Monday, March 24, 2008

News on Nailed

Some new casting information on Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie, Nailed. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

James Marsden, Catherine Keener and Tracy Morgan are close to getting "Nailed." The trio are in final negotiations to star opposite Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel in David O. Russell's romantic comedy "Nailed," written by Russell and Kristen Gore.

More details here.

Let's hope Nailed is another Lovely and Amazing collaboration.

I'm not so sure I like this new description of Jake's character:

She heads to Washington to fight for better health care and ends up falling for a clueless new congressman (Gyllenhaal) who must summon the political courage to save her.

I like "immoral" more than "clueless." I was hoping Jake's character would be a smooth operator:

Another interesting tidbit on Nailed: Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher will produce for their Red Wagon Entertainment banner. Wick and Fisher produced Jarhead:

Jake also presented the producing pair with the David O. Selznick Award at last year's Producers Guild Awards:

Jake sure does like to laugh with the Fishwicks!

Let's do a little six degrees of separation. Lucy Fisher knew Jake when he was just a kid:

Grown-up Jake made Jarhead with Fisher and her husband:

Hollywood Jake presents Fisher/Wick with a PGA Award:

Also receiving an award that night was Ron Meyer:

Ron Meyer is the father-in-law of Tobey Maguire:

And finally, though that photo is proof they do not look anything alike, Jake and Tobey will appear as brothers in Brothers, due out in December.

I'm hoping that by the time I wake up, this post will have been rendered superfluous by a bunch of Easter/birthday weekend shots of Jake and Reese, Jake and the Easter Bunny, Jake and the piglets or Just Jake.

Here are a couple of interesting Jarhead links. The first covers the making of the movie. The second is an interview with Tony Swofford, who talks a bit about Jake's getting the role. I love Jarhead, and I hope Nailed is as good an experience for Jake. With better box office results :)

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Yes, I'm replying to my own post. Sue me :)

Just saw this on DC before going to bed.

just wanted to post this for the benefit of those who have so wanted Jake to say something: a friend who knows people who work at Babbo's in NY says that Jake has apparently really stepped forward to be a part of Matilda's life. I don't know if he has said this to someone there--remember that's where Chris Fisher used to work--or if he and Michelle have been there, what, but he is serious about following through. This, at least, says to me that while he may unfortunately not feel like sharing with us, there really was something important there. So for all who have reluctantly decided Jake didn't really care, I offer you this. Of course you still have to decide for yourselves, but as one who has also been disappointed, I know it made me feel somewhat better.

Make what you will of it--or won't.

I don't and will never understand the animus against Jake's decision not to say anything publicly about Heath. And I'm sure this won't satisfy any of the bloodhounds. But it's timely and unverified, so I had to post it!

Night, all.

Anonymous said...

Nigt, UV! Not that I want to re-start a 'conversation' on this or anything, but I just want to say that personally I will never ever believe Jake did not care. But of course by now it is quite clear that some BB fans are never going to forgive him for his silence which they interpret as indifference.

agent_krycek said...

I've always believed Jake cared, and was more concerned with actually doing something postive for Heath, then appeasing those who wanted a statement, as I'm sure all of us did.

I sort of preferred immoral to clueless, we all know Jake can do dorky adoreableness, I was kinda looking forward to a bit of ruthlessness and evilness - mind you, so long as he gets his kit off on a regular basis I'm not really going to moan that much ;)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the post UV. I 'm definitely one of those who was "a bit anxious" (!) about Jake working with The Director From Hell. But this report sounds like that director is now "surrounded" by Jakefans!:)

Guess he'll have to behave himself and not scream, shout, insult, etc. his cast... or he's toast!

As far as the description of Jake's character, why can't he be both lecherous AND clueless! It sounds like this has potential for some great comedy.

I never ever, for a single instant, thought Jake didn't care about Heath. We know nothing really, about their relationship, how often they spoke, or saw one another.

I am absolutely amazed at how presumptuous, and narrow, and emotionally immature some of his so-called "fans" are. Clearly, some things are none of our business.

Final analysis: It's really about them and what they needed and expected. It wasn't about Jake or Heath, or Matilda.

I think some of those same people remain upset about Jake dating Reese. The fact that they create these elaborate justifications for their feelings is both self revelatory and sad.

josie said...

Thanks for the update/news on Nailed UV!

It does seem like his character has been watered down, a bummer if true the original description sounded a lot more interesting IMO.

Jake isn't obligated to share his grief regarding Heath with anyone, grieving is private and he should be left alone already. I wish soem in his fandom would just let it go already, enough.

FluorescentLamp said...

Ooooh me likey this post today, UV. Especially the 6 degrees.

I don't care if Jake's character in Nailedis immoral, moral, clueless, clued-in - just as long as he's on that huge cinema screen it's all good. :-)

The less said about Jake's reaction or nonreaction to Heath's death the better. Full stop.

agent_krycek said...

I don't care if Jake's character in Nailedis immoral, moral, clueless, clued-in - just as long as he's on that huge cinema screen it's all good. :-)

And takes his shirt off a lot, don't forget lots of shirt removal scenes ;)

Anonymous said...


Does everyone have to make a public speech or release a statement whenever someone close to them dies? Can't some people just grieve in private?

I was thinking about this yesterday. We all know that Jake and Robert Downey Jr. became good friends while shooting Zodiac. If RDJ died suddenly and Jake didn't make a public statement and instead chose to grieve privately, would anyone say boo about it?

No they wouldn't. Some people just take BBM way too seriously. That's all there is to it. They deny that BBM has anything to do with it, but they are lying.

Unfortunately, even this won't satisfy some people, UV.

At this point they WANT to hate Jake and I think you know why. It's funny though, despite this they can't stay away from his fan boards. These are strange, strange people.

lawgoddess said...

Great post, UV. I love the " six degrees" game.

I too was hoping for some Easter pictures, but there's still time.

Reese appears to be a churchgoer, and as such I would think she would have gone to church on Easter ( maybe with her beau :)).

But most divorced couples alternate major holidays, and since Ava and Deacon were with her last Easter, they may be with their dad for the holiday. In that case, Reese may have opted to lie low and jut stay in bed Sunday morning.:)

gyllenspooner said...

Number one, Jake doesn't owe anybody anything. If he believes that grief should be private, then that is entirely up to him. I think it's pathetic that some people would cast judgements on another person - they don't even know - based on something they know absolutely nothing about.

It goes to show how much BBM fandom has devolved into fantasies and wishful thinking. When something doesn't go the way they expect it to, they just make up something else.

I don't even know why we feel the need to justify anything here. Let these others wallow in fantasy and their own bitterness, i'd rather live in the real world. These people act like they "own" Jake or something. They act like he is theirs and he is accountable to them.

I agree with bobbyanna, the whole Heath thing was just an excuse to verbalize their displeasure about Reese. Nothing more.

Anyway, as for Nailed...

I think it's going to be a good film. Expect more casting news shortly. This week is dedicated to casting, i've read. They hire the extras on Wednesday and Thursday.

gyllenspooner said...


I think the kids were with Reese on Easter Weekend.

They were seen together on Friday buying that pig and Ryan was in NYC all week. He filmed the Conan O'Brien show on Friday night.

lawgoddess said...

Thanks, gyllenspooner. I read about the piglets, but thought it was last year, somehow. I'm undercaffeinated.:)

Maybe there will be pictures, then.

chica said...

I love the cast editions to Nailed and the Jarhead conections, now maybe the IMDB page for this movie will remove the "rumored" tag for Jake!

Online fandoms can get a bit uncomfortable at times and this is one of them. I wish they would leave Jake alone.

gyllenspooner said...


No problemo. You're right though about most divorced parents switching holidays. It's weird that Reese and Ryan didn't seem to. I guess it shows that theirs is a more "informal" type of agreement regarding custody. Also, it shows that they probably get along well enough not to have a formal custody arrangement after all this time.

Anonymous said...

I think work commitments might affect visitation with their kids. They probably do try to maintain continuity in spite of it. Bringing the pigs home on Good Friday might be an indication they were with Reese. They probably wouldn't want to leave the pigs.

sheba baby said...

Yay!!! He should start shooting this in about 3 weeks, I hope he is taking it easy and letting his foot heal properly!!

sass said...

Evening UV, FL and fellow peeps:)
Good news about Nailed. Jake, James and Catherine continuing their commitment to the Indie world makes me oh so happy.
Good news also to hear about Tracey Morgan and James Marsden's casting.
James is once again part of a triangle; see also Heights--one of my favorite movies--Superman Returns, X-Men and The Notebook.

I would never expect any less from Jake, whose mom made him attend ACLU meetings when he was knee high to a grasshopper;) Jake has been a giving person ever since I met him in October Sky.

Jake's kind of upbringing does not create an unfeeling callous human being. I doubt we will see any selfish acts from Jake ever, besides his mom would kill him.:lol:lol

If it weren't for Jake and Heath's brilliant portrayals in BBM, many Gay persons would NOT be coming out as they have been since December 2005; I have read similar comments on DCF and many other forums, therefore, I continue to believe that most BBM fans still love and care for our Jake, which means that just a minority of BBM fans off the rails.

Vicky said...

Great news about Nailed, I was a bit sceptical about this film but am looking forward to it now.

I cannot believe people are still going on about Jake making a statement about Heath.

UltraViolet said...

Glad you all enjoyed the post. It was a fun one. good to know I can still do a post without new pics of Jake!

I'm looking forward to this one. Can't wait to see Jake playing against type, so I hope he is more on the immoral end of the spectrum. As well as the shirtless end.

And pantsless...

On a separate note, it appears that the paps got photos of every other celebrity in LA on Easter, except Jake.

I'm really happy for him and Reese that they got to spend the day in private. No, really. I really am.

Was that convincing?

Monica said...

Reese win sag awards:

lawgoddess said...

"I'm really happy for him and Reese that they got to spend the day in private. No, really. I really am.

Was that convincing?"


I'm disappointed too.

shondra said...

I have a feeling Jake and Reese wern't in LA over the weekend, just a feeling.

Maybe the cute piglets Reese and her kids were buying on Friday needed to run free in a more spacious place....

Narcissa said...

Having been a bit disappointed in the mainstream studio films Jake has done recently, I'm glad he's doing an indie - and a comedy. He's 27 and has the whole world ahead of him. Do different things. Experiment. Have fun!

I don't give a flying whatsit about the naysayers and their moans and groans.

gyllenspooner said...

I think that Nailed is going to be a good film. I think it'll turn Jake into a huge Box office attraction and a $20 million player.

He's essentially carrying the film. I have a good feeling about it. I'm not sure why some people are down on it. It's premise is funny, and it's got a good cast/producers/director/writer, etc.

BTW, I also think Brothers will be very good.

I have a feeling that late 2008 and 2009 will be the year that Jake breaks through into the big time in Hollywood. He's almost there now, but this next year will put him over the top.

gyllenspooner said...


Ojai, California, perhaps?


Yes, we're back to the speculation. I'm beginning to think that Jake or Reese have a place out there.

BTW, I watched Rendition again this weekend and thought it was a really good film. Am I weird or something?

As far as Zodiac, that's my favorite Jake film. So I guess I can't share your opinion Narcissa. However, I am glad that Jake is doing something more lighthearted and comedic. He's a funny guy after all.

Vicky said...

No gyllenspooner you are not weird I really liked Rendition and Zodiac is also my favorite Jake film, actually one of my all time favorites. I am looking forward to Brothers and Nailed.

Vicky said...

Sorry me again, I went with my son to see both Zodiac and Rendition and after Rendition he said what a good actor Jake was, comparing the parts he played in both films

get real said...

Hey all,

Hope those who celebrate had a nice Easter. Wonder what J/R did for the holiday.... :)

Happy belated birthday Reese! Your "cake" was pricelss, lol.

New Nailed news!! Very cool because I really like all three actors. Sounds like it could be really good. *fingers crossed*

As always thanks for all the awesome info!

bobbyanna said...

" appears that the paps got photos of every other celebrity in LA on Easter, except Jake. "

Maybe the "piglet" pictures WERE Reese's Easter pictures. What does it mean if you buy a pig on Good Friday?

BTW. Our pork loin was delish. Oops.

get real said...

Btw, forgot to mention that on Tracy Morgan was on Howard Stern this morning and he made a quick mention that he signed onto Nailed. He mentioned Jessica Biel but not Jake or any other actors.

He is freaking hilarious and seriously crazy. I bet he and Jake will have lots of fun, lol.

suvee said...

I have to admit that my heart sank a little when I read the "clueless" description for the "Nailed" Congressman..... I was so hoping to see Jake do amoral! I still think Jake needs to get in touch with his inner "bad boy", cinematically speaking. :)

I like the cast additions to "Nailed"...... this could be a fun, interesting movie.

Great post, UV!

gyllenspooner said...

I think it's possible for someone to be clueless and amoral.

Think: George W. Bush.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I agree with your description of Dubya gyllenspooner! I can't wait for this movie, great post UV, thanks for the Nailed update.

office of nancy pelosi said...

A bit OT: Frontline on PBS is airing a special on the Iraq war and the behind the scenes plotting from dubya, Condi, Rummy and the rest of the goons.

Anonymous said...

Since it's obvious that they have already begun pre-production on "Nailed" I wonder if Jake will make any trips to South Carolina in the coming days.

Also, I wonder if Jake and Reese will rendezvous at Reese's parents summer place in Charleston for a weekend or two?

UltraViolet said...

Nice to see so many new and old faces here. Welcome, everyone.

I have loved Jake's latest roles. I don't understand the critical pans for Rendition. Great movie, and Jake was great in it. IMO.

I think it's possible for someone to be clueless and amoral.

Think: George W. Bush.

And LOL, Gyllenspooner. That is true. But I wanted Jake to play an operator, a smooth talker. Not a clueless moron.

I've noticed a trend for some critics and bloggers to treat Jake and/or his characters like an idiot these days. I'm not sure how he went from the smart, indie go-to guy for smart roles to this reputation with some people. I think once he became known for being so good-looking, people started to see him as dumber.

Makes no sense.

As for Tracy Morgan and Nailed, someone on a blog joked that Russell was also trying to get Gary Busey on board in order to have the most crazy people in a movie ever!

And Bobbyanna, the ham was great at my Easter dinner :)

gyllenspooner said...

Is Jake portrayed as dumber? I don't know, I haven't heard that. If he is it's because of his newfound sex symbol thing i'm sure.

Personally, I think Jake is hotter (as in marketable, not sexy --- well, that too) than at any time in his career. Like I wrote above, I have a feeling that this is the year that Jake becomes a MAJOR STAR. He'll be bigger than Reese when this year is over, IMO.

If either Brothers or Nailed or both hit with audiences, then he'll have it made. He'll be making $20 million a picture. He's almost there now. He's paid his dues. He's won the respect of insiders. He's been a critical darling. He has a couple of successful films under his belt.

So if he can prove that he can also carry a film, which is the only thing he hasn't done so far, then I think the world will be his for the taking.

Just a hunch.

bobbyanna said...

OT: If I am posting more then usual and on line more over the next few days, it is bcz I am a nervous wreck! (I also enjoy your company.)

Eldest daughter, who visited with FL at TIFF, is leaving tomorrow morning for Thailand. She will be flying to San Francisco, then to Japan, then on to Bangkok. She'll get into the city at midnight. I am not a happy person at the moment. Why scouldn't she pick a spa in Florida! Even Youngest Daughter, who is rather adventurous, is very concerned about this.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, Jake is often referred to in blogs and other places in a derogatory way, intellectually-speaking. It makes no sense, of course, since he is smart and plays smart.

Jake has already proved he can carry a film (Jarhead). And he proved that he can open a film (Jarhead). But he hasn't proved that he can carry a box office success.

And I'm not sure either Brothers or Nailed will catapult Jake into that league, though I won't object!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Bobbyanna, she'll be fine! My old college roommate has traveled to Thailand many times, solo. And she's never had a problem.

Though she did get nervous when her elderly mother traveled to China! So you just have to reverse things and travel somewhere to scare her :)

bobbyanna said...

I think Rendition, in addition to being a superb film, was "graduation day" for Jake. IMVHO, never before did he look as hot/sexy as he did in Rendition. I mean, he was awesome.

And his acting was awesome. It's more then if that wasn't enough! It is a certain kind of authority he brings with his characterizations. You never doubt him for a moment. That is true of every single character, Jack, Swoff, Harold, Donnie, Holden, Robert Graysmith, all of them.

He has a way about him with little things. I loved the way he uses his body and his facial expressions: " Maybe I'll get to use my gun..."

I think he's getting a lot of scripts right now. He is picking out stuff that interests him. I don't think that "clueless" means that he is necessarily playing his character as dumb or ridiculous. I do think he wants to show his comic timing. He really enjoyed SNL.

I have to definitely agree that I would love to see him channel his inner bad boy...bcz I'm pretty sure there is one in there. (Goes off to fan self!)

bobbyanna said...

Sorry for "spamming!" UV, I hadn't thought of that!! I need to travel somewhere that will at least make her anxious. :)

suvee said...

"And I'm not sure either Brothers or Nailed will catapult Jake into that league, though I won't object!"

ITA, UV. Neither sounds like the kind of movie that is a big box office hit here in the U.S. these days. If Jake really wants to be in the big league (and he may not for all I know), he will need to show, as you said, that he can carry a box office success. I'll still love him though, either way.

suvee said...

this just popped up. Didn't take very long for the "Nailed" buzz to begin....

Anonymous said...

I think he just needs to show chest hair...all of it.

FluorescentLamp said...

bobbyanna, is eldest (and lovely) daughter traveling to Thailand for vacation? Is she going on further than Bangkok? I know it seems so far afield, but you know the Aussies, Germans, Brits, Kiwis, etc. have been going to Thailand on holiday forever. They have lovely beaches there. :-)

Wish her a wonderful holiday for me.

bobbyanna said...

Hey, FL! Yeah, Lisa (Eldest Daughter) is going on vacation with a couple of friends. I know it is a popular vacation spot, and I think they are going for beaches, definitely not staying in Bangkok. I just worry, OK? That's my job.

agent_krycek said...

I think, the film to really promote Jake to A list is probably most likely to be the Moon Project thingy, which seems to have blockbuster all over it - but I'm really looking forward to Brothers, having seen the original I'm so interested in what Jake does with his role, won't say anymore as I don't want to give away any spoilers.

A bit OT, and apologies it means nothing to anyone outside the UK, but if you watch 'Gavin and Stacey', apparently Uncle Bryn is watching BBMt next week :D

Anonymous said...

"Jake's kind of upbringing does not create an unfeeling callous human being."

Do you know him personally?

agent_krycek said...

What does it mean if you buy a pig on Good Friday?

Jake cooks you a really good roast pork dinner for christmas? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I recall an interview where Ang Lee said he saw Jake as the "romantic leading man..."

extra said...

Great news regarding Wick and Fisher on board as producers for Nailed.

I find it weird though that Jake is still lised as "rumored" on his IMDB page and that acording to get real, Tracy Morgan was on the Howard Stern show and mentioned Biel but not Jake.

Anonymous said...

Jake's manager is holding out for more shower scenes...

sass said...

Anon 0642,
I'm a lay person, not a member in any way of the movie community. I love movies but I'm not acquainted with any of my favorite actors personally. However, I can and will make an extrapolation about Jake's upbringing, based on empirical evidence, supported by theories of child-rearing.

It's sad indeed, that some members of the BBM community, who were Jake fans, are now out to cannibalize and destroy his reputation and his person for their own nefarious purposes.

I mention BBM fans here, because I see no evidence of negative Jake sentiment, i.e. he's changed for the worse since: a time or situation is then mentioned, sometimes with pics posted to support this negative change, when I visit most other popular blogs/gossip/news sites.

Anonymous said...

Very well said sass.

Anonymous said...

Can we stop talking about the BBM fandom? As someone once mentioned they aren't that much fun to talk to or about. I don't have the foggiest clue why people here still participate in their sites.

The only thing they have going for themselves now is that we seem obsessed with them. At this point I don't think even they believe the stupid things they say. They're only trying to get under our skin. Their attitude seems to be 'if we can't have him, you can't either.'

We have so much fun here whenever we don't talk about them. I think we should keep it that way.

I agree with the poster who once said that we should ignore them and stop visiting their sites.

UltraViolet said...

I agree that we don't want to get bogged down talking about other sites. But anon, and I know who you are, you have made the point many times over that you don't care about the BBM fandom. But many of us became Jake fans through BBM and have made many good friends through the movie. And we struggle to see what is happening to Jake among some BBM fans.

So please stop questioning it. If you are tired of hearing about it, stop posting about it.

agent_krycek said...

So both Jake and Reese, apart from a brief sighting on Friday pig buying, have both completely dropped out of sight. It seems unlikely Reese went to Church in Brentwood on Sunday as I'm sure the paps would have been waiting, so did they just hole up at Witherspoon Towers and engage in some Pig house training, or have they, with the kids, slipped away somewhere for a peaceful break - enquiring minds (well, nosey bored people) need to know.

gyllenspooner said...

Is producer Lucy Fischer related to Jake's friend Chris Fisher?

gyllenspooner said...


Two words: Ojai, California.

UltraViolet said...

Hee. Witherspoon Towers. I like it. Though Gyllenhaal Manor sounds even better.

Not contemplating Gyllenhaal Towers...

And gyllenspooner, Lucy Fisher is not related to Chris. Different name spellings, also.

gyllenspooner said...

Thanks UV for the clarification.

While we're on the topic, does anyone know how Jake and Chris became friends?

Were they school chums? Or does Chris' parents have a place at Martha's Vineyard or something?

agent_krycek said...

While we're on the topic, does anyone know how Jake and Chris became friends?

I think it's when Jake was a bus boy at the restaurant Chris worked at, but don't quote me on that.

FluorescentLamp said...

Chris grew up on the Vineyard. I assume Jake met him there when they were younger.

Let's remember that this is a Jake blog. Chris isn't a public figure so delving too much into his history, on a public blog, is muy squicky.


gyllenspooner said...

But I thought we loved Chris?

Monica said...

SXSW 2008 Interview: 'Crawford' Director David Modigliani

josie said...

Yes, he is a good friend of Jake's but he isn't a public figure so I know i'm not comfortable talking about him on a public blog.

gyllenspooner said...


I was just joking.

I understand the reasoning, and I think it's reasonable. I was just curious.

Monica said...

Chris is a very nice man!
I am passionate for it! Hehehehe

I agree that we should not make comments on Chris!

FluorescentLamp said...

How has he not been put in director jail yet? It's a wonder with his reputation as being a ego maniacal, tyrant and difficult prick that David O. Russell still is allowed to make movies, but someone still trusts this notorious nutcase.

Funny. Yet really really scary. Poor masochistic Jake.

The Playlist

Narcissa said...

As I see no evidence that Jake is the watery-eyed wilted flower depicted by the malicious, I'm confident he will be able to handle Russell. :) After all, he handles the most obnoxious paps with coolness and class.

I like this:

"an immoral congressman played by Jake Gyllenhaal who takes advantage of her sexually and politically. "

Sounds better than the "clueless" stuff.

bobbyanna said...

" immoral congressman played by Jake Gyllenhaal who takes advantage of her sexually and politically. "

Ooohhhh!! Goody! Or as Meg Ryan once said, "Yesssssss!"

get real said...

The Nailed news is interesting stuff. I do want Jake to play against type so I do hope the original premise of him being a immoral Congressman instead of clueless. I agree with you UV. And David O Russell better be on his best behavior!

Bobbyanna, good luck to your daughter on her trip to Thailand. I am sure she will have a great time. :)

suvee said...

"How has he not been put in director jail yet? It's a wonder with his reputation as being a ego maniacal, tyrant and difficult prick that David O. Russell still is allowed to make movies, but someone still trusts this notorious nutcase."

See, I think Jake is the kind of guy that really likes to be challenged.... especially if there's an element of risk or "danger" involved. (I'm thinking of the "We dare you to walk out of this store with a pair of Speedos on" at the Beverly Mall). I'm sure that Jake wants "Nailed" as his next project for a variety of reasons: first and foremost, he likes the script; he knows that a comedy is in order after all his recent dramas (he is quite canny about his career IMO)...... and, I can imagine that the challenge of Mr. Russell also might entice him. I think Jake thrives on proving that he can overcome any obstacle or negative circumstance thrown his way. I'm betting this difficult director isn't going to screw around with Jake.

I'm really hoping "Nailed" is along the lines of "Wag the Dog"..... a funny, offbeat, smart satire.

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm really hoping "Nailed" is along the lines of "Wag the Dog"..... a funny, offbeat, smart satire.

Oh I loved Wag the Dog. AND a pre-Jake Kirsten Dunst.

bobbyana said...

get real, thanks! I'm sure she'll have a great time.Just doing my job...worrying.:) Lisa's an adult with a good head on her shoulders. Sensible, practical, etc...she should be at the spa in FLA. LOL!!!

I don't know, suvee. I agree Jake likes challenges. But I don't think he would go out of his way too much for someone like Russell.

Russell sure isn't Fincher. Maybe Jake liked the concept, but has legitimate concerns about Russell.

Maybe Jake, knowing Russell, even got reassurances in writing before he'd commit.

I said earlier, Jake seems to have Russell surrounded with Jake fans. Wick and Fisher could theoretically fire Russell if he doesn't work out. They are his bosses.

The process of doing movie deals fascinates me. It's very political in its way.

UltraViolet said...

Another little tidbit from Ryan in USA Today:

He avoids magazines featuring photos of Witherspoon with her new love, actor Jake Gyllenhaal. "It's bizarre," he says. "There's plenty of times when I say, 'What a strange situation I've found myself in.' But at a certain point you know it's going to happen, so you are prepared in some fashion."

suvee said...

hey, bobbyanna. I probably didn't do a very good job of clearly conveying my thoughts about Jake and Mr. Russell. I only meant that a difficult jerk of a director would not deter Jake from a project that he was truly drawn to. That's what I meant by Jake thrives on challenges....... I remember Sam Mendes saying that criticism doesn't get Jake down, it only motivates him to succeed. Okay, I'm being far too analytical about this! :)

And, as far as your daughter's trip to Thailand is concerned..... I can totally relate to your mom concerns. It's SO hard not to worry..... even though we know they really will be ok!

welliwont said...

Oh, I hated Wag the Dog. I don't think I even watched it to the end.

Here's an idea, although for all I know y'all might've already done it here.... what say we suggest, then maybe have a vote later down the road when we have at least thirty or fifty good ideas: what movie role do you think would've suited Jake to a T / would you like to have seen Jake in / would you like to see a remake of w/ Jakey, and ________? :D

welliwont said...

ok here's my first suggestion: a remake of Bonnie & Clyde. Now I gotta think of the co-stars....

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for that clip, UV. Poor Ryan! A mass of contradictions! It bothers him to see pictures of them, but he feels like he can discuss his personal life and say things about his marriage to her, in public. Oh, well.

According to this article,maybe it is finally occurring to him, that when you are trying to promote a movie, you don't talk about your personal life. Your producers and your director might like it if you'd talk about movie related stuff.

"I only meant that a difficult jerk of a director would not deter Jake from a project that he was truly drawn to." I agree, suvee! Plus, I think Jake's stint on SNL allowed a lot of other people to see him in a comedic setting. Bet he's had it in mind to do a comedy for a while now.

welliwont,I'd love to see Jake play a baddie, but I think Bonnie and Clyde was as near perfect as a movie can be. That's one I wouldn't touch.

welliwont said...

ok, but what's your suggestion? Can you think of anything??

gyllenspooner said...

I don't have a specific film or genre I'd like to see Jake do, but personally i'd like him to play a bad guy. A real bad guy. Not some misunderstood anti-hero, a bad guy.

agent_krycek said...

I stick by my wish of seeing Jake staring with Robert Downey Jnr in a really smart comedy - I see them as being a conman team, think a male version of Heartbreakers, but much funnier and much smarter, and no stupid romance involved.

J&R still off the radar then, hmmmmm......

chica said...

I'm really looking forward to the Untitled Moon Project, that sounds like it's going to be one of those franchise movies if it becomes a hit.

sheba baby said...

I hate remakes welliwont, I'm glad he is doing Nailed, it sounds original and funny, altough I have my reservations regarding the director.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we haven't seen Jake because he's preparing for his next movie.
And Reese and Jake might want some alone time before he leaves for South Carolina. If her children are on their Easter break, maybe they are visiting with their father.

lawgoddess said...

I'll bite for welliwont's movie bunny. I vote for Jake playing the Jimmy Stewart character in a remake of The Philadelphia Story, with Kate Hudson or Drew Barrymore in the Katherine Hepburn role.

Not sure who for the Cary Grant character.

Although that movie was perfect as it was, too. :)

agent_krycek said...

Spooky, I was just looking at Jimmy Stewart imdb cv pondering different roles Jake could take on, I'd vote for Shenandoah though, love that movie.

extra said...

Jake and Reese on the cover of US magazine:

agent_krycek said...

Hmmm, obviously Ryan is getting asked these questions, but I really feel he shouldn't comment on J&R anymore and make it clear to interviewers, especially since neither J&R seem willing to talk publically about their relationship.


To see photos of Reese and Jake's new lovenest and to find out why Jake's family wants a wedding, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.

I know it's probably BS, but I'm very intreiged...

Narcissa said...

I feel guilty for saying this but... can someone check out that mag and report? :D We don't see it over here.

Expect more outrage amongst the "fandom" over this! A mag cover and wedding speculation will send them off the deep end, lol.

P.S. Poor Ryan wouldn't get quoted at all in the press if he didn't talk about Reese and the kids.

UltraViolet said...

Don't feel guilty, Narcissa! We all want to see it. I'm sure IHJ will have scans posthaste.

It's probably on stands in NYC today; hopefully, someone will scan it ASAP.

I am excited to see this, though it might have been nice to use Jake's name on the cover. I do love that picture.

Thanks for the breaking news, Extra :)

agent_krycek said...

I'm eagerly awaiting scans as well even though the whole thing is probably a load of BS.

The producers of Stop Loss, the film Ryan's supposed to be premoting can't really be that happy with him talking about this either, every interview seems to have focused on J&R, rather then the film.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. What was that you said again about finding yourself in this bizarre place in your life?

Are Ryan and Abbie Expecting a Baby?

FluorescentLamp said...

Since posting that a few minutes ago, I now see the copy on the Fox411 page has been changed thusly:

Phillippe is not the only good actor working in "Stop-Loss." Peirce has stocked the film with talent: Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are his army buddies, and Abbie Cornish (whom Phillippe is rumored to have romanced) and Timothy Olyphant also are featured to great effect.

Hmm...big difference between "apparently having a child with" to "rumored to have romanced." Hee.


gyllenspooner said...

Ryan and Abbie are having a baby?

Holy Crapamoli!

I will definitely buy the US Weekly this week.

I have a gut feeling that this will be a crazy week tabloid-wise in gyllenspoonland.

gyllenspooner said...

US Weekly has a new online poll.

Question: Who [which couple] do you think SHOULD get married first?

Jake and Reese --- 42%
Bangelina --- 34%
Jaime Lynn and Casey --- 16%
Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo - 8%

More than 10,200 + votes so far.

Another poll, another Gyllenspoon victory. This time they defeated celebrity couple giants Brangelina.

Go vote.

sass said...

Morning wonderful peeps of our happy babbling family:)

TY UV and FL for being here. I have to say something about the loads of Ryan Stop-loss news that just fell into my mailbox.

I can't believe how much Ryan is yakking it up about his failed marriage. I'll bet the producers are like wha?
I wonder if he thinks more people will go see it because he linked it with his sad life after Reese...we shall see.

I was just whining around the house...because Reese and Jake are so private about their personal life...that no one will go to see his movie i.e. Jake fans, if he continues to talk about this situation.
Well hells bells Margaret, my boy on the way out the door, shouts back at my fuming countenance, that no one he knows is going to see the movie anyway. And he loves JGL as do I, and has seen all his movies, from Brick to Mysterious Skin to 10 things which he starred in with Heath.

So I'm like TY son.
If only I had known about this anti-war movie sentiment among the young prior to Rendition, I wouldn't have been so shocked at the Box Office.
Maybe the older crowd will show up this Friday. I wish him well.

4000 of our brave soldiers dying doesn't make me want to see a movie about the war right now either, and if Jake weren't starring in Rendition, I would waited as did so many others, who rented it to the tune more than ten million dollars.

Recently, more copies of Rendition are available for Rent @ my local BB. Rendition had an excellent run as a rental, and not so bad sales numbers either, making more money for the producers than the official box office.

Narcissa said...

Rendition = $18m rentals (US).

sass said...

WOW narcissa! I didn't know the rental revenue was twice the BO. That's great!

Voting for my favorite couple is fun too:)

I am so going out later to buy a copy of US Magazine; this is their first cover.
Thanks for the news peeps:)
I link the cover here, just for because, they're so adorable together:)

Jake Reese Cover US Magazine


shondra said...

I usually don't buy Us, People,etc but I will today! Curious about the secret love nest.....

Thanks for the link to the cover sass and those are very impressive rental sales of Rendition.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I went to the Us site to vote for my favoririe couple, thanks for the heads up!

My boss is out of her office at the moment celebrating her birthday so I have plenty of time to surf the net today, the producers of Stop/Loss must be pissed that all you are hearing from Ryan is about his marriage to Reese, Jake and Abby, what happened to promoting his movie? Couldn't he just say NO personal questions??

gyllenspooner said...

The only thing thats pisseing me off about Ryan is how he is refusing to answer questions about his own personal relationship but doesn't seem to mind answering questions about Reese and Jake.

They don't take questions about him.

shondra said...

I read through the us article real quick on the way home from work!

The romantic hideway is a 5.8 million ranch in Ventura thaty Reese purchased. They say that they were house hunting in Jan.

The house was featured in Modern Homes magazine and they have the pics, it's beautiful.

They also say that they spent her birthday there with friends and Easter as well.

I knew those piglets weren't staying in Brentwood!!

They referred to it as their wekend getaway. That's all I remember at the moment, I don't have a scanner at home!

UltraViolet said...

Here's a little from the Us article

Are Reese and Jake set to tie the knot?

Divorced mum Reese Witherspoon is already making marriage plans with new love Jake Gyllenhaal, according to U.S. reports.

The 'Legally Blonde' star has admitted she was so devastated after her split from husband Ryan Phillippe she had panic attacks so severe she could not even get out of her car.

But now she is settling down with Jake - and friends say they are already talking about weddings.

"Reese thinks about it a LOT," a friend says of the 'm' word.

"Their closest friends all think they will marry.

"They keep saying, 'one day...' and smiling. When the time is right."

The Gyllenhaals, including Jake's actress sister Maggie, are all said to be fully supportive.

"They know she would be the perfect wife to settle down with," a friend says.

"They all want Jake to get married soon and have kids with her."

Friends say Reese is cautious because of how her first marriage failed - but she also realizes Jake is a different man than her ex.

"Jake is everything Ryan isn't: sensitive, caring and understanding," a friend said.

"They have talked marriage because they both have strong family values.

The family values include how Jake is with Reese's children Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4.

"Jake initially felt nervous around the kids," an insider said.

"Now he's getting more and more comfortable.

"The kids have a lot of fun with him.

"He definitely wants his own kids."

But just like Jake and Reese initially managed to keep their affair a secret, so they plan to keep their wedding plans, the reports insist.

"I wouldn't be surprised if an engagement happens any day now but nobody finds out about it for months," a friend said.

Spokespeople for both stars had no comment.

UltraViolet said...

Ooh, thanks, Shondra! Can't wait for the scans form somewhere or for tomorrow, when the magazine will be out here.

Off to look for the house pics online somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shondra and UV, hope someone puts the scans up soon.

shondra said...

Hey UV, The ranch is featured in the March '08 issue of House Beautiful, not Modern Homes, sorry!

Most of the quotes on them are from friends/sources but they do name one of Reese's friends from Nashville on ow careful she was in introducing the kids to Jake.

shondra said...

Here is a slide show of the ranch:

Us says Ventura, ut the site says Oija, Oija is a county in ventura...

Anonymous said...

Oija, seems like gyllenspooner could have been right.

FluorescentLamp said...

So wait, Reese bought interior designer Kathryn Ireland's Ojai home?

FluorescentLamp said...

How funny. I must add on to my last post.

I know this house.

And as I said to UV earlier today - I bet they use this house (the house I know) as their "secret sexy hideaway" house in the US story. The house has been for sale for a while. Not saying Reese DIDN'T buy it, but...well...the way California real estate is these days why not pimp a couple of listings in the pages of US magazine.

extra said...

You know this place FL?? Come on spill!!

PS: Jake and Reese were spotted in Oija in January...

sass said...

Evening again peeps:)

Sharing pics from US magazine and my favorite couple. They are US Mag's fav couple too

It's fun posting Jake/Reese pics here, and it a fantastic analgesic too:)
Again, TY :)

Make pic pages bigger and enjoy:)

Jake Reese US Mag 1

Jake Reese US Mag 2

Jake Reese Mag 3

bobbyanna said...

The US stuff is is exciting!!! But I have to say, I felt funny when I heard about the "hideaway" seems just not right for people to know about it. I bet the ink isn't even dry. I hope it is too inconvenient for the paps to bother with. Gyllenspooner that was quite a "scoop!" We. Are. Good.

It has been VERY strange indeed to have Abbie Cornish not be present at all for any promotion for Stop Loss. Other couples attend events separately. And there are arrangements for the interviews etc. I guess it might get kind of awkward if your boyfriend is always talking about his ex and HER boyfriend. And if you are his girlfriend, hearing him talk about how depressed he was etc. has to get a littlewearing after the fifth or sixth repetition.

gyllenspooner said...

You all realize I had absolutely NO INSIDE INFORMATION regarding them going away to Ojai. It was only based on the fact that they were spotted there three different times since January and it seems like a typical get away from LA type of place.

I just assumed, given how press shy they were, that's what they were doing.

Wow. I'm shocked that my crazy speculation actually turned out to be true.

Maybe my other speculation, that these two are about to get married, will come true as well.

UltraViolet said...

Sass, thank you SO much for scanning those pages. I loved reading about the house, and Jake and the kids getting ready for the party.

And kudos to FL for scooping this earlier! You are the real estate queen.

FluorescentLamp said...

A little Wallace Neff for you to look at.

A little more Wallace Neff to look at.

And lastly, some more about the house

gyllenspooner said...

I think this deserves a new thread.

This thread is already two days old We are already at post 119 and there is SO MUCH to talk about.

You can call it the Ojai edition.

Also, what party are you talking about UV?

gyllenspooner said...

Hey FL,

I think that first link is the same house as from that slide show. Is this the house Reese and Jake bought?

FluorescentLamp said...

I guess you haven't been following my posts tonight, gyllenspooner.

The answer to your question would be...yes.

gyllenspooner said...

I literally just got here and my mind is racing a million miles a minute.

I just needed to catch up. Thanks FL.


Now can someone tell me what party you guys are referring to?

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the links FL! I have to say, I am leaning toward believing Reese did buy this.

The stables and the seven acres convinced me it probably is true. Ava takes riding lessons and is very serious about them. The house also has a pool, and plenty of room for little creatures like pigs and dogs and whatnots to roam around.

I have to say. I'm not loving the inside of that house. I would definiitely be planning some massive remodeling. Needs more bathrooms. I LOVE bathrooms.

FluorescentLamp said...

Yeah it's not my cuppa either. I tend to favor more minimalist, less Spanish/French Normandie style.

But I don't have to live there. So it's all good. ;-)

Now Jake's parents' house. Ohhh I could be very very happy in that house.

shondra said...

Thanks for the scans sass!!!
gyllenspooner, the party UV is talking about is her birthday party she had at the ranch with Jake and friends, it's in the Us article.

gyllenspooner said...

Thanks Shondra,

I've just read the scanned article --- thanks Sass --- and am finally caught up on all the good news.

Do we know for sure that this is the house that Reese bought? I'm sure she doesn't like that the address is all over the place.

bobbyanna said...

The next house...I think servants... I need many servants...when I mentioned this to my children, they said Fine. It's called Assisted Living.

I will not tell them the servants must be very attractive young men in their late twenties, with dark hair and blue eyes, and scruff, and be six feet tall, with a really cute butt, and a nice flat stomach, and hairy chest ...with a trail...

bobbyanna said...

No wonder they've been out of sight. They were probably alerted that the article was coming out. Was it a strategic leak? They have amazing PR people. It seems every time something was about to blow open, they were able to "manage" it.

I hope it is true about Ryan and Abbie. bcz then...

FluorescentLamp said...

See, the thing is, gyllenspooner, when one buys an architecturally significant home, designed by a noted architect, it doesn't take all that much research for anyone to locate it.

Oh damn, now I've done gone and given away all my trade secrets.

bobbyanna said...

"...I'd vote for Shenandoah though, love that movie."

Agent K...I don't believe this. When I list my westerns, Shenandoah is in the top five!!!! I never once have met anyone who ever even heard of it...
My top two are Tombstone and Stalking Moon with Gregory Peck. That movie had me on the edge of my seat many years ago when I was a baby....

FluorescentLamp said...

When I list my westerns, Shenandoah is in the top five!!!! I never once have met anyone who ever even heard of it..

I adore this movie. Still makes me cry buckets whenever I watch it. So add me to the list of people who have heard of it. :-)

chica said...

Thanks for the Us scan sass! A weekend getaway?? I'm not surprised, good for them if true.

You guys are good, Jessica Fletcher should take notes!

gyllenspooner said...



gyllenspooner said...

Do you guys want to speculate whether or not Reese and Jake are already engaged?

Since i'm on a bit of a roll today, I'm going to speculate in the affirmative.

Also, I wonder whether or not Jake and Reese bought that house together.

bobbyanna said...

It seems every time something was about to blow open, they were able to "manage" it.

I am beginning to think the whispers about added girth in some recent pictures might be more then idle speculation, more then just us joking around...all based on very flimsy to non-existent "evidence."

(She really didn't look as big to me in the pig farm pictures as she did in the outdoor market pictures. Maybe it was PMS bloat...or not...)

But reading the tea leaves again:

They permit US magazine to "discover" that there was a dinner party, reinforce the fact Jake is very involved in their lives, it's a serious relationship and they are considering marriage with the support of friends and family...the entire thrust of the article is that the relationship is heating up and serious.

This is Hollywood. So what's next. In Hollywood, people have babies before they get married.

Ryan gets included since there's this other slip on another news outlet about Abbie. Then they quote Ryan talking about marriage and more kids one day. The handwriting is on the wall, people.

I'm telling you. I'm adding two and two together and coming up sixes all the way!:)

gyllenspooner said...

A little Gyllenspoon baby would be nice though.

However, if I was able to deduce that they had a secret hideaway in Ojai, CA based on literally three different sightings, i'm sure US Weekly --- with all their sources --- were able to discover it as well on their own. Especially since the house, as FL has demonstrated, is all over the internet.

I don't think Reese/Jake had anything to do with it.

The Ryan stuff is basically the same stuff we've been talking about for the past couple of days now.

I do think they are engaged and will marry before the end of summer though.

Sorry for sounding like a broken record on this. But it's what I think will happen.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry if I wasn't clear, gyllenspooner, but my point is that yes, the info on the house is all over the internet, but not necessarily that Reese bought it. US Weekly was tipped and was going to do a story. OK?

R&J's PR people are alerted and have to decide how to handle it. "We can't stop it, let's try to put the best slant on it." We've seen these pictures before, it's not a new shoot with the cooperation of R&J. But someone close to them strategically leaked some info, like the birthday dinner, etc.

So maybe there is some other news coming up and this sort of sets the stage. That's all I meant. Guess this muddys things up a bit more! LOL!

sass said...

Hi there,

Gyllenbabbler's sleuth best of all. How long have we been chatting about them having an out of town love nest. Jake would love the location, because it's out of the way, similar to his parent;s out of the way summer home on Martha's Vineyard.

Guess the piggies are happy:lol:lol and the kiddos get to stretch their limbs in the country.

Fl and UV thanks for all the info on those homes. I love the inside and the outside and the furniture looks like a fun place to hang out.

welliwont said...

k, I'm back. I just now saw your reply lg, sorry! I have never seen The Philadelphia Story :o Now Shenandoah was a favourite of mine, but I haven't seen it since the seventies and I barely remember the details of it.

The thing of it is, any movie remake I am likely to suggest WILL be an old classic, I am not a very well-versed movie buff. So I still stand by Bonnie & Clyde, in fact I watched it just last week for research purposes ;) :p

I like your suggestion agent k, a comedy w/ RDjr would be wonderful, yeah I would like to see Jake do a few comedies, and a really zany comedy like..... ummmmm, Zoolander?
*runs away quickly from all the Zoolander haters*

gyllenspooner said...


That's intriguing. Do you honestly think something is up?

Honestly, I hope you're right.

BTW, re: the US Weekly poll.

Jake and Reese won in a landslide --- again.

This time they defeated the mighty Brangelina --- BY 13,000 VOTES. It was literally nearly two-to-one.

Jake/Reese 40%
Brangelina 22%
Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo 19%
Jaime Lynn and her boyfriend 19%

I've always thought that Jake and Reese had Brangelina like popularity. But you know what? I think they are MORE popular. FAR MORE POPULAR.

I think Reese and Jake are the most popular celebrity couple out there.

sass said...

Shenandoah and The Philadelphia Story are two of my favorite movies. Shane and Ole Yeller make me blubber and cry like a baby. I fell in love with Val Kilmer in Tombstone and I love most Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy movies.


It's stats like this, that made me happy and gave me hope, back in October, when the proverbial excrement hit the fan, that all was alright in my Jakeverse:)
Jake is loved and Jake and Reese are obviously loved and admired as a couple.
And it's all good.

Who do you think should get married first?
Jamie Lynn & Casey 18.21% 13260 votes
Reese & Jake 40.73% 29668 votes
Jessica & Tony 18.66% 13589 votes
Angelina & Brad 22.41% 16319 votes
72836 votes

Thanks again for all the info on those beautiful homes:)

gyllenspooner said...

One final thing before I turn in...[and i'm sorry about posting so much tonight, but a lot was going on].

Maybe the reason Abbie has been absent from all the Stop Loss promotion is because she is "with child" if you catch my drift.

agent_krycek said...

Thank you for the beautiful scans - it's all a bit exciting :D

sheba baby said...

Jimmy Stewart is one of my all-time favorites and the 2 Hitchcock films he starred in: Rear Window and Vertigo are 2 of my favorite movies.

Looking forward to Nailed, it's about time Jake did a comedy.

PS: Love the scans and all the J&R news, thanks!

ex-dc poster said...

I don't think Jake and Reese will be too thrilled that their weekend getaway location is being splashed all over the place, but they must have known that when Us did the story it would happen. Just a bit puzzling unless Us knows more than they are letting on.

agent_krycek said...

Quick question, what's US Magazine like for accuracy of stories, usually way off base, make it up as they go along, or do they seem like they are usually in the know?

I ask because, without a doubt there's a lot of padding in the story, but they seem very confident on certain points - Reese buying that house (just Reese on her own, or joint with Jake I wonder?), the birthday party, and them spending Easter there.

josie said...

Us is on the same level as People IMO, some of it is padded/BS but sometimes accurate. My take on this story is that their is some truth to it, why would they write that she bought that ranch and the cost, that seems pretty specific and can be checked.

The article says that Reese bought it, it wasn't a joint purchase (A joint purchase would suggest them moving together which is something that I would assume they wouldn't want out there) but it does say that Jake encouraged her to buy it.

It's the usual friends/sources BS, with no actual quotes nor any comment from their reps but there is one childhood friend of Reese's from Nashville that is on the reord in the article (Name is listed) talking about Jake, Reese and the kids, it hought that was interesting considering they could have gone with the "childhood friend" of Reese and not name the person.

They could have picked up the few Jake/Reese spottings in Ojai in January and embellished, but those sightings were so random/obscure that it wasn't even mentioned on a blog, just a comment on a gossip site, plus they were pretty specific on some things, Easter,the party, etc.

I also thought that no way Reese was going to bring those piglets back to Brentwood, I thought that she had some farm somewhere (TN? SC) where they would be raised, now we find out that she has a farm right in CA!

So who knows AK, it may be a little bit of fact and fiction but since they ran this story by their PR I assume, they probably were Ok with it which means something may be up.

Why do I think that this Ranch may be Reese's and the kids new home and Jake's as well? It's 90 miles from LA and a lot of celebs reside there.

Anonymous said...

Ex-DC Poster, the US Weekly article says that the pics of the new house are from a feature in the March issue of House Beautiful. Seems Reese is okay with the house being seen.

Anonymous said...

I don't think US is near the level of people magazine to be honest.
There have been many US weekly stories run that were false. A few examples are homes they reported Jennifer Aniston purchasing in Chicago that she never did, homes the Pitts purchased in France that they never did, photo's of homes the Afflecks were reported to purchase that they did not and lots of other celebs over the years. The reason the home was in the March is of the magazine was so they could sell it, that's usually what is done. The photo and feature peace would have been put together a few months prior to going to press. So Reese would have no say in what was arranged prior to her purchasing the house. She is really rich and rich people need some tax write-offs, a house is one of them. Plus she is divorced and shares custody of her children, so having a vacation get away in another state doesn't work anymore.

Jake has money, but I don't think it is anything close to what she has. It's even possible that she purchased the home thru her corporation.

josie said...

I think the story is mostly true even though it Us. The sightings of them in Ojai in January and yes they were wrong about the other celebs homes but they seem specific about this.

Having a vacation home/getaway in CA as oppose to MV or SC would work also due to the joint custody issue. In Ventura/Ojai you have all the trappings of a rich celebrity life and the added attraction of privacy (hopefully) and a more family oriented/hometown feel to it from what I read about the area. A lot of celebs have been flocking there to get away from the BS that is LA/BH/Brentwood, etc.

I can see the attraction for both Jake and Reese and why Reese would invest in a place like that.

Anonymous said...

The article also says that she purchased the ranch partially furnished, I assme she liked what the designer, Kathy Ireland did with the ranch.

lawgoddess said...

My two cents on the house, totally speculative. Reese is very well off, she can afford to buy her own house. And if they bought it together before they were married, the press would be all over it.

I imagine he had input on the purchase, though, and plans to spend time there, with Ava and Deacon and any other children who may turn up.:)

EX DC Poster, I'm a mod at DC Forums, and it hurts me a little that you name yourself in a negative way. Your choice, of course,and I don't know your reasons for being an ex_DC poster ( and I imagine UV and Felicia would rather we not get into them). But I needed to share my reaction.

gyllenspooner said...


I totally agree with you about there being "padding" to the story or just rehashing old stuff.

In reality the story offers three new insights:

1. Reese has bought a new house in Ojai, CA. (I suspect that she and Jake may have bought it together, but that's just a hunch on my part).

2. That their friends seem to think that these two are definitely getting married. These may be real friends or just tabloid "friends" if you catch my meaning.

3. That they spent Easter weekend, which coincided with Reese's birthday, together at the ranch and threw a small party for her that included her friends. It's possible that one of her friends blabbed about this latter point. Or blabbed to someone who blabbed.

Now point three could explain how they know about point one. When included with the photos of the house that were all over the internet, i'm sure US Weekly felt that this information, which all probably came from the same source (someone at that party or someone who knew someone who was at that party) was enough to run a cover story given how popular these two are.

Everything else was stuff they had already printed, in addition to the Ryan stuff which came from his radio interview on Howard Stern.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:41,

You're way too cynical. I think she bought the house or they wouldn't get so specific about it.

Or at the very least she was renting it while it was for sale and US jumped the gun by saying that she owned it.

paula said...

Hi Lawgoddess,
I remember you and I rather not get into why I deleted my account there. Sorry if I offended you by calling myself that.

And yes you are right, ex-dc poster is negative. I need to come up with a new name, I'll just go by my first name, Paula.

I really love this blog,
I should really get a blogger account!

GB Welcoming Committee member (unofficial) said...

Hey Paula glad you're here.


This is really a fun place. We tend to stay positive here and kid with each other. I don't think lawgoddess was putting you down or anything. Anyway, I hope you post more.

agent_krycek said...

This may be the first time I've broken some news on here but....

*Deep Breath*

The 'rumoured' has been removed from Jake's imdb Nailed entry, looks like it's definately all go then.

*Apologies it's not that exciting, but it's the best I can do.

Monica said...

That site has photos of the entire ranch:

Anonymous said...

The main reason Reese would purchase a home is because it's a tax write off, she needs something to offset her major pay checks and production company profits.
Buying something in another state doesn't work any longer due to shared custody with her ex.
I'm not saying they are or are not getting married, but she is the one with the purchase power, the children & need for a tax write-off, having Jake's name on the title will not help her cause in any way. If it's hers then it goes to her children by law, she doesn't file joint taxes with him and there is not reason to buy something together. Her ex's name is still on the first home, unless she brought him out. Reese's smart and I think she will learn from her mistakes with the ex and make sure her money is protected and so are her kids this time.

If they marry I bet they will keep the money seperate.

lawgoddess said...

Paula, thanks for being gracious about my post.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:25,

Again I think you're pretty cynical. I don't think Reese is half as jaded as you think she is.

I think the reason she bought the property had nothing to do with it being a tax write-off. That's just silly. I think given the attention she recieves she wants a place to get away to.

I think it's obvious that Jake plays a big part in her reasoning (as does her children). I don't know if she and Jake bought the property together, and neither do you. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if they did given that I believe, as someone above mentioned, they are secretly engaged to be married.

When people marry they tend to pool their assets.

She probably has more money than Jake, but lets not forget that number one, she lost half of everything in the divorce. Second, Jake has done okay himself and is being paid around $10 million for "Nailed" in addition to the millions he earned prior to that.

I think this purchase is the first step in what will lead to these two being married.

Some things are getting harder and harder to deny wouldn't you agree?

Anonymous said...

The statement that "the main reason she'd purchase a home is because of a tax write-off" is patently ridiculous.

extra said...

You beat me to it with that news ak!! I saw that this morning, I was wondering about that.

I don't know about you but I think it's odd that they are posting pics of the new place all over the place, is that per usual when an actor buys a home??

Also, that place seems a bit much for just a weekend place, why do I think that it's more of a permanent home?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

And don't forget that Jake's parents are very heavily into Real Estate buy ing "flipping" several homes. Not saying that's what's happening here, but he most likely helped her house hunt and was involved in rher final decision, he will be staying there at times as well.

agent_krycek said...

Also, that place seems a bit much for just a weekend place, why do I think that it's more of a permanent home?

Must admit, I do keep drifting back to the Jonathan Ross interview when he said he'd love to farm ;-)

I do like the outside and the setting, not keen on the decor inside, too much pattern on pattern for my tastes.

Anonymous said...

The "flipping" market in California has collapsed.

"Flipping" is only lucrative when home prices are rising. When they are falling it's more likely you'll lose money. A report out this week showed that prices in California have collapsed by 27% in the past year.

I don't think many people "flip" anymore for that reason. I use to do this as a profession.

Anonymous said...


I had forgotten about that Jonathon Ross interview. You're right.

I agree with Gyllenspooner (good call on Ojai by the way), I think this house was meant for the two of them.

I think they'll keep their respective homes in the city, but this home in Ojai is theirs together.

So in that sense they are already living together.

UltraViolet said...

Welcome to the world of the delurked, Paula :)

I don't love the house. For a similar amount or even less, she/they could have bought waterfront property on the Vineyard! I am not a fan of landlocked cities.

Not a real fan of the interior, either. It's all too rustic or countryish for my taste. And the pseudo Marimekko prints on everything would drive me batty.

If she really did buy some of the furnishings, I hope she banishes them to the guest quarters!

All that said, it's clear she/they need a place to get away to. And Ojai is more practical than Chilmark, I'll grant them that! And, you know, I don't have to live there. So if Ava, Deacon and Jake can put up with the dust and the decor, hat's off to them!

And Jake can always buy the island getaway :)

bobbyanna said...

If pictures of the house were already public from the House Beautiful magazine spread, or just from being listed,US mag could print them with immunity.

If Reese bought the house,it's public record, even if it was bought through her corporation. She'd probably be angry at the "scoop" of US mag, but could not do anything without giving more away and further confirming their story.

I tend to try to look beyond the actual facts of the story to try to figure intent. For me, I think first, US mag got a scoop on their "weekend hideaway" and went with it. Then their PR folk swung into action. (BTW:How long ago was it Jake had lunch or something with is PR lady?)

They padded the story because they couldn't get official confirmation or anything really new. EXCEPT: They did hear about the birthday party. (I tend to believe that part!) So they must have talked to someone in an official capacity who wanted to guide the story.
So, IMHO, I think that the second thing this story does, in addition to the obvious scoop about the house, is confirm a really serious the relationship,even talking marriage. So for me, it is "setting the stage" getting the public prepared for something.

I also think planting that blurb about Abbie was deliberate. It was retracted as if it were a mistake but it was on purpose...IMHO. The objective here might have been to get people thinking about babies.

Bizarre as it sounds, maybe this entire thing could have got started bcz some guy with a big mouth and no judgement, was asked an innocent question during promo for his new movie:"So what are you and the kids doing for Easter?" And he said, "Oh, they'll be spending it with mom & Jake and the piglets, bcz they're having a b'day party at the new house."

gyllenspooner said...

Hey UV,

I think it's a matter of taste you know. Some people like the rustic thing others don't. ;)

I agree that it would have been nice to buy a beachfront home in Martha's Vineyard. Maybe Jake will buy that and share it with her and her kids. I think we should keep an eye out for that. If they are planning to marry, and I assume Jake will want to continue going to the Vineyard, the Gyllenhaal home is too small to accomodate Reese, Jake and their brood.

A new home will have to be purchased. I will make my third prediction: Jake will buy a home in Martha's Vineyard this summer. That will all but guarantee an imminent wedding.

Maybe the two have this whole thing secretly planned.

1. She buys the rustic ranch outside LA. A home away from home.

2. He buys the seaside home on the Vineyard.

Then they marry, sell their LA homes...

3. Combine their money and buy a new home together in Brentwood.

agent_krycek said...

EXCEPT: They did hear about the birthday party. (I tend to believe that part!) So they must have talked to someone in an official capacity who wanted to guide the story.

There's an interesting snippet about the party, mention of Reese hiring Eco-limos (whatever one of those is), presuming that's not guesswork/padding, I'm wondering if the 'source' 'close friend' etc, is actually someone employed to help out on the day, maybe a driver

FluorescentLamp said...

I assume the "Eco-limos" are hybrid vehicles. So probably a fleet of Toyota Priuses shuttled party guests to Ojai. Ohhhh the luxury!!

That house needs so much work! Have you SEEN the kitchen? How can Jake be expected to create culinary masterpieces in that room?

bobbyanna said...

Possibly, Agent k, but I was thinking more of someone in a PR capacity.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are going to remodel. I certainly hope so!

sass said...

Afternoon peeps,
More ex Governor-Spitzer call girl news; I simply must come over and have a bit of fun and play:lol:lol

I wonder if this is the eco-limo service:)
My first time hearing about green limo service...GO Jakey:)


Now, I'll make my way up the posts:)

bobbyanna said...

Whoops!!! This is OT but not. I just got a wonderful plot bunny for an hysterical movie based on Real Life.
True Story: Just read Cong. Henry Waxman's committee is beginning an investigation into a 22 year old guy...and his masseuse...who were awarded a contract from the Defense provide ammunition to armed forces in Afghanistan in 2002. On his MySpace page he indicates that while he'd had some problems in high school, he's worked them out and is really a very nice guy!

I am not making this up.

UltraViolet said...

Is there a part for Jake in your movie, Bobbyanna?

Cameo as a massage client, perhaps??

New post, guys, finally.