Saturday, April 12, 2008

At the park

Well, a day late for my birthday, but still - it's good to see you emerge. We've been missing you, boy!

Just kidding - of course, it was great to get a Jake Gyllenhaal sighting yesterday.

Looking good, Senator :)

For more, as always, head to IHJ.


sass said...

Afternoon UV,FL and peeps:)

Thank to everyone for the well wishes. I am Jaking today among Jake lovers and glad to be here.

He looks fantastic. He starts filming April 14th, or so says IMDB Pro.. Good to see him out and about. It took a month to heal his injury. Wonder how long this shoot will take ...30 days?

chica said...

Hi sass!!!
I think the shoot is for 10 weeks beginning this Monday.

Love all the pics, good to see Jake, Reese, Deacon and Atticus.

sass said...

Hi backacha chica! :)
I see you got rid of the spammer UV. I clicked without thinking. arrrgh :lol:lol
Since Senators and Congressman rarely have beards and keep their hair short , Jake may look like he does in these pics. !0 weeks is a long time. I hope we get some Jake news once in a while:)
Jaking rocks.
xoxoxo everybody:)

get real said...

Hey Sass and Chica!

Thanks for the new post, UV. Jake is looking good indeed. Really good! ;p. So nice to see these pics before he starts filming Nailed.

Anonymous said...

Love them...yum, his arms look awesome. Reese looks gorgeous as always.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics UV, white t-shirt Jake yum.

suvee said...

Lordy...... love to see clean shaven, perfect fitting white tee, hair not too short Jake. It's funny how often the words "yum/yummy" are used in relation to him. But if ever a man was yummy..... it's him. :)

Great post, UV. And I always love seeing Atticus included in these family outings.

suvee said...

I blame it all on Jake and that brain short circuited a little and I forgot to tell sass that I hope she's feeling better soon!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the pics UV.I know We're supposed to be all drooly over can we not be!!, but I just want to add that I think little Deacon is one of the two most deliciously huggable little tiny children I've seen lately..along with Matilda Rose Ledger.

sass! Glad your feeling better! Hope everyone is having a better day than I here is very raw...wind, rain, low forties, with snow predicted in the next few days! My new bicycle is very sad. I hate the Midwest!

Monica said...

Thank you for the pictures!
So good to see Atticus.
Deacon is a wonderful child!

sheba baby said...

Love the pics, Jake looks great, ready to start shooting Nailed on Monday it looks like.

I remember that despite both Jake and Reese filming, we got to see quite a bit of them, yeah N. Mexico isn't far from LA and it was easy to fly back and forth but remember, Reese has family ties in SC including a family vacation home.

Look for at least sightings because the paps don't hang out in SC.

extra said...

Here is some info on Malibu Creek State Park, I had the wrong link in the previous post:

gyllenspooner said...

I expect a couple of Reese South Carolina sightings.

Her family has a house in Charleston which is only a one and a half hour drive away from Columbia.

Also expect her to stay the entire week when her husband has the kids for Fathers Day. Last year he had them for a week straight.

I can't wait until we get some Nailed information.

shondra said...

Love the pictures, good to see Atticus too!!

I agree gyllenspooner, Reese has made a few trips to SC already this year I read.

Josie said...

This is a bit confusing, is it because Jake is attached to the Untitled Moon Project? A bio on Neil Armstrong and Jake's name is mentioned. He is too young for this anyway:,,2273245,00.html

PS: Loving the family pics!

agent_krycek said...

Ummmm, not saying anything, apart from Jake, thank you for the whole white t shirt thing ;), but just looking at Reese's IMDB entry, Tokyo Suckerpuch, which has been there for ages with 'rumoured' tagged to it, has now disappeared.... again saying nothing about clearing schedules and untucked loose fit tops ;-)

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Agent K, I was just about to post a link to these pictures. I think that dress gives you a whole lot more to say nothing about!

UltraViolet said...

Josie, I saw that story, too. I'm not sure Jake's right to play Neil Armstrong, but I love seeing his name bandied about!

And in old news, I saw this story,confirming another old sighting, from long ago. But I love the description. (Note - opens in a PDF.)

“You just missed Reese and Jake,” was the greeting given us by one of our spies as we entered the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “They were sitting outside on the patio and were openly kissing and whispering sweet nothings as they exchanged bites from each other’s McCarthy salads.” These are the kind of details we cherish.

The spy went on, “If you haven’t heard, the two brought their families together for a vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.” There’s more: According to what we’ve heard, Reese has been entertaining Jake at her Brentwood home with backyard barbeques, using recipes from the Food Channel’s doyenne of down-home dining, Paula Deen. Everyone’s wondering if the P.D.A. (Public Displays of Affection) will continue at the Toronto Film Festival where Reese and Jake’s film Rendition debuts. A close pal of Jake’s told us, “They’re worried about the international press making a spectacle of their relationship.” The director of the film Gavin Hood says, “To this day, I don’t know if they are in a relationship. But I can promise you this much: They
were never together on the set. All of Jake’s scenes took place in Morocco and all of Reese’s took place in L.A. The only time they crossed paths, when the paparazzi caught them, was on the way into a wardrobe fitting.”

Is this another case of a director protecting the privacy of his stars? We may never know the real truth. We do know that Reese and Jake are as much a couple as Brad and Angelina(at least we believe they are).

Sadly, we know there were no PDAs in Toronto. Oh, except for the "divine dancing."


agent_krycek said...

“You just missed Reese and Jake,” was the greeting given us by one of our spies as we entered the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “They were sitting outside on the patio and were openly kissing and whispering sweet nothings as they exchanged bites from each other’s McCarthy salads.” These are the kind of details we cherish.

*Squees extremely loudly and faints of the sheer squeeiness of it all*

UV, thanks for those photos, which I'm obviously saying nothing about :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV for that sighting and I loved the divine dancing account, more pics which absolutely (sp?) nothing can be said.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks UV for that sighting and I loved the divine dancing account, more pics which absolutely (sp?) nothing can be said.

Saying nothing, but might start knitting some booties in the near future ;-)

josie said...

Look, Reese's GYN is posting here, LOL!!!

agent_krycek said...

I know Josie, we truely are honoured, although isn't there some sort of Dr/Patient confidentiality agreement they're breaking ;)

sallykirkland said...

While the movie and its crew are scheduled to be in Columbia for ten weeks, maybe Jake is not scheduled to be there the entire ten weeks. His part might require less time then that. Reese's
Schedule does seem clear...Maybe she's doing that for when the kids are out of school. Lots of time for MV, Ojai,and SC.

Jake must be planning for lots of visitors to have gotten a house in SC.

Even if she has, Anon 7:27, those things are reversible...I had one too. In her black dress pictures you can really see her jewelry.

Narcissa said...

Imagine a surgeon posting on a fan board! Haven't you got work to do, dear? People to cut up and sew back together?

That orange top is definitely a Fashion!Crime! on a par with Jake's lumberjack shirt. :(

Neil Armstrong = boring.
Prince of Persia = better.

The details of Tokyo Suckerpunch (great title!) have been moved to imdbpro. I note that Reese has 6 projects listed on that. Do we know anybody who has access?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:42,

Do you give any other medical diagnoses over the internet for people you've never met or examined?

Just wondering Doctor, because I've been having this ache...

lawgoddess said...

Nothing but jeans and a plain white t-shirt, and he is still the sexiest thing walking around. Lovely pictures, thanks for the post. :)

office of nancy pelosi said...

Damn, I let my subscription to IMDB lapse. Tokoyo Suckerpunch is based on a comic book I think and Tobey McGuire is attached to it as well, his Co. is producing it.

I may be wrong but i think it's animated, so it will reqire them to do voice work, she is working on an animated film now.

Love the pics and Jake look great!

paula said...

Thanks for the old/new sighting UV, I remember Reese in MV last summer.

Jake looks yummy in the new pics!

gabbana said...

Love Jake in his white shirt....and I really enjoyed seeing Atticus!!

According to someone at IMDB filming of "Nailed" has already started.

"I work at WIS and they filmed a news segment scene in our studio on Friday, April 11th. It was pretty cool, no one big was there, but it was still cool to get a small glimpse into making a movie"

I have to admit that I am getting more and more exited about this film...

josie said...

Same here gabbanna, i wasn't too thrilled when i first heard about Nailed, but i'm slowly changing my mind.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope we get some blog sightings of Jake in SC, someone on imdb posted they saw Jessica Biel last week and it was deleted by admin, (they seem to delete a lot of posts lately).

sass said...

Evening all,
UV thanks. I've never seen that Jake Reese sighting posted anyplace. You're good:)

The paper is wonderful. I want a subscription. It's full of gossip and Hollywood tidbits.
These are happy times for them all round.

extra said...

Some news on TDK, great reviews all around from the previews:

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering for awhile if she is pregnant, we'll know soon enough. :D

extra said...

One of the projects probably listed for Reese in IMDB pro is an animated film from Disney called The Bear and the Bow:

Anonymous said...

From imdb

"i'm a waitress at Cypress Lowcountry Grille in Charleston and Jessica Biel came in last night, she was very sweet. She said she's going to be filming in Charleston for the next week."

Wonder if Jake will be in Charleston as well.

Anonymous said...

From IMDB:

"I work at WIS and they filmed a news segment scene in our studio on Friday, April 11th. It was pretty cool, no one big was there, but it was still cool to get a small glimpse into making a movie. There were so many people our poor studio was packed and they did the scene tons of times. If they don't cut the scene I can't wait to see it and tell everyone that's were I work.... I know I'm a big dork!!!"

Anonymous said...

I should have read the above first, sorry!!!

Anonymous said...

Jake will probably be mostly based in Columbia, since it is a stand-in for Washington, D.C. He probably won't be needed for the entire ten solid weeks. I get a feeling that separations are getting harder for these two.Good!

shondra said...

I agree Anon. with Jake not being needed for the whole ten weeks for the shoot.

The homes that unfortunaetly appeared online was a bit misleading IMO, some thinking that Jake, Jessica and co. would be there for the whole ten weeks but I think that they offered those homes for them to stay at rather than a hotel as part of the incentives to get them to film the entire film in SC.

Rememer that it was supposed to shoot in CT, then move to SC later?

agent_krycek said...

they'll be filming in a building on the statehouse grounds in Columbia for the next 3 days

That sound like a possible Washington stand in building? Any near by Babblers in the area can clarify? - that went up on imdb about an hour ago.

Anonymous said...

"they'll be filming in a building on the statehouse grounds in Columbia for the next 3 days "

squeeee! Jake must be in town!

sass said...

Morning everyone:)
Good news about Nailed... filming begins today and it's all good.
Always sharing good news about Jake's movies. Here's a positive Bubble Boy review.

25 best movies you've never seen

4. Bubble Boy
John Travolta may have played a Bubble Boy first, in a sappy TV movie about a kid who needs to be wrapped in plastic and protected from the elements. But Jake's haircut tells the whole story here; there's something a bit "off" about this surprisingly funny 2001 big-screen version, in which Jimmy builds himself a portable bubble to go after the gal he loves. Oh, sure, there are moments that challenge our dear boy. (Ever try to steal a can of beer while waddling around in a homemade germ-free sphere?) But nothing can keep Gyllenhaal's love-struck Jimmy down for long. His heart — and the film's heart — is that big.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It's good to read about Bubble Boy love, I really like that movie but a lot of people trashed it when it came out.

Jake has really good comedic timing, glad he is doing Nailed!

bobbyanna said...

I found this in an article about George Clooney written by Ian Parker for the New Yorker,
(04/14/08). It's Clooney's view of his David O. Russell experience.

"In 1998, on the unhappy set of “Three Kings,” David O. Russell, the director, urged Clooney to be still but, Clooney said, “did everything in the world to make it impossible to be still, including rewriting while you’re talking on camera.” Clooney’s memories of “Three Kings” include Russell shouting, “Why don’t you worry about your fucked-up acting!” Their “Three Kings” relationship ended in a brawl, and with a reminder that, when a star enables a film to be green-lit, he is a god feigning mortality for the duration of the shoot. “There is sort of an understanding that you are giving the power you actually have away to the director of the film,” Clooney said. In this case, Clooney lost patience with what he saw as Russell’s mistreatment of others as well as himself, and made a phone call to Warner Bros. that had the effect, as Clooney saw it, of taking directorial authority away from Russell. “David sat and sort of pouted for the last two weeks of the shoot, and then we wrapped,” he said.
I know. You can tell I'm just a huge Russell "fan.":)

agent_krycek said...

Well, hopefully he's kept hold of his crutches, and if Mr Russell starts behaving like that on Nailed Jake can do to him what he obviously wanted to do to the paps!

The OH is away for a few days (in NYC damm it, bloody people where I work grabbing holidays when I want them *grrrrrr*) I think I'll have a Jakefest one day this week, starting with Bubble Boy, which I confess I've only watched once.

sheba baby said...

I'm not too concerned about Jake regarding Mr. Russell. I'm sure Jake has heard all about him and is prepared or hopefully Russell has calmed down.

gabbana said...

Thanks for the link, Bobbyanna. Interesting read....

But for example Mark Wahlberg, who was also in "Three kings", worked again with Russell on "I heart huckabees" some years later. And Lily Tomlin also worked twice with him. Jake obviously knows him and his reputation - and he decided to work with him.

The following link I found at another blog:

"It came to my attention last night after discussing the filming of the movie Nailed in South Carolina that the Commerce Secretary actually tried to prevent the filming of Nailed from occurring in South Carolina because the script, which is a sexual comedy, didn't jive with his morals"

This does not look like David is planning to do a "romantic comedy" (especially knowing his other movies) looks like it will be what we first read: A satire with some explicit content.

I love the fact that Jake again is involved in a project that is causing some trouble.....(sorry but sometimes I have a strange sense of humour..)

UltraViolet said...

Anyone in Columbia should keep your eyes peeled around Sumter Street:

Columbia police say they have closed a street in the Downtown area while shooting on the Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal movie, "Nailed," is being filmed this week.

Officials with the City of Columbia Police Department say that Sumter Street between Gervais and Pendleton Streets will be closed until Sunday, April 20, at 11 p.m.

The street closed early Monday morning.

Not sure if it's closed to everyone or just to vehicles. In any case, they have to make it to and fro!

Of course, we don't even know if Jake is there.


Belated squee and howdy to Holly. You got yourself a blogger name! I hope that means you'll be visiting often!


I agree with you on the Russell and romcom factors, gabbana. This never seemed like a romantic comedy to me, especially with Jake and DOR involved. I hope they do what they can to offend that congressman's sensibilities!

suvee said...

I am so excited about "Nailed"....... hope it doesn't disappoint. But any film whose premise morally offends some uptight state bureaucrat sounds promising IMO.

Is this really going to be the all grown up, super sexy Jake role we've (well, I've) been patiently waiting for? I know it's a satire, but still...... I'm hopeful. :)

Thanks, gabbanna, for the link!

sass said...

TY UV, so much for the film news.:) TY bobbyanna, I just completed the article and am looking forward to our lead actor getting started. I do love coming over and finding plenty of Nailed news.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of Reese out shopping by herself from Buzz Photo.
No Comment. None at all.

agent_krycek said...

No comment either, far too busy knitting booties ;)

UltraViolet said...

I saw that pic and laughed, thinking of all the things no one would say ;)

Reported Jake sightingin SC:

they're starting to film at the state house this week and jake gyllenhaal was at the strom gym the other day and some of my sorority sister got to meet him but he wanted to lay low so they didn't get a picture with him but he said that could be sketchy and take one of him.

Punctuation is your friend!

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to add that I assume the gym is named after Strom Thurmond, which is all kinds of creepy.

UltraViolet said...

Before retiring - a couple of stories about filming. The first is from a local writer trying to weasel his way into meeting Jessica Biel. (And Jake.) With no success.

The second is about a local pol whose office is being used for flming. Another person who wants to meet JB.

Where are the Gyllenhaalics down there??

UltraViolet said...

Looks like we found some Gyllenhaalics. And okay, I lied about going to sleep. One more sighting:

Today, I was driving out to the golf course at Cobblestone Park in Blythewood with three of my student volunteers and we were looking at a wedding book and talking weddings. We were stopped at a light about to turn right and three people came out into the cross walk and started crossing the street. One of the girls in the car screamed, "That's Jake Gyllenhaal!" And it was. White henley, nice jeans, and aviators. And Jake Gyllenhaal! I'm embarrassed to say that all screamed like small children and there is no way he didn't hear us screaming. We could have reached out of the car windows and touched him-- just before getting arrested-- but we could have!

She ends with a wish for more sightings. Ditto - as long as she reports them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those sightings UV, another one from imdb.

"yeah he was at strom late tonight. i kinda cut in front of him going down the stairs from the track, lol, kinda pissed i didn't talk to him."

extra said...

Reese and the kids in Ojai yesterday:

Thanks for the links to the sightings!

agent_krycek said...

Errr, are loose fitting tops the fashion for women in the US right now - obviously only asking out of interest and to keep my finger on the fashion pulse, no other reason for asking, nope Sir, not me ;)

Monica said...

Reese yesterday!

josie said...

Not sure i'm liking the fact that the paps know about the place in Ojai. She doesn't look too pleased here at spotting them:

Anonymous said...

Reese and the kids look like they just came from being out with the livestock!!!:) I hope they really get a chance to enjoy their home without intrusions. Going to Ojai was a way to have some peace and I hope for the kids' sake they are left alone.

gyllenspooner said...

Hey guys,

I haven't been around for a while. I was away and then I needed a couple of days to catch up with everything.

It doesn't seem that I missed too much on the Jake Gyllenhaal front. There's some news coming from South Carolina which is good. This portends well for the future when things start happening. One of the good things about working in such public places is that leaks are a certainty. Bad for Jake. Good for us.

Some of the information i've read about the film though seems contradictory.

First, Jessica Beil in Charleston. This contradicts everything else we know about filming this week. Charleston is no where near Columbia. Personally I don't think she was there at all. Or she was just vacationing before she started filming and the person who met her misunderstood her when she said that Jessica would be filming in Charleston for the week. Maybe Jessica just said South Carolina and the waitress assumed it was in Charleston.

Second, filming at the state house. I don't know if this is true or not, but another report had them closing down a street for the full week. That street, Sumter, is where USC (University of South Carolina) is located. I vaguely remember reading that one of the locations they'd be filming at was one of the Universities.

So who knows?

As for those pics yesterday of Reese and the kids. Those photos weren't too intrusive. It's not like they were photographed at home or followed around all day. It looks like it was one photographer, at one location from a distance, as they were leaving a store.

I still say Ojai was a good buy even if word is out. Paps would have to drive 1.5 hours there and 1.5 hours back, locate them and then actually get a photo of them together. It seems a tough enterprise and probably not worth all the trouble in the end given the scarcity of their public sojourns.

Regarding the photos themselves, I thought Ava and Deacon look super cute with their cowboy hats on. Also, I disagree with anon that they look like they were with livestock, lol (that was funny though). The only one who looked dirty was Ava. It looks like she spilled something on her shirt.

Hope you guys are all well.

Be back later.