Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Motel Room Sex

Ha! Now that got your attention didn't it!

Rumors about possible filming locations for Jake Gyllenhaal's Nailed now include the Grand Motel, out on Two Notch Road. Not much is known about the Grand other than it has great neon signage.

Oh and there was a murder there a couple of years ago.

Since I'm of very limited cinematic vision, the only thing I can imagine happening in the Grand Motel is hot, sweaty...horseplay and stuff between Jake and Jessica's characters. While Jake is wearing eyeglasses. And in left profile throughout. Or not. Or maybe something along these lines.

The Palmetto Scoop today is reporting on a chance meeting he had with Paul Reubens on set. He has some great pics to go along with the article. He also posts a pic of Paul and Jessica out at a restaurant in Columbia the other night. I had earlier seen mention of the two of them out together in this blog.

And lastly, the Deputy Treasurer of the State of South Carolina has graciously agreed to give up his office during filming so that it may be converted into a "congressman's office". I wonder which faux-congressman will be displacing the poor Deputy Treasurer. Here are a couple of screengrabs from the WISTV news segment.

I've uploaded the actual news segment from WISTV, however, the audio is terribly out of sync with the video - not that I think it matters all that much.

More as it becomes available.

Like new pics!

(Pictures and screen caps courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Mmm - nothing better than down and dirty, loud, sweaty, tear the sheets off the bed motel sex!

And I don't mean with Pee-wee Herman!

And yes, from the previous post, all old Jake movie spoilers are fine here. Even for Bubble Boy. Though I haven't seen it, I do know how it ends :)

sheba baby said...

Ha, you got my attention!!! A motel scene? This movie is sounding better everyday!

PEE WEE!!!! I hope he gets to meet up with Jake and post some pics as well.

agent_krycek said...

It says Grand Motel, but all I can read is Siesta Motel :D (Now there's a deleted scene I'd have paid good money for)

UltraViolet said...

I hope we get some desk sex, too!

And (ducking from FL), I don't want Jake wearing glasses when he's doing it. (He can start out wearing them, if that helps...)

I'm sure everyone has seen this idiotic article in USAToday, about couples on the sly.

It's so dumb, because they say "no" to hand-holding for R&J, despite citing the Rome pics, where, as we all know, they strolled hand in hand.

I do like "established but private" as a description :)

paula said...

And don't forget the Napa pics, or the pics of them at LAX as well. I guess that there were so many Rome pics that that escaped them!

Thanks for all the updates regarding the filming of Nailed in NC, this is my stop from now on all news regarding the movie.

Anonymous said...

Any sort of sex please (as long as it's Jake).

That article was idiotic, there are loads of pics of them holding hands.

Pics of Reese on Flynet in a couple of the pics she looks quite big.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks Anon 3:37 PM

*Says nothing VERY, VERY LOUDLY* :p

sass said...

UV FL, evening to ya,

WOW! Motels, loud, down and dirty tear off the sheets... I love it:)

I just received mail and am sharing with you and my fellow peeps, if that's OK. I didn't know Prince of Persia was a 40 million dollar deal. Is that Jake pay for the three movies or movie costs? confusion reigns:lol:lol Remove if you see fit of course.


The casting of Disney’s Prince of Persia:Sands of Time rumbles on as Jake Gyllenhaal is now believed to be in the frame for the lead role.

This comes just a week after news broke that Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom had beaten off Zac Efrom for the role in the trilogy, a deal reportedly worth $40 million.

Monica said...

It is the Jake of back in this photo? Me referring to the boy, gray shirt.
Very similar to the Jake!

agent_krycek said...

Monica, impossible to tell, in all honesty that could be anyone, it's a bloke with possibly dark hair(with the lighting you can't tell) who's possibly over about 5'10 and built around the shoulders - that's it - honestly it could be anyone, my brother, brother in law and three of my nephews (which it isn't BTW) all fit the profile.

Monica said...

This Photocasting belongs to a Brazilian who lives in London.
She already took photos with many celebrities as: Jude Law, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom, Colin Farrel and many others.
She could not take a picture of Jake in the Bafta 20007.
The one she took was this:

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm pretty sure that's not Jake, Monica.

If my hunch is correct that photo from the Palmetto Scoop is probably from the sister of this girl, and I have a feeling if Jake was there she would have mentioned it.

UltraViolet said...

New onset pics, guys - check the post. I added them in.

sass said...

SQUeeeeeeeeeeeeeee TY TY:) so so so somuch:)

Jake is so cute.

Gyllenbabbies.... Gyllenbabies. I like that.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the new photos from the set, and you're right! That article was unbelieveable for it's idiotic dumbnes.
Who's out of touch??!!
USA Today is out of touch!...:)

( Hee! Sorry. Couldn't help it!)

Monica said...


Monica said...

Jessica in South Carolina today:

Monica said...

"Check out Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal and his personal umbrella holder making quick-time today on to the set of his new movie, Nailed, in Columbia, South Carolina.

Gyllenhaal was in no mood today for the idol worship by a group of local female fans who had gathered nearby to catch a glimpse of the super-star heart throb. Buuut Jake is a busy, busy, guy and ignored all the attention and moved to the indoor set."


suvee said...

I, too, was appalled at the USA Today article about J & R. Don't they even try to do the most minimal research before they print something?

Great post ladies! I want it all...... down and dirty motel room sex AND desk sex (and definitely want him wearing glasses for the latter).

And what kind of resume does one need to be Jake's umbrella lady? I might be interested...... :)

Thanks as always to IHJ for the pics, and to UV & FL for getting them up so quickly here.

get real said...

Sqeeeee, pics!!!! Am *excited* now. And just have to roll my eyes at Flynet and their "witty" words.

I like the idea of Pee Wee and James Caan. The cast just keeps getting more crazy and I love it.

Also huge thanks for the Brothers spoiler board. I is a spoiler 'ho too. ;p

get real said...

The USA folks don't know what they are talking about...pfft. They need to do their research!

chica said...

Yay! Pics from the set, thanks for posting and of course thanks to IHJ!!!

USA Today obviously didn't do their homework and I love all the new cast additions!

UltraViolet said...

I think these images might keep me awake - or give me happy dreams. From IMdb:

OMG! I just saw him at the Strom Thurmond Gym tonight!!!! There are two flights of stairs facing each other and I walked up one flight texting a friend. I got to the top of the stairs and looked up from my phone and BAM! there he was!! He had just gotten to the top of the other flight of stairs the same time I did with the other flight. He wore a gray hoodie with the hood up. He was extremely pail with a little bit of a scruffy beard, but still oh so fine. He went on to row at the rowing machine and then he got on a bicycle. I walked and ran by him more than 5 times. I'm so glad I decided to work out late. If I had to pick one actor to see in real life, it'd be him.

Jake. Rowing. Cycling. Rowing. Jake. Rowing Jake.

Is it wrong to be cursing the poster for not managing to sneak a picture?

Speaking of pics, Reee looking good at a store opening this week.

agent_krycek said...

Being the same height as Reese I'd be completely rubbish at the umberella job, but hey, I'd be great for tucking under his arm ;-)

Reese looks great in that dress, one might even say blooming ;-)

Anonymous said...

She definitely does nothing for the rumors she's pregnant by wearing that dress. She looks cute though!

Narcissa said...

Love the "OMG!!!!" tone of so many of these Jake sightings. He must be absolutely overwhelming IRL. Such charisma. Y'know, IMO it would only take one big hit to push him right to the top of the A list. Not sure how he would feel about that, given the incessant attention he already gets.

shondra said...

What a great post and I love the pictures, thanks!

Love all the sightings as well, they are so lucky in SC.

I love that dress that Reese is wearing she looks wonderful.

josie said...

Jake doesn't look to pleased in these pics but he IS looking good, thanks!!

Reese lookes like a teenager in that pics and in the pics w/o make up she looks like Ava's big sister!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jake is opposed to a little interaction with people. He could avoid people if he wanted to.

How hard would it be to have some exercise equipment placed whereever he's staying. Even a good hotel has a gym and a pool that close late in the evening.

gyllenspooner said...


I agree that Jake is on the cusp of superstardom. However, i'm beginning to think that all the attention and scrutiny is starting to get to him a little bit.

I also have a funny feeling that he's still mad about having the addresses to his houses published.

Just a hunch.

I'm not sure how he would be able to handle Brad Pitt type of fame.

extra said...

The children's store opening that Reese went to was a benefit for a children's advocacy group called The Staur House:


She looks fab BTW!

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Reese is having a glass of wine.

Which may or may not mean something to those who aren't saying anything ;)

UltraViolet said...

Ooh - looks like I might not have to deal with James Caan after all. Hee.

No idea if this is true, but it's probably not a good sign that this happened in Week One:

Apparently David O Russell let that oh-so-famous temper flare up yesterday which led to James Caan storming from the set. It was no Lily Tomlin Choke attack, but there was at least one casualty for the film as a red-faced Caan who was slated to play the Speaker of the House - may have left for good. No info yet as to his returning to the set, but as fights in Hollywood set fights go, I'm sure he'll be back - but if not, there's always Gene Hackman.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Holy crap, that was fast!! Russell is a real prick ain't he?? I can take or leave Caan, but he beeter not mess with Jake or Pee Wee!!

Narcissa said...

That guy needs to attend anger management classes.

Monica said...

We already have trouble in the first week?
I think this is fetish! Hehehehehehe

UltraViolet said...

Another report from filming:

They are filmed in my building right now and I just watched them shoot a scene...well door was closed. But I did see Jake, Catherine, and Paul Ruebens (otherwise known as Pee Wee) who is in the movie but not listed. James Caan was supposedly in the movie but he has seemed to quit. He was the Speaker of the House...which the role originally was for Tommy Lee Jones. All three actors walked right by me as I was hanging out. It was pretty neat.

It would have been cool for Tommy Lee Jones to be in the movie. He was one of Al Gore's Harvard roommates, and, as we all know, Al's daughter wrote the script!

extra said...

Update from IMDB:

"They are filmed in my building right now and I just watched them shoot a scene...well door was closed. But I did see Jake, Catherine, and Paul Ruebens(otherwise known as Pee Wee) who is in the movie but not listed. James Caan was supposedly in the
movie but he has seemed to quit. He was the Speaker of the
House...which the role originally
was for Tommy Lee Jones. All
three actors walked right by me as I was hanging out. It was pretty

Maybe they can get Tommy Lee Jones now!


extra said...

Sorry UV, it looks like we posted at the same time!!

Monica said...

Thank you for another sighting!

UltraViolet said...

No problem, extra. Looks like this film is going to keep us all busy! I hope the reports continue.

UltraViolet said...

For anyone planning a Friday visit to Columbia: more road closings.

Two Notch Road is the address for the motel :)

Is that where Bobbyanna has gotten off to?

FluorescentLamp said...

Wow, GyllenBabble got a scoop RIGHT!


UltraViolet said...

Ick - I hate posting reports like this one.

It's probably like the Reese/Vince Vaughn "fight" reports - totally made up. And that site clearly doesn't hold Jake in much esteem.

Let's hope it's just an exaggerated report, and that things settle down for Jake and the film.

I'm already sick of Umbrellagate.

Anonymous said...

Just gonna post tht UV, and here here re umbrellagate.

Anonymous said...

Me again, I think I would prefer it if this filming was like Brothers, closed set.

UltraViolet said...

I understand, anon. It sucks that so many people seem to have it out for Jake. Something I don't understand, because from all (reliable) accounts, he's a nice guy who gets along with almost everyone.

As I said, I hope things settle down and Jake enjoys the shoot. And we get to enjoy some sightings.

shondra said...

I'm starting to miss the closed set of Brothers too anon.

I hope that things settle down to UV, because it will become distracting.

UltraViolet said...

Just a few more musings, as I continue to ignore the packing crates in my office. (We are moving next week.)

I wonder if this report was really about James Caan, and it got garbled along the way so that Jake was the one throwing the fit by the end of the gossip chain.

Also, I just want to say that we all know Jake isn't perfect. I can already hear the haters saying that we think he can do no wrong. It's entirely possible that Jake had a bad day and didn't behave very well.

It's also more than likely that whatever happened did not go down the way that account reads.

In any case, let's hope everyone involved rejuvenates with some hot, sweaty motel sex!

sass said...

That disrespectful site making the homophobic BBM jokes should be so lucky that Jake is there much less making jokes.
I think I'll go over and tell him.

I think it's horrid that Jake has to go through all this crap; BBM jokes, snide remarks and stupid gossip. Maybe he's had it by now and is through.

I would love to hear what the forum person thinks about him when they have their dinner together.
I've never seen Jake's face up close and personal nor have I ever followed him so closely when he is making a movie.
I'm not sure I will this time either if unpleasant things are going to be written about him; articles like that I can do without.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, sass - it isn't easy being a Jake fan! I hope you're feeling better :)

Also, a clarification re: sweaty motel sex. I forgot my standard "not involving Pee-Wee" disclaimer!

Speaking of whom... some info on Mr, Reubens' character:

He’s playing opposite Catherine Keener as her legal aide and husband

No idea if it's reliable or not.

Anonymous said...

Jakey vs Shelfy, laineygossip.


Delete if you want UV/FL.

Anonymous said...

It looks like fitsnews.com has gone kaput! Either that or something is wrong with my computer.


Anonymous said...

Afraid not, I had problems before but it seems ok now.

UltraViolet said...

Such a shame :)

Wish I could take credit, but maybe it's just karma.

Of course, if karma actually worked, a lot of sites wouldn't be up and running...

No need to delete the Lainey item, anon. I hate her silly insinuations about Jake and Reese, but what can you do? She's really not a Biel fan, it seems.

From all of this stuff floating around, I'm getting tense about the shoot! I hope the actual participants are ignoring all this falderol.

Narcissa said...

I take the view that it's up to the producers to get a grip on things to prevent "this falderol". Reports of Reese/Vince infighting on the set of "Four Christmasses" were quickly squashed. Makes me appreciate the professionalism of the "Brothers" film-makers. Let's hope things settle down!

bobbyanna said...

Well. So I was in this club. It was really, really crowded and the music was really loud. And Jake wasn't dancing. He was just smiling at me and we were standing really close, but people kept bumping us and I said, "So. How are things going with Reese?" And he said, "What?" And so I repeated myself. And he said, "What? I can't hear a word with all this nosie!" And he smiled that killer smile and he has this way of looking at you with "lazy" eyes, kind of, and anyway we some how were in this corner and my back was against the wall, and he was leaning. He balanced his arm against the wall and he was leaning and...right at that moment I woke up...:)

You know. It seems like there is definitely TMI from that damned set. Maybe it was too hot and the chair was wrong. It sounds petty to someone who is a non-actor, but if you are making a movie then the set is important, and the details are important.

For all we know, Jake could have said something in a very conversational tone when asked. I can hear and AD asking him if it's OK? and he might say something. So what! Then someone else twists it?

Is someone anxious to make Jake look like a diva? Is someone trying to sabotage the movie bcz of DOR? Who knows.

This day by day play by play can get kind of nerve racking. I know all I need to know about Jake...almost... and these negative bloggers are jerks.

The umbrella holder had reasons we do not know. Mmaybe that's the governor's son, or daughter, or his wife, or his partner, and they needed to find a job for them and their job is to carry Jake's umbrella...(!)his hands were full, maybe he'd just left makeup, whatever!

UV, the glass Reese is holding has apple juice in it. My cousin catered that party and he told me it was apple juice...

BTW: It's taking a little longer to get to South Carolina then I thought...but I'm working on it...you just never know.

agent_krycek said...

I've just remember why I don't go to Lainey anymore - err, I'm no Jessica Biel fan, in fact I've never seen anything she's been in, but what on earth is wrong with her bum, she looks like a flaming nicely proportioned woman. Sorry some people don't want to be twiglet sized a la Vicky Beckham - I suppose Lainey thinks that's a good look instead.

Apologies for the OT, but that really pissed me off.

bobbyanna said...

Did I ever tell you guys that one of my favorite SNL characters, from the old SNL days was Jon Lovitz's Pathological Liar?

Anonymous said...

Bobbyanna you just made me laugh out loud, thank you. This sort of thing is why I like this place so much, everyone who comments seem like genuinely (sp?) nice people.

Anonymous said...

Apple juice, hmmm?

bobbyanna said...

Yeah, apple juice...that's the ticket. Yeah...and Reese was eating a lot of saltine crackers...yeah...

UltraViolet said...

Hee - thanks for the laugh, Bobbyanna. I particularly enjoyed the dream!

As FL knows, the only Jake dream I've ever had involved me sitting in the back of a very small car, behind him and Chris in the front seats.

No idea what it all meant...

And Agent K, ITA on your Lainey post. She's an ass who can't deal with a woman with an ass.

FluorescentLamp said...

*snort*, yes I remember that dream, UV. And I still have no idea what it means. But I know is MUST mean something. ;-)

My very first Jake dream (and I've had hundreds since) involved me dancing with him to a Nine Inch Nails song.

agent_krycek said...

As FL knows, the only Jake dream I've ever had involved me sitting in the back of a very small car, behind him and Chris in the front seats

A fews ago, apparently, me, Jake and Reese went to the Oscars together, which was strangely held in our local village hall - Sharon Stone was extremely annoying all night, kept trying to hog the camera and lying right across me.

UltraViolet said...

From a commenter on that site:

and here my sources told me it was an altercation between James Caan and the director that brought things to a halt - odds are both contributed, although I’ve not heard about this incident…

I'm ignoring all the people who get to dance or touch Jake in their dreams.

Agent K - it cracks me up that even in your dreams, Sharon Stone is annoying!

And were you dreaming of Jake and Reese before they dreamt of each other?

Are you prescient??

Anonymous said...

Love to know when it was supposed to have happened, today, yesterday when?.


sass said...

I had to leave a protest post on this blog--Jakefan here--sharing the James Cann mess .

James Caan leaves set

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm ignoring all the people who get to dance or touch Jake in their dreams.

Yes, but YOU got to ride in the backseat of a car while Jake AND Chris were up front. Hello? In my world that's called a twofer! ;-)

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh and a_k, I chortled for a good minute over the Oscars in your Village Hall. :-DD

UltraViolet said...

Yes, FL, it was a sensual dream delight to stare at the back of their heads. Also, I believe I was cramped in the back seat with Chris's girlfriend.

Oh, maybe that made me Jake's!

Anonymous said...

Bobbyanna did your sibling say if she looked pregnant?

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and sass, I like how they are claiming that as an scoop when another blog already reported it this morning.


sass said...

Hey there UV. I had no idea he wasn't first!
Take a look . He has a pic of Reese on one page and his profile pic is well...he ain't no Jake, but then who is.
I say, is he Jealous much?

Founding editor

Reese pic 2nd page..Now I know from whence the Jake hate comes. He's totally jealous:)

gabbana said...

Today I learned
- J. Caan is in the movie
- J. Caan is out of the movie

With all the nonsense reported on just ONE day this film should be ingenious.....:-))

sass said...

Hi again gabbana and peeps:)

What is amazing to me is that James Caan has NEVER walked off a film. I'm starting to feel for Jake.

Well, let's hope this movie gets made ASAP, and is worth it to Jake. I know it's worth it to us. This chaos can't be good for the film or for anyone working on the film, though I've read worse about directors over the years.
Hang in there Jakey!

Anonymous said...

I think that was a blog for rednecks because i've not read anything that overtly homophobic in a long time.

But something seems to be bothering Jake.

Monica said...

The guy is jealous of Reese! Hehehehehehe
And as Reese is beautiful in this photo!

Regarding the umbrella is normal see it's in every set's.
I saw doing it with Ewan McGregor. Who knows the Ewan knows that he does not support these things.

Thank you for all this information.
I love this place!

Anonymous said...

One more thing...

I'm really beginning to hate Lainey. She just makes things up to cause trouble and has no sources to speak of to justify her ramblings.

lawgoddess said...

I'm sick of Umbrellagate too.

I think if someone is disposed to dislike Jake, they will latch on to anything.

And I cast my vote for desk sex. Preferably with items being swept off and crashing to the floor beforehand. And tasteful nudity . And closeups.

I could go on.... B.

bobbyanna said...

I support Lawgoddess and I think we should generate a petition for desk sex and also for shower scenes where for the sake of the environment, they conserve water by showering together! I think if it is presented like that Kirsten Gore wil support it.

Anon 4:54, of course not. I would never ask such a question even if I really had a cousin who catered a party that Reese was at which I don't. I lied. But that doesn't mean she didn't drink apple juice. As for the crackers...who knows! :)

BTW: I have said it before, and I want to say it again. I think Lainey is vile. She said terrible, despicable things about Heath both before and after he died. She is absolutely base, and I never go to her site. I wouldn't care if Jake gave her a personal interview...which he would never ever do! She has no sources. She is stuck there in Canada and she gets information the same way we do. She surfs around the internet, looks at pictures from the various wireservices, etc. She is a Perez Hilton wannabe...in fact, she makes him look like a decent guy...OK. Maybe not... but still...

gyllenspooner said...

On imdb someone wrote that they're beginning to "scope out" locations for filming on the campus of the University of South Carolina.

Apparently the persons sister saw Jessica and Jake there.

Monica said...

The scenes of sex can come with a touch of humor!

suvee said...

"I don't think Jake is opposed to a little interaction with people. He could avoid people if he wanted to."

Good point, anon 8:49.... I agree. I also think it has something to do with Jake being determined to live as "normal" a life as possible. I'm sure we all have noticed how often those people who have met and/or interviewed him have commented on his normalcy (my word, not theirs). I just think he tries very hard to keep his life as Un-Hollywood as possible...... and I have heard the same said of Reese.

And yeah..... umbrellagate can't end soon enough for me! No one will ever convince me that Jake is a spoiled diva.

I'm not worried about any turmoil on the set courtesy of DOR..... I don't doubt Jake had a pretty good idea of what he was getting into.

chica said...

Why is Lainey obsessed with Biel's ass??? What a twit.

I hope things calm down on the set of Nailed, this daily "stories" are going to be distracting.

gyllenspooner said...


...well not really. lol.

Someone over at IHJ posted about their encounter with Jake today and she said that he actually stayed behind, after shooting for 14 hours, to take pictures with local fans. That seems like a nice thing to have done. No one else stayed behind. By that girls account, the whole place seemed empty and she assumed they were done for the day, so he must have stayed for a while.

That seems like a nice thing for him to have done.

It's under the ENCOUNTERS section at IHJ, check it out.

P.S. Apparently he also got dressed up in his blue button shirt and nice pair of "dress" trousers so he was going somewhere after work. Maybe the story about the governor inviting him to dinner was true.

gyllenspooner said...


Lainey hates Beil for some reason. She just arbitrarily picks stars not to like. Not sure why.

suvee said...

Should we start a pool to guess how long before we start hearing about Reese sightings in SC? :)

Anonymous said...

Did she have the kids last weekend?

If so, and she doesn't have them again this weekend, she'll be there.

Given all the leaks and stories coming out of SC, i'm sure we'll all hear about it.

get real said...

Wow, lots going on with Nailed, Umbrellagate and the "hissy fits" and leaving the film. Agree with who say they are sick of it. So glad to come here for the Gyllenlove. I vote YES for desk sex! And that sighting on IHJ is fantastic. So happy for her! I too think we will hear if Reese comes for a visit. I hope the rest of the filming and Jake's time there goes more smoothly.

sass said...

Evening everyone,
I came back to visit and get my dose of Gyllenlove. Glad to hear more Jake news. I'm sure Reese will visit our Jakey real soon...she lives someplace in SC...where please???
see ya tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Recent candid shots, Reese looks kind of lonesome. Going out with friends, being mommy, attending a charity event, sure her life is full, but I think she misses Jake. She has a special sparkle when he is around. You can see it. And you notice when it isn't there.

sass said...

Not to spam, Ha:) but I have to thank you for directing us to the iheartjakecommunity.com Jake encounter.
The student sounds so happy. She makes me remember days of yore. Jake must really be handsome and totally hot up close. And he still thinks he looks like a Crest toothpaste tube wearing black glasses:)
Methinks he needs to make a movie here; then I can visit the set, for research purposes of course:lol:lol

sass said...

I am spamming now:) but I have to share one more Jake sighting from Google...:)

Jake sighting

agent_krycek said...

You know, I threw an almighty hissy fit yesterday, ended up storming out of the office and having to have a ciggie to calm down - not entirely my fault, the woman I work with would not stop doing the Mooooooonpiiiiiig thing, even after being asked, politely, several times to stop it - and then asked less politely, followed by storming out.

So, anyway, what I'm saying is, if Jake did throw a strop, well, hey, most of us do at one time or another, sometimes over trivial things (although Mooooonpiiiiig is not trivial and if I ever find out who came up with that I shall kill them - seriously)

Umberellagate - I've seen that on other film sets, it's quite usual, a bit odd, but usual.

Apple juice, yup, it was apple juice :D

josie said...

I love the encounter over on IHJ, what a lucky girl!!

That set is anything but dull if all reports are true. I have seen PA's on sets of movies with umbrella's as well, no biggie, time to move on.

Monica said...

Lucky Girl!
She said that has a video of it that day! OMG!

Anonymous said...

The girl that met Jake yesterday has put up 3 videos on IHJ.


extra said...

Thanks for the links to the video clips anon.!

Monica said...

"Jake Gyllenhaal got into character (he plays a congressman!) on the Columbia, South Carolina, set of his new flick Nailed Thursday."

UltraViolet said...

While the cat's away... the other cat takes care of the cat's dog?

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the Us link, Monica. It was nice to see something about Jake and Nailed that didn't involve Umbrellagate or FITgate.

UltraViolet said...

No prob, anon. It's the first thing today that made me smile, so I was excited to post :)

Anonymous said...

That made me smile as well and now the pic of Jake on set, thanks Monica for the link.

Monica said...

The Us Weekly not lied!
The Atticus is the Reese also!
So cute!

gyllenspooner said...

I'm not buying the whole thing that Jake had a fit. That story reminds me a lot of the Reese and Vince are fighting or Jake and Tobey are fighting over a make-up artist stories (remember those).

For some reason people seem to be fighting whenever a movie starts. lol.

Thanks for the pics of Reese and Atticus, UV. They seem to be implying that Jake was in town this weekend though. Could it be?

Does anyone know if that US Weekly pic was from earlier in the week?

He looks real cute in that US Weekly pic though. ;)

agent_krycek said...

Is it ridiculous that I love Atticus's ears, the way one always goes straight up and the other flops to the side - don't answer that!

This may seem strange, but going by that photo of Jake, and the tie more specifically, the character has suddenly become the 'clueless' description in my mind, rather then the 'ruthless' one - there's no basis on this, just a gut feeling seeing that tie. Ignore me, I'm having a strange night.

UltraViolet said...

Not ridiculous on either point, Agent K. Love Atticus's ears. And it was the weird low part that made me think Jake looked "off." Loved the idea of a yellow tie, but this tie is sort of schoolboy-ish.

brothers spy said...

Guess who officially has the "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time" script in his possession.

Jake probably got this script a week ago.

Monica said...

I do not want to see Jake doing Prince Of Persia.

Please Jake, refuse this role idiot! You have talent my dear!

Anonymous said...

Is it any good Brothers Spy?

brothers spy said...

I haven't read it yet. I literally got it eight min... make that nine minutes ago.

agent_krycek said...

brothers spy, we'll leave you time to read and then meet you on the spoiler board ;)

There is something about that tie, 'schoolboy' nails it I think UV (thanks) which points to clueless for me, giving over a schoolboy, out of his depth, sort of vibe.

*Yes I'm reading far to much into a couple of pictures, but be ready for me saying NOTHING about Reese's outfits for the next two years - it's what I do if you hadn't already guessed :D *

Monica said...

Twilight of IHJ will open a new thread with photos of Jake no set of Nailed.

gyllenspooner said...

Holy crap brothers spy. How do you get all these scripts?

Thanks for the one you sent me this morning by the way.

Anonymous said...

brothers spy, do you have access to any other scripts out there? I know the Four Christmases one is floating around. Would you by any chance have that script? I wouldn't mind reading it. Thanks.

Monica said...

New pics:

I liked the hair! It will be fun! Hehehehehe

sheba baby said...

Reese and Atticus! Thanks for the link UV, good to see that Atticus is in good hands while his daddy is away!

brothers spy said...


I actually turned down the Four Christmases script today if you can believe that. Well, I chose to take Revolutionary Road instead.

I am interested in getting it. I may get it soon, but don't have it yet. Sorry.

brothers spy said...


I have a friend who sent me a rare David Fincher script and a lot of people want it. So I trade for scripts that they might have and I want. I literally have ten scripts to read this weekend. The two I want the most now are: Nailed and Milk. If I get Nailed i'll let you guys know.

No problem on the Brothers script.

Monica said...

Thank you for the script of Brothers.
Although I do not have time to read, but thank you for it!

Anonymous said...

brothers spy, if you do get your hands on the Four Christmases script in the near future, would you be able to email me a copy? I'd really appreciate it.

agent_krycek said...

monica - thank you for the latest link, I'm probably giving my considerable age away here, but in that link, third picture down, did anyone else think 'Hammer time' *I am suitably ashamed and having a strange night*

Brothers spy - any snippets you can give us about Nailed, probably via the spoiler board, are much appreciated, I really liked the answers you gave to my questions there :)

UltraViolet said...

New pics, new post.