Thursday, April 10, 2008

Breithlá sona duit, UV

I wanted to put together a special post for your birthday; some of these you've seen before, some will be new to you.

So here's my mish-mash birthday present to you. Hope you enjoy.

Jake Gyllenhaal / U2 / Staples Center / November 1, 2005

(I cut the setlist at the important part. The rest of the setlist, if you're so inclined, can be found here.)

When Jake showed up on Conan on November 3, 2005 and talked about the U2 gig from a couple of nights before, I wondered if somewhere, someplace, out there on the interwebs I might be able to find snippets of this particular concert. Over a year later - enter YouTube and actual footage from that very show.

Hee. Miracle Drug. Aww how was he to know or remember it was The Electric Co. that segued into Send In The Clowns - that song and that album, Boy, came out the year he was born. Oh don't we feel old now. O_o

Jake / Gnarls Barkley / Stubb's / September 13, 2006

I have fond memories of Jake and the ACL Fest in September of 2006. There were so many tidbits coming from bloggers that weekend, we could hardly keep up. Good times.

Now by this time YouTube had become a part of my daily fabric so I knew I'd be able to find Cee-Lo singing Crazy at that Stubb's gig in Austin. Matter of fact, I found several. Thank you people of Austin, Texas for making this almost too easy for me.

And then Jake visited Conan again. And talked about being out of work for six months. And how he could only liken it to. . . Well, take a look.

Jake / Ray LaMontagne / Zilker Park / September 16, 2006

A couple of days later during that same ACL Fest week/weekend Jake and Co. were stage left during Ray LaMontagne's performance of How Come. A couple of fans right up front did the proper thing - turned their video cameras AWAY from Ray LaMontagne so they could capture the hypnotic White Boy Dance on the side of the stage.

Full version - whole song. Couple of things - if you remember watching this video at the time you'll remember that the sound is terrible (camera's mic too sensitive for the stage monitors) so proceed with caution. Also, some men make better chefs than dancers. And that's all I'll say on that. ;-)

Hanging with the sweaty, beer-soaked masses backstage at the Ray LaMontagne gig at the ACL Fest.

Oh, hey, UV, guess who's in town tomorrow night for the first game of a weekend series? Do you remember the LAST time they were in town for the first game of a weekend series? Ohh I think you do.

I still think the L&O franchise dropped the ball on this one; kid shows some real promise!

If you always wanted to know how to pronounce Happy Birthday in Gaelic, take a listen.

(Note: If you're having trouble watching any of these videos, please be sure you have the latest Adobe Flash Player or Apple Quicktime installed.)


UltraViolet said...

Wow, this is such a cool present! You know how amazed I was when you found that U2 footage. And then you managed to clip them together.

It's so impressive, I don't even cringe at all that Jake got the song wrong. Nope, I don't. Not at all. Miracle Drug, Jake? Really?

Hee. But you're right. He's not old enough to have been walking when it was released. Let alone singing along.

Bono and Jake. Sigh. Does it get any better??

And those ACL clips - love it that you found Gnarls from that night. It was so much fun getting little tidbits and sightings. And finding that video of the Ray L gig.

Poor Chris. I bet he moves well in the kitchen :)

And the Red Sox game! I'm so glad you did that one. I know it was a pain. But I think I just deleted that from my DVR. I'm so happy to have it back. And I don't think most people have seen it, so that's a treat for everyone else!

Okay, off to watch some more...

To paraphrase an old Gaelic saying: Cead mille thanks. (A hundred thousand thanks.)

It's late, and I'm old so I couldn't find the write word for thanks. Which is oddly appropriate, since this is such a wonderful gift.

Anonymous said...

Have a very happy birthyday UV and thank you again for this place.

It looks like filming on Nailed has already started.

Nicole said...

UV , have a very happy birthday. You (and FL) do such a great job on this blog. Thank you for this place.

chica said...

Have a wonderful birthday UV! And thanks to you and FL for making this blog so great.

Love all the clips, great work FL!!!

agent_krycek said...

Happy Birthday UV :D

Monica said...

Happy Birthday UV!

sheba baby said...

Happy Birthday UV!!!!

And thanks for the trip down memory lane FL, Jake and Co. look like they had a blast at that festival!!

bobbyanna said...

I hope you have just the most wonderful, lovely day, UV! Happy Birthday. FL, I could just hug you for these videos ((((FL))))!!!

gyllenspooner said...

Happy Birthday, UV.

FluorescentLamp said...

I just snorted a little bit when I opened this link at FilmJunk to see their rendering of Jake as Dastan.

Tanti auguri di buon compleanno, UV. :-)

get real said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UV!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Thank you sooo much FL for the videos! I have not seen some of them, like the U2 show or the Red Sox game. Can't wait to see them when I get off of Jury Duty. Can't see them on the Blackberry. Thank you UV and FL for making this such an awesome blog.

Good luck to Jake and the Nailed crew.

shondra said...

Have a fantastic birthday UV!!

Thanks for the info on Nailed on the previous post, looks like filming started a little early.

LOL at the Jake as Dastan link!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday UV hope you have a good one.


bobbyanna said...

FL, it is as I suspected. The hair's the thing. Critical. It was just intuitive on my part. Really. Jake will really have to fight them on the hair issue. Hang in there, Jake! Stand firm. Hang tough. Dig in.

Just thinking. With long hair and a goatee, Jake might look like one of those mystical holy men...or homeless.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone! And how fun that it's presents for all of us. Isn't it nice of me to share?

Special shout out to get real Jury duty, huh? Sounds like fun!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, man, I just saw that link to Jake-as-Dastan.

Yes, the hair issue will have to be resolved!

agent_krycek said...

Just thinking. With long hair and a goatee, Jake might look like one of those mystical holy men...or homeless.

If he looks homeless I recommend he removes his shirt at all possible times to distract us. Actually, if he looks like a mystical holy man I still recommend shirt removal at all possible times ;)

Don't know much about PoP - any near nekid santa hat dancing in it? *Lives in hope*

FluorescentLamp said...

Well here you go, a_k and everyone else - a cinematic trailer for the videogame Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

What I think I love the most about this is the fact that the voiceover is none other than Hollywood Trailer Voice Man. God, that man gets SO MUCH work!!!

LOL there might be spoilers in this.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for that FL, must admit it's not really my thing, but there does appear to be much bare chestedness for Jake, which is very much my thing, so I've decided to approve :P

It does sound better then the lone ranger thing of last week.

FluorescentLamp said...

Have you all seen this one yet?

I think the gamers like the idea of Jake in this.

Joyeux Anniversaire, UV!

lawgoddess said...

Happy Birthday, UV. You're the best!

Great clips, FL . You know what UV likes, and the rest of us too. :)

o said...

Happy Birthday UV, don't eat too much birthday cake!

Love all the clips, thanks so much FL.

I'm laughing at all the chatter about Jake and the Prince of Persia, I know very little about the game but as you have pointed out in the link FL, the gamers seem to love the idea!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

sorry, that was me above!

extra said...

Happy Birthday UV!!

Vote for your favorite J&R pic:

Anonymous said...

If he does agree to do this, I hope they shoot it like they did LOTR and POTC. Shoot all three stories at once. He can arrange things so he gets breaks for other stuff from time to time.

You guys are joking about the hair, right? The link to the picture of Jake as Dastan was photoshopped.

lawgoddess said...

The picture of Jake as Dastan made me shudder, but that's because it was Photoshopped ( badly).

I could see him in armbands and flowing pants, and no shirt, of course. :)

gabbana said...

Happy birthday UV -have a great day!

The videos are so great...wonderful birthday present.

That gamerboy made me laugh so hard

"..guys like Jake offer them a different deal: soft, dreamy eyes that scream understanding and compassion, and a body that offers to bend you over and keep you in ecstasy ’till the early morning hours." - and this from a guy. Great!!

Disney has to confirm the lead actor for PoP soon - shootings will be starting in mid June.

sass said...

Happy Birthday UV! I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with joy, and cake, and ice cream, and, and:)
Great post as usual. Love the gamers post. TY again for being here:) Off to watch all the You tube videos.

extra said...

Recap from Idol gives back:

Reese Witherspoon walked on stage looking fabulous. Must be the Jake factor! She spoke about education and the Children's Defense Fund. She traveled to New Orleans to check out a "Freedom School," which is an after school program to keep kids out of trouble and develop leadership skills

UltraViolet said...

Just sitting here by the water, enjoying what will hopefully be the first of many beach days this year. But I'm not gloating. I'm sure you are all having fun at the office. Or the courthouse :)

get real said...

LOL, UV. Alright you deserve such a beautiful day for your birthday! ;)

I am done with JD and won't have to worry about it for six years...woohoo!!! We got out around 1pm today so was able to enjoy the gorgeous weather too.

FL, finally got to watch the videos. Fantastic! Thank you again! Loved the U2 clip, interspersed with Jake and the Red Sox clip. I saw the ACL clips before. :)

Thanks also for all the links on the Prince of Persia. But that composite of Jake as s Dastan is just freaky and not okay, lol.

Monica said...

Hello, Gyllenbabble!

"Reese Witherspoon Set to Join Festivities at Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Washington, DC in May",347165.shtml

get real said...

Also should add that it is cool that the gamers are into Jake for the movie. Guess we will have to wait and see if it happens with Jake. :) I am all for him having a Jarhead body again...yummy! ;P

Monica said...

I do not want him to do this type of movie!

bobbyanna said...

monica, I truly understand your anxiety! I wasn't too crazy about Jake doing the movie he is currently working on in South Carolina.

But I have to be honest. I love what he does. With the possible exception of Bubbleboy (sorry) and even that had its moments! So I will keep confidence in Jake's judgement. End of the day, it's only a movie.

josie said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your birthday UV, you deserve it!

I'm still on the fence regarding Jake doing this movie so far.

Monica said...

I believe in the talent of Jake, but I do not believe in films well.

suvee said...

Happy Birthday, UV! Hope this has been a great day for you. And yes, how thoughtful of FL to make your bd post something that gives so much pleasure to so many. I had never seen the Red Sox one..... thanks!

I'm going to say it...... I absolutely loathe goatees. How cruel Fate is...... a potential Jake movie where he possibly is bare chested (a lot!), but that glorious face is marred by that scraggly little hair thingy. Once again, I am reminded that you can't always get what you want......

IMHO, that gamerboy's description of Jake's appeal is possibly the best I've ever seen. A succinct yet eloquent analysis of the Jake Effect!

Anonymous said...

I don't see any reason at all why he'd have to have hair styled like that. He will be the effin' Prince of Persia, not one of Charlie's Angels.

Anonymous said...

This sigthing is old, from January but it backs up that bloggers sighting of Jake and Reese in Brentwood on 1/24. Remember it caused controversey because it was a few days after Heath's death.

Again the paps are mentioned but no pictures ever emerged.

paula said...

Sorry I missed your birthday UV, happy belated birthday!

Monica said...

What he is the problem with Reese in Brentwood shopping?
Each is a way to cope with death.
The problem is that most people confused Jake and Jack, and Heath Ennis.
They are different people.

My brother when it lost the best friend he played video-game and came out to shop. But inside it was a huge pain.
It was a way it does not accept or turns away from everything.

We will not judge the Jake for something that not know what happened.

And please let's stop this story around the Heath.
Using Heath to cause trouble is a disrespect for a person who is no longer here and that admimiramos much.

Anonymous said...

"The problem is that most people confused Jake and Jack, and Heath Ennis."

Never a truer word spoken Monica, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Jake seems to have dropped off the radar. Bet he is on the set of his movie. There are some pictures of Reese out shopping or jogging from the past week, but she is alone.

Monica said...

I was sad to hear what the fans of Brokeback are doing with Jake.
Here in Brazil it has not happened. The fans of the film not like to comment on the lives of both actors. And neither did trial on anything.
They were sad and paid tributes. Only that.

I remember that Heath was harshly accused of envy of the Jake by him have led the Bafta for best actor-adjuvant.
He had since he refused to take pictures with Jake at the lunch provided and once again said that he was very jealous of Jake.

I never believed that. Never.
You will see that it was all a joke between the two. But good thing does not sell, which sells are the bad things.
I hate the dirty game of the press and blogs.

Most people only want to see the bad side of things. Maybe that their lives are bad.

Monica said...

Anon, a person posted on imdb that have already started the filming. They would have started on Wednesday.

extra said...

OT: Natalie Portman in yet another remake of Wuthering Heights:

I love Natalie but I think we can do w/o another remake of this.

And I think Jake is in SC for filming, someone on IMDB posted that they are already filming.

Monica said...

Great Backstage Moments Happened On "Idol Gives Back"
"There's always something interesting going on behind-the-scenes at "American Idol," and Wednesday night's show "Idol Gives Back" also had a lot of great backstage moments.

When Reese Witherspoon took the stage to introduce her clip, the crowd went crazy. Before she could continue, stage manager Debbie McVickers rushed out and asked the star to start over because of a technical glitch. Witherspoon told the audience to pretend they hadn't seen her and then left the stage. When she came out a few moments later the crowd went even crazier than before.

Season five contestant Elliott Yamin was swarmed by adoring fans who wanted autographs. The shaggy-haired singer obliged every fan, even signing the arms of two young girls who came unprepared to get his autograph.

The "American Idol" contestants were answering the phones and taking pledges and at one point stage manager McVickers called former contestant Danny Noriega out of the audience and up to the phone that Brooke White was manning. Apparently the fan Brooke was talking to really wanted to talk to Danny, and McVickers obliged."

josie said...

Cute pics of Reese and Deacon at a baseball game yesterday:

PS: Her body is rocking, never noticed before!

Monica said...

Thanks, Josie!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for the links monica and josie!

PS: how refreshing to seea HW actress that actually has a shape, she looks fab!!

sass said...

I am not feeling well again, and it's been going on for > week. I thought by this weekend, I would feel better but instead I may be in the midst of an exacerbation. At this rate I will never meet my new friends for lunch:(
This is one reason I never ever make distant plans anymore, but Spitzer had me going for a minute. Don't you love these 24 hour news cycles?

I am happy to hear that Reese was received so well at Idol Gives Back. I think she has a great body; she looks like a curvy happy woman.
Monica, I like how your site works. I get way way too overwrought, when I read nasty mean remarks posted about Jake anyplace.
I literally explode and that definitely is not good for my health; it's not good for anyone's health.
Jake, I love, so It's best I chill and hang out here and with other happy loving Jake forums and blogs.

UV, I can picture you happily sitting near the water and enjoying your day:)

chica said...

Hi sass,
Don't worry, we will get together soon with get real, just take care of yourself and I hope you feel better.

Yeah, Spitzer did get us all riled up, LOL! But yeah, I would love to meet you guys, but only when you are up to it.

I love it that Reese was so well recieved on Idol gives back and I love her involvement with Avion and the walk for breasst cancer in May, she seems such a grounded, smart woman and yes she looks happy and healthy, I bet she is starting to miss Jake already.

Doesn't she have family ties in SC???

get real said...

Sass, no worries. As Chica said we will get together another time real soon. Can't wait to meet you all too! Just take care and know we are sending you good and healing vibes. :)

It's all Spitzer's fault. ;p

It's great that Reese was so well received at the Idol show. I saw it and she looked great.

Tulip said...

I never noticed before that someone is right behind Jake in that Staples Center picture. Isn't it Austin Nichols?

Anonymous said...

Maybe, I mean he could have dyed and straightened his hair for the night, anything is possible.

FluorescentLamp said...

I don't think that's Austin. Check out the visible ear - it lays flat against the side of his head. Austin's ears do not.

Also, the hair is all wrong.

Narcissa said...

"Isn't it Austin Nichols?"

I don't see how it's possible to tell, other than that it is a guy wearing jeans. But that is Matthew McConaughey (sp?) at the ACL gig, and I think Lance Armstrong with his back to the camera in the pic in which Jake is talking to the girl in the cowboy hat.

Thanks for the clips 'n' pics; happy birthday to UV and thanks a million for this place.

Monica said...

I also think it is beautiful of Austin Nichols!

I liked to see Chris in the show with Jake.
The Chris is very beautiful! I am passionate for this man!

josie said...

I hope that a clean up is needed, don't like the idea of people crapping on UV's b'day post.

Love all the videos and the post FL and UV, I hope you had a great b'day

bobbyanna said...

"The Chris is very beautiful! I am passionate for this man!"

Monica! You have such a sweet way of saying things. And, yes.
He is, and me too! :)

bobbyanna said...

Sorry for the double. In the two pics of the ACL set, where they are on some kind of staircase, it's Lance in the short-sleeved tee shirt turned away from us, Matthew McConnaughey with the rag on his head, Jake in white tee, and Chris in what looks like a light blue longsleeved shirt.

sheba baby said...

I'm glad i'm not the only one that goes al fangirl regarding Chris!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Dear!!!



chica said...

I forgot to add FL, thanks for the Red sox video clip with Jake, I never saw it before!

The Sox are playing the Skanks now, and the Skanks are ahead 3-1, so far, go Sox!!!

I'm really Met fan, and they are ahead right now 2-4 against the Brewers, but I root for any team that plays agains the Skanks,LOL!!!

PS: No offense to any fans of the Bombers, hee.

FluorescentLamp said...

LOL, oh chica that made me laugh. I've never heard them referred to as the Skanks before. Where have I been??

I was watching some of it earlier - it's just not the same without Joe Torre there. He was truly a class act.

UltraViolet said...

We seem to be living next door to Yankee fans. Loud Yankee fans. It's very annoying.

I love the Jake at Fenway clip. I like having proof that it really happened and wasn't just a figment of my imagination.

Oh, and Sass, I hope you feel better!! Watch some Jakey goodness.

And bobbyanna, I love Monica's posts, too. Monica, don't despair about Prince of Persia. I'm not crazy about the idea, either, but it could actually do good things for Jake if it's successful.

I envy you your forums, where people aren't absurdly critical and judgmental about Jake. It must be lovely.

chica said...

The Skanks aka as the Skankees is the favorite name for them at the moment for all true, die hard Met fans. I think it started during the subway series where it seems that half of Shea is filled with Skankee cheerleaders and yes UV the are loud and annoying among other things!!

BTW: The Sox lost to the Skanks tonight, they better get their asses in gear tomorrow!

Mets beat the Brewskies ,LETS GO METS, LETS GO RED SOX!!

Anonymous said...

Jake, Reese and Deacon at Malibu State Park. Hope Steph has the HQ's soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:31 here, is that Atticus as well?.

agent_krycek said...

*Sits on hand to avoid typing any speculation about Reese and untucked, loose fitting shirts*

Thanks for the link anon 6:31 AM, and thanks for the white t shirt Jake

shondra said...

I see they did that walk behind each other to spoil the pap money shot with friend in between, LOL!!

Still good to see them together, i guess Ava was in school and his ankle appears to be a lot better, thanks for the link and yes that is Atticus!

extra said...

This where they spent the day,although it's listed as Mugu State Park in Malibu:

Thanks for the link to the pics!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie put up some HQ's! IDK. Don't think Jakey dyed his hair, it looks more like it might be damp, or he has "product" in it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up - you can see that Jake is still wering the Avon bracelet - how cute!!

UltraViolet said...

Though I'd love to have my birthday celebration go on for weeks, new pictures, new post!

Thanks for all the good wishes, guys!