Saturday, April 5, 2008

Privacy? Nuts!

Paps spotted Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon on their way to the gym yesterday. Jake either didnt want to be photographed or he was actually going somewhere different from Reese. Not sure there will ever be better pics than these:

The good news: Jake is no longer on crutches! And as you can see in this video, there's not much of a limp, either. But he is, once again, not happy to see the paps.


Did we know that Jake's character's name in Nailed is Howard Ryder? I'm guessing there's a not-so-subtle word play going on there.

And here's the updated summary:

A small town waitress gets a nail accidentally lodged in her head causing unpredictable behavior that leads her to Washington, DC, where sparks fly when she meets a clueless young senator who takes up her cause - but what happens when love interferes with what you stand for?

An original romantic comedy about a naïve small town waitress who accidentally gets a nail buried in her head, causing erratic and outrageous behavior that leads her to Washington DC. There she falls for a dashing, but clueless, Congressman who searches for the courage to save her.

Dashing is good. Clueless? Not so much.

Even randomer, here's an old Jake interview with some familiar answers and some I don't remember. Like this:

Q: Did you decide to drop out of college?

JG: Yeah. I don't know. I might go back. I went to Columbia. I learned really core modern western thought in two years and what shaped that, and I feel myself very well educated because of it, so whether I graduate and I get the degree - I'm just hoping for one of those honorary degrees.

Hee. Think big, Jake!

Not sure everyone saw that Stephanie posted a few straggle rpics form Cabo the other day. This one is my favorite. And I figured the post needed a pic in which you can see Jake's face.

Thanks to Stephanie/IHJ for the untagged faceless photos :)


FluorescentLamp said...

I was doing a little research this morning and realized that on occasion the past couple of years Jake has deliberately done the backside to the paps thing.

I guess sometimes he hates them all up in his face. Can't say as I blame him.

2006 NYC - 1

2006 NYC - 2

2007 LA

2007 NYC

It's nice to hear Jake being a little terse on the Flynet video when he asks the pap "For what reason?" Shoulda just run him over, Jake.

bobbyanna said...

Hi,FL! Thanks for deciphering the exchange. Before that, just before the pap says, ".."cool!" Jake says something else that I can't make out at all.

Jake seems to be getting around much better. Except for the girl who went right up to the car window(!), they seemed to stay at a distance. They must be new.

BTW: There is a fascinating article in the Atlantic Monthly magazine called "Shooting Britney." It offers some insights into how the paps operate, if anyone is interested. It is chilling. Here's the link:

FluorescentLamp said...

The exchange goes like this:

Jake to Reese: Does that guy have a video camera?

Pap: It's cool.

Jake: For what reason?

Pap: S'personally.

I think the girl going up to the car window is someone they know since she looks at the pap and says incredulously "Are you KIDDING me." Which I interpret to mean - "You're ballsy enough to walk right up to the car while I'm trying to talk to them???"

Anonymous said...

Thank you UV, good to see them again and it does look like Jake's ankle? is getting better, and thank you FL for the transcript of the video, when I watched it it kept freezing so could not make out what was said.

p.s. LOVE the last pic.

office of nancy pelosi said...

According the captions on WENN he is walking backwards to avoid being papped. I checked the other pics and if he was going somewhere else, he would be out of the frame.

Thanks for the links FL, i knew he has done that before.

It looks like the video and the backward pics were taken the same day.

chica said...

It seems that the older that Jkae gets, the more intolerent he is becoming with the paps and I don't blame him. The pics and video look like they were taken the same day, hopefully they will have some peace this wekend.

paula said...

I watched the video and I think the pap said nothing personal when Jake asked for what reason.

Wish they would back off a bit on them.

josie said...

I did a litle research after reading comments on that realestate blog abou Reese and Jake:

The comments said that Reese was friends with a wealthy family that owned polo estate in Carpnteria,CA and they have seen Jake and Reese there and after reading about the place I see why they would like it.

It's a lot like Ojai, and after looking at that video and the crap at LAX, i'm sure they cherish places like this.

Anonymous said...

For a minute there I thought she was wearing the "pendent" but it's bigger, similar stone I think but the other was smaller.

I can't wait for Nailed, it's starting to sound like a really funny movie!

suvee said...

I have even wondered if they might ever be tempted to make the Ojai house their primary California residence...... just to keep the kids' lives more pap-free. And it is only an hour and a half from LA.

Also, according to this week's issue of "US", they loved the El Dorado Golf and Beach Club so much, they inquired about buying a home there. (But considering the source, I'm taking that tidbit with a grain of salt.)

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, I'm sure the El Dorado wants us all to think Reese and JAke will be regular visitors! I've been wondering if the Us story had more details that weren't in the MSNBC report. Any new pictures or other tidbits you can remember, suvee?

I totally forgot to buy the magazine when I did my errands today!

I do wonder about The Sapphires. Jake's wearing something on a chain, but I don't know if he has them back or if it's something else.

Also, note untagged pics. Stephanie posted them in the IHJ forum (the Jake/Reese thread) but not on the IHJ Media site.

gyllenspooner said...

I have a feeling that the Ojai house will be their main home when they are not working or the kids are not in school.

I see it as their weekend and summer home. Kind of like the what the Kennedy home in Hyannis Port was for them.

suvee said...

Hi UV!

The "US" article doesn't have any new pics...... the main photo is one of the "Jake looks adoringly at Reese under the unbrella" ones. (love that pic!)

Tidbits that weren't included in the MSNBC story:
• J & R took the kids into town and bought trinkets and a hat for Deacon.
• They built sandcastles on their private beach.
• Jake spent bonding time with the kids, playing video games in the media room at El Dorado, and goofing around.
• Jake bonded with the nanny's boyfriend.
• Jake made Ava laugh in the airport security line at LAX on their return.
• On the flight home to LA, a flight attendant asked if they would autograph their cover issue of last week's "US", and they obliged.

I think that's all that was new......

UltraViolet said...

Thank you so much, suvee. Love the added details, though I can't believe a flight attendant really asked them to sign a copy of Us!

I guess it's better than Angeleno magazine!

Did Jake get to build the sandcastles, too, I wonder? Seemed like he couldn't go on the sand in those pics.

It's cute to think of him playing video games and making Ava laugh. I love it.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

This vacation, the house in Columbia S.C., and other recent developments tell me this is a very serious relationship, and they are definitely headed in the direction of marriage.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
suvee said...

you know, I actually debated whether or not to include the nanny's bf thing when I posted the "Us" magazine additions. But I thought that there was absolutely no reason to edit it out....... we all would understand the context (guys hanging out together while their girlfriends were with the kids). Wrong!

I should have known it would attract some lame, junior high school comment like anon 11:46.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, suvee. It's a sure thing as soon as you post anything about Jake and another man. And the comments kept on coming. and will keep on being deleted, so please, people, don't waste your time and ours.

Still, I'm glad you didn't leave it out. Because why cater to the lowest common denominator?

Thanks again for the scoop.

suvee said...

"Because why cater to the lowest common denominator?"

Exactly, UV..... you said it far better than I! Many thanks for confirming my decision to include it was correct. :)

Shondra said...

I'm also curious about all this real estate chatter regarding Jke and Reese. The weekend place in Ojai, the place in TN, Jake and Rese inquiring about Cabo (according to US).

extra said...

OT: I foud this wonderful blog, the owner blog had a difficulty given birth to her son,Jake.

Everything is fine and Jake is healthy and she credits the Mae=rch of Dimes and is a big supporter.

Check out the Easter entry with Jake, his sister and his GF:

bobbyanna said...

If you have the financial resources, this is a really good time to buy real estate. I think the ranch or estate, or however you'd describe it, that Reese bought in Ojai, is a real find for $5.8M. for almost 7 acres with all those outbuildings, a pool and stables. In a prime area of California. This has the potential for being the family home for years and years. Teenagers will love it as much as tiny kids.

Monica said...

Thanks for the photos and stories! My morning is wonderful!

get real said...

Good to see J/R and that Jake seems to be on the mend. Here's hoping he is fully recovered by the time of Nailed filming. *sends Jake healing vibes*

I don't blame Jake for being tense with paps now. They really are getting out of hand.

Narcissa said...

Security on "Brothers" was very tight. Hopefully it will be the same for "Nailed" and Jake will not be hounded.

sheba baby said...

Thanks for the heads u on the Us update on J&R suvee, I have to go out and by Us again, second week in a row,LOL!!

RIP: Charleston Heston

jane said...

I must say I'm not sad Charlton Heston died, not even a tiny bit. I totally disliked what Heston did after Columbine.

chica said...

I hated Heston's politics towards the end but used to be liberal, and yes what he did after Columbine was shameful.

That said, Planet of the Apes, The Ten Commandments and Ben Her, which he won the AA are all classics.

Anonymous said...

X17 has pics of Ryan with Deacon in Brentwood yesterday.

UltraViolet said...

Many of Heston's comments about guns and culture wars were offensive. But he was also apparently very involved in the civil rights movement in the 1960s, contributing money and time. So I wouldn't want to judge his whole life on one thing.

extra said...

A G-rated description of Nailed!:

extra said...

NY Times article on Idol gives back, airing on Fof on Wednesday. Reese will be appearing:

lawgoddess said...

The pap video I think shows Jake's frustration. I also thought the " for what purpose?" attitude was kind of hot. I like Jake in " don't screw with me" mode.

Hoping for some Jake info today, or a picture where he's not feeling trapped.

extra said...

Decided to post the whole article, it was too funny!

R-rated film gets G-rated description
When Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel come to town to film a movie, that’s kind of cool.

So what if that movie is about a receptionist who has a nail shot into her head “eliciting wild sexual urges” and meets a congressman who takes advantage of “her sex drive,” as The Hollywood Reporter described the film in November?

Not exactly the kind of stuff you tout to the Palmetto crowd.

“ ‘Nailed’ is a political satire in which Sammy Joyce (Biel) ... goes on a crusade to Washington to fight for the rights of the ‘bizarrely injured’ and meets an immoral congressman (Gyllenhaal),” is how the S.C. Department of Commerce described the movie in a news release last month.

The Commerce folks say they got the G-rated description straight from the production company.

Guess Jake and Jessica, on their own, are sexy enough for most folks.

josie said...

I think it's funny how the production co. felt the need to "clean up" the plot!!!

I'm really looking forward to this film.

Anonymous said...

Reese at the taping of Idol gives back yesterday. It looks like she just did the taping, no red carpet.

I love her dress!!,57,0

Anonymous said...

I agree on Idol Gives Back,Reese looks great...but she does look ...bigger on top. Even her upper arms are larger. They both love food. Maybe it's from eating all that food...

josie said...

Reese does look great, happy and healthy and the dress is gorgeous!!!

Reese has been to NO several times since Katrina on behalf of the Children's Defense Fund.

Don't forget to tune in to Idol this Wednesday.

UltraViolet said...

I so prefer the R-rated description of the movie! Let's hope the G-version is just to mollify the petty bureaucrats.

That Idol dress of Reese's looks familiar. Did she wear it on Jay Leno?

suvee said...

TY, extra, for the cute article about the G rated press release on "Nailed".

And I was pretty happy to see the return of "immoral" (as opposed to clueless) in the G rated description. There's hope! :)

bobbyanna said...

(((UV))) just bcz I think sometimes ppl need hugs...

I am SO very glad Jake is once again immoral! And I hope the Mean Director Guy doesn't mess with his bad foot!:)

BTW: I wonder if Miss Beil will bring her two pit bulls...the ones she has to muzzle when they go out walking...They better not mess with Atticus Finch Gyllenhaal.

Monica said...

These photos are of the day 04:

Reese Witherspoon Photos At Le Beach Club Tanning Resorts in Brentwood, L.A

suvee said...

((UV)) I can't resist the urge to add my big hug for you also!

I admire and appreciate EVERYTHING you do for Jake....... and for us, his evolving online fandom. In case I haven't said it lately...... thank you, thank you, thank you. IMHO, you and FL have created and nurtured a happy, respectful, informative, positive and honest Jake online oasis. And that's no small accomplishment!

UltraViolet said...

Aww, thanks, Bobbyanna and suvee. You guys are going to give me a big head! To match Jake's ;)

Some days, I can let all the judgmental sanctimony and hypocritical self-righteousness roll off my back. But other days, I just can't keep my mouth shut!

For as long as I live, I don't think I will ever understand what Jake has done to incur such ugliness from alleged fans.

And yes, Jake is a big boy who doesn't need me to defend him. But honestly, as a fan, I think you have to take a stand. It's so easy to stay neutral and try to be above the fray. But after a certain point, it's time to stand up and say, "Enough. Let the man live his life the way he deems fit."

Off my soapbox, for now :)

UltraViolet said...

One more thing, suvee - thanks for the nice words about the blog. FL and I want to thank all of you guys for helping us to make this a safe haven.

Quite why there has to be a haven for rational Jake fans, I'm not quite sure. But we'll try to keep it that way.

shondra said...

From People magazine:

Caught in the Act!
Originally posted Tuesday April 08, 2008 06:00 AM EDT
Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

• Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, sharing an early breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in Brentwood, Calif. Walking in with their arms around each other, the casually dressed pair shared a table for two in the back, ordering coffee, an omelette and fruit. The pair talked and traded sections of the Los Angeles Times at the table. Later that night, the couple was spotted again – this time at West Hollywood's Chateau Marmont where they celebrated Robert Downey Jr.'s 43rd birthday with Cameron Diaz, Gerard Butler, Ben Stiller and more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks shondra for the People link, I have come to the conclusion that no matter how many times Jake and Reese are seen together, if they marry and have children even if there is a sex tape some people just will not believe it, from now on this and IHJ will be the only Jake sites I will visit.

Thank you UV and FL for this safe haven.


sheba baby said...

Thanks Shondra and happy belated birthday RDJ!!! (It was on Friday, 4/4).

bobbyanna said...

I'm always shocked when I hear Robert Downey, Jr.'s age, bcz I keep thinking he is older. Seems like he's been around for a long time, but then, he's lived a very "eventful" life. It's always good to hear that J&R get out to socialize with friends.

This blog is wonderful fun and UV and FL are angels to do it!

Anonymous said...

"This blog is wonderful fun and UV and FL are angels to do it!"

Very well said bobbyanna

extra said...

I agree 100% with anon. and bobbyanna, thanks so much for this blog UV and FL, it's my favorite Jake site!

Love the sighting of J&R at breakfast and later on celebrating Robert Downey Jr's b-day, thanks for the link.

OT: Interview with Maggie about TDK:

josie said...

Happy to hear that Jake and Reese helped celebrate Robert's birthday, I love him and I am looking forward to Ironman this summer.

extra said...

This was posted on this blog last month obviously, but I just came across it, funny but so true!:

The disgustingly sweet boyfriend of Reese Witherspoon - Jake Gyllenhaal in case you’ve been hiding under a rock - was out doing good deeds in LA today. The LA Conservation Corp downtown held its annual scholarship luncheon for deserving teens. Winners are students who overcome incredible odds such as drugs, financial problems, abusive parents and broken homes and go on to get awesome grades. They are awarded scholarships to continue their education and get out of the inner city lifestyle.

Jake G happened to be one of the presenters today. He handed scholarships to two students he developed a relationship with over the past couple of months. Besides the crutches he was using, he looked good. And alone. No Reese in sight. Maybe she was off doing her good deeds with Avon or the United Nations. Reese has been doing a lot of charity work the last few months, it must be rubbing off on Jake.

Maria Shriver (California's First Lady in case you didn't know) and Wilmer Valderamma also happened to be on hard to give out awards, but they weren't nearly as exciting.

The LA Conservation Corp also hosts after school clubs, preschool programs and projects to beautify the city. They help people of all ages get on track and stay that way for a better life. Congratulations to the winners and good luck in the future!

sass said...

May I add my thanks to both of you for creating this haven, one I never ever envisioned that Jake fans or fans of Jake and his new GF would ever need...not in a million years.
How is it possible to be anti-Jake/Reese and still be a Jake fan? What happens when he marries, if not Reese, anyone? When do people let go and let be?

paula said...

As I mentioned before, I used to post on a site that now has problems with J&R I hear (although that is not the reason I stopped posting there).

I found this place through another former poster there who found it unpleasent to say the least.

So thanks UV and FL for this blog, i really enjoy stopping here for my Jake fix!

extra said...

Some Jake and Reese love on a Gerald Butler fan forum!:

sass said...

Hey there extra,
All that Jake and Reese love over on the GB forum makes me a happy camper:)
Looks like lots of people know that Jake and Reese are the creme de la creme of Hollywood.
*sass's big big grin*

UltraViolet said...

Extra, get out of my head! I just IMed that to FL, as proof that out there in the "real" world," people don't react to Jake and Reese as abnormal or alarming. I love it.

And I loved the report from the LACC event, as well.

And shondra, thanks for the early morning J/R report. You know, I think finding a woman who reads the newspaper probably means something to Jake. Even if they do have to make do with the LA Times!

I wish there were some photos of RDJ's party. Would love to have seen Jake and Reese with the birthday boy.

Finally, thanks for all the love, guys. You're spoiling us!

extra said...

Great minds think alike UV, LOL!!
I love running across stuff like that.

bobbyanna said...

I don't wanna brag or nuthin' (!)but I met Gerard at TIFF a few years ago. Just walking down the street with a four other guys. He was very jokey and very nice and was happy to visit and take pictures.

Alas, I did not get a picture with him, but he LOVES to talk. You could think of one word and say it and he will have a whole conversation with it! (I later read an article about him where his mother was quoted as saying he'd talk to a post!)

The girls I know who are fans of his all seem nice. He also has a huge group of fans called "tarts" who are fanatically obssessed with him. Some of them are just awful. But his normal fans are really nice.

UltraViolet said...

What do we think of this?

I've always wanted Jake to get a franchise role, but is this the one???

Must do more investigating...

bobbyanna said...

According to yesterday's or this morning's JustJared, Orlando Bloom was signed for this. I think they will do three pictures and he gets $40M for it. First POTC, then LOTR now this. And I like Orlando. I do. Maybe there are other lead roles. Like with LOTR there was Viggo and with Pirests there was Johnny.

bobbyanna said...

FROM JustJared(page 4):

"Orlando Bloom has landed the lead role in the next big budget franchise, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, according to recent reports.

Orly, 31, will rake in a reported $40 million for all three pictures. The first pic will be directed by Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Donnie Brasco). June 2009 is the tentative release date and filming will start in Morocco.

If this is any measure of success, Bloom certainly knows how to make a successful threesome. Pirates of the Caribbean, anyone?

FYI: High School Musical hottie Zac Efron was also rumored to be in the running for the role. And remember, this casting news hasn’t been officially confirmed by legitimate news sources yet. So stay tuned!"

Zac Efron was in the running??? Ohhhh nooooo!

bobbyanna said...

Damn!!! I sure hate that I am spamming. It's because I don't "read with understanding" as the nuns used to say!

I totally didn't read thru the post you linked. Profound apologies UV. All I saw was the Prince of Persia and boom! I thought of the item in JJ.

JJ is usually right. And I haven't read anything about him NOT doing it...except for this blog. So IDK. But at least you now have the text of the JJ item to know I am not entirely crazy...close, but not entirely. Is this a graphic novel or something well known? I'm not familiar. If he has a shot I hope he will. Except, he wouldn't be wearing spandex. But maybe he would be shirtless. (Going to have a nice quiet lie down, now.)

Monica said...

Here is like a home of Jake for me!
It is an honour to be part of this blog!

FluorescentLamp said...

Hey, I used to have the Prince of Persia video game on my old cell phone. :-D

A big commitment if Jake wants to take it on.

I do like Latino Review's thoughts about Jake, though.


Anonymous said...

Prince of Persia is a game. It is as if they took Lord of the Rings and the last episode of Spiderman and rolled it into one. It sounds more like something Shia Le Boeuf would be up for. I'd be willing to bet Orlando Bloom is not in it. Too similar to other things he's done.

Monica said...

Reese on x17:

chica said...

Thanks to the link to latinoreview UV! So according to that site Orlando will not be playing the part, hmmm.

I don't know too much The Prince of Persia but the blogger doesn't seem to know that Jake will start filming Nailed next week, when does Persia start filming??

gabbana said...

Wow, just coming back from my holidays and so many things that I have missed and to check.

Love the Cabo pics of Jake and Reese.

"Prince of Persia " - According to Cinemablend - a reliable source -Disney has apparently denied the Orlando rumours.

On the other hand, from what I remember - Latinoreview was the first side reporting that Heath will play The Joker.....

get real said...

Not to be a downer but you have guys seen this about Jake and his attorney? Makes me totally sick.

Monica said...

It is ridiculous!
Jake is taking care of your privacy and security. There is no wrong in doing that!
Does he would like to see his address released? Certainly not!

get real said...

Yeah it is ridiculous Monica.

Anyway, onto better news. love hearing the J/R sightings and them celebrating RDJ's birthday. I want Jake and Robert to do another movie together so badly. They have amazing chemistry.

Great to read the love for J/R on the Gerry Butler board. :)

More movie news for Jake? Always a good thing, imo. Although I don't know how soon that would happen since he is just starting Nailed. And you are right Gabbana, Latinoreview was the first source to say Heath would be the Joker. Hmm...the plot thickens. ;p

sheba baby said...

I saw that earlier get real, that blogger is an asshole. Jake and his people had every right to be concerned, too many crazies out there.

suvee said...

Yeah, where ARE the pics from RDJ's party? I mean, isn't Chateau Marmont a pap magnet? How could they have missed something as big as his bd party? I'm so disappointed!

Big TY to shondra for the People link. I love hearing the little details about J & R's daily life....... fruit and omelette, sharing the LA Times, walking with their arms around each other. And I agree that a woman that reads a newspaper is definitely Jake's type. ( Ooops, I just had a light headed moment picturing a lazy Sunday morning..... curled up on the sofa.... in pj's.... with Jake.... pouring over the NY Times!)

Well, I know nothing about the Prince of Persia. My first thought is that I can't exactly see Jake in a role that Orlando B. and Zac Efron (!) were considered for. But I'm reserving judgment until I know more.

shondra said...

Thank you UV and suvee, what a great story to wake up to!

Here is a bit more from Perez Hilton ( I know) via Life & Styles with no mention of RDJ or his b-day unless this happenned later on:

It seems Cameron Diaz and new boy toy Gerard Butler are getting serious!

This weekend, the pair were spotted having a late dinner at the over-hyped Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

They apparently arrived a bit after midnight and were on a double date.

With whom?

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal!!!

A source tells Life & Style, "They arrived at 12:30 a.m. and grabbed a table on the patio. Cam snuggled up to Gerard and rested her head on his shoulder. Jake and Reese were really cute together too — joking a lot and just very comfortable with each other."

The couples enjoyed appetizers with red wine.

The source adds that Cameron "was the center of attention. Reese threw in an occasional wisecrack, but Cam was really on a roll."

As for any PDA, "Cameron and Gerard held hands under the table," adds the source, "but Reese and Jake were slightly less affectionate."

Damn that Diaz!

We're JUST A LITTLE BIT jealous!!!!!

[Images via WENN.]

Posted: April 8, 2008 at 9:00 pm

get real said...

Thanks for the info Shondra! So nice to hear about them out on the town. Would be nice to see a few pics too. Yes I know I am a hypocrite for saying I don't like them hounded by paps but a few pics from a safe distance is okay, lol.

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen the pictures at Wenn of Reese in a red top getting smacked in the head by her car door? Looked like it really hurt.
This was the afternoon of the day of that birthday party for RDJ.

Anonymous said...

Not to be critical or anything, but this:

I wish there were some photos of RDJ's party. Would love to have seen Jake and Reese with the birthday boy.

is an oxymoron. This is just an observation, I am just as guilty as the next person. I too like seeing pics of our boy Jakey, and the majority of the Jake pics are pap pics. And I also loathe the fact that Jakey's life is interfered with by those damned paps.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of Robert Downey Jr.'s birthday party do not necessarily have to have been shot by the paparazzi. It is possible they could have allowed a pool photographer in to shoot briefly and leave. It is possible someone did take pictures. It is also likely some of those pictures will find their way to a magazine.

UltraViolet said...

Not to be critical, but what you quoted is not an oxymoron.

If you're trying to say that it's hypocritical to complain about paps and still want pictures, I think we've all owned up to a little of that.

Anonymous said...

heheheh, well I guess you are right, but you still got the drift of my comment. just an observation, not criticizing anyone. I can't even reconcile my own hypocritical love-hate with the pap pics.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, it's definitely something we all go back and forth on. But in this case, a few host-endorsed pictures wouldn't be so bad :)

Loved hearing about the Butler/Diaz/Witherspoon/Gyllenhaal meeting. I like Cameron. Don't know much about Butler, except what Bobbyanna posted. I've heard that his fans can be creepily enthusiastic.

I can't wait for Reese and Jake to go to an event together and be seen, full out.

Also, still pondering this Prince of Persia thing It sounds so cheesy to me, but then I would have said that (and probably did) about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

And you know, shirtless Jake. Hard to turn that down!

agent_krycek said...

Heellloooo - sorry, been a bit out of touch lately, pressure of work (and being a bit unfaithful to Jake with David Cook off AI - sorry, but that man's voice *swoon city*).

Thanks for all the catch up news, love J&R trading bit of newspapers over breakfast in a cafe - me and the OH do that on days off, and celebrating RDJr's birthday (now someone write a flaming comedy for the two of 'em).

Don't blame him at all about the house during Nailed - one of my thoughts while looking at it was, although it seemed like a family house (visits on set perhaps) it certainly didn't look secure, and the amount of hassel J&R are getting from the paps at the moment, it worried me slightly that the address had been released.

The whole pap issue, I'm the same, love to see the photos, but also hate the fact they're hasselled so much - my own, tiny, insignificant contribution is not clicking on links where the children are upset, or J&R seem very narked off - doesn't make a difference, but makes me feel slightly better.

bobbyanna said...

If celebs seem unaware of the paps, and aren't stressed,I'm OK with it. But when we see stuff like the airport mess with the Reese's kids, we get really upset for them.
IMHO,I think we need some laws that do several things:
Since cameras are often brandished like some kind of weapon, with the subject harrassed and assaulted by the paps, theys should be licensed like gun owners and hotdog vendors! They should have to take a class, have a background check, etc.
Second, kids would be off limits.It whould be illegal to take pictures of the minor children of celebrities without specific written parental permission each time.
And third, the paps would have to maintain a certain distance at all times, could not interfere with driving, walking, shopping, schools, etc.
They wouldn't be able to shout, speak to them or otherwise "provoke" them in any way. All this swarming would have to end.No private property either.
If they broke the rules, they'd be subject to heavy fines,lose their equipment, and possible arrest. I think with the results of Diana's inquest fresh in people's minds, it might work.
What we see here on the internet is the least of the problem. Some of us might decide not to actually buy the magazines that really pay the big bucks, but who is going to stop watching the news! E! isn't the only one who buys, they all do, including CNN, etc.

Anonymous said...

How is it possible to be anti-Jake/Reese and still be a Jake fan?

Because of things like this, written in the article quoted above:

The disgustingly sweet boyfriend of Reese Witherspoon - Jake Gyllenhaal in case you’ve been hiding under a rock -

In the past, this article would have started with "Oscar nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal..." or "Star of Donnie Darko/Brokeback Mountain/Zodiac Jake Gyllenhaal..." but these days Jake's existence seems to be defined entirely by the relationship with Reese. The pre arranged photo ops and the constant flow of private revelations from so-called "close friends" (ie PR flunkies) means there's a very real danger of Jake becoming better known for his private life than for his talent as an actor. For those of us for whom a large part of Jake's appeal used to be his refusal to play the Hollywood fame game and his lack of interest in appearing in the media unless it was in relation to his acting, it's sad and dispiriting to see him become gossip rag fodder.

UltraViolet said...

Except of course that the "article" was a blog entry. And in pre-Reese days, it probably would have said "dreamy-eyed cowboy" or some other attempt at a humorous play on Jake's persona.

As for the rest - it's laughable to insist that there has been a steady stream of pre-arranged photo ops. And if you believe there have been, how do you know Jake hasn't been doing that all along?

Jake has always said he doesn't mind the Hollywood game. It's revisionist history to make him out to be some kind of independent artiste corrupted by the evil industry menace.

I mean, I'm pretty sure The Day After Tomorrow was a long time before The Year After Reese.

Anonymous said...

Wow great response UV, never brought a rag in a my life much prefer the blog sightings and such I tend to believe them a lot more.

bobbyanna said...

Nonsense, Anon.The media is always looking for a some "hook," a descriptor, that will get people's attention.

Before Jake started dating Reese, he was often described by referencing Brokeback Mountain. Often in a derisive, homophobic way. And he still is to some degree.

Before that it was because of Kirsten and sometimes, Donnie Darko. Incidently, poor Kirsten is still referenced by the fact she once dated Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake is Jake in the larger world, not the guy who's dating Reese. He has done some pretty iconic work, all by himself, besides BBM and DD, people remember Jarhead, too.

Jake is no unknown entity, no babe in the woods starting out. His body of work and the directors he works with are extremely impressive.

If Jake stops working, he might be known for his personal life. But frankly, he is in no danger of that.

And it is very apparent that he and Reese are determined to not discuss their personal lives in public. They don't do confessional TV or magazine interviews.

If they remain consistent and low key in their private lives, he will be fine. Other actors do it all the time. Actually, they are pretty boring. And they definitely know how to ruin the paps' shots!

extra said...

More of the same regarding The Prince of Persia:

Stil sounds like a rumor IMO.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether the line I mentioned is a blog entry,it's symptomatic of just about every word that is written about Jake these days. I quoted it simply because it was there above the post asking why some Jake fans feel uneasy about the relationship.

I don't doubt that Jake's talent as an actor is well known and appreciated by his fans, or movie fans in general, but if you asked the average Joe or Joanna on the street to name one or two of Jake's characters you'd probably be met with a blank stare.However, ask them if they know about Reese Witherspoon's boyfriend and they would know instantly who you mean because they've read all about them and seen all the pictures in the gossip mags.

As for the photo ops, I'm sorry, but what's laughable is to suggest a lot of them AREN'T set up.Maybe not all of them, but the Rome, Napa and Farmers Market pics (and that's just off the top of my head)were totally staged, anyone can see that. The problem is, the minute you invite the paps to take pictures of you,even if it's just once,you give up the right to complain if they appear at less convenient moments. And if Jake and Reese don't want to discuss their relationship in public, then I suggest they choose their "close friends" more carefully because it seems they have plenty of these so-called friends who are more than willing to discuss every last detail of their relationship to any gossip peddlar who will listen.

I'm not trying to change anyone's mind here, you're all perfectly entitled to believe what you want, as we all are. Someone asked the question and I answered it,calling it as I see it, as someone who is still very much a fan of Jake's but finds the constant ramming down our throats of this relationship tacky and distasteful.

Anonymous said...

No more tacky or distasteful than any other HW relationship so why should Jake and Reese be any different or be treated differently?

They are no babes in the woods, comes with the teritory and they are well aware of it.

Some say Jake has changed and they don't like it but what if he didn't and what you are getting is the real Jake? Nobody is puting a gun to his head.

They both seem happy and he is spending a lot of time wih her kids, a sign IMO that it's serious.

ahis name attached to Reese is no different than when he started dating Kiki, he's a grown man,he knows what he is doing.

UltraViolet said...

"Anyone can see that" translates to "we all see what we want to see."

Thanks for answering the question respectfully. I'll respectfully disagree with your assumptions and conclusions.

And we'd probably all appreciate your putting a name to your opinions next time. Coming in merely to pronounce your negative opinions is on the trollish side, no matter how polite the words.

agent_krycek said...

ahis name attached to Reese is no different than when he started dating Kiki, he's a grown man,he knows what he is doing.

It's strange how some people seem to forget that when Kiki and Jake were dating, she was by far the better known name, and he was often referred to as 'boyfriend of..'

J&R will play the game sometimes, it's a fact of life in HW, I've no doubt sometimes they'll cooperate in a trade off for being left alone at other times. As for the 'leaks' everything I've seen is either the same speculation we do here, but with 'friend' 'source' etc added to give it an air of legitimacy, or stuff that's very, very easy to find out - indeed much of it the fine people of this blog have been on top of from day one. I've yet to see one hard 'fact' that's appeared from a 'source'.

Narcissa said...

You have a right to your opinion, anon. However, I would say you are cherry picking. I have read several interviews in which Heath ("he-who-did-not-sell-out-to-Hollywood") gave interviews about his relationship with Michelle. Was this "ramming their relationship down our throats" and "tacky" and "distasteful"? Perception counts for a great deal, and clearly a very vocal group of Jake fans see his present relationship in negative terms and "read" every blog sighting and pap pic in terms which they insist on depicting as "tacky".

I suspect that you are accustomed to posting on boards where every opinion on Jake is negative, and are not accustomed to meeting with disagreements.


bobbyanna said...

"I'm not trying to change anyone's mind here, you're all perfectly entitled to believe what you want, as we all are. Someone asked the question and I answered it,calling it as I see it, as someone who is still very much a fan of Jake's but finds the constant ramming down our throats of this relationship tacky and distasteful"

Feeling as you do, I am surprised you would spend so much time, with the obvious "oversight" you have given to Jake's relationship with Reese, able to summon up references to pictures at a moments notice as you have.

As far as I know, I regard this blog as a haven, a place where we can celebrate Jake and Reese, as tacky as that may seem to some people. That is why we are here.

I am very aware, as I am certain you are, of places where this relationship is not celebrated, and where Jake is disrespected every day since he is called a liar,and a dishonest manipulator. But this is a place where Jake and Reese are celebrated.

"your all perfectly entitled to believe what you want..." Sorry, but I guess this catches me wrong. It sounds like you're conferring permission. Maybe unintentional, but that is how it comes across. I personally find this overbearing tone and the attendant campaign it is reflective of, both an imposition, and offensive.

I adore you, UV, but I respectfully disagree on this. point. I just don't think it is respectful to come into someone else's house to tell them you think their behavior is "tacky and distasteful." They have the option of not participating. I personally hope they will exercise it.
(Please forgive me if you think I have overstepped, UV. You can delete if necessary.)

Anonymous said...

This is why a love this place, the replys given by AK, narcissa, bobbyanna and UV are so well put, so much better than I ever could. Thank you everyone.

UltraViolet said...

It's okay, Bobbyanna. Disagreements can be tolerated :)

We've all lurked on sites with opposing viewpoints. Sometimes, you can't help yourself and you have to say something. (Despite hysterical rumor/postings to the contrary, I don't do this anymore, because it's not worth it and just makes me want to scream!)

So the anon probably came here to check out "the other side" and saw someone ask a question. S/he responded. In a relatively respectful manner. Sure, a little condescending, but we can take it. There was no name-calling of posters, which is where I draw the line.

I don't want to get into a drawn out back-and-forth, and would put an end to it if it devolved into something pointless. But I don't think we're so delicate that we can't deal with someone's different opinion.

Especially since it's so easily seen through and debunked :)

agent_krycek said...

Year ago I used to obsessively follow a band in the UK, they were sort of known, but lacked the mainstream popularity of, say, Oasis at that time, but were musically brilliant and deserved to be up there. They also had the most obsessive bunch of fans you're ever likely to meet.

Anyhoo, after a few years, and many twists and turns in their story, they did become hugely popular, awards, number 1's, instantly recognisable in name etc - all the success they'd strived for, and then, a group of fans decided that they'd 'sold out', picked apart decisions they made and found anything to critise them about etc. Rather then celebrating their success, they hated the fact that this band weren't 'theirs' anymore.

I do wonder if this is a small part of what has happened to Jake, he's moved on, he's mainstream Hollywood now, instantly recogniseable, a name in his own right, the success he's worked for is there - and some fans now regard him as no longer their secret, and hate it - and his relationship with Reese is an easy hook to hang that hate on.

Just a different theory as to why Jake attracts this attitude. Feel free to delete my late afternoon ramblings.

gabbana said...

"J&R will play the game sometimes, it's a fact of life in HW, I've no doubt sometimes they'll cooperate in a trade off for being left alone at other times"

Yes, I agree with you here. I don´t think that - for ex. - their hotel in Cabo is a place where the paps are usually hanging around and also not at the Cabo airport exactly at the time they were leaving. Someone had to give the paps a hint. I don´t know who that was, but someone did it. ( I remember having read that at the LA airport some employees are "raising" their salary with giving some hints to certain agencies.....)

People tend to forget that Jake grew up in Hollywood - if there is one person who knows this business and the consequences of being involved in it, it is Jake. The actors who don´t want to be in the limelight are living outside of LA (DD Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Johnny Depp lives/lived in France)

Reese buying that country house could be a hint that they are also planning to spend more time outside the "Hollywierd" and away from the paps.

bobbyanna said...

This is an amazingly superficial thing to worry about, but if Jake did do that Prince of Persia movie, I wonder how his hair would look? Would they want it like Rendition, only longer and with less "product?":)

sass said...

Wow! I missed so much since yesterday.
Having MY SAY:):)
I've been watching Heath videos this entire week. They comfort me, they make me sad, but I can't help watching him; I have to do it.
My heart broke again last night, when I watched an interview, where he mentioned that the biggest fear in his life was losing Michelle and Matilda.

Heath talked about his love for Michelle and Matilda ALL the time, with not one complaint from anyone I ever met online. Sometimes I wished he would have talked more about what filming BBM meant to him--and I said so in my blog/journal posts-- but hey, that's what Heath said, almost every time he was asked what he got out of making BBM: "I got my Michelle and my beautiful daugher; or as he said once on Oprah: I love my two girls more and more each day. Of course he melted my heart.
I miss him so much.
I say all this to agree with what some of my fellow peeps have said. I find absolutely nothing wrong with Reese and Jake's name being linked as a couple. They remind me of Beyond and Jay-Z who have never ever confirmed to anyone their relationship nor have they made a wedding announcement. In the hip hop/pop music world and the world at large they are another power couple. And yes, Jake and Reese are a power couple, not as well known--thank goodness--as Brangelina, but they are a Hollywood power couple just the same. And as a power couple their whereabouts will be tracked and reported for their combined fan bases. I also don't believe Jake and Reese arranged for pics to be taken in Rome. I am a RN with absolutely no knowledge of PR, or any of that world and I figured they would date openly as a couple in Rome. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a couple dating quietly during a divorce will date openly once the divorce is granted

Jake is an important actor who has done iconic work and is known and appreciated in his how own right in Hollywood. Because of his family and connections, I dare say he may be a positive for Reese rather than as some think, that she is for him.
Which person in this couple has family and friends interwoven throughout every area of the business; Jake.
If anything he lends cachet to her persona; old money and contacts vs new money and contacts, old money wins out every time.
Why else would we read one of those anon quotes, "she loves him for him and wants nothing from him."
Jake is no Hollywood newcomer nor is he one to trade on her fame and celebrity, plus it seems his family seems happy--unverified here once again--:) glad she asks nothing from him but love.
Jake has not been left behind in earnings, he has won a Bafta, an Oscar nomination and numerous career awards. He was doing charity work with his family for years, though some bloggers think it's only since Reese. Jake speaks fondly of his mom holding his Bar Mitzvah in a homeless shelter.
Jake is in no danger of being overshadowed by Reese; they compliment each other and seem to bring out each others fun and carefree nature.

Jake, has not sold out as some seem to think. He is still primarily an Indie actor moving in and out of mainstream movie arena ad lib. October Sky, BBM, Proof, Nailed are all indie movies and I don't see that changing overnight, either now or in the future if he continues to build a meaningful body of work

Jeez, I am long winded:lol:lol

Monica said...

Sass, agree on everything with you!

I still can not believe that the Heath has. It is very hard see your pictures and realize it that he is no longer among us.
I miss the smile in pictures him with Matilda.

Anonymous said...

Disney refuse to either deny or confirm the rumours.

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks for that, anon.

From Cinematical:

Latino Review says that Jake Gyllenhaal has been offered the lead role in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Now, if the site is to be believed, this will be the best film of all time. Well, the most visually appealing, that is. Okay, just something immensely appealing to my movie-fan heart. It's not just the Jake -- they say that lots of parkour is involved as well.

Now why am I all of a sudden thinking that Jake's ankle injury had NOTHING to do with basketball and EVERYTHING to do with his practicing parkour?

How beautiful would that be to see Jake bouncing off all sorts of surfaces...mmmmm.

bobbyanna said...

Yeah. But what about his hair, FL?

Anonymous said...

I've watched some parkour videos on YouTube. I hope he has a lot of stunt doubles.

(Pssst! Jake! How about a sequel to Proof!)

FluorescentLamp said...

bobbyanna said...

Yeah. But what about his hair, FL?

I don't know how I feel about this - I have nothing to gauge long hair Jake on. I think the longest I've ever seen it was during Rendition. But if he must have long(er) hair I hope he grows his own rather than having a prosthetic weave.
I wonder if Jake could grow his hair like Brad did for Legends of the Fall. One of the most beautiful things I think I've ever seen. The hair. Oh and Brad and the movie were okay, too. ;)

josie said...

When does this film supposed to start shooting? If it's early summer, wouldn't that be a problem with the filming of Nailed??

UltraViolet said...

Agent K, I used to be a huge Oasis fan. I know that was not your point, but I had to say it.

Yeah. But what about his hair, FL?

Hee, Bobbyanna! We are all wading in the shallow end of the pool, aren't we? I love it.

I can't picture Jake with the Legendary tresses. Not sure I even want to try.

Narcissa said...

The commnts on this site offer more objective proof that Jake is perceived as an actor, not a tabloid-fodder celeb:

UltraViolet said...

Josie, I think Nailed has a ten-week shoot scheduled. So that brings us to the end of June.

I think Jake would need a break and then some more training time, but I don't think timing will be a big issue.

lawgoddess said...

You guys are making me giggle about the hair. Do we know what's important or what?

Jake has lovely thick hair, so if he grew his own it might be okay. I don't want him going all Fabio, though.

And I have a hard time picturing Jake in costume. Couldn't see him in Casanova, for example. To me, he just looks like a product of his time.

I wouldn't mind being proved wrong, though. :)

Narcissa said...

I thought Heath looked "wrong" in Casanova. This is probably blasphemy or something, but I think he has been way over-rated and Jake way under-rated, these last two years. I'm sure he'll be incredible in TDK, of course. :)

.... runs.....

Barbara said...

I thought Heath was very good in Casanova, although there was a funny continuity problem. He went up in a hot air balloon with powdered hair, and came down with natural hair. Also less makeup when he came down. It was hysterical.

lawgoddess said...

Ack, Barbara is lawgoddess. Every once in a while I forget who I am.

Anonymous said...

Narcissa I am glad I am not the only one that thought that about Heath, I tried watching Casanova, with my sisters actually and we all fell asleep, all 3 of us where disappointed with it.


josie said...

Thanks for the filming info UV, we will see if this rumor pans out!!

I have to admit as much of a fan I am of Heath's work, I didn't care for Casanova.

Monica said...

Who is not satisfied with Jake, so look for another actor to admire!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the laugh, deleted anon. You might want to look up "sanctimonious" in the dictionary. Or, you know, the mirror.

the anon from earlier said...

I had every intention of dropping the subject from earlier and moving on, but I have to object to Heath being brought into the argument. It's unnecessary and irrelevant. Heath spoke openly about his love for Michelle and Matilda when asked about it directly. He didn't act all coy in interviews and then instruct people to plant stories on his behalf in gossip magazines. That's the difference.

UltraViolet said...

You have no idea what Heath did or didn't do, anon from earlier. He was not a saint, and Jake is not a demon.

And it's not up to you to decide what is or isn't relevant to a discussion.

Some people, fans of Heath's, hated the fact of Michelle as much as some Jake "fans" hate Reese. For different reasons, perhaps. But there was not universal love for Heath and Michelle.

As far as being coy? I seem to remember a whole wedding ring thing, and Heath's refusing to answer when asked if they were married.

All Hollywood actors and actresses play the game and play games with the press.

Monica said...

Even though these things do not happen in the forum that I am moderating.
The fans here in Brazil him the respect, as well as those who are in the forum of Brokeback mountain.

extra said...

FYI: Don't forget to watch Idol gives Back tonight, Reese along with other celebrities make an appearences tonight on behalf of several charities including the Children's Defense Fund.

sass said...

I think Bruckheimer better get it together and start filming in case we have a SAG strike.

I went to the site you linked Narcissa. I don't see near as many complaints about Jake, as the complaints I had to wade though when Heath was cast as the Joker.
And now all the fan boys, including my very own fanboy, are so sad; they can't believe Heath is gone from us.

I didn't BRING Heath's name into this discussion to put him down or to cast aspersions on his character. I love and respect both of these actors. I could no more castigate Heath, than I could Jake, about any of their life decisions. I hold both of them in highest esteem.

And yes, Heath did often articulate his love for his girls during interviews, when was asked what he took from making BBM; he was happy to do so.

bobbyanna said...

I absolutely agree with Lawgoddess about Jake. I can see him in the
19th century, but no further back. He is a very contemporary kind of guy, IMHO. (Does this Prince of Persia guy wear spandex?)

As for Heath, I think he looked gorgeous in Casanova and he had some brilliant moments. What I found "off" about the movie was the dialogue and the directing.

I later read that in many of the scenes, the dialogue were improvised. On purpose. Lasse Halstrom was 'experimenting.'

When I compare Casanova to Chocolat (Johnny Depp/Juliette Binoche) which he also directed, I don't think Casanova was as good, but I did think Heath was wonderful in it. In fact, the actors really rescued that film from disaster.

There were continuity problems!Yeah! I think that entire cast just had too much fun in Venice. What a place to hang out.

suvee said...

"This is why I love this place, the replys given by AK, narcissa, bobbyanna and UV are so well put, so much better than I ever could. Thank you everyone."

I'm far too tired to attempt any kind of coherent response to the anon poster that started the "discussion"....... so I'm just going to echo Anon 12:10's thanks to all of our Babblers that responded so thoughtfully and eloquently!

I'm still on the fence about Prince of Persia..... and like lawgoddess, I've never really thought Jake was suited for period, costume movies. Oh well...... if Jake decides to commit to this trilogy (it's 3 movies, right?), I'm all for it. I trust him.

Just saw Reese on Idol Gives Back...... one of the things I really like about her is she isn't one of those actresses that always has to look perfect, every hair in place and made up to within an inch of her life. She seems like someone I would be friends with, you know?

sass said...

UV, FL, Indulge me:)
I have a POP game in my house...I asked my boy if he'd like to see Jake in a movie about POP and he's excited; fans have been waiting forever for a movie.
Anyway, I guess you can tell I know absolutely noting about POP, but I found these POP shirtless images to share with everyone. This may be a wonderful project for Jake:)
nite nite

Prince of Persia a

Prince Of Persia b

Prince Of Persia c


sass said...

Bobbyanna, One more spam snap:)
Looking for Spandex...cause izshallow. I will be very happy if this movie is a fun watch. I've been assured that it's a great game.

Prince Of Persia d

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, sass! OK. So, from what very little I know, Jake, or whoever, will actually be playing two people, the light side and the dark side. Right?

After giving this far too much thought, I believe Jake's head is too big to do a Legends!Brad Pitt thing with his hair.

They should just let him be himself, his own look, his "Good Looking Revolutionary!" look. Then it could work.

Too much "authenticity" is not necessarily a good thing!:) Jake's Prince has to be uniquely Jake.