Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

Since February 29 comes along only once every four years, let's celebrate, Jake Gyllenhaal style. Or Jake-Gyllenhaal-style.

Only a few hours left, but maybe well get a photo. We did last Leap Day (see below).

ETA: Jake likes Leap Day! And Reese :)

See the rest of the pics at IHJ.

That was Oscar Day, 2004. Later, Jake attended the awards, with Kirsten. This is one of my favorite photos of them:

Speaking of quadrennial experiences, 2004 also saw Jake campaign to get young people to vote:

We'll see if Jake gets out on the campaign trail this year once the Democrats make their choice.

Here's a list Jake would have belonged on even in 2004: Entertainment Weekly's Top 30 Actors Under 30:

AGE 27

BROKE OUT IN... Donnie Darko (2001), as a brooding teen with visions of an oracular rabbit.

WHY HIM Brokeback Mountain (2005) made him an easy target for jokes — but also earned him an Oscar nod. And he's consistently taken solid roles (Zodiac, Jarhead) that make up for the ones that aren't quite so firm (The Day After Tomorrow).

WHAT'S NEXT He plays the underachieving brother to Toby Maguire's soldier in the upcoming drama Brothers, co-starring Natalie Portman.

(Pictures courtesy of IHJ.


lawgoddess said...

That was a fun post.It's a good picture of Kirsten and Jake, but there are some I like better. The one where he is gazing at the baby when they are eating outside is nice. Jake likes babies, LOL. ( I'm teasing about the " loose tops" comments.)

Good to see some Jake love in the press. B.

FluorescentLamp said...

UV, you always know just which pics to use to put a smile on my face. Without me even prompting you! :-)

Left profile, left hand, fingers of left hand. All is right with the world.

Happy aquamarine month!

sass said...

Hi you two,
Ah and a sweet Jake day it was too. All the Jake love is great too. TY for the gorgeous pics.

sass said...

Morning again peeps:)
I haven't been up to par for a while and so I put off my mail, but this morning I peeked and found this article. When will Hollywood grow up? How dare they scrub an Oscar winner's tribute to the love of his life...a man. That makes me want to puke.
NO AMPAS, admitting Jake and Heath to the Academy is not enough. Damn. Is there any wonder, rising young actors, male or female, are still afraid to come out?
This has to stop!

Oscar archivist deliberately scrubbing gays

Anonymous said...

New pics of Jake and Reese on IHJ.

They look very happy, it looks like she is still wearing loose tops and I don't think much to the shirt Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Loaded some of the new pics - thanks for the tip, anon. The less said about Jake's shirt, the better!

Sass, I saw that story about the Academy Awards transcript and couldn't believe it. I'm glad they fixed their mistake, but it's very telling.

LG, more loose top pictures for you to contemplate! And I love that set of Jake and Kirsten that you mentioned, as well.

And FL - you know I'm always looking out for you. And for Jake's left side :)

sass said...

OMG! Jake,I love you and I'm glad you look happy again but that shirt! Jeez:)

LG, I missed reading all the posts but that is also one of my favorite Jake Kirsten pic posts. Jake obviously loves children. I also love the post where he's helping the little Af/AM kiddo toss the Basketball. Stuff like that makes me mushy inside:)
He wants a family...NOW.

Happy Jake and Reese

Nicole said...

They both look happy in these pics. It seems like they don´t mind the paps.
Reese , get your man a new shirt !!

suvee said...

It is so nice to see them again.... looking happy and so cute together. I can (almost) overlook his lumberjack shirt.

Looks like the Cartier Love bracelet is still firmly in place. Wonder if Jake really is the keeper of the key? :)

Many thanks to IHJ, Anon 6:33 and UV for this Saturday treat!

chica said...

What a lovely sight to wake up to!

Yuck on hat shirt as well, and yes reese uy your man a new shirt, LOL!

Cartier braclet, loose shirt and seen in Brentwood again, Ok time for another cup of coffee!!

get real said...

New Jake and Reese pics! I wonder if he will go to NY with her?

Those are some great moments of 2004. Never saw that pic of Jake and Kirsten at the Oscars. Very nice.

I always appreciated that Jake got out the vote and tried to get young people to vote.

Glad Jake was on EW list. I think their write up on him could have been better tbh.

Sass, thank you for pointing out the transcript snub. They had to put his thank you to his partner back on the transcript. Otherwise, Oscar really would have to answer for another apparent homophobic act. BBM snub being the other horrendous debacle.

Hope everyone had a great leap day!

sass said...

Morning again,

It is great to see Jake looking happy again.
Sarah, do you really think someone bought Jake those lumberjack shirts? I don't mind them all that much.:lol:lol
Reese looks happy, so I'm happy, and they do look happy.

Sharing more cute stuff in my mailbox about Jake and his visit to the burger joint.

Broke-back- Burger :)

lawgoddess said...

He does look happy,and they look happy together.

The shirt is tragic.:)

FluorescentLamp said...

Well I'll say this much - that shirt sure makes him stand out in a crowd.

And are those...flying birds of some sort on the lower right part of his shirt? That's...interesting.

get real said...

I think they both are wearing iffy shirt, lol. I think they do the thing of wearing the same type of clothes again and again so the paps won't make as much money on the shots. Plus, we know Jake gets into wearing the same things for a long time. That seems to be his thing. :p

sheba baby said...

I love how he is holding on to her like he doesn't want to let her go!!

They look so happy and that makes me happy, but that shirt has to go Jake!

Jake said...

(crying) But the shirt is a gift from Reese...(whaaa)

gyllenspooner said...

They look so happy here. I think they're glad to be with each other considering the busy work schedules lately probably prevented them from seeing each other too much lately.

Is it me or does there seem to be a sighting of these two every time their schedules permit. Personally, I think these two spend every moment together when possible.

I don't know about the loose shirts ;) but I think I hear wedding bells.

Am I the only one?

shondra said...

They are the mose adorable couple, and they look so happy and comfortable with each other.

Yeah, I think either Reese or her kids gave him that shirt along with the other plaid one!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for these! I love how their facial expressions imitate one another! Those shirts HAVE to be a gift. No other explanation suffices. I think they don't mind being seen together now that she is finished promoting Penelope.
LG, I too will monitor the loose fitting tops.

Anonymous said...


I don't think the shirt is that bad. A little lumberjackish, but still it's okay.

FluorescentLamp said...

I thought this shirt had an air of familiarity about it.

Same Color Palette

If it was a gift from Reese, at least she knows what he likes.

gabbana said...

Love the new pictures - they are really comfortable with each other.

Reese is so tiny compared to him - on some pics its looks like he is "strangling" her...:-))

The shirt, mmh ok, I remain quiet... he really loves his "Lumberjack" and "grandpa" look....

Anonymous said...

have you guys noticed that reese and jake have matching phones? only hers has a red cover and his has a blue.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and not only that but they seem to be "in step" together in a lot of the photos too! ;)

Anonymous said...

what's the matter with you guys? I like that shirt. I think it's very nice, :p

suvee said...

Here's something from OK! magazine.... falls into the category of barely newsworthy, but thought I'd pass it on. Despite the source, the main reason I'm inclined to believe it is it appeared in an article not about Jake, but about the aborted "showdown" between Jen A. and Angelina at the "Night Before" party.

"Around 8:30 Jen came out of Bar Nineteen 12 with Jake Gyllenhaal. "They were quite animated, chatting with each other - very chummy! Jen was definitely enjoying his company," confirms the attendee. Jake left the party early...."

So, he left the party early, huh? Can't imagine why. ;)

gyllenspooner said...



I had a feeling that Jake only made an appearance at the party. He went to that party the night before (the CAA party) with his paramour and i'm sure it just wasn't the same without her.

As for where he went after the party, my money is that Dr. Jake paid a visit to Brentwood to check up on a sick resident ;).

Anonymous said...

Penelope had a decent opening. It seems to have exceeded industry expectations and predictions.

It will probably take in $4.5 to $5million for the weekend and is in fourth place for gross per screen.

Not bad for a film that opened on only 1,100 screens (every other film in the top fifteen were in more theaters) with a total budget of $15 million.

It was essentially an independent film after all.

Not a bad debut for Ms. Witherspoon as producer.

Anonymous said...

There are rumors about Jen dating Aaron Eckhart her current co-star, or dating Jason Lewis.

The night of this party, there were pap pics of her in her car with some dark haired guy, not Jake, but just some nice looking guy no one seems to know.

I'm sure if they could have, they'd LOVE to get something they can peddle about Jake with Jen, who remain great friends.

Jen is also friends with Reese. So Jake left early. Not hard to figure out where he went. Reese.

suvee said...

Hey, gyllenspooner...... great minds think alike.... I'm betting Dr. Jake left the party to make a house call!

I also wanted to thank you for your info from the previous post regarding Jessica B's current filming schedule. You're right.... there might not be any conflict as far as "Nailed" goes.

Anonymous said...


"Penelope" has a HUGE Opening Day in Europe and Abroad taking in $6,716,066.00 and the weekend isn't even over.

I had a feeling the film would do better abroad than in America given that it's distributor, Summit Entertainment, is more adept at foreign distribution and the film comes across as very "British."

So given that the film will open in America with about $4 to $5 million (exceeding industry expectations) and will likely take in about $9 or $10 million overseas, that means that the film will make back the vast sum of its $15 million budget in its opening weekend.

This film may make a nice profit indeed. Better than I had originally assumed.

ALRIGHT! Well done Reese. It seems her first attempt at producing was a smashing success.

Anonymous said...

I like the shirt, I like them together and, yes I hear me too wedding bells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

agent_krycek said...

My only objection to that shirt is it seems to give him man boobs - otherwise he owns it, although I am going to have the Monty Python lumberjack song going through my head all day :o

*Sigh* and I was only just wishing for new Jake and Reese photos, still going strong and looking fabulous together :D

josie said...

Love the pictures, it's great seeing them smiling and happy.

I saw Penelope yesterday and it's a really sweet movie, go see it if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy seeing them together. But, IMVHO, I think marriage is a long way off for these two.

Reese and Ryan had serious problems and I think their careers were a major factor.

Jake seems like a pretty secure person, so I think that Reese's position in the industry may not bother him right now, but I do think it affects him much more then he is willing to admit now. And five years from now it will be even more critical.

Maybe Jake wants to produce or direct. Reese is sitting on a huge pile of money. Plus, she is becoming a major force in the industry. Jake isn't there yet.

Jake very probably may want kids. Plural. Reese may not be there yet.

So I am curbing my desire to hear wedding bells and see Gyllenbabies.
It's difficult when they look so blissed out.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately love doesn't need too much reasoning...
Love often find ways to be in spite of sense,of so called "morality", of Hollywood industry.
I hope they'll find this way.
Maybe they already did it...

sass said...

Morning peeps,
I journeyed down to Times Square yesterday to see Penelope and was I ever pleasantly surprised, to hear myself laughing out loud. I really enjoyed myself. I think the critics are right; young girls should see this film, but I won't go into why, because I don't want to spoil the it for ya:)

My theater was 75% full. Everyone laughed and enjoyed themselves immensely. The true test of how much an audience likes a film, to me, is how long they linger after it's finished, especially since this town is not a movie town, like LA, where often people stay while the credits roll to see their names, or names of their friends. Over half the audience stayed in their seats while the credits rolled.

Reese and Christina have many young fans who giggled and laughed during the movie...some were next to me and some behind me and they had lots of fun.

Judging from yesterday's attendance and the audience's response to the film, I though Reese might have a hit on her hands and I was right.
Good for her and all the producers.

Some posters here and there in blogverse, point out Jake and Reese's matching sunglasses, matching red and blue phones and near lock-step stride.
I think they are adorable and this affair couldn't have happened to a nicer guy or a more deserving girl...they are really cute together.
They must spend a most of their of time together. Actually I know they must, because two years ago, Jake GYllenhaal, was here in NYC, at least every 2-4 months. *sob* It's hot folks.

Maybe he will come back with her when she addresses the UN next week.
(ihope ihope)

Narcissa said...

Lovely pics (despite the tragic shirt). Must be like gall and woodworm to the moaners and groaners.

That impressive foreign opening for Penelope was in the U.K. ONLY:

So it should be in profit very quickly. Reese is very astute (in more ways than one).

agent_krycek said...

Maybe he will come back with her when she addresses the UN next week.
(ihope ihope)

Well, if Maggie's in town he could combine it with a visit to see Ramona

sass said...

Morning again,
Jake and Reese are in Page 6 this morning. The words "iN Los Angeles" are left off the bottom of the pic by me.
My bad:(

Jake and Reese Page 6 Sunday NY Post:)

sass said...

Hi again,
And the two lovebirds are in our Page 6 magazine with a cute headline and the following really glowing comment...and they are never ever nice to celebs ever:)


Relationships in Hollywood usually end, well, right after they begin, but we're happy to report that this A – list couple is still going strong.

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal appear as in love as ever. They spent Friday attached at the hip, as you can see, strolling through Brentwood with their arms around each other.

We'd love to say something snarky, perhaps even a little mean about Reese and Jake. But after much contemplation, well, we just can't. We've got nothing but love for these lovebirds.

Reese and Jake, Still Going Strong

gyllenspooner said...

Sass dahlin',

Expect some Jake NYC sightings this upcoming weekend. Consider yourself NY liason.

Call it a hunch.

P.S. Does anyone know if Ryan is back from his promotion of Stop Loss? If so, I think it's possible that he will have the kids for the week --- given Reese's NY committment, which will mean much more Gyllenfun between the lovebirds.

chica said...

Penelope came in at #8 with a little over 4 miilion, not bad at all and more than was predicted:

I will be on the lookout for Jake/Reese sightings in NY as well!!

office of nancy pelosi said...

You're right Sass, the NY post is almost never nice to celebs, thanks for the link!

extra said...

Swet account from 2/4 from the set of Brothers involving Jake:

gyllenspooner said...


Those numbers are actually pretty decent considering the film opened in so few theaters and apparently it did well in foreign box office.

Nancy Pelosi,

I think Jake/Reese are a popular couple. A lot more popular than a small segment want to give it credit for. There are Gyllenspooners everywhere ;).


Nice find, thanks for sharing.

UltraViolet said...

I can't bring myself to link to Perez, but apparently Jake and Reese are in NYC.

Perezcious reader Taylor ran into Gyllenspoon on the street Sunday, and this is what was observed:

"My friend and I were walking on 34th and 8th in Manhattan, at 4:45 pm and saw Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal holding hands and walking down 8th. It was really sweet…they were holding hands, he was holding her Balenciaga bag, and he was kissing her on the head while they waited for the light to change."

Anonymous said...

Seems they are already in NY.

Sorry about the site.

gyllenspooner said...

Sorry for the double-post.

Jake really shows his paternal side with kids now doesn't he?

I wonder why?

Thanks again for that article, extra.

UltraViolet said...

There is a photo at Perez, as well. I'm hoping for the unadorned version to pop up soon.

chica said...

Jake and Reese are in NY!!!!

There is a picture of them shopping in SOHO, when is Reese scheduled to address the UN???

I hope they are still in the city tomorrow when i go back to work!

Anonymous said...

Sorry UV must have posted at the same time, please delete mine with the link.

UltraViolet said...

It's okay, anon - I figured someone else would post it :)

And thanks for the Brothers anecdote, Extra. Jake is so sweet!

gyllenspooner said...

Gyllenspoon's Romantic Getaway...

JAKE GYLLENHAAL and REESE WITHERSPOON are still together and seemingly stronger than ever!

The couple were spotted in New York City this weekend, where they were seen leaving A.P.C. boutique in SoHo on Sunday.

Perezcious reader Taylor ran into Gyllenspoon on the street Sunday, and this is what was observed:

"My friend and I were walking on 34th and 8th in Manhattan, at 4:45pm [which was 90 minutes ago BTW] and saw Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal HOLDING HANDS and walking down 8th. It was really sweet...they were holding hand, he was holding her Balenciaga bag, and HE WAS KISSING HER ON THE HEAD WHILE THEY WAITED FOR THE LIGHT TO CHANGE."

Enjoy fellow Gyllenspooniacs.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good bet they spend the entire week together.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Here's a bit more info on Reese and Internation Womens day, which is 3/8, the UN amd Penelope:

suvee said...

first off, thanks to extra for the wonderful "Brothers" link. There are SO many things about Jake that I can imagine Reese really loves, but his paternal instinct must be a big one for her.

Now, on to what's really important. Chica, sass (and any other NYC Gyllenspooners I have left out)..... I think we all know what you need to do this week. Skip work, cancel all other plans and appointments...... maybe make a trip to Brooklyn at some point (surely he will see Maggie and Ramona). You are our eyes.... and better you than perezhilton (yuck!).

I love that Reese wants to share such an important occasion with Jake. You know he must be so proud of her.

Anonymous said...


That link just gave my computer a virus. Fortunately I have a pretty good firewall and cleaned it. Just be advised.

UltraViolet said...

Hmm - sorry about that! It works fine for me.

This is cute, from E! Online, of all places. With one of the pics fro Friday:

We don't want to jinx these jolly lovebirds caught laughing away a lovely weekend day in L.A., but here it is: Cutest. Couple. Ever.

UltraViolet said...

Forget the evil link. More pics here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV.

shondra said...

Thnaks for the links UV!!

Isn't ARC some upscale home decorating place?

Shondra said...

That's APC not ARC and it's a clothing store!

Anonymous said...

Reese will be at the UN on Tuesday:

And the Week Ahead, as I said earlier, tomorrow, Saturday, is the first day of the Russian Federation Security Council presidency. From Monday until Friday, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors meets in Vienna. On Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. in Room 226, Joanne Sandler, Executive Director of UNIFEM [United Nations Development Fund for Women]; Reese Witherspoon, Actress and Avon Global Ambassador; and Andrea Jung, Chief Executive Officer of Avon Products Inc., announce a private-public partnership with Avon Inc. on ending violence against women and promoting women’s economic empowerment.

Anonymous said...

APC and Balenciga (They were spotted later on and he was carrying her bag) are both funky, hipster type stores, that also caters to people going to formal events so i assume they were shopping for the event.

They are going to look amazing !!