Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jake in Columbia

As opposed to Jake AT Columbia. Because you know that train has left the station.

Well news is starting to trickle out about filming locales in Columbia this week, as well as several Jake Gyllenhaal sightings.

This news item appeared the other day on the WLTX newsite:

Columbia police say they have closed a street in the Downtown area while shooting on the Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal movie, "Nailed," is being filmed this week.

Officials with the City of Columbia Police Department say that Sumter Street between Gervais and Pendleton Streets will be closed until Sunday, April 20, at 11 p.m.

The street closed early Monday morning.

For those cartography-minded people like me, you'll see that Sumter Street is to the east of the Capitol Building in Columbia.

And as we have been reading, the Capitol Building in Columbia is going to act as a stand in for the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.



Eh, whatever. I can think of better capitol buildings they could have used.

Another view

Nothing a little photoshopping in the editing room couldn't solve.

Already there have been a couple of sightings of Jake working out at the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center on the University of South Carolina campus. What a fabulous looking facility. Makes perfect sense Jake would spend his off-camera time working out here.

More sightings, film locale info as it becomes available. Stay tuned.


UltraViolet said...

Man, I want to swim in that pool. Even if it is named after Strom Thurmond.

More sightings, but beware: It's a Perez Hilton link.

Monica said...

Thanks for the information!

bobbyanna said...

Great post, FL! Seems those last two capitols look a teensy bit familiar...wasn't this the view from Matt Damon's apartment in The Departed?

BTW: So. I've reached a decision about getting my Masters Degree. I already have a B.S....and I will be auditing classes in Columbia...or where ever the hell that pool is...for the next 8 to 10weeks...to see if USC is where I want to be. It's not quite a Summer Semester, but not quite a Spring semester. It's a Spring Awakening semester. (!)PLZ! Don't tell Eldest Daughter...I want it to be a surprise.

Monica said...

The Perez knows nor give a briefing right!
Neither mentioned that he is there because of Nailed!
Af ...

Anonymous said...

They're gonna have to clear that pool and shut down The Strom if Jake decides to use the pool. Shirtless Jake. I swear!

FluorescentLamp said...

BTW: So. I've reached a decision about getting my Masters Degree. I already have a B.S....and I will be auditing classes in Columbia...or where ever the hell that pool is...for the next 8 to 10weeks...to see if USC is where I want to be. It's not quite a Summer Semester, but not quite a Spring semester. It's a Spring Awakening semester. (!)PLZ! Don't tell Eldest Daughter...I want it to be a surprise.

:-D What lofty goals you have, m'dear!

Me? I'm just thinking a part-time, paid or unpaid job as towel girl at the Strom Thurmond Center might be something fun for about 8-10 weeks. :-P

chica said...

Thanks for all the sightings, boy this is a lot different than when he was filming Brothers in NM where we hardly got any news.

I bet it's because it's being filmed around the campus.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Why the hell didn't they just film it in DC????

FluorescentLamp said...

I imagine they don't offer the tax incentives like South Carolina does.

Narcissa said...

Didn't SC and Connecticut (sp?) slug it out for the project? It's an indie, so tax incentives will be a big consideration.

Oh for the thought of that gorgeous man pushing his tanned, toned limbs through the water in that gorgeous pool! :D

Narcissa said...

Wooh! James Caan rumoured to be cast:


sheba baby said...

Yes, SC and CT did slug it out and SC offered the actors those beautiful homes most likely free as bait, but that was squashed after the addresses were published.

According to some comments over on Perez, the cast is staying at a hotel, which is best.

Thansk for the Caan news narcissa !!

UltraViolet said...

I'm not a big James Caan fan, so the news doesn't thrill me. But they keep not asking for my opinion...

UltraViolet said...

More from imdb:

i live literally across the street from where they are shooting.

(claire tower)

and i work like half a block from there. but i havent caught a glimpse of anyone.

my friend works at marble slab and said jake came in to get some ice cream.

i go to the strom to work out religiously, several times a week, but i havent been this week because of all my final papers and such im working on.
aww. i could have seen him.

(though i dunno, some people who work in the state house said he was sort of rude and such)

Anonymous said...

Running into Jake on the street or getting ice cream is one thing. Running into Jake while he is actually working...I would want to avoid.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's rude because he's missing Reese already?

FluorescentLamp said...

Depends on the second-hand definition of "rude". Could be he was in character. Could be those that work in the State House were bugging him. Could be a hundred things or nothing "rude" at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree! He's working, let him work and don't interrupt. I'd be kind of rude too if I had to work and people were trying to distract me from it.

Anonymous said...

I agree flourescentlamp! Assuming he was actually rude, which maybe he wasn't rude at all.

Monica said...

Perhaps he wanted to avoid drawing attention, which could have damaged the film or anything of that type.

Last year two of our girls have the forum and they said that he is a person of love.
He was super friendly and said that loved to hear them. Not drew pictures to be busy talking to a lady. They were not offended.
Yet they fought a foto.hehehehehe
It was shortly after Toronto Film Festival.

josie said...

That pool, sigh.

There sure are a lot of sightings compared to Brothers.

shondra said...

Love the post! And it sounds like Jake just had a bad day.

get real said...

Nice to have all these SC sightings! Sounds like Jake is getting into the swing of things there. And that pool is awesome. Oh to see Jake swimming there. ;p

Thanks for all the sightings and info (even Perez Hilton)!

suvee said...

"As opposed to Jake AT Columbia. Because you know that train has left the station."

Okay, that made me laugh out loud, FL!

Is it just me, or does anyone else find the words "Strom Thurmond" and "Wellness" slightly oxymoronic? (For our Brit and Euro friends, Strom Thurmond was an old fashioned Southern conservative Senator and a champion of segregation.) How ironic that an ACLU liberal boy like Jake is hanging out at a facility named after him.

Love reading about all these Jake sightings! Thanks to UV and everyone else who are doing such a stellar job of keeping us updated.

suvee said...

Sorry! But I just read the link narcissa kindly provided. And all I can say is who cares about James Caan? Paul Reubens.... aka Pee Wee Herman..... is in "Nailed"?! Brilliant casting!

It's official....... I am going to love this movie.

Brothers Spy said...

I've just finished the script for Brothers (the American version). (This after watching the original version over the weekend).

So I guess I pretty much understand the story.

The American names of the main characters are as follows:

Jake Gyllenhaal - Tommy Cahill

Natalie Portman - Grace Cahill

Tobey McGuire - Sam Cahill

My observations of it are that it follows the original pretty close, generally. The scenes and situations are almost all the same. Some of the dialogue is different, as is some context. The story has been very much "Americanized." But I think it actually works better as an American film than it does as a Danish film.

Finally, I think Jake's character is BAD ASS, even more so than Jannick in the Danish version. Prepare yourself for Jake using the f-word like 150 times. But the character is so interesting and complex. Maybe i'm biased, but I was always interested in what he would do next. If Jake put as much effort and thought into this character and portrayal as I have heard that he did, then I think he may very well get some awards love come next winter.

I really enjoyed the story.

I'll be back tomorrow if you have any specific questions.

UltraViolet said...

I'm posting and trying to avoid reading the Brothers post. I don't know if there are any spoilers in it, but please do NOT post spoilers for Brothers, Nailed or any other Jake movie.

We can try to figure out an alternative solution for people who don't mind spoilers. But until then, ixnay.

brothers spy said...

There were no spoilers other than revealing the names of the characters.

I just give a general sense of the story and how it compares with the original without going into any details about the plot, scenes or story.

FluorescentLamp said...

Shame we don't have spoiler tags such as TWoP has. Because as you know, Miss UV, I be a spoiler whore.

We must think of some sort of alternative to this quandary.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a link to spoilers? There is more then one "spoiler whore" lurking about!:)

FluorescentLamp said...

Well here's what I'll do - I'll create a Jake Spoilers blog specifically FOR and ABOUT spoilers. Post spoilers to Jake's movies. Discuss spoilers to Jake's movies. Nothing else. No behind the scenes gossip, no Jake and Reese discussion, unless they happen to appear in another film together.

I'll put up the link on the front page under Links. It will be the first one.

I'll call it something really imaginative like, oh I dunno Jake Spoilers. How's that sound for my fellow spoiler whores?

Anonymous said...

where can you find the script for brothers anyway?

gabbana said...

The whole "Nailed" project is getting more exciting by the minute..:-))

Thanks so much, Brothers Spy for the information on the script - it is so good to know the character names at last. I started wondering because we did not hear anything about "Brothers", no information on test screenings, no buzz, nothing about film festivals...

This "Spoiler whore" thinks the "Jake spoilers" thread is a very good idea.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for the spoiler blog FL - much appreciated, I've got a couple of things I wanted to ask, but couldn't figure out how to ask them without giving away anything at all :D

Anonymous said...

What a great idea the spoilers blog is, I am a "spoiler whore" as well.

Xenia said...

Thank you for the informations brothers spy, I've been a huge fan of the Danish version of the film and I'm very curious to discover how Jake played his 'Jannick'.

Thanks FL for the Jake Soilers blog, I'm a spoilers whore too!

Good to hear about so many Jake sightings, keep them coming!

Thanks for THIS blog UV and FL, it's a treat!

chica said...

I have to confess that i'ma spoiler whore too!! The blog is a great idea FL. Is this blog for Jake movies that some haven't seen as yet as well as upcoming projects?

James Caan, meh. Pee Wee Herman, YES!!!

FluorescentLamp said...

I think the Spoilers blog will be for all of Jake's upcoming movies. Are there any past Jake movies we haven't seen? Apart from Bubble Boy, UV? ;-)

Monica said...

FL, good idea!
I watched the original and wanted to ask questions about the version with Jake.

Monica said...

The only road map that has been able to Brokeback Mountain!

shondra said...

The only Jake movie that I haven't seen is Lovely and Amazing, I should really get around to checking that out.