Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shopping with Jake

As night becomes day and winter becomes spring, some things never change, such as Jake Gyllenhaal's faithful patronage of A.P.C. in Soho.

Jake and Reese shop A.P.C.

Jake and Kirsten shop A.P.C.

I've had a look at their collection online and I'm surprised Jake was able to find enough in A.P.C. to please him and to fill that shopping bag. Though the faithful Yelpers speak highly of their line - nicely tailored basic, simple design, slim fit shirts, raw denim jeans. That sounds like Jake. Except when he's wearing a no-structure lumberjack shirt.

Photos courtesy of IHJ.


UltraViolet said...

Also, he only shops there on days with 2, 3 and 8 in the date! :)

Yes, I'm a dork.

Love this post. As soon as I saw that door, I thought, "Jake was there with Kirsten, no?" And of course you found it, FL!

I'm pretty sure APC doesn't have any birded flannel, so I think we're safe.

Apologies to Stephanie, but I'm hoping this will be a busy week for her!

bobbyanna said...

Love it FL. I bet they really didn't expect to be spotted quite so soon in their visit!

sass said...

Hi there UV, FL and everyone,
They're Back!

Thanks for the snaps of our favorite couple.

It was colder than a witches tit here yesterday, but warming has started. We should reach a high of 38 degrees today.

What day is Reese due before the UN?

Jake is a creature of habit. Are they trying to attract no attention by walking separately?
Because dressing alike, which they seem to like doing, isn't the way to do it:) :lol:lol:lol

Years ago when the paps were around Kirsten and Jake, Kirsten would give them dirty looks but Jake could care less. Not anymore. Now he scowls and goes the other way ASAP.

With Jake in front of her, and not holding her close to him as he did in the LA pics, Reese almost disappears. She is definitely a petite woman.

sass said...

Silly me, I forgot about Google for a minute. Reese Question answered:)

UN News Reese on for Tuesday

Tuesday, March 4

At 10.30 a.m. in Room S-226, Joanne Sandler, Executive Director of UNIFEM; Reese Witherspoon, Actress and Avon Global Ambassador; and Andrea Jung, Chief Executive Officer of Avon Products Inc., announce a private-public partnership with Avon Inc. on ending violence against women and promoting women’s economic empowerment.

sass said...

Forgive me but I love first hand reports of my favorite couple. I know all about Perez, but at least he never carried on with all that Jake is gay nonsense, like some of the others...anyway...

First hand account of our smooching, hugging lovers in my city. I'll never get to see them:(

Anonymous said...

Pictures from last night on getty, I think Reese really does not like the flashes from the cameras.

agent_krycek said...

Sooooo, there seems to be a good chance that we might get a few pictures of Jake looking on proudly during Reese's speech :D

Good luck to all NYC Babblers, it would be the icing on the cake to get a first hand report - if they ever turn up together in London I faithfully promise to scour the streets hoping for a sighting.

Much as I do dislike Perez I did read the comments, funny how the incoherant, badly written ones all come from the same point of view - they also give themselves away as being the same 6 or so people, and they're being totally lost amongst the vast majority who love this couple, the only annoyance is that a lot of the BBM fandom gets tarred with the same brush.

sass said...

Morning peeps:)
Great pics anon. I hate flashbulbs going off from just one camera; they hurt my eyes and make me nearly blind.
I will never ever have to worry about paps, but I have an idea, what it feels like, to have so many flashes going off at once.

Of course, I had to yelp Prune. Jake is a certified foodie and Reese is reaping the benefits.

see ya

Anonymous said...

imdb's poll today is the top 30 actors under 30, you need to be registered to vote.

Jake is in the lead at the moment.

bobbyanna said...

LMAO! Re the Prune pics at Getty: Jake still has his white tennis shoes on and Reese is all changed into a skirt and heels, looking casually chic. He's smiling, too.
Wonder if she is doing any TV for Penelope or the Avon/UN thing?
Letterman? Jon Stewart?

gabbana said...

Thanks to eveyone for all the pics and the links!!

Is the UN announcement a public event?? I would love to see Jake dressed up again a bit...:-))

Unfortunatly they will not be able to visit Maggie - she is in Paris, France with Ramona and grandma Naomi. Some cute pictures here:

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks for the Ramona heads-up, gabbana.

She looks even more like Peter now. What a cutie.

agent_krycek said...

Goodness, Ramona is soooo sweet looking, and the image of her Daddy :D Love the outfit on her as well

Monica said...

visit Mathilda???

I hope!

Anonymous said...

Jake's mother looks SO different with her hair longer. I can really see a resemblance between Naomi and Jake. I know a lot of people always say Jake and his father look alike, and they do to a certain extent, but I see a strong resemblance between Maggie and her father and Jake and his mom.
Thanks gabanna!

We might not actually see Jake at all at the UN thing. It sounds like a press event for Avon to announce it's support for a UN project, and with Reese as their spokesperson, they will draw attention to something important. So maybe it's just a nice opportunity for J&R to be in NYC and enjoy themselves. They'll probably be back in LA by Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Gabbana, Fashion Week just finished and Maggie was pictured at the Louis Vuitton show. Maybe she, Ramona and Naomi are on their way back to NY. Reese's Avon event is tomorrow but if Ryan has the kids this week maybe they will stay in NY for a few more days. Even if Reese has to go back to LA Jake could still stick around and visit with his family, niece and maybe Michelle and Matilda. :)

Anonymous said...

This is the link for a photo of Maggie at the event, I think that is Naomi sitting behind her.

agent_krycek said...

I know a lot of people always say Jake and his father look alike, and they do to a certain extent, but I see a strong resemblance between Maggie and her father and Jake and his mom.

I'd agree, I've always thought Maggie looks amazingly like her Dad, they've got the same shaped face and exactly the same smile

There is a chance that Jake won't be at the actual event, his presence might well take away from what they're trying to convey, the headlines would all be about Jake and Reese's first 'offical' outing, rather then Avon and the work they're trying to do - no doubt all will become clear sometime on Tuesday.

gabbana said...

Thanks anon for the infos and link to the L. Vuitton show. I did not know that Maggie was (or is) in Paris.

I like that Jake & Reese are able to spend some qualitiy time together (also if Jake won´t be at the "official" part) - soon enough working will start again...

chica said...

Thanks for the links, Ramona is adorable!!

I have eaten ate Prunes and the food is incredible. So happy to see Jake back in NY and with Reese.

sass said...

Hi UV and FL,
Checking in to tell my babbler mates I've had no Jake sighing yet, but I have to return to the scene of the crime maybe later. :):lol

Seriously, anon, TY for the IMDB Poll. I went over, voted for Jake, and posted the poll on iheartjake, just in case:)
Jake is still way ahead of the others.

With Heath gone from us, I have no other real favorite under 30 actors, though I do like Ryan G. JG Levitt, James McAvoy, Gael Bernal and Emile Hirsch.

back out again.

Anonymous said...

Here is a photo of Maggie at the show and Naomi sitting behind her|1&axs=0|80088066%2c80088064%2c80088061%2c80088060%2c80088059%2c80088058%2c80088057%2c80088056%2c80088055%2c80088054%2c80088052%2c80088051%2c80088050%2c80088049%2c80088048%2c80088046%2c80088044%2c80088042%2c80088028%2c80088027%2c80088026%2c80088024%2c80088022%2c80088020%2c80088019%2c80088017%2c80088016%2c80088015%2c80088014%2c80088013%2c80088011%2c80088009%2c80088008%2c80088005%2c80088004%2c80088003%2c80088001%2c80087999%2c80087997%2c80087994%2c80087991%2c80087989%2c80087986%2c80087983%2c80087981%2c80087979%2c80087976%2c80087972%2c80087969%2c80083888%2c80083886%2c80083884%2c80083882%2c80083879%2c80083875%2c80083874%2c80083871%2c80083870%2c80083868%2c80083867|0&id=80083874

Anonymous said...

From Lainey, someone should clue her in that she is in Ny to address the UN tomorrow:

Jake & Reese: a new level
Reese and Jakey in NYC this weekend, shopping and having dinner with friends, no longer actively avoiding the press and the paps.

Word is things reached a new level recently as Jake coped with the loss of a good friend. He’d been working on a movie at the time and it was Reese he turned to for support. Needless to say, the two grew even closer and supposedly Jake has pretty much moved in. Unfortunately his pants still suck.

Reese is in NYC to promote Penelope. Looks like Jakey tagged along for the ride and some romance too. Reese has apparently won over Maggie, is in tight with the family, and just might be pregnant. Not slamdunk. Will keep you posted

agent_krycek said...

You'd think, if Lainey is going to take her gossip nearly directly off a fan blog, she'd at least take the time to get all the salient facts ie. the reason for them being in NYC *rolls eyes and waves hello to Lainey*

UltraViolet said...

Stephanie has some of the pics from last night here.

Prune was also a Jake/Kirsten redux experience. Fom January, 2006:

While jogging through the East Village on Sunday (1/22) I almost tripped over my feet when I saw Kirsten Dunst (who actually looked like she had showered) and Jake Gyllenhaal embracing on the corner of 1st and 1st, presumably post-prune-brunch. It was one of those extended "we've been through so much but I still care about you as a friend" kind of hugs; unsure whether it was also an "I still see you naked on occasion" hug.

UltraViolet said...

Also, from SplashnewsOnline, the source for some of the pics last night. Under the original header of "Reese and Jake still sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

We’re thrilled to see that things are obviously still going strong between Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. The pair were spotted yesterday looking particularly good looking while shopping at A.R.C in Soho, NYC. Jake was as handsome as ever in a thick grey cardigan and dark jacket, and Reese oozed super chic with an all in black combo.

Later, after a quick outfit change, the couple took a short stroll to meet with friends on the Lower East Side in New York City for dinner. Although they shied away from the cameras before hand, they appeared to be in good spirits when they left. Amazing what a glass of wine with a meal can do!

Can't argue with the "particularly good-looking" part!

sheba baby said...

Oh come on Lainey, you can do better than that!!

There has been chatter about them possibly living together for over a month now and the pregnancy rumors pop up every so often, like last week.

Really, if she had actual insider knowledge she would have know about Reese and the UN , geez.

More proof that gossip bloggers get thier "info" from the net!

bobbyanna said...

Just wanted to pop in for a sec. Thanks so much for pics of Maggie at Fashion Week. I hate to put any kind of damper on things, but I have such a visceral reaction to Lainey, I have to get it off my chest.

Lainey said some absolutely reprehensible things about Heath when he was in Toronto at the Film Festival promoting Candy. The things she said involved illegal drugs and procurement. Unbelieveable and disgusting.

When Heath died, she again made one very brief, very nasty reference to it, when news of his death first broke. She treated his death as good riddance to garbage! Then, nothing at all. As if he did not exist. I am deeply offended at her and I will never again go to her site or read anything she has to say. For me, SHE doesn't exist.

She plays up how much she "loves" J&R, but fact is, IMHO, she is a destructive phoney, much nastier then Perez and his foolishness.

Perez is a self-confessed ass, he is coarse, crude, insulting, outrageous, and silly. But he really never takes himself seriously, and as far as Jake and Heath go, he's been
kind(!) in his way, more often then he has ever been mean or cruel.

In this immediate instance, Lainey has clearly gone "gleaning" for left over bits from other gossip blogs and rumor mills. There is nothing new in her posts. Most of the time, she knows nothing, breaks no stories. The fact is, UV/FL have better, more up to date info than most of these so called gossip blogs.

extra said...

I think the reason Lainey was so silent following Heath's death was because of the reasons you pointed out Bobbyanna: The crap she said about him while he was alive, she couldn't really say much after he passed, it would hypocritical (eyes roll).

Notice she refers to Heath as "A good friend of Jake's", she can't even mention his name!!

I despise her, Perez, Ted and the rest of the scum/gossip bloggers because all they do is gleam "info" from other blogs, google and check out pictures on fan sites for their "information".

agent_krycek said...

Later, after a quick outfit change, the couple took a short stroll to meet with friends on the Lower East Side in New York City for dinner.

Well, Reese changed, Jake appears to still be rocking the Grandpa jumper under the jacket.

bobbyanna said...

OMG! Agent K! I just realized it. The grey grandpa cardigan has made another appearance. I think it must be part of Jake's NYC "Look." LOL!

lawgoddess said...

How can Jake look so hot in a " little old guy" sweater?

I like to come here and feel the love.:)

Anonymous said...

Bobbyanna, I agree with you on Lainey but Perez has been pretty nasty to Jake in the past too. All those gossips are scum.

agent_krycek said...

BTW, regarding Lainey, I don't particularly read her anymore, but I would dispute that she likes Reese, I'm sure I remember reading quite a few barbed comments about her before her relationship with Jake, and whilst it was still just rumoured. She does like Jake though, so now has to swallow it.

Mind you, as a Brit, I'm just never going to have any respect for someone who spends the majority of their time attempting to crawl up Posh and Becks bums.

bobbyanna said...

Oh, I know Perez is nasty. I'm no ways a fan of his either! But with a couple of exceptions, Perez is an "equal opportunity" offender. He sort of bounces off walls. There is something very puerile about Perez.

Lainey is older, nastier, and frankly, I find her type of dishonesty despicable. I really can't seem to get the words right on this. I know what I am trying to say, just not saying it very well. :)
They are all scummy. I just find Perez slightly less so.

I don't expect gossip bloggers to be nice and lauditory. A lot of them think being snarky and mean is part of the schtick. They actually think it makes them sound smart or witty or superior. Even justjared, who is usually pretty nice, sometimes gives in to snarkiness...and his readers chastize him for it...LOL!

But when they become vicious and destructive as Lainey and TC are, that just crosses some kind of line, IMO.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry for spamming. If I ran into Perez, Lainey and TC, I would probably laugh at Perez, slap Lainey in the face...several times...very hard, and...well, lets hope TC isn't crossin' a street and I'm in my car.

UltraViolet said...

I get what you mean, Bobbyanna. There's something more insidious about Lainey because she tries to present herself as fair and legitimate.

There appears to be a video of Jake and Reese at the Page Six link, but it own't play on my Mac, in FF or Safari.

I'm sure it's nothing spectacular, but I like to see Jake in motion. If anyone can play it and describe it, or even better, post it somewhere, I'd be grateful!

UltraViolet said...

Aww, never mind! I got it to play, and it's pretty cute. You can see Reese and Jake in the store (okay, that's intrusive) and I think someone alerts Jake to the paps, Then on the way out, he holds the door for her and strides ahead of her to get to the car to open the door.

So much for the people saying Jake is trying to get away from her!

bobbyanna said...

Woot!!!! Yay!!! OK. Thank goodness for video...sometimes... OK.
It was as if you were actually in the store hiding behind some racks and peeking. Reese was at the register buying something. The cashier was a guy trying to be very calm and blase' and he was taking care of her while Jake stood slightly behind her off to the side, waiting. There were other people shopping in the store and no one seemed to notice...right... like "OK. I know this is Jake and Reese, but I am SO cool with this!" Anyway. The shot switches to outside. Jake comes out walking VERY briskly. The paps say Hi, Jake" He SMILES and says "Hi." back to them. He was walking very fast ahead of Reese because they had a black SUV waiting and he went ahead to open the door so she could get in. VERY SWEET. (I love this man. I really do.) Then Reese came out, and as she walked by SHE SMILED. And the paps said, "Hi, Reese!" And she said, "HI!" right back and got into the car, while Jake held the door. They moved very quickly, and efficiently. No tension. No one was in a bad mood. No one looked unhappy. It was just a pleasant very short video.

bobbyanna said...

Oops! Sorry UV. I guess I am long-winded(!):)

sass said...

Hi UV and bobbyanna...another great find. TY TY:)

I adore Jake and since he loves Reese, she's even more OK by me than she was already.:) *what did I just say?* :lol:lol

I knew what the angry brokies would say when they analyzed the pics from Prune last night...nothing positive trust me.
All the other fan blogs have nothing but positive things to say about them together, especially since they look like they're really a couple since October, so I feel comfy pointing out the group that has the most neg responses to them; I've experienced their displeasure first hand.

Just goes to show how much you can tell from still photos. I had no idea cameras were shooting inside the store. Jake spots them first. He walks out holds the door for Reese and then walks in front of her to the car.
The sales clerk is trying so hard to look NYC calm and cool, but he is so totally NOT:)

Jake always protects or shields Reese with his body...what a great guy. It's seems a natural response for him to take good care of her...*sigh* ...he's wonderful.
They both gave friendly hellos to our paps, which is more than I ever expected from them.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the long-winded details, Bobbyanna! That's exactly what I would have wanted if I couldn't see it myself.

And sass, it is sad to know where the most hatred of Jake comes from :(

Anonymous said...

Plz. I know it is hard not to generalize, but not everyone on the "brokie" site is a hater. Truly not at all.Truthfully, less then half dozen. But lately they have spoken so determinedly, they drown out other voices. No tolerance, no acceptance, no comapssion. Ahhh. The "lessons of Brokeback!"

Anonymous said...

another video of them, same day and snarky from TMZ:

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone care what the "Brokies" have to say? All the "Jake is gay" stuff is really confined to them alone now. They represent like two dozen people in total. They've been isolated. I honestly don't see or read any comments regarding Jake being "gay," and I usually participate in these things, because I've never participated in any of the BBM fan sites. I see the odd comment here or there, but these people are usually made fun of by the vast majority of people.

The reason some of you are still subject to this is because you still participate in those types of forums.

As for other gossip blogs. I've long since known that they don't have legitimate "sources." They have sites like this one and others and occasionally someone will email in some information, be it true or not. They don't ever investigate the truthfulness of any given report and usually cherry pick the "sightings" to conform with their personal agendas.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:20,

Not everyone on the "Brokie" sites are haters, true. But all the haters are from the "Brokie" sites.

A little SAT action for you, ;).

Anonymous said...

TMZ video looks like it was shot in another part of town. Was it also taken on Sunday. It looks so sunny. Jake soudned playful when he got into the car!

UltraViolet said...

Anon, we don't need lectures on what sites to visit and not visit. As BBM fans, it is disheartening to go to sites we once loved and see Jake trashed.

BUT we do not need to discuss it here. So let's end it. NOW.

UltraViolet said...

I was wondering when the TMZ video was shot, as well. Jake looks as if he has brown pants on. So it might be today.

I am a bad, bad fan, because I admit to loving the videos. I just like to see Jake in motion.

Plus, I like his smirk. You can tell he knows how absurd this all is.

FluorescentLamp said...

The Helmut Lang shop is over in the Meatpacking district - 819 Washington Street. Part of the Jake Comfort Zone of Manhattan.

UltraViolet said...

Hee. The JCZ. Bless, Jake, he likes what he likes!

More breathless breaking news from SC:

Gyllenhaal to film in Columbia

From staff reports

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel will film a political satire in the Columbia area that was co-written by former Vice President Al Gore's daughter, state officials announced today.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

"Biel plays Sammy Joyce, a socially awkward receptionist who gets hit in the head with a nail in an accident. This triggers her wild, sexual urges which causes her to fight in Washington for the rights of the bizarrely injured. She meets an immoral congressman (Gyllenhaal) who takes advantage of her sex drive and capitalizes on her crusade as Joyce heads into her own career in politics."


Columbia was chosen because producers chose the South Carolina capital building to replicate the U.S. Capitol, the S.C. Department of Commerce and State Film Commission said.

naomi, aka mamabear said...

OK. Fine. I'm glad Jake is doing another movie so soon. I am truly deeeelighted. But if that David O Russell, director guy.....well. I might have to go down there to keep an eye on things...

gyllenspooner said...

Thanks for the update on "Nailed" UV. Have you any idea when they will shoot in SC? I'm guessing the April 15th date is the tentative starting date in Conneticut. I have a feeling that they'll restrict all the SC shoots to "congressional interior" type shots. Thus, it probably won't last too long (one or two weeks). The majority of the shoot will probably take place in Conneticut. BTW, Maggie will be shooting at the same studio at roughly the same time, she's filming a movie with Daniel Day-Lewis' wife).

I also agree that both Reese and Jake look so bemused in those videos and photos over the weekend. We should be on the lookout for more of them (and sightings). I have a feeling they'll pop up elsewhere in NYC this week.

WTG supporting your girl Jake. Jake is a total "man's man." He's such a gentleman, he treats his women right. I love him. Reese is so lucky.

Narcissa said...

The kids are with Ryan, snowboarding and stuff....

UltraViolet said...

News from E! Online about Jake and Reese's NYC doings:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon had a bicoastal weekend.

The two were spotted on Friday getting cozy while strolling through Los Angeles (left). They must have hopped on a plane to New York City, because they were spotted all over Manhattan yesterday. The paparazzi caught up with them while they shopped at the A.P.C. boutique.

And now I have even more details about their stay in the Big Apple.

A source also spotted them yesterday having brunch at Sarabeth’s on Central Park South. “They were very cute and seemed very happy,” an eyewitness said. “He was touching her face.” They even gave their autographs to a fellow female bruncher, who was celebrating her birthday at a table next to them.

Then the lovebirds checked out the Broadway play August: Osage County. Clocking in at more than three hours, the play by writer Tracy Letts addresses, among other things, alcoholism, drug addiction, adultery and sexual misbehavior.

The dark subject matter didn't dampen Gyllenhaal and Witherspoon's good mood, though. An eyewitness said, "They were cuddling and hugging and even kissing."

Sarabeth's- finally, Jake goes to a place I've been!

bobbyanna said...

And in case you might have wondered, According to the British tabloid, The Sun, Jake and Reese were strolling through "Brentford, California" on Friday.(!)

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Brentford. Is that need Brentham or Brentbury?

More pics, from today. Not great. J&R in a car.

Okay, it's the backseat of an SUV, but that didn't rhyme.

get real said...

Jake and Reese in NYC!! So awesome! I have been keeping a lookout guys and will keep doing so. Thanks to everyone for all the pics/I einfo/links/videos. Loving it all. The weather today was warm and beautiful.

I really hope that Maggie, Naomi and Ramona will be back in NY while J/R are here. Fashion Week is over and I would so love some pics of Jake, Reese, Maggie, Naomi and Ramona. That would be gold. Wonder if they will visit Michelle and Matilda?

Sarabeth's is really nice. Have enjoyed brunch there myself. And that play is getting great reviews. I am always interested in the restaurants and places Jake visits. He has great taste, imo.

get real said...

^^ info.

suvee said...

"Plus, I like his smirk. You can tell he knows how absurd this all is."

I really am a sucker for that smirk, UV. It's not a mean, arrogant, obnoxious smirk. Oh, no....... it's a semi-sweet (like very good dark chocolate), bemused, wry smirk. It was one of the first things I noticed about Jake that intrigued me.

Thanks to UV and everyone for all the links, etc......such a nice, welcome treat after the drought we suffered through recently.

bobbyanna said...

Dang, UV!!! That Getty Pap!Guy, Arnaldo must have had a great payday! He papped Jake, Reese, Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, and some Mexican actor, Andrea Garcia...(no relation to Andy! :)
BTW. I think I figured out why Reese was hiding her face. Her hair was sort of wild looking, (hmmmm...) and SHE HAD NO MAKE UP ON. That's right. OK. On that basis, I am going to predict they are not only deeply in love, but have probably been married for at least two years...(joking, OK?)

gyllenspooner said...

It looks like Jake and Reese are going to enjoy a night on the town in those Getty pics. They were probably going to that Broadway play. It sounds like they had a fun eventful weekend in NYC.

Let's see:

Brunch in Central Park. Nice.

Shopping together in SoHo. Nice.

A nice stroll together where they were spotted holding hands and kissing (around 4:30 pm). Nice.

Dinner with friends at Prune. Nice.

Broadway play (August: Osage County). Nice.

A private party for two back at their hotel. Very nice.

gyllenspooner said...

Hey UV,

It could have been worse. They could have called it Brentfordshire.

polilla said...

Gyllenspooner... that's what I call living vicariously thru Jake!


UltraViolet said...

Hey Gyllenspooner - some vague info on filming dates for Nailed:

“Nailed,” which also stars Jessica Biel, should begin filming in mid-April in Columbia and Lexington, Keeter said. Besides shooting scenes around the State House, the directors want to film in a bar, a diner and a house belonging to Biel’s character.

gyllenspooner said...

Thanks UV...

It looks like I was wrong. It appears they will begin shooting in SC and will do a lot of filming there. They'll probably film only select interior stuff in Conneticut. I've also assumed that they will film some exterior shots in DC itself. But I could be wrong about that.


Living vicariously through Jake is fun. But living vicariously through Reese, especially when thinking about private parties for two, is even funner. :P

UltraViolet said...

Heads up for anyone still awake or who gets up early: Reese is scheduled to be on the Today show, according to my digital tv guide.

agent_krycek said...

Jake soudned playful when he got into the car!

I must admit, I love that noise he makes, it's a combination of frustration plus amusement - much like his delicious smirk. Those videos I don't mind so much, yes I hate their privacy being intruded on, but they obviously knew they were being filmed, and both looked really happy despite the presence of the paps.

Quite why The Sun (not exactly the most accurate of UK newspapers ;) ) called it Brentford I've no idea, especially considering there's a rather large town called Brentwood in Essex ???

chica said...

Thanks for all the links and the news on Nailed.

Sounds like Jake and Reese are really enjoying themselves in NY, maybe I will have luck in running into them while they are here!

josie said...

I see that Jake is Rocking that plaid jacket again in the car photos!

agent_krycek said...

That Page 6 video - anyone else want to bet that the woman in the brown woolly hat standing behind Reese in the store is blantantly texting someone saying "OMG you'll never guess who I'm in APC with right now"

Nice spot on the plaid jacket Josie - and much as we moaned about the 'other' shirt, at least its better then that poor excuse for a jumper Andres Garcia (who he?) is wearing :o

sass said...

Morning UV, FL, and fellow babblers.

What a beautiful morning. It's nearly 57 degrees, heading to a springlike 62 degrees and all is right with the city. Jake is here with Reese, who is on her way to the UN via the Today Show.

TY UV for the 411.
I tuned in to WNBC this morning to listen to political news, polls and God knows what, and saw her name.

I wonder if Jake will accompany her to the studios. Pictures please....legitimate pics too:)
SC is happily looking forward to Nailed and Jake. I like That. Jake and company are bringing revenue to the state and they love it.

Babblers opinions please;)
I wonder if Jake took all that time off last year, not only for R&R, but to solidify his relationship with Reese.
They definitely seem very comfy with each other.

I would like to hear Reese talk about these new UN/Avon programs, if I haven't missed her.
When I was a Guardian ad Litum in TX, I often represented and advocated for children who had suffered domestic violence in their homes and so I am keenly interested in programs that address it.

Indulge me babblers. I'm a sucker for love:)

Jake and Reese early 2006 CCA

Jake and Reese November 2006">

More Nov 2006

Napa. Happy twosome

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for all the pics/links!

I can't wait to read the transcripts of Reese's news conference at the UN.

What an honor it is, Jake must be so proud.

sass said...

Thanks for the alert peeps. Jake owned the IMDB poll. I am such a silly Gyllenhaalic...and at my's fantastic to be all of 15 years old again.

Jake won IMDB poll by almost 2000 votes.

Reese is on The Today show now talking about the Women's' Empowerment bracelet, sponsored by the UN/Avon. She's presently wearing the bracelet to tie her hair back. She and Ava use the bracelet to tie their hair back.
*good use*
The net profits from the bracelets--each sells for $3.00-- will be used help women who are uneducated, unaware and who need to increase their power around the world, so that they can put an end to Domestic violence.
She mentioned that of all the beauty companies who had approached her to be a representative, she chose Avon for their humanitarian goals. You can contact the Avon website or call your Avon rep to purchase the bracelet.

At the end of the interview, which I swear was less than 3 minutes,
the hosts congratulated her on Penelope and told her they thought it was a good movie.
Of course she smiled, looked happy and said thank you.
end of live blogging...:)

extra said...

From Janet Charlton: Vince has invited Reese to go golfing with him and she said that Jake wanted to go to. It also claims that Vince wants Reese to set him up with one of her girlfriends! Probably BS:

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for that Sass, can I be cheeky and ask for a clothing/jewellrey report on Reese please.

Hmmm, Jake golfing, fine as long as he doesn't got down the typical golfing jumper route - had to 'loose' one of my OHs when it turned up - truely horrific :O

sass said...

Sorry Agent K,
I'm not much with clothes when I am huntin' and peckin'. :):)

She had on a sunny/lemon yellow dress... i think:)... hair pulled to side in a ponytail, tied Avon Bracelet. *grin*

shondra said...

Thanks for the play by play Sass, i'm at work now. I'll checkout the Avon sight for the bracelet!

sass said...

This is for all working babblers... and there is beautiful pic of Reese on site.
Jake struck the Jackpot this time. :)

Correction...100 percent of proceeds($2.25) are donated to the Avon empowerment program to end violence against women.

Avon Empowerment bracelet

I may surprise two of my female relatives and my sister-in-law with a bracelet and one for me too:)


UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the Today show and bracelet info, Sass.

Pics of J&R shopping. Not great, but if I see them, I link them :)

FluorescentLamp said...

Love her boots. LOVE.

She looks great all dressed down Jake-like.

agent_krycek said...

It makes me ridiculously excited that I'm currently wearing very similar boots to Reese, although a different colour (and probably way less expensive) - yes, I am that sad.

Hope her speech is going well - it's about now NTC time isn't it.

Anonymous said...

I have followed Vince's career and one thing I can say for sure is that Vince does not like to golf.
In fact when he was filming Starsky & Hutch he had to take lessons so he looked legit when he filmed a scene.

Vince doesn't do golf, so this story seems false, as it was already proven there were not problems with he and Reese to begin with.

sass said...

I'm in serious lust the boots...she has good taste...look who she's dating:)

*sass runs away*

Looks like the paps are all over them. Is filming over for Reese's movie?

Anonymous said...

A poster on imdb says filming resumes tomorrow.

extra said...

Some of Reese's speech today at the UN:,actress-witherspoon-launches-un-campaign-on-violence-against-women.html

New York - Award winning American actress Reese Witherspoon launched Tuesday a 1-million-dollar campaign, backed by Avon Products, to fight violence against women around the world. The amount was donated to a trust fund of the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) to promote women's empowerment and end violence against women, one of the UN goals that need private funding to implement programmes.

Witherspoon, chosen by UNIFEM to represent its programmes worldwide, said the trust fund will issue bracelets, sold at three dollars each, as a symbol for ending violence against women. Avon Products will match the first 500,000 dollars in bracelet sales for a total of 1 million dollars.

"One out of every three women in the world is affected by domestic violence," Witherspoon said in a press conference at UN headquarters to launch the campaign. "I am proud to be a part of this summit and I support Avon and UNIFEM wholeheartedly in their efforts to put an end to this global epidemic."

Andrea Jung, chairman and CEO of Avon Products, said her company, which sells almost half of its cosmetic products to Latin America, has been involved in advancing the causes of women for decades.

extra said...

The Avon empowerment braclet:

spoiled gyllenspooner said...

From the Gawker:

8th Ave & 31st St

Mar 3rd, 2008 @ 5pm

I saw Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon talking to someone on the corner of 8th Ave and 31st St, at MSG. They then said goodbye, and walked in front of my car holding hands. They both were wearing aviator sunglasses.

This is the 2nd spotting of them in that area, the 1st was Sunday posted on Perez.

This may be the last day in NY for them, well for Reese any since she has to resume shooting tomorrow.

extra said...

Jake and Reese share a steak at Prunes in NY:,,20181830,00.html

Anonymous said...

Reese at the UN/Avon news conference:

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Sass!!!
I noticed there was something of deeply romantic in that glance during the 11th Annual Critics' Choice Awards...
It's one of my fav picture of J&R.

get real said...

Good for Reese! Sounds like things went well at her UN/Avon event. I have a feeling Jake was keeping a low profile or wasn't there so they could focus on the cause. I love seeing them enjoy NYC!

Anonymous said...

It's been my theory that by the time of those November, 06, Rendition set pictures...the ones that caused Reese to have cameras and camera phones banned from the set...Jake and Reese were already dating.
I think Jake had his eye on her for a while...things don't only happen when we hear about them.

Bet they are already on their way home to LA.

extra said...

Another Jake and Reese sighting, this time at the Takashimaya boutiue:

suvee said...

I've done my duty as a concerned woman and ordered my bracelet. I want to believe I would have supported such a good and important cause without the Jake connection, but....

Love the additional pics of Reese and love those boots! It's funny.... we've been preoccupied with Jake's plaid shirts and wondering if somehow Reese (or her kids) was to blame. But this outfit of Reese's looks so Jakelike to me! I can't recall ever seeing her in anything quite like this. Clearly, they are morphing their respective styles into one new Gyllenspoon aesthetic. Love it!

Can I allow myself to get excited about "Nailed" now? I really want to see Jake in a smart satire (with some gratuitous sex thrown in, I hope!). :)

Anonymous said...

A Jake/Reese/Natalie sighting from Sunday:

sass said...

Morning UV, FL and babblers,
I passed out at 8PM last night...too much Jake excitement...and now here I am, up way to early, reading the posts I missed when I went to bed.

Suvee ,I ordered bracelets too. Jake is a positive influence for sure:)
I purchased one for my sister-in -law, one for me and the other two for my cousins. I like that.
And I have to agree with you about Reese's clothing choices.
I enjoy reading news stories that call them adorable, cause they are.
As the Joker would say, I like that.

My question to fellow babblers is, how do they stay under 328749 pounds?:)
The below pics of the food and desserts make me drool...Jake the ever happy foodie rocks.

dessert pics

I yelped Cafe Sarbarsky and enjoyed eating there vicariously...Jake, bracelets and good food all in one day...I like that.

off to catch one or two more hours of sleep.:)

UltraViolet said...

Gawker sighting:

"Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal are seated right next to me at del posto. She is adorable as usual, but he is SO unbelievable hot!! They are laughing and having a great time. Love them together!!"

Kind of a nice sighting for a Gawker stalker!

Del Posto is one of Mario Batali's restaurants:

Del Posto is the ultimate expression of what an Italian restaurant should be. Joe Bastianich, Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali represent a convergence of different styles and experiences.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for all the lovely sightings, judging by the time of the last Gawker one, it seems they might be staying in NYC for another day or so?

Xenia said...

Hello everyone, I'm a faithful lurker of this site and a helpless gyllenhaalic. :)

New Jake pics on IHJ from yesterday evening:

It seems J&R did stay a day longer in NY.:)

sass said...

Wow! Morning again,
TY UV, this has been a wonderful week.

I just absolutely love my babble blog; I could never find all these sightings on my own, and I would be missing a lot.

I love that Jake and Reese are happy and together and hanging out here for a while:)

I can go around town today--in the rain--with a big smile on my face
after breakfast. Maybe I will spot the happy couple today, and make all the babblers happy, because I have a doctor's appt on the Upper East side.
fingers xxxed:)

lawgoddess said...

Yes, Jake is unbelievably hot.

Although every time I read " lumberjack shirt", I think of Monty Python's Lumberjack Song. " I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay...."

Now it's stuck in my head.:) B.

sass said...

Now it's in my head,:lol:lol

Monica said...

Reese on TODAY/NBC:

Go Reese!

sheba baby said...

Thanks for all the lnks and sightings.

I purchased 3 empowerment bracelets, I thinks it's wonderful what she is doing and I love them both!

agent_krycek said...

Although every time I read " lumberjack shirt", I think of Monty Python's Lumberjack Song. " I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay...."

Spent the last couple of days at work humming it, and getting some strange looks.

lawgoddess said...

" I want to be a girlie, just like my dear Papa"

Sorry, guys.

And yes, I am convinced that Jake is straight.

If for no other reason than that no self-respecting gay man would be caught dead in a lumberjack shirt WITH BIRDS ON IT.

( And also because he is in love with Reese.)

Anonymous said...

OT but cute:

This bloggers husband's name is Jake, full name: Jacob Reese!

UltraViolet said...

I do know what you mean, anon, I think. But we should avoid all that here. Instead, let's say hi to Chris!

J&R leave hotel

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that UV and thanks for the link, good to see Chris again.

UltraViolet said...

No problem, anon. Sometimes you just have to let it out.

I hope we get some more pictures of Chris/Jake/Reese. One is never enough.

gyllenspooner said...

Hey UV I have a "Nailed" update,

It appears that they will be filming "Nailed" entirely in South Carolina. They won't film at all in Conneticut. The reasons given were: locations (state capital, etc); SC gives a bigger percentage rebate for local crew (20% vs. 15%); and weather, it'll be balmier in SC in April than in Conneticut.

The project has been greenlit and is ready to go. I think they officially start pre-production soon. As in next week soon.

That's all I got...

[attribution: WDW for links]

gyllenspooner said...

The link was cut off...

the last group of numbers are:


get real said...

Great to see Chris again! Still loving all the J&R NYC sightings. They sure have done a lot of great stuff.

So Nailed in April in SC it is. I wonder who else will be added to the cast?

chica said...

Hi Chris!!!
It's good to see him with jake and Reese. It looks like theyare hecking out of their hotel.

get real said...

Forgot to say I smiled at the sighting with Natalie. I like her a lot too. Can't wait to see her and Jake in Brothers.

I still have my eyes peeled but have had no luck on a sighting of J&R...

gabbana said...

So great to see Chris again! He looks really good.

OT: Has everybody read the news about Patrick Swayze? I am feeling sad - pancreas cancer is one the worst you can get. He was a colleague of Jake and I liked him in Donnie Darko - "liked" is the wrong word but I respected him playing a disturbed character...

Stay strong, Patrick!

shondra said...

This may be it for anymore Jake/Reese NY pics, they look like they are checking out of their hotel. There are a few more pics on IHJ and you see him getting into that black van that was driving them around, I assume they are going to the airport, Jake with his knapsack and I would assume the bellboy put Reese's bag in already.

Good to see Chris!!

I heard about Patrick, my prayers are with him.