you know this inside information by the way? It's pretty personal stuff. Are you associated with them in some way?

UltraViolet said...

Don't believe everything you read in the tabloids.

But we should believe you? Please.

It's absurd to say that Reese and Ryan stayed together for her Walk the Line win and then waited until Flags came out in case Ryan got awards consideration. That's a long time to stay together just for awards. And no one has any proof of it - it's just one of the charges the haters like to level against Reese to try to show that she's not really a concerned mother, that she uses her family for her professional advancement.

Which leaves the door open to say that she's using Jake or allowing him to use her. Blah blah.

I call bull.

Anonymous said...

UV I agree completely, it's also another way for some of the Ryan fans to justify Ryan's cheating. That Reese and Ryan were separated before he ever got with Abbie. I don't buy it, because Ryan has never said point blank I never cheated. He's skirted around it every time, and made up some excuse for why the rumors are out there.

extra said...

Jake and Chris to opn a resturaunt! via Life & Styles:

Closet chef JAKE GYLLENHAAL is developing a new organic restaurant venture with top cook CHRIS FISCHER.
Sources claim the movie star once promised himself he'd open a top-end eatery if his acting career took off by the time he was 30. He's 27.
And Gyllenhaal, who has made regular appearances on top chef Mario Batali's hit U.S. cookery show Molto Mario, is getting serious about cooking up a restaurant.
A pals tells America's Life + Style magazine that Gyllenhaal and pal Fischer are looking at real estate in Los Angeles - with a view to opening their own place.
The insider says, "Cooking is his (Gyllenhaal) big hobby and his passion."
Reports suggest Gyllenhaal is even planning a summer vacation cycling tour of food-lovers mecca Tuscany, Italy with his girlfriend Reese Witherspoon - to seek inspiration for his new restaurant.
He'll be the latest in a long line of Hollywood stars who have opened restaurants - Morgan Freeman, Sandra Bullock, Jeri Ryan, Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reid are just some of the celebrities who have tasted success as restaurateurs.

Josie said...

Thanks extra! This is the resturaunt Reese and the kids were at in Ojai last week:

They have a garden in back and they pick their own tomatoes, etc. I'm sure Jake and Chris have already eat there!

Narcissa said...

"...but they put up a happy front to make sure she won..."

You do realize that that statement makes zero sense, dontcha? I suppose any stick will do to beat someone with...

Lovely news about the restaurant. I have long been expecting Jake to go into something for which he has such enthusiasm! Good for him and Chris!

However.... more evidence that Reese is not keeping Jake from his friends - damn!

mario said...

I would say most of the restaurants in Ojai are organic due to the farms in the area.

sheba baby said...

That bit popped in my google alert.

Considering the source, I will wait and see but we all know that Jake has talked about opening a restauraunt before and I noticed they named Chris in the article so who knows.

The cycling in Tuscanny reminds me of several things. Jake and Reese in Rome of course, the blurb from Star that he bought her a bike for Christmas in '06 and a sigting of them in Napa Valley of them on their bikes wearing Kangol hats!

If true, then I wish Jake and Chris the best of luck.

sheba baby said...

I forgot to add: If true that would mean that Prince of Persia isn't happening? I thought that it was suppose to start filming this summer, although he could do both.

chica said...

OT: I'm officially disgusted. This is a local/NY story that I and many others have been following, how the hell could they be found not guilty on all counts? I have been living in NY all my life and i'm really sick and tired of this, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Sorry for venting.

Not Guilty
Detectives Charged In Sean Bell Shooting Acquitted On All Counts

April 25, 2008

After two months of testimony by over 50 witnesses, the three detectives charged in the Sean Bell shooting have been found not guilty on all charges.

Shouts of "No!" and "Not guilty!" erupted in the crowd outside the courthouse as word of the verdict spread. Some people wept on each other's shoulders.

The three detectives who were charged in the shooting waived their right to a jury trial, leaving their fate in the hands of Supreme Court Justice Arthur Cooperman. If they'd been convicted of manslaughter and other charges, two of them could have faced up to 25 years in prison. The third was charged only with reckless endangerment.

Bell was gunned on the eve of what was to be his wedding day in November 2006 outside a nightclub in Jamaica that was being investigated by undercover police officers. Bell and his friends had just left his bachelor party when police say they heard one of them reference a gun. Police fired 50 bullets at the group as they tried to drive away, killing Bell and seriously injuring his friends Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield.

Detective Michael Oliver fired 31 of the 50 shots. He was facing charges of manslaughter, assault and reckless endangerment. Detective Gescard Isnora faced the same charges. He was the first to open fire and was hit by Bell’s car. Detective Marc Cooper faced just a reckless endangerment charge for a shot he fired that hit a nearby AirTrain platform.

Dozens of people lined up early this morning outside the Queens courthouse hoping to get into the courthouse to hear the judge’s ruling, which was delivered shortly after 9 a.m.

Bell’s family along with that of his fiancĂ©e Nicole Paultre-Bell had breakfast just around the corner from the courthouse before walking inside just before the judge handed down his verdict.

The judge’s decision follows two months of trial and testimony from more than 50 witnesses in which two very different pictures were painted of the scene outside Club Kalua on November 25th, 2006. The prosecution described the undercover detectives as reckless, failing to identify themselves as officers before opening fire on a group of unarmed men, then fabricating a story to justify the shooting.

The defense argued the detectives thought their lives were in danger, believing Bell and his friends were armed after one of them thought he heard Guzman say he was going to get his gun. No gun was ever recovered. The defense maintains the detectives did identify themselves and question the motives of Guzman and Benefield, both of whom have filed $50 million claims against the city.

Many are wondering how the city will react to the judge’s decision. The mayor has held several community meetings to encourage calm, but the NYPD refuses to reveal what extra security measures are in place, if any. Both the city and Bell supporters say they don’t anticipate any civil unrest.

"We certainly don't expect violence,” said Kelly. “There have been several vigils and memorial services. There's been no violence attended to those services. But we're prepared for any contingency."

“We are the same people that when the trial was wrongfully moved to Albany of Amadou Diallo, that I stood on these steps when they were acquitted and said, ‘we’re not going to throw one brick or one stick and we didn’t. We’re the same people,” said Reverend Al Sharpton.

"There are other means for them in case they are disappointed with the decision," said Marshall. "They can move it onto a higher court."

Eight years ago, dozens of people were arrested for violent protests when the cops who fired 41 shots at unarmed Amadou Diallo were acquitted.

bobbyanna said...

My very limited experience is that Italy is really hot in the summer, hordes of tourists everywhere! Tour buses and cruise ships spitting them out in the hundreds!
That's high season. My favorite time in Italy is May until mid-June.

There are loads of package deals for "bike tours thru Tuscany" too! Of course they're probably planning to go way off the beaten path. I guess Mario and his business partner,could help with an itinary for the kind of foodie trip Jake wants. A bike tour would be very rigorous, tho.

I believe that he and Chris are interested in having a restaurant, tho. This came up before, I think.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry for double posting! Chica, I saw this earlier, too. It is an outrage. I remember vividly when it happened. With two daughters living in the NYC area, one in Manhattan, I try to follow things pretty closely.

chica said...

Hi bobbyanna,
I know there are other venues to vent but gyllenbabble is the 1st blog I like to check in the morning and the news came out at the same time.

I got a little sick to my stomach when my bus to Manhattan passed by the courthouse in Queens, there were a ton of media and I sensed the outcome, sigh.

I just hope everything remains calm here, peaceful protests I think are being planned.

On a much brighter note, even though the source is suspect, I actually believe this tidbit regarding Jake and Chris. If so, I wish the all the best and luck !

Anonymous said...

Bobbyanna is 100% right. I don't know if the story about Jake going to Italy is true or not, but the best time to go to Italy is May-June. I made the trip in the first week of June back in 2005 and LOVED IT. It's quiet and serene and yet still summery and fun. I would recommend it for any traveller.

shondra said...

I agree, that that is the best time to go to Italy. July-August is hot and uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was cute!

Producer Pal: Jake 'Really Loves' Reese

By Brian Orloff

Originally posted Friday April 25, 2008 12:15 PM EDT
Photo by: FlynetProducer Pal: Jake 'Really Loves' Reese | Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon
Just how serious is Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon's relationship?

"I just think he loves her," Gyllenhaal's producer pal Ryan Kavanaugh told PEOPLE at the 23rd Annual "Salute to Youth" dinner in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Kavanaugh produced the actor's upcoming film, Brothers, which he calls a "passion project."

"[Jake] has obviously had his fair share of dating," Kavanaugh says of Gyllenhaal's romantic life. "I think eventually you come to a place where you know what you want and seeing what we saw on the set, he was certainly completely devoted to her and really loves her."

Over the course of the film, the producer really got to know Gyllenhaal, 27. "He's awesome," says Kavanaugh. "He's a true artist and a really good guy. We used to workout every morning before going on the set so he became a good friend, too.",,20195475,00.html

get real said...

Hey all,

Chica, saw the news on the verdict and I too am disgusted.

I really hope the news of Jake and Chris opening a restaurant is true. I think it would be very successful as they are both passionate foodies and chefs/cooks. The bike tour sounds nice if true.

Happy Friday!

get real said...

Also, thanks anon. Great article from the Brothers producer. What wonderful things to say about Jake as a true artist and an awesome guy. Plus, so nice to hear such nice things about Jake and Reese. :)

Anonymous said...

UV: Could you check my LJ when you have the chance! I need your help. Thankies hun! =D

- Stephanie

Paula said...

Thanks for the People article! It seems that Reese did spend some time on the set of Brothers. NM isn't that far from L.A. so it would make sense, SC is a lot farther away.

I bet she makes it for avisit rel soon though!

Anonymous said...

Reese out shopping. She's looking fit and healthy.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Shopping, looking healthy and recycling!!!Good for her.

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